Thursday, November 20, 2008

Razak Baginda speaks out

"Those who have spread such lies can never produce any authentic evidence because there are none."
- Razak Baginda

This morning, Razak Baginda, who was acquitted of murdering Mongolian Altantuya Sharibuu on Oct 31, called for a press conference. This was the first time he spoke on the case since the acquittal. In a nutshell, Razak said:

1) Deputy Prime Minister and wife had never met Altantuya
2) They are not involved in the murder
3) Altantuya was never involved in any arms deal
4) The arms deal happened in 2002; Razak and Altantuya met two years later
"I know that Najib and his wife had never met the deceased, Altantuya. So much 'fitnah' (lies) have been thrown towards the DPM and his wife.

"Those who have spread such lies can never produce any authentic evidence because there are none."

Bru notes: I'm just wondering if Razak Baginda would put all these claims in a Statutory Declaration as there are people out there who would only believe you if it's stated in the form of an SD. Well, on second thought, I challenge Razak to make a Statutory Declration on the points he's made at the Press Conference today.

Pic/story courtesy of Malaysiakini.


  1. DSAI, any comment? I mean, intelligent comment??

  2. Ok..his not guilty,,

    But who instruct the two buggers to C4 aminah...??

  3. Let the ghost of Altantuya haunt her murderer(s) to the deepest pit.

    I dont understand why must RB hold a press conference,when he has been declared innocent.

  4. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Tak pa...Dunia masi bole escape, final judgementnya di akhirat pasti ada proof keluar!

  5. Anonymous3:55 pm

    I suppose this is the reward for his stultifying release. The innuendos and perceptions wont stop. It will go on and on. And it will haunt Najib.

  6. Anonymous4:00 pm


    I dont think anwar fans will believe this. For sure they will say. Razak give razak something...

    Life oh life

  7. Small kids can tell you same as what this fler said.Of course,he denied everything..Then,WTF court freed him??He should be hang for this crime of inhumanity.
    Now he is freed and his BOSS soon to be protect his BOSS ass,he will be rewarded more than just freedom.This is Malaysia..solute to Malaysia Boleh.

  8. Anonymous4:08 pm

    i'm still skeptical on Razak,Najib and Rosmah.if they dont have anything to do with the assasination of Atlantuya,the who did?

    the two policemen aren't moron enough to kill a lady just like that.there must have been some big shot who told them to do so.still the question is rather who made such order.

    what Razak had told us about Najib and Rosmah not involved whatsoever with Atlantuya seems superficial.if he really meant what he said then he should have done this a long time ago and not only recently.

    day by day the people seems to believe that Najib and Rosmah did have something to with Atlantuya.

  9. kalau bukan razak,najib atau rosmah yang menjadi mastermind jadi siapakah sebenar-benarnya dalang disebalik pembunuhan minah Mongolia tu?


    tak pasti jika Razak berkata benar atau hanya sekadar "protect" diri dia serta Najib dan Rosmah.tapi rakyat dah semakin sangsi dengan Najib dan Rosmah sebab semakin lama rakyat makin mempercayai yang Najib dan Rosmah ada kaitan dengan Atlantuya melainkan mahkamah berkata sebaliknya.

  10. Anonymous4:24 pm

    I think he actually revealed alot, and created more "cloud" to this saga.

    1. If he is sure Najib is not involved, he also said its was not due to arms deal..
    2. he also mentioned..they did not see altantuya...

    this means..this guy BAGINDA could be the REAL CROOK...who escaped..since he knows too MUCH...regarding this case...

  11. i'm sorry Razak but it's hard for me to believe's not your call to say that Najib and Rosmah aren't involved in this matter when already big number of people already believe such rumour.only the court can lay the verdict whether true or not Najib and Rosmah got anything to do the with Atlantuya murder.

  12. then 2 days later he turn off his SD? where is Bala now?

  13. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Razak Baginda..Please Grow up....Malaysians are not stupid to buy your story...If you are sure Najib is not involved make a SD........

    But then seem to know more about this murder...but WHY THE HELL THEN U R OUTSIDE, while your "orang suruhan" is INSIDE........

  14. Anonymous4:29 pm

    mr rocky, i challenge u make the statutory declaration first for all the fact (lies..?) u publish which u know will effect many of your readers.

  15. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Of course one needs to write an SD. Because even if any bulshit is written down on an SD, it gospel truth, ain't it? Heck, one can swear in God's name, but there are Malaysians who'll still believe in an SD more, right?



  16. yes, lets challenge Razak Baginda to do an SD. so that he can be called as witness pulak.
    if DS Najib and wife are not at all remotely related to this case- ini bagus. but we still want to know who bump off the Mongolian girl.

  17. Dear Bro Rocky,

    Actually i am interested to know also, kalau lah what razak said is true, why would azilah and sirul kill altantunya ek?


  18. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Nak buat apa dengan SD tu lagi bro...dah lepas dah.

    buzz lightmoon-

  19. Anonymous4:50 pm

    here we go again on SD .........tarak boleh caya semua SD ...

    June (making a come back)

  20. There are so many political liars in our country....that it is difficult to identify..who is telling the truth.
    Baginda have come out...defending Rosmah and Najib.
    PRK released from ISA....should come out with his strong statement on Rosmah....which got him into jail.
    He should produce the cameras...infront of all reporters....let all Malaysians be the judges and juries.
    Is this not better court?
    Right now...Malaysians know our politics is at the dirtiest...which...if Anwar and RPK do not come out with solid proof....instead of..just talk talk talk...few Malaysians me...are beginning to doubt Anwar and RPK.
    I am hungry for change of government...but may not vote..if the doubts keep lingering in my no matter what...I will never support UMNO or BN.

  21. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Why the need for HIM TO SPEAK OUT?
    His PC .the main point...was..Najib is not involved.
    Who is he to say that? and How does he know?

  22. Brader Rocky, you summarised as below:

    ...1) Deputy Prime Minister and wife had never met Altantuya
    2) *They* are not involved in the murder
    3) Altantuya was never involved in any arms deal
    4) The arms deal happened in 2002; Razak and Altantuya met two years later....

    I find the summary in no.2 is the most puzzling.

    Razak Baginda's full statement revealed that he did NOT specifically mention that Rosmah "was not involved"....

    He merely stated that Najib & Rosmah "had never met" the woman...; and that Najib was not involved....

    Did Razak Baginda elaborated this point in the media conference?

    Please enlighten us. TQ

  23. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Ya, sapa suruh yang 2 orang dituduh tu bunuh Altantuya????? Mesti ada order punya...

    Ingat kiter ni semua bodoh kah? Razak bagi statement macam ni, kiter terus percaya si Najib tu tak ada kaitan ngan mendiang model.

    Tak hairan lah nanti 2 orang di tuduh ni nanti pun di lepas...bukti tak cukup. Prosecution will fcuk up with their evidences..

    Only reason I can think of Razak giving this conference is to give back si Najib's credibility. Blah lah!!

    Tak percaya lah...sampai ke lubang kuburrrrr!!!

    Benci Najib

  24. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Well, Mister Rocky's Bru
    What do we do?
    Whether it's false
    Or it's true
    The man is set free
    No appeal from the AG
    He can now say whatever he likes
    And who are you
    To say it's wrong or right?
    Truth we may never know
    Such is the rule of law
    So I say,
    Hooray, hooray, hooray
    Have a glass of fine wine
    Enjoy the day.


  25. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Bila kau tulis benda macam ni, takde pulak orang nak kata kau ni neutral ye..? (sebab rasanya tulisan ni menuju ke arah mempertikai kata2 seorang yang mendokong 'orang kerajaan BN' (atau, 'orang Mahathir'))

    ..tapi bila kau ada sikit-sikiiiiit je nilai kritis terhadap Pakatan, bukan main kena hentam..! (sebenarnya, dalam post ni pun ada yang hentam)

    ..ahhh..!! The price of fame!


    Thanks Rocky, for all the news and views. I sincerely appreciate them and always, always enjoy coming here


  26. Anonymous5:40 pm

    One can swear until kingdom come...but once public has its own remains. You cant change perception.

  27. Anonymous5:41 pm

    For a man who had cheat his faithful wife nothing to shout about. If he can duped her wife before and flirting around with the poor Mongolian girl, he has no business to talk about truth here. Nothing but only cock talks.

    - Dicko

  28. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Do you REALLY think Razak will say :

    1. Najob and Rismah knew Altantuya,
    2. They were involved in the murder.

    PLuuuuheese,...! deal done, he's out end of story for him unless DSAI RPK has conclusive evidence to the contrary. WE Rakyat have had the proverbial woolly hat pulled over our EYES. Semua OK...Happy Christmas everyone...

    Elvis IS Alive!

  29. Anonymous5:45 pm

    We can chuck the SD into the bin.

    Anyone can make a SD but no one will believe it any more.

    What about lie detectors?


  30. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Maybe Altantuya was murdered by Russian mafia in cahoots with local kingpins...or aliens abducted her from outside Razak's house.

    Don't forget, Razak, 'they' bundled her into a car outside YOUR house after YOU had seeked 'police' help !

    IF you settled the matter. personal or not directly with her, and NOT CALLED FOR SPECIAL Assistance...hint, hint.. she may still be around. So, don't you ANY remorse to seek the truth ? Even if you are completely innocent, don't you WANNA find out WHAT happened to your lover?


  31. So instead of consoling the parents of your murdered girl friend you dare lecture us on evidence and your dubious partners. What are you saying you were there with them when the did not gave the order? Are you not the one who made the call to your partners when the police arrested you. Did you have anal sex after your introduction? Baginda burn in Hell!

  32. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Yes definitely, like you say can't confirmed that they have any relationship? the truth will be not be told.
    ...blah ..blah ...blah. But did the two guy, who are the personal bodyguard of that Najb fella, c4 minah? Can u confirm that that two guys have not met Minah in Paris?
    What about Bala??? Hello Bala where are U....


  33. I am afraid Razak Baginda has put himself in a position where no one will believe him even if he swears on a stack of Korans.

    It looks like the prosecution did not try hard enough and the judge was too ready to acquit.

    No. No one is going to believe a man who earned $500 million who knows what for, had an affair which JAKIM doesn't seem to keen to prosecute him for, and who was last seen with a murdered victim and who claims he knows nothing about who and why she was terminated.

    No. He has a lot to answer for and will do no good to his already tattered and shredded credibility by defending people in high office. Better for him to keep his trap shut and bow out from the eyes of the public!!

  34. Yea! right... so the police grant you bail on a non bailable offence; the first in our history...and they had noting to do with are that sure there's no evidence too. Like the African undergrad surrounded by 25 men stabbed to death for being BLACK and the fall guy happened to be a minor.

  35. Anonymous6:08 pm



    But when RPK was released recently, and when the court decide against to transfer Anwar's sodomy case to other court, did Anwar say, ITU CONSPIRACY, ITU INTERFERENCE OF JUDICIARY, ITU CORRUPTIONS, BLAH BLAH BLAH:))))))

  36. ah so! all this is getting very interesting...let's recap.

    razak baginda never deny that he has screwed aminah. Bala's first SD said najib also did and had predeliction to do the back alley way too. and RPK in malaysia today stated rosmah was present during the c4 explosion ceremony by the two clowns.
    and now razak baginda said najib has no part in any of this bullshit.

    it's all very confusing for a stupid guy like me. i only wish who's that woman yasmin ahmad? one day will make a film about this instead of making rubbish films that irk the sentiments of nice good muslims . there's everything there. VVIPs, sex, violence, political shenanigans. and we all can have a good laugh. forget altantuya, don't worry about mongolia. genghis khan was dead a long time ago.

  37. Anonymous6:14 pm

    If Najib is not involved will it be so easy for our baginda to out so soon and be a free man. What about the other two goons who have to take the rap for murder so foul that their parents can even to the last rites. Almighty God is watching and punishment is fettered in the aftermath. so citizens of the world beleive in god and do only good deeds to make this world a better place.
    Ganesan, semenyih

  38. What is so special about Statutory Declaration? Even if I wrote in my SD and declare myself God also will stamped and sealed by COO as long as I pay him RM5.00 for his service. To me, SD is just for the COO to ocnfirm that "yes this so and so said this" but it does not testify to the truthfullness of the statement.

  39. Anonymous6:28 pm

    To all scum "illiterates", rumour mongers and conspirators:

    Have you ever deigned this mundane possibility. 2 police chaps were last seen taking away Altantuya. They got syiok, robbed her,raped her and then panicked..u see if this thing came out they will be in deep shit... so they decided to do the next best thing... strap her up with some leftover c4 they smuggled out during their training days and ........(you fill in the dots dickheads)Even a standard one boy with some knowledge of Guy Fawkes will know the answer.. betul tak adik? betuulllllll...see i told i can hear the echoes already.......

    Razak got dragged in because he called the 2 police chaps. Rosmah and Najib got dragged in because some Conspirator boys overwrought imagination went amuck so an open and shut case of muder and destruction of evidence ala Canny Ong's fate got blown up out of proportions all because of some slimeballs wanted to politicise the whole thing for their own agenda and get some cheap publicity off it........ you know malaysians have a penchant for the sensational..

    as i said, this is all hypothetical but was what plausibly happened. Up to the courts to prove it under imperfect man-made laws and for jungle law advocates be they within or without cyberdom to shut up and get a life...+ learn to accept the verdict of that imperfect manmade law they more no less.if they lepas...nasiblah... u olangkan suka itu sekular law...terima ajelah...... apa mau bising.

    Any 'bukti" now is probably made up and superflous to the argument...unless you hire a chingkie scum medium to impersonate the ghost of altantuya, have a public seance with full chingkie and chingkie lovva attendance, and let the wraith talk up a storm but then you must also give the accused to cross examine..loh, baru justice meh with the spook of the scumbag, Judge Bao presiding. But you cant coach a female bodach or any eidolon, manes or doppelganger or wight to memorise chunks of man-made evidence..susah mah.. thats why no conspirator one to try this idea... they are only good at staying in their adobe ... stupid conspiracy theorists!!!!

    Warrior 231

  40. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Huhu Najib lepas. I love him. Eloklah Razak lepas, if not dia seret Najib.
    Ingat masa court case isterinya menjerit di court Why my husband? He's not interested in becoming PM.
    Macam dia tau je sapa guilty.
    Jadi Budak berdua tu sangkut. Depa lagi tak kenal betina Mongolia tu, buat apalah depa nak c-4 dia.
    Yang seronoknya Razak dapat rasa betina tu. Hit and runlah.
    Lepaskanlah dua tu. Kalau yapun betina tu dah kojol.
    Mystery deepens.
    Razak ingat ya. You dah tau siapa kawan you masa susah.
    Jangan aksyen lagi ok

  41. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Well I guess C4 must be readily available at your local supermarket that it's so difficult to catch altantunya's murderers. I mean anybody among malaysians could have been the murderer since C4 seems to be accesible to any tom, dick and harry. Wonderful to know that among malaysians there are people who shot and blew up apparently a total stranger for no reason.

  42. Anonymous7:21 pm

    If you had watched the press conference the one that said it all was when a reporter asked him how he knew najib was not invovled his answer was a classic-I KNOW huh wtf.
    Only in malaysia

  43. Fine RB is not involved,Najib and Rosmah have never even seen the shadow of Altantuya,then waiting for what,hang the 2 police buggers lah.Who are these bloody politicians trying to hoodwink again and again huh?Do they think we Malaysians are so dumb?Folks,take my word,it won't be long before these 2 police buggers are allowed to walk free and not only that,don't be surprised if they would be driving the latest open top BMW,either in Malaysia or in overseas,together with that coward Bala,the PI of RB.
    What I cant stomach is,RB wants to pursue his studies in Oxford,kakakaka.Shame,shame,shame.

  44. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Selepas merengkok di dalam penjara kira-kira 2 tahu,Razak menyangka rakyat Melaysia sudah menjadi bodoh seperti sediakala.Jadi,beliau boleh membuat apasaja kenyataan yg bakal di percayai,sayangnya rakyat Malaysia sudah menjadi lebih cerdik,kenyataan beliau lah yg bodoh,kerana telah menimbulkan semakin banyak kesangsian,paling utama ialah nampak benar beliau sedang 'membalas budi',ertinya kemungkinan cukup tinggi bahawa ada tangan Sang Berkuasa berlegar mempengaruhi dlm kes ini,seperti yg tunjukan dalam sms antara pihak berkenaan dgn peguam berkaitan.

  45. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Mr Freed Man, you say there is simply no evidence whatsoever. We say the Evidence is in your car's rear view mirror at night...if only you care to look at it while driving. But of course, i do not think you have the guts to drive alone these days, do you? Again, if no-one can go after "them" perhaps Altantunya can go after your wife and daughter. They do always look in the mirror, don't they? And while they are at it, we would also suggest that they periodically check their private parts because they simply may find the very same spermatozoa which you deposited deep in her rectum may be oozing out of theirs in the dead of night. You may not be a deep believer of GOD ALMIGHTY but you better be a believer of the DEVIL himself because HE may just decide to knock on your door to say Hello.

  46. Anonymous9:18 pm

    The comedy of errors in boleh land continues.
    Can someone please answer this question "Why did the two cops kill and blow up Altantuya?".


  47. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Razak didnt say anything new. In fact his statements have added new twist to the salacious and torrid saga of lust, love, murder, greed and conspiracy. Razak is a lousy liar. He has made himself into a Najib apologist. He has turned himself into a PR for the PM-in-waiting. The press conference was a 'he said, he said, he said'. It was Razak's word against the rest of the world. In fact the world knows the two policemen who were sucked into the murky byzantine world of Umno politics and conspiracy will be released after another puerile round of show trial. Malaysia's education standard has gone to the dogs. Now Malaysia' judicial system is being fed to the dogs. So tell me what's new in Boleh Land? I rest my case. And congratulations to the Altantunya prosecution, led by a political wannabe named Tun Majid, for doing their level best to help the defence. Well done. In the meantime, those who have new information can contact me at Tanjong Rambutan Pub.

  48. Anonymous10:29 pm


    So why get yourself all worked up?

    Let this be lessons to all of us.

    Make sure you teach good moral values/religion to your daughters or grand daughters never to prostitute themselves.

    ….According to the Emperors Club Web site, which has since been disabled, a three-diamond prostitute would cost $1,000 per hour while a seven-diamond prostitute could fetch $3,100 and the highest paid $5,500 an hour..

    Big money comes with big RISKS!

    Sherlock Holmes.

  49. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Where is Bala, he is still missing.
    I hope they don't C4 him.

  50. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Yang mastermind bunoh Altantuya ada lah Anwar Ibrahim, saperti juga dia bersama Pakatan Rakyat menipu di pilihan raya yang lepas tapi Umno bodoh tak tahu!

  51. Let us think outside of the box!It is not too far fetched to think perhaps it was Anwar Ibrahim who have mastermind the killing of Altantuya and blamed it on Najib, to go for broke and thinking the people will believe Najib did it or his wife?
    The motive: Well if Najib is the PM Anwar will be left out once and for all!

  52. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Just wondering la oiii.

    Ever think of this scenario..." the two policemen grab victim and persuade her to leave RB alone. But in the process, both could not deny the fact that she is beautiful and sexy thus tempted something else to crop up. 1st person could not control himself so commit the thing, then came the 2nd person also refuse to budge and follow suit doing the same thing. At the end both felt guilty and think of a way out."

    Well, u people can use your own imaginationlah ooiiii whats' next.....

  53. His wife and family made so much noise when he was first charged and first brought to trial.

    The first glimmer of doubt over his charge was when RPK released his Statutory Declaration accusing Rosmah.

    The second glimmer of hope was when PI Balasubramaniam revealed his first SD.

    Now, I would imagine that normal people all over the world under these circumstances, and with the propensity for the kind of dramatics Razak Baginda's family are accustomed to make, one would expect would be rejoicing and screaming their innocence out loud.

    Yet, SILENCE!!!

    Now that to me is damning!!!

    A conspiracy that now brings together the whole family of one Razak Baginda.

    Cool man you guys!

  54. Anonymous12:04 am

    Good idea. If Razak Baginda gives a SD and if proven otherwise impeach him for false declaration.

    If you watch his body language when he replied to a question "how does he know whether Najib & Rosmah have never met Altantuya,...."

    As for who blew up Altantunya, well remember the show "A Few Good Men" where Tom Cruise was grilling Jack Nicholson...with the uniform if the chain of command came from the top even if it's wrong, it'll be carried out or you'll be fired!

    So those two scapegoats!

  55. Anonymous12:07 am

    Macam cerita, Haji Bakhil kata di sini tidak ada duit.Kemudian Abu Dajal curi duit itu dan tulis "Duit ini bukan Abu Dajal yg curi"

  56. Anonymous12:12 am

    Macam cerita, kisah Haji Bakhil tanam duit. Dia tulis di tempat yg dia tanam duit itu "Di sini tidak ada duit" Kemudian Abu Dajal curi duit itu dan dia tulis pula"Duit ini bukan Abu Dajal yg curi"... Din

  57. Anonymous12:14 am

    la,,cerita fairy tales keluar lagi,,kan Altantuya bunoh diri sendiri,,baginda lepas,,Bala di kepulauan India,,,what happened to his dog,,???

    Worst-to worst kedua Polis yang bunoh,,akan ditukar orang lain yang waiting to die,,coz kita pon ta'nampak muka mereka.Why the Malaysian Judges allowed mereka tutup muka,,,????

    DSAI sodomy case akan di transfer to the High Court,,without bail,,!!!!

    Maka terpenjara lah DSAI di Sungai Buloh,,,dan Raja Petra will revisited Kem Kemunting,,To make it short,, next Hari Raya,,DSAI dan PETRA akan beraya d Penjara,,,,agak-agak berapa banyak Kad Raya akan d terima,,,????


  58. Anonymous12:28 am

    Mamat ni nak pergi OXFORD,,,Wa lan,,terror lah lu,,!!!!!

    Muka pon dah berubah,,,duit banyak,,MUNGKIN NAJIS suruh mintak kerayatan "MAT SALLEH"..

    Since the Goverment scrap the Eurocopter deal,,,NOW the time Baginda going to finalised the deal,,,PANDAI-PANDAI,,!!!!


  59. Tahniah Razak Baginda atas kebijaksanaan anda ... kenyataan anda hari ini telah membuktikan yang najib dan rosmah terlibat dgn kes pembunuhan Altantuya. Hantupakya.

  60. Anonymous2:31 am

    Man would do anything for power & money...


  61. Anonymous7:22 am

    Dear Rocky,
    the bottom line is DSAI and RPK are greatest liars in Malaysia until and unless they produce evidences....


  62. Anonymous7:59 am

    Hold on...would the (moslem) guardians of morality now find out if khalwat (with an infidel, at that) had been committed?

  63. Anonymous9:10 am

    The question of khalwat is dismissed on grounds that ' there must be 4 witnesses' to the event.

    It simply means that if nobody watches your orgy, then it is okay.

    But if you 'invite' 4 people to watch your prowess in bed, then it is an offence.

    This rule may please all rapists, because they often do it alone or with less than 4 accomplices.

    Ask Anwar. He knows it too well.

    Does that answer your question, Anon 7.59 pm?

    From Mufti Topeng

  64. "Those who have spread such lies can never produce any authentic evidence because there ARE none."

    Not because there IS none, old chap?

    ...and he's headed for Oxford.
    Wow. Standards must have dropped during his two-year incarceration. But what hasn't changed is his assumption
    that Malaysians are fools. And to a large extent he is right.

  65. Anonymous9:22 am

    rb, a memoir or an autobiography will sure sell like hot nasi lemak....
    (whatever/however/whichever u like to put it inside...).....


  66. Pasquale ...the moron is talking cock again.
    Just imagine...if Baginda said .
    "Yes Najib did it"...what will be the reactons?
    The main issue is...for RPK to come out clean..on his accusations on Rosmah...and the photo...which Anwar seems to is not doctored.
    RPK said he wants Anwar to be PM. Baginda said Najib will be good PM....shows which side each clearly stands.
    So who is the real liar?
    On Altantuya murder case..Baginda never deny she was his lover....and he never admit killing her.
    Can we conclude those two are hired guns...raped and killed her..for trying to be too demanding and threatening this and that......indirectly...trying a con job on Baginda?
    Who hired them?
    All point to Baginda.....but he is acquitted...and he cannot be tried for the killing of Mongolian lady..second time.

  67. Anonymous9:47 am

    RPK should come out with the evidence NOW! if not he is in the same league as Anwar...liars.If you can make ridiculous claims of all sorts it's only right and proper to come out now with the evidence.

    I can also write in my blog that I have a photo a naked RPK's daughter...and I do not need to show and people would believed?

    If you accuse somebody...let's see the EVIDENCE!

  68. Anonymous9:47 am

    If Razak Baginda name is not Razak...I doubt he would be declare innocent and out here freely talking shit and being arrogant!

    Very clear cut...what so difficult to find out who ask to BOMB Atlantuya??? WHO WHO WHO!!!! Our police force is either incompetent or corrupt!!!

    Innocent?? Innocent of what?? For fucking Atlantuya???

    Sad for Malaysia

  69. UTK is a special squad ( very similar to SWAT ) specifically trained only to take orders from the top government official. They are not supposed to query the order.
    The problem is who gave the "shoot & C4" order to them.
    The whole world knew who's the person. The same person who are in the authority to command Immigration dept to delete the record.
    Anyway, the proof is out there - the real photo of them taking dinner together. It was safekept by Altantuya's father for a very personal reason.
    The poor sould is still restless !.

  70. SD has NO value in Malaysia nowadays. LIES and more lies sells!

  71. Anonymous10:25 am

    Reading some of the comment here makes me vomit. Those commenters will only satisfied if Razak and Najib be hang. These people dont care about the law and order anymore.

    If it was Anwar, it will always be NOT GUILTY. And if it comes to Najib, it will always be guilty.

    How about hanging those people who have 2 sets of double standard thinking?

  72. Anonymous10:34 am

    Dear Rocky,
    You mark my words. I am sure the court also will find the two policemen not guilty and release them after the trial. The AG office will not appeal against the verdict on the two corps as they don't appeal against RB's acquital. The two corps later on will also make a press conference to tell the world that NR and RM are not involved. That the conclusion of the whole story. I knew it already. Just mark my words.

    Rosli Dhoby.

  73. Anonymous10:54 am

    If all these claims are true then:

    1) Who gave the order to delete all the Immigration records? Why need to do so?

    2) Who instructed these two uniformed assasins to kill Altantuya?

    3) Why did your wife blurted out in the courthouse about you not wanting to be PM? What does this mean?

    4) Why did Bala need to disappear? Wouldn't it be better to discredit him in the open if he is lying?

    5) Ditto for RPK. If RPK's comments are lies, discredit them with evidence.

    And much, much more unanswered questions. A mere denial is not enough.

    Not Convinced

  74. Just a few Questions for RB:
    Are you pyschic?How do you know that Altantuya don't know Najib?
    Can you also call a pc and declare that Najib is not involved in the disappearance of Altantuya's entry record and also Bala and his family?
    Instead of just the SD, are you prepared to be grilled in court by testifying in the trial of the two accused?
    Are you the father of Altantuya's sick child?

  75. ambo denga ada sebak laing razak terpakso dilepah oleh mahkamah. pasa maso dio keno tahae, kito nok beli helicopter pong tak sapo nok jadi brokar.

    so forget about the murders, old chap. for all you know the court is going to prove that no such girl as altantuya had ever existed and she is just a figment of somebody's imagination.

    moreover, razak is an honorable man who had just said the right honourble dpm and his wife have not met the mongolian girl, then they have not. so dok kor beto tu? mano ado gawee mongolia nyo? bekah pong tak dok. rekod imigresen tak dok. mano bukti kato dia mari kl? bukti tubik dari chino pong tak dok. so this naturally equals so such girl existed. all these were lies were just created to to besmear and besmirch razak, razak, razak & co.

  76. Anonymous12:37 pm


    Didn't Anwar did the same when he was released?

    Will the ghost of Munawar Anees' butt haunt Anwar to the deepest pit? That's a scary thought.

  77. as what Pak Lah has said, those who guilty will deny their involvement or guilt.

    as for RB, I think he should just keep quiet. he doesn't need to vouch for others and let the law take its course although the law he can be manipulated. He is out of jail that itself can be an abuse of power, doesn't mean he was there 2 years in there was no abuse cos sometimes it takes time. remember he was on bail for awhile for something that wasn't bailable. RB returning a favour now?

    reporters should have asked him about the missing immigration record since he knows so much about this case

  78. Anonymous1:44 pm

    1st: Do we have proof that Altantuya immigration record have been deleted in the first place? or is it just another rumors? and 98% believe this rumors. As RB said Malaysian never check the facts , they just want to believe what they want to believe.

  79. Anonymous2:59 pm

    if u look at the chronology of events, they are all planned.. wat a pathetic govt we hv.

    1st - ARB comes out to give press conference. why?? why shud he give one? just like someone said, he is already innocent so why bother on giving a press conf?

    2nd - ok la lets say he wants publicity but why shud he openly vouch or pledge NTR's innocence? shudnt he focus more on his own arse at the press conference than someone elses?

    3rd - after making press conf, say wanna take phd in britian..

    wat a load of bullshit.. why wait until so old to pursue doctorate? blardy donkey has been paid to leave the country for good...

  80. Anonymous3:03 pm

    senang saja la... this source is more than 100% true.. just go to shangrila singapore and gather the hotel booking records for all of them...

    the records are still there btw

  81. Why worry and complaining?

    Raja Petra will appear in court and tell the whole truth.

    Raja Petra never lies. Raja Petra never make-up stories.

    Just wait for your Knight with Shinning Armour...

  82. Anonymous4:40 pm


    sendiri punyer bf sendiri angkat ka...

    lakonan semata2

  83. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Now calling for Anwar dan RPK...evidence please!!evdence since you two claim to know so much about the murder..


  84. This case was stage managed just like Anwar's 1999 case. Who would have thought two people forced to perform sex acts would not be accorded protection as victims but accused as criminals? Indirect freekicks yes, but indirect conviction? Malaysia Boleh !

    Now we see Rohaniza's statement going all over the place... whoever has the evidence to the true story of Altantuya's murder will have Najib's balls ! Funny how he comes up with this PC just to clear Najib AFTER he was released. Quid pro quo? Will the two be left holding the bag? I don't think so.

    Even if the rape and murder angle is taken into consideration, the murder and abettment charge would still stick. No way these two would face the noose for the sake of that overgrown maggot.

    Sorry guys. No amount of UMNO spin will make the stink go away. As long as Bala is not called, there will never be closeure to this case, however much media crap UMNO tires to bury it under.

  85. Anonymous9:35 pm

    By just holding a press conference, not statutory declaration or swearing to God, Razak truth seems more truthful than those who told the truth in similar media conference with one changing the truth within 24 hours, which another Razak had to swear to God not once but twice to convince God perhaps.

    So in BolehLand, BolehLanders are used to hearing all sorts of 'truths' declared in media conference only to turn out something else later.

    Truth, lies & blogs or The Truth lies in blogs! see

  86. Anonymous11:43 pm

    (heha) aiyah ! where got mongolian girl come to malaysia : immigration
    office has no such person what !

    That indian bala talk nonsense lah & that's why he felt malu & ran away !!

  87. Anonymous1:12 am

    Exactly the point. OK. He not guilty. So who instruct the two buggers to C4 Aminah?

  88. Anonymous1:22 am

    Pantun UTK

    Kamilah UTK,
    tugas kami khas
    Banun pagi kami pikir,
    siapa kami nak 'cas'

    Kami bukan robot
    Kami boleh memikir
    Cuma bila bateri korot
    Kami pakai kunci ketot

    Arahan daripada atas
    Ikutan daripada bawah
    Jangan menyoal kami tegas
    Ikut saja, risau tak payah

    Kamilah UTK, jangan kta kami robot.

  89. Dont behave like a child lah. He already make his statements. Up to you to accept it or not. This bullshit of SD..anybody can make an SD. Whats the big deal.Please dont call yourself Rocky if you think like a child.Might as well call yourself SOFTY la.

    This small issue you wanto make it big !! There are other bigger issues that you must be critical with the Government la.

  90. Anonymous4:22 pm

    The AG said he won't appeal. To conclude: he's very happy to lose the case. He's suffering psychologically!!


  91. I trust him NOT A BIT.

    The press conference was his wasn't it?
    But why talk about Najib if not for a reason.

    Now what excuse?

    For all his degrees and the doctorate he's seeking, he will remain the numb and dumb Razak Baginda.

    Not even fit to be half a man.

    Open up and tell the world the real truth Rozak.

  92. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Saudara Brew,

    Saturday nights back home is when the BATFA award winning spy series “Spooks” will come the air.
    Events in recent days takes one back to an ealier “Spooks” – Zoe Reynolds - one of the characters was taken to court for misconduct which led to the death of an undercover British booby who infiltrated a gunrunning syndicate.
    Guess what! She was “forced” to leave MI5, and assume a new identity with a Chilean passport after she was convicted with a 10-year imprisonment.
    “Section D” was able to coax another female to serve out the sentence. And one thought all this happens only over the television.
    So why are the two SAS boys constantly wearing hoods to conceal the identities when they turn up in court. Odd that when the average Moon Knee Andy or Ahmad or Ah Beng is escorted to courts, the police always ensure they are brought in full view!
    Selective persecution… I hope it not to be. The Bobbys’ here are known to exercise discretion.
    So why is RB making such a fuss about what are rumors, and should we be surprised that the day after his PC, its announced investigations in the famed Bala SD is completed and he could face charges.
    Didn’t RBs SD also mention something about how there has been numerous other killings.
    Also, why was there an outburst about who aspires or does not aspire to ascend to the highest office of the land.
    Why did RB burst into a fit of rage if all it was, were “whispers of sweet nothings” during one court appearance.
    So what was this PC all about?

    Sekadar di Pinggiran

  93. Anonymous10:31 pm

    My dear fellow contrymen;

    First of all ,I'm of no interest in this murder case but what Razak Baginda told us all struck me. He mentioned the following:-

    4) The arms deal happened in 2002; Razak and Altantuya met two years later

    As as I know 2002 is the year that our country are still under Tun Dr Mahathir premiership . But according to Dr Mahathir in his Blog ( he is against the french submarine deal.As what he had mentioned in his blog a few month ago (somewhere in July/August), he was quoted as saying " if we purchase it (the subs) then when are we going to use it?"

    That's strange which version of the stories is the truth here ? Mr Razak Baginda or Dr Mahathir? Or perhaps both of them are liars after all!!

  94. Anonymous10:45 pm

    salam RB,

    better for u to keep quite bcoz, people out there already perceived bad abt U. what ever U said, they will still belive U laid, If U'e not guilty then ALLAH will bless U.


  95. Anonymous12:34 am

    (heha) : tis fler has to be acquitted to tell the WORLD that his 'honourable dpm din have sex with that girl ' BUT he did !!

  96. Anonymous12:47 am

    (heha) : mind your inggeris --
    quiet & quite;
    price & prize;
    I'v & I'e;
    affect & effect;

  97. Speaking of evidence, where's Razak's evidence that Najib & wife haven't met Altantuya before? "I know" doesn't sound too convincing to me...

  98. Anonymous10:42 pm

    The comments are interesting because most suffer from a "I don't like you so I don't believe you" syndrome.

    Someone arrested, put in prison, at one time possible death penalty and whatever he says is automatically a lie simply because its pro someone you don't like.

    You are free to opinion. You are free to speak. But you don't need to agree. However, when you don't agree, that doesn't mean the other person is definitely wrong.