Wednesday, October 22, 2008

YB T's not done

She WILL sue Khir Toyo. Read here.
My guess is, she'll sue for RM30 million.


  1. Anonymous4:42 pm

    my stand on press freedom stands, I believe multi million suing made by politician are so unnecessary, pres are made to report and sensational news, that made people buy their papers. Politician (beside prostitution) involves in one of the dirtiest business on earth, & are expected to have dirty hand if they are really doing their politicking duties, so what if press keep being sued for reporting what is supposingly dirty to some and not to others. Be reasonable lah YB T, you get more respect by being diplomatic, people will vote underdog, thay why Rocky keep winning.

  2. Di kampong saya ada seorang anakdara tua yang dijangka bertaraf jutawatan atau billionawan jika dia memang beberapa kes sivilnya.

    Oleh kerana ramai sangat yang tiba tiba berminat untuk melamarnya maka dia telah menawarkan satu tender terbuka dengan memberi keutamaan kepada sesiapa yang menawarkan harga paling tinggi.

    Moral of the story: Andartu ni dah tak ada kerja lain ke..

  3. Anonymous4:48 pm

    PAs ke PKR pun bukan betul sgt, once PAS berkuasa lebih teruk nasib Press, semua pantang larang timbuil, itu tak boleh ini tak boleh, nak ringan2 pun tak boleh. So kalau anda betul2 perjuangkan kebebasan, tlg Tolak PAS, terimalah Islam Hadari seadanya

  4. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Alah, enuff lah YB T. Move on lah, enuff suing Utusan. Once the case goes to court, Utusan will ask Khir Toyo to testify. Go and serve your constituencies lah. And don't perasan as if you are YB J, ok!!!

  5. Anonymous5:01 pm

    I say 50m

  6. YB Kok,

    Kindly read the court documents properly. You know lah how those lawyers normally word it. Kadang-kadang we get confuse.

    I risau tengok you, you have a habit of saying things before checking the facts. Bukan apa, takut you tersalah saman orang.

    Malaysia is hungry for a leader of your virtue. Only people of your charisma can help topple Najib and his, coming soon, government.

    Go girl!

  7. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Uh oh! I better shut my self up too. I may be the next target in this spray gun suing spree!

    So I need to be good, say nothing and do nothing.


  8. She should be called YB Sue from now.

  9. Anonymous5:23 pm

    The retarded toyol is the one who said that she is suing utusan instead of him because he is not guilty! So she sue his ass la!

    "If I'm guilty she can sue me, but so far she is suing Utusan because she knows that I never mentioned (her name). That's why I do not feel guilty."

  10. YB Kok

    Jangan saman i pulak tau. Just practising my Freedom of Speech.

    Bukan ape, takut terjumpa di court dan terjatuh cinta pula.

    Bukan dengan you, tapi YB Hannah Tan (tapi dia tu bini orang, handsome lak husband dia)

    Takpe. Kapal terbang lagi dirampas...


  11. Anonymous5:27 pm


    is it now the "saman-meyaman" season ah?

    what in the world is Teresa thinking right now?.is this the gesture that nobody should say something "naughty" about Teresa and Co. but Teresa and Co. can say something bad about the govt and the media?

    even George W. Bush can keep his coolness when the rest of the world (including me) is mocking and teasing him.but Teresa cant even stand a single article about her!!.

  12. Anonymous5:30 pm


  13. Anonymous5:38 pm

    The pen is more dangerous than the sword. With one stroke the sword will only take one life. But the evil pen is capable of writing malicious lies to incite thousands to extreme hatred which will result in a human calamity with many lives loss. Press freedom is not a license to pen unsubstantiated news to mislead the people into biased feeling towards each other. Why should people who are well educated journalist would want to be a tool to spread lies to incite hate among human being? And you call that press freedom?

  14. Anonymous5:41 pm


  15. Anonymous5:43 pm

    This blood sucking vermin will do everything to get fat.

  16. Anonymous5:53 pm

    what a joke da real deal,

    i like the new name..


    terlepas tulis.. habislah i kena sue..

    Guess how much she will sue me..

  17. Anonymous5:56 pm

    why not sue? if i were teresa or anyone else in her shoes i will sue...

    what was said by khir toyo WAS NOT accounted as slander and seditious but what claimed to be said of teresa (which was said by khir toyo) was seditious hence she was ISA'ed... wat a joke...

    so why not sue!! hell sure i will sue until khir toyo goes bankrupt!

  18. Anonymous6:01 pm

    suka aman,

    i am not taking sides but pls look at the whole story from both sides of the picture..

    khir toyol slander teresa kok by claiming that teresa kok said this and that about the azan....

    and hence teresa kok got ISA'ed... if it wasnt for the senior official of the mosque standing up for teresa, khir toyol would have gotten with his slanderous and seditious claims... hence after what was remarked of the senior official from the mosque, teresa kok was released...

    so why didnt the police take action on khir toyo instead? in the first place, why wasnt an investigation carried out but rather teresa was detained unnecessarily under ISA? is this just would you say?

    what would you do if this happened to you instead? would you not sue khir toyo on the other hand?

  19. Dah habis era Statutory Declaration timbul pulak Suing era.
    Bila gamaknye politikus kita nak duduk berbincang pasal ekonomi negara dan pentadbiran.

  20. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Sorry guys, I hope my message would be printed in this blog.

    I fully support with my arms and legs on suing all those buggers including Utusan Melayu and Khir Toyol to bankruptcy.

    Better still go and learn from the Grand Old Man of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew. His famous lawsuits of suing politicians to bankruptcy.

    USE MAREVA Injuction against Khir Toyol and Utusan Melayu. Read Tang Liang Hong case (Quite unfortunate for him. Rotting in Australia).

    MAREVA Injuction. Freezing all those buggers' asset. Go and check what it means in the internet. I heck care when it comes to these folks.


  21. Anonymous6:13 pm

    YB Ah Soh,

    People elected you to serve them and not serving yourself by trying to make millions by sueing people.

    I think this YB sudah tidak ada kerja lain. Otak dia cuma nampak $$$ sahaja.

    DAP should find her a husband fast so that she can be occupied with matrimonial duties. Hopefully, that special 'vitamin' from her husband can calm her down.


  22. Syabas, Terasa Kok, she has sacrificed her political future for the greater interest of the DAP whom she represents which is bent on avenging UMNO and the Malays. It is no secret the political objectives of the DAP do not sync with those of the Melayu/ UMNO. But it is good; she has arisen the wrath of the Melayu who will interpret her supposedly personal defense as a guise for an all attack by the DAP on UMNO. Defamation suits are difficult to prove and her cases will drag, hopefully her and the DAP deceptions will be futile. She will be preoccupied with the legal suits and neglect her political aspirations. I doubt she will get even 1% of her demands, she is a political failure..

  23. Anonymous6:47 pm


    khir toyo is the culprit behind the 'azan' case. rascal fler!

  24. Now,
    more than ever I am even more confused at our YB Theresa Kok's statement. Seriously.. Check this out.

    This is what NST says..
    Khir said that in his statement, he merely stated that Kok's Kinrara office received and stamped the memorandum.
    "First she (Kok) denied receiving it, but after my statement was published her assistant confirmed receiving the memorandum," he said.

    Before that I asked her this question at her blog..

    Dear YB Theresa Kok,
    Since I don’t want to believe all the rumours or hearsay from the internet so I think it’s best if I ask directly to you.

    Little birds in the internet chirped this..
    Dalam dewan undangan negeri Selangor,Terresa Kok telah mengepalai satu petisyen penduduk di Puchong kepada Datuk Satim Diman (Sri Kembangan) mengenai aduan penduduk bukan Islam terhadap laungan azan subuh yg didakwa menggangu ketenteraman penduduk.
    Is this true YB?

    Hi Sinatra, I know nothing about the case. Please note that I am a state executive councillor or state minister. Since Satim is only an opposition back bencher, why should I present a petition to him? It should be he who presents the petition to me. Those guys that spread this kind of untrue news seem don’t have any knowledge about our roles. They have forgotten that Satim has become an opposition ADUN. Do I need to sign a SD?

    So what is going on?
    The full story here:

    Apahal ni?

  25. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Anak Bugis, you were WRONG when saying "...Politician (beside prostitution) involves in one of the dirtiest business on earth..." Prostitute ia cleaner than those morons. The prostitutes NEVER SUE even if they are not satisfied!

  26. if i was isa-ed for something i did not say, i too will sue. Wouldn't you?
    Press Freedom = if you are going to write something where the masses are going to read, you better be right.

  27. Anonymous7:07 pm

    So, what you are proposing is absolute press freedom ?

    Even if the slander during the month of Ramadhan, causes an innocent person to land in jail under ISA, without a chance to defend one self ??

    You have very twisted logic of fairness.

    I used to respect your blog, but it looks like you are just another bigot in disguise.

  28. Anonymous7:26 pm

    I think to sue this Toyo is fair, this dentist has don't nothing for Malaysian Malaysia. Racist like Toyo is worst that a donkey.

  29. Anonymous7:41 pm

    to "profit" and "firebrand" above

    i) economics/bread&butter are being handled; but at the same time (and in spare time), worms like toyol/utusan must be eliminated. if not, there would be not much of economy to talk abt in the near future. all will be squandered if these worms are allowed to be in power (again) someday. it's the BIG picture. get it??

    ii) i bli yb teresa is NOT doing it for the money. heck, she may even donate it all away. bottom line is this: those worms had to be taught a lesson.

    iii) what if our loved ones are in teresa's shoes? what would u recommend then? be honest...


  30. Anonymous7:58 pm


  31. Anonymous7:59 pm

    to "whackthembugger"

    i) how many times we have to tell you this simple fact? melayu is NOT umno. umno is a political party. malays are a race/people. when all malays are umno members, then u talk to me. for now, get this simple fact into that thick farking skull of yours, ok? pls lah, do us all a favour here, smart up a bit before you post anything in the future ok?

    ii) yes, yb teresa has beef with umno (not with malays). u are sounding like that umno cheras nincompoop when he uttered that "to sue utusan is to sue malays because utusan is owned by malays..." oh god! how more stupid can that fella (and u) be? is there anything lower than this? i doubt it.


  32. Anonymous8:12 pm

    bodohla semua MP pakatan dan PR supporter.. sekarang Agong pun dah pilih Chief Justice.. nak saman saman lagi buat apa!??

    Ko semua hanya kan kalah!!




  33. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Enough ? move on ? Very typical words from org UMNO. Create chaos and when taking responsiblity.. big ZERO!.. YB T & her family being harrased with molotov, stuck in the jail, then the sadistic cerpen and all you have to say is enough, move on, don't sue Utusan, press freedom.. I say, YB T.. SUE the hell out of them!!.. especially the mastermind..


  34. Anonymous8:22 pm

    theresa bodoh teresa bongok.. lala lulu lalalala... sue sini sue sana.. apa pun talak.. lalala lululu..

  35. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Anonymous said...




    Rakyat Malaysia

  36. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Brother Rocky,

    In focusing so much of your attention against Theresa Kok sueing several people you conveniently forgot that they, esp Utusan and Khir Toyo wronged her in the first place by getting her jailed under the ISA! How would you feel if you were in her shoes? Would you let someone like trouble maker Tukang Gigi and Penghasut No 1 Utusan get away with it? Think hard, very hard! Theresa is doing no more than seeking redress to her reputation, not to mention the trauma and distress she suffered as a result of being jailed under ISA for 1 week. And here you are doing your best to demonise her, and in the process giving the impression that what Tukang Gigi and Penghasut 1 did was no more than expressing their freedom of speech and publication. How bias can you get, especially when you are looked upon as a beacon of hope for all those who don't like the MSM. I hope you don't eventually degenerate into another MSM, brother!


  37. Bravo ! We love highly spirited fighting women , even if they die trying

    unlike certain pragmatic smart people , who we liken to leeches , who take the blood from others

  38. Dear Justice,

    Thank you for your comment. I hope my answer to your question will also answer the same question that has been asked of me.

    What would I do if I were in Teresa's shoes?

    1. Teresa was told by Syed Hamid or the cops that she went in because of Utusan's article. If that's a fact, I'd take steps to sue the Minister or/and the police.
    The Utusan article is the government's excuse to detain Teresa so why should Teresa accept that excuse in the first place. She should sue the Government and the cops for detaining her. In future, the Government and the police are still going to detain people under the ISA, even if Teresa wins her suits and sail away with RM130 million in damages from Utusan.

    2) someone also asked me, what would I do if a newspaper accuses me of calling for the demolition of temple and as a result of that some crazy people throw malatov cocktails at my family's home?

    -- I am not a politician, so I would probably sue. This is where the smartest and closest of my commenters have misrepresented me. I said in my original posting that i am against POLITICIANS suing newspapers. If you're not a politician (or a Judge), go ahead.

    -- But if I were a politician, I'd deny the story and prove the newspaper wrong. The most powerful weapon against against a newspaper is to prove that it was fatally wrong in its reporting. As a politician I have access to other media (just in case the offending newspaper do not want to give me a right of reply).

    Take the Malaysiakini's report on Najib's "manifesto" as an example. Prove that it's wrong and the media will do the necessary. Even say sorry.

    3. Some said Utusan should say sorry and everything would have been alright. Ok, let's assume Utusan was wrong and Teresa was right, do you know why Utusan might not want to apologize. Because it just did so in a case involving Karpal Singh. Utusan published an apology on Page One. After getting that front page apology from Utusan, what did Karpal do? He demanded for RM10 million damages. Do you blame Utusan if it refuses to apologize to Teresa, assuming that it was in the wrong?

    Thank you

  39. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Well Well Well..

    The Opposition,
    and we have here YB T
    all going BESERK, LUNATICS..

    Good Rocky, You have finally started drawing lines, distancing yourself from crazed and frenzied lunatics who stand for nothing but HATRED towards BN.

  40. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Waaah.. you guys dunno one.. after she gets the RM 200 million.. she wants to donate to the rakyat..

    She has a bigger picture of things..

    you all aaah...

    give her the RM 200 Mil..

    I know one.. she sure give back to the rakyat..


    she will use also some to install some more CCTV at taman rainbow..


    sick and tired

  41. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Even if TOYO is a liar,
    making statements to beat up sentiments,
    HOW different is he from the PAID OPPOSITION bloggers like RPK, Haris Ibrahim and the ilk??

    What goes around, comes around..

  42. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Aku ni orang Melayu Pulau Pinang. Bila aku baca pos yang kata jangan sue tempe & utusan, aku meluat...Si Toyo & Utusan ini, memang tak tahu malu.. Sudahlah Toyo & Utusan, hang pa boleh mampuilah...Konon UMNO itu Melayu...Pilah...ANAK TANJUNG

  43. Anonymous9:15 pm

    UTUSAN dont publish any apology..
    These crocodiles are good for nothing.
    Keep Whacking this YB T..

    Look what the faker Karpal did despite getting apology from Utusan..
    He still went ahead to Sue them for RM 10 million..

  44. As to your 9.04pm comment, I totally agree with you Rocky!

  45. "Do you blame Utusan if it refuses to apologize to Teresa, assuming that it was in the wrong?..."

    What a stupid way of defending the guilty...and I am surprised that you still think that what utusan did was purely reporting news... are pretty dumb after all.

    "Take the Malaysiakini's report on Najib's "manifesto" as an example. Prove that it's wrong and the media will do the necessary. Even say sorry..."

    So what has utusan did after the error was pointed out?

    You really think that the money Teresa won will be kept to herself?

    "She should sue the Government and the cops for detaining her...."

    It seems to me you are thinking that Utusan and the Government are two different entities. No, my dear, they are sleeping partners. You know that, and yet you come out with this silly excuse to defend utusan, guess you are trying to further mislead your readers...

    won't be reading your blog for a long long time...

  46. Anonymous10:01 pm


    Go ahead sue them all....

    An MP spend a week in prison and what.....let bygone be bygone.

    Go to court, get the fact right and let justice prevail.

    We have the court and that is what the court is there for, to uphold justice and truth.

  47. Anonymous10:27 pm

    ha.. bro rocky dah jawab tu.. dah pueh hati??

  48. Anonymous10:31 pm

    rocky, so whats your defense for khir ?
    utusan u defended with press freedom.. now khir defend under what pretext?

  49. 10 juta jer...

    "Kok has also called for an apology to be published in newspapers and an undertaking from Dr Khir not to repeat the allegations as well as pay RM10mil in damages for the injury caused to her. Dr Khir has been given seven days to reply to the letter of demand dated Oct 21 or legal proceedings will be initiated against him." - The Star 22 Oct 2008.

  50. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Dear Rocky, Your views are beginning to rock left and right.

    Et' tu bro?

  51. Anonymous11:02 pm

    UMNO dickheads are prostituting for
    Utusan without fully understanding the difference between Freedom of press and the right of aggrieved party using legal means to claim damages.
    If one is not prepared to be sued then, be more responsible for your action. Of course, what audacity of others, to sue the all almighty UMNO goons.

  52. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Walau, sue for RM30 million here, RM30 million there, even Pak Lah and Najib don't make that much combined. It's nice to be a YB! Will I be sued for what I just said??!!

    Sue Niamah

  53. Anonymous11:16 pm

    If I am not wrong the margin YB T won in the 12GE is even bigger than Najib. So the Najib camp is on the run to do maximum damage starting from the top, so YB T is 1st to get it and also Rocky's brog 1st to bought over too.


  54. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Bro Bru,

    DAP is getting into the nerves of those who went against their ideals. They are suing for defamation against their so call "heretics". It look like State of Selangor is fast turning into 15th century Spain, the age of Inquisition with the bar council lawyers as their army of darkness.

    Ahmad Chavez

  55. A DAP Dilemma,Just a Fictitious account of what might be the going on in DAP HQ:

    Lim Junior: Bapak, the Seputeh YB is on a sueing spree, have you heard, she is sueing left right and center, she now plans to sue YB Khir as well.

    Lim Senior: Aiyah, that feisty woman still wants to sue here sue there ah, I thought when she sued Chamil for RM100 million and that Arab fella from Cheras for RM10million that's the end of it lah she has made her point. I think those UMNO fellas also scared to say anything about her now. Well, I would be.

    Lim Junior: Ya lah Bapak, I think she has made her point, maybe somebody should tell her to stop already otherwise some BN nut will think that DAP is running out of money and is making the sueing business as revenue. The negative perception that this sueing thingy by YB Seputeh will damage DAP no end, kacau our next GE election strategylah. UMNO and BN is clapping their hands and foaming at the mouth already in happiness ma.I thing you should advise her lah Bapak to do the right thing for DAP.

    Lim Senior: Son, are you serious, in the mood she is in now, she probably sue me as well for obstructing her in her quest for the greater good blah,blah, just so to proof that she is not just sueing those UMNO fellas. Give me a breaklah, son, I am only DAP Advisorlah sudah mahu penchen lagi. YB Seputeh not yet married kan,I know, maybe sent Jeff or Tony or Ronnie to talk some sense into her, oh, but are those three handsome young man married and they are bloggers also aren't they.

    Lim Junior: Cannot lah Bapak, Jeff and Tony are already happily married not sure about Ronnie though, I will ask him, about the blogger camaderie that won't worklah Bapak, she sued that Arab from Cheras who's a blogger too.

    Lim Senior: Aiyah, susah woh ini macam. Like that, Maybe I talk to Brother Anwar as he is the Head of Pakatan Rakyat, to talk to YB Seputeh about asking her to stop this sueing business and concentrate on serving her constituent so what do you think.

    Lim Junior: Not nice lah Bapak, I consider this our internal matter, malulah dengan Brother Anwar. Anyway if Brother Anwar sees her and she do decide to heed our advise after Brother Anwar make some promises to her BUT then Brother Anwar made many promises he has not yet delivered like the September 16 takeover of the Federal Government. Nanti YB Seputeh may even sue Brother Anwar for broken promises so how?

    Lim Senior:....... Lost for words..

    The End.
    Note: Please do not sue this is just a work of fiction just for fun fun.

  56. Anonymous11:57 pm

    For those who think that "fitnah" is a proper thing for you to defend, especially when it was done duirng the holy month, I leave you to God if you have one in your heart.

  57. The suing is more for political mileage than money...for the amount she demands is unrealistic.
    She has to make a big hue and cry..with huge sum.. that case has to be heard.
    Once thrown out. That she should expect.
    I think she has gone too far.
    From sympathy for her...will turn to disgust...and she may loose some votes in future her dark side is spiteful and vicious.
    Hope DAP leaders can advise her to cool down.

  58. Anonymous12:05 am

    Rocky, in your reply to Justice, can I query further to get a better understanding.You said :-
    1) Teresa should sue the minister, government and the cops for detaining her.
    2) Utusan article was use as an excuse by the government to detain Teresa, anyhow.
    3)Prove that the article that Utusan wrote is wrong and Utusan would apologise
    4)Maybe, just maybe Utusan refuse to apologise because the last time they apologise to Karpal for the wrong article, he still sued them .

    So all the above has nothing to do about her being deemed as racist or anti Melayu ? Can you please clarify your stand on this matter racist or not ?
    At least, all those passing racist comments can stick to the topic :-
    1)To sue or not to sue because press freedom ?
    2) Does this constitute press freedom ?
    3)What action should Teresa Kok take to prevent irresponsible parties from making unsubstantiated remarks ?

  59. Anonymous12:14 am


    kelaslah jawapan anda!!!!!

    biarkan anak dara tua itu terjun dgn labu-labunya......biarkan! biarkan!


  60. Anonymous12:16 am

    to kluangman,

    apalah guna jadi bilionawan,
    kalau hidup tanpa batang........


  61. For those who said Rocky has changed...I agree.
    He has changed for the better..and not surrounded by leeches to use him.
    I noticed he is more open minded than before...and obviously supports change of government.
    What is wrong with that?

  62. Anonymous12:37 am

    let's look at your 3-point above in order;
    (i) UMNO + UTUSAN conspiracy prior to publication. UTUSAN publish, UMNO tangkap. simple? bcos it is that simple. either way, teresa was damned.
    (ii) suppose u r a politician. supposed utusan published an article which strongly hinted that u r involved sexually with a female member of your immediate family. how do u intend "prove your innocence". remember, i said, suppose u r a politican. (as if in this case, it makes any freaking difference in the profession of an individual). let me help u out a bit here. if utusan said yb teresa was a lousy politician, that she has neglected her constituencies etc... then if teresa sued, i'd not support it. get it?

    and dont even talk about your new boss, n-j-b.
    (iii) this is a gem. this got me rotfl. suppose i slapped u. but then i feel guilty. i said sorry. then u report to the police. i am hurt but your 'betrayal' boohoohoo.
    then, later, i went and slap syed botak. should i apologize to him later? no? and going by your twisted logic, that's because i had a bad experience when u reported to the police even though i apologized? rocky, teach your children, when they do something wrong, pls apologize; REGARDLESS.


  63. Anonymous1:09 am

    Losing vote for her here in the next election? Not a chance!!!

    I am from seputeh. She did a fantastic job for all of us here. Once you get to meet her, there is nothing like what UTUSAN wants u to believe.

    From the way, how UMNO tried to bully a god fearing lady, we feel so helpless except to give her more of our votes.

    Not convinced? tried to field a UMNO or MCA supremo there.....

    seputeh fella

  64. Rocky,
    Your blog seemed to be full of UMNO people nowadays. I guess you are attracting a different crowd nowadays.

    WHy defend khir? If he is so sure that he is not guilty, why did he delete and remove his posting? Esp. the comment he made that directly implicates Teresa? Liar.

    Utusan needs to be sued. if Utusan and NST can use the same method is suing common citizens, why not the other way?

  65. My 1000pc support with her... Go on YB, keep suing all those rascals, notwithstanding their race.... Teach them moral 101. These culprits are always talk from their bottom...

  66. Anonymous2:10 am

    Bar Council out of courteousy of course, should offer YB Khir Toyo and all other parties served notice by YB T the option of legal aid.

    Otherwise as before, the council might be accused of biasness.


  67. Anonymous2:46 am

    andaratu ayam jantan, (nama dia tu risau nak disebut, silap eja/sebut nanti kito disaman pula - kalau dalam Bahasa Inggeris bunyi dan eja macam ayam jantan yang berkokok subuh pagi, satu lagi boy's 10sen).

    Elok cadangan diberi gelaran YB SUE.

    ...Ini nasihat saya. Nama U memang nampaknya tak ong, kata orang takder fung shui..

    ...Jadi YB Sue ini nasihat ikhlas saya,

    makan duit hasil saman, tak ong, takder fung shui ...jatuh tangga nanti, dapat stroke, dah kena berkerusi roda seumur hidup. Tak silap, sorang lagi pi mai pi mai duk berkerusi roda... orang tu dulu rajin saman sianu siani..

    Dulu I ader nasihat sorang pasai banjir2 ribut petir diNegeri2 PR... Kalo EastCoast tu kira yearly affair, normal, tapi Penang, Kedah, Selangor, itu fung shui dah lain macam sejak bulan March, tak henti2.

    FungShui master Ong

  68. Anonymous2:48 am

    I am v confused now - to sue or not to sue...

    But i really do pity Teresa. My heart goes out to her.

    One thing for sure in this bolehland is UMNO can do anything and they will get away from it. I do not want to quote any example because they are "quoteless", not too many but too much.

    Too many is still countable but too much is uncountable.

    So, Teresa, what I want to say here is, God be with you and I wish you all the best!

    P/S Sometimes i do think maybe it is best that you just leave the morons alone because unless you are that lucky to have a good judge. How many of the judges you can actually trust in this boleh court???

  69. those who can tahan the umno leeching $$ time and time from public funds....
    then why can't u tahen KOK carry out her own court cases???
    furthermore she is going through the justice (where she is not sure if she will win anyway)...
    sit back and relax la.. afterall it's good that she takes up the dirty job to clean up the weed...

  70. Anonymous5:36 am


    Stop it la. What is wrong with you?

  71. Anonymous5:41 am


    Stop harping on this issue please. You are so sick. Can't u just accept the fact that freedom of press is not above law. Move on dude..

  72. Anonymous6:44 am


    It may seems that more UMNO people are reading this blog. But I think a lot of people are changing side now. And one of the reason is Theresa Kok.

    I for one had been voting for opposition for the past 3 elections but based on what is happening now I might be voting for BN in the next PRU 13.

    What Theresa is doing is damaging to PR. I'm not talking about the hardcore supporters as these people will vote for PR no matter what. I'm talking about fence sitters like myself.

    You don't go around questioning about jawi on road sign board, proposing Mandarin and Tamil on road sign board.This is not China ... this is not India ... this is Malaysia which was used to be called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. I believe she will asked for much bigger thing if she was successful in her demand.

    To deny that she knew about azan petition when her office endorsed it showed that she is cannot be trusted just like some of the BN politicians. It seems that most politician from both BN and PR are untrustworthy. There will do everything to promote their self and community interests without scant regards to other communities interests.

    fence sitter

  73. Anonymous6:52 am

    Rocky oh Rocky,

    Bila lagi kau nak guna akal untuk fikir dan paham?

    You are being amazingly naive and ignorant. Di bawah saya terangkan kenapa you ni kurang cerdik.

    You say politicians should prove the newspaper is wrong. But hasn't Teresa already done that? Even the MOSQUE and one lady PAS MP has said that Teresa had nothing to do with the Azan thing!

    Tapi Rocky, ingat: don't you understand that once slanderous information is out, it is difficult to correct or fix?


    Especially in Malaysia, in the kampung-kampungs, once the people sudah kena brainwash by Utusan Malaysia and its widespread circulation, how are you going to counter it in all those households in the kampungs who will vote in the next general elections?

    Are you going to take a loudspeaker and go from house to house to announce that Teresa Kok is innocent?

    Are you going to start up a new Malay newspaper that has the same reach as Utusan Malaysia and which the rural people believe in so easily and then send it around to change and alter all those people's perceptions?

    Macam mana nak perbetulkan Rocky? Kalau nila setitik dah masuk belanga susu, satu belanga susu dah rosak, macam mana kau nak putihkan balik susu, Rocky?


    Once you have coloured people's views, it is double or triple hard if not impossible sometimes to reverse it to the level it was before.

    Faham tak, Rocky??

    Your comment that says that a politician should "prove that they are not wrong, bla bla bla" is so kurang cerdik/not smart la Rocky. So does this mean people can continue to slander/fitnah, but you jangan sue or saman, just go around trying to "prove they are not correct"? Is that how your otak works, Rocky?

    Nak tanya sikit lah, Rocky. Dulu you belajar sekolah mana Rocky?

  74. You can sue Utusan...and upon mentioning of case in court...will be postpone and postpone...until no one remember the reason for being sued.
    The government loves unfinished jobs.
    Furthermore..Utusan is the favourite Bahasa paper for UMNO.
    How to sue and win?
    Even such a serious Mongolian murder case Atlantuya...just look at case....dragging on and make sure...when result is fee all accused.except one cares anymore...for justice..except ..glad case is closed...after more than a year.

  75. Anonymous7:23 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I like this new Rocky. Very open and unbiased. Keep up the good work.


  76. Easier said than done.
    Bro Rocky, now if I accuse you of being a racist and anti-religion in some daily major newspaper... can you accept that?
    What if I blog the slander too?
    Can you accept that???

  77. Anonymous8:18 am

    haha....makin panas nih bro!

    why not you write about something different to ease the tension, write about the birds and the bees for example...

    or, you can write about the worsening conditions of daily commuting to the city? LRT sucks, roads are littered with traffic jam's, raining everyday(although rain is god's gift, so takleh komplen hujan).
    And what does DBKL do? tukar nama jalan?

    rakyat biasa

  78. Anonymous8:59 am

    this country is landing to a bunch of joker MPs.. God bless u all

  79. Anonymous9:27 am

    oh..chicken are pathetic. rocky never defended utusan's reporting. but he's not going to be like the rest of you bigots who're slamming utusan. you've all already convicted utusan.

    and..yep GOOD RIDDANCE TO YOU..

    but hah! I bet, like so many of those "not reading you anymore, rocky" readers, you'll still come.

    so SEE YA, bugger.

  80. Anonymous9:37 am


    If an MP can be sent to prison for no good reason.

    Then what about all of us ordinary citizen?

    Can we feel safe in our country?

    All this slander and framming must be stopped.

    What is the alternative other then defending ourselves in the court of law?

    or should we just sit tight and do nothing?

    Teresa Kok needs to bring this to court so that this will not happened again.

  81. Anonymous9:44 am

    saya nak kahwin r dgn teresa kok..
    sure jd bilionawan pasnih...

    m fadhil yahya

  82. Anonymous9:51 am

    Oh dear look at all the wise crack comments here. Its so easy for you to judge when it is not your reputation on the line or you did not spend 1 week in solitary detention for something you didn't do. You people are so comfortable in your cocoons while YB T's family is faced with a molotov cocktail attack. Yeah, call her names, make sarcastic remarks. For that particular person who said she did it because she loves money, well done ... what a fine display of maturity, NOT. These are the hallmark of Malaysian politics followers.

    Rocky, you have changed. Your blog now attracts more people who give nonconstructive criticism and irrational remarks.


  83. Anonymous10:41 am

    to Offspring..
    go to Malaysia Today to see the actual "nonconstructive criticism and irrational remarks"...


  84. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    If YB Teresa really gets assassinated, she has herself and the DAP to blame.

    Who reads cerpen? How many realize this particular 'Politik Baru YB J' by Chamil Wariya in the first place? How many of you who demonize the cerpen, read Utusan anyway?

    I was not aware of it either, not until the blogs and the newspapers reported it. And that is after the YB herself make a big fuss of it and after the DAP Supremo arrogantly brought it up in parliament.

    I laugh after reading the cerpen. The plot is so common. No originality at all. And knowing it was penned by 'The Chamil Wariya" it's a 'No Standard'.

    If the YB and the DAP had not make it an issue with the intention of gaining political mileage, the majority of the people would not even have realize its existence.

    Reading the comments here in your blog Bro Rocky, I find that many are angry with the YB.

    They are not angry for the YB's stand on the Azan and Jawi script issue but more for her arrogance to sue Utusan for RM100 millions and many more millions from the others.

    They see this as an action by a Chinese YB to milk dry Utusan, and no Malay will allow any Chinese to do such thing to a Malay entity.

    If YB Teresa wins these suits but did not live to enjoy a single sen of it, who do you blame?

    ...the cerpen 'Politik Baru YB J'?,
    ...Chamil Wariya for penning the cerpen?,
    ...the Utusan for publishing the cerpen? or
    ...the YB herself and DAP for making a mountain out of a mole-hill?

    My humble opinion,

  85. Anonymous12:32 pm

    tempo 10.41am's response to offspring 951am's post is a good example of two differing views.

    rocky is entitled to his own, too. anyone who misses the "old" rocky, and perhaps couldn't find him here, has to take it in stride.

    i will continue to criticise rocky (i am entitled to my opinions too) but, admittedly, i too miss the "old" rocky.

    has he "changed"? and if he indeed has, is it for the "better" or "worse"? well, that depends on which side of the fence you're on, right?


    my take on this is this: there are enough writers in the MSM to help in the BN propoganda; it's just that i feel we need more writers in the alternative media to counter these MSM.

    rocky used to be on "our" side but now...has he "jumped to the other side" ? or perhaps he has a bigger agenda? time will tell, i suppose.


  86. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Dear Rocky Bru,
    You are talking about press freedom, what about human right? JB T have her right to sue,
    same goes to you, you have your right to write what you want in your blog. You have your right to bodek UMNO now, so do I have my right to criticise you.
    And to those UMNO kaki bodek, stop your shout about hidup melayu or hidup UMNO, nobody said UMNO sudah mati or melayu sudah mati.
    Firdaus A.

  87. pendidikan moral: berani kerana benar
    kalau benar; tak takut disaman
    kalau salah; mengaku je la...

  88. Anonymous2:25 pm

    alar bagi saman je khir toyol tu.. ada rolex banyak2 pun nak buat apa bagi gadai je kat theresa tu... org dah tak ada kerja mcm tu lah buat fitnah sana sini... utk org2 UMNO fitnah tak salah agaknya kalau org yg difitnah tu org bukan beragama Islam. Mcm tu lah kalau ingat Allah cipta bumi ni utk org melayu je.. Too bad Malays are nobodies in this world...pity those ppl that always shout hidup melayu.. just a classic case of inferiority complesx..

  89. Senang macam ni la.

    Media arus perdana (mainstream media), media alternatif, jangan tulis langsung dah pasal Teresa Kok atau mana-mana ahli politik DAP, PKR, PIS-M.

    Nanti kena saman. jadi baik tak payah tulis langsung. 50 tahun lagi pun, jangan tulis dah. Anggap je mereka ni tak wujud.

    Payah sangat.

  90. Anonymous8:14 pm

    i like your blog la rocky... balance views even from the bloggers... 50-50..

    blog lain banyak berat sebelah.. kalu pure pembangkang, semua kerajaan buat = salah...
    kalau pure UMNO, semua kerajaan buat = betul..

    anyway, my piece on this issue is... TK is wasting time, she should focus on rakyat issues....

    next GE, my vote not for her.. by the way, I live at seputeh...

    kerang busuk

  91. Anonymous10:05 pm

    roket scientist....

    Hang ni duk celopah mengata orang melayu, ingat sikit nu, YDP Agong, Sultan2 termasuk Sultan Brunei, pun semua Melayu... Sedar sikit, naik matahari, suluh muka kat cermin, malam2 mesti nampak, gelap sangat...

    Sebut inferiority complex..

    you must be those 'Harijan/Darlit/Broken people'...More than 160 million people in India are considered "Untouchable"—people tainted by their birth into a caste system that deems them impure, less than human..

    ...Untouchables are literally outcastes; a fifth group that is so unworthy it doesn't fall within the caste system.

    Although based on religious principles practiced for some 1,500 years, the system persists today for economic as much as religious reasons... Hillary Mayell for National Geographic News

    Kesian kat hampa, kalau perangai tak tau nilai untung nasib diri, 1,500tahun camtu juga nasib hampa semua. Celop kulit macam Micheal Jackson pun, takleh lari. DNA susah nak dibelit2..


  92. Anonymous10:32 pm

    hahah Somehow Teresa shown her true colors after suing multi-millions Ringgit she didn't need to be MP next by election just chilling at home swinging leg eat cucumber deep it in curry and have a boils egg for desert.


  93. Anonymous1:38 am

    cant blame her la dude...she got detained under ISA...of course she feels like crap....and god knows if she's gonna win the court cases..i doubt it...i'm all for press freedom...but there's a limit to everything...can't simply tarnish reputations rite??was there any proof that she got involved in the azan thingy??

  94. Anonymous9:36 am

    PAP / Lee Kan Yew off spring. That's what you get when they are in charge.

  95. Anonymous8:29 pm

    I dont see this YB 'dog food' contributing much to our nation. She would be much more appreciated, helping victims who are placed in similar predicament like her, to fight for their RIGHTS and FREEDOM and make money of of their sufferings.

    Guatamelon Bay victims sure need her as their CONSULTANT. They have been IN for the last 7years (YBT 7days wasn't it), with her cunning ways.Imagine the trillions US$ that she can help them claim.

    Justice and Freedom knows no boundaries.


  96. Anonymous6:13 pm

    When all you UMNO MORONS inflicted so much sufferings and agony on Teresa as well as other ISA detainees, do you still expect these people to do nothing and keep quiet? They have no other avenues except the legal avenues (unlike these morons who can use ISA, police intimidation ot threat and even petrol bomds and even C4)and they just have to do it to teach these morons a lesson. At least , by suing doesn't mean they will win and get what they want and the parties being sued can defend themselves and even counter sued if they have done nothing wrong. If , on the other hand, the ISA detainees and those intimidated by the UMNO-backed police can't even fight back! So, Rocky, please tell me who and what is right as far as the situation in M'sia is concerned and I hope you can differentiate this clearly and understand the phrase 'FREEDOM and HUMAN RIGHTS let alone PRESS FREEDOM. Please wake up to your good old self (the one I used to respect)

  97. Anonymous9:39 pm


    Empress Dowager Cixi - a brilliant manipulator.

    Margaret Hilda Thatcher - Iron Lady

    Mother Teresa - Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.

    Marie Curie - Nobel Prize in Physics
    Coretta Scott King - Known as the "First Lady of Civil Rights",

    Florence Nightingale, OM - "The Lady with the Lamp,".

    Rosa Parks - "Mother of the Modern-Day Civil Rights Movement".


    From rags to riches