Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In defence of Berita Harian, anyone?

22/10 Speaker suspends Berita Harian from covering Kelantan State Assembly for alleged misreporting on Sultan speech, reporter escorted out/STAR

Disturbing, indeed. Or no? Will those who speak for Press Freedom stand up and speak for Berita Harian? I guess not. Governments - state and Federal - are the same; they want to control the media.
Defenders of Press Freedom in Malaysia are mostly the same, too - they are selective in which media they defend. The Utusan Malaysia experience has told me me that the same people who want Utusan Malaysia dead will also not rush to Berita Harian's rescue.

[Please note that it is NOT the Kelantan palace that is unhappy with BH's front page Sultan murka kerajaan Pas gagal tadbir Kelantan].

Kawan to meet Speaker, h e r e.

Also related to the Press ...
The Board of the NSTP that met on Monday accepted the resignation of Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan as Deputy Chairman. According to a source, the Board has also decided that the replacement for Syed Feisal Albar, who resigned as the NSTP chief executive officer, will come from outside the NSTP.

Najib accepts apology, praises journo, chides the "real culprits" here.


  1. you should take up the cause to stand up for BH bro,after all you are going to take the place of KALI ,no ? hidup rocky !!!

  2. Anonymous4:31 pm

    dalam kes berita harian ini sebenarnya heading yang menjadi isu. kalau tengok intro story, tiada apa yang salah, fair what.. tuanku menegur, adakah kerajaan kelantan ni maksum sampai tak leh ditegur.

    -biasanya heading diberikan oleh editors, not wartawan so mengapa nak halang wartawan buat laporan.

    harap wan zul boleh tolong jelaskan kepada kerajaan pas.

  3. Announcement

    Dear Freedom of Speech and Free Press warriors. Now is the perfect time to show your Fair and Unprejudiced Self.

    Speak up, Stand up and be counted!

    The rakyat is waiting for you!

  4. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Bro. Rocky,

    You should be the 1st to offer urself as chief general in defence of Berita Harian. Anyway is is you alma matter. Izzit???? I read somewhere Dollah Kok Lanas is warming up his car engine to return to Jalan Riong. Surely you too cant wait to enjoy nasi beringin Jalan Riong during lunch time again???


  5. Ini adalah sebahagian cabaran wartawan. Kesian Khairul Anuar Samad, kena keluar! Dalam kes-kes sebegini, ketua biro BH di KB kena slow talk dengan bigwigs PAS kat sana, explain. If not, bawak big bosses dari Jalan Riong. Tapi diaorang pun well-connected. Biasanya sms pun cukup tapi moleklah kalau dapat meeting di Perdana Hotel ke mana ke, baru gentleman. Biasalah ni. Benda ni boleh settle punya, tak payahlah nak ban-ban orang ni. Betul, Helm, kerajaan kelantan jangan ingat mereka maksum.

  6. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Like I've said before, it is hard for the common man to understand what journalists do.

    This new trend of barring journalists ni - it's despicably unhealthy.

    Everybody's trying to promote media transparency - and when the BN people do this, there will be an uprising. Shouts of unfairness will fill the blogosphere up.

    Like I said before, there is no such thing as total Press freedom here. Ask Anwar Ibrahim, he used to control the media when he was the DPM.

    It looks like history, and predictably so, is repeating itself. Utusan got banned in Penang, BH in Kelantan. That's just the first step in making journalists subservient to one party. Then, when they come into total power, they will do the same thing with all the media.

    If this is the trend, then obviously the future looks bleak for everybody. Heck, even bloggers, whom I assume will continue to be critical of the opposition leaders should they come into power, would not be spared.

    You guys are the mainstream media now. The future's in your hand, if Syed Hamid is to be believed.

    Your call....

    -Gandhi Fan-

  7. Anonymous5:01 pm

    can we get back to basics first before we talk about freedom of press and free speech. this 2 are totally 2 different matters. should the press be defended when what they report could be a distortion of the facts and causing harm and hurt. what is the meaning of fair reporting and journalistic integrity- unbias reporting and so forth. it seems when one side who feels that the reporting is bias and un-true which destroys one's credibility and seeks damages from the press, majority of people hold to the view that the press is being bashed and are the victims. how about the credibility of the reporter and the paper in reporting un-truthful news- shouldnt they be held responsible too and receive some kind of reprimand or punishment. dont cry freedom of press and free speech whenever certain people feel to use it at their own pleasure. that's not fair. both sides should be given the chance to clarify matters and what better way than thru defamation cases in court and let's see who is telling the truth and who is not. high time the press bears some kind of responsibility towards their own actions and not hide under the veil of freedom of press and speech just to get away with their own agenda.
    seems to be me nowadays the press and some bloggers are turning into manipulating news and have loss their own integrity and have their own agenda too. shame !

  8. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Malaysiakini is in cahoots with PKR, looks like it. It's ok to be critical of the present govt but as a respectable news portal, mkini must be objective and observe the SOP as well. I'm afraid it could be perceived as serving the agenda of a few. Mkini, please don't go the way of MInsider. Pak Lah likes to quote them, and they in turn like to quote Pak Lah. Once Pak Lah is out, MInsider will be reduced to writing about Singapore and its operatives. Mkini, MInsider and Mtoday...what"s the difference? They share one thing in common - they despise najib. Thank god for Pasquale and jejakpujangga!

  9. SAYA defend Berita Harian!

  10. "Najib accepts apology, praises journo" interesting.. with some many "issues" looming over his head , he should follow what the "journo" did, resign..Najib'll win praises immediately..

  11. Anonymous5:11 pm

    So, please tell us, are you going to sell your soul to UMNO and take over Kalimullah Masheerul Hassa as NST's Group Editor-in-Chief soon?

  12. rizal hashim, hotel perdana dah tutup lah... :)

  13. Anonymous5:18 pm

    it has all become issues of press freedom vs government-controlled mainstream media (the 4th estate)

    press freedom? i agree that it is important but since long time ago when mainstream media chose to side with the de-facto powers-that-be; we always don't get to see a very nice picture/message of the minority power.

    the most important qualification to all this is that if there were any misreporting by Berita Harian/Utusan malaysia, parties responsible should offer their apologies and/or resigned.

    The malaysiakini's reporter whom chose to publish the error and whom regretted later by resignation should be a fine example as to how mainstream press is to behave;

    you want your press freedom? you can have it so long you are willing to be responsible for whatever you written/chose not to write/publish.

    Applies to Editors/Editors to be as well.

    RPK goes to ISA but when mainstream news reporters/editor/publishers go unpunished for things they have written/inaccurately reported.

    Is this what we called justice/fairness?


  14. Anonymous5:21 pm

    tu lah...lain kali jgn dok suka nak spin sgt....

    menegur dan murka 2 perkara berbeza walaupun menegur boleh dalam keadaan murka...

    tapi baca bh, then tgk tv3, takde yg murkanya pun....

    orgpun boleh faham....

    tapi dlm kes ni...kerje bos di kl yg tentukan heading...wartawan koresponden tak salah...cuma bila nak explain balik, jgnlah emo sgt....

  15. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Rockali's Bru!

    The BEST journalist of all time!

  16. Anonymous5:36 pm


    I somehow felt disappointed at you. You clearly can't identify what is about reporting the truth and what is about fabricating story.

    Press freedom is not about fabricating story. Fabricating story is lying.

    It seems like you are just trying to use the word "Press Freedom" to justify that it is ok to lie.

    Where is your soul? Where is your conscience?

  17. Anonymous5:39 pm

    even when we wanna defend the freedom of media speech,we should not take sides and defend all the media (if what they do is right).

    if the opposition insist that the govt controlled the media,well then the opposition is doing just the same.the speak for freedom of media speech on their behalf only and not other's like you can make fun of other people but other people are disallowed to make fun of you.

    no good-sport at all.

  18. Are you in the running for the vacancy at New State Parsely Sage Rosemary Thighymes?

    A little bird told me you might be!!

  19. I agree with you that BH should not be banned from covering any event in M'sia.

    Press censorship is reprehensible in a free society.

    But that does not mean BH should be exempt from lawsuits if they shoot from the hip resulting in someone being unjustly Mohd ISA'd without probable cause.

  20. Cubaan kerajaan negeri PAS Kelantan untuk tutup kelemahan dengan mengalihkan perhatian kepada Berita Harian.

    70% daripada teks titah ucapan Tuanku highlight kelemahan-kelemahan kerajaan PAS, mana tak nya sibuk nak kuasai Kerajaan Persekutuan ikut pintu belakang

    18 tahun aku duduk bawah pemerintahan PAS, rasanya cukup kot.

    Sanggup gadai maruah Islam demi menghalalkan kerakusan Anwar Ibrahim.


  21. Hipokrit macam sial.

    Aku dah cakap lama dah. Pembangkang nak pakai argument freedom of speech, make sure betul-betul.

    Ni dahlah hipokrit, munafik, berpura-pura, berat sebelah, BODOH pulak tu.

    Ko tengok la next election.

  22. Gua defend Berita Harian...pakai BLACKBERRY!

  23. The Malaysian Hypocrisy returns.

    What freedom? there's only freedom when it is either favourable or not favourable to certain parties and individuals, depends on how they look at it.

    I have to add this to list of hypocrisies' that I am drawing up (30 already published)

    There's a limit to freedom, more so the press. Absolute freedom will result in chaos, especially in Malaysia.

  24. Anonymous6:26 pm

    BH should stick to reporting on UMNO news only `stead of poking their noses elsewhere.
    They should also shut down their sales centres in Pakatan states. Utusan also.

  25. pa'achik,

    saya dah lama tak ke KB. Last cover bola for Malay Mail. Hahahaha. Hotel Perdana was a stone's throw from the stadium.

  26. Anonymous7:12 pm

    So, it is OK to slander the state government, including dragging in the name of the Sultan.

    Somemore make it front page story ?

    Is this press freedom you advocating ?

    It is more like you are advocating people to fitnah, slander without any check and balance.

    In any system, there is a feedback loop, otherwise things goes out of control.

    What you are advocating is an open-ended system, which every engineer worth their salt will know is extremely unstable.

  27. Anonymous7:47 pm

    mungkinkah hari-hari yang berlalu adalah hari yang malang bagi dunia persuratkhabaran. kali ini BH yang menjadi mangsa. Kami di Utusan paling teruk jadi sasaran. fasal beri ruang untuk chamil berkarya tulis cerpen Politik baru YB J pun kami yang kena.
    --harap Pas Kelantan yang dah lama menduduki kuasa tidak menjadi seperti rakan-rakannya di negeri lain yang terus boikot Utusan.
    Nik Aziz sendiri banyak mendapat liputan daripada akhbar2 melayu termasuk berita harian meskipun kadang-kala ada yang negatif.
    tetapi banyak juga story human interest yang dipetik dari tok guru itu.
    bukan apa kalau bukan akhbar melayu, akhbar mana yang akan lantang bila timbul soal kepentingan islam dan hak-hak melayu. kedua-dua isu ini adalah realiti politik bagi parti pas atau UMNO. jangan cuba nafikanya.

  28. Speak the truth and shame the devil

  29. Anonymous9:31 pm


    The word press freedom means the press is free.

    This is certainly not the case with BH and Utusan.

    It is quite obvious that they are bias and serving one master.

    There is an article in Dr.M blog about spin doctor which relate to the editors who's job is to spin the stories.

    I think it is quite appropriate what the kelantan government is doing.

  30. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Told you so! From my last posting on your blog

    Bro Rocky

    It is never about the freedom of the press to most of your commentators.It is about Party A (pro govt) and Party B (anti govt).The commentators of the more popular political blogs are of Party B.
    When NSTP sued you and Jeff,your supporters are from Party B.I know it is good and flaterring to think that they love you and are believer in freedom of the press.But it is not so.
    Because if they are truly a believer of the freedom of the press than they should be supporting Zaini and not Teresa or Karpal.Isn't Teresa or Karpal the politician and Zaini the journalist.No! it is not so, Zaini is construed as from Party A and Teresa and Karpal from Party B.
    In your case, NSTP is from Party A and you from Party B.However,the moment your articles appears to be pro govt(although you are talking about freedom of the press and not supporting the Govt), your commentators will immediately brand you as from Party A and become their arch enemy.
    Notice how silent some political blogs are on this issue.Even the people that walk with you into the court like Nuraina,Jeff,Marina etc dare not speak up for you.

  31. Anonymous9:42 pm

    "Press freedom is not about fabricating story. Fabricating story is lying.

    It seems like you are just trying to use the word "Press Freedom" to justify that it is ok to lie.

    Where is your soul? Where is your conscience?"

    whoever wrote this crap? you tak baca malaysia today or kickdefella ke?

  32. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Berita Harian dah tak laku sejak zaman Dolah Kok Lanas mengawalnya lagi. Surat khabar tu dah jadi surat khabar haprak. Di Kelantan, kami tak pandang pun. Sinar Harian jadi pilihan kami sekarang. Tengoklah surat khabar tu, saya dah kira 26 halaman pasal hiburan saja...dari Hip ke RATU hingga ke ruangan TV semua cerita yang mengarut. baca tak tulisan Kak Cam....alamak rasa nak muntah....errrrrr. Inilah akibatnya bila editor syok sendiri hinggakan kerajaan tempatan pun dikatakan di bawah pentadbiran kerajaan negeri. Niat tu memang dah tak baik dah.

    Jaga MPKB

  33. Anonymous9:59 pm

    The way you put all journalists up on the pedestal, as though their importance are equivalent to the king makers are so funny and pathetic.

    It is just another profession, do it right with integrity, you earned the respects and praises; perform your duty with malicious intent and the soul tendered to the highest bidders, the public will persecute one way or the other.

  34. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Kita kena tahu perbezaan perkataan antara tegur dan murka. Baginda sultan tidak murka tetapi hanya tegur kerajaan negeri mengnai pembangunan di negeri berkenaan.
    Kalau nak spin pun mestilah kena pada tempatnya. Saya tidak salahkan pemberita BH tetapi editor diKL patut dipersalahkan kerana memberi tajuk berita yang mengelirukan.BTW saya dah bertahun-tahun tak baca BH, NST dan Utusan begitu juga tak tonton RTM dan TV3.

    ex journalist

  35. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Hotel Perdana under renovation.
    Akan dibuka balik bila dah siap renovation.

  36. Anonymous10:34 pm


    can I defend Nasty pee for suing you and jeff? todate, my boycott against nasty pee remains becuause of my stand.

    Bangsa Malaysia

  37. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Dear AminGL,

    I think that your statement - So, please tell us, are you going to sell your soul to UMNO and take over Kalimullah Masheerul Hassa as NST's Group Editor-in-Chief soon? - is really uncalled for. what is your problem if rocky takes over. you dont like the paper then dont read it. the end of the story. to me, rocky is the bbest choice as he can turn back nst to what it was once.

    -laksa sarawak-


  38. Anonymous12:00 am

    I really cannot see all the fuss is about.

    Freedom of press?

    It is actually very simple.

    Media can report all the news without objectively as long as the facts are correct and true.

    You cannot just lie in broad day light and assume there is no consequence.


    The Malaysiakini reporter is one with such quality.

    Basically, there is freedom as long as the facts is reported.

    So, the question is did the Sultan 'menegur the state gov't'

    It is that easy.


  39. Anonymous12:07 am

    Don't talk crabs if you cannot accept that God has created all human to be equal and that God expects human to treat each other fairly with honesty, dignity and respect. Go and look at the mirror if you are fit for it.

  40. I spoke to one of S.Times top person and was told....the paper was sold off...two years ago by UMNO.
    Whether the sales was genuine or not...I told that matter what S.Times have develop a bad reputation.
    They are trying so hard to get more Malaysian Chinese ...especially field workers..but I ones will not top guy must always be a has no futures for other races.
    Have the paper is now giving more balanced news?
    I doubt.

  41. Anonymous12:46 am

    From my adventures in Kelantan, I learnt that the palace there is very powerful. It's prob the royalty than the PAS govt. Everyone allegedly has to tip toe around the queen, who through proxies has quite a number of biz interests like most royalty in Malysia.

    In Brunei, we had strict rules about how the Sultan's photo can be published eg no black and white (??!!), must be the "tallest" in a photo, etc. So if the Kelantan palace is pissed off with BH, I can understand.

    But it's a great picture and the Royal Houses should get over themselves. They are lucky we dun have News Of The World or Hello here....

  42. When any press is being pressed down
    How can there be any real press freedom?
    When control is in the hands of political clowns
    We still have the classical example of modern fiefdom

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 221008
    Wed. 22nd Oct. 2008.

  43. Yeah, i agree that BH should not be banned. The PR government that I support should not stoop so low like the BN. Having said that, this piece is not entirely accurate and BH cannot claim moral victory. They must be ethical about their writeups.

  44. Anonymous5:02 am

    freedom of press ni hanyalah satu mitos dan retorik utk menyedapkan keadaan je....
    press kalau nak ngenakan org, diorang akan menggunakan alasan "itulah kebebasan"...
    tapi kalau diorang terkena especially press yg dkt dgn pemerintah, maka diorang kata "tiadanya kebebasan dlm akhbar di malaysia"...
    sekarang ni bh dah cuak sebab DUN Kelantan ada "strong case" terhadap diorang....
    silap2 nanti tindakan DUN halang reporter BH akan menimbulkan kemurkaan Sultan Kelantan...maka raport Bh dgn istana Kelantan makin bermasalah....

  45. It's not about the a lack of press freedom la Rocky, it's just because they want to make sure Berita Harian apologizes for coming out with such a heading that's essentially a LIE.

    It's not about not giving a freedom. It's to show that they have to be accountable with what they write.

  46. Anonymous7:42 am

    Haramjadah Kali Ular Hassan datang NSTP semalam, terus naik Tkt 5 pakat dgn baruah dia Syed Faisal AlLembab dgn MalAun Hisham.
    Apalagi, bincang nak jahanamkan NSTP dgn Umno la!
    Biasanya Mesyuarat Lembaga Pengarah buat kat NSTP tp Isnin baru ni dia buat tempat lain senyap-senyap.
    Nah ambik kau Haramjadah Kali Ular, skrg Rocky pun tahu keputusan mesyuarat kau tu. Kali Ular tak payah tunggu 31 Dis. Kalau dia ada maruah yang tinggal kerak tu, baik berhenti skrg jugak. Tokeh kau dah nak jalan bak kata org NST, Lame Duck!
    Si Bahalol MalaAun tu baik berhenti jadi org la. Nak spin cerita nak bagi malu Kelantan pun tak pandai. Yang jadi mangsa rakan wartawan kitorang. Tg Sarifudin tolong bgtau Dato Najib, jgn sambung kontrak MalaAun ni. bagi Manja aje jadi GEIC.
    Hah Manja, kau nak pergi Haji kan. Doakan NSTP dan anak buah kau semua dapat rahmat Ilahi bersihkan dosa Haramjadah dgn MalaAun tu hina Nabi dulu!
    Sebelum tu kau pun patut berhenti pergi Superstar ...


  47. Anonymous7:50 am

    Salam rocky,

    betul kerajaan kelantan tak maksum. baguslah tu penulisan tu. tapi janganlah bila kerajaan kelantan je kena hentam, media main besar-besar, lagi pun, heading tak kena betul dengan teks.

    Saya beri contoh heading untuk kerajaan BN dan kerajaan PR.

    Jika kerajaan BN yang lemah, heading dia - Sultan mahu kerajaan tingkat usaha

    Tapi jika kerajaan PR, heading dia - Sultan murka, kerajaan kelantan/Selangor/perak lembab/ lemah

    Tapi bila kerajaan Bn buat kesilapan, media terus membisu? apakah kerajaan BN maksum juga?

    Malang sungguh, orang atasan BH tak reti buat kerja. Saya pun bekas staff BH, saya tahu benar cara mereka pusing fakta. adil dan saksamalah. Apakah maksudnya fair report dan kebebasan akbar?

    Bila satu pihak ambil tindakan, pihak yang kena, kata, tiada kebebasan akhbar.

    To U Rock Bru, lately, nampak macam sudah berubah pendirian. Tapi itu tak salah, asalkan ia rasional.

    Tapi jika U balik ke nst, bukankah u juga kena masuk ke acuan? Harap jika u balik ke nst, kekalkan pendirian u dengan memegang kepada fair reporting dan press freedom.

    Apakah fair reporting dan press freedom itu satu dosa dan kesalahan besar?

    Ikhlas dari bekas seofis di London. - Nota Abrah

  48. Anonymous7:57 am


  49. Anonymous8:10 am

    Rocky, you really seem to be losing the plot.

    As in the previous case, the issue is that Freedom of the Press means freedom to report the TRUTH.

    If lies are fabricated there MUST be consequences. Legal action or barring from the event are well within the rights of those aggrieved. Would you prefer they use ISA on the reporter instead? I certainly wouldn't - the only way to stop this disgusting situation with the unfair Press is to hit them where it hurts - in their wallet.


  50. Anonymous9:12 am

    Sendiri buat sendiri tanggunglah. Lu orang sudah tengok apa jadi dengan Kickdefella dan RPK. Jangan semua nak dok spin aje. Lain-lain elektronik media dan personal blog pun sama. Hangpa ni seronok sangat nak menulis. Memanglah boleh dapat banyak wang dengan menulis cerita sensasi. Lu fikir sendirilah bro. Aku tak menyokong sesiapa. Semua nak jadi penulis. Ada kata dia tulis sebab principle, tapi orang lain pun bagi argument yang sama - principle. Tapi principle kita semua tak sama. Yang auta akan terus menipu dan yang tolol akan terus ditipu. Tulislah perkara-perkara yang membina bukan meruntuhkan negara. Tulislah perkara-perkara yang merapatkan persahabatan bukan perkara yang menghancurkan persaudaraan. Tak perlu membesarkan perkara yang kecil dan janganlah pula lupakan perkara yang besar. Dan walau apapun yang ditulis kecil atau besar, semak dulu faktanya. Mungkin kita semua terkejut bila semua orang boleh menulis dan boleh memberi komen tanpa had dan batasan. Tanpa memikirkan consequences, kita dengan bersemangat menyanjungi freedom of speech tanpa usul periksa, maka lahirlah bermacam bentuk penulis dengan wajah berbagai rupa. Mengata, menghina, mengutuk, mencerca, menfitnah dan ada masa membunuh sesiapa saja. Elok juga dikawal pena-pena dan media. Mungkin rakyat berbilang bangsa belum berfikiran terbuka dan belum maju mindanya.


  51. Anonymous11:31 am

    but sir..aren't u the one who post a very good article regarding hoodwinking among journalists and editors? and then quote a similarly good article from the beloved tun on how the media twist and turn his sacrastic remarks into a praise for the ruling government?

    i read the 'sultan kelantan murka' article and found no trace of baginda angry. instead its just a number of suggestions on how the kelantan state government can improve on kelantan as a whole. so its a broad daylight hoodwinking at its finest, putting words onto somebody else's mouth, an art berita harian and utusan have perfected over the years.

    so is it so out of the ordinary that they were barred? probably if the medias detected somebody yawn for a fracture of a second, the next day headline will be that Kelantan is heading for disaster as its MPs are sleeping on the job. oh wait..

  52. Sudah-sudahlah Berita Harian by ROSLAN SMS

    Kita semua menghormati konsep kebebasan akhbar, tiada siapa sepatutnya menggunakan kuasa menghalang atau menyekat pihak media dari membuat laporan atau liputan. Walaubagaimanapun dalam hal yang sama pihak akhbar ataupun media perlu bertanggungjawab dengan membuat laporan atau liputan yang benar, tidak fitnah apalagi memutar-belitkan kenyataan.

    Pihak akhbar dan media mempunyai sebaran yang meluas, bayangkan jika yang dilaporkan adalah fitnah dan penipuan, maka seluruh yang membaca akan terdedah kepadanya dan berkemungkinan sebahagian besar akan menerimanya bulat-bulat.

    Satu contoh adalah penyiaran apa yang dikatakan manifesto calon Presiden Umno yang disiarkan oleh portal Malaysiakini. Ia didapati palsu dan kemudiannay pihak pengarang Malaysiakini terpaksa membuat permohonan maaf dan pemberitanya terpaksa meletakkan jawatan.

    Demikianlah juga halnya dengan Berita Harian. Semalam Dewan Undangan Negeri Kelantan membuat keputusan menghalang wartawan BH dari membuat liputan persidangan dewan. Alasannya kerana BH Isnin lalu meletakkan tajuk utama muka depannya: ”Sultan murka kerajaan PAS gagal tadbir Kelantan”, sedangkan titah Tuanku Sultan sebenarnya tidak dituju khusus sedemikian.

    Menurut Speaker Dewan, Ustaz Nassuruddin Daud, pihak BH sepatutnya membuat pembetulan atau permohonan maaf tetapi tidak berbuat demikian. Oleh itu mengguna pakai Perkara 14 Peraturan Dewan, Speaker semalam telah menarik balik kebenaran BH membuat liputan persidangan dewan dan wartawan BH Khairul Anuar telah diiringi keluar dewan.

    Memang langkahnya nampak drastik tetapi apakah lagi pilihan kerajaan negeri setelah difitnah demikian rupa? Jika Malaysiakini boleh bertanggungjawab memohon maaf dan wartawannya meletakkan jawatan saya tidak nampak apa istimewanya Berita Harian!

    Mungkin ini tidak ada kaitan tetapi saya secara peribadi pernah mengalami situasi yang sama difitnah oleh Berita Harian semasa kempen pilihan raya umum lalu. Seriusnya fitnah mereka itu sehingga Ketua Polis Negara melalui Buletin Utama TV3 telah menyatakan yang suatu siasatan akan dilakukan ke atas saya sedangkan apa yang dianggap serius dan hasutan itu bukan bikinan saya tetapi olahan Berita Harian. Lalu saya disoal-siasat pihak polis Bukit Aman dan terpaksa naik turun balai tetapi akhirnya didapati tiada kes.

    Saya mengakui wartawan Berita Harian rata-rata adalaha kawan-kawan saya belaka dan ramai di antara mereka yang saya kenali baik-baik belaka tetapi akan daya kehendaka Pengarang disaluti dengan kepentingan politik, itulah biasanya.

    Semoga BH berubah dan seiringan dengan kehendak massa, kerana hari ini akhbar Melayu yang bebas dan bertanggungjawab sudah semakin pupus.

  53. Anonymous1:30 pm


    No tears, no sympathy, not worth discussing.....

    Ahmad Chevez

  54. oo sierra sierra, whatever will be, will be. anak desa

  55. biarkan si lunchai terjun dgn labu-labu...che det moden

  56. Sierra Sierra?

    Que Sera, Sera la. Sierra tu sama ada pergunungan atau African American porn actress.

    Ko tulis betul-betul, nanti kena saman 30 juta.

  57. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Press is an institution on its own in civil society. It serves as medium and platform for people to rethink , debate and absorb the knowledge on whatever that is going on. I am disgusted by our mainstream medium ever been so closed to those in power like they are in romantic relationship together. They should be kept apart and be allowed to report anything going on and certainly to the wimp or fancy of anyone. People should be allowed freedom to read any news they want.

    If the opportunity comes to you, do something about it.

    I like your statement, who is defending Berita Harian ? I did not see any opposition jumping up and down on it. That is tragic. That get me thinking if opposition takes power and they will use same law to silence the critics.

    Malaysia society is liken to a "hemophiliac" [No offense intended to any actual hemophilia patient], on a sight of a needle starting bleeding profusely and panic , need to ban any sharp objects.

    I am waiting to see the day printing & publication act getting thrown out of window.