Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Perkasa wants Liow sacked

Abolish Bumi's 30% call. New NGO Perkasa wants the PM to sack new MCA vice president Liow Tiong Lai for his call to abolish the 30 per cent Bumi corporate equity. Perkasa info chief Ruhanie Ahmad, in a press release made available on his blog here, described Liow's call as "extremist".

Liow had reportedly said that the condition for 30 per cent Bumiputera equity in public-listed companies should be abolised in order for them to remain competitive. The Health Minister was also quoted as saying that the 30 per cent target set was a hindrance to the creation of true partnership between Malay, Chinese and Indian businessmen in the country.

Dr Mahathir has said that it is not the time yet to abolish the 30 per cent equity, here.


  1. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Yes Mr Minister Liow,

    1. why don't you abolish the chinese education system ?

    2. why don't you complaint why chinese did not take up 30% of gomen post ie uniform units ?

    3. If you want to be a hero to MCA people, try to find other issue.

    4. You're dancing to the opposition tune. why not join them.

    5. You seems don't respect the advise from Majlis Raja Raja.

    6. Even the bumi contractors have to buy supply from the Chinese dealers - which they control almost everything under the sky including halal foods except ketupat and lemang

    Bro, if I'm not mistaken even LKY don't allowed chinese school in Singapore, isn't it ?

  2. Anonymous5:24 pm

    1)Get rid of the 30% Bumi equity requirement,anyway most of it is going to GLC's and UMNO cronies.Melayu like me gets nothing.
    2)Appoint qualified non Bumi's to SEDCs,GLCs etc.After decades of corruption and mismanagement it is time for change.
    3)Place the Indians into Felda,Felcra and other similar schemes.They have been in plantations for many generations and have the expertise.
    4)Open up ALL universities (including UiTM)to ALL citizens,NO Quota just MERITS.
    5)Open up more Churches and Temples.All religion are good and must be given equal assistance by the govt.Afterall the taxes are from every one and not only muslims.
    6)Stop building huge,multi million ringgit mosque.Place of worship do not have to be big and expensive.It is under utilised anyway.
    7)Convert all TOL in new villages to Freehold and give them a huge rebate for the fees.How can you call someone staying there for 50 years Temporary?
    8)Give more land and grants for Mandarin and Tamil Schools.It is the govt's money and not the melayu's money.
    9)Social Contract?what social contract?there is no such clause in the federal Constituition.
    10)Open up more pig farms.the chinese are entitled to eat what thay want.Afterall,the hindus are not objecting to the melayus from opening up cow fact they sit silently at the dinner table when beef are served.
    11)Legalised gambling, it is safer than the stock market.Anyway,if you lose than it is your money and you cannot call EPF to bail you out.
    12)Follow the path that Singapore has taken because it works!
    13)Melayu?I am ashamed to be one.I am proud to be a Muslim but I do not want to be a melayu.Can anyone advise me how to convert from Melayu to Malaysian?

  3. Anonymous5:56 pm

    infact this is helping to save the bumi and the nation.

    you can increase the quota to 100% if you wish. The truth is any no brainer knows bursa is the last place for u to list your company.

    Any "decents" business include bumi will list it in Singapore, HK or UK.

    We can remain static and being forgotten.

    investor MK2

  4. Anonymous6:11 pm

    You guys have fallen into Umno-MCA trap.

    Ok, now challenge Liow Tiong Lai to repeat his remark in front of Umnoputras. The best place will be next Umno party meeting come March.

  5. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Yes Ruhanie!Go ahead and SACK him if you have the balls.
    I fully agree that Liow should be SACKED. Purely because he fail in his position to ask for the total abolishment of NEP.
    Liow is Incompetent.

  6. Tq bro, at least u received my call instead of entertaining Bullshit Counsil Issue.

    Anyway, it is time that UMNO become single party. Actually is useless to share power with the idiots who dont have semangat muhibbah. This time around is good if UMNO can sack Gerakan, MCA and any parties who sound like DAP. Is abt time now. Is useless to have partnership with them becoz they just bunch of hypocrite and ungrateful race. UMNO can survive without MCA n MIC. Seriously bro becoz most of MCA n MIC seat that win in the election is the malay area. Normally chinese area will support DAP.

    Come on UMNO I call u better bee End this bull shit and wipe out the sharing power. I prefer Malay Dun in my area which has 20,000 of malay population rather than 20 yrs under MCA rep who menumpang in those seat and speak bullshit all the time. Even I will say that Malay can dominant the parliment if UMNO can clean up those MCA n MIC.

    It is a time to become the SUPERIOR RACE so that it may speed up Malay advance. Afraid that next time they will ask the autonomy, we should learn history of Singapore.


  7. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Typical U Must Not Oppose phrase sack them when challenged and what does the balless mca fella do go down on knees and beg for forgiveness.SANDIWARA ALA MALAYSIA TRULY UMNO

  8. Anonymous6:39 pm


  9. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Everyone, including Ruhanie, knows that Liow Tiong Lai is just playing sandiwara. Deep at heart,Liow Tiong Lai is a chicken. He dares to say what he says, then runs and hides behind Najib's sarong. I won't be surprized Najib uses him as a tool to whip up UMNO anger so as to unite the Malays. I was not surprized that Ruhanie acted the way he did, because deep at heart, Ruhanie is still an UMNO extremist/racist, ever the first to snap at all and sundry for saying what Liow said.


  10. Anonymous7:02 pm

    What is MCA compared to DAP ?
    DAP fights for all Malaysians, unlike MCA . MCA always fighting for more SRJK chinese sekolah.Rakyat already fed up with race base party. Copy like Singapore better, one type of school only. All races mix, children and teachers too. Also less complain that government never give enough support vernacular school.

  11. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Yes, you blood thirsty UMNOputras, go ahead, sack Liow!
    Would'nt it be like chopping off one of your limbs?
    As far as Malaysians are concerned, he is no bloody use to the Melayu or the Chinese.

  12. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Haiya u people don`t understand aaa?

    he want to be yellow carded 10 time just like Ong Tee Kiat.

    So in the process he become the champion of the chinese race.

    let find a solution here :

    a. mandatory requirement to all chinese and indian to change their identification name for example from Liow Tiong Lai to Ahmad Tiong - similar to Thailand and Indonesia.

    b. Show Red Card to this guy together with Ong Tee Kiat.-for cheating and manipulate the bumiputra community in business, social life and politics.

    c.Fine and charge this bastard, throw him inside Jail - for creating ruckus and hatred.


    tak sedar diri asal-usul anda.


    Unlike the chinese and indian community which combined and made a concerted effort, i would like to
    congratulate all you so called profesional malay for not defending your Agama, Bangsa dan Negara.

  13. Anonymous7:23 pm

    As long there are still Melayu in Malaysia. The Chinese will not be happy. Sadly, thats the fact.

    Accept it.

  14. buat baik berpada pada

    bila dah beri muka mereka minta duduk dikepala

    masa dah tiba untuk bertegas

    raja raja dah pun bersuara

    mereka pekakkan telinga

    masih nak berbudi pekerti, ke?

    Singapore Chinese are migrating annually - WHY ??

    rich and stable country mah, still not happy, meh?

    here in Malaysia, there is no caste system for the Indians, still not happy, deyy?

    i will presume that the PKR has lost steam (credibility)

    and so they have to get MCA to be the hero now

    it's now or never, the second chance may not come, once Najib takes over

    when UMNO revitalise and renew, they will be stronger than ever

    the rampant corruption is a lame excuse to revamp everything that puts the non-malays at a "DISADVANTAGE"

    what these frustrated people don't realise is that without the NEP, the cruthches will be removed to encourage the bumiputras to work just AS hard and emerge truly superior as they have the natural talent and intelligence (they were not descendents of poor and illiterate coolies who were given citizenship almost for free)

  15. Yes ... it is a good idea to close down these Chinese and Tamil schools. Only in Malaysia where we find these Chinese and Tamil schools. Not even in Singapore. Well ... actually you can find Chinese schools in China and Tamil schools in India. But this is not China ... this is not India ... this is Malaysia which was known as Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.

    Government always talk about unity and even has PKLN programme to promote unity.But I think trying to promote unity to youngsters at the age of 18 is not going to bring desired results. It should be
    promoted from the young age ... perhaps from kindergarden and if not possible from primary schools.

    How on earth can we have unity when Chinese go to Chinese schools, India to Tamil schools and Malay to Sekolah Kebangsaan. We should only have Sekolah Kebangsaan as this is Malaysia. We dont migrate to USA and demand US government to build Sekolah Kebangsaan or Chinese and Tamil schools. Ku Klux Klan will shoot you before you can even finish your speech.

    For those who talk about Malaysian Malaysia like Karpal Singh ... make sure you brush up your Bahasa Malaysia. After 51 years of independence still cannot speak proper Bahasa Malaysia. And still got the cheek to speak about Malaysian Malaysia. If you are in the USA if you speak English the way Karpal speak Bahasa Malaysia now ... you are even qualify to apply for US citizenship.

  16. Anonymous7:44 pm

    30% may not be enough...why not take 100%. Even at 30% more non bumis are getting richer...maybe with 100% even more of them will get richer. To me its not the percentage that matters but how those people who gets the wealth do with the money.

  17. Anonymous7:48 pm

    Tangkap aja Si Apek tu,,,!! Hantar Balik Tongsan,,Chew kiah punya Cina!!!

    Why the Malaysian PM or Finance Minister ta' comment pon kejatuhan Malaysian Ringgit,,!!!?????,, Today it touches RM3.601 before settleling at RM3.5815,,,the worst since lifting the pegging,,!!!!

    Harap-harap esok DSAI bawa emergency motion at Parliment on:-
    1. RM11.31b High Speed Broadband.
    2. RM4.26b purchased of Bank Internasional Indonesia
    3. RM1.7b procurement 12units Eurocopter - walaupon Bodowi kata da'scrap,!!!!!

    World economy tengak Nazak,, Goverment waste the rakyat money,,,tiada OTAK ke,,!!???

    Kan lebih elok lihat kaum sendiri, yang masih mundor,,,berapa ramai Melayu unemployed,,berapa ramai melayu MUFLIS,,berapa banyak rumah Melayu tergadai and all the Melayu problem,,,


  18. Anonymous8:11 pm

    An equity of 30% is definitely a controversial and sensitive issue in Malaysia. I guess it is the definition of the equity stake that is creating a number of loopholes that may have led to the enrichment of the selected few.

    In the current credit crunch in the western side of the world, we saw the nationalization of different financial institutions. In order to nationalize the banks in the UK for instance, the UK government injected fund into the banks in exchange of preference share(equity that requires a stable flow of fixed dividends) in the troubled firms.

    I think the government administration should consider the same move to refine the 30% stake requirement into a 30 % preferential share stake held by the Malaysian treasury since a stable flow of dividend income will enable the government to fund more social program like quality education improvement, job training programs and to encourage more R & D activities that will help Malaysians compete in the world.

    a silent observer

  19. Sacking MCA guys..what can MCA president do?
    It's nothing new. Talk too much against their master....UMNO...and see what happen.
    Gerakan is like a mouse....and MIC Samy is starting to convince UMNO.. he is still King of Indians.
    These onion face jokers...have one thing in common....all hoping UMNO can rule again.
    And corrupted to the said Tengku Ahmad Rithauiddeen...cannot you can see right now...Dollah covering up Najib...on the Copters matter. Although it is shelved..nevertheless..clear ..over pricing is there.
    Cover up upon cover up..started 20 years ago...said Tengku...hinting Mahathir is the master of all UMNO.

  20. enough of all these nonsense about perkasa.
    when are all the state govt Pakatan or BN
    going to take action against all those incompetent
    president, timbalan president and whatever majlis perbandaran joker
    who are obviously not doing their job but are highly paid
    for doing nothing.
    look at the state of this country, not a place that is clean, neat and tidy.
    the city drains are filled with rubbish the sidewalk overgrown with lalang
    the list goes on and on.
    it is time for Perkasa to declare war on all this joker
    who are not doing their job. in fact they should be sacked immediately.
    to all readers get the ball rolling.

  21. To MCA, Gerakan, DAP, PKR.

    Abolish Chinese and Tamil schools and make everyone attend Sekolah Kebangsaan so that everyone becomes anak kebangsaan Malaysia.

    Abolish Chinese chambers of Commerce and everbody i.e. Malays, Indians, Chinese and all join MALAYSIAN Chambers of Commerce.
    And be SINCERE in dividing the economic cake. No more monopolies of cement, steel, sugar, flour by the Chinese.

  22. How long must the equity 30% rule?
    It has been decades yet the equity still runs
    This shows the incompetent of UMNO leaders
    Caring only for them and friends

    Look around ourselves
    In the villages and kampongs
    We find the truly Malays haven’t really progress
    They live on day to day hoping something good will arrive

    The true Malays haven’t got the equity share
    It is more towards GLCs and cronies
    Into it the equity share hasn’t achieved
    OTK will know about the Bumi equity share
    I remembered he gave a close door session years ago

    I don’t know Perkasa has the power to sack minister
    Ruhanie Ahmad as the ex MP should know better
    Unless he is thinking like a Malay not Malaysian
    Then I am truly sad we still have people like him around

    Changes must come forward
    Nobody should be afraid of change
    It is for the good of the nation
    So it must take proactive measures

    Why must Malay be afraid of change?
    Losing wealth is better than losing Allah
    What we have here is just temporary
    It is better to build credits with Allah
    Then go pestering for tight control on 30% equity share
    It has been decades there must be a closure
    Why prolong when the nation will suffer?

  23. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Only idiot will equate 30% bumi equity with mother-tongue education. Former education of any kinds should begin with mother tongue so that the children can master the teaching better.

    another sicko

  24. Anonymous9:42 pm

    No no, dont agree. Dont sack but please give free oneway ticket to Singapore but to China...

    You go home to China and they will welcome and treat you just like one of them-

    First they lotan you for your forefather's disloyalty, fleeing from China and not returning earlier, then

    Maybe they execute you for demanding for all kinds of nonsense.

    Maybe they torture you for asking too many questions.

    Maybe they imprison you for not respecting their Chinese Communist Party (CCP)leaders.

    But your Ladies get flee abortion, whether you want it or not.

    And you Gentleman gets flee sterilisation, no charge, no permission.

    Or they just poison you family with their pollution.
    Maybe they’ll slowly kill your infants with tainted melamine laced milk and eggs.
    And your poor older kiddos with lead coated toys.

    But you vellee welcome to go home to your ancestrial home and demand all the things you want.

    Soli… got these from one British blogs on Chinese Diasparo.. don’t ISA me.


  25. Anonymous10:02 pm

    nuisance wherever they go...

    Mass emigration that occurred from the 19th century to 1949 was mainly caused by wars and starvation in mainland China as well as political corruption. Most immigrants were illiterate or poorly educated peasants and coolies (Chinese: 苦力, translated: Hard Labour), who were sent to countries such as the Americas, Australia, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Malaya and other places.

    The history of Chinese immigrants around the world is a sad story and is not something to be proud of. . In the past decade tragic stories about Chinese immigrants have made headlines around the world. Since the end of the Cold War, some 181 million people have left their homes to find opportunities elsewhere - 150 countries in all.

    …Words frequently used to characterize Chinese living in countries outside of china include foreigners, outsiders, strangers, pariahs, outcasts, visitors, temporary residents and nonnatives. The Chinese have been seen as parasites, arrogantly holding on to their peculiar culture, reserved mannerisms and frugal living habits, incessantly siphoning off the host countries national assets and resources.

    Despite signs of growing anti-Chinese sentiment in many quarters of the world, the Chinese government remains largely silent. For one, it has no incentive to tamper with the exodus of its citizens, which eases domestic unemployment and reaps the benefits of remittances – to the tune of US $20 billion a year. Secondly, any active involvement could arouse suspicion regarding the loyalty of the overseas Chinese.

    ……..Peter Kwong is a professor in the Asian American Studies Program of Hunter College and professor of sociology with the City University of New York

  26. Anyway, can any Bumi tell me what proportion of the Bumi wealth is in the hands of the Kadazans, Ibans, Dusuns, Orang Aslis of the Peninsula and other natives? Just want to see how charitable you guys are la that is all!

  27. Anonymous10:05 pm

    It is against Islam to discrimate. There should be a fatwa on whether Muslims should perpetuate the 30% quota.

  28. Anonymous10:14 pm

    )Get rid of the 30% Bumi equity requirement,anyway most of it is going to GLC's and UMNO cronies.Melayu like me gets nothing.
    2)Appoint qualified non Bumi's to SEDCs,GLCs etc.After decades of corruption and mismanagement it is time for change.
    3)Place the Indians into Felda,Felcra and other similar schemes.They have been in plantations for many generations and have the expertise.
    4)Open up ALL universities (including UiTM)to ALL citizens,NO Quota just MERITS.
    5)Open up more Churches and Temples.All religion are good and must be given equal assistance by the govt.Afterall the taxes are from every one and not only muslims.
    6)Stop building huge,multi million ringgit mosque.Place of worship do not have to be big and expensive.It is under utilised anyway.
    7)Convert all TOL in new villages to Freehold and give them a huge rebate for the fees.How can you call someone staying there for 50 years Temporary?
    8)Give more land and grants for Mandarin and Tamil Schools.It is the govt's money and not the melayu's money.
    9)Social Contract?what social contract?there is no such clause in the federal Constituition.
    10)Open up more pig farms.the chinese are entitled to eat what thay want.Afterall,the hindus are not objecting to the melayus from opening up cow fact they sit silently at the dinner table when beef are served.
    11)Legalised gambling, it is safer than the stock market.Anyway,if you lose than it is your money and you cannot call EPF to bail you out.
    12)Follow the path that Singapore has taken because it works!
    13)Melayu?I am ashamed to be one.I am proud to be a Muslim but I do not want to be a melayu.Can anyone advise me how to convert from Melayu to Malaysian?

    Point for pint for : "Pak Atan" Kah Sim (the malay Imposter)

    1. Pay back the billions repatriated from malaysia to the distant shores of Tong San pre-merdeka and other places including the stock marts of the world since then. After all, it was your chingkie mates who turned vast swathes of Perak, Selangor, NS (Lukut) and Pahang (Sg Lembing) into moonscapes and brought with them the cultural export of all time:The triads. oh, history would have been boring without Botak Chin, Tai Soh, malai Chai

    2. No- Transmile, Wimens, Kian Joo etc were headed by plastic chingkies(oops! malays masquerading as Chingkies) not the real deal..right? Going back in time what about Pan Electric, Kojadi, MRSB under Kee Yong Wee and the Cooperative scandal in the 1980s? Do names like Tan Koon swan and Tee Ann Chuan ring a bell? what about George Chan, Mak Foon Tan

    3.Yeah, what about NLFCS employing Malay labourers back in the 1970s? and what about Brother Chingkies doing CSR via KL Kepong, Lee Rubber and other assorted plantation towkays back then too. Oh..sorry they were housed in bungalows right till the new tuan tanah kicked them out?
    No reparations for your fellow Indians or do they offer ready recruits for hindraf?

    4.Yeah open the UTAR, KTAR,Kok wings, putar whatever and all the other chingkie owned and populated private colleges to the Bumis. Offer them scholarships from chingkie funds like Kuok Foundation, Star Pubs, Ban Hin Lee, Lee Rubber etcetra.

    5.Yeah, ban all those chariot, kavadi and emperors deity etcetra processions + open air operas and lately striptease shows for the ghouls, burning of paper offerings,church celebrations,etc etc. After all, the Malays are entitled to breathe clean air and have hassle free traffic and less noise too.

    6. yeah,tear down that ugly Kwan Yin atop Air Itam, torch that reclining Buddha near Tumpat and while at it, dynamite Batu Caves for good measure. After all,the body is a temple, right?

    7. Yeah, offer every inch of land opened illegally in jungles, riverbanks and every ceruk etcetra permanent legal status and give a blanket approval of the same to the natives of sarawak and Sabah. After all, they have a NCR lien to it, dont they?. So out the chingkies from Kadazan and Iban land.and also Chingkies from the ex Malay reserve of Kuala Lumpur (remember history, how it was supposedly "founded" by a gangster?)

    8.yeah and talk ablout bangsa malaysia until you are blue in the face. u know something Kassim, you are a true blue anak bangsa Malaysia. Then gripe about national unity in forums and coffeeshops. How come the Chingkie and indians in indonesia and Thailand dont raise these sort of demands or do they exist at all? + since when vernacular education have contributed something more tangible other than reinforcing and valorising racial superiority.

    9. Yeah..heard of kacang lupa kulit, habis madu sepah dibuang. oh sorry, you are not a malay..only a social pariah (outcast in English for the uninitiated.. so dont get worked up, hindraf).... Get the citizenship and then diss the agreement.Well i am ever closer to unearthing something from realtime history that will blow your arse to high heaven.

    10.better, get them to be opened near natural waterways for sophisticated waste management and in kampongs etcetra. Also petition the Spore govt, to open up pig farming there as well. After all, it is staple diet for your chingkie pals.. how comelah brother Lee can be soooo insensitive?

    11.already legal, you dummy! unless you are jihadi muslim trapped under a Malay skin! Heard of genting, 4 ekor, Toto etcetra. If you mean mahjong, sure can arrange onelah. after all shuffling plastic chips while digging your nostrils clad in Pagodas are standard images in Lat, right?

    12. Oh you r a Melayu. what to do? twist of fate. just use a scrapper and remove the upperlayer of your skin carefully. then sprinkle on some tumeric and presto you will soon have a yellow hue..get my drift. no need to convert out of race mah..only religion susah sikit. in any case..Lina Joy will be mighty proud to have you as her adopted brother

    Revert. Want some more Kah Sim? I have loads in store for the likes of you.

  29. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Kassim, I love you. Where have you been all these while? You are the true blue Malay that this country needs. Can we not clone you to populate this beloved country of ours?

    Peen Keening

  30. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Come onlah, this topic has nothing to do with agama or negara. So please stick to the topic and don't bring religion into this debate. Is a muslim cina and muslim indian a bumiputra ? Are all bumiputras' muslims ? So how can it be regarding religion.As for negara, we are all Malaysians and we are not being traitors, selling our country's military secrets.

    And another matter, if we believe GOD created mankind and this planet, I believe not one of us can claim that we were here "first".
    I believe it was Adam dan Hawa.
    So let's stick to the topic of whether 30% equity should be remove. If not, why is that so....please explain to the rest of the Malaysians, so that they can understand and emphatise " Getting all angry and upset will not get us anywhere. If bumiputras' need help in the business area, they just need to ask.

  31. Anonymous11:12 pm

    To anonymous that has gone into a rampage over my comments.
    Are you Ahmad Ismail from Penang?

  32. Anonymous11:23 pm

    I'll give everything to my friends in MCA and MIC if they've managed to speak proper Bahasa Malaysia..Otherwise I'd rather (you can read this twice!) see Malaysia be less competitive, if that 30% really retard development of his country.

    BTW, I can survive in the jungle in Raub without MCA and MIC!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  33. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Ala Kassim, Kassimmmm..!

    Race-based schools will do this country no good. Trust me on this. It's sad to be studying in (a local) university and have colleagues who DO NOT know how to sing the national anthem. And I find it increasingly hard to trust people who won't speak the national language and would jump at the chance to migrate to Singapore. Or Australia. 'I love my country'? You bet.

    And please do not suggest that Melayu are as stupid as you are. Cows are not haram to Hindus. Muslims, on the other hand, cannot touch pigs.


  34. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Dear Rocky.

    Dengan ikhlas saya ingin nyatakan yang 30% quota untok Bumiputra hanya untok menyedpkan bumiputra sahaja.Ini merupakan peluang yang selalu di gunakan oleh pemimpin Politik Kerajaan untok menindas syarikat bukan bumiputra dan untok mengayakan sahabat handai dan kaum keluarga mereka.

    Apa ada hubongan antara quota 30% yang di kenakan kaatas public co dengan Pak Kasim nelayan terangganu,yang hidup kais pagi makan pagi dan kais petang makan petang.Siapa kah orang yang mendapat allocation saham2 itu.Pak Dato dan Tan Sri yang ada connection dengan menteri dan kementerian.Even Rocky pun takpernah terhidu untok mendapat saham itu.Kalau pun ditawarkan mana dia nak cari duit.

  35. Anonymous12:10 am

    Nuisance wherever they go

    Soli...Soli, one more palagelaf skipped... continue reading....

    “..But China should not remain a detached spectator of global migration, especially as it grapples with its own problem of illegal immigration from North Korea. As a nation both on the receiving and sending side, perhaps China is uniquely suited to wrestle the issue from the clutches of narrow-minded national politics and place it on the agenda of international forums. With graying populations in northern Europe, Japan and even China and the need for young workers to maintain growth required for social stability, the issue of global migration has assumed urgency for the whole world and deserves timely attention and appropriate multinational treatment.”..

    Peter Kwong is a professor in the Asian American Studies Program of Hunter College and professor of sociology with the City University of New York.

    © 2007 Yale Center for the Study of Globalization

    …. Well, I think the problem is global. Dah mula naik geli gleman naik meluat dengan depa ni, dah jadi menghenyiut ghata peghusuk dunia… sampai tua tak habis cerita, Negara kita tak akan aman!!

    …Can someone up there please contact Peter Kwong? Kita mula initiate international FORUM?

  36. Anonymous12:28 am

    Haha... some BN component is putting on a show to gain back whatever votes & credibility they lost in March.

  37. Anonymous12:44 am

    Once there are 4 POLs (Prince Of the Land), namely Petani, Nelayan, Korporat and Gomen. Gomen runs the country that has a afirmative discrimination (AD) policy against Non-POL citizens. As a "public servant" in the country, Gomen must not involve in business, but he has to make sure that the AD policy's objective of achieving 30% equity in the business enterprise is ahcieved. When a Non-POL builds up an enterprise for public listing, Gomen will make sure that Korporat gets 30% of the equity in this enterprise. So the AD objective is met. But then Korporat sells all the shares later and make a huge profit. He is now richer than the Non-POL who builds up the enterprise. And now Gomen asks the 3 POLs, that is, Petani, Nelayan and Korporat to make noise that the 30% equity holding by POL is not met and they should demand that POL must get back the 30% according to the AD policy. So Gomen will then enforce the AD policy and again 30% of the share in the enterpirse be passed on to Korporat again while Petani and Nelayan, after having made the noise, will happily go back to struggle for their living. Later, because of the good profit, Korporat sells the shares again and become even richer, but then the objective of the AD policy failed again. So the cycle repeats itself until Korporat is filthy rich while Petani and Nelayan remain in their struggle for a living, but they will be called upon to help to shout on the defence of Supremacy of their race.

  38. Anonymous1:29 am

    Notice more and more racist worms coming out of the woodworks here.

    dark angel

  39. Anonymous1:31 am

    Ah ha Kah Sim, you have found your soulmate in Peen Keening. Why not have the nuptials soon? that will be muhibbah come alive.The same gender? Never mind, didnt your chingkie pals start a trend sometime back? remember the wedding of the year between the guy from Sarawak and The "gal" from Ipoh? How sweet and romantic, right. Aiyoh..imagine you start cloning yourselves than we will have a population of trannies ready to be sodomised! so that is Huxley (must be Hak Lee?) "Brave New World". Right? or er...the New Dawn for malaysia

    Now get real Kah stuff like what anon 10.02pm posted or ruminate about what Tongkang posted. Thank your lucky dick that you can still spout the things you do in this country that you have raped and plundered for umpteen years. The vast majority have awakened, they wont be taken for another ride ala March 8 again and their tolerance have its limits.remember, silence doesnt mean consent and amuck is not some old latin for you to decipher. As Omong 7.25pm put it succintly : buat baik biar berpada2 so dont be like some belanda diberi tanah if not we will unleash the unimaginable which will make Medan 1998 seem like a lark in the park.

    Warrior 231

  40. Anonymous2:13 am

    Pls go n sack this PENDATANG...n also close down chinese n tamil schools!

    NT Pendatang.

  41. To kassim,

    1)Get rid of the 30% Bumi equity requirement,anyway most of it is going to GLC's and UMNO cronies.Melayu like me gets nothing. Datuk Nik Aziz said it is ok to have cronies and favour them. Blame him.

    2) Non-Malay run companies also go bust. Many non-Malay companies are the partners to corrupt pratices. They gave the money. Malays are not given top posts in Chinese and Indian companies. Some even specify that Malays need not apply to work there. So who are being unfair. ?

    3) The land schemes are for landless and poor people. Not many Indians wanted to take up the offer, prefering to remain work in urban areas. They dont want to work in plantaions any more. The Indons do.

    4) It is to help the Malays that UiTM was created. Other universities are open to all. In some, like TAR Univ, Lim Kok Weng, and private colleges the Malays ARE marginalised and achievement lowered. You think the Chinese WANT to help Malays ?

    5) There are already more Hindu temples and shrines.

    6) As a Muslim you must be thankful that you have nice, clean and peaceful mosques and suraus to ensure Muslims are cleansed physically and spiritually when performing prayers.

    7) You have to live in Perak. The govt there is doin it but you have to live in any of the Chinese new villages to get that 999 years lease.

    8) Also only in Perak, but you are your son have to enroll in Chinese schools to get the grants and the land.

    9) 'Social Contract' was implied in there. Read up further.

    10) Pigs are dirty, dirty, jijik.
    As Muslims, your ustaz would have told you how. The Chinese can eat but the pigs must be reared in controlled condition and far from Muslim.

    As for the cows, Indians just do not eat them, otherwise the cows are free reoamers.

    11)Legalised gambling ? You proud Muslim ? Ganbling ? You are a confused Malay.

    12) Follow the path that Singapore has taken because it works! You must be those pre 2000 Johor Malays who patronise Sinmgapore and Lee Kuan Yew.

    13)Melayu?I am ashamed to be one.I am proud to be a Muslim but I do not want to be a melayu.
    As in (11) above you are confused.

  42. Anonymous3:37 am

    Its UMNOcrats that benefit from the 30% Bumi equity. After 50 years where is the trickle down effect to Malays, Indians or Chinese. Its a corrupt system that systemically destroys the expansion plans of the company and makes it more political than a private run business that benefits the shareholders.

  43. Anonymous6:51 am

    " yes, yes...YES ! liow, u idiot must be SACKED for giving salah figure : bukan 30% but 50 & above !!" ( toolan man )

  44. Anonymous7:09 am

    And you guys fall for this one too? Malaysian people are so naive. Liow got the blessing from UMNO to say that! and UMNO will pretend to say the opposite and who will come running back to UMNO? I rest my case! all this is one big sandiwara to stir up the easily stirred up malay. ahhh! so sick n fed up, what with business down and all and having to listen to all this crap coming out from this idiots!

    Tax payer

  45. Anonymous7:50 am

    May I ask what is the problem with having a non-bumi as the GM of PKNS?

  46. Anonymous9:09 am

    When you play with fire, be prepared to get burnt.

    When the fire starts to burn, add more fuel.

    It's only the begining.


  47. Betul lah, bung karno, saya dengar keluhan daripada graduan sains UM tahun 1980an, di mana pensyarah Tiong Hoa menolong pelajar Tiong Hoa sahaja dan memberi soalan serta jawapan peperiksaan, sedangkan pelajar melayu terkial-kial sendirian. Bila dah jadi pegawai tinggi, pensyarah tak malu datang mengempit, tapi dia orang tak berdendam pun. So, go figure!

  48. Have faith in democracy. Majority rules. As long as the Malays are the majority, we rule.

    So we either f*ck like crazy and maintain the majority or we do a Idi Amin and kick the damn 'pendatang' out.

    Those are the choices. Luckily, I grew up during the hippy era. Make LOVE not WAR. Smile, tolerate the craps and quietly screw the Chinese where it hurts them most, in their pockets.

  49. Anonymous10:02 am

    Another hero,

    LKY dont need to allow or disallow Chinese schools in Singapore. The schools in Singapore are structured after Chinese school system. 95% of students in Singapore are required to master reading, writing and understanding of the basic Chinese philosophy. So, you now know why Singaporeans are so competitive? It is a Chinese thingy..

    That brings me to your other statement.. Even Bumi contractors have to buy from Chinese dealers. This is another Chinese philosophy thingy.

    Chinese dont take up 30% of gomen post i.e. uniform units is because number 1, because chinese are not given a fair chance during interview. Number 2 the pay sucks, the benefit sucks, there will never be any chance for the chinese to climb up the rank. Number 3, it is a chinese philosophy thingy.. no good son will be a cop (meaning uniform units) So, taking 1-3 into consideration, anyone with a little bit of brain will also not go take up a gomen post ie uniform units.

    The fact of the matter is this.. After so many years of having this 30% bumi equity in public listed companies, the bumis are still crying out to whole god damn world that they are still pathetic and poor. They are still not able to compete.. they still need to be accorded an indefinite period of such "assistance" in all aspect.. from corporate to education to housing to god knows what... SOMETHING IS VERY VERY WRONG HERE!!!

    It either tells you that this whole practise of 30% equity shit is not fairly distributed to ALL Bumis meaning, bumis themselves are not compassionate and helpful towards their own kind OR the bumis are plain dumb and lazy. Take your pick!

    Whichever you chose, the fact remains that in Malaysia, EVERY SINGLE ONE irrespective of race contributes to the country and to have such practise, it is most definite at the expense of other races.

    If you are talking about having this practise for a short period of time, which I assume was the initial agreement and therefore, the leaders of MCA and MIC during that era agreed wholeheartedly, than yes, I should think it is OK. BUT...from the way things are going, it looks like the bumis are saying that this equity shit is their birthright, it should be indefinite, they want to continue to be lazy and dumb, they want to be superior, above other races, they want, they want, they want... Than I can tell you, as a Chinese, IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN LOR!!!

  50. Anonymous11:08 am

    To all misguided malay sia chinese( or chingkies) as your beloved melayudonkeys called you,

    "ini tanah melayu, lu tak suka, lu keluar dari malay sia" and you stupid malay sia chinese or chingkies with midguided loyalty still insist " saya cinta malay sia" . Ha Ha Ha, tell you what " tapi malay sia tak cinta lu lah"!!
    I have a suggestion for all the Melayudonkeys ( who are confirm hopelessly brainless). raise the equity quota to 70% because it better reflect the population ratio and force all this misguided loyal malay sia chinese businessman or chingkies out of tanah melayu. Do not mind the rest of the stupid chinese or chingkies as these people will not be good enough to take your business share and are will to do the low end work for all you melayudonkeys because " THEY CINTA MALAY SIA" Ha HA HA.

    woke up

  51. Anonymous11:35 am

    is this "30% equity" raised by Liow because they wanted to gain back support and trust from the chinese community?.

    what we really need is for someone to clarify where have all the 30 equities have gone to and does really the Malays and bumiputras(1st,2nd and 3dr class) benefits from it?.

  52. Anonymous11:54 am


    reading the comments posted, l congratulate liow and utusan for super stunning success of playing racial issue....hahahaha


  53. After this DEB should be 100% not 30%. So if we dont reach 100% than no need to abolish DEB.

    This si so call NAZIST n ZIONIST style.....everything 100% the rest are the donkey...hahahahahahahhaha

  54. Anonymous2:16 pm

    simple fact is if 50 years of help and handouts hasn't worked, another 50 years, or more, is not going to help the community rise and compete at par with the rest. they'll forever need help. the more apt word is 'weak'; not 'privileged'.... Bern

  55. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Thank-you Malaysian politicians for playing the same old broken record time after time. The truth is times have changed and everyone knows that quotas and 30pct etc only benefits the cronies and well connected. The normal folks gets NOTHING!!! Worse, they have to pay extra for the inefficiencies when the same services and goods could have been provided a lot cheaper and better by others! Why hasn't any politician talk about the challenges facing Malaysia in this global financial turmoil? I suspect they do not have a single clue on what is happening......

  56. Anonymous2:56 pm

    What 30%? It should be 62.5%
    because Malay in the word MALAYsia is that much. Ok lah, friend-friend lah, give 50% discount. We get 31.25%

    Ok ka tauke?

    - The Last Malay

  57. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Liow's comment will only carry weight when he says it in Parliment. MCA/Umno will be naive to think the Chinese will fall for it.
    As usual, another chest-thumping and no-balls act from MCA.

  58. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Salaam, Pak Rocky

    At the end of the day, Malaysia will simply be consigned to the sidelines in the game of globalisation.

    What unique advantages does Malaysia bring to the table that cannot be replicated more efficiently and cheaply by the likes of India and China?

    - educated workforce?
    - political risk?
    - international competitiveness?
    - attractiveness to foreign investors?
    - corruption?

    another hero, lebih percaya ular and their ilk - I take it that you don't have the guts (or the ability) to compete in a globalised world. Which is why you are desperately hanging on to your pathetic little security blankets (aka the great "30% rule, the "social contract" etc).

    It's no problem for skilled, talented and educated Malaysians (of all races). They will just up and jump ship to greener and more welcoming pastures elsewhere. Leaving the poor unfortunates to eke out a living on the sidelines while the world moves on......

    So, don't weep for Malaysia. Because they saw it coming and still chose to stay resolutely blinkered in their foxholes.


  59. Anonymous3:52 pm


    In reality, the 30% equity has done nothing for the malays. As my experience in corporate involvements, we have 1 Dato/Dato' Seri, / Tan Sri / (insert title here)
    who owns 30% equity in 20 companies. This looks like 30% equity in paper , but who really owns it?

  60. Anonymous4:05 pm

    To all the very proud and arrogant Melayus on this blog.

    Try thinking for a change.Why are you so proud or are you just plain stupid?

    Your 1st Melayu PM(actually anak Siam)was accused by you the Melayus(not the Chinese or Indians) as one who only knows how to drink and race horses.Trace out the documents circulated by Mahathir,Musa and Ku li thru student leaders like Anwar in 69.Ask Hishamuddim Rais if you don't believe me.

    Your 2nd Melayu PM(actually a Bugis fellow) allowed the May 69 riot so that he can be PM.Thousands died including the Melayu's.

    Your 3rd Melayu PM(actually a Turk)is useless and achieved nothing according to the UMNO radicals(not MCA or MIC or DAP) that kick him out.

    Your 4th Melayu PM(actually an Indian) were called MahaFiraun,MahaZalim,Dictator,father of all cronies by the Melayus.So low was his standing among the Melayus that the new PM totally ignored him and not one road,building,town,village or even a massage parlour was named after him.

    Your 5th Melayu PM (actually grandson of a Chinese) is called lazy,stupid,bodohwi,suka tidur by the Melayus(check the blogs run by Melayus)

    Your incoming Melayu PM(also a bugis)is accused by the Melayus as a womaniser,murderer accomplice,totally corrupt,takut bini(listen to speeches by PAS and melayu Anwaristas speakers)

    Your Melayu PM in waiting (actually an Indian) is a Homo,lier,an ex-con and will sell the country to the American if he becomes the PM(read the pro UMNO blogs)

    Now,why are you so proud and arrogant?

  61. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Hei POLIS DI RAJA UMNO(PDRU) waiting for what? Go and catch Liow Tiong Lai to charge him because he course racial unrest, hahaha, I believe UMNO not dare to charge him or call for explanation as the Ahmad from UMNO also is still hiding behind UMNO keris....where the balls of you guys from MCA,MIC,PPP,Gerakan? Still want to stay and continue carrying UMNO balls? AnanthSr

  62. I think to shut up these ingrates remove the NEP, 30% equity, rescind the social contract in all its entirety

    BUT make it a law to have all vernacular schools SHUT down

    ALL communication MUST be in Bahasa Malaysia (as practised in Thailand and Indonesia)

    Newspapers, TV channels, magazines, movies etc must communicate only in Bahasa Malaysia

    Preferably the written form should be in JAWI

    And all non-Malays are welcome to "MASUK MELAYU"

    No more suspicions, frustrations at perceived unfairness etc etc

    Since the social contract is to be rescinded, then EVERY clause contained within this agreement which includes the citizenship given to those poor and illiterate coolies will also be RESCINDED!

    Any compensation get from the British masters

  63. Captain Planet!



    Captain Planet!

  64. Anonymous5:07 pm

    I dont care about the 30% bumi equity becoz i am sure i will not getting it. and I also dont care if i dont get the 5% discount to buy any properties.

    But i really care when me, my son, my relatives or any malays who breath on this land dont get any scholarship to furthering study!!

    I really hate when non-malay who say "i love malaysia" but cant even speak proper bahasa.

    I really hate when non-malay claiming the reason they dont join civil servants becoz of the pay and their philosophy thingy, so why the hell of civil servants in China or in taiwan is doing?? isnt it against the philosophy thing??

  65. Anonymous5:14 pm

    This 30% thingy is quite tricky.

    Let's say 30% fulfilled and everyone thought ok lah settled. But, if the 30% is reduced because some bumi sold his stakes, then it is not 30% anymore. The whole process/shouting will start again that 30% not yet reach. If like this, forever also cannot reach 30%.

    Chinese/tamil schools
    Never hear of diversity is strength? If diversity is not considered as strenght, then probably is a good idea to mix the races by interracial marriages.
    Only 1 problem though, alot got turn off when ask to convert. So how?

    Like what they say, "if you don't know the problem how are you gonna solve the problem" So we must first identify the problem. And the problem is so obvious. It's the implementation. What was faithfully implemented at the outset has now been hijacked for selfish gain by a few. So, we hear of alot of bumis still living below certain levels and at the same time some are so rich that they take breakfirst in Paris and dinner in KL.

  66. Anonymous6:08 pm

    It's obvious that most malaysians are unable to look beyond race. What does it take for all race minded people to come together and work as one ? Natural disaster, economic disaster, being invaded or a child becomes a victim to heinous crime or is kidnapped ?
    Do we need something really bad to happen to learn to appreacite each other ? Would God punish us all ?

  67. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Writing about Chinese diaspora is not being racist.

    We have to educate Malaysians on the origins of these people and try to learn and understand about their asal usul and why they are what they are and where they are today.

    Chinese and Indians diasporas the world over, they come from the same source countries so their methods, habits, etc etc are the same… so I guess we have to learn from available records/ findings compiled about them by other countries faced with similar problems like us. We are not alone where DIASPORAS are concerned. From here we will clearly understand why they start to demand this and that from their HOST COUNTRIES!

    Learn more about the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and “Paper Sons” and “paper daughters”. The1910-1940 Angel Island . (“their silent secrets” was a matter of survival) best summarized by Takaki, Ronald. Strangers From A Different Shore. New York: Penguin Books. 1989. Pg. 31.

    And this was how most of them slipped into Malaya and Malaysia (still ongoing, lots of Chinese dolls around who cant speak a word of Bahasa, and walking around arrogantly and freely here today). Then under such guise, SHOUTING REFORMASI in a foreign land.?
    Go to and read more about them here.

    So why go huhahuha and layan them too much.. They are the ones with identity ploblems, kita Melayu, buat derk ajer lah. Dulu Portugese, Belanda, Enggeris, Jepun, Thai, Majapahit, just name it, they come and they know when to go, but MELAYU masih dikekal diTanah Melayu...

    They want to demand the MOON, let them, because these are displaced CONFUSED arrogant beings, sana sini dunia tak terima mereka with open arms… sob sob. Nak balik keNegara tok moyang and SHOUT, tak sempat makan boiled eggs, kepala dah kena penggal, atau ditembak sebagai pengkianat Negara..

    I once pointed to a group of them having such heated discussion… well, nothing good comes out from their mouth where Malaysia is concerned, so I told them..“Kita orang Melayu, walaupun miskin, tapi miskin diNegara sendiri. Melayu don’t mengayap sana sini merata perusuk dunia, go and kacau other Nations, let alone China or India, just to feed our kids and future generations. Biar makan ubi, pucuk ubi, kangkong, ikan keli dari sungai… this is our one and only place we are proud to call HOME ”.


  68. Anonymous6:53 pm


  69. Anonymous8:35 pm

    Haha... look at all the Pendekar Plastik like 'warrior231' crawl out from the drainhole.

  70. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Dear All,

    Lessons learned from the May 13; do not raised sensitive racial issues. It would be very costly to ALL of US if its get out of control. Believed me; I was there.


  71. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Dr M ada kata "Melayu mudah lupa", dan telah terbukti melayu mudah lupa, Kalau tidak kerana NEP, tak mungkin sekarang ramai anak-anak melayu jadi pandai, jadi usahawan, jadi kaya dan jadi senang.

    Masalahnya bila dah senang lupa diri, kufur pada nikmat, bongkak kata NEP tak tolong apa-apa, sadarlah kerana NEP mak-bapak dapat belajar tinggi, kerja jawatan tinggi dan dapat gaji tinggi, kalau takda NEP silap-silap jawatan dlm kerajaan pun takat2 pion saja.

    kuota 30% tu cuma target yg kita mahu capai, tapi walaupun ada kuota 30% melayu masih lagi tertinggal 12% pasal apa?? Pasal bangsa lain dah hurung dah buat dinding keliling, ambik contoh DBKL nak tambah stall untuk PENGASIH meniaga kat Petaling street ada cina kasi?? mampus dia tak kasi, tapi tempat yg dikhaskan untuk melayu, depa nie laa yg macamana sekali pun nak niaga jugak, ada pulak tu yg sanggup jadi barua (proxy) si cina nie.

    Hang Tuah kata "Tak Melayu Hilang Di Dunia" tapi dek kerana Melayu Mudah lupa, Empayar Melayu jatuh ke tangan Portugis dek kerana Melayu jugak. Tak caya lihat2 dan paham kan Sejarah Bangsa.

  72. Anonymous11:51 pm





  73. Anonymous3:41 am

    Depa gali Tin kita gali minyak!!!

    Malaysian oil industry took off in 1960s.Petronas founded 1974
    ..National development and political stability
    ..New Economic Policy of 1973
    ..Embarked on major training efforts for Malays
    ..Expanded into international operations in 1990s
    … Mujuk Petronas was founded semasa Allahyarham Tun Razak.

    …Kalo tidak, rezeki kita ini pun, habih depa angkut bawa naik kapai layak depa.
    …Oghang Putih 60%... Apek 30%.. Balance 10% - Beli opium bagi APEK gian (taktik oghang putih).

    … Nah hang di tanjung tu, duk gian gatai punkok, nak ghabut habuan orang putih yang dah balik nogori, nak ghabut jadi hak depa kut. Tak pasai pasai duk minta duit Petronas, konon nak buat Jambanler, nak koghek longkangler… Ada saja pasai terlalu gian kemaghok nak duit Petronas. Duk kancing gigi tak habis2 selagi tak dapat habuan. Tak malu!!

    … Yang Unker dari MCA ni juga, ikut gatai punkok, tu pasai suruh hapuskan 30% itu ini.

    Kemaghok hata oghang!!

  74. Anonymous10:09 am

    fair enough?


  75. Anonymous11:04 am

    Your blog is becoming more like RPK. You seems to be more bias these days and your commenters are becoming more racist.
    Not good for someone professional like you. I thought you were different from the rest but I was mistaken.

  76. Anonymous11:46 am

    To people like omong please wake up or are you just an Umno spy here? 30% equity targets only enrich cronies. Looks at the quality of some contractors employed by the gov. This is what you get when people take things for granted. Crumbling school for your sekolah kebangsaan.

    How do you think we prosper in the first place? Its because of FDI. We were very competitive in the 80s and 90s but now with the emergence of india, china, thailand and vietnam, NEP is like a curse and is making us less competitive. Do you think Malaysia is strong enough to sustain its own economy without FDI?

    As for education, if it is for the peace and unity of the country I would gladly give up vernacular schools and I'm sure there are many out there feeling the same. Then again think why is Malaysia a such an attractive place to set up Regional Call or Support Centers that gives so many work opportunities to our youths? It's because Malaysians can speak many languages and can communicate with economic powerhouse like China and India. Some of you who don't speak chinese and never dealt with customer from China would never know that when you speak in their native languages, you bring your business relationship to a whole new level than just speaking English with them.

    Come on wake up. Look at the big picture. Stop looking at the local pie but at the global pie. There is enough for everyone. We don't need hard and misleading figures like 30% to cripple us further.


  77. Anonymous12:40 pm

    i understand why you did not post my previous comment. it would have scared the shit out of the chingkies and their lovva boys who troll this place.

    Anyway, bright eyes, Kah sim, anon 6.53 et al, you dickheads better control your itchy arse. Silence on our part does not mean consent, Tolerance does not mean acceptance, Patience does not mean weakness, Live and let live does not mean COWARDICE. For you see, when push comes to shove, you will find out how toxic Malay plastics can be. Go ahead and make our day... and dont weep over spilt milk..we will get you to lick it off the tarmac for good measure.

    Omong, bagus! i take it further, since the SC is a figment of OUR imagination, i suggest our leaders rescind all acts pertaining to it retrospectively and cast boatloads of ingrates into the wide open sea.

    Tongkang, Great work man. i have hooked onto some of the stuff and will share some of mine too. It will put Kah Sim and his ilk in their proper places.

    To my fellow Malays, dont be taken up by all this talk about globalisation, competitiveness, FDIs etcetra. They are just baits for us to bite and when once snapped, open the doors to new forms neocolonialism, that is, if we are not colonised already. Facts show that we are paid meagre wages by the MNCs who rip us off twice over, repatriating their profits back home and shoving their products down our throat And now with the global economy unravelling, look at how they scoot to save themselves with their bailouts, hare brained money printing schemes etc.etc. The local chingkies are calling for liberalisation cos they can rip us off further in cahoots with the fucker white arse. Good example : study the Gini coeefficient for Penang 9 one of the most exposed to FDI flows, liberalisation (remember free port status those days)etc and you will see my point on who gained and who lost the most.

    the chingkies are abetted by ah moy loving malays, who wouldnt care two hoots to stick their dickhead into unwashed wormy arse and cunts. they troll around with the chingkies and are not averse to sucking up to Mr Johnson for some of his loose sperm..oops change.

    So there u have it, a snapshot of the yellow evil that has descended over the land and cast a pall over our natives' futures. remember: the muslims are the only ones in modern times to give up land for a bastard country conceived by the Pimp :the US and his whore: the UK(read: Israel) and the malays are the only ones who gave up a country to be a community. (the latter is not by me.. but by non-malays (KJ Ratnam, a point supported by Wang Gung Wu). So there you have it in a nutshell.

    Warrior 231

  78. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Warrior 231,
    bravo for your choice of words used specifically in English.
    If it was translated in Bahasa Melayu, every Malaysian reader would have cringe.
    You are truly fluent in the English language and western manner of using such "colourful " choice of words so casually..........
    Are you a orang Melayu ?

  79. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Warrior 231 12:40PM

    Your diatribe/rant is devoid of logic and reason.

    Rebut, if you can, and if you have the intellectual capacity to do so, the points I made in my earlier posting.

    Figure out, if you will, where the govt, that depends on Petronas for 40% of it's revenues, is going to get it's revenues from if Petronas goes downhill. The CEO of Petronas is on record that Malaysia could be a net oil importer before 2020.

    Oil resources in Ambalat, you say? Tell that to the Indonesians who are looking for any excuse to rub Malaysian noses in the dirt.

    Ever figured out why Indonesia is on much better terms with Singapore (the embodiment of "Chinkiedom") than with Malaysia?

    Oh, by the way, what will Malaysia do when China and India step up to the plate? Make nice nice or tell them to go stick it u-know-where? I'd love to see someone tell the Chinese govt to go stick it where the sun don't shine.

    What you don't get (or what you wilfully pretend not to understand) is that Malaysia is only a bit player (an "emerging economy", if you will) in the scheme of things.

    And it will continue to be a bit player consumed with bitterness and inferiority complexes galore while the rest of Asean and Asia move on to bigger and better things.

    Oh, I forgot. The skilled and talented Malaysians would have long departed Malaysian shores for destinations more friendly.

    Put your pecker up, friend. Rebut me, if you can.

  80. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Anon 11:04

    Coli bludder, we are talking about facts man.. Nothing to do about being racists… We are discussing about 30%, dulu dan sekarang. Kekayaan Negara kita dulu dan sekarang. Korupsi dulu dan sekarang. We are educating on diasporas… global nuisance and who are they? Kenapa punkok rasa pedas, are you one of them?? Masuk Negara pakai surat beranak “AHKOW” yang dah mati ker?? HISTORY man..

    Anon 11:46 on crumbling school?… Are you referring to the recent China Quake where hundreds of innocent schoolchildren were being buried? Rumah aku, APEK buat, habis flooring melengkong retak macam kena tempias CHINA earthquake.. Aku kerugian 20K just to REDO my floorings. So, rasa pedas ker.. hampa tak habis2 duk pekena kami, makan duit TIPUAN.. Ini dipanggil CORRUPTED minds… dulu dan sekarang.

    Nak Tanya sikit boleh tak? Semasa British dulu, hampa kerja untuk siapa? Duit TIN semua pi bawa kat mana? Yang tu semua pun % juga.. Subahat dengan British bisik2 pasal %, duit tu hantak kat siapa? Nah LOMBONG sekarang habis, hampa duk gendang riuh takleh bisik dengan orang Putih.. Get real bruder..

    Duit TIN dulu dan untungnya sampai sekarang hampa duk bagi siapa yang kenyang oooiii??? Perang Jepun dgn CHINA tak pasai2 hantak duit TIN MALAYA pi tolong sama sana ..Cissssss

    Bludder MCA ni, cuba rajin2 sikit kolek sejalah dan expozi pengkianat2 TIN Malaya dan bawa mereka semua ni ke muka pengadilan...Dapatkan balik duit tu boleh beli beribu2 helikopter, demi untuk MEMPERTAHAN NEGARA KITA.

    Setidaknya duit Petronas, bantu Negara MALAYSIA subsidi, semua RAKYAT MALAYSIA dapat rasa. Makan nasi hari2 ingatlah sikit.

    By the way, 4of my siblings are educated in SJK (hang check Sin Min Sg Patani rekod ‘60an) Mandarin, Cantonese, Khek, Hokien, no plublem, kami tahu apa hang semua duk bisik hari2… yeh yeh, banyak rahsia diaspora kami tau..


  81. Anonymous6:42 pm

    omong and warrior231,must the stupid melayudonkey race. yet you keep thinking that you are great. the illitirate coolies that you mentioned happenned to below a very early civilissation with great inventions and great riches. thsy came to grief because culturally, they are selfish and uncooperative by nature and got wacked by the ang mohs in their own damn country. that is why the chinese has so many traitors during world war 2 and hence the jap can wack them. the chinese race are like cockcroaches who will try to live on even if they have to betray their immediate families. their survival instincts are too strong. their past enemies who are smart like the amg moh and japs can see thru this weakness and exploited them. that is why you have all your malayssia chinese or chingkie traitors who serve mamak like a dog despite knowing that mamak was anti chingkies. All this just to benefit themselves personally st the expense of their own race at large.
    So there you go. now you know the weakness of the chinese race. pls go and exploit them. However the point is that after having all these weaknesses, the chingkies are still smarter than all you melayu ass. get it bodohs. Your ancestors are illiterate kampong bumpkins, remember!!

    woke up

  82. Anonymous10:29 pm

    What get reward get done.

    If you reward Bumi 30% they get complacency and lazy. They will never stand on their feet. Perhads, give them another 40 years, they will never achieve it either.Even they achieved that it will not sustain once abolish. But, in another 40 years, Malaysia maybe one of the poorest countries in the world with Bumi made up 90% of population because other races migrating to other countries. Then, they may achieve it but Malaysia by that time can only benchmark against Africa countries. In other word, they may achieve 30% of the country equity but their real wealth may deteriorates further globally. The only way to achieve it is to strive on their own.They need change of mindset, discipline and competition to achieve their goals.

  83. Anonymous10:31 pm

    What get reward get done.

    If you reward Bumi 30% they get complacency and lazy. They will never stand on their feet. Perhads, give them another 40 years, they will never achieve it either.Even they achieved that it will not sustain once abolish. But, in another 40 years, Malaysia maybe one of the poorest countries in the world with Bumi made up 90% of population because other races migrating to other countries. Then, they may achieve it but Malaysia by that time can only benchmark against Africa countries. In other word, they may achieve 30% of the country equity but their real wealth may deteriorates further globally. The only way to achieve it is to strive on their own.They need change of mindset, discipline and competition to achieve their goals.


  84. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Malaysia government should create another stock market called OMSE Orang Malayu Stock Exchange where all listed company must allocate 30% of their share to be traded in OMSE. In OMSE non-Malayu are not allowed to trade, limit it to Malay only and they cannot sale to non-Malayu. This way Malay will have 30% equity.

  85. Anonymous12:07 am

    Tongkang Bersalut Tin,
    Saya tak tahu di mana awak belajar sejarah Malaysia mengenai pelombong pelombong tin.Dalam buku sejarah pun tidak ada cerita sebegini. Kalau tidak ada fakta ini semua khabar angin. Anyway, my grandparents from Cina buka kedai basikal sahaja, so not right you lump all Cina from tin miners descendent.
    Saya tak sepandai awak cakap banyak jenis dialect tetapi saya boleh bercakap Bahasa Malaysia.It is to my opinion all Malaysians understand Bahasa Malaysia.It's great that you know an additional language and your parents have great foresight, however if you choose to use this knowledge negatively, it would be detrimental to your health mentally. Have you heard "ignorance is bliss"
    Unfortunately for most non malays, we cannot feign ignorance because we understand BM and English, we read in the papers, media, ceramahs, how people like you feel about us. Anyhow, although you are familiar with so many dialects, you still cannot understand us because you only choose to hear negative remarks and do not appreacite our contribution.I admit there are some chinese who are disgrace to us but can you truthfully tell me, in your whole life, you have never met even one good chinese or you totally don't mix with other races but your own. What about your school days, none of your siblings had chinese friends ?Kita semua orang manusia, ada yang baik dan ada yang jahat. Bukalah minda saudara.

  86. Anonymous2:47 am

    sorry for the late post, i had some work to do on the farm.

    OK Skilgannon: you want a rebuttal, I will give you one which will leave you flabbergasted. But for starters since you are so intellectually gifted why not trawl the pages i give you (an induction into the basics; 101 in common parlance) before I deliver the pithy stuff, a sort of coup de grace for your chingkie soul. Worse, your anus might go into reverse contraction mode and you will vomit shit for days on end. I will spare you the latter then but will gently introduce you to the former.

    Careful boy, hold your pecker real tight unless it shrinks into oblivion. Then you cannot wallow wallow it in shitholes and wormy cunts with a chivas regal slaking your thirst.. apa mau buat.. sendiri cari pasal. So here goes: all this can be culled from Wikipedia at (remember this is a gentle intro for inverterate souls and vacous minds)

    1.Until the last month, global inequality, or difference in real incomes between all individuals of the world, was estimated at around 65 Gini points – with 100 denoting complete inequality and 0 denoting total equality, with everybody’s income the same – a level of inequality somewhat higher than that of South Africa. But the new numbers show global inequality to be 70 Gini points – a level of inequality never recorded anywhere."- Developing Countries Worse Off Than Once Thought - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

    2.The critics of globalization typically emphasize that globalization is a process that is mediated according to corporate interests, and typically raise the possibility of alternative global institutions and policies, which they believe address the moral claims of poor and working classes throughout the globe, as well as environmental concerns in a more equitable way.- Fórum Social Mundial

    3.A chart that gave the inequality a very visible and comprehensible form, the so-called 'champagne glass' effect,[50] was contained in the 1992 United Nations Development Program Report, which showed the distribution of global income to be very uneven, with the richest 20% of the world's population controlling 82.7% of the world's income.

    + Distribution of world GDP, 1989
    Quintile of Population Income
    Richest 20% 82.7%
    Second 20% 11.7%
    Third 20% 2.3%
    Fourth 20% 1.4%
    Poorest 20% 1.2%

    SOURCE: United Nations Development Program. 1992 Human Development Report[52]+ for latest stats on quality of life:

    scroll for China (81) + india (128) and poor 63

    as i said this just for starters for a liitle boy who thinks that he's got the biggest dickhead in the whole wide world...alas all flaccid skin and liitle erectile tissue makes skilgannon a dysfunctional chingky kid! Oh by the way, if you are sexy chingky moy, let me mentally doodle on your tight pussy unless its smarmy (hey ini haram Warrior 231, watch it watch it!!!)

    China and India - yeah great showcases for globalisation, that's why the chingkies and the hindulens migrate in large numbers to all over the globe in search of moolah. Be that as it may, China's growth is to be largely expected after Bro Deng decided hypocritically to adopt capitalism and ditch democracy.What else would you expect if chingkies huddle in sweatshops putting together everything from clunky Cherys and melamine-fortified milk powder. They simply moved up the value chain as they turned themselves into the world's factory for meagre wages amidst abysmal conditions (pollution : recall Beijing olympics big eco cleanup + SARS + Bird Flu etcetra) in the process, exacerbating urban-rurak divides in terms of income and living standards.

    As i said, this are are just pre- appetisers but since your pea sized brain is enamoured with Mr Johnson's sperm like some chingkie lovva boys..( Strangely, the 5 main ones are all have bins of Ibrahim, what a way to besmirch a holy prophet!) i will leave you at that..

    As a parting short, read the 2 tomes of Stiglitz, Chossudovsky for starters, they will give you a grounding before you graduate to something more pithy lest you pull your pubic hair out in chunks. get the drift.You want more, i have loads of it Skilly boy/gal/trannie.

    Now run little boy, go back to Johnson unless you are amenable to giving me a virtual blowjob and for god's sake, shove that pecker back into your trousers lest a crow mistakes it for a dead worm.

    and by the way,my heartfelt and sincere commiserations for having hurt your fragile soul for not being who u imagined me to be. U are the not the first and last chingkie to get a dose, so take heart. and for those who think me a plastic..fine for i am built like a pugilist(the same height as bro rocky.. and am ex army private, ace marksman turned farmer). so try me.. for i am a great gunslinger ever on the lookout to blast some bucky balls into outer space.(Does that answer your query : anon 2.19)and anon:6.42": guess you are slobbering like a drunk and it would be pointless of me a mere kampung bumpkin to rouse you from your self-induced ennui!

    PS": Skill, do you know that China holds the bulk of US bonds...capable of working that out when the dollar begins to slide through the floorboards?

    Warrior 231

  87. Anonymous3:25 am

    Skilly: Ruminate on this:

    With the governments of both Indonesia and Singapore not
    adhering to the tried and tested formula of mutualis symbiosis that led to an improvement and an
    increase in the depth and scope of co-operative activities between the two countries since the
    1970’s, it is therefore not surprising to see the once congenial and stable bilateral relationship
    during the New Order period degenerating in the post Suharto era. from here:
    for a backgrounder and then skip to this:

    for some updates and note how chingkie Spore manipulates the situation.A haven for corrupts and money laundering, what else is new since Raffles:

    Yeah, the two are real chummy that they indulge in mutual pleasuring. Heard of 69...ah never mind..litle boy, daddy will be cross.

    As for petronas, sabaq sikit dont get worked up.we still got 4 years, that's your estimation

    India/China :
    educated workforce?
    oh yeah, chingkies cant even speak proper English and the quality of work is abysmal..what more QC. indians, except for pockets and hubs like bangalore, Bombay, maybe Delhi, vast swathes of India is mired in illetracy etc see the stats at UNDP.. seeing is believing, my boy, as reading is knowing.

    - political risk?
    yeah bombs in bombay and peace in Tibet, and sabre rattling vis-a-vis puny neighbours like taiwan and pakistan...typical chingkie and Hindulen bravado, i know cos i was there in the army.... nuff said.

    - international competitiveness?
    with increasing labour costs, this will be factored out of the equation soon. More a liability.

    - attractiveness to foreign investors? the only things that make it attractive is purchasing power and market size. but once. incomes drop as the recession bites, its bye-bye ranjit singh and tan chi bai courtesy of Mr johnson

    - corruption? you must be joking, the msot endemic forms can be found in these two countries. remember, the earthquake and collapsing schools,, and the mind altering Melamine, and bofors and ........

    Get real, Skilly nad dont spout off to show off your intellec and put down us malays whom u think are easy pickings.Back up your assertions with facts or else you are better off massaging snake oil onto your wee pecker. Remember, we may be farmers out in the boondocks but we know what is happening in the real world even as we toil to put some beras on your melamine plate. even there you rip us off with your exploitative middle man structure (not me though). apa punya bangsa ini....tsk...tsk...tsk.

    Warrior 231

  88. Anonymous3:44 am

    Amom 642
    Let it be on record that the Chinese along with probably the Jews were the earliest purveyors of the Superior race concept and generally were exclusivist. Remember Chin Shih huang built the wall to keep out barbarian eyes from peeking at his fucking sessions..right..u work that out. and the concept of the Middle kingdom was a historical fabrication, right?:

    The name "Zhōngguó" first appeared in the Classic of History (6th century BCE), and was used to refer to the late Zhou Dynasty, as they believed that they were the "center of civilization",[2]

    and they are still at it:

    Since the People's Republic of China, established in 1949, now controls the great majority of the area encompassed within the traditional concept of "China", the People's Republic is the political unit most commonly identified with the abbreviated name "Zhōngguó".[5]

    so crawl back into your arse and get some chingkie loving "Malay" lovvas to cum in your mouth so that the next time you get an itch to be erudite, you will speak some sense, not blabber away like a drunk apek.

    PS: Again i give you basics from Wikipedia sebab asas itu penting sebelum mengarap yang kompleks.


    Warrior 231

  89. Anonymous8:33 pm

    (warrior231 said):

    <...a whole bunch of bullshit...>


    "i am built like a pugilist(the same height as bro rocky.. and am ex army private, ace marksman turned farmer). so try me.. for i am a great gunslinger ever on the lookout to blast some bucky balls into outer space."

    Translation of the statement above:

    "Grr.. I'm a skinny-ass Internet Tough Guy with a huge chip on my shoulder. I cant believe BN got their butts kicked in 5 states and their ideology is getting irrelevant each day. Its more insulting than the time i got beat up by that budak india in Form5 after calling him a keling in class. Im gonna vent my frustration online n threaten people with May13 and other shit like that! Fear my online persona! OMG! Daddy just came back! Quickly! Must turn off computer n get back to doing college homework!!"

  90. Anonymous10:52 pm

    The above comments are getting absurb & nowhere! As the strong will survive and the weak will perish!! So, help yourself!! Children of God

  91. Anonymous2:22 am

    <...a whole bunch of bullshit...>


    "i am built like a pugilist(the same height as bro rocky.. and am ex army private, ace marksman turned farmer). so try me.. for i am a great gunslinger ever on the lookout to blast some bucky balls into outer space."

    Translation of the statement above:

    "Grr.. I'm a skinny-ass Internet Tough Guy with a huge chip on my shoulder. I cant believe BN got their butts kicked in 5 states and their ideology is getting irrelevant each day. Its more insulting than the time i got beat up by that budak india in Form5 after calling him a keling in class. Im gonna vent my frustration online n threaten people with May13 and other shit like that! Fear my online persona! OMG! Daddy just came back! Quickly! Must turn off computer n get back to doing college homework!!"

    8:33 PM

    Bright eyes
    you know what....Ha!Ha!Ha!HA!HA!Ha!Ha! Ha! Ha!..oh i better save some for the last laugh when i see those brighteyes. Some people have to find out the hard way, i guess...

    Take Care, just a friendly advise....

    Warrior 231

  92. Anonymous2:32 am


    are u hallucinating or just a moron trying to describe about yourself? You'll make an excellent desert for warrior 231..

    To much hype time in cyberspace eh..not knowing what already happens out there in reality...?

    BN may loose 5 states now..but do you still confident that the majority Malays will still support Pakatan Rakyat in PRU13?? (seems to be DAP led by now). Thanks to the chingkies ultra-propaganda & the hindulens too..

    Try to figure out the answers from PAS & a few sane Malays MPs in PKR.. (Anwar & his fanatics not included), you should already have some clue to supplement your peanut brains that is not compatible for your thick specky bulging eyeball..

    Go home nerd boy..don't piss in your pants..go tell you mama if u r scared..

    -anti hindraf & ultra-chingkies-

  93. Anonymous8:22 am



    SO NAK ELAKKAN DEPA NI NAIK KEPALA..SATU JE...MELAYU KENA BERSATU..(ni yg depa meroyan sampai nak TPM CINA semua ni pasal MELAYU tak bersatu)..ada melayu yg nak popular jadi terlampau liberal tanpa fikir kesan jangka panjang...ada Melayu yg makan melayu...


    tapi kalau aku sorang je yg buat takde maknanya...tu la sedihnya..Melayu tak nak tolong Melayu tapi besarkan perut towkay cina

  94. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Just my2Sen said…

    Pekan aku pon dah mula lenggang… nah.. depa banyak duk nganga sesame keluarga depa sekalang. Kedai depa terserlah mula sepi. Most of their shops, they only employ illegals dan sanak saudara sesame sendiri.

    So hope they start eating their own SHIT now especially with the recession looming..

    Most of us are well very educated now. We should know by now what these IDIOTS had been doing to us all these years. Tak kisah ler. Those years, that’s the way the British wanted us to be, but now, times have changed!!!


  95. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Warrior 231

    You have regurgitate what amounts to a claptrap of convoluted logic, based on dubious assumptions, and devoid of any economic reality.

    If the Malaysian govt is confident of the economy and it's ability to ride out the storm of the global financial and credit crisis, then why bother to rush through a RM7 billion "stimulus" plan, over and above the 2009 Budget?

    Look at Malaysia's export figures - electrical & electronic products are almost 40% of total exports. Palm oil and petroleum contribute 7.6% and 6.7% respectively to total exports. Add them up - they amount more than 50% of Malaysia's exports.

    Malaysia's key export markets of the US and the EU are both battling incipient recessions, which will negatively affect Malaysia's exports to these markets. Closer to home, China, Japan and India are all facing the prospect of their economies slowing down.

    So, where is the Msian govt going to get the money to fund it's Budget spending? Run down the country's forex reserves? Or hope like hell that the major export markets turn around?

    And where are the investments going to come from that will generate jobs for young Malaysians being churned out by the country's schools, colleges and universities? Foreign investors, faced with the "30% rule" on equity stakes and workforce hiring, will give Malaysia a miss in favour of more welcoming destinations. Fact of life, my friend, which repeated lubrications of one's pecker will not ameliorate.

    At the end of the day, Malaysia must have a "value proposition" to put forward to convince foreign investors to invest in the country. What unique "value proposition" does Malaysia offer that cannot be offered by, say, Singapore, China, India, Vietnam, S Korea, Taiwan or the Philippines?

    You may make fun of Chinkiedom and indulge in fantasies of sexual innuendoes. That has not prevented Malaysian politicians, from Prime Ministers downwards, making nice with China or making frequent pilgrimages to Beijing to "keep the channels" open. Because you don't want to antagonise the only "gorilla" on the block, the US 7th Fleet and Pacific Air Force notwithstanding.

    The brutal truth is that Malaysia has a teeny weeny little "instrument" that it waves around in very selected circumstances in the local environment. Not when the "big boys" (aka China, the US and India) are around, when the symptoms of "koro" seem to kick in.

    Or, if you want me to put it more plainly, boss around the minorities in Malaysia, but make nice-nice when their big brothers come calling.

    Gee, I bet that gets your pecker in a twist in impotent rage - imagine the temerity of external big brothers daring to boss Malaysia around!


  96. Anonymous11:34 am

    Skilly oh Skilly wee penny!

    3 days and counting and you came with a rebuttal that is just like your half past six cock. First, you screamed about the virtues of globalsation and dared me to come forth with a rebuttal. Confronted with a slew of facts, your cock got into a bout of priapitic rage that it sucked all the blood from the other end of your torso: your brain. Hence your comatose response:

    You have regurgitate what amounts to a claptrap of convoluted logic, based on dubious assumptions, and devoid of any economic reality.

    Yeah, UNDP figures are claptrap, devoid of reality and Stiglitz (a nobel laureate is a brainless moron with an uptight pecker and Chossudovsky is a pedophile in Ottawa University)and all the other sources are mad dogs talking shit through their ass.

    But then again, Skilly, chingkies like you are a dime a dozen. They cannot rebut - they throw cold wash, shoot the messenger, change the goalposts and do anything to wriggle out of a corner..its second nature, you cant help it, so take heart and be proud of it

    changing goalposts? that is what you indulged in with your "regurgigated" facts seamlessly shifting the argument away from globalisation to Najib and the Malaysian economy. dont have to prove you have a brain by regurgigating figures about our export-driven economy. Pak lah has already done that last year when he spoke of our trading status hitting some new mark, (a trillion or so..i think). Looks like he sleepwalks faster than must be a sloth then skilly. Regarding FDI, I read that National USA is going to plonk down 280million in Malaysia (wonder if they are foreigners..ha, ha, ha)+ foreigners are exempt from the 30% rule, if i am not mistaken..anyway FDIs, they aint gonna come like before even if you spread wide Chingkie cunts FOC on airport runaways cos the parent companies are downsizing worldwide and would-be new investors are hamstrung by the credit crunch and the uncertainty!! And if you read the papers, Chingkie and hindulen vendors are defaulting their Palm oil contracts by the droves (look at the Biz pages of the Star this past week)and you dare not talk about Chingkie holding largest dollar denominated assets and govt paper (which will all soon become worthless)..will you? for you know that that will show how Chingkie govt use his arse to think, putting all his eggs in Uncle Johnson's pantry.

    U know something, this recession is actually a depression that will wipe out the world as as you know it (unless you live in the real world which going by your inane ejaculations is pretty much doubtful). already emerging markets are being factored out of portfolios worldwide and the third world will soon be beggars holding rice bowls hoping for something from the "rich" man who got nothing to give cos he too is poor! U c skilly boy, the chickens are coming home to roost in the casinos of Wail Street, Tokyo, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong etcetera and you can continue masturbating in your little dreamworld of FDI flows, globalisation, open markets, capitalism (which by the way is dead, arsehole with all that bailouts and govt intervention in markets) competition,etc until one fine morning you wake up to the fact that you have jerked that dead pecker off its sockets! so keep jerking in your little Chingkie world...and keep showing off that tiresome Chingkie trait..we are the smartest cos we are the men from the Middle Kingdom, thats another :second nature" you chingkies have...

    Go ahead, write that i wrote a rant, i am almost expecting it already.

    Warrior 231

  97. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Warrior 231

    Chinkiedom has more than US$1 trillion in foreign reserves.

    Malaysia? US$150 billion?

    The tikus that roared?

    Anyways, you didn't rebut my point that the Msian govt makes nice-nice when "big brothers" come calling. Why didn't u, given your erotic fantasies about things Chinkie?

    Or do you have a Freudian complex about the minority races in Malaysia that has rattled your cage?

    And, also, I note that you carefully avoided the point I raised - where the Msian govt is going to get it's revenues from, given a almost universal economic downturn? Especially when Malaysia has one of the highest export-to-GDP ratios in the world?

    Priapic posturings are no substitute for brutal economic logic. Or a panacea for people in chronic denial.


  98. Anonymous10:00 am

    Skilgannon 1066

    Now i get it! the 66 in that 1066 is indicative of your brain and your pecker. u work that out by looking at the clock face..... ah skillyboy? wow! your 10 times 66 my boy!!

    Contrary to your feverish rantings, i did not carefully avoid this:where the Msian govt is going to get it's revenues from, given a almost universal economic downturn? Especially when Malaysia has one of the highest export-to-GDP ratios in the world?

    i wrote this:this recession is actually a depression that will wipe out the world as you know it (unless you live in the real world which going by your inane ejaculations is pretty much doubtful).
    Oh i forgot, of course you do not know the world for you live in cum-me cum-me-not whirl, aint you skilly?!

    and if you think that export downturn is only gonna affect malaysia then go and read about Chinkiedom and its mother fucking population:
    Still, the abrupt slowdown, just weeks after Beijing staged a triumphant Olympic Games, has left many Chinese wondering if their country's economic "miracle" was perhaps more a mirage.(

    there is no way out for exporters, big or small, that is why, nations the world over are pump priming their economies, which even Chinkiedom is doing in desperation : 586 billion to that effect (i wondered at first where were they going to get that money... draw down their reserves, sell dollar assets, print money, run a deficit.????. before i discovered the punchline, they, are in actuality, going to spend only 145B and the 341b slack is purpotedly going to be funded by state companies, bond sales and bank lending, another show of bravado when itu luit tak lah)

    and even that figure (586B) is inflated and is reflective of Chingkie art of lying :"Still, Beijing's announcement appears to exaggerate the size of its plan by including projects already under way, such as reconstruction from the devastating May earthquake in China's southwest, said Sheridan Chan, an economist for Moody's

    "The exaggeration highlights the government's desperation to revive sentiment, which is perhaps the key factor to sustaining growth amid global turmoil," Chan said.

    Yes, Malaysia is gonna suffer, but chingkiedom, even worse, as they need growth rates of above 8 percent just to stay above water. If the stimulus package tanks, then u will see chingkie ruling bastards turn their guns on their own kind (thats what they did when the Smart toy factory went kaput in guangdong and 7,000 lost their jobs. factory premises were sealed by the local police and laid off unpaid workers were warned not to create a scene!!). Nothing new here for they have done that to non-chingkie minorities already!!

    As for being 'nice2" when Big Brother comes acalling, ha!ha!ha! skilly.. u are soooooo stupid u do not know that's how you behave to guests, the same way if mr johnson, mr bill, mr pierce, mr hans, mr veloo comes acalling to do business...Fact is Chingkie brother, just like u skilly, only got small cock to wave... he cant even do it to puny Taiwanlah ... all huff and puff only, cannot cum wan. So what more about the rest of the world.

    Anyway, the long awaited tumult is going to come Skilly and you would do better by preparing yourself for it rather than jerking your useless pecker off down here, for it aint gonna cum, u stupid little scum!!

    Warrior 231

  99. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Skilgannon1066 Wah,

    STILL SQUIRMING about CHINA, INDIA and US? Your Big brothers? Did you mention INDONESIA barking?

    - check this one;

    .... …"1998 has shown that no-one is going to help them, and that they have to help themselves," After 1998, they felt they really should assert themselves and show they are part of the nation." … says prominent sociologist Mely G Tan.

    AND many of YOUR KIND fled to neighboring countries? PARASITES!

    By the way, Which NEIGHBOURS are you referring to? Kaput? All alealy down below 50%?


  100. Anonymous3:32 am

    Loke Siew Fook tulis dalam blog dia..

    …..I further my studies in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Bangi and obtained my first Degree in Development Science and currently a candidate for Masters of Public Administration from Universiti Malaya…
    Haiyah.. Jangan kasi malu sama Malaysia.. Baru candidate for Masters.. itu saja?

    Ini macam punya sekolah pun sudah mau ingat jadi KETUA ker? Sikit pigi angkat lagi sekolah kasi tinggi, balu mali cakap besaq baru cun!

    Kasi MALU sama semua saya punya anak2, lu tatak tinggi sekolah tapi eksyen sulah melambong tinggi! Mau tunjuk BIADAP sama saya punya RAJA?