Thursday, October 02, 2008

Paris, here we come!

How much, for an 8-min Unesco fame? Education Minister Hishammuddin Hussein leaves for Paris today for the executive board meeting of the UN Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, or Unesco. Cool.

What might not be so cool is this: Last year, Malaysian taxpayers coughed up some EUR 500,000 to send Hisham to a Unesco meeting. His team consisted 11 persons and spent EUR 250,000 on accomodation & entertainment and EUR 150,000 on transport within the city of Paris. Not inclusive of flight fares. Hisham spoke for 8 minutes then.

The delegation is slightly bigger this time - 15 persons instead of 11. They may spend more days there too. Read h e r e, even the Minister himself has to "sacrifice" the second day of Hari Raya to fly to Paris! If you've been to Paris, you know how expensive the city is. What are the chances we - the taxpayers - would end up paying less for the trip this time around?

I don't think I have to remind Hisham that a lot of people are watching closely. Notwithstanding the "keris" rep, the son of Malaysia's third PM is a senior Minister and considered a top contender for one of Umno's senior posts to be contested at the party's election next March.


  1. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Well, isn't that nice. The rakyat is supposed to tighten our belts & celebrate a modest 'Raya', while they fly to Paris on the 2nd day of Raya.. with the wife no less. Yeah, I'd like to celebrate a modest raya in Paris too.

  2. I defend our Minister on this

    #1. Paris is so big one can get lost. Obviously with 15 kawan it is tougher to be lost

    #2. Paris is damn fashionable & Parisians snobbish. You obviously can't expect our future PM & rep of the country to wear the same old rags fr last yr's fashion can you? I bet yr measly Euro150k included something for buying suitable attire

    #3. Not many 5star Paris accomodation serves hallal food. So one needs to pay premium for that

    #4. I think one must not quibble too much. Our VVIPs are only trying to keep our embassies employed

    Our embassy must work hard & spend more resources to ensure our VVIP contingent is well looked after.

    After all if our Embassy don't have this to do, what else can they do during Raya in Paris? Go shopping again?

    I ask you this. What is a mere Rgt2.47*million to us?
    *today's xchange rgt:euro

    Do our schools REALLY need another 1,217computers? (@Rgt2000/unit)

    Or 101 teachers for a year? (Rgt2000x12mths)

    is it more important to help out Europe & France 's economy with the Euro500,000?

    Money well spent in Paris I'd say!

  3. Dear Gobloking,

    "Our futrue PM"? You know something we don't?

  4. Paris of romance and freedom fights
    Is there something for H and gang to learn?
    They even sacrifice their 2nd Raya to fly to Paris
    Believing there is something they can gain?

    The government should set the house in order
    Let the people feel the education is properly executed
    Right now it is teaching robots in schools
    When you graduate, you don’t have skills to earn a living
    You are at a loss what to do…………

    Imagine the secondary students
    Fairly poor in schools looking for earning to survive
    Without teaching them the survival skills
    What will these fairly poor students become?

    What good deed they will learn?
    Spending millions of taxpayers’ money
    I guess they don’t feel a pinch
    They go shopping forget about politics
    About what to tell the secondary students
    Learning by rote think they can survive?

    Teach technical skills in schools
    Music, song writing, electrical wiring, carpentry
    Cooking, economics, accountancy, management, motoring
    When these students fail in their studies
    They have skills to trade……….

    But then with our present BN slumbering
    It is spending in dreams thinking it is worth it
    After all being thrifty isn’t for these leaders
    It is the people who have to borne the brunt of

    Anyway saudara Rocky
    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
    And all the best for the year

  5. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Maybe next time better send those team of useless cabinet ministers for a one way trip to space..

    to the sun perhaps..

    At least its better worth for our tax paid money.

  6. Anonymous3:58 pm

    It is just another trip that waste the taxpayers money. A trip without purpose and that have always been the government mission, at the end of the visit there is nothing for the rakyat.
    I think we better tell this idiot minister "kalau nak cukupkan korum, tak payah lah pegi ramai ramai" Anyway, one thing for sure nobody will listen to us, our education minister has no credibility, the fact remains that he is where he is now, just becoz he is the son of our third PM. Anybody out there who can tell me what is so special about this guy?
    Its about time the government of all ministry to be responsible when spending taxpayers money. This trip I can bet with you, will bring nothing or whatever excuses, it does not justify for them to go unless there are matters of very important that benefit us the rakyat. Shame on you Krismuddin and the rest of his entourage. dh9753

  7. Its so nice to know our Minister and his entourage can spend money like water right?We dont want our Minister to be so budgeted in his very important mission in Paris?Come on..he also deserves a good holiday after finishing his work there?Gosh!You are talking about somebody who has purposely forgotten about the country's woes and widespread hardship!He has never tasted that 'rotten'situation..why should he care?

  8. Over-inflated claims, you think?

  9. Anonymous4:52 pm

    gobloking said "... our future PM", I would rather die if Hisham ever becomes our future PM.

    goofy here.

  10. This is a typical UMNO-led goverment style..They spent our money for their holidays.To them,they dont care whether they spoke for 8 mins or 8 seconds.I beg my last pocket money that ,they will return empty handed for the benefit of our education system but full of expensive perfume,clothes and jewelleries to justify their spending..This Keris wedging idiot owned a Hummer H3 cost near to RM800k.U think his salary plus other allowances can affort him this expensive toy?Think about it,my dear freinds.

  11. WOW! That is extravagant indeed! But never mind Bru, Malaysian kan kaya raya? Short of money? There is always a way (dig into the national coffers (thanks to contributions from Petronas?)to fund these lavish trips. Any idea what the average contingent size of other countries for these UNESCO parties?

  12. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Let put it in perspective.
    Malaysia Deficit Budget for Year2008 is RM177billion or Euro35.4billion.
    This annual budget amount is equal to Euro67350 per minute.
    So, the WHOLE MALAYSIA only get to spend Euro538812 (half a million Euro)in 8minutes or this same amount could be spend in Paris by a handful of people within the same duration.

  13. Anonymous5:04 pm

    He is a disgrace to education., waving the kris like a madman. Once is excusable..second time despite the concerns expressed by the rakyat, he behaved like an imbecile. What can the world learn from him?. This is just another trip for syiok sendiri...

  14. Perhaps he should bring his keris to Paris. It's a cultural item, you know.

    And he can demonstrate his "culture" of keris-waving with high stage drama thrown in. All for the benefit of the other UNESCO reps.

  15. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Future PM, my foot!

    This is normal under Bodohwi's administration. Only RM2.7 million, is nothing if compare with what have been acquired by SIL, SON, KaliUlar and gang.

    Let teach them a lesson when 13th General Elections comes along provided no emergency rule in the mean time.


  16. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Going to Paris for what? Talking cock for a few minutes? And for good measure, he is bringing with him a posse of idiots to keep him company. This is ridiculous. This is a wanton waste of public funds. This is obscene. This is criminal. This is one BIG reason why Umno, and by extension Barisan, is fucked. If Hisham wants to know more about Paris, he should read SCot F. Fitzerald's The Last Time I saw Paris. The book costs only a few ringgit. TIUNIAMAHFAHAI!!!

  17. Anonymous5:20 pm

    well, whenever a minister goes overseas he spends, spends, spends the tax payers money. check out how much money rais yatim spent in new york for the un general assembly. and am sure that he was no anak yatim in new york. it is not only the ministers. their wife/wives are worse. heard that the LV shop in paris is so happy when rosmah is in town.

  18. No wonder these guys won't quit when in power. Rather than doing Malaysia some good, it is all self gratification at the rakyats' expense.

  19. Rocky,

    I believe gobloking is merely poking fun at the waste of rakyats money by these carpetbaggers.

  20. Anonymous5:29 pm

    I wonder if he'd bought his kris along for the his firey speech.

    O, did not our out going Pee Am says that politician's travel should be reduce as to reflect on lessening the burden of the people?

    Another Flip - Flop gomen decision.

    - Anarky

  21. Okay.. okay.. It's bloody expensive and a big waste of taxpayers' money. So, what should Hisham do then to justify the purpose of this trip?

    1) Publicize the agenda of this trip and why he needs an entourage of 15 persons.

    2) Get the consent not only from the cabinet but also the Pakatan Rakyat folks. The cabinet and PR may vote to see if he and his gang can go.

    A meeting to talk for only 8 minutes? That's not a meeting. That's public speaking.

    Anyhow, HIsham didn't ask for the meeting to be held in Paris. If he wants to go holidaying in Paris, he can do that without using this Unesco function as his excuse.

    What if one day when the PR takes over and the then education minister is invited for a meeting in Paris? Are we going to tell the organizers that we can't send our delegates just because it's too damn expensive? Maybe we can ask the UN to have all their functions and meetings at Pangkor, Putrajaya or The Mines. That would save the taxpayers a damn lot, right? How about asking the UN to move from New York to say, Cyberjaya?

    We coughed up EUR 500k? I don't recall our personal income tax was raised for the purpose of sending the delegates over there lah...

    To be fair to the education minister, I think he's aware that the spotlight is on govt expenditure, despite the austerity drive, etc. Who knows this time, he and his company might sleep at our embassy there and order tapau from the cheapest Pakistani? When he comes back he'll make public all his spending and if the PR gang are not happy, call for a Royal Commission to investigate. Maybe a team from the Auditor-General's office shall be the welcoming party for the delegate at KLIA when they return home, eh? ACA can also tag along.

  22. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Its only to boost his "ego" you know, that he gets an important UNESCO position but really does nothing. All work is done by subordinates so he needs 15 advisers to tell him what to do or say, so they all can go "main jolly-jolly".

    Ah, gay Paree!!! How not to go to those can-can shows, eh?? Wives follow, ah?

    Also Hisham also head of SEAMEO or SEMEN of something so he has another entourage for that.

    That's why all these politicians needs their hangers-on, else they don't know what the heck is going on.

    As they say, its 10% work and 90% play.

    In short, everybody enjoy-enjoy lah.

  23. Anonymous5:50 pm

    no matter where he went and what he learnt.. it will be the same old shit he brought back to our kids.

    keris waving is the passport to the top of umno.


  24. Anonymous5:57 pm

    i dont understand why ministers need to come all the way here for some very trivial reasons.

    and they stay in some of the most expensive hotel in town.

    -jpa student edinburgh

  25. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I agree with what you've highlighted. But must you mention about the keris??? I guess it is your way to be recognised and made known as a liberal malay.. Stop bringing up the racial remark that we try to bury..Be a responsible person Rocky! Are you Singapore malay?That what someone has told me..

    From :Hate malay, chinese and indian racist

  26. Anonymous6:16 pm

    In Paris, there is this cabaret show called, Crazy Horse. Wonderful performances and beautiful girls, all topless, a top rated show. No one misses the Crazy Horse show when in Paris.

  27. ... and we got no money to upgrade our schools,college and U IT wise ... takde RM tapi Euro ade ...

  28. I pay close to RM50K of tax per annum, as a salaried worker.

    I get pissed off easily when I read stories like this.

    But then again, I have never voted for BN.


  29. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Well Hisham is famous for making the dumb statements. He is there because of his hereditary links...He has no leadership quality and certainly not a leader for the RAKYAT. He is a person who friends are the hi socialites of Malaysia ...they exchange kiss on the cheeks.....not the MALAY custom.
    In paris, he has the opportunity to do that more>

  30. Anonymous7:01 pm

    There is a hundred ways to spend EUR 500,000.00 than to send some ministers and fifteen hangers on to speak for a few miserable minutes, which has no value to the Rakyat. This is how umno is spending the public money. Hope you leaves his keris at home.

  31. Anonymous7:10 pm

    To me this is too petty, the bigger
    value goes into somewhere is more important.
    This is an official function you have to accept, or imagine what you can do or spent if you are in his shoe...

  32. ... and Malaysians were recently asked by his cousin DPM Najib "to change our lifestyle" after the humongous fuel hike!

    Take a hike man, Kerismuddin!

  33. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Euro500,000 = RM2.5million. So for each of the 8 minute he spoke, it cost the Malaysian rakyat RM312,500only. And what result did he achieve? All those mat salleh must be yawning for the duration of his short speech. Congrats for the manner he spent our taxes well.

  34. Anonymous7:45 pm

    When the education Minister spoke for 8 minutes, we the tax payers paid something like RM2 millions for his indulgence that leads to nothing ! So, what will be the burden for this year ?

    In fact, for the standard of education in the country, I really do not see why he should be spending that kind of money, by putting it to better use like giving scholarships to the poor and needy kampung kids to enhance their future development will be a better priority.

    When will our ministers be more responsible when spending the rakyat's money ?

  35. Hisham as Future PM, seriously, after what I observed him running down UMNO Youth, he is good for Majlis Tertinggi only lah.

    Furthermore, "sacrificing" Hari Raya for the trip to Paris that will cost millions to the taxpayers does not qualify Hisham to get extra points for the upcoming UMNO leadership elections.

  36. Anonymous7:51 pm

    This is the bangsawan melayu who has squandered the country's wealth. They proclaim that they are the one who defends the Malay's right with their idelology of "Ketuanan Melayu". Kerismuddin!! Memalukan nama bapa kamu. Syabas kepada Tok Guru.

  37. Anonymous8:36 pm

    This Minister never learn any lesson from rakyat's voices.

    He's driving Hummer too, probably cost RM80 petrol for a one way trip KL to PJ.

    Who cares! Ministers enjoy free petrol yo!

  38. Rocky,
    That will be the most expensive meaningless 8 minutes speech that will not make any impact on any educational system at all.

  39. Dear Bro Rockybru,

    I'm totally disagree with you. Why can't we sent our beloved minister to Paris? That is what good citizen are? Paying our taxes for the sake of our devils to go for holiday. Damn!!

  40. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Just to correct some facts. Hishamuddin and his crew were in Paris last March, not last year. I happened to be there around the same time.

    His crew included the tourism ministry troupe. They presented a very short lunch show and that was it. Rakyat's money down the drain.

    The Grand (or Four) Seasons hotel that he stayed in, is just down the road from Louis Vuitton, the crazy and filthy expensive, luxury handbag shoppe.

    by Tak Puas-puas

  41. Anonymous9:47 pm

    dear bro rocky,
    could u pls lighten us for what actually happen at pwtc yesterday,
    as for me to storm open house for watever reason like yesterday is very rude for watever reason, its not about hindraf(tv3 report), ISA, BN, or dislike for pak lah,
    for godsake its a open house where we put our differences to rest for a day

    can we pls have a day without a political movement? it was very nice to see malaysian enjoying malaysian food, pls think largely, SPARE MUSLIM CELEBRATION PLS, how u guys would feel if someone barge on ur party of deepavali or chinese new year like dat???

  42. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Our minister must be seen wealthy lah, this will make up for the success our UMNO government claim we have achieved since independent. See we spend RM70 million to send our 1st astronut, we got one of the world tallest building. Our minister can't be seen wearing sarong and songkok like in 1957 right? Otherwise the British might laught at us that we didn't progress.

  43. Anonymous9:57 pm

    It is time we end the legacy of this Onn family, as a Johorean and true Malaysian we must and shall get rid of this family political inheritance practises in Malaysia.

    He is Najib cousin..........and his grandfather is bau bau bacang to me.

  44. Anonymous10:12 pm

    bro, i hv been on trip with Khalid Nordin, Rafidah, MB Johor, State EXCO etc etc. I can tell you 60-70% waste of time, if we can get 30% trip benefits, that is surely good enough.

  45. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Bro, I forgot, our future PM & his beloved wife were on official Rome trips few years back, in a few days, spending more than RM2++ Mil on someone else money in return of few hundred million maintenance contract deal, ask Dato Helmy Hitech Padu & his PA lah. It really cool to spend that much on Italian furniture. Ohh this is heresay, but why his PA my friend had to lie.

  46. Wondering how much fcuk can this minister can learn from this trip!
    It keeps going on and on yet the Rakyat is so fcukless to do anything about it!
    Save the Rakyat's Money my ass!
    Remember the damnned trip about pig rearing?
    What goes?

  47. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Dear Malaysian readers,

    Due to the sudden demise of our opposition icon and hero, Mr J.B. Jeyaretnam, we have not been blogging about Malaysian current affairs lately. We will publish a series of commentaries on Malaysian politics next week after the funeral of Mr Jeyaretnam this Saturday.

    The first in line will be Roundtable discussion on a speech given by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew which was published in The Straits Times Review on 29 September 2008.

    In the article titled “The centre must hold“, Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew told an international audience comprising 200 diplomats and academics at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London that Singapore was able to have a stable, peaceful society largely because of his policy of treating every race equally.

    He next cite the example of Malaysia as having a divided society now because of a race-based education system catering to the needs of individual races instead of a unified system in Singapore where all Singaporeans attend national schools together from the primary to tertiary level irregardless of race and religion.

    This is what MM Lee said:

    “We also got everybody mixed up in the (housing estates), no longer in enclaves. Every constituency has its quota of the less successful. Everybody has the same chances in education and we choose a neutral language - English.

    Malaysia threw out English and went with Malay. The Chinese and the Indians decided to have their own schools. Now they have got a divided society.”

    We have invited 3 Singaporeans and a Malaysian to share with us what they think of MM Lee’s remarks.

    We hope to seek the opinions from our brothers across the causeway on the following two questions:

    1. Do you agree with MM Lee that Malaysia society is divided now as a result of its education system ?

    2. What will Malaysians think of MM Lee’s rather sharp critcism of their country ?

    This discussion will be published on our blog next Monday on the 6 October 2008.

    Please email your opinion, name and blog link to:

  48. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Kesian he has to sacrifice his Raya .......MY FOOT ...I also want to celebrate Raya in PARIS !
    All PAID FOR BY THE RAKYAT ! We wonder why we are more stupid than Singaporean . They built the F1 circuit by just Rm 40 million where else we built with more than Rm 2875 millions. Tourism Ministry spend Rm 18 millions for online video channel , where else Singaporean TV online channel just spend only Rm 20,000 . Are our government are sooooo stupid or what ??? Please dont conned The Rakyat ! God is watching YOU !

  49. Anonymous11:29 pm

    I spend around RM 13,000 touring Europe for a month, inclusive of airfare,that is and I got to go to a few cities, London, Instanbul, Glasgow, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Of course I dont fly first class like Hisham and senior officials on his entourage...I travel on no-frills airline like EasyJet, RyanAir and Air Berlin. For the kind of money Hisham and his gang will be spending, it is better to give scholarship to needy students. Luckily I dont pay tax :)

  50. Based on historical data he has very little to say, save for foolish comments. Hence it is a very, very expensive holiday for him paid by the tax payer. We have to pray that he does not disgrace us.

  51. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Bet you the lot of them will come home with tons of Gucci bags even though they don't know how to pronounce it. This is big government for you!

  52. Anonymous11:58 pm

    japan ministers saves money tru video conference instead of travelling . Malaysian should learn like them

  53. HINDRAF buat hal lagi.

    They don't deserve to be heard.
    They do not respect the traditions and religious rituals of others.
    Demos on the Muslims' auspicious days make them look satanic. Clueless HINDRAF.

  54. AA!
    Who is paying for this?
    The Ra'akyat!
    Who strugles to make ends meet?
    The Ra'akyat!
    Who is always threatened with seizure & bankruptcy ?
    The Ra'akyat!
    Who has to pay RM32 for a bale of rice ?
    The Ra'akyat
    But Minister & Leaches,
    all free - O.C. b coz stolen from Ra'akyat.
    But Ra'akyat got power, Brudher!
    The Ballot!

  55. Gay Paris!! Perhaps he will get educated on this gay issue which UMNO MP's and Ministers are fixated on.

    Let's face it. Kerismudin looks like a mama's boy nerd who seems hell bent on reversing Dr.M's English for Science & Maths policy. Is he going to make his UNESCO speech in Bahasa Malaysia?

    Of course, overseas education for BN elite, local for the peasants.

    I can't see Kerismudin as the next PM. He has no personality or integrity. We must get away from this cult of ex-PM's sons as future PM's.

  56. With the age of super high speed internet and tele conferencing , none of my former Japanese managing director have to fly all the way to Tokyo for meetings.
    It cost just a few dollars to have a whole day meeting over the internet.
    But umno have to fly 15 kaki rasuah and racist to Paris.

  57. Anonymous2:00 am

    Maybe we should write to UNESCO HQ in Paris and express our concerns as Malaysians over the arrest and detention of RPK under the ISA.

    UNESCO is the only United Nations agency with a mandate to defend freedom of expression and press freedom. Article 1 of its Constitution requires the Organization to "further universal respect for justice, for the rule of law and for the human rights and fundamental freedoms which are affirmed for the peoples of the world, without distinction of race, sex, language or religion, by the Charter of the United Nations." To realize this purpose the Organization is required to "collaborate in the work of advancing the mutual knowledge and understanding of peoples, through all means of mass communication and to that end recommend such international agreements as may be necessary to promote the free flow of ideas by word and image..."

    Recently, the Director-General of UNESCO, Koïchiro Matsuura, expressed his "immense joy" over the release by the authorities of Myanmar of U Win Tin, the 2001 laureate of the UNESCO/Guillermo Cano Press Freedom Prize, after 19 years in prison. "It is with immense joy that I welcome the release of U Win Tin," the Director-General said. "In freeing U Win Tin and other prisoners, the authorities have taken a wise and positive step towards respecting the fundamental human right of freedom of expression, an indispensable component of democracy and rule of law."

    Aged 79, U Win Tin is the former editor of the daily Hanthawati newspaper, vice-chair of Myanmar's Writers' Association and a founder of the National League for Democracy, which is led by Aung San Suu Kyi who remains under house arrest. He was arrested in July 1989 and condemned to 14 years jail, he received an additional sentence of five years in 1996 for breaking prison regulations prohibiting the possession of writing materials.

    The Director-General of UNESCO repeatedly called for the release of U Win Tin invoking both the fundamental human right of freedom of expression and humanitarian grounds.

    The plenary sessions of the UNESCO's Executive Board will take place from 6 to 9 October and will be resumed on 14, 16 and 17 October.

    Why don’t we all write to the UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura. Here are some contact details:

    MATSUURA, Koïchiro
    7, Place de Fontenoy
    75352 Paris 07 SP

    Abdul Waheed Khan
    Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information
    Assistant Director-General
    Phone Work: + 33.1 45 68 43 20
    Fax: + 33.1 45 68 55 81

    Sylvie Coudray
    Division for Freedom of Expression, Democraty and Peace

    Communication and Information Sector
    1, rue Miollis
    75732 Paris Cedex 15
    Telephone + 33.1.4568 4243
    Fax + 33.1.4568 5581

  58. They are so used to spending our water...they actually do not care two hoots...our opinions anymore.
    They know...they are they continue to do as they like....and hope..few months from the 13th election...they do few things good for the country...and get elected for another keep fooling us.
    You see...Malaysians easily forget.
    We remembered the 61 ISA detainees....when the 5 Hindraf and RPK went in.
    We forgot so many evil deeds they did....because there are so many...and they are applying...the 'throwing the heerings"..formula...and tell Malaysians.."hi you catch them!!".......knowing it is impossible.
    All are so downright lavish with our money..because they feel voters gave them the rights do so.
    Who are these voters??
    That like to show off..behave coming from such a rich speak 8 minutes...costing tax payer ...millions.

  59. How else to get senior, I meanreal senior civil servants beholden to the UMNO led BN?

    You might think senior civil servants might know better about their usefulness at this conference.

    However, what is disgusting and yet very sad is how our senior civil servants will allow their professionalism be compromised this way so that they promote all the way down to their low ranked staff that beholdenness to the rank and file.

    How else do you explain the behaviour and conduct of many senior civil servants at the Pakatan States who are hostile to their new overlords? They do a lot to even sabotage policies and make it look like Pakatan might be inept.

  60. Anonymous5:01 am

    ..use teleconferencing,cheaper.And what is the purpose of the trip again?


  61. Anonymous7:17 am

    Read somewhere where the guy who carry millions to DOWN UNDER and no speake la Ingris says DON'T INSULT THE POOR since THERE ARE STILL THOSE WHO EAT RICE WITH SALT.
    GUESS with the money spend on this TRIP and the TAIWAN STUDY trip one could imagine the AMOUNT of SALT one can buy.

    Don't this people know that they are going overboard? They hve enough of their own money going overseas but instead they choose to use OURS, those BELONGING TO ALL MALAYSIANS, IRRESPECTIVE OF RACES AND RELIGION.


  62. Anonymous7:34 am

    The picture with him holding the Kris at the UMNO assembly is a political suicide for the Onn family. The Onn will leave to regret.

    His cousin Najib shouting "Blood bath for a particular race" is another political suicide for the Razak family which will come to hunt them sooner than later.

    The point to bring home if one is a politician is never be a racist politician.

  63. Anonymous7:43 am

    Tax payer should be happy to let UMNO leaders spend off the EUR500,000 as we voted them in so that they can enjoy the best life.

    They represent us Malaysian and in Paris when foreigner see how they spend on LV or Gucci the world will also think that Malaysian are Kaya too.

  64. What does Malaysia Airlines fly for the KL Paris sector? 747? How many seats are there in first class? 12? Bummer!

  65. In Joe Eijyuu

    Serene Seine flows
    Champs Elysees bustles
    This is why Mona Lisa smiles
    In Paris,
    My girl's heart floats
    Yet, so low my heart sinks
    As she may be wooed by The Three Musketeers
    In Paris.

    Cognac breezes
    Dom Perignon streams
    This is why Rodin's statue thinks
    In Paris,
    Her hair gleams
    Now my mind screams as
    She might daydream of some French admirers
    In Paris.

    Paris, Oh Paris
    Sway her so she awakes
    In my arms but not in Parisian's
    In Paris,
    Paris, Oh Paris
    Let Arch de Triomphe tell the truth
    That my love towers over even Eiffel Tower's
    In Paris.

  66. Anonymous8:24 am

    i love paris. i used to travel to paris via google earth. love it.

  67. Here I am buying new clothes for my kids from Hari Hari and Mydin..

    There they are celebrating Syawal in Paris....

    How noble....

  68. Anonymous9:49 am

    celebrating hari raya in paris ... poor hisham should go down history for his sacrifice of celebrating hari raya far away from home especially semberong ... btw why is the wifey following too ... to give him semangat before he talks? ... anyway is the "perpisahan" singer in paris too ... who knows performing for a show

    - laksa sarawak

  69. Dear Rocky,

    Where are your sense of priority? This Euro 500k is kacanglah. That ranked very low with the rest of the non-starter event such as Taiwan study trip, PKFZ, keris waving etc.

    "We" are more concern with YB Teresa's azan, eggs and dressing issue. Next in line would be Sin Chew's misreporting, RPK's wrongdoing, Anwar's threaten power grab, PR's govt temple demolition etc.

  70. ohh ...What a great sacrifice to leave on hari raya!

    In fact, he spoke to RTM about 2 weeks ago (show off) on this incoming trip where he gave out the gist of his 8 minute speech. I could not remember any part, meaning that it should be the normal boring speech with no defining moments. He should ask the Malaysian consul in Paris to do it for him.

  71. Anonymous10:25 am

    what can he contribute? national education system is a flop with majority of graduates hardly able to put one sentence right. goodness, if he provides the same guidance to other nations. it aint the RM2.7 million coz I dont expect them to be frugal. Its just that he is not qualified to be there in the first place.

    Screwed Again

  72. Anonymous10:36 am

    Oh, wow! A free, all expenses-paid trip to wonderful, romantic Paris! And possibly a side tour of Europe and the USA also? Some people are just so lucky, aren't they?

    The tuan-tuan from Umno sure know how to appreciate and enjoy the finer things in life, don't they? Such lucky fellas!

    Our Umno political masters or Tuan-tuan, like in Ketuanan, tell the ordinary rakyat of Malaysia to spend less and to economise.

    The truth is, many of us can't spend more even if we want to because our dompet is empty lah!

    In fact, a lot of ordinary rakyat are subsisting on only two meals a day. To be able to eat three times a day for many is a rare luxury.

    Sadly, traipsing gaily around the sophisticated, expensive cities of Europe is something they can only dream of in their lifetime, unlike those priviledged Umno ministers.

    By the way, Rocky, of all the pictures of Hishamudin you have to choose this one of him brandishing a keris with his mouth wide open, seemingly yelling maniacally, dementedly - well, that's hoot! Hahaha!

  73. Anonymous10:36 am

    Waaah man with a big kris and a big nose to boot. Maybe he goes there to visit french pros. as well. What a fucking asshole wasting the raakyat's money.


  74. Anonymous10:41 am

    Hai ya. Ini bodowi melayu banyak duit oh. Boleh fly first class ke Paris oh. Dia dengan kawan kawan makan angin di Europe. Sunggoh syok di Paris. Saya pun mahu pergi Paris -- boleh tak??


  75. Anonymous11:01 am

    sounds like political dynasties in bolehland will not go away sooner - it's just like tea tarik - keep flowing!! When will malaysians ever wake up and learn that these suckers will never help ordinary people, except their cronies?

  76. Anonymous11:04 am

    If I'm in his shoe, I'll go to these expensive places bringing along my wife and close friends in the name of official visit. After all, why bother , not my money! Who cares! If I don't spent rakyat's money, others will. So, better grab the opportunity.
    And if Najib is going to be the PM, this guy will rise up the ladder even faster. After all, you have to care for your cousins. And we'll see him bringing his wife to visit his children that are studying overseas using rakyat's money. Well, Malaysia always boleh.

  77. Anonymous11:26 am

    Selamat Hari Raya Bro

    We read the blogs for two primary reasons and that is for a fair view and for an alternative news.But lately the blogs and sadly including you are becoming an anti gov blog.
    First you did not take any stand on the UiTM issue inspite of being an ex student.I am not saying whether you should support the MB or be against the MB but avoiding it totally show lack of courage.
    Now,you are avoiding the Hindraf gate crashers at PM's Raya Open House.An act which is plain kurang ajar.
    What's up Bro,we use to look up to you

  78. Anonymous11:27 am


    Why are you wasting our time with such small monies compare to what the nation have been robbed by SON, SIL and KaliUlar and gang?

    RM2 million is nothing. Just take the Maybank purchased of Bank Internasionale Indonesia share at 4.56 time the book value. Suddenly Singapore company was able to give a discount of about RM750 million.

    I am sure that the SIL and the other Singapore operatives like KaliUlar would still be making money.

    This is what you should highlight to us. Bro, RM2 million for UMNO leaders is small money and it is not corruption at all.

  79. Anonymous11:45 am

    What could the minister and his group of 15 possibly learnt from this trip?? More like it is a UMNO trip but sponsored by the tax payers. Their agenda is to position the minister in the coming erection....oophs..election.

    If this trip is for the right reasons, why such a big group?? No balls to speak in this international event??

  80. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Only in Paris Hisham can practise his french ma, kalau tidak nanti rusty lo.

    Voulez vous kushe avec moi ce soir?

    What the point of becoming a Minister is not with a bit of luxury? Let him talk co-ck and give him a break otherwise he will be thinking how to make more commission within his ministry. He make more money in his office and we the rakyat will be taxed higher. Let him go, better still dont come back.

    Your beer buddy

  81. While there, the Minister and his entourage should go and visit the Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse and the Latin Quarters to soak in the culture.

  82. Hi Rocky!
    I made the deductions based on the following goblok logic of why HisShame has a shot at PMing

    1. Some roads lead to Rome more than others.
    Is the post of Educ Minister not 1of the more popular traditional routes leading to DPM & then PMship - remember TDM & DSAI?

    2. Is the future PM not the cousin?

    3. Does HisShame's pedigree not count for anything in the world of the toddying?

    4. Is UMNO not going to remain the ruling party?

    Or maybe YOU know something we don't? LOL

    Just because someone chooses to remain quiet does not mean they are out of the game. Maybe they are just biding their time.

  83. Anonymous2:52 pm

    All the Hindraf 5 deserve to be in ISA till kingdom come...

    these social pest should be eradicated from the surface of earth for the good of majority Malaysian..its Democracy rule..not stupid anarchy rule here..

    Their existence are just merely trouble to the society at large, nothing good than respect, no brain, non-sense.. pure stupid..

    & stupid people deserve to be fed with dog food..Well in Kamunting its free dog food paid by taxpayer..(as much as i hate my tax money being abused by govt goons, the same also goes with this social pest)

    To cure a cancer, better remove or amputate the parts, chemoteraphy, burns the surrounding cells & all it traces.. before it become worst & infected the whole body..
    The same goes with social cancer..why should we care about a bunch of minority loosers over the wellbeing of other 25mil inhabitants? Loosing these pest will cost nothing significant to Malaysia.
    I prefer these assholes social cancer be sent far away from Malaysia - to Guatanamo Bay! Maybe we can change prisoners with the US.

    -Malaysian anti hindraf-

  84. Anonymous3:20 pm

    What's the big fuss about a mere 500.000 euros lah for a delegation of 15 from from this great nation of Malaysia going to the UNESCO no less. This sort of thing happens everytime and everywhere and by everybody who is in Government in Malaysia. Why, just the other day, the Minister of National Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage hosted members of the media to a Media Night. That's not so strange until you are told that guests, all 250 of them were presented with a "duit raya" envelope of no less than RM200 each on top of a sumptous dinner, door gifts and lucky draw prizes. Add to this all the overtime hours put in by staff members and the cost of other ancillary services, outsourced of course, I am sure it comes up to a tidy sum!!! It overwhelms you do the math. Isn't this a bribe to media members to report favourably about news relating to that ministry?


  85. Anonymous3:43 pm

    So, we are not that bad afterall... ministers going to Paris, New York, London.. Hmm.. that sound like some glam clothing line isnt it??

    I dont understand why the need to have 15 people going with the minister. I also don't understand why is there a need for Malaysia to be there.... OK..OK..OK!! I am not very clever.. but I do know that there are plenty of children in Malaysia without education or even basic needs like healthcare, a decent and safe home. So, WTF with spending those plenty of euros for an entourage to have some Moulin Rouge?? WTF with 15 people going along to carry balls.. oops I mean bags!? WHAT! Shameless.. no conscience!

    Yes, I have been to Paris and I know you better be rich to be there...That place is a bomb!

  86. how come like this one.....? we the rakyat got to tighten wallet to continue surviving, but this hopeless Minister and his 15-stooges team going Paris to party-all-night-long!

    speaking English the kaput standard, no-speaking French go Paris for what except for Partyyyyy, at tax-payers monies.

    we all know that Minister Hisapmuddin De' Keris is no competent chap, appointed just because he sits in United Monkeys No Otaks organization lah. no add value to Malaysia except loss of integrity and goodwill.

    pity those Paris girls have to succumb to dumb and daft promises over 'commissions' that could never materialise but risks of getting bombed with C4.

  87. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Our education system has failed us in many ways, sadly it has deteriorated from worse to worst, just like UMNO and the BN government. We now have, more than before, many school drop-outs, teenage suicides, teenage pregnancies and crimes, disciplinary problems and social ills, with that amount of money (spent as travelling expenses for UNESCO) - Our Money, The Rakyat could have put it to better use as part contributions for implementing programmes and HELPLINES, such as helping the poor and the helpless children in schools, teachers'training and implementation of specific sectors to tackle issues of shortage of teachers, teenage drug abuse and gangsterism within schools.

    It is very sad indeed, just imagine what and how we can further contribute to our education system with those gigantic amounts supposedly spent on National Service programmes for young Malaysians.

    goofy sigh ..

  88. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    I have always respected you as a blogger. And thank you for exposing such spendthrift nature of so called foreign trips..
    Please keep doing what you do best.
    Just some caution..
    Do not get involved in Character assassinations and mud slinging write-ups on your blog, calling names and picking individuals.. like what RPK has done.
    But continue in your professionalism as a journalist.

  89. Anonymous5:31 pm

    hye laksa sarawak,

    who is the perpisahan singer and what has he got to do with hishamuddin ... im blur loh... please clarify ... are we talking about a singer whose sibling is a good "friend" of hh's vvip cousin ...

  90. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Can't people sense sarcasm in gobloking's post?

  91. bro,
    I suggest Krismudin try tele-conferencing la !It's cheaper and he's be saving the rakyat lots of ringgit !
    What's the point of taking 15 mongrels along ? I know it's fashionable to walk poodles in the french parks but 15 mongrels ??? Sheeesh ! bro...all they do is spend while the rest are told to tighten !Suggest they send all 15 of them to the Taiping zoo....lots of space there and empty enclosures !!
    Can we have the names of this 15 mongrels ??

  92. Anonymous10:02 pm

    TUKAR CARA HIDUP, AWAK KURANGKAN MAKAN, MINUM, GUNAKAN LILIN KAT RUMAH, JUAL KERETAMU DAN PAKAI MOTO ATAU BASIKAL, TAK PAYAL LAH PAKAI KASUT BALLY... SLIPER JEPUN CUKUP, ANAK BINI kalau dia komplain sangat... beritahu perdana menteri mengatakan untuk tukar cara hidup, jangan pakai pensil, kaur cukup, dulu makan ayam atau setiap hari, sekang makan sebulan, lainkan nasi, beli yang murah atau pun makan rumput. KERAJAAN UMNO yg BERTAKTA mengeluarkan slogan besar, akan ' jimat cermat' tetapi cara dia jimat cermat tu makankan lebih banyak wang, lebih banyak kroni dapat makan angin. INI LAH HIKAYAT MALAYSIA, kata2 & janji palsu.
    SELAMAT DATANG TUAN2 DAN PUAN2 KE NEGARA MALAYSIA, dimana yang palsu dan tamak dijunjung tinggi, manakala yang bercakap benar di ISAkan. Terima kasih UMNO, ini lah hikayat pejuang ketuanan kocek sendiri.

  93. do you notice something different in the govt spending style, before it used to be hundrad thousands than millions, now everything they talk about billions, is our ringgit shrinking or is money going out of style?

  94. Anonymous6:10 am

    (heha) : 4.9 billions ( YES, BILLIONS !! ) has been spent since 2003 on 'maths/sains project' & till now 10 juta of teaching aid ( laptop, pc, projector, printers ..
    dll ) sudah hilang ...GONE ...lost !
    ONLY 10% of the teachers could use proper INGGERIS to teach these 2 subjects !!

  95. Anonymous6:13 am

    ...aiyah...PARIS ah !? any more mongolian girls there !!??

  96. Anonymous6:18 am

    That is NOT a keris lah ! that is a sword meant for the non - belivers /converts man !! (niamahx)

  97. Anonymous7:27 am

    For 8 minutes of worth of speech I rather use Teleconference. Ya that thing that out TMNET Overlord always bullshiting on the tube everyday! I think the damn EU won't mind if we do that. Hell. Everyone do that. I thought our beloved edu minister also promote teleconference in his bestari school.


  98. Anonymous11:46 am

    what's the point of bringing this up? the last time zulhasnan and mayor went, we were incensed, but they went anyway.

    it just keeps happening and we just keep commenting, ranting, and raving, but nothing changes.

    now we are back to our comfort zone. drinking beer with our mistresses, boys or girls, ageing or young (depending on the level of depravity), meeting up with Tuns and Najibs, being friendly with everyone bla2 you get the pic lah.

    we can talk and blog all we want, but they still do what they want, that is wasting our funds on excesses and grinding the nation into the ground.

    what we need is a revolution.

    like in romania. like in iran.

    in the past, they would drag corrupt, degil leaders out and burn them at the stake. or sula them. or stone them to death. or smear cows' blood (and dung) on them and dump them where the sharks are.or just execute them by firing squad.

    itu saje jalan yang terbaik untuk sedarkan laknat2 ni semua (masa dulu lah...).

    they will never ever change. and we will forever be getting angry before getting back to our routines.

    change will never come unless we go for it. whatever the "it" maybe...

    the color of sacrifice is red.

    it is not sitting around drinking beer.

  99. Anonymous1:12 pm


    Many a thing can be said in 8 minutes.

    From my years of Govt service, speaking at Int'l fora, writing and such I have found out one thing - no one can recall anything that was said by anyone at any of the UN meetings.

    The most important function performed at the UN is when they vote to allow the US to bomb a country (Korea 1950, Vietnam 1960, Iraq 1991, Iraq 2003 and a few others).

    Other than that no one remembers anything said by anyone.

    What can Hishamuddin possibly say in 8 minutes that can do anything for anyone? Most likely nothing at all.

    So why waste money? Why waste time?


    It makes beggars out of our VVIPs. Looks like the clothes they wear, the parties they throw, the houses they buy and furnish, the cars they drive are all paid for by someone else. You and me come to mind.

    Dont they have any class at all? To know that every morning you wake up, your lifestyle is paid for by someone else, and almost always - quite unwillingly.

    It must require real special talent to be a VVIP beggar.

  100. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    UNESCO in full is United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. This unit is under the Policy and International Relations Division, Education Ministry. It has been there for as long as I can remember.

    Don't ask what me what they do. Can't you see the improvements in the education system?

    OK, we have a Permanent Delegation of Malaysia in Unesco,Paris. It's a small office that comprises of 5 or 6 staffs. A few are seconded and a few locals.

    There are not many meetings in a year at the ministerial level. One or two the most.

    Usually, only a few delegates will be invited to attend these meetings. A few at the top and a few at the bottom. This is supposed to be an official trip.

    Those days the participants or delegates would be between 4-7 the most. 15 is large.

    I'm not surprised someones wife wanted to tag along. It is autumn now. The weather is fine and the sales should be on. Many of the cheaper products are made in China or Vietnam. Unless of course you buy from the boutique outlet itself where the prices would be exorbitant.

    Food is good but very bland. Pastries is their specialty. There are many middle eastern, Pakistani and Indian restaurant that serves halal food. Food is not a big problem. Sea food is in the abundance. Raw salmon and oyster? wow, ce deliceuse!

    Other entertainment? You can bare it all luv!! Name me your fancy and I'll get you the ticket.....Ehem..doesn't that also answer the all male entourage eh?

    So, ask yourself, wouldn't you be tempted to "tumpang" in this trip if you could?

    What about you Rocky?

  101. Anonymous3:55 am

    (heha) : for just 8 = lapan minutes
    (!!!) how much of our hard-earned BLOODY taxes ( 90% fron babicina !)
    to be wasted by that kerismud !?
    ...@#$^&* ...niamah fool !!

  102. Anonymous9:52 am

    lapa minit hah!otu lapan minit hamba sengsara lapan tahun.
    jangan nanti ada keris terbang lak!