Friday, October 03, 2008

Najib's "4th floor"?

A bad Se4uel. We have all heard of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's "4th floor" operatives, of Kamal Khalid, Zaki Zahid, Vincent Lim and their links to Khairy Jamaluddin the son-in-law, Kamal the son, and Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan. They are all about to be history.

But Najib's "4th floor"?

I would have scoffed at the idea. Najib is not even "there" yet and we after seeing what the 4th Floor has done to Abdullah, surely Najib's people would avoid making the same mistake. But then I was told about Omar Ong, Ethos, etc. and their links to the outgoing 4th Floor.

That's when I remember that all horror movies - good or bad - have sequels. Read this post.

p.s. Does Najib's office know that their boss' website registered under Ethos Sdn Bhd?


  1. Anonymous12:12 pm

    oh please..

    what a nonsense theory...

    we have been living in fear of the shadow of our own being...

    no wonder we are a laughing stock..

    bloggers lead the destruction!

    good grace, give me strength to withstand all these, just as Lord give me strength to live in world full of liars and homos!

  2. Oliver Stone should think about making a movie about this 4th floor scheme. How about 'The 4th Floor' as the title? Catchy enough?

  3. Anonymous12:19 pm

    bro, najib is not about the 4th floor, it is about the guys around Rosmah, watch this guy, Hj hashim, he is a convert, now a Datuk, (& of coz there are many like him) who don't need 4th floor, cause they can enter from Rosmah kitchen.

  4. Anonymous12:25 pm

    The never ending horror stories continue unabated. Not a good start. Let us see who will do the grovelling work for the MSM this time to prop up the questionable personalities. I remember almost five years ago, one of them was a prominent lady scholar. Haven't they learned their lessons?

  5. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Dear Bro,
    For your information, everybody has their fourth floor.
    The question is whether the fourth floor is good or bad for the person. Whether the fourth floor is the person himself, or two or three in number or the strength of a battalion, what is important is the good that it brings to the person to carry out his duties and responsibilities for what he is mandated for. In the case of Pak Lah's fourth floor, according to many, had failed him miserably. I do not know. I did hear about them, but honestly I never met and know them.

    Yours truly: Mr Ignorant.

  6. All these 4th floor boys are annoying...why do we have Ministers who are incompetent?

    True, bad movies do have sequel. Even sodomy II.

  7. Too many Ks in this Ku Klux Klan ...

  8. Anonymous1:21 pm

    hehehehe, does that mean, 1malaysia website is owned by Ethos? Is DPM writing in the blog, or just another Vinni Vanili?

  9. Anonymous1:42 pm

    What goes round comes round in a circle? Malaysians never seem to get out from that circle come what may.

  10. Anonymous1:45 pm

    I know some of these people on the 4floor ie Zaki, kamal and dont forget datuk annuar zaini (although i believe he does not have an office there, he is one of the principal advisers to pak lah. If you are talking about omar ong and so on, jsut for your information, they aare one and the same - in terms of their thinking, mannerism and so on. We might be in for another ride. I hope najib learns from the horrible pak lah lesson.

    4th floor phobia

  11. what's this fetish about 4th flr boys? najib's people are not capable of eating chewing gum and walking at the same time what more knowing the boss's website is ethos generated.
    these boys come back from amerika, they smoke there and hiya, they spoil the atmosfiya.

  12. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Nice try Rocky, trying to appear impartial in all of this. Unfortunately, your reputation has been sullied by your cozy relationship with Najib's boys especially his grammatically-challenged press secretary Tengku Datuk Sharifudin. A lot of people know that you are an apologist for the Mahathir/Najib camp.

    Now let me hazard a guess as to your latest posting. Omar Mustapha Ong is widely known in KL as Najib's go-to-guy for economic advice. In fact, Omar has been making his presence felt in the Ministry of Finance during the last two weeks attending post cabinet meetings and official briefings despite not being officially employed by the Government. He sits in these meetings as the Founding Partner of Ethos Consulting which incidentally gets a lot of contracts from Treasury/GLCs... talk about a conflict of interest.

    Now to the untrained eye, you exposing this makes you look independent and impartial, but actually you're none of those things. You realize that the power struggle WITHIN Najib's camp has begun. The old guard like Tengku Datuk Sharifudin can't stand Omar and want to clip his wings before he becomes too entrenched at Treasury. So you post something like this, pretending to look impartial, but ever so subtly undermining Omar by playing up his links with AAB's boys. This way, Omar would be marginalized by Najib and your buddies in Najib's camp will run the show.

    Don't think people are so stupid, Rocky. You may cloak yourself in the cape of truth but you remain a political hack - taking sides, with agenda and all.

    BTW, I agree fully with anak bugis johor. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if the Omar's or Tengku Datuk Sharifudin's of Najib's camp prevails, because with this 'PM-in-waiting' the only centre of power that matters is Datin Seri Paduka Rosmah Mansor. It will all begin and end with her.

  13. "About to be history"...?
    NO, there will be PART 2, just like in the movies.

    Remember about the phoenix rising from the ashes... and about "re-inventing" one's self. Well, "Flip-Flop, kangkung-leadership" Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is now more!

    He is now ... Blogger Dollah Cendawi, and will take on everybody in cyberspace who has been critical - Tun Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang... Yes, even Rocky's Bru and the Band of Bloggers

    Badawi's Bru: Addicted to Putrajaya

  14. Anonymous3:15 pm

    Cerita ini boleh dipercayai. Omar Ong yang sudah lama meninggalkan Najib. Tetapi dilihat ramai dengan terang2 kelihatan muncul semasa Majlis Buka Puasa di rumah rasmi TPM di Putrajaya. Dalam bahasa politik, ia tidak mungkin datang tanpa sebab.

    Bapa Omar Ong, Mustapha adalah seorang yg bagai mana2 Cina (walaupun masuk Islam) mempunyai pendirian politik yang lalang dan oppurtunis diserta ego yang besar. Pernah menulis di dalam Malaysia Today dan mempunyai pemikiran liberalisma ala Anwar Ibrahim ala Malaysian Malaysia.

    Omar Ong ini adalah merupakan bukti Abdullah tidak berikhlas dan berbohong lagi dan konon2 ada peralihan kuasa.

    Masaalahnya, Najib pun tidak bolehlah main ikut. Akhirnya apa akan jadi jika berdepan dengan pihak2 yg lebih berkuasa dari Abdullah. Adakah Najib berani lakukan sesuatu apabila perlu?

    Homophobic prick - This is not a theory or a nonsence. Don't dismiss out of your own ignorance.

    It is real threat. Read up what Ethos Consulting UK do. I mean look at the fine print. It will give a glimpse of the danger of this Omar Ong fella.

    Don't be defensive becasue he is Chinese!

  15. Anonymous3:17 pm

    If the they have the 4th floor so let organize the ground floor which is the rakyat. We will see who will be the eventual winner.
    If the 4th floor guys think, they are going to win all the time, we will see how they will react when the rakyat is fully mobilize.
    Let it be forewarned to those in power that immediate action must be taken before this nation becomes self destructive. The writing is on the wall and the choice at the moment is with the gomen.dh9753

  16. Anonymous3:55 pm

    I heard Aziz Hassan, the former NST point man for Pak Samad, is gunning for the top post on the Fourth Floor. Aziz is at the moment an apologist for the Barisan Nasional and he spends his time savaging Anwar Ibrahim. Watch out for Aziz, the man to watch.

  17. i just want to share this ... from BBC .. regarding the resignation of the Met police chief

    "As he departs, Blair might take some comfort from recent emails received from ordinary black and ethnic minority officers, telling him they do not agree with the views of the National Black Police Association and are happy in their lot.

    "The great irony is that Blair was the most liberal leader we have had," one ethnic minority officer said. "But in the end he wasted that, he was vulnerable and weak and exercised no control over those below him."

    sounds familiar.

  18. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Dear Rocky.

    Najib dont need the 4th floor.That 100% sure.Najib have a list of advisors and they come to the house to see him.The chief advisor is off couse his wife ROSMAH.The wife have the panel of advisors to consult.Mr Ji from Kerala and Mr Kanneth Eswaran.Mr Deepak Carpen man from Nilai,T.Sri Tan Kim Hock.The Buddist Monk from Hatyai,The Dayak bomoh from Kalimantan and last but not least Mumtaz and the hantu dan pelesit gang.

  19. Anonymous4:34 pm


    The 4th Floor + the Son + The Son-in-Law + Riong Kali gave Abdullah a bad rap. I shudder at the thought that Najib would have his own 4th Floor.

    But I don't think so. Najib is clever enough not to mimic Abdullah's disaster.

    Even if he tries, we will crucify him. We will not wait for him to be hijacked like we did with Abdullah.

    We gave Abdullah too much face and time that before we knew it he was enslaved by his wife (late Kak Endon) and the current Jeanne and his son Kamal, his SIL Khairy, his lackies like Kalli and Patrick Lim.

    We will watch over Najib like a hawk; Haji Omar Ong no Haji Omar Ong. A nice chap, but since Abdullah I have ceased to believe in nice chaps.

    Good luck bro. How's the raya man?

    Lucky Luciano II

  20. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Long ago, there was a country in Europe that carried out propaganda to brainwash its citizens that they were supreme to others and therefore they had to conquer and rule other countries. And then there was a country in Asia that kept telling its citizens from young that if they want to have the resources in the world, then they must be prepared to fight and rule the other countries. The two countries since then had brought untold misery to the world.
    In our country, those political parties that survive based on race politics will keep on telling the people the importance in protecting their race and religion. They even have programs like the BTN to brainwash the people from young as well as the civil servants about the need to propagate the racial thinking in all fields and their ketuanan towards others. They will tell the people that they will champion the interest of their race above all. Without their protection, the people will not survive in the open. So the people must give them the full support to propagate such ideology. Just like that two dangerous countries, these political parties are doing the same to fortify their political foundation, but in doing so, they are bringing this country to a catastrophic end in the future. Their continuing action to segregate the communities in this country is doing untold damages to the wellbeing of the nation who needs its citizens to be united to meet the global challenges it faces today. Unfortunately these communal political souls only care for their own survival in the present and will never venture out of their propaganda game for the best interest of the nation and its citizens. Divide and rule will be their continuing battle call while the country moves in its peril.

  21. Anonymous4:56 pm

    so what is the real name of this guy, is it Omar Ong or Omar Mustapha? Is he a chinese Muslim?

    I read his profile , it seem that he have went to the same university as Khairy which is Oxford University and did the same degree course which is Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

  22. We are living in a dangerous time where if one gets a consultancy contract with the government and one is Malaysian, he is perceived to be a 'Crony'or facilitator to the Regime he serves.
    I am proud that through the years, we have amongst us, brilliant minds that share capabilities with the the likes of McKenzies,Boston etc etc.
    Unfortunately,through no fault of these young brilliant minds,they have been unmanaged and vested with authority and powers way beyond their ambitious capabilities.
    The incoming administration have to revisit their positions and profiles so that they can effectively contribute and not garner influence or power.
    I sincerely believe they have been misled and exploited by perceivedly powerful individuals who have immense influence on the current Chief Executive for their own agenda and selfish gains.
    I was and still am a consultant in my own small ways though not of the ages of those engaged by the government. Maybe we should have CONSULTANT to all these consultants at the corridors of power to get them all on the same page and mission.
    I guess someone must have been so impressed with them without really evaluating.

  23. Anonymous5:11 pm

    najib is not pm yet and his boys are already fighting over the potential spoils of war. looks like some former journos from nst and malay mail are eyeing to be the next kalimulah. rusdi? asraf? ahiruddin? well, not all will be rewarded. some will end up like rohaizad - kecewa. or some will become a frustrated blogger.

  24. Anonymous8:32 pm


    najib has been cornered a long time ago....

    Whether Najib becomes PM or not, the '4th floor' will remain....

    Muhyiddin and Zahid Hamidi, just warming up the seat for a certain individual.....

    damn, what about Anwar?


  25. Think tanks are passe, bro.

    Now it's pirates ahoy. Preferably with U.S. credentials to loot.. err..

    Local talent need not apply.(wink2)

    Btw are yer moving up the food chain yerself?

  26. Zahid Hamidi akan jadi bekas Tingkat 4 tidak lama lagi dan berpeluang di naikkan pangkat ke Timbalan Presiden atas restu Najib. Bukankah itu lebih dekat dan mudah untuk berada paling hampir dengan bakal Presiden dan bakal Perdana Menteri.

    Sekadar menukar Dolah dengan Najib 'tak ada maknanya' dan situasi menjadi lebih buruk tika berada dalam cengkaman 'First Lady'.

    Wajar Muhyiddin, Rais, KuLi dan Khalid Nordin* diberi peluang untuk berada di pucuk pimpinan bagi UMNO mendapat angin baru yang lebih segar walaupun tidaklah sewangi seperti yang diharapkan.

  27. hahahahahaha....Horror movies sequels!!
    One is "Friday the 13th"...real scary.
    The other..."Scary Horror Movie"
    Both have many sequels.
    One is serious.....the other is a joker.
    Both lost appeals to audiences staying power.
    But you put out a new 'Dr. Jeckyle & Mr.Hyde" remake movie...that will have always have some staying power. That is Mahathir biography......hahahahaha.
    These by one..will disappear from our history...but Dr.Jeckyle{Mahathir}..will live forever in Malaysia the creator of all devils.

  28. Anonymous10:35 pm

    guess who else is behind BII..hehe


    Yet, ICB’s network of banks in these emerging markets did not attract media attention until late last year, when it teamed up with Singapore’s Temasek Holdings in a Sorak Financial Holdings Pte Ltd consortium to acquire Indonesian bank PT Bank Internasional Indonesia.

    The partnership has put the spotlight on both ICB and Daim, whose foray into Indonesia includes a controlling stake of 57.9% in another Indonesian bank, PT Bank Bumiputera Indonesia.

  29. Anonymous11:20 pm


    oh please...

    you must have been living in a cave.

    we are a laughing stock because Pak Lah's 4th floor boys led him to be what he has become in the eyes of Malaysians and the world.

    so..i don;t think we're afraid of our shadow..

    the fourth floor boys are afraid of their own shadow.

    and their unremitting recipe for self-destruction is real!

  30. Anonymous12:21 am

    If Najib wants to be his own man, he must avoid inheriting Abdullah's 4th floor boys. Ethos (a 4th floor outfit) is already running Najib's website, so the extension into he main office is almost automatic. The likes of Hj Sahlan, Tengku Sarifuddin should be wary of these boys.

    You guys think Abdullah will hand over the plate to Najib without some insurance? Think again Man! Forget about Hj Hashim! Look out for guys like Eswaran. What about CIMB's Nazir? People say Najib and Nazir are 2 different blokes. They may be right. But Najib held a family gathering to sound out to his siblings about his political plans recently.

    Najib has baggages Man, plenty of them! But Umno politics is such that he's also sen as MoneyMan for aspirants. Najib will survive, but his handlers may fail him 'cos they aren't capable of telling the present 4th floor boys from backing off!


  31. Mohon anda calonkan 'MALAIKAT' yang bersesuaian untuk menginap di'Tingkat 4'

  32. Anonymous2:53 am


    It was the serious - and ultimately fatal - failings of the current 5th Floor occupant i.e. Pak Lah, that created the 4th Floor conundrum. Every PM will have his own “4th Floor” given the complexities of modern day governance. But tragically, Pak Lah was never in control of his young advisers. Don’t blame the troops when the general himself is clueless. Najib, in contrast, is fully in command of his lieutenants. There is not a shred of evidence to suggest otherwise.

    Let us not forget the late Tun Razak too had his own 4th Floor - Abdullah Ahmad, Khalil Akasah, Abdullah Majid, Wahab Majid, all capable men in their 30s. In UMNO, he had the young turks - Mahathir, Musa, Ku Li. In the civil service, he had dedicated public servants like Raja Mohar, Zain Azraai, Thong Yaw Hong. Surrounded by these hand-picked men of calibre, Tun Razak harnessed their energies and talents but left no doubt as to who was in charge. Najib will do the same. To equate him to Pak Lah would be an insult to his lineage, intellect and experience.

    A Najib loyalist

  33. Anonymous6:02 am

    doc : u look bad ! r u having 3 meals a day as i said !?
    lady : YES !! i'm having 3 different males setiap hari as u
    said !!

    btw : BOYCOTT the 'nasi kandar' chain owned by the bukit wretched rat , ok , tq !! (niamahx)

  34. Anonymous8:57 am

    any one know about Syed Abu Hussin (syed mindef )the most 4th floor golden boy

  35. Anonymous10:19 am

    small correction,omar ong was a petronas sponsored student .....joined the corporation for a while and left for mdc.....

  36. Anonymous10:59 am

    Oh please. Bad enough we've got inaccurate speculation around Omar Ong, we don't even know if the news mentioned here is verifiable or makes sense.

    Omar was put in Najib's office because Khairy promised Najib that he could make Najib TPM if he took on one of his boys.

    Given the negative feedback that Najib received about Omar, why would Najib take him back? He was forced onto Najib in the first place. There would be no reason that he would willingly antagonize all his supporters by taking on Omar again, not when Najib is on the ascendant and Pak Lah is on the decline.

    I somehow doubt the story of Omar being seen in MoF recently.


  37. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Dear Rocky, indeed your story is interesting, but definitely we will not make such mistakes, the first change would be in NST, there are talks that Syed Nazri will be made as GIC and Kamarul will be the deputy, but the changes starts after this , ppl like Lionel Morais, and his deputy and a few others will have to go, Datuk Najib is committed to revamp the MSM, it will be more transparent and fair. But all those Brendan's people and Kali trusted soldiers have to go . Streets in NST might shut down, they are purely a rubbish pull out, and what is their production and quality compared to Star Metro, the streets pull out has so many grammatical mistakes and such a poor job is done by the team, of course who ever is heading the desk will go, infact they already have someone in mind. The problem is those who are heading the desk should be concentrating on their work instead of sourcing for maids. Thats NST for us ! A former sports editor of NST is expected to make a return, he is close to Datuk Najib as well, so for those who can;t work with this new regime, i suggest you guys start finding a new jobs. Maybe can join Suara Keadilan. But the biggest story is still about you Rocky, Indeed it will be a great honour to work with you in NST or even as an advisor to the future PM. I am sure you know wht I mean. Till we meet again Bro .. Take Care and Selamat Hari Raya.

  38. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Is it true Hardev Kaur is joining Najib as media consultant? I heard she is very close to the usual suspect that you hate!? I was made to believe this Omar Ong suggested her name to Najib? PLease confirm!


  39. Anonymous1:00 pm


    In a movie about the Afghan Mujahideen, the villagers have shot down a Russian helicopter. So they call Abdool and tell him 'Abdool, you are clever. Fly this helicopter that Allah has given us'.

    The village does not have a school. So why is Abdool clever? Because he wears a pair of dark glasses - all the time, even at night.

    Many years ago the local people set up a Chamber of Commerce. They needed an Abdool to be the Chief. They found someone with the highest qualifications - a PhD in Business Administration nonetheless. Nawawi Mat Awin, PhD Bus Ad. went on to fade away in history. No one knows what ever became of him. No one can recall what he did as Chief of the Malay Chamber.

    Other people do recall what he did as Chief of the Bank Bumi at one time. Can anyone remember Bank Bumi?

    Over at the Chinese Chamber, Latok Lim (of plywood factory fame) and gang were doing just fine.

    Now we got the fourth floor, made up of Abdools, Oxbridge n such.

    Why are reruns no more in black and white?

  40. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Aah ... Omar Mustapha.

    Son of Mustapha Ong, the man who tried to pay the Malaysian Embassy driver in New York to accuse Anwar Ibrahim of "rear-ending" him.

    But let not the sins of the father be borne by the son.

    Omar Mustapha has decent brains, good experience in both success and failure, and excellent high-level contacts.

    He is a player, make no mistake, and he runs with the biggest of them.

    You people talk about his links to KJ. Please.

    KJ is small fry compared to some of the people in Omar's rolodex.

  41. I say with the transition of power.....Same desease, same prescribed medicine with no cure, only change of doctors.

    Kamal and KJ will be replaced by one, even more dangerous....influential and powerful, Rosmah. Can Malaysia accept this?

    The fourth floor will be deemed useless, and all the oxford certificates and the Eisenwhatchamacallit Foundation fellowship and Davos Young Global Leadership award will be neutralized in the kitchen of the Seri Perdana under Rosmah.



    You are dealing with nitty gritty details and missing THE BIG PICTURE guys!

  42. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Ah.... u dah mula ke rocky ....

    Over with Pak Lah ... n start with Najib....

    tsk tsk tsk ...

    June ..

    (dont try to be like RPK )

  43. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Anak bangsawan melayu who squander the country's wealth. These bangsawan melayu proclaimed that they are the one who defend for the Malay right with their "Ketuanan Melayu" idelogy. Adakah ini benar masyarakat melayu begitu senang diperbodohi oleh bangsawan Melayu? Syabas kepada Tok Guru.

  44. Whoever runs a govt should see that these advisors themselves have a chink in their armour. That chink is simplification. They don't really crunch numbers in masses, more distill what they think are the salients. Then they power-point them. It's these bunches of ppt which create the psychological impact that result in their appointments. The slides are often well-constructed, instructive even, and dispelling of all the nitty-gritty details, dispelling uncertainty and fogs in the minds with their almost commanding choice of words that brook no further questions. The strategy boutiques are notably good at these.

    But the best of them all, ceb of washington, has just come out to admit that its toolkits to its clients, numbering the hundreds of fortune's 500, may have to be reviewed in the light of the present meltdown in the US. That itself is understandable because the advice is too often bereft of any consideration for other trigger factors, like human culpability, for all their automaton qualities.

    The role of such pedigree advisors should be but the first part of a process that must end in some reality check at the ground or in the hallways where the policies are to be applied. Looking at their profiles, they are unlikely to have the sort of exposure which will enable them to set additional mechanisms that will right-size and right-archetype their ideas. And with a govt that is only starry-eyed about them but not having anything else to close the gaps, needless to say more money will be spent on spinning in order to give the appearance that all is proceeding as cheerfully and smoothly as those slides seem to dictate.

    That's why we can lose millions in overpriced foreign investments of dubious value. And stymied corridor projects and flipflop fuel policy implementations. On the other hand, temasek across the bridge made two big bundles, one on the shanghai bourse and the other from the resale of merrill lynch. They had lost some elsewhere but it's all nicely recouped.

    They must always remember the tradition of the advisor in the JPM. The last one was called EPU. Its most notable deed was to impoverish an entire nation for the next ten generations from an unbridled, cocked-up adoption of privatisation that favoured the kleptocrats and killed the future of the rakyat.

    I know they read this. That's why i wrote it.

  45. why everybody in malaysia need consultant? Najib have UMNO supreme council to refer to. get the best people in any discipline not only base on populist to sit on supreme council . let the party wing pemuda ,puteri and wanita the become the real check and balance. do not appoint them in the ministrial position.

  46. Anonymous9:39 pm

    We, Anwar's supporters, from the Underground level 4, will be a force to be reckoned with those boys in level 4 if and only if there is no earthquake lah

    Underground level 4

  47. Anonymous11:44 am

    Dear Najib Loyalist,

    Yes, we hear you. But you should also what the rest of Malaysia is saying, out of what we perceived.

    This is nothing about Dato’ Seri Najib not able to think for himself and/or make decisions. This is most probably about “Ghost of Hari Raya past” still leaving a legacy to “haunt” the one chance he had to redeem someone else’s mistakes and do a mark for himself; all in one stroke. Unfortunately, the linked article shows the ‘tentacles’ of the “BEAST” is still PERCEIVED to be influencing the new administration and most probably has the tendency to stay.

    In the eyes of the common rakyat, Dato’ Seri Najib already suffering from very serious perception issues, be it entirely unreal. Then again in politics, perception is 90% of confidence!

    So, help us God………

  48. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Omar mustapha = Zaki = Kj , and several others.

    So you see, even if Pak Lah leaves offices, if Najib appoints Omar anywhere in his office, the country is facing the same bull shit from smart asses. It is like playing musical chairs with the same group. Please Dato Najib, dont do this!

    These people might be good in theory, but they suck in real life. They dont know the pulse of the rakyat.

    A rakyat

  49. Anonymous3:52 pm

    To 4th floor boys.

    Kamrul Idris deputy GIC? He knows nothing bro except sucks balls. Ask Kali.

  50. Anonymous3:53 pm


    They can remove us when they take over the NST. We have no problem. We can join your old paper, Malay Mail.


  51. Anonymous10:06 am

    Omar is the son of the late Tun Omar Ong?????????? Wow he is at Tingkat 4 !!! Anwar is still at Tingkat Basement I presume hahaha

  52. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Leadership by example!!

    Even our future PM personal blog site, registered under a private company sdn bhd, best of all the server (IP = is hosted at USA!!! INMOTION HOSTING, SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES.

    a [Domain Name]
    b [MYNIC Registration No.] D1A101893
    c [Record Created] 10-SEP-2008
    d [Record Expired] 10-SEP-2009
    e [Record Last Modified] 12-SEP-2008

    g [Registrant MYNIC Handle] ETHOS3.ORG
    Ethos Sdn. Bhd
    Level 8 Menara TSH, 8 Jalan Semantan
    Damansara Heights
    50490 Kuala Lumpur
    Wilayah Persekutuan
    (Tel) 603-20930000
    (Fax) 603-20938877

    Does it mean our future PM also has no confidence in Malaysia local web hosting such as our beloved TM (remember Netmyne??) ?


  53. Anonymous12:24 pm

    wow interesting news! Then Omar must be the son-in-law of Najib!!!

  54. Anonymous5:06 am

    Well said.

  55. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Everybody knows that the Jews controls Obama.
    Source of power: previous funding

    Now similarly, are the 4th floor boys controlling the PM?
    If so what is the source of power?
    KJ again?

    Pray pray not