Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mukhriz gets the 38

Umno Youth nominations count. As at half past six, Mukhriz Mahathir has shot past the 38 nominations required by a candidate to quality for the contest in March next year. Khairy Jamaluddin and Khir Toyo trail with 18 and 10, respectively.

"KJ can still make it," I said to a friend.
"Well, that would be too bad. KJ represents everything that is wrong with Umno today. (The remaining divisions) should send a message to KJ by not giving him anymore nominations," came the reply.

There are 191 Umno divisions meeting until Nov 9 to give nominations for candidates vying for all posts in the party. A member aspiring to run for President needs to secure 58 nominations.


  1. UMNO and BN on the road to rejuvenation...

  2. Anonymous8:33 pm

    MM, we are here in JB for you!
    KJ, yerk!


  3. Anonymous8:55 pm

    My sentiment as well. I hope other branches' Youth stop giving SIL any more votes. BUT it would just be wishful thinking. He will be eligible for te top Youth post.

    However, the unexpected speed of Mukhriz eligibility to run for the Youth Chief sure give the Oxford boy a big scare.

  4. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Alah Mukhriz???

    Retchhhhhh.....Hack Ptui! ISA lover. Put him in ISA and let him taste the concrete floor...

    Anon R Us

  5. Syabas Mukriz. As Rais Yatim said, it’s a good development in UMNO youth. Not many believed the nasty SIL when he said he stands on his own achievements; I wonder about such truth when someone told me that never in the history in UMNO youth that the youth leaders use Mercedes. Perhaps the SIL wishes to continue dreaming until his last days. I have full confidence that UMNO delegates will reject the SIL in the greater interest of the Silent Majority who has nothing but disgust for the arrogant SIL.

  6. Anonymous12:24 am

    what goes up will come down. KJ did not learn this at Oxford. He will and he will learn this fast

  7. My take on the MM & KJ tussle is that while Mukhriz has shown much maturity and wisdom in his approach and views and should therefore be UMNO Youth Head,UMNO also needs smart, cajoling, manipulative leaders like KJ to match and counter the devious Opposition leaders and their slimy tactics.

    It takes a crook to fight other crooks!

    Khairy can cry out for change and fight the mavericks both within the movement and without.

    Mukhriz must represent solidarity and integrity!

    However, both carry the burden and blessings of their father's/ father-in-law's legacy!

  8. the best and strategic move for KJ is to offer himself for no 2 post and let MM and KT go for no 1.
    KJ need re branding and he can do that as the no 2 man afterall he is still very young.

  9. Anonymous9:54 am

    KJ can go to hell! Keep up Mukriz many ahli UMNO know that Pak Lah,KJ,4th level boys and cronies are on their way out....we serve a new master now.

  10. Anonymous10:06 am

    People are way too hard on KJ now. Have you not heard the latest for him to call the end of racist and ultra-Malay politics?

    The problem with KJ was he was in it for himself and he got too ambitious and impatient. He was that way partly because Badawi had few he could lean on.

    The waste that is KJ is that he is not without talent BUT he has to start all over again, rebuilt his foundation of power on a long term agenda rather be in it for himself or with a specific material gain. He must in the end stands for something he believe in so that the end does not justify the means but the journey itself is more important..

  11. Mahathir and Pak Lah have no integrity. Both of them have had free reign over the country's coffers while pretending other people are the problem.

    From contract junkies to cronies, who is worse? I would say Mahathir becos there was also the stink of the national institutions that he had subverted like the AG's office, the judiciary and the police that have become nothing more than party hacks. The amount of taxpayer's money involved in scandals during Mahathir's time was also much worse. Pak Lah's theft could not hold a candle to Mahathir's cronies like Daim, Amin Shah, Halim Saad and Tajuddin Ramli.

    I don't expect Khairy, Mukhriz or Najib to be any different. This kind of evil will still reign supreme in UMNO.

  12. Anonymous11:15 am

    well done mukris, it shows that umno again will use mahathirisma as the method of authority!!!!

    zamri, sunway semenyih

  13. Anonymous11:16 am

    mukriz, hidup dikaktorship and dikaktor lover!!! ISA lover!!!

    Hidup umno!!! and hidup ISA (tak suka tangkap atas alasan penganas)

    zamri ppbss

  14. /// Omong said...
    UMNO and BN on the road to rejuvenation... ///

    omong - you got to be kidding!!! This must qualify as the best joke of the century. Rejuvenation??? More like turning the soiled underwear inside out and wearing it again - now, with this at least you get a fresh underwear in a very real sense.

  15. The worst nightmare had gone..MM secured the no of nominations required..well this is a good sign.. victory is within the target.. At first my thought was that MM would hardly get enough nominations to qualify for the Ketua Pemuda post..


  16. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Well done Mukhriz. Well done. Godspeed to you. Many people are placing very high hopes on you.

    They want to see in you the dynamism, the genius of your father MINUS some of those other things that they did not like during your father's trnure.

    They just want to see the greatness of your father repeated, and taken to greater heights. This is what you must tell us and then deliver to us. Every generation must seek to be better than the one before it. You must cut your own path and seek to do more for us.

    Do note that some of the support for you is also a protest vote against the KJ monkey. But I believe that is minimal.

    You must get a cosmopolitan and talented team around you from day one. As it is your close buddies and advisers are mostly 'braders' who are plain vanilla UMNO cut outs and plain vanilla UMNO Bloggers.

    The future of succesful Government in this country will depend on a cosmopolitan, progressive, well read and well informed pool of talent. Start looking around and get them quickly organised.

  17. but people, dont forget.. KJ got million to buy more nomination.. from those who dont have any honour..

  18. Anonymous2:52 pm

    I agree. KJ should go for no2 and re-brand himself. He's young and time is on his side, if he sees it that way.
    But then, he has money and time is not in the minds of greedy people.
    Reverse psychology or not, Tun M predicted that KJ would win.
    Only time will tell.

    PR Consultant.

  19. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Bila KJ dapat dua pencalonan dan disiarkan dalam akhbar milik NSTP, pada hari pertama mesyuarat Pemuda, ketua-ketua kat NSTP bising sebab akhbar-akhbarnya tak pakai gambar KJ. Penyunting akhbar mungkin merasakan gambar KJ tidak perlu guna sebab tidak adil pada calon lain yang bertanding. Tapi, dalam kepala pemimpin NSTP tentulah lain pula.
    Tapi, hari ini bila Mukriz dah dapat banyak pencalonan, mereka tak cari pun gambar Mukriz. Kalau boleh, mereka tak mau guna pun gambar Mukriz tu. Jadi Mukriz, bila awak naik esok, LU FIKIRLAH SENDIRI.

    Ahli fikiaq

  20. Anonymous3:55 pm

    We have got the 2 top guys who are aligned to Mahatir now about to come into power. For the benefit of check and balance maybe an outsider in KJ is not too bad an idea.

    But rest assure that hopefully there will not display stupid antics of previous heads.

  21. Anonymous3:07 am

    Mukhriz esok memang asik duduk dibawah pengaruh bapak dia saja lah. Orang macam ni ke yang kita nak?

  22. Anonymous11:15 am

    If the three of them were to contest, it will mean big money for the UMNO youth delegates. They will getting them from three corners. That is why it is fun to be a delegate.

  23. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Dear Mansor,

    In a country when transparency and fairness rule, I fully agree with your line of thoughts. But think for a second....what has this report achieved?? it the truth??..what is the motive behind this wrongful report?? Is Utusan/UMNO playing fair?? They are using people like you to rationalize their way of thinking.