Sunday, October 12, 2008

An interview with the Spiritual Leader

"The ISA [and other sins of the current Federal Government], will go." - Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, on what PAS will do if/when Pakatan Rakyat takes over.

OUR appointment with Nik Aziz, the Menteri Besar of Kelantan and the Islamic Party's Spiritual Leader, was set at 9 this morning at the Rumah Sri Kelantan on Jalan Stonor, KL.

Sheih Kickdefella knows I'm not a morning person but it's not easy to get Tok Guru. We focused on PAS' 18-year administration of Kelantan. No Opposition party in Malaysia can boast of such a track record.

He speaks of how the Federal government has denied the Kelantan people of the development and the projects they deserve as Malaysians. "It's one of the sins of the Federal Government," he says. When PAS (or Pakatan Rakyat) takes of the Federal Government, "that sin" will cease to be committed, along with t"he other dosa-dosa" like the ISA, he assures.

Our conversation, inevitably, strays to politics. Fortunately, the Tok Guru doesn't mind. In fact, politics and the economy, he says, are intertwined: one can't do without the other.

So, I asked him about Anwar Ibrahim's December deadline to take over the Government from the BN. The deadline, Nik Aziz told me, isn't important. What's imperative is that the takover must happen. "Mesti," he reiterates.

"How can we continue to sail on a ship whose captain is at odds with others? We must take over that ship."

Nuraina A. Samad of Jalan Sudin, who is also group editor of TELL magazine, was at the interview. We are planning a piece for the next issue of Tell. Nik Aziz, she says, is the "conscience of Kelantan". That sounds like a good heading ...

All pics by Nuraina A. Samad


  1. Satu provokasi Nik Aziz untuk melihat Anwar begitu yakin meneruskan kerja gila untuk mencapai matlamat tetapi di akhirnya PAS menggunakan kesempatan untuk menerajui kerajaan tanpa perlu bersusah payah.

    Samada menghalalkan cara atau memang cara itu halal, terpulanglah kepada ulama politik untuk menterjemahkannya asal jangan menang jadi abu, kalah jadi arang.

    Nik Azik tidak betul pada semua perkara dan pada semua masa.

  2. Anonymous2:46 pm

    nak menipu pun agak2 laa pak aziz woiii.. mungkin orang melayu semua bodoh agaknya pada kepala otak ko.

  3. Anonymous2:48 pm

    jadi ke hishamuddin aun berhenti?

    dengar kata tak jadi berhenti sebab rumah, kereta belum habis bayar.

    katanya hisham harap ada golden handshake kalau di arah berhenti.

  4. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Nik Aziz,

    Apakah tidak berdosa bersekongkol dengan kafir2 harbi untuk membentuk kerajaan?

    Apakah PAS terlena kerana teringin sangat memerintah?

  5. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Mengapa perlu diberi tongkat untuk memajukan negeri Kelantan?

    18 tahun memerintah mengapa perlukan bantuan orang lain?

    Akal diberi mengapa tak digunakan secara bijaksana?

    Mengapa perlu menuduh orang lain?

    Mengapa perlu solat dua imam?

    Mengapa perlu mengkafirkan saudara seagama?

    Mengapa benarkan mengeluarkan kata kata lucah?

    Mengapa golongan nasionalis anda kata tidak islam?

    Sebagai Tuan Guru, seperti juga pemimpin-pemimpin yang lain anda akan disoal terlebih dahulu di akhirat nanti.

  6. amacam dengan liwat - diharamkan atau dihalalkan?

    kelantan wanted development?

    BN is responsible when the govt is PAS????

    whoah - convenient whipping boy ...

  7. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Jgn la nik aziz tu "conscience of kelantan". Serupa la letak orang kelantan tak de "conscience". Orang kelantan semua baik baik. Yang tak baik nye org macam nik aziz dan anuar musa.

  8. Anonymous5:36 pm

    kluangman said..Nik Azik tidak betul pada semua perkara dan pada semua masa.

    Yg betul selama-lamanya ialah kluangman dan mamakdir. Ptuih!


  9. Anonymous6:05 pm

    tunggu dan lihat jelah what will happen. nobody can guarantee and be certain that their plans will take place

    what is sure PR is also working hard to what they and the people think is right which is to end the 51 years of BN's rulling..

  10. If I am interviewing Nik Aziz I will ask him about personal hygiene, like how many times he brushes his teeth. Does he use dental floss, if he does is it waxed or unwaxed floss. How often he changes his underwear. Does he knOW how to use dental floss. Or does he uses kayu sugi Islam to brush his teeth or tooth brushg with regular Colgate, or sensodyne. What kind of soap he uses or how often doses he take shower in a day. And why is he wearing an Arabic robe instead of baju Melayu, does he think he is more Malay or Arab or Thai. Why does he make a trip across trhe border every month!? Or I will ask whether his wife gave back the land titles that she took from Kelantanese, poor ones that is, when they gave to her for surety! Many questions bro! BTW why is there a necessity for your pics to appear twice in your blog?! Everyone knows its you?!
    Cheers! Dan mari kita bersugi secara Islam!

  11. Anonymous8:38 pm

    yo BRO! a ship with a good captain is still not enough!need to put people like the 'imam', 'bilal' and of cos people like me to clean up the 'mess'.


  12. Anonymous8:38 pm

    yo BRO! a ship with a good captain is still not enough!need to put people like the 'imam', 'bilal' and of cos people like me to clean up the 'mess'.


  13. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Tuan Guru Nik Aziz Pemimpin contoh negara. Semoga Allah memberi kesihatan dan kekuatan untuk terus menegakkan kebenaran dan membantu Anwar dan Pakatan Rakyat membuat perubahan. Ameen!!!!

  14. mitok maah tok guru,walaupun ambo sokong tok guru sebagai oghe alim dan sebagai meteri besa klate, ambo tok kkene sangat denge caro PAS tido sebantal denge PKR dan DAP. Sa lagi guano tok guru kuat sangat sokong Nuar tuh? Oghe besa PAS hok laing to ggitu semo...

  15. Yg betul selama-lamanya ialah kluangman dan mamakdir. Ptuih!


    Ini pengikut setia nik aziz yang meludah orang bila pemimpin idolanya kena kutuk.

    Kalau takut dilambung ombak jangan berumah ditepi pantai, simpan je nik aziz dalam peti besi.

    apapun nik aziz memang tidak akan mengaku pengikut buta tuli bangang macam ni, buat malu kaum je..

  16. Anonymous9:55 pm

    WOW...banyak nya orang yang benci meluat2 kepada Tok Guru. Leave your venomous filth inside you dudes. Kalau takde benda elok nak cakap kat orang, dont say anything. Open your UMNO-tinted specs sikit la. You think the world revolves around UMNO. Itu pasal UMNO is on its way towards oblivion. Muhyiddin pun dah cakap, UMNO kena mindset change, otherwise it will become obsolete.

    "Nik Azik (sp) tidak betul pada semua perkara dan pada semua masa." itu memang betul, beliau tidak maksum. Tetapi beliau banyak betul pada banyak masa. More so than most of your beloved UMNO leaders. You know it, I know it. Unless UMNO wakes up and looking at your postings and having heard of similar retorts from UMNO ppl, I don't believe it would which would be good for PAS and others, is doom and gloom for UMNO.

    lebih percaya ular
    Are you living in 70s? Tell you what, better keep trusting those ular. I just hope they dont bite you later on...

    Are you making fun of kayu sugi? Do you think they are a joke as compared to your holier-than-thou toothbrush (berus apa yang dipakai nak manufacture tuh?) and dental floss? If so, good luck in getting those syafaat from Rasulullah brde.

    Or do you think Tok Guru smells? Or that politics are beyond his comprehension? Aiyyo brde, oklah you are better person spiritually and intellectually than Tok Guru, is that what you want to hear? I know why Rasullah kept saying "Ummati ummati ummati...". Sometimes I fear for my fellow muslim brothers. Dunia ini sementara, akhirat itu kekal abadi. Moga2 Allah swt memberi syafaat kepada kita semua.

    - Islam itu BENAR -

  17. please have some respect for Tok Guru. He led the Pas govt in Kelantan for 18 years,, with opposition Federal Government not supporting at all. He is a role model politician, Now its too little to redicule him, Sorry brothers in BN , Tok Guru Nik is liked by not only the Malay Muslims but Hindus like me and even the Chinese... BN is sinking and its for Sure,

  18. Nik Aziz the Tok Guru speaks as though he and his party are sinless – which political party/ politician has not been bias one way or other in proceeding with the political objectives or taking advantage in misleading the masses and in propagating falsehood? Nay, BN and UMNO consistently failed in Kelantan due to their own foolishness. In Trengganu, PAS was ousted because their representatives failed to deliver their promises; its human nature that when given power and especially when people see tons of money and opportunities before their eyes, they always forget themselves - the religious ideals were put to the back burners. The docile performance of their representatives in the Pakatan Rakyat states speaks for themselves but these PAS people believe they can contend with the Devil by working with him when Allah has demonstrated that so many have failed while finally yielding to the Master Evil.

    SHIT – that’s what Shahnon Ahmad said and that’s PAS when they yield their integrity and sacrilege to DSAI, the DAP and the socialistic ideals of PKR. PAS members should constantly be reminded about the essence of the dialogue between the Prophet (PBUH) and the Devil so that the party members will not be trapped by their ideals but stand steadfast by the flag of Islam; its basic – we have to reflect rather than simply criticize others, they more PAS criticize, the more hypocrites they become and that’s NOT the ideal way of life. The reality of the day doesn’t mean PAS should set aside some Islamic values and principles while accepting others – that’s deception of the highest degree. My respect for PAS was abandoned the moment Tok Guru and members of his top echelon compromised with DSAI, the DAP and the desperate politics of PKR.

  19. Ambil alih kapal katanya...

    Tak kiralah dengan apa cara sekalipun kan?

    Hari tu dengar cerita yang Anwar menyalahkan Pak Lah kerana tak membenarkan peralihan kuasa secara tertib dijalankan. Kalau dia lah yang jadi perdana menteri, dia sanggup ke pihak pembangkang senang-senang suruh dia adakan sidang khas parlimen dan suruh dia letak jawatan dan membenarkan peralihan kuasa diadakan - tanpa lawan balik?

    Pelik betul ler si Anwar ni tapi yang lagi pelik adalah penyokong-penyokong taksub dia, terutama sekali Tian Chua tu.

    Tuan Guru toksir tamak ye? Jaga jer la Kelantan tu elok-elok.

  20. Anonymous11:38 pm

    if nik aziz is so damn wrong..than what do you think of the current leaders of Malaysia? Baik? Suci?Maksum? haiyaa... you people...udah2 la.

    rakyat biasa

  21. Anonymous12:50 am

    Pasquale...go brush your teeth with piss.

    Oh, you already drink it as in beer?

    Sorry, you got me one up there.

    -hate liberally stupid malays like pissquale-

  22. Anonymous2:16 am

    Seems like open season for all you naysayers to take pot shots at the Tuan Guru.

    Grow a spine like kluangman and give yourself an identity if you persist in heckling. As it is, all you anons hecklers are a bit more milk first before the tea, reasons show lack of intelligence and clearly out of your depth to stop a change of Govt next time round.

    And mind you, it is going to happen with or without Anwar. The ship is fast sinking with ranking UMNO(current batch of Majlis Tinggi are most inept to go along all boorish traits)basket cases more desperate than ever to grab all they can - that directly steals from the pockets of the children of you naysayers.

    I can comprehend blind faith ie the numerous "I luv you Tun" on Dr.M's blog or if you lot are paid RM$2 per posting(whatever the going rate) but it is outright foolish for you lot of naysayers to persist with UMNO, to write off others more capable to lead the nation when the future of the next generation is at stake.

    Bodoh tak mengapa, tetapi bodoh dikalangan kamu ini akan membawa padah kpd mereka dibangku sekolah.

    Regards all.

  23. I am ok with Islamic based political parties using Islamic virtues as its policies and principles.
    But when leaders/Ulamaks of the party start passing down 'hukums' and 'fatwa's' along party lines..this can only amount to spiritual blackmail.


  24. Anonymous10:09 am


    kenapa tak tanya nik aziz dulu masa mahathir jadi PM dia kutuk mahathir amalkan kronisme dan nepotisme.. tuduh mahathir bagi projek kat anak beranak dan macam-macam..

    tapi awal tahun nie masa orang kelantan sendiri tuduh dia lantik menantu dia jadi pengerusi PKINK dia guna islam kata islam benarkan kronisme dan nepotisme..

    kalau dulu dia cakap islam benarkan orang mencarut dan tuhan (tuhan dia kot) suka mencarut.. entah masa depan apa2 lagi yang dia akan gunakan Islam untuk kepentingan peribadi..

    orang macam nie ke yang kita nak ikut. ambo pikir pak limo ne kali laa weiii.. buleh kalu nok tipu ore sekali sekalo.. tapi nik aziz tokleh tipu semua ore pada setiap maso...

    salam dari pulau chondong..

    p/s: hanapi mamat tuh 3 kali doh menang kerusi YB adun.. tapi batang hidung sekali pun tok napok turun tulung ore kampung... aku tgk pakai mercedes kerajaan negeri.. bisnes dia makin besar... kalu bukan sebab nate KJ dengan dolah kaki tidor.. lamo doh PAS bungkus jual nasi tepi jale.

  25. fucking umno assholes...they never change...

  26. Anonymous11:44 am

    Sebagai seorang Islam..jGN KITE DOK SUKE Memfitnah seseorang kalu tak tahu samaada betul atau salah..

    Korang sumer penah tgk, dengar dgn mata kepala sendiri ke? Hanya di akhirat kelak kita tahu siapa yang salah dan benar. Jd buat mase skrg jgn doh ngutuk2 org.lebih2 lg seorang ulamak.

  27. Ini lah org tua yg sekarang ini dipertikaikan panggilan tuan guru oleh ahli PAS sendiri (baca tulisan En Ramli Kapak Jangak). Jadi saya nak bertanya kepada Nik Aziz..ayat mana yg dia pakai bab org lain semua buat salah..dia pulak maksum?? Sebab itulah Nik Aziz ini menggunakan dua lidah bila berbicara. Tanya soalan hukum hakam agama maka jawapan yg diberi adalah tulus ikhlas. Bersoal pulak hal2 politik kepartian..maka jawapan Nik Aziz terpesong 360 darjah..satu pun tak boleh pakai. Siapa yg dok bagi briefing kpd Nik Aziz?..melainkan YB Husam Musa..

    Maka tuan2..komen politik Nik Aziz harus di analisa dan disaring berkali2 sebelum mengguna pakai..

  28. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Dear Whackthembugger

    The way you spelt my state has already suggested that it may have been a while since you've gone there much less talk to the people over there on the political scenario. Let me first educate you, it's now spelled "TERENGGANU". You can add Darul Iman at the back for courtesy sake.

    As much valuable info or filth spread by MSM that you read on Terengganu politics, I can assure you PAS did not lose because they failed to deliver. BN won on the threat of No Wang Ehsan and hidup papa kedana that most Terengganuians had to endure over the 5 years period as PAS we denied the Wang Ehsan from the Federal Government. I have to admit, we are fickle minded people and we rely a LOT on the wang ehsan to go by. PAS might have been naive as they didnt figure TDM would've pulled such as move but ask any Terengganuians, had PAS be given the billions of ringgt called Wang Ehsan, I can assure you PAS would not have lost.

    They are bringing about brand new politics based on integrity and openness. They are brandishing we are one with the people motto that is so much more refreshing and sometimes a bloke like me can attune and relate to, unlike the so-called "What's in it for me"-laden attitude by current UMNO (MCA and MIC are not so strong here) people. UMNO MP/Aduns are no longer accessible to the masses. With their snobbish noses up high, they run around the town in brand new people-funded luxurious mercedes, they only think of what new projects can benefit me.

    One of my aunt is lamenting how her late husband (Al-Fatithah)who had served Terengganu/Malaysia for almost 30 years had left her with token amount of money while the new batch of MP/Aduns are raking in millions of money in their bank account - this is the reality in Terengganu and I suspect maybe elsewhere to given the 8th March election results. So spare me and the rest of Terengganuians the oft-incorrect perceptions the rest of Malaysia may have. Visit the state once in a while for you may be contributing to the people of Terengganu (>95% Malays) much needed economy boost. Fyi, 2008 is visit Terengganu year.


  29. Anonymous12:46 pm

    Entahlah tak tau nak kata ape.........Most of the time I respect Tok Guru..His way of carrying himself,imparting religious knowledge, leading a simple life etc ( unlike orang besar/other politicians, esp from UMNO). however, his association with Anwar (now getting less n lesser respect from me) make me wonder n doubtful abt Nik Aziz assessment. Hanya Allah yang tau. Comparatively, he is still a better leader than most of leaders from UMNO. ( p/s) Can somebody advise Nagib to put Rosmah into 'islamisation programme" at least apperance wise, to emulate Tun sharifah Radziah, Tun Puan Rahah, Tuh Puan Suhaila, Tun Dr Hasmah..not to dress up like a celebrity, but isebagai isteri pembesar negara yang kami hormati. This is really important. Kalau silap haribualan Najib boleh jatoh sebab Rosmah

  30. Anonymous1:08 pm

    Stupid things said by stupid malaysians. It's so nice isn't it to condemn other people? What's with the personal hygiene anyway? That's really shallow. Can't think of anything better to criticize? No? I would have guessed it anyway because that's why malaysia is a nobody in this world. Go ahead sodomize each other.

  31. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Aloh la, kalu Tok Guru dok amal cronisme/nepotisme/tipuisme, lamo doh set2 bala tentera kerajaan mari dumoh dio igak, lekpar dale gok nyoh. Masaloh loni set2 kerajaan toksoh kato bukti sahih, nok fabricate bukti pon tokleh. Banding denga set2 hatu rayo putrojayo loni, Tok Guru punyo reputation, panggey tok dengar la gu!!!!

  32. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Aloh la, kalu Tok Guru dok amal cronisme/nepotisme/tipuisme, lamo doh set2 bala tentera kerajaan mari dumoh dio igak, lekpar dale gok nyoh. Masaloh loni set2 kerajaan toksoh kato bukti sahih, nok fabricate bukti pon tokleh. Banding denga set2 hatu rayo putrojayo loni, Tok Guru punyo reputation, panggey tok dengar la gu!!!!

  33. bro,
    did you ask nik aziz succession plan?

  34. aku setuju dengan korok kering..kalau tokguru amal kronisme dah lama dah di BPR heret tok guru masuk penjara..tapi yang kita tau..BPR jer yang dok naik turun pejabat tok guru..ambil keterangan itu la ini la..tu pun sebab provokasi UMNO..bukti nak bawa ke mahkamah x ade pun

  35. Anonymous3:13 pm

    kalu nok lantik ore hok naik pejabat pun pukul 11 pagi wat nate apo weii. semuo kijo seroh ko orang keliling, tapi MB kijo hari-hari gi mnembok burung belake ghumoh wat nate beghok apo gu??? baik aku lantik wok sir jadi MB aku.

    kelate eksiden banyok beruk rayo lepas kes jale kecik. nok membangun bersamo tok guru pun jange bowok namo Isle. Isle pas dengan Isle tok guru panggey to dengar la gu.

  36. ChengHo,

    I did. He said he never wanted to be MB in the first place and had wanted to quit several times. But now, according to the Tok Guru, the people don't want him to go. I think he was pulling my leg. Nik Aziz has a sense of humour, too, y'know.

    I also asked him about the impending financial crisis. He told me to take that question to Husam Musa.

    He didn't mention any other Pas leaders' names during the interview, you know what I mean?

  37. nik aziz nik aziz

    orang macam anwar nak diangkat menjadi pemimpin.

    belum pasti anwar seorang peliwat.

    tetapi yang pasti anak buah syiah kamu mat sabu menuduh anwar peliwat pada tahun 1996 dengan gelaran anwar al juburi.

    layakkah seorang yang ditangkap khalwat menuduh anwar peliwat. mat sabu al maksiati.

    kata orang 2 x 5.

    hukum sekarang tentu wajib kan nik aziz, kerana anda terkenal sebagai pakar mengubah hukum.

    should i shout takbir and the rest of you answer Allahuakbar?

  38. Anonymous3:48 pm

    How sure is Nik Aziz that ALlah would agree with his intepretation or presumption of the "dosa-dosa"?

    Reminds me of Pope talking about "Sins".

    P/s Did Nurina Samad wear Hijab whilst in Nik Aziz's presence? ;-)

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

  39. Anonymous4:40 pm

    err...kalau aku listkan dosa bn yang tak di sebutkan TGNA memang tak habis ....tapi kalau ada facts and figures tambah bukti pun korang buat macam augustine paul je (itu semua tak relevan!)...lantak kolah labu..

    korang tak tau ke orang yang last boleh bagi syafaat itu ulamak yang kita kenal pada zamannya....

    kutuklah nik azid...tengoklah padahnya di padang mahsyar nanti..aku berdoa TGNA maafkan korang kat sana nanti...

  40. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Kalau kluangman yang bagi komen, tak payah buang masa nak baca..sebab selalunya merepek merapu. Ni la jadinya kalau selalu bergaul ngan bapok @mak nyah azwan ali! keh..keh..keh. Amacam kluangman...banyak menyamar lagi ke? Sekejap kat PKR..kejap pegi PAS..sekarang ni dah bermesra dengan parti tong taik pulak ke..?

    adik kluangman (lain bapak!)

  41. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Aah... Memang PAS tak berdosa. Nik Aziz pun tak buat dosa. Maksum. Pengikut2 PAS & Nik Aziz pun maksum. Maki2 orang tak dikira berdosa. Maksum.

    Orang UMNO memang semua berdosa dan jahat2. Jadi saya boleh juga faham kalau mereka mengeji2 Nabi Nik Aziz.

  42. Anonymous4:38 am

    saya mengeji dan menghina nik aziz selepas pru12....dan saya masih tak faham mengapa saudara rocky sbg editor berpengalaman dan tentunya wartawan kelas 1 gagal memberi soalan yg dapat menguji minda politik serta visi pas.....jika lepas ujian ini org melayu am nya dapat menilai keburukan dan kekotoran pelopor islam sekular nik aziz....

    antara soalan ialah berkaitan berhala memeluk islam...isu azan....janji anwar pada kristian untuk gunakan nama allah....bukankah pas bersekongkol ngn pkr dan dap yang menghina islam......????pada saya nik aziz sudah mengadai maruah serta islam untuk menandatangani perjanjian dengan syaitan......semoga allah memberi beliau dan kita semua petunjuk jalan yg lurus dan lindungi kita dari mainan keji syaitan sesungguhnya kita manusia adalah lemah dan bodoh(paling pandai pun tak sampai setitik air laut dari kepandaian allah)

  43. Anonymous8:51 am

    Long live tuan guru!!moderate man with big heart

  44. Anonymous10:35 am

    salam bro..

    sape yang ngata lebih2 tu bawak je jumpa face to face dengan nik aziz..tengok..ada berani ke tak..hehehehe..teringat lagu butterfingers

    "bila kawan ramai,keliling kita,cakap besar tunjuk belang,tapi bila sorang-sorang,pengecut pemalu,macam semua orang"

    have a good day..

    pemerhati rock

  45. Anonymous1:49 pm

    I used to have some respects to nik aziz looking at his moderate lifestyle, but that is the side point. Sejak PAS dalam pakatan pembangkang bersama-sama DAP dan PKR dan mendiamkan diri dlm byk hal terutamanya dlm isu-isu yg melibatkan Islam, azan dipertikaikan, Perkara 121(1A) Perlembagaan (Kedudukan Mahkamah Syariah) dll, saya hilang hormat pada nik aziz dalam perjuangan PAS sebenar. Sehingga agama Islam dipertikai PAS mendiamkan diri, malah menentangkan penahanan Teresa Kok di bawah ISA. Tak payah cerita tentang punca penahanannya, isu'makanan anjing' pun terang2 putar belitnya. Patutlah rumah dibaling dgn molotov cocktail, jgn cuba 'test the water' org Melayu mungkin diam tapi jgn lebih2 naikkan kemarahan org Melayu. tapi PAS tetap mendiamkan diri... orang UMNO yg pernah dikatakan kafir jugak yg sibuk2. Anwar yg sampai sudah tak bersumpah tentang perlakuan liwatnya pun tak jadi issue lagi...Semoga PAS dengan 'negara Islamnya' DAP dengan 'Malaysia for all Malaysian (Chinese)' dan PKR dengan 'keadilan untuk anwar' dapat capai cita2 utk sama2 memerintah negara.

  46. Anonymous5:31 pm

    hidup tok guru. anda tidak sempurna. tapi yang terbaik


  47. Salam semua,

    Saya tertarik ngan pengikut PAS yang takleh terima TDM, bukan apa, yang korang benci sangat ngan TDM tu apahal.....cuba la korang tanya ngan org2 PAS sendiri zaman TDM dulu, ekonomi jatuh teruk macamna pun ada korang susah macam sekarang? Be honest.....jgn la korang dok kutuk dan hina TDM......Tuan Guru pun bukan sempurna, masing ada kelebihan dan kekurangan ok.

    brader Rocky, thats the main problem with nik aziz, he trust Husam too much....Husam is taking advantage on him...i pity nik aziz la......he is a good man and now he is working with this leather king Anwar....aduhhhh..i dont know what to say la...