Saturday, October 18, 2008

MCA's D-Day

WILL Dr Chua seek REVENGE? And lessons Umno and MIC can learn from MCA - a blog-analysis of the MCA election by Pahit Manis, h e r e.
Update midnight: Results of MCA election
President Ong Tee Keat 1429 votes Chua Jui Meng 917
Deputy President Dr Chua Soi Lek 1115 Ong Ka Chuan 1001
Vice Presidents Kong Cho Ha 1798, Liow Tiong Lai 1725 Dr Ng Yen Yen 1659 and Tan Kok Hong 1329 votes

Flashback! My article in Singapore's mypaper last Friday. Click on image to enlarge.

Original article:
The Malaysian Chinese Association
, Umno's largest partner in the Barisan Nasional coalition, holds party elections today. The real contest is for the Deputy President's post, where Dr Chua Soi Lek attempts one of the most dramatic comeback bids in Malaysian politics.
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  1. Anonymous3:49 pm

    CSL should also try to 'play dirty',i.e rear entry to win the election.

  2. Anonymous3:52 pm

    ala boring la bro cakap pasal MCA, parti yang lembik

    sebenarnya, parti parti dalam BN tak relevan la...

    ni semua nak rebut utk posisi utk apa,

    takda makna utk rakyat biasa la bang oi

  3. Anonymous4:04 pm

    I think you've got the names of the Ong brothers wrong, unless they have aliases unknown to me.

    Ong Ka Ting
    Ong Ka Chuan


  4. Anonymous4:19 pm

    One way to make BN better is to rotate the power and let the 2nd biggest party to hold power and see if the country can become better. In this case give MCA the authority to put in a PM, DPM, Defence, Home, Education, Trade, Foreign and choose Najib to be the health, Hishum to be the transport minister. If the country come out better and more progressive than everyone should agree to let MCA to guide our country.

    UMNO failed in the last 52 years, we should give power to MCA and see if it is better. You never try how do you know?

  5. Anonymous4:21 pm

    I agree with Lee San Choon that UMNO should give all power to MCA to form the government.
    You never try how do you know?

    Black cat white cat so long as cat can catch mice is good cat!

  6. Anonymous4:21 pm

    I was cautioned by many to keep this news a secret. But when the story ends with a 47 year old man jumping out a window and died shortly after the incident, keeping mummed about it is ridiculous.

    It all started when an african student heard loud moaning and grunting from a room. He went into the room and saw the 47 year old man having sex with a male student. The african rushed out from the room shouting "People having sex in the room!" his engine loud voice boomed from block A to block C. Students gathered and asked the african student what happened and checked the room only to find out that the old man jumped out the window. He landed just beside the drain and became unconscious. Some students dragged him to the basketball court and later called the ambulance. When asked whether or not he really saw them having sex the african in green jubah answered "I saw them, he's strong, he's sexy."

    Yeah this probably won't be on the news. A student died in UIA PJ when he leaped from a roof and fell down and that didn't make the press. This kind of incidents will just become rumours, another strory rephrased to fit the content of Mastika. It's like somebody that tells us "Now now kids, these stories are all rumours but the lessons are real. Commit zina or gay sex and you'll end up dead!"

    Gossip Boy

  7. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Whoever MCA elects as president, deputy president, won't make any difference to the party as it has been thoroughly rejected by the people on 8 Mar as a bodek-ampu boot licker of UMNO. Let MCA stew in its own juice until the next polls when all its remaining 15 MPs will be defeated and then it will close shop. No one, least of all the Chinese, will shed a tear.

    Bye bye MCA

  8. Typical of the pathetic state of UMNO and Barisan affairs is that Chua Soi Lek should be seeking a comeback in MCA.

    Plain dishonesty and an utter lack of morals is no barrier to the echelons of high office in Malaysia where elsewhere that same person would have well have been put out to pasture or gone on permanent gardening leave!!

    The clear message to our youth and children. Cheating is ok even if you caught with your pants down or with your hands in the till!! Malaysia, Truly Boleh?? Ptuii!!!

  9. ho hum ....
    Other than Ka Ting trying to look macho and Te Keat vs Jui Meng's debate which is another waste of time.... there is nothing for this RM1.6 billion party to show to Malaysians that it is still relevant.

  10. Rocky,

    I am a Chinese too.
    What I can say is they are super hypocrites.


  11. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Chua Soi Lek is back.


  12. Anonymous10:42 pm

    No blessing from us to MCA, the grass root Chinese community because they thought we are dumb!


  13. Anonymous11:44 pm


    Aku tengok sekarang ni tulisan kau semua macam membodek je.... ada orang kata kau tengah lobi nak jadi ketua pengarang NST. Betul ke?

    Ramli Burger.

  14. Anonymous12:01 am

    as long no more relatives in the mca, then they are save

    zamri- sunway

  15. Anonymous12:20 am

    Look at it this way.

    Chua Soi Lek can't be bought. Who's gonna try and blackmail him? His 'secret' is out, so tak laku. The others have their dirty secrets still in...

    Soi Lek's in a position to be fearless and no one can muzzle him anymore

  16. Anonymous12:20 am

    Anon MM

  17. Anonymous12:46 am

    Lee San Choon, if you are indeed the former MCA president, I think what you say now is perhaps 25 years too late. You should have said this while you were MCA president, and after you had successfully led MCA to victory in 1982 GE where you even defeated DAP chairman Dr Chen Man Hin in his stronghold of Seremban. But as you were to find out later to your utter disappointment, Mahathir as PM did not give a damn to your request for more ministerships for MCA after its fine 1982 performance. Instead Mahathir seemed to hint to you that had it not been for a strong UMNO then under a strong leader (Mahathir himself), MCA would not have done that well. So out of pique, you resigned as MP for Seremban even as Musa Hitam was exerting the pressure on you to quit after you ruffled his feathers and supported his rival Ku Li in the UMNO No 2 contest. To this day, San Choon, the people of Seremban have not forgiven you for deserting them in 1983 and they rightly returned Dr Chen to the seat vacated by you in the ensuing by-election.

    Anak Seremban

    Lee San Choon said...

    One way to make BN better is to rotate the power and let the 2nd biggest party to hold power and see if the country can become better. In this case give MCA the authority to put in a PM, DPM, Defence, Home, Education, Trade, Foreign and choose Najib to be the health, Hishum to be the transport minister. If the country come out better and more progressive than everyone should agree to let MCA to guide our country.

    UMNO failed in the last 52 years, we should give power to MCA and see if it is better. You never try how do you know?

  18. Anonymous12:48 am

    Bru, U DA MAN!

    Your reading of the MCA elections was SPOT ON!

    And the Next GEIC of NST .... Brother Rocky!!

  19. Anonymous12:49 am

    Soi Lek may have apologised and quit the government, But he is now Deputy President.....God please help Malaysia and Malaysians.

  20. Anonymous1:38 am

    ramli burger,

    apa yang lu baca yang menunjukkan rocky membodek?

    tulis pasal mca membodek?

    lu bodoh bangang bengap.

    mca elections is news-lah.

    pasal utusan? pasal sheih?

    lu ingat rocky ni macam kalimulah? bodek lobby giler nak jadi GEIC?

    poddaah-lah! jangan jadi bodoh!

    rocky ni kan keras kepala. lu ingat senang, ke, nak "jinakkan" mamat ni?

  21. Anonymous6:45 am

    (heha) : out of 14 partners in the BN, umno = PM , ok !
    mca = deputy PM lah !! ok !?

  22. Anonymous7:18 am

    forming govt by rotation...u must be joking...

    no one in BN is fit to do anything else but screw the country for their own benefit...

    theres no place for sectarian politics...

    the mess we r in is not because the UMNO malays cant rule...

    its becos we got incompetent and corrupt officials who r only in politics becos IT PAYS!!!

    and they r not just in UMNO but in all the BN parties

    MCA is history...not becos the chinese r history...

    its becos we got no time now for parties that represent a certain race...

    we need parties that represent the rakyat with ideologies...& not just fighting racial corners...

    what has race got to do with the future of the nation...

    why does it matter where each leader comes from (racially ie.)?

    as long as they have integrity and ability to lead/manage the country effectively...for its people...

    i say D-Day to MCA...

    i say D-Day to UMNO...

    i say D-DAY to MIC

    and all sectarian parties..

    i say 2DAY we fight for a party for malaysians by malaysians...


  23. Like UMNO, MCA is just a racial party that claim to represent the chinese.Like UMNO, it has to reform to stay relevant considering the present prevailing political landscapes.Datuk Chua Soi Lek and also Ong Tee Keat both have pledge to reform just like like What Datuk Najib said regarding UMNO.Whether any reform actually takes place is left to be seen.I still prefer a genuine Multiracial Party that can represent Malaysians irregardless of races and religions!

  24. The top 2 parties of BN have one of its top 2 leaders with tainted backgrounds. we live in the age where morality is a non issue?

    The ground is lukewarm to the MCA election.

  25. Anonymous11:35 am

    CLS dikatakan pemimpin mca yang tak bermoral dan tau malu langsung ... ala2 bill kelingtong..

    tapi apa kurangnya dengan pemimpin2 UMNO...lagik besar kemaluan mereka..sape? carik ler sendirik....hiiiihaaa!

    apek cincai

  26. Anonymous11:57 am

    Is the new leadership merely like changing captains after the Titanic has struck the iceberg?

    Lets see.

  27. Now D.P. Vijendran going to take on Samy Velu! Dr Chua Soi Lek is such an inspiration!!

  28. Anonymous3:45 pm

    a couple putris probably dreaming about CSL already

  29. Anonymous5:09 pm

    A married man caught having sex with a young woman and forced to resign is now voted back and promoted. This can only happen in MCA. Maybe they have no other qualified leader in mca. Put yourself in the shoe of Mrs Chua and you will feel the shame.I just hope that fellow Malaysians will vote wisely in the next election to tell politicians that they should also be morally clean.

    Johnny Chiam

  30. Seperti Ruhaie Ahmad yang menawarkan diri untuk bertanding Majlis Tertinggi, maka Dolah juga wajar mempertimbangkan semula dan menawarkan diri untuk dicalonkan jawatan Presiden, masih belum terlambat.

    Kalau Chau So Lek yang dikaitkan dengan 'video sex' boleh memang tentulah Dolah tidak bermasalah, dia lebih bersih dari itu (mungkin).

    Dolah akhirnya terperangkap memberi kenyataan dengan umpan umpan yang Mahathir sediakan.

  31. Now that you (Dr. Chua) have won
    Your work has just begun
    Be sure you know what all citizens really want
    Ensure you shoot sharply with your political gun

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 191008
    Sun. 19th Oct. 2008.

  32. Regardless whatever the result....MCA is doomed.
    So sick of OKT speech and Abdullah gave him back....proper and good.

  33. Anonymous6:39 pm

    I would like to congragulate Chua Soi Lek on being elected as Deputy President of MCA. He is truly a good leader and he will fight for the chinese people right.

  34. Never forget about CSL's oral sex evidence. Any charge on him? Please be fair to other.


  35. Anonymous7:10 pm

    mengikut pandangan secara KASAR n RAMBANG..."DEPUTY" punya Kerusi mesti manyak "HOT & SEXI & SPICY & JUICY"...hahahaha...MALAYSIA BOLEHHH!!

    (deputy MIC & PPP)

  36. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Us porno fans shall now expect the second episode of Chua "Ron Jeremy" Soi Lek. Preferably with a threesome.

  37. Anonymous11:43 pm

    wow, now if you have bad personal background or history, don't worry, people still elected you cause they hate croncy issue.

    zamri sunway

  38. Anonymous2:12 am

    CSL is deputy president in MCA. My gosh, got no more confidence in MCA. Make me shy being a chinese.

    I guess these days u don't need to have good moral to be leaders.


  39. Anonymous2:33 am

    chua soi lek -- hail hail the new number 2!

    i tell you -- he is THE PRIDE of the chinese male...

    he has debunked the MYTH that the chinese manhood is, er....***

    Lu terror-lah, Doc!

  40. Anonymous1:26 pm

    CSL's wife was there.
    Son the Labis MP was there.
    Daughter also there.

    This CSL sure got top support from his family.

    Maybe the wife gave permission for him to be a better man.