Monday, October 20, 2008

Uthayakumar's day in court

I haven't changed my mind about Hindraf. Read my posting Why I didn't Walk yesterday? posted on Nov 26 last year, the day after P. Uthayakumar led the march in KL of thousands of Hindraf supporters against the "ethnic cleansing" in Malaysia. In that posting I produced a memorandum submitted by Hindraf to the British Government.

I haven't changed my stand on the ISA, either. I am totally against it, and I believe the Government must release all ISA detainees and charge and each and every one of them in court.

It's with considerable interest, therefore, that I read h e r e about Uthayakumar's date with the court of law this morning. Haris Ibrahim says the sedition laws are used to silence legitimate dissent. I agree with him that sedition laws are used to silence legitimate dissent, but was Hindraf's - and Uthayakumar's - dissent legitimate?

Uthayakumar's trial will take us back to Hindraf's memorandum to the British government and the various allegations made in that memorandum.

I am not going to reproduce the Hindraf memorandum with this posting; anyone who wishes to read it may click h e r e.
Also Uthayakumar's Singapore Interview h e r e.


  1. Anonymous2:37 am

    haha...rocky. lu betul cari pasal...dengan hindu pulak.

    apasal lu are getting a kick out of all this, huh?

    are you drawing out, smoking out all the racists?

    gua tau lu memang bengang dengan sikap hindraf mengapi2kan perasaan perkauman dalam memorandum mereka.

    nak tanya? apa komen lu pasal pengharaman hindraf?

  2. Anonymous3:53 am

    its disheartening to see PKR supporting Hindraf as to all the blatant lies that was highlighted..ethnic cleansing of Indians ? c'mon get real..Extremist Islam as well to boot..i am sad to see Malaysians accusing other races of wrongdoing without remorse in spreading baseless lies...RJ

  3. Anonymous4:16 am

    I can't see the relevance of hindraf of being an unregistered organization. Until they are legally an organization, whether an NGO or political party, i do not see how they can effectively function or to claim any FORMAL REPRESENTATION of whoever.

    Until then, we should just ignore them...

    The government on the other hand seemed to have mishandled the situation with ineffective rebuttal, leading to a prolonged and unnecessary situation.



  4. Anonymous5:53 am

    why not Malays as all the Indians leave Malaysia peacefully or ask the UN supervise the movement...that wil solve the Malay supremacy problem...

  5. Anonymous6:07 am

    What has happened to you Rocky? You seem to have suddenly turned into an UMNO putra over your last few postings. Is a lousy editor's job really worth selling your soul to the devil? Choose wisely, my friend. JR

    "All through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall, always." - Mahatma Gandhi

  6. Anonymous7:02 am

    kalau nak popular, trafik tinggi dan kaya, pie jadi gigololah, jadi penjilat mak datin, tak perlulah sensasikan isu pariah ni.


  7. Anonymous7:50 am

    KELMARIN DALAM BLOG "Another Brick In the Wall" DI BAWAH TAJUK "Usaha Kalimullah meng-ular-kan Muhyiddin terbelit sendiri" ADA KOMEN "dengar cerita Kalimullah dan kuncu-kuncunya sedang berkira-kira nak takeover nstp/mediaprima/mrcb/kub dalam masa lima bulan ini.
    nak rompak sebelum bersara"



  8. Anonymous8:01 am


    hindraf are related to tamil tiger LTE in sri lanka. i am not surprised if they use violence.

    and I'm not surprise if they asked for their own state.

  9. Anonymous8:32 am

    Like you bro, I had not changed my mind in that Hindraf is a terror group and should treated as such. Uthayakumar is the Malaysia version of Sri Langka Prabakharan. Both are dangerous. Like Prabakharan, probably Uthayakumar is also wearing the cynide capsule.

  10. Its easier to bitch then to do huh? Don't like ISA? Don't like what organizations like Hindraf can create? How?

    Its like saying since capital punishment is also a sin since it involves killing another human being. If everyone feels so strongly about capital punishment, then maybe instead of 'juri duty' then they should also be made to do the hangman's duty and pull the lever.

    But all don't want. All know to to talk and pay others to do the dirty work.

    ISA, no ISA, no difference. Its not the tools that make human beings dangerous, its the intent and application.


  11. Anonymous9:02 am

    Hi Rocky! I was expecting u to highlight Paklah's angry comment on Mahathir yesterday so that i can give my 2 cents worth... I must say Mahathir has after numerous attempts to make Paklah v v angry finally succeeded in doing so!
    Previously many labels had been given to Paklah for keeping mum over Mahathir's cynical remarks over his supposedly weak leadership.
    Congrats Paklah! Let's see if you can keep the cannons not guns blazing after the "KK Fury" although its too little too late unless he has something up his head.
    His sudden support for Ali Rustam to contest the Umno deputy presidency also showed his lack of "al Ghazali" poem but more of "al Machiavellian" sly after a long deep slumber!
    Najib, Muhyiddin n gang will have to be prepared for the 3Ks - Khairy, Kamaluddin, Kalimullah - political, and perhaps very very dirty, charge from now on...


  12. Anonymous9:11 am


    The massive support for HINDRAF was NOT, I repeat, NOT based on the content of the memorandum that the writers of the memorandum wrote, but the support for HINDRAF came because there was severe and genuine marginalisation among poor Indians, who have and are being treated like slaves in many places.

    It is to bring attention to this group and uplift this group out of a their stagnation, from their complete inability for upward mobility because of severe external pressures that keep them down, it is for THIS reason that the HINDRAF movement and spirit arose (which you cannot 'ban' for it is not a society).

    So Rocky, sebelum membebel tanpa memahami keadaan -- buka dulu hati dan otak yang tertutup tu agar faham apakah sebenarnya yang menggerakkan khalayak ramai yang telah menyokong HINDRAF.

    Faham-fahamlah sedikit keperitan hidup golongan yang terlibat itu sebelum buka mulut. Jangan rujuk pada memorandum itu saja. Fahami bahawa MAJORITI BESAR yang menyokong HINDRAF (termasuk kaum bukan India) bukan pasal memorandum mintak gantirugi ber-trillion ringgit -- tetapi kerana tahu dan faham akan kesusahan dan keperitan hidup golongan yang terlibat itu.

    Pada masa yang sama, HINDRAF juga harus sebagai langkah seterusnya memperluaskan perjuangan mereka kepada

    Ini perjuangan HINDRAF.

    Camana nak "mengharamkan" satu perjuangan yang mencari keadilan untuk golongan yang dizalimi?

    Jadi jangan kau berkhayal sangat lah, Rocky. Jangan terikut-ikut cakap Mahathir tu kononnya HINDRAF tu "kumpulan teroris bahaya" lah, "menggugat kedudukan Melayu" lah. Jangan jadi bodoh cam gitu. Jangan mudah kena tipu demi kepentingan orang yang ingin berkuasa seperti Mahathir.

    Boleh tak, Rocky?

    Buka minda, fahami situasi dengan sebenar-benarnya Rocky, ya?

  13. Hero, Nah

    He mislead the whole community.

    He stoked their emotion by raising Temple issues.

    He never bothered to tell Indian fundamental flaws within the community that had led to the current situation.

    Makkal Shakthi is only relevant if Makkal (people) think thoroughtly and act, not when they react based on emotions and not facts.

    Have done some analysis on HINDRAF based on own experience living in estates. Please visit my blog (Aug/Sept/OCt archive)

  14. Anonymous10:06 am

    Huhhh...Saudaraku Chamil Wariya, bilakah ko akan keluarkan CERPEN versi baru...yang HEBAT & FANTASTIC & BOMB'BASTIC? ....ini kali kasi BOM semua HINDRAF!!

    (YB J)

  15. My 2 cents.

    Hindraf : Racist trying to mask themselves as Liberals.

    Yeah that's right go screw yourself. We Will never hurt our Malay Bretheren, Chet pegi jatuh longkang la woi. I really like their over dramatic Tamil movie protest scenes. Using 5 year old to pursue political agenda and pretending to be Ghandi by bringing out roses and crap.

    Hindraf never did give two shit about ISA until their 5 leaders were detained under that act. They don't really care about those ISA detainees before these, after all those in ISA are mostly Malay Islamic Extremist trying to wipe out the Indian People by Ethnic Cleansing.

    You know what, I wish Hindraf would do a Deepavalli open house and a bunch of Peace loving non racial will never hurt our indian bretheren Malays in yellow shirt would come crashing in and shout "Mansuhkan Hindraf" and bring a bunch of 7 year olds giving out Deepavalli cards to their leader. Then the very next day a press conference will be held in which we denounce those lies that Hindraf says and say we are a bunch of peace loving rose carrying kids marching kind of movement.

    Better still come up with a memorandum saying that certain quarters of the indian community is working with the Israeli government and Mossad for more than 30 years to topple the Islamic Malay government and destroy our civilization.

    Then in a straight face saying "Oh no we are not anti Indian, we are just anti hindraf."

    Hindraf as peace loving liberals equals to a very ugly drag queen with a moustache trying to convince you that his real name is Anastasia.

  16. Anonymous10:20 am

    A lot of things hindraf did was misinterpreted, thanks to people in power. I dont agree with your stand on this. Lets see how many more who doesnt.

  17. Look at his claim!!

    1) Peace loving Indians being persecuted by Government backed Islamic Terrorist? WHERE? ISLAMIC TERRORIST?

    2) 100 over Indians were slashed and killed by the UMNO controlled government in Kampong Medan mini genocide.

    3) Every week one person at average is killed in a shot to kill policy and in every 2 weeks one person is killed in police custody.
    52 + 26 = 78 KILLED. NAME PLEASE

    4) Every three weeks one Hindu temple is demolished in Malaysia

    5) State sponsored direct discrimination against the Indians in Public University intakes, Indian (Tamil) Schools, skills training institutes, civil service and private sector job opportunities, business and license opportunities and in almost all other aspects of daily life.

    Yup, we can be against the BN government as we choose, but why support P. Uthayakumar and all his blatant lies?

    Just because we hate the Government? What’s our point here?

    I am 100% sure this is not classified as Racially or Religiously Motivated.

    This is purely a Human Right matters! I am right Bar Council? Am I wording it to your liking?

    If this is our way of promoting ‘the right brand of democracy’?

    No wonder Barisan Nasional have been in power since 1957.

    The opposition is just a bunch of emotional, irrational and never wrong sore losers.

  18. Making Sense From Nonsense

    The following analysis has reference to the on-going ‘controversy’ regarding the Malaysian Ministry of Defence’s (MINDEF) selection of the EADS/Eurocopter-built EC-725 Cougar Mk2+ medium-lift air-mobility helicopter as the eventual replacement for the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s (RMAF) existing 26 Sikorsky S-61A-4 multi-role utility helicopters. While allegations are abounding regarding MINDEF’s competitive selection process, the following issues—especially those not yet raised by some of the bidders that have lost out to the EC-725--have to looked upon objectively. But first, a not-too-brief recap of how the requirement for the new air-mobility helicopters arose.

    The Genesis
    The history of the Nuri’s employment by the RMAF is a colourful but tainted one. The first batch of 16--each powered by twin General Electric T58-GE-10 turboshaft engines rated at 1,400 shp each--came into service in 1968. Not exactly the most suitable rotary-winged platform for operations in Malaysia’s hot and humid conditions, they nevertheless proved to be workhorses. However, from the very onset, the Nuri fleet encountered one calamity after another. From a peak of 44 airframes in the mid-1970s, the numbers began to dwindle as a result of crashes, and by the early 1990s only 26 airworthy airframes were left. What was once the pride of the RMAF’s rotary-winged transport force and the backbone supporting the Malaysian Army’s tactical air mobility requirements to combat the Communist insurgency in the 1970s and 1980s is today considered old and overdue for retirement. Although still employed in the transport support and VIP transport role, due mainly to the change in the RMAF’s airpower doctrine (since the mid-1990s) with regard to the responsibility for tactical air mobility requirements reverting back to the individual armed services of the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF), it has also become the primary airborne search-and-rescue (SAR) aircraft for the RMAF. Why then has the RMAF been insisting on a dedicated combat SAR (CSAR) helicopter since the late-1990s when it is unlikely to undertake such operations in future? One must realise that CSAR helicopters simply cannot operate independently of the other supporting airborne elements because even if fitted with state-of-the-art EW suites, they would not be able to survive hostile AAA. In this respect, the RMAF would stand to benefit greatly by emulating the CSAR doctrine of the British RAF instead of the USAF. To the RAF, CSAR falls under the ambit of ‘special operations’, and is only to be undertaken when the odds are calculated to be favourable. During hostilities, downed RAF aircrew are expected to avoid capture using escape-and-evasion tactics and if capture is imminent, they are to surrender and rely on the Geneva Convention for being treated humanely as enemy prisoners of war. In peacetime, however, the RAF relies solely on SAR units located in strategic locations around the British Isles run by civil agencies, but is the overall coordinator of all SAR operations. This approach, besides being more practical, makes more economic sense for the RMAF.

    RMAF’s CSAR Doctrine
    Before 1993, the CSAR mission did not exist for the RMAF. The Nuris then were still employed in their traditional role of tactical troop transportation, and civil/military communications flights, including SAR. For its own SAR coverage, the RMAF depended on the national SAR mechanism which falls under the ambit of the Ministry of Transport’s Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) for coordination and control. Under this system, each agency, including non-government ones, were given the responsibility of being a search-and-rescue unit (SRU) as contributing agencies allocating airborne, maritime or ground-based resources to conduct SAR whenever an operation was activated. As the coordinating agency, the DCA decided when to call off the SAR effort. Despite the obvious lack of a proper command-and-control structure, this laissez-faire approach usually worked. The mid-1990s saw a major shift in the RMAF’s thinking in respect to SAR. This change occurred when it was decided that each individual armed services of the MAF was to assume responsibility for its own tactical air mobility requirements. At once it became apparent to the RMAF that at a stroke of a pen its Nuri squadrons (comprising the Butterworth-based No3 Sqn, Labuan-based No5 Sqn, Kuching-based No7 Sqn, and the Kuala Lumpur-based No10 Sqn) had suddenly lost their raison d’etre. The RMAF was thus faced with the prospect of having to follow the way of the Australian Defence Forces and hand over the entire medium-lift helicopter fleet to the main user, the Malaysian Army. The expected transfer of assets did not actually take place, and instead CSAR and attack helicopter operations emerged as the primary helicopter-based roles of the RMAF at around the same period, this primarily being a desperate attempt by the RMAF to retain its skills and expertise in the area of helicopter operations.

    Since early 2001, two things have worked in favour of the RMAF with regard to the control of its Nuri fleet. Firstly, thus far, the Army has been unable to assume responsibility for its own medium-lift tactical air mobility as it has been struggling to even operate its SA.316B Alouette III helicopters (transferred from the RMAF to the Army Aviation Corps in April 1997), much less, the Nuris. Secondly, the Army in all probability has realised that it cannot relish the prospect of losing a big portion of its annual operational expenditure to cater for the Nuris’ flight operations, flying training, and periodic maintenance, repair and overhaul requirements. As a result, the acquisition of an integral heliborne air mobility capability has been left more or less unresolved, and now dangles like the ‘Sword of Damocles’. The question on everybody’s mind today is: does the RMAF still have custody of the role of heliborne tactical air mobility, or has this responsibility passed irreversibly to the Army? If so, what has the Army been doing about it?

    In light of calls to replace the Nuris, what seemed an ordinary and unimportant decision made in the mid-1990s has now resurfaced to become a major determinant. The publicity surrounding the selection process for a replacement helicopter fleet is sure to bring to light the question of the Army’s tactical air mobility requirements/capabilities again. This time around, the RMAF is unlikely to be able to avoid the issue and will probably have to address it once and for all. It can either deal with it as part of the on-going Nuri replacement exercise, or isolate itself from it altogether and continue pursuing the CSAR agenda. If it decides on the former, however, the RMAF will suffer the risk of having the Army pursuing ownership of the helicopters acquired for replacing the Nuris, consequently splitting as it were, the capital budget allocated for acquiring medium-lift helicopters required for both air mobility and CSAR. What then is the most favourable option for the RMAF? It is obvious that for its own sake it should play down the disputed and problematic acquisition of a CSAR capability, and instead reclaim back ownership of the tactical heliborne air mobility role (that can now be enhanced to air assault for supporting the Army’s projected vertical envelopment operations) it has traditionally held thus far. For a start, it is the more substantive and desirable of two roles and it is presently the more competent armed service to undertake the job compared to the Army. Furthermore, the intended transfer of heliborne air mobility assets/capabilities is still only a paper exercise and not likely to be actualised, at least in the near-term, given the Army’s lack of support infrastructure capacity and operational interest. Uppermost in the minds of RMAF planners today should be the question of numbers.

    Competitive Bidding Process
    Following the Economic Planning Unit’s notification on October 10, 2007 authorising the MINDEF to issue global tenders for seeking bids to supply replacements to the ‘Nuris’, MINDEF on November 7 released the tenders, which called for the supply of 12 medium-lift air-mobility helicopters for the RMAF. As revealed by MINDEF Secretary-General Datuk Abu Bakar Abdullah on October 17, the tender offers received by February 12 this year were:

    T521/07/A/001: £341.88 million (RM2.08 billion) from AgustaWestland Helicopters, which proposed the AW-101.

    T521/07/A/002: RM663.189 million from an unknown party.

    T521/07/A/003: €104.632 million (RM494.9 million) from Russia’s Rosoboronexport State Corp, with the Mi-17V-5 on offer through its primary agent Vertical Master Sdn Bhd.

    T521/07/A/004: US$220.496 million (RM777.45 million) from Sikorsky Corp, offering its HH-92 Superhawk through its primary agent Evergreen Aviation Resources Sdn Bhd.

    T521/07/A/005: US$708.305 million (RM2.49 billion) from Boeing IDS, which offered its CH-47F Chinook.

    T521/07/A/006: €233.345 million (RM1.1 billion) from Eurocopter SA, which offered the EC-725 Cougar Mk2+. The company's agent in Malaysia is Sari Varia Sdn Bhd.

    T521/07/A/007: US$348.17 million (RM1.22 billion) for 12 Mi-172KFs being offered by Canada’s Kelowna Flightctaft Ltd via its primary agent Mentari Services Sdn Bhd.

    The tender submissions were then split up into three parts for MINDEF’s technical evaluation committee, offset evaluation committee and price evaluation committee to evaluate. However, depending on MINDEF’s methodology of determining each bid’s tender value, it appears that Sikorsky’s bid was valued at US$427.20 million (RM1.452 billion), while Eurocopter’s bid worked out to RM2.317 billion, and the Mi-172KF’s bid worked out to US$264 million, or RM898 million according to figures made public by Mentari. MINDEF has not yet explained its methodology of arriving at the actual or final bid figures, but we must assume here that MINDEF has a perfectly rational reason for arriving at the final pricing levels. The committees’ conclusions were tabled at a Tender Board meeting on July 22 and were then forwarded to the Finance Ministry on August 4. MINDEF received the green light on September 3 to proceed with contractual negotiations, and Eurocopter SA was on September 15 issued a Letter of Intent (LoI) for the supply of an initial 12 EC-725 Cougar Mk2+ helicopters. Although the RMAF has projected an eventual total long-term requirement for 74 such helicopters, MINDEF has obtained sanction from the Ministry of Finance for procuring only 27 helicopters, of which 12 worth RM1.76 billion will be acquired under the on-going 9th Malaysia Plan, with the remaining 15 being ordered under the 10th Malaysia Plan (2011-2015). Eurocopter had since 2005 been proposing its EC-725 Cougar Mk2+ for both air-mobility and CSAR operations. Up until July 2007 the twin-engined EC-725 was almost certain to bag the RMAF’s order for ten 11-tonne EC-725s configured for CSAR. After that, however, it had to compete with the HH-92 Superhawk and AW-101 from for bagging the lucrative order from MINDEF for the supply of an initial 12 multi-role utility helicopters. What probably tilted the balance in favour of the EC-725 was Eurocopter’s demonstrated capability and intention to fully localise the EC-725’s through-life product support and depot-level maintenance requirements at its sprawling MRO facility now coming up at Subang’s Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah International Airport in Selangor State.

    Explaining The Anomalies
    While allegations are abounding regarding MINDEF’s competitive selection process, the following issues—especially those not yet raised by some of the bidders that have lost out to the EC-725--have to looked upon objectively.

    1) Of all the above-mentioned bidders, the Mi-17IV was first brought to Malaysia by Russia’s Rosoboronexport State Corp during the LIMA 2001 exhibition and was extensively flight-tested after the exhibition by the RMAF. Subsequently, a visiting RMAF delegation led by the RMAF Chief to the MAKS aerospace exhibition in Russia last year was shown a civilian variant of the Mi-17V-5 (no96369) belonging to Kazan Helicopter Plant (KHP) by Rosoboronexport. The HH-92 Superhawk’s prototype from Sikorsky was demonstrated to a visiting RMAF team in the US more than a year ago. The EC-725 too was flight-tested and evaluated over a two-week period by the RMAF when the helicopter was brought to Malaysia during the DSA 2006 exhibition in April 2006, and during the LIMA 2007 exhibition in Langkawi early last December. Therefore, for some to claim that the RMAF and the MINDEF tender evaluation board did away with the practice of flight-testing the principal contenders of the contract is fallacious and wrong.

    2) The Mi-17 will begin being phased out of service over the next five years by the Russian military end-users. That is why a competition is now underway within Russia between Kamov OKB (offering the Ka-92) and Mil Design Bureau (offering the Mi-38) for supplying the next-generation medium-lift helicopter to fulfill domestic Russian requirements. If the RMAF were to select either the Mi-17V-5 or Mi-172KF, while its initial procurement costs would be much lower, their through-life product support costs would be three times more than the figures quoted for helicopters like the EC-725, AW-101 and HH-92 Superhawk. This is because the RMAF will find it cost-prohibitive to maintain the airworthiness and serviceability of the Mi-17 once Russia stops producing spares for this helicopter over the next 10 years.

    3) For the RMAF tender competition, there were two offers of the Mi-17: the Mi-17V-5 from Russia’s Rosoboronexport State Corp (whose factory cost is an estimated US$9 million per unit and was being offered for the RMAF for US$11.78 million), and the Mi-172KF (whose factory cost is an estimated US$11 million per unit but is being offered at an inflated marked-up figure US$22 million) being offered by Mentari Services Sdn Bhd. Interestingly, if either of the two parties were to win the contract, then they both would be sourcing the Mi-17s from the same OEM, i.e. KHP, based in Russia’s Tatarstan republic. And when it comes to military procurements from abroad, the customer (MINDEF in this case) universally requires guaranteed through-life product support from the OEM. Consequently, if MINDEF were to select the Mi-17 then the following questions would have required convincing answers:

    a) While the Russian government would have given product support guarantees through its official weapons import/export agency Rosoboronexport for the Mi-17V-5, would the same guarantees be extended for the offer for the Mi-172KF?

    b) If not, then who would guarantee through-life product support for the Mi-172KF? Mentari? Or its principal—the Canada-based Kelowna Flightcraft Ltd—or the helicopter manufacturer—KHP—from whom Kelowna was offering to source the Mi-172KF airframes and then retrofit them with cockpit/mission avionics sourced from Honeywell or BAE Systems or SELEX Sensors & Airborne Systems? Who would assume product liabilities in the event of a Mi-172KF accident-related Board of Inquiry establishing that the accident/crash was due to technical error? What if Rosoboronexport State Corp prevented KHP from cooperating with the RMAF during such accident/crash investigations?

    c) Did the Russian government, through Rosoboronexport, authorise either KHP or Kelowna Flightcraft Ltd to supply the fully militarised (i.e. weapons-equipped) Mi-172KF to Malaysia? This question needs to be answered in detail because as per present Russian government guidelines, only Rosoboronexport State Corp is authorised to export Russia-origin weapon systems directly to foreign military customers after inking government-to-government contracts.

    d) How many Mi-172KFs have been sold to date by the joint industrial venture between KHP and Kelowna Flightcraft Ltd to military customers (not for VIP transportation, but for undertaking air-mobility operations under combat conditions) worldwide? Which regulatory/flight certification authority has issued the MILSPEC-compliant certificate of airworthiness of the Mi-172KF’s military variant? Is such a CofA acceptable to the RMAF? Which regulatory authority will issue the STCs for the Mi-172KF’s customer-specified avionics suites? Will the Mi-172KF, or for that matter the Mi-17V-5, have additional built-in performance growth features, such as the incorporation of fly-by-wire flight control systems and in-flight refuelling systems, which will most likely have to be mandatory on-board systems especially since the helicopter would be required by the RMAF to remain operationally viable for the next 40 years?

    Regrettably, the ‘naysayers’ and conspiracy theorists alleging irregularities in the EC-725’s selection process have yet to give rational and convincing clarifications regarding the four above-mentioned points.

    4) Today, it only makes sense for countries like China and India to continue buying Mi-17s in large numbers because only these two countries have had more than 30 years of experience operating the Mi-8Ts and Mi-17s and have therefore established the huge domestic MRO (maintenance, repair & overhaul) infrastructure required to maintain and operate such helicopters. This is not the case with Malaysia, which requires either the helicopter OEM to set up extensive, brand-new MRO infrastructure to support a new helicopter-type, or upgrade existing MRO infrastructure at tremendous cost to service the new helicopter acquisitions.

    5) As a consequence of the above, only Eurocopter (an EADS subsidiary) can be said to have comprehensively complied with the RMAF’s helicopter-related MRO demands (which played a pivotal role in tilting the balance in favour of the EC-725’s competitive bid) since only Eurocopter has to date made unilateral and substantial investments in its own sprawling helicopter MRO facility in Subang (which Sikorsky, AgustaWestland and the Russians are not known to have done thus far) since 1998. Such facilities, which will undoubtedly expand their capabilities as the EC-725s are inducted progressively, will enable the RMAF to fully localise the EC-725’s serviceability requirements, and ensure high availability and levels for its initial EC-725 fleet, which will undoubtedly be subject to intensive usage in its earlier years due to the demands of both operational conversion flying training as well as operational flying. One must also bear in mind that such MRO facilities will be fully authorised and certified by the OEM (Eurocopter), and as such will not be exposed to the third-party MRO liabilities of the type that has plagued the RMAF’s dwindling S-61A-4 ‘Nuri’ helicopter fleet. No one thus far, including Rosoboronexport or Mentari or AgustaWestland or Sikorsky, has officially bothered to explain how much the through-life product support costs of the Mi-17V-5 or Mi-172KF or AW-101 or HH-92 Superhawk would be if these entities were to establish in-country dedicated MRO facilities. Only if such expenditure figures are forthcoming from them would one be able to make accurate cost comparisons with the Eurocopter/EC-725 tender bid. Until then it remains a case of simplistic comparison of apples with oranges.

    6) As a result of the above, when viewed from a techno-economic matrix, it was ONLY Eurocopter that ‘almost fully’ complied with the ASQRs of the RMAF while at the same time offering guaranteed through-life product support for the EC-725. The EC-725 of the type selected for the RMAF is presently operational with the armed forces of France and Saudi Arabia and has already been combat-proven in Afghanistan. The AW-101 is a combat-proven helicopter (which was recently selected by India for VVIP transportation), but the problem here was that the RMAF would have had to allocate substantial scare financial resources for setting up dedicated MRO facilities from scratch to support the AW-101 fleet. Sikorsky’s HH-92 Superhawk is estimated to have come in with the second-best offer (to be detailed in the near future) but militarily this helicopter is still an untested product since it has yet to be ordered in bulk by any armed forces worldwide.

    In conclusion, it would do well to the ‘naysayers’ to view the entire issue through the prism of objectivity prior to making ill-informed conclusions based merely on speculative accusations of some ‘sore losers’.—Prasun K. Sengupta

  19. Joe Rakyat writes:
    What has happened to you Rocky? You seem to have suddenly turned into an UMNO putra over your last few postings. Is a lousy editor's job really worth selling your soul to the devil? Choose wisely, my friend. JR

    Dear JR,

    Like I said, I haven't changed my mind about Hindraf. You only sell your soul to the devil when you change your stand for no apparent or good reason.
    And please spare the great Ghandi.

    Thank you.

  20. Anonymous11:51 am

    When can we eradicate this F@#%ing social pests that causing unrest in Malaysian society... ?

    I am also a peace loving Malaysian who wish to amputate this part of Malaysian society infected by cancer. I do not want this social cancer to spread killing the whole Malaysian body.

    Prevention is always better than cure.. why wasting time tolerating with these pest.

    Those Malays & Muslim Ultra-Liberal morons ass licking die-hard fan, supporting those Hindraf leaders probably had their brain parked inside septic tanks..

    Woi bangang..memorandum Hindraf tu adalah dokumen bertulis yg jelas menyampaikan matlamat & ideologi pemimpin2 & pertubuhan haram Hindraf yg akan dikenang zaman berzaman... buta ka?

    Korang Melayu ultra-liberal ni sama ada jenis tak faham English atau memang otak bodoh mcm b@bi? Sebab tu selalu menyondol sokong membabi buta saja..patutlah taksub sgt dgn B@B1 & jadi penjilat punggung pemakan b@b1...

    no wonder lah..

  21. Anonymous11:57 am

    insan mulia :

    where can the masses read or know what you're talking about - how can you blame everyone for thinking so when the only thing that is published IS the Hindraf memorandum.

    it doesn't take a genius to conclude that the memorandum is a pack of lies, even most of my Indian colleagues say so - and the reason why the fella is detained now, IS because of this memorandum - so don't assume that everyone understands

    from your statement, seems you do agree that the memorandum IS a pack of lies so it would be more than agreeable if Hindraf (if its an organisation at all) retract the statements made in the memorandum and come up with a new one listing all the TRUE marginalisations happening to the Indian race of Malaysia

    and slavery? are u sure..jeez

    - jose cuervo

  22. Anonymous12:12 pm

    brother rocky,

    you know what you must do to win those hindraf lovers and DAP supporters/chinese chauvinists/anti-Malay-anti-Islam fanatics -



    But wouldn't do that.

  23. Anonymous12:26 pm

    lets hindraf be hindraf... for the malays, dont keep on blaming others for the fate of our community, instead focus on strengthening and increase the knowledge domain and economic chain.

    for a start, let make sure that 50% of our monthly spending go to our own species produced products and services. the other 50%, is it unavoidable we need to depends on others, but try our best to go for the products and services that highly involves our own species.

    sound racist? definitely, but mathematically, it is necessary if the species want to survives in this new world.


  24. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Rocky, you take an impartial stand on many issues despite whoever is involved. You state your view and opinion. I don't think at all you have changed. Instead it is other bloggers who have changed over the past months and become rather partial in their views. Almost blind to the shortcomings of certain personalities & political parties.

    In fact many bloggers have become so involved in spreading rumours and lies that it is exactly what they accuse the MSM of doing! It is rather sad that many bloggers started our with impartial views promoting open discussion in a 2 way communication but have now adopted a 'mob mentality' - either you are with them or against them. That is not the kind of change I want in the country.

    And has for HINDRAF, their 'leaders' are certainly racist in their stand and narrow in their view. Anyone denying that is just kidding themselves. The problems and issues faced by the Indian community ( not just Tamils) as a whole cannot be denied and need to be addressed.

    Keep on sharing news and your views. I appreciate it very much.

  25. Anonymous12:44 pm

    The fact is Hindraf has broken BN, broken Umno and broken the idea of ketuanan melayu. Today, a PM stands to resign and a change of govt is imminent! All this does not happen based on lies.

    Hindraf has joined hands with PKR and Pas, making it an unbeatable political combination. Don't fool yourselves in thinking Hindraf is only backed by Indians and not by Malays and Chinese too.

    Please study international and UN reports and realise that Malaysia is a textbook case on ethnic cleansing. All the ingredients - differentiations, discrimination, demonisation, marginalisation, cleansing in govt employment sectors and finally pogroms - are all present in Malaysia! It meets all the parameters of the definition of ethnic cleansing. Its been a year but till todate I have yet to read a report that refutes this charge.

    With hindsight we find Rocky and most of the commentators are wrong. Which part of the Memorandum was in error?


  26. Anonymous12:46 pm

    dear insan mulia..

    are the Indians like that because of the government? If you may, why not share with us here how many doctors and lawyers are Indians? Because I'm seeing a lot. I'm guessing there are more Indian lawyers then there are Chinese and Malay ones. Can't these professionals and well-of people help the Indians? Or is it the case of Hindraf (and those they claim to be fighting for) being mostly (or wholly, I can't say for sure) Tamil and the well-off Indians not?


  27. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Bro Rocky.
    I with you on this issue.We should reject racism and anti-religions sentiment in Malaysia
    Bob From Kuching

  28. Anonymous1:10 pm

    dear temenggong,

    I wonder where you read this UN report of yours?

    And I DO NOT think that the change in government and/or the PM stepping down has anything to do with Hindraf. I mean, if the price of oil was OK (and hence the price of goods too), the people do not feel like they're being fed lies by the mainstream media and the contracts don't all go to scomi, no one would bat an eye over a sleeping PM even.

    I mean, ethnic cleansing? COME ON..!! And 'cleansing in government employment sectors'? what the hell is that?


  29. Anonymous1:12 pm

    temenggong : it doesn't help to be vague on statements

    - jose cuervo

  30. Anonymous1:17 pm

    rocky the spin doctor. how much are they paying you man?

  31. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Mr Rocky,

    Uthayakumar has been consistent with what he has been saying. Not only in the link you included in your blog, but also in interviews and videos.

    Don't you spin it. He says there is a possibility that the uneducated ones might resort to violence if this issue is not taken care of. He was talking based on history..that is what happened elsewhere and only a FOOL will rule it out and say it is impossible to happen.

    He did not subscribe to the idea of initiating violence. As i said, in the link you submitted, he mentioned only the uneducated ones may resort to it. DO you really think he considers himself uneducated?

  32. Anonymous2:05 pm

    yeah, right temenggong,

    you're the only smart asshind-side view here to see that's nothing wrong with Hindraf memo & the rest of the opposite views are wrong..

    In order to validate allegation, produce some proof, will ya.. I cannot find any in that fucking memo..

    otherwise your self-idolized view is just another manifestation of your idiotic brain to the rest of the world.. smart ass tepunggong..haha..

    -anti hindraf-

  33. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Rocky and Pasquale same of a kind
    Sad & pathetic

  34. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Anyone saying hindraf has broken BN is a fool.

    Pak Lah himself has broken BN.

    Lots of us hate Pak Lah and not because we support hindraf. Get that to your brain whomever you are.

    Yes, hindraf is racist to the core! If fighting for just one ONE particular race is not racist, then you can't say UMNO is wrong.

    Stop making bollywood of Malaysia la.

    by the way, what happen to the suing case in UK. Someone gonna be rich!


  35. Rocky,
    Instead of posting stuff like this and pitting malaysians against each other,why dont you come up with some suggestions to actually solve the problems of malaysians.It goes without an iota of doubt that the malaysian indians have been marginalized by the authorities since independence.All along the indians due to their submissive nature had been trampled upon.The arrogance shown by the govt to refuse to hear the pleas of the indians even much before the nov 2007 hindraf peaceful street demonstration,despite hundreds of request itself speaks volume.Gandhi's teaching of ahimsa or non-violence is there to stay.That is the exact path taken by hindraf and its followers,no matter what people like you chose to brand hindraf as.If you cant be sympathetic towards the predicament of those desperate and marginalized at least dont create tension here,as you are contributing in no way towards nation building.

  36. Tiger(8.01) said,


    hindraf are related to tamil tiger LTE in sri lanka. i am not surprised if they use violence."

    Shows how ignorant you are. If only you understood the cultural intricasies and differences, you will know that these two groups are like water and oil.

    That is why the governmen't assertion that they are connected is a big laugh to those who know this difference.

  37. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Kampung halaman datuk moyangku..

    We have to understand deeper the background of these group of people who claims themselves as HINDRAF. Its not Malaysia, its not MALAYS, its not BARISAN.The problem is HINDRAF themselves.

    The Caste System still occupies an important place in the Hindu religion. India’s caste system is perhaps the world’s longest surviving social hierarch. The Caste System is such a pernicious division that has plagued this society for thousands of years.

    Today, in India, the Untouchables call themselves `Dalits', which means `Broken People'. There are almost 180 million Dalits in India alone and at least another 60 million around the world who face caste discrimination of various kinds. They are despised by everyone. They experience absolute exclusion from the cradle to the grave..

    Although “untouchability” was abolished under Article 17 of the Indian constitution, the practice continues to determine the socio-economic and religious standing of those at the bottom of the caste hierarchy.

    It would be more appropriate that HINDRAF should for once, DEMAND the Malaysian government help make possible arrangements for them to fight for their RIGHTS to be automatically accorded Indian citizenships. This is to enable them to return to their ancestral land where they RIGHTFULLY BELONG.

  38. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Dear Rocky, and other Malay readers,
    Thanks a lot for your racist comments against Malaysian Indians.
    Hindraf is a racist organization same like UMNO. Dont tell me UMNO is not a racist ok...then I'll screw your ass! Dont ever try to link Malaysia Indians or Hindraf with Tamil Tigers. We are supporting Tamil Tigers because they have been tortured, raped, marginalized by the majority Sri Lankan Singalese peoples.
    And they are not terrorists.
    What about you Malays supporting the Palestine, Al Qaeda, other terrorist Muslims in the world??? Hey come on! We hope and wish that we can leave this country as we all feel so sad to stay here as citizens. We Indians has raised our voice when there was discrimination. You Malay peoples dont like the Chines and Indians community at all. Also you all keeping the Chinese because the nation's economy under them otherwise you all will kick us from this country.
    Be open minded and read the true news. Jangan jadi macam katak dalam tempurung ya!

  39. Sudahlah hindraf,
    Bising sana, bising sini. Ingat ini India kah? Di India boleh lah u all demo demo kat jalan, serbu tempat orang sembarangan.
    Why not try to improve the well being of your people. Try to reduce the bad habit of drinking todi excessively among the Indian. Try not to makan sirih and spit it in public places. Try to apply suitable place to build your temples instead of under any tree of any roads.

  40. Anonymous5:21 pm


    Betul apa yang Uthayakumar tu cakap.

    Kalau mana-mana golongan tu terdesak giler babi, ditolak hingga desperate sangat ada kemungkinan mereka akan buat kucar kacir kalau isu itu tidak ditangani dengan baik. INILAH yang Uthayakumar tu cakap. Dia bukan cakap "mari bergaduh". Dia cakap JANGAN bagi sampai kita tolak mana-mana golongan sampai mereka buat benda jahat.

    Kalau kau NAK LAPOR tu Rocky, bagi STATEMENT LENGKAP yang diberi oleh Uthayakumar tu... KAU JANGAN CUT AND PASTE SEKERAT AYAT TUH bagi nampak kononnya Uthayakumar tu mintak orang buat jahat. Dia bagitau ja kalo MANA MANA golongan di dunia ni kalau dah terdesak sangat mesti la dia lawan balik. BAYANGKAN Rocky kalau ada pencuri masuk dalam rumah kau dia pegang pisau kat family kau.......... kau duduk diam ker???


    Paham ke tidak wahai pembaca-pembaca?

    Kau pun Rocky, harap paham!

    Kau gi tengok orang India kat estet tu... pemilik estet layan mereka cam hamba abdi, gaji bagi sedikit giler takleh beli ubat batuk utk anak pun tapi pemilik estet ambik untung besar.


    Harap korang paham konsep sket........

  41. Anonymous5:50 pm

    jibam, jose cuervo and anti hindraf,

    You are mixing up ethnic cleansing with genocide. Please stick to internationally accepted terms and norms.

    Any member of the commonwealth may appeal to the queen.

    There are many documents on ethnic cleansing, pogroms and genocide. Try this:

    No Malaysian scholar has refuted Hindraf's claims. It meets all the parameters that there is such a process in Malaysia.

    The term ethnic cleansing was first discussed in the Reid's Commissions deliberations in 1956. Our forefathers were aware of what may come to pass. It eventually did.

    Hindraf has well researched these stuff before incorporating it in their Memorandum. The terms were not loosely used.

    For instance, non malays have been ethnically cleansed from the govt services, police, customs, immigration, army, navy and airforce, with just a token presence of non malays. The Kg Medan incident where one community suffered 96 casualties inflicted by another community is 'an organised pogrom', and no action was taken by the police.

    The malays face this ignominy of a serious charge which may qualify as Crimes Against Humanity.

    Nobody is joking!

  42. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Folks don't seem to understand racism, use it loosely and accuse Hindraf of being one.

    The UN does not define "racism", however it does define "racial discrimination": according to the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination,

    'the term "racial discrimination" shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life'.

    Malaysia is a racist nation by state policy! Hindraf is a victim of that policy. Now the state has moved into political oppression!

    It will be very hard for Malaysia to wiggle out of this racism and ethnic cleansing charge.

  43. Anonymous8:51 pm


    Apa lu susah-susah ... balik India aje. Nanti kerajaan India kasi jaga lu dan kawan-kawan lu baik-baik.

    Sana mau buat kuil mana-mana pun boleh ... siapa punya tanah pun tak pa. Buat kuil atas tanah kerajaan India pun boleh ... forest reserve pun boleh ... tanah reserve sungai pun boleh ... dipendekkan cerita India Boleh

    Di India semua orang kaya-kaya ... mana ada orang India miskin. Cuma orang India di Malaysia aje miskin.

    Lu punya atuk nenek banyak silap ooohhh. Kalau tak datang Malaya tentu sudah kaya raya di India. Agaknya 90% dah jadi doktor dan peguam.


  44. Hello anak,

    Kalau orang macam kamu ni ta sentiasa minta tongkat dari kerajaan dan rompak dari kaum bukan melayu,buat per kumpulan cam hindraf nak muncul? Kau orang ni dah lebih 38 tahun rompak dari kaum lain atas alasan mundur,nape masih bilang mundur lagi?Kau ni cari alasan ngan kedai todi pulak,tu cerita lama lar,kau nak tengok ta aku bawa engkau,tunjuk kau berapa ramai orang melayu minum jack daniels,black label etc kat hard rock,planet dan tempat2 yang lain?Kerajaan bagi kontrak,tapi ta nak kerja,sub kat orang cina,malam kat dangdut dan minum kat tempat high class pulak,habis nak salah kan orang miskin pulak,kah kah kah.otak udang ker kau ni,kawan?

  45. hi anak,

    You seem to be lost in your comments lar.Todi drinking by indians is almost an old story lar.There are so many indian students who dont drink toddy with excellent academic results,the govt never gave them places in public unis,why?There are so many hardworking indians and chinese in the govt who dont drink todi never went up the hierarchy but many others who dont deserve, go up because they belong to one particular ethnic group, why?Why many poor indian students who dont drink todi wth excellent results dont get biasiswa,but some others who belong to one particular ethnic group,eventhough they are rich,get biasiswa?Back to todi,do you want me to show you,how many malays are drinking not todi but Jack Daniels and black labels in places like hard rock,planet and so forth?These are the mat subs,who get all govt projects and contracts and sub let it to chinese,then blame others,kakakaka.Speak for your self otak udang.

  46. Anonymous5:26 am

    Hindraf memang menyusahkan orang je, kecenderungan untuk bertukar ganas tu ada. Tak habis2 nak berarak, kumpul ramai2 tunjuk kuat. Apa benda tu? Dah jadi budaya pulak dekat Malaysia ni. Dengan buat2 claim merapu pasal ethnic cleansing semua tu, memang mereka ni memudaratkan negara. Kalau nk perjuangkan apa2 pun, guna lah cara, dan saluran yang betul, buat kecoh dijalanan bukan cara terbaik, tu cara nak menyusahkan orang!!

  47. Bro..lepas hindraf...Cindraf lepas tu ..Malaydraf lakk...n then Ibandraf...Kadazandraf...sikhdraf...Seranidraf
    Let's we all sue British Govt for what happen to us now. If british not colonized our country..I dont think this nenekmoyang Hindraf will come over here n working in the estates and soon want the autonomy in Brickfield n Sentul..Better govnt corp or soon become Sri Lanka n it all started after giving a piece of land then they want more.

  48. Anonymous10:38 am

    insan mulia:

    kenapa la dengan awak ni, mereka sepatutnya tolong kaum sendiri. ramai orang india kaya raya tapi apa mereka buat??? Bantulah jangan sekadar bercakap sahaja tanpa perbuatan. Buat dana ke apa, barulah boleh maju, pelajaran tu penting, sesuatu kaum tu takkan berubah jika mereka tidak mahu berubah!

  49. Anonymous10:58 am

    insan mulia:

    mereka sepatutnya tolong kaum sendiri. ramai orang india kaya raya tapi apa mereka buat??? Bantulah jangan sekadar bercakap sahaja. pelajaran tu penting barulah boleh maju. kerajaan pun ada bantu bukan mereka sahaja, orang melayu, cina yang susah.

  50. I respect RPK and others who didn't run away from the authorities. This simply means that they are thrustworthy. They dared go to jail for what they believed in. But for Uthayakumar, he is a twisted tongue coward. Uthayakumar=coward. COWARD. We should not trust this guy.

  51. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Having the privilege to read the memorandum sent to the British Embassy/ The Singapore interview, and the trillion dollar class action lawsuit against the British, I am of the presumption that the leaders of Hindraf are supremacist of religion and race and their baseless zero cause for actions against the British for shipping them to Malaysia as indentured labourers and their failure to safeguard the Indians' rights.

    As a non-Malay/ Muslim and having supported the PR, the memo. sent to the British embassy claiming of "ethnic cleansing", and "Islamic Fundamentalist" are in total -absurd on false grounds that such events had at any time taken place.

    The one seeking asylum in Britain, then manipulated the etymology of "ethnic cleansing" by intepreting a disjointed guise to cover-up the true intent of his memo.

    I am against the ISA which is wrong at anytime to detain any Hindrafs. In the Western Democracy, the Government has the liberty to file a libel-suit against the lies painted by the Hindraf and Hindraf has the liberty to sue the government of the unfounded links to the Tamil Tigers and both parties are given equal chances to prove and debunk their claims.

    I however dissociate myself from such supremacist movement and I applaud you for your right conscience.If you see the behavioral of the members and some of the supporters, it's at best to distance from them.

  52. RPK go in,there are so many malaysians fighting for him,including indians because he is a malay,hindraf 5 went in ,where were all of you who call others coward?A coward is people who call others coward like the umnoputras who dare not even have the balls to enggage those hindraf people for a simple discourse after hundreds of request by hindraf for a dialogue with the govt fell on deaf ears.The simple people the hindraf followers who went to the PM to meet eye to eye,because he refused to meet them in his office have been banned,if waytha comes back now,he will be straight headed to kamunting,then those who call them coward, gonna come and fight for these people who are bullied by umnoputras izzit?Easy to call people coward,when you get a kick in your own ass only then you fellas know the truth.

  53. Anonymous7:34 pm

    Yeah, right temengong..

    the last thing i would like to hear is something pretty sound like some kind of legal jargons of a tounge twisted lawyers.. interpretation of debatable "etnnic cleansing"..?lawyers in custom is a brethren of snakes..

    That's why this kind of mental-draining crusade like Hindraf is best lead by a demi-gods laywyers.. hahaha..fools.

    And quoting something from internet source..hah..we lost batu putih over some fucking evidence from the net..some more its something from a Western mind who never land his feet on Malaysian soil..western conceptual values of humanity to be experimented in Malaysian society? hahahaha...

    At the rate of how many indians are killed each days as claimed by Hindraf, soon, 1 over million Tamil will be put to extinction..
    Well, frankly this kind of rate of unrestness in our society stirred by Hindraf, how I wish that allegation is true nothing but a truth..

    Hey, guess what, why i still see a lot of indians everywhere walking freely around shading my view with their maximum lightwave absorbing capability...?

    Too much toddy eh temenggong.. go join your brethren boozing party to hell waiting for kingdom come..

    What a moronic joke...hahaha
    Accusing others as racist & names calling as usual.. your built in gen trait.
    why? cannot see your own reflection in the mirror..? Really a pathetic kind.. hahaha..

    -anti hindraf-

  54. Anonymous3:53 am

    "The freedom of expression is essential for any society to evolve."

    so please switch off moderation and not curb in on F o S