Friday, October 17, 2008

In defence of the Social Contract

"Don't test or challenge". The Conference of Rulers has come out with a Special Statement on the Special Rights of the Malays. A royal intervention indeed. There has been too much provocation and retaliation.

Daulat Tuanku.

General October 16, 2008 22:35 PM
Conference Of Rulers Issues Special Statement

KUALA TERENGGANU, Oct 16 (Bernama) -- The 215th meeting of the Conference of Rulers, held at the Istana Maziah here, issued a special press statement on several matters enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

Following is the press statement in full issued by the Keeper of the Rulers' Seal, Engku Tan Sri Ibrahim Engku Ngah.

"Press Statement issued by the Keeper of the Rulers' Seal on the role of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Malay Rulers regarding the special privileges, position, eminence or greatness of the Malay Rulers, Islam, Malay as the national language, the special position of the Malays, and genuine interests of the other communities in accordance with the Federal Constitution.

"The Malay Rulers who attended the meeting of the Conference of Rulers conferred on the issuing of this special joint press statement Thursday.

"The Malay Rulers hold the constitutional role to safeguard the special privileges, position, eminence and greatness of the Malay Rulers, safeguard Islam, Malay as the National Language, and the genuine interests of the other communities in Malaysia.

"The actions of certain quarters in disputing and questioning these matters, which formed the primary basis for the formation of Malaysia and are enshrined in the Federal Constitution, had caused provocation and uneasiness among the people.

In retaliation, several quarters particularly Malay leaders whether in the government or non-governmental organisations as well as individuals had expressed their dissatisfaction and anger against those who had made the statements and reports and organised the forums.

"Among the reasons identified for these to have occurred is the cursory knowledge of those concerned regarding the historical background as to why these provisions were enshrined in the Federal Constitution and the influence of their attempts to implicate the principles of impartiality and justice without regard for the historical background and social condition of this country. Narrow political interests are also a cause.

"Unless this phenomenon is arrested immediately, it can lead to disunity and racial strife that can undermine the peace and harmony which has all this while brought progress, development and success to the nation.

"As such, it is necessary for the Conference of Rulers to emphasise and remind all quarters of these constitutional provisions besides giving emphasis to the assurance of safeguarding the genuine rights of other communities.

It has to be emphasised that each provision in the Federal Constitution has undergone the process of discussion, consideration, consultancy, sacrifice and compromise of the highest degree for what has been championed, discussed, considered, benefited from as well as agreed to by all quarters concerned, until the realisation of the provisions in the Federal Constitution which are known as the Social Contract.

It is not proper to dispute and question this Social Contract and more so to subject it to a review or change because it is the primary basis of the formation of Malaysia.

Therefore, it is appropriate for the Malay Rulers to remind that there should never be any attempt ever to test and challenge issues related to the Social Contract.

"Truly, the leaders of the pre-independence era were insightful -- far-sighted. They brought along with them the Malay Rulers for the negotiations to claim independence. The Institution of the Rulers was retained and legally enshrined in the constitution of an independent Malaysia.

The Institution of the Rulers was accorded eminence, was positioned at the apex of Government, as the head of the country and the states, as a protective umbrella, ensuring impartiality among the citizens.

The Institution of Rulers takes on the role of being a check-and-balance factor to untangle complications, if any.

"The Conference of Rulers also calls on the Malays to be united to safeguard the privileges, position, eminence and greatness of the Malay Rulers, safeguard Islam, Malay as the national language, and the genuine interests of the other communities in Malaysia as enshrined in the Federal Constitution. It has to be emphasised that this agenda is more important and foremost than political or factional interests.

"Non-Malays should not harbour any apprehension or worry over their genuine rights because these rights are guaranteed under the Federal Constitution and provisions of the state constitutions of Malaysia contained in Article 153 of the Federal Constitution.

"It is hoped that with this emphasis, all confusion among the people regarding these matters can be contained and an atmosphere of peace, harmony and mutual respect can continue to exist among the people for the maintenance of order in the country."


  1. Tidakkan bangsa melayu sedar bahawa DAP sekrang secara terang-terangan ingin menghapuskan hak dan keistemwaan melayu,Yg Di pertuan Agong dan Raja-Raja MElayu.. baca blog LIM KIT SIANG... bukankah hak melantik(memperkenankan) KETUA HAKIM NEGARA adalah HAK YANG DI PERTUAN AGONG DAN MAJLIS RAJA_RAJA MELAYU??? KEnapa perlu dipertikaikan lagi?? Walaupun PM yg mencadang tidak semestinya KEbawah DUli akan merestuinya.. cadangan penubuhan SURUHANJAYA PELANTIKAN KEHAKIMAN oleh ZAID IBRAHIM (yg memang tak pandai pun jadi peguam)yg sebenarnya menjurus dan dipermainkan DAP.. cadangan itu seolah-olah KESEMUA KEBAWAH DULI RAJA-RAJA MELAYU BODOH dan BANGGANG..


  2. Rocky,

    I suspect some of your readers will come out guns blazing accusing the rulers of horrible things,I think they had better think hard before being so rash

    The ruler's special statement is an indication that the last straw is almost on the camel

  3. The rulers have spoken. Whoever date to shoot you on what the Rulers have said can point out their frustration to Lim Kit Siang. If racisme propaganda by Lim Kit Siang or Gerakan Wanita did not take place, The Rulers will stay silent.

    So, thank you to both. You trigger a lot of Malay blood which for some time has take for granted that other races are with them through thick and thin.

  4. Daulat Tuanku,

    Orang-orang dari Pulau Pinang yang bercita-cita menjadi Perdana Menteri patut mematuhi arahan Tuanku. Tuanku melihat apa yang anda buat.

  5. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Yes I agree, there has been too much provocation by the sons of the soil..

  6. Anonymous6:01 pm





    ...kebanyakan kita, kecil, besar, tua dan muda, cacat dan sempurna SUDAH LUPA..

    ..rakyat biasa

  7. Now lets hear it from the Lims, the Koks, the Singhs ,the Ambigas.. the Kohs......and the Anwars , the Harris, the Maliks, the Azlys......


  8. I am calling all my beloved citizen of Malaysia from all the different races that make this beautiful country.

    Please do not play with fire.

    Kindly use our good judgment while we still can.

  9. Salam,

    Wahai saudara Ketam... bukan UMNO sendiri pernah mempertikaikan perlantikan Menteri Besar Terengganu dan Perlis suatu ketika dahulu... maka UMNO juga ingin hapuskan hak Raja2 ker???

  10. Diver miskin,

    Itu Pak Lah la... after this no more Pak Lah. I hate Pak Lah the lembek . I thought the opposition loves him so much. In fact, they question the MTs for their and Mahathir's part in asking Pak Lah to resign.

    Hem, cakap tak serupa bikin. The opposition always trying to turn the table to the other side.. sex dgn pelacur tu sedekah.

  11. Anonymous6:30 pm

    I remember that authority comes from God even when the just is persecuted by the unjust.

  12. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Daulat Tuanku!

    The Harris Ibrahim, Malik Imtiaz, Raja Petra, Lim Kit Siang, Param Cumaraswary, Karpal, Gopal Sri Ram, AMbiga Ambigau, Hindraf 5, Kua Kia Soong, Farish Noor, Azmi Shahrom, Azly Rahman, M Bakri Musa, Takrasa Kok, Hindraf 5, Marvis Puthucherry, ... can all go migrate ...

    .... or ... lock themselves in a closet and masturbate till the they die bleeding from excess masturbatution!

    Boleh pi mampus!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pukimak mana nak comment, tlg tarik nama dan IC ... IC registration department can prepare for citizen revocation!!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous6:34 pm

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  14. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Salam Bro,

    Lim Guan Eng pernah kena ISA kerana mempertahankan seorang gadis melayu yang kena rog** oleh........

    Orang miskin masuk syurga 500 tahun mendahului aku(Hadis)

    Tak boleh nak kata apa lagilah bro...(sedih)
    Zaman celaru.
    Cepat sangat menghukum.

    Mohon maaf dengan menyusun jari sepuluh pada bro...

    Selamat tinggal Ahirudin Attan...

    Rocker Tua.

  15. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Rocky kau jangan nak tunjuk wayang nak tunjuk gempak.

    Takde orang pun yang mempertikaikan Perlembagaan dan kedudukan Melayu dan kaum-kaum lain seperti termaktub dalam Perlembagaan.

    Kau jangan cakap macam kau hero.

    Kalau kau baca berita baik-baik, peringatan Raja-Raja itu boleh dianggap sebagai amaran kepada UMNO agar jangan meminggirkan mana-mana kaum di Malaysia lalu memecahbelahkan rakyat.

    Baca baik-baik di sini:

    Paham tak kau Rocky?

  16. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Daulat Tuanku!!!
    Daulat Tuanku!!!
    Daulat Tuanku!!!
    Daulat Tuanku!!!
    Daulat Tuanku!!!
    Daulat Tuanku!!!

    Kepada segala babi yg kaki sondol, anjing yang kaki menyalak, lembu yang ikut tak faham cerita, ular yang kaki belit dan putar alam, ...

    Malaya ini tanah melayu. Remember that!

    Tak suka boleh balik negeri!!!!

    Tak payah bullshit!!!!

    Kah kah kah hahaha .. ho ho ho he he he ....

    Itu yg ada bersama adalah khalid ibrahim mb selangor pun ada, nik ajis mb kelantan, azizan mb kedah, tkm pulau pinang ....

    cuba kau ornag belit ... sumbat menteri2 besar dan ketua2 menteri ini dalam penjara!!!!!!!!

  17. Trust me..
    Despite what some people might read into this the Rulers have the Rakyat's future at heart.
    Article 153 guarantees that.

    My take on it here:

  18. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Dear All,

    If you have power, use it wisely.
    If you have power, then Allah give you a little power and you abuse it, you pay for it.

    Allah menjadikan manusia khalifah di dunia ini.

    Diantara manusia, oranag Islamlah yang di jadikan khalifah.

    Yahudi dan Nasarani tidak akan redha kepada orang Islam, apatah lagi apabila orang Islam jadi khalifah.

    Does that rings the bell. Jangan ada orang Islam berjiwa Y&N.


  19. Anonymous6:59 pm

    DUMBNO ada guna perkataan "MENATANG"

    sapa sokong raja sapa tak? fikir lah baik baik.

    mengenai jangan main dengan api, cuba fikir, api tu kisahke kaum apa?

    yawn yawn yawn


  20. Anonymous7:03 pm

    The Rulers have finally spoken!!

    Dualat Tuanku!!

    This should now put a muzzle to all those fellows who had been misusing the name of the Royalty in playing their dirty politics of mud slinging.

    You can change the MBs, PMs
    But Rulers are the Royalty..
    They are the ones who negotiated the citizenship of millions. They are the bearers of Social Contract.
    They are going to be permanent.

    There is no way anyone dare not challenge anything that comes from them. Whatever it be.
    In this case - they have spelt it out clearly about Social contract.
    So now that ends all the confusion and Social contract indeed is a reality! Accept it!

  21. "The Malay Rulers hold the constitutional role to safeguard the special privileges, position, eminence and greatness of the Malay Rulers, safeguard Islam, Malay as the National Language, and the genuine interests of the other communities in Malaysia."

    Ah! excuse me!!

    Can we all read that again!!

    "The Malay Rulers hold the constitutional role to safeguard the special privileges, position, eminence and greatness of the Malay Rulers...(Hey, only of the Malay rulers?? what about the Malays?..Oh that comes next....

    NOT UM bloody NO by the way!

    Secondly, it is the "safeguard(ing of) Islam, Malay as the National Language, and the genuine interests of the other communities in Malaysia."

    Once again the role is for the Rulers. Not UM bloody NO!

    Once again " "safeguard the special privileges, position, eminence and greatness of the Malay rulers"

    Separately "safeguard Islam, Malay as the National Language" (Where is the special privileges for the Malays ah? so special privileges only for Rulers only, ah) UM bloody NO, can you take note of this?

    And finally, "and the genuine interests of the other communities in Malaysia." (Once again not for MCA or MIC to claim to represent or protect. It is the role of the Rulers. Can you buggers understand that?

    Now. this is so very important for everyone to read, especially UMNO.

    Have UMNO hijacked the role of the rulers?

    Have UMNO interpreted the role of the rulers as enshrined in the constitution to which the rulers are giving voice to now in a most misleading way?

    Have UMNO in their leadership of the Malays defined for them these "protections" enshrined in the constitution in a way that has been detrimental to the Malays maybe? And maybe the Rulers in recognising this are giving voice to their anger and frustration over UMNO's conduct since independence maybe?

    Hey, this is a really splendid press release. It requires more than a convoluted and corrupt mind to try and hijack this document and to impute to it meanings that it certainly does not carry.

    I would advise refrain snd before some of you get excited resulting in premature ejeculation, to read it all over again. And as surely as I can already see from this posting's headings as well as the early comments, it would seem like what is envisaged by the rulers is not exactly being understood. Not by eminent bloggers and certainly not by commentators.

  22. This country is under no threat from the non Malays and I don't see why racism be continued to be enshrined in our constitution.

    What irks me is the violent thought surrounding special rights or the lack of it. This is a real distraction from things we need to focus on, like wealth-building, upgrading quality of life and value-adding to this country's economy. If the majority of Malays in Malaysia can focus on this, there will not be a need for special rights.

    As for the Chinese, Indians and others- make migration plans but do come back for holidays. Bring your skills along to where you are wanted and to where it matters.

  23. Anonymous7:12 pm


    a final reminder and warning to umno not to trigger racial issues anymore.

  24. Aku dah agak dah mesti ada yang nak babitkan UMNO mcm @ 6:15 PM.

    Baca la apa pesanan Raja-raja aku dan kau tu dulu.

    itu sebabnya aku kadang-kadang dah bosan dengan perangai korang semua ni.

    sebabkan kecenderungan politik sempit korang ni negara aku dan korang ni jadi huru-hara.

    baca la dulu.

    Raja-Raja berpesan kepada SEMUA rakyat Malaysia.

    tak payah la jadi kaki bakar pulak.

    esok-esok la pulak brader.

    Ini Raja brader yang bagi press statement bukannya press statement dari AMNO (TIDO LAGI KA TAPIR?) GERAKAN (F@#K U GERAKAN) MIC (HINDRAF BUTT KISSER) MCA DAP (F#$K DAP) PKR PPP PSM JUBOR dan lain-lain..

    kalau dah raja sendiri pun lu nak langgar lu fikir la sendiri..

  25. Since rockybru choose to highlights only what he perceive to be a warning to other communities, let me highlights what is fair.

    Please read the full text in full and understand the whole scope of the message and not just comment on the section that specify to one particular race.

    "The Conference of Rulers also calls on the Malays to be united to safeguard the privileges, position, eminence and greatness of the Malay Rulers, safeguard Islam, Malay as the national language, and the genuine interests of the other communities in Malaysia as enshrined in the Federal Constitution. It has to be emphasised that this agenda is more important and foremost than political or factional interests.

    "Non-Malays should not harbour any apprehension or worry over their genuine rights because these rights are guaranteed under the Federal Constitution and provisions of the state constitutions of Malaysia contained in Article 153 of the Federal Constitution.

    The kinds of ahmad, utusan and umno must acknowledge this important message by the rulers.


  26. Anonymous7:31 pm

    wonder what the orang-orang asli think about it

  27. Dear Rocky

    On hindsight, perhaps granting citizenship to the immigrants way back then could be an irreversible "regret".

    If any clause of a contract has to be amended, the other clauses also need to be revised, otherwise the formula is invalid.

    Wonder what will happen???

  28. Well, the rulers have spoken for the Malays.

    Does this mean that Ahmad Ismail can say what he says? And the writer that wrote and suggest the killing of an assemblyman?

    The Engku did come out and say that the statement is inclusive and not exclusive. Many would beg to differ.

  29. Damansara

    Malaysians don't need you warn us not to play with fire. I suggest you take your own advice and keep your own counsel. Please don't patronise others and sound condescending.

    People like you are part of the reason why this country is sliding downwards to meet Indonesia in a few years time.

    Then you can tell ppl like me not to play with fire!

  30. Anonymous7:57 pm

    Shamsul Yunus, I have no respect for you. You are a racist, pure and simple. I thought you were a well-educated and cosmopolitan guy, but I was wrong. You are the pits.

  31. Anonymous8:00 pm

    I agree that we should respect for the Conference of Rulers have spoken!

    I think those who add additional lines to it better just keep quite for this is what the Rulers tell us. No need to ungkit isu baru lagi.

  32. Anonymous8:11 pm

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  33. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Daulat Tuanku !!!!!!!!


  34. Dear Rocky

    The findings of the RCI shows clear corruption among some of our top judges and manipulation in their appointments.

    The new CJ's apointment was done without adequate regard to seniority and relevant experience among many judges who would have rightfully expected their promotions. However, this again was manipulated by UMNO.

    Many of the questioning of the Social Contract and racial provocations was done first by memebers of the ruling party - Kerismudin, Son-in-law etc etc tec.

    We have also seen over the last 30 years, unprecedented corruption in the award of directly negotiated non-tendered out Govt contracts and unexplained accumulation of wealth by many in the top tier of Govt, Civil Service and political parties. How else can one explain the Mat Deros affair?

    And calls by the Regent of Perak for our Courts to follow the provisions of the Constitution & Civil Law in settling disputes over inter-faith disputes have been largely ignored or fudged over.

    All this has been happening under the noses of the Rulers. Therefore, it is entirely possible that now and then the Rulers may not be fully aware of what's happening at ground level or the implications of remaining silent at the time such matters spill over into the public realm.

    Those like Shamsul Yunos and others in this blog who think the Rulers' Statement is only directed towards the non-Malays, Lim Kit Siang & Karpal had better read it again.

    It is also meant for all Malaysians and also those who would shoot from the hip, and when justly faced with defamation suits, compose fictitious stories and poetry clearly inciting unrest and mob action along racial lines.

  35. Sedar sedar dirilah pada mana mana yang tidak sedarkan diri dan yang nmenuntut terlebih lebih, diluar hak perlembagaan dan kontrak sosial.

    Orang Melayu harus 'ajar mereka' sekali lagi jika masih ada yang degil.

    Orang Melayu harus bersatu bukan di bawah Anwar atau Najib atau Dolah tetapi atas nama Melayu dan Islam itu sendiri, persaudaraan kita atas nama Melayu dan Islam, itu adalah maruah kita. Persetankan PAS jika mereka juga gagal menghayati Melayu dan Islam.

  36. Anonymous8:42 pm

    That should be a nice tight slap to all those who had been using Tuanku's name in vain..
    The Rulers have spelt out their stance..

    Dualat Tuanku!!

  37. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Who is playing with fire? Pakatan group has been saying that what is in the constitution will remain. Only UMNO goons are the one playing with fire and nobody else.
    The UMNO manuever is actually eroding the rakyats confidence. To start with, go back to history, which political party that went into rampage garnering support from all Malaysians during the constitutional crises. Wasn't it BN under Tun Madey.
    Siapa kah sebenar nya rencong di luar pepat di dalam. Who is the enemy of the state?
    Daulat Tuanku!!!

  38. Daulat Tuanku.

    Syabas kepada Majlis Raja-Raja dengan Peringatan Raja Melayu khas buat mereka-mereka yang lupa. Mereka-mereka yang sering mempersoalkan Kontrak Sosial yang menjadi asas bernegara.

    Kepada aktivis dan pemimpin politik yang bertopengkan 'hak asasi' sebagai modal perjuangan, topeng anda semua telah 'dibuka' oleh Majlis Raja-Raja.

    Tak payah la nak berselindung lagi...

  39. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  40. Anonymous9:12 pm

    The rulers are pointing the gun at the wrong people. It should be pointed at UMNO, a racist party that engaged unashamedly with racial and religious politics.
    Respect has to be earned and not demanded. Earn your own 'dinner' before accusing others for your failings.

  41. Thanks Richard Loh,

    As long as we understand each other.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Once again you choose to highlight only certain points which have earned praise and comdemnation from one section of the community. Is that what you desire? I believe if we read the whole of the statement it highlights a genuine social contract among all the races.
    Multiracial guy

  44. pujangga ilmu,

    don't write when you are angry. remember, this posting is about our raja2. pls don't kurang ajar.

  45. Anonymous9:44 pm


    Hahahahaa....seronok baca CERPEN dari Chamil i'm waiting for his next 'great story'!

    (Ahmad Gebu)

  46. Anonymous9:51 pm

    My God ! Can't we all just live in PEACE and HARMONY ? I am sure this is the wish of the majority of Malaysians.

  47. Anonymous9:53 pm

    We do not have Alzheimer's disease or any memory loss. No reminder please.


  48. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Mintak maaf... tak bermaksud berkasar pada hang atau sesiapa... gue tension pasai tu gue meleteh terlebih skit...

    Kalu boleh gue mintak hang tolong padam komen-komen gue yang selainnya di sini... timo kasih

  49. Anonymous10:00 pm


    Lim Kit Siang, Karpal, Gopal Sri Ram, Ambiga , Hindraf 5 + 5 +++,ms cock....pergi mampus laa lu!!!

    tak sedar diri...MENUMPANG!!!!PENDATANG!!!

    (YB J)

  50. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Rocky, I expect that you are intelligent enough to understand that the Social Contract also includes the rights of the non-Malays. Their Royal Highnesses made that abundantly clear in their statement.

    Your claim that "The Conference of Rulers has come out with a Special Statement on the Special Rights of the Malays" is a provocation and therefore clearly in defiance of the advice of our Royalty.

    This is lese majeste. Your statement is seditious.

    But I don't expect you to be charged under the Sedition Act even if someone were to lodge a police report.

    Isn't this what is wrong with our fair nation?


  51. Anonymous10:15 pm

    majlis raja2 dah bersuara, gua rasa takde mana2 bangsa yg tertindas hak2 mereka mengikut apa yg dinyatakan, lantas tak reti2 patuh!

  52. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Someone commented the statement is meant for UMNO. Answer to whom is this clause below meant for:

    Kontrak Sosial ini tidak wajar dipertikai dan dipersoalkan lebih-lebih lagi disemak semula atau diubah kerana ia adalah merupakan asas utama pembentukan negara Malaysia. Untuk itu Raja-raja Melayu wajar memperingatkan supaya isu berkaitan Kontrak Sosial tidak sekali-kali cuba diuji dan dicabar.

    Doesn't sound for the Malays.

    Who do all these Cina Babi, DAP Anjing and Keling Lembu think when the Royal made the fllowing remarks:

    “Raja-raja Melayu juga membuat seruan kepada orang Melayu supaya bersatu-padu untuk mempertahankan keistimewaan, kedudukan, kemuliaan dan kebesaran Raja-raja Melayu, melindungi agama Islam, bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kebangsaan dan kepentingan sah kaum-kaum lain di Malaysia seperti yang termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Penekanan juga perlu dibuat bahawa agenda ini adalah lebih penting dan utama dari kepentingan politik atau kelompok.

    Why was it raised in that manner?

    It was to spite PAS and PKR for not being in unity to defend the Constitution for the sake of their political mileage.

    All the babi, anjing and lembu can kiss your sodomistic saviour Anwar good bye.

    He is going down. That remark indicate that ANWAR DOES NOT HAVE THE CONFIDENCE of the Royals. That traitor to the nation will never be PM!!!!

    He will be in prison for a very long long time. By the time he comes out, he will be so weak from deprivation of ass fucking.

  53. Anonymous10:24 pm

  54. Anonymous10:25 pm

    wandereraus bengkek tulis:The rulers are pointing the gun at the wrong people. It should be pointed at UMNO, a racist party that engaged unashamedly with racial and religious politics. - adake lu nampak dlm kenyataan majlis raja2 tu menamakan parti2 tertentu? lu tu yg racist, tuduh orang lain racist.

  55. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Baca ni jangan tak baca!

    Kontrak sosial senjata ampuh Umno

    OKT 17 — Tidak ada sesiapa yang perlu mempertikaikan kontrak sosial antara kaum yang telah mewujudkan Malaysia merdeka lebih 50 tahun lalu. Ia adalah tolak ansur yang telah diterima ramai sejak lebih setengah abad.

    Oleh itu, keputusan mesyuarat Majlis Raja-Raja ke-215 yang meminta semua pihak tidak mempertikaikan kontrak sosial adalah pengulangan pendirian wajar yang telah pun dipersetujui bersama antara kaum. Memang ia patut disokong.

    Namun, apa yang dipersoalkan selama ini adalah penyalahgunaan tafsiran dan penyelewengan kontrak berkenaan yang mempunyai kaitan rapat dengan Perkara 153 Perlembagaan Persekutuan berhubung keistimewaan Melayu.

    Malah, Prof Diraja Dr Ungku Abdul Aziz Ungku Abdul Hamid pernah membangkitkan isu itu apabila beliau menyatakan istilah "kontrak sosial" dalam konteks politik hari ini digunakan oleh ahli-ahli politik untuk kepentingan mereka.

    Dalam satu forum pada Mei lalu, tokoh akademik itu menjelaskan kontrak itu sebenarnya justifikasi kepada tindakan afirmatif untuk membantu golongan miskin memperolehi peluang dalam beberapa bidang termasuk pendidikan.

    Dalam hal ini, apa yang dimaksudkan oleh Majlis Raja-Raja ialah menghormati Perlembagaan kerana ia adalah persetujuan bersama bapa-bapa Merdeka dalam usaha mewujudkan sebuah negara berdaulat pada 1957.

    Tetapi hari ini apabila kontrak sosial dibangkitkan di celah-celah kemelut politik, ia lebih jelas menjurus kepada permainan politik kaum. Agenda ini sering digunakan oleh Umno sebagai tulang belakang parti pemerintah Barisan Nasional untuk menolak kritikan terhadap kelemahan pentadbiran kerajaan.

    Apa yang berlaku selama ini adalah parti-parti pembangkang, malah parti-parti komponen BN sendiri telah mempertikaikan penyalahgunaan kuasa, penyelewengan dan diskriminasi kaum oleh pimpinan Umno, dan bukannya mengkritik Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

    Namun untuk mengalih pandangan rakyat, terutamanya orang Melayu, Umno sering berselinding di sebalik kontrak sosial sebagaimana yang dijelaskan oleh Ungku Aziz, agar tidak ada sesiapa yang berani mara untuk menentang "lembu suci" itu.

    Inilah masalah yang sering dihadapi oleh pengkritik-pengkritik Umno, termasuk pemimpin politik Melayu dari pelbagai parti lain. Dengan bertopengkan perkauman, kepimpinan Umno telah menggunakan manipulasi politik untuk menjerat sesiapa sahaja yang menegur mereka dengan menyorong ke arah kontrak sosial.

    Mesej Umno mudah sahaja — mengkritik Umno bererti mencabar kontrak sosial, dan ini membawa maksud menentang Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

    Sedangkan rekod penyelewengan dan manipulasi Umno terhadap kontrak sosial dan Perlembagaan telah menjalar jauh ke dalam masyarakat sehingga menimbulkan barah perkauman; menyemai rasa benci antara kaum.

    Yang tragis, ada juga pemimpin Melayu dalam Parti Keadilan Rakyat dan Pas yang terperangkap dengan politik perkauman Melayu ciptaan Umno sehinggakan slogan Ketuanan Rakyat — keadilan untuk semua kaum dan agama — seolah-olah diketepikan atas nama perpaduan Melayu.

    Apakah ini bermakna Ketuanan Rakyat — sebagai alternatif kepada Ketuanan Melayu — yang dilaungkan oleh Ketua Pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim akan lenyap ditenggelami politik perkauman Umno?

    Walaupun PKR, Pas dan DAP meraikan kemenangan tsunami politik Mac 8, semangat perkauman di kalangan rakyat masih menebal. Anwar seolah-olah semakin hilang pengaruh di segi membanteras ketuanan kaum kerana selain DAP, dua lagi parti sahabat Pakatan Rakyat lebih banyak berdiam diri apabila berdepan dengan isu-isu berasaskan Melayu.

    Sehinggakan Pas yang melaungkan slogan Islam Untuk Semua turut merasa bersalah apabila dicabar Umno berhubung keistimewaan orang Melayu. Apakah pemimpin-pemimpin Pas sendiri tidak yakin dengan ideologi agama mereka sehingga tunduk dengan tekanan perkauman?

    Jika ini berlarutan, usaha Pakatan Rakyat untuk membentuk masyarakat baru yang lebih bertolak ansur dan muhibah yang beteraskan keadilan akan berkubur begitu sahaja dibawa arus perkauman.

    Kaum bukan Melayu sudah lama akur dengan pendirian Raja-Raja bahawa mereka tidak perlu "khuatir dan bimbang dengan hak-hak sah mereka tersebut telah dijamin mengikut Perlembagaan Persekutuan dan peruntukan-peruntukan yang terkandung dalam Undang-undang Tubuh Negeri-negeri di Malaysia yang termaktub dalam Perkara 153 Perlembagaan Persekutuan" kerana ia sememangnya telah terjamin.

    Namun yang dipersoalkan ialah muslihat Umno dalam manipulasinya untuk memastikan ketegangan kaum sentiasa di tahap yang tinggi. Selagi masyarakat Malaysia syak wasangka antara satu sama lain, Umno akan tetap relevan kerana kekuatannya bergantung kepada politik kaum.

    Apabila kaum-kaum di Malaysia merasakan perbezaan warna kulit dan agama bukan lagi perkara penting yang boleh memisahkan tali silaturahim mereka, ia akan menjadi berita buruk buat Umno.

    Tetapi Umno tetap gagah hari ini. Dan ini bererti politik perkauman masih menjadi pilihan ramai, termasuk kalangan tertentu dari parti-parti pembangkang Melayu. Apakah Ketuanan Rakyat akan kecundang di tangan Ketuanan Melayu?

  56. Anonymous11:20 pm


    Please do NOT associate Melayu & Islam. Rasulullah s.a.w TIDAK PERNAH associate Arabs & Islam so jangan nak buat pandai2. Orang2 macam kamu nih yang kononnya bertopengkan Islam untuk meraih sokongan Melayu sungguh jijik la. You want to glorify Melayu go ahead, that's your right. You want to bring Melayu down with your holier-than-thou attitude hey that's up to you man but don't drag Islam along with your pile of shit man.

    You know my take on this? When it suits the UMNO/Ultra-malay, it's Daulat Tuanku, kami berdiri belakang Raja2 & Sultan2 etc. Tapi kalau Sultan2 tak mengikuti "nasihat" pemimpin UMNO perkataan "menatang" pun boleh buat sepanduk. To them I'd say, where were you when Mahathir and the likes changed the constitution and limited the powers of the Rulers???

    UMNO dah tak relevan

  57. Nstman (whore)
    I have a similar comment on my blog from Bravo maybe you know him well, he's a pretty good flamer as well

    anyway, read what Richard Loh said here and understand what the rulers are trying to say,

    I think Rocky understands it as well, do you?

    I think we know who is the real racist here.

  58. The politicians or those who aspire to be one now know that the powerful element in this country is not BN or PR. The politicians from this opposing divide are powerless jokers. No matter how voiceferous they are, the master of the land reigns supreme. These politicians at their very best could go around crying foul and yet they aren't fooling anyone but themselves. The king is clearly telling his subjects to abide with the laws of the land, failing with the land is ain't yours.

  59. this is the impact of PakLah perestroika experimenting with liberalism and openess just like a kid play with fire .

    put back the house in order malaysian contitution is very clear .

    action must be taken to anybody againt and questioning the contitution .

    Daulat tuanku..

  60. Apa-apa pun,atas nama agama dan bangsa, aku akan lakukan apa saja......sekarang dah hampir border line....kalau mereka terus berkelakuan kurang utama ialah Kit Siang, karpal singh dan seterusnya ........ulangan 13/5.....a lu pikir lah sendiri

  61. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Dun talk so much, just show us the bloody social contract.

  62. UMNO, PKR and PAS fail in their duty to defend the so called 'Social Contract' that gave Malays one step up of other races that 'The Sultan's' have to step in to defend the 'Malay rights'. UMNO fail to defend Ahmad who call the Chinese Penda.... while Gerakan women chief question malays right and label Malays as Pendatang. You see, Its ok for them to call or label Malays as pendatang but its no ok for Malays to called them 'Penda....'. UMNO, PKR and PAS fails to defend Malays. As for the illegal Hindraft (Badawi regime should do this on the first day Hindarft is born) stop the nonsense. Malaysian especially Malays has read your bias memorandum. PKR is pretending to defend you for political survival reason while BN is defending the Majority Malaysian. (why is BN acting like a looser).'WhataiyaMooorty' is a coward. He live happily in London while his 5 compariots is under ISA for believing in him. Believing that 1 bil USD will be distributed among Indians (sound like Pak Man Telo scheme), believing that Malaysia goverment is doing ethnic cleasing (There still more than 1 millon Indians living and loving these country and Samy vellu is still breathing) of the Indian community and so on. Not only these 5 dump Humpty Dumpty but the rest of the Indians. This Moorty who now live and may be protected by the British govt is just like a villian in Tamil movies. Cheat the Indians and gave them false hope then run away with their life savings. Those 5 hindraft illegal leaders who in ISA should be release by the goverment. Hopefully when Najib take over release them for the sake of Indian communites and charged then for treason for the sake of Malaysian. A warrant of arrest should be issued to that London Moorty. Long Live London Moorthy in LONDON!. I m just waiting to join a MALRAFT demo that will create the biggest demo or maybe all malays should join hands on one of this Sartuday to show unity or should Malays now boycot non Bumi product and stick to Bumi products. We dont need to rely on them right. We dont need to rely on Indian spices or Chinese biskuts.Malays have managed to build their own industries. We have poultry, spices,household products and supermarket chains.. Why worry. When we shop and buy Malay made product we are guaranteed of 'HALAL TOYIBBA" while the non bumi that produce Halal good can even cheat the Malays. How many of them have been raid by Islamic council and found out that they cheat.Due to pittyness their names are not made public that's becasue Malays can easily forgive and forget. Should we do that? Tidak apa anyway 'Daulat Tuanku'

  63. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Dun talk so much, just show us the bloody social contract. Else it's merely your words only.

    Budak Cina

  64. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Nah!!! Like that la.... Now we know why after 51 years, we are not moving forward!! Now we know la, why we are always bickering and fighting. With leaders and royal buggers talking like this, we will never move anywhere but just shuffle a few steps here and there! This is not even moving.. it is just standing at the same spot making the damn spot sink deeper.

    How to integrate?? How to be 1 Malaysia?? How to be Malaysian without race or gender clouding our mind? HOW!!!?? How to achieve a Malaysia without racism when the royalties talk like this!?

    This place is a goner la...

  65. As expected, there are negative comments. Read carefully what the Sultans says and bear in mind when malays point out something is wrong to others, they do it 'secara berlapik' so that it will not trigger hatred. So, read and understand the sultan's message clearly and related to what happening around us. Ordinary citizen are not the culprit those beyond who are safeguarding their political and power ambiton are.

  66. Anonymous12:12 am

    I think it has come to this point precisely because the "genuine interests" of the other communities have been cast aside over the years. As for the rights of the Malays, well, the Umno fellows should know all about them.

  67. It is within the order of the Conference of Rulers to make the statement but there are three problems which it obviously hasn't considered.

    One, before even coming out with this statement, have the Rulers fully considered why the position of the Malays has become an issue, if it has really been deemed an issue worthy of their counsel? In other words, did they ask the political malays such as Umno WHY they have perceived there is a problem and then give the other subjects, the nonMalays, equal audience to provide their feedback? After all, if they can say the rights of nonMalays are protected, then they should also receive feedback from half the population of their subjects, shouldn't they?

    Two, do the Rulers realize the press statement is INCOMPLETE? There is no clause to say that the Conference of Rulers will take grave exception if the statement is used in any way that will jeopardize the rights of the nonMalays as much as it champions the rights of the Malays. By making this statement without that safety valve clause, the statement can be used by any political party to reinforce more than what is allowable in the spirit of the contract under which it was crafted, even if one ignores any shift in perspective in the light of present situation that has taken place in the past three decades of Umno administration.

    Three, these two problems will create a third one. Do you know why they can aggravate the situation if not clarified? The answer is simple: the Rulers have no mandate over political administration of state. If Umno for instance uses this statement to unilaterally press further the policies which cause more rift between Malays and nonMalays, how will the wishes of their Majesties be served in their fullest sense to the harmony, unity and interest of this nation when they cannot interfere in what is used from them?

    That there is perceived to be subjects being unhappy so late in the history of our country says as much to that effect.

    The Conference of Rulers are asked to ponder matters such as mentioned in the fullest interest of all subjects, nonMalays as much Malays. The former shouldn't only merit five percent of the length of a press statement intended for the eyes of the entire population.

  68. Anonymous12:30 am

    I'm 53 and born in malaysia. I consider myself a malaysian and nothing else. But the race based politics in this country keep on reminding me that I have to be identified based on race. I am not from a rich family and I have struggled very hard throughout my life to survive and provide a decent future for my family, eventhough the affirmative discrimination policies imposed onto the citizens of this country caused some minor difficulty along the way. I do agree that the government has to be compassionate enough to help the lower income group, especially the rural and the agricultural segment of the population because I did come from the lower income group and understand the suffering what more when there is no help like my situation. The assistance provided by the government to the low income group must be a sustainable and long term solution and not based on handouts or subsidies, to enable them to achieve economic competitiveness. For those who have attained the necessary economic competitiveness. they should be decent enough to stand equal with all fellow malaysian citizens and have a fair challenge. To me, the universal value of human dignity is to treat each other on a fair and equal basis. The continuing harping of racial rights in this country is a burden caused by the selfish play of the racist politicians to secure their own power to rule and beneficial gains in the running of the economy from the tax payers' money. I'm apolitical and non-racial and it pains me that the racial politics keep saying that they are fighting for my race. In so doing, the racist UMNO will have plenty of issues to be raised to rebuke them and I as an ordinary citizen, end up suffer more of the discrimination from them. All I want is to be treated fairly and equally in the country that I was born and which I called home. All I wish is a government who will not suppress and discriminate its able citizens who try to succeed in life and pay their taxes. Is it too much to ask in this beloved country of ours?

  69. Sorry Rocky cant help myself for commenting on Hindraft latest issues.

    At last the goverment came to their sense to ban Hindraft better late then never. Reading the Hindraft disgusting, memorandum that contained lies and false hope of USD1bil to the indians. Is a shame that Waytha Moorthy living happily in London leaving his compariot in Jail uinder ISA.

    "Cowardly act by the Umno led government to suppress and oppress Malaysian Indian minority." says Waytha Moorty.(Extracted from a popular News blog)

    Waytha Moort forget that Barisan Nasional comprise of UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan and others was electected by the people of Malaysia to lead the goverment. It is not the cowardly act by UMNO led goverment but it a cowardly act by Waytha Moorty for lying to the Indians on the USD1bil demand form British goverment, his lies on ethnic cleansing in Malaysia, his lies on opression by goverment on Indian communities where in fact BN lead goverment has created Millionairs not only from Chinese but Malays and also Indian. The goverment has done their jobs and it up to these sucessfull people to pay back to community. Never ask what the country do for you but ask what you have done for your country. What Hindarft has done is damaging the country reputation by bringing a false issue to the Indian goverment and international community, unfortunately they called themselve 'MALAYSIAN'. They accused 'UMNO' for their misdeed and by blaming UMNO specifically means they are blaming 'the Malays' unfortunately Malays are the type of 'Tidak Apa' attitude and more forgiving and forget. How gratefull we are. There are many efective ways to be heard in Malaysia but they choose the illegal and damaging ways. PR is defending them just for political stake while what the goverment doing is defending the Malaysian. Have we forgotten the 'Bersih' rally that accussing SPR not being fair to the opposition. Is Bersih rally rallied for the truth when the truth prevailed that Opposition won 5 states and managed to deny 2/3 majority . Hindarf is just like Bersih rally, hidding behind the truth.

    The goverment shoud release the Hindraft ISA detaines for the sake of the Indians (not Malaysian) and their family but then, charged then in court for treasona dan a warrant of arrest should be issued to Waytha Moorty. The Hindraft memorandum says it all.

  70. Rocky,

    Appreciate if you can look at this posting of mine.....


  71. All these nonsense debates has serve no purpose of the nation building. These special rights will cease to exist when the country oil runs dry. It will be just another text printed on constitution. There will not be any money left to drive the country. We had just spend 1.4B on worthless purpose with just a stroke of a pen by our "future" PM. You can argue all you want, our country wont last another 10years with such PM. Our children future are at stake which I see they will to work oversea whereby remitting back money same as countries which are limited in natural resources and plague with corruptions/malpractices in order to earn a comfortable live.

    Every year, the country is getting poorer, the goverment mask it so well that each of you don't realize and still argued about special rights !!!. It was till the petrol price increase which makes everyone wakes up. We wasted so much money. The rate of inflation doesn't match the income. The salary is the same 10 years ago and will be same 10 years later from now but prices keeps going. I bet those who driving civic now wont be able to drive the same new model 10years later.

    So keep the right for I dont care, I'm seasoned now and so is my children as we learned to survive without rights. They will get good eduction and learn to compete as they are trained since birth.

    It just sad me that each of you are not thinking deep enough and sacrificing all our children future for thing right in front of your eyes. The special rights wont protect them from globalization and it is because of you they are not ready.

  72. But then Royal Prof Ungku Aziz said there is NO Social Contract.

    So, who is right??!!

  73. Anonymous1:31 am

    Rocky or anyone,

    Can you pls enlighten me on what is in the "Social Contract" or what is actually the items tagged to "Hak and Keistimewaan Melayu". All I hear is that "term" What is it actually that they are accusing people of taking away? A list should be spelled out in detail so that everyone knows what is the things that should adhere to?

    The comments here attacking non malays as pendatang and name calling is uncalled for. I'm not swayed to any polital parties... but let's be fair... if the commentator that said Anwar is a kaki sondol..etc... it has not found at the same time he cannot say that Najib is also innocent of the accusation of having an sexual(front & back also mind you) that is akin to saying he was f**king a "babi" since the woman was not a Malay and in fact a "pendatang". And to all those people who ask non malays to balik negeri sendiri... and they can live without them... pls only do your shopping in Mydin.. dont go to tesco,, or any of the shopping complexes or supermarkets. Dont buy branded goods from overseas..etc. I recommend Mydin because even though it is own by a Mamak.. he is a "melayu"... Mahathir is a mamak but still a "melayu"... Hamid albar is of yemen/arab but still a "melayu" ,, of course is Khir Toyo who is an Indonesian is also a "melayu" ... so the only thing they have in common is Islam. So am I right to say the all that pratice the faith of Islam is a "melayu"??? Go ask any Indonesian " U melayu ka??? " dont be suprise if they say "No" pls dont ask khir toyo...thats an exceptional case.

    Why can't we all live
    happily together... all races have their good and bad people. Generally we get along quite well... you can see it everywhere.. the ones that is inciting all this hatred are those politicians in power... why??? because thats the only thing that they know that will garner support... if they rely on their performance in governing the country and economy... they will fall flat on their face.

    Let's face reality... anyone that goes into politics are only for the "Money" and "Power".. that goes for all parties regardless. Anyone saying that they are doing it to help "the rakyat" is BULLSHIT period. The worst happens.. and riots happen and blood flows... do you think your politicians that you support will be beside you fighting for your family and loved ones... SURELY NOT!!!!! They will be sitting at home comfortablely with their bodyguards protecting them... Of course they will come on the TV/Radio saying tht they regret it had happened... and send sincere condolences and a donation for your loss. I ask you ... is that what your family & loved ones worth??? This goes out to all regardless of race... answer thruthfully..will your wife/husband/parents/children be ok without you... more so if you are the breadwinner of your family???

    Back to the topic of the statement of the rulers. I must salute them as the statement was everywell thought of and hit 2 birds with one stone. If anyone really read and understand the whole statement entirely... it actually directed to both the ruling and the opposition parties without offending anyone... thats what in bahasa we call "nasihat secara halus". But sad to say.. it is too "halus" from what I gather after reading the comments here.

    What I'm trying to say is... let's value the life we have now.. peaceful and without war. Dont for picking up a fight just because the politicians have incited you must fight for your race..which really means fight for him. You should only fight with your life to protect your loved ones... thats what i will do... and if anyone wants to attack the pliticians or some one I dont know regardless of race...count me out.. I have a family to protect.

    STOP ALL THIS RACIAL HATRED and fighting among ourselves. Keep your hatred to yourself..don't pour fuel(mahal beb !!!) into the fire. ITS NOT WORTH IT!!!!!

    nick : Dreamer

  74. Anonymous2:30 am

    Rocky, what did PujanggaIlmu said that is wrong? Bila yg dia tunjuk dia kurang ajar? Macam mana pula dengan posting2 yg lain dengan bahasa yg betul2 kurang ajar dgn berbaur perkauman? Rocky, kenapa berat sebelah?
    I just don't get it with some of the Malays on why they insist on being a racists. God don't create them above anyone else and they should knw better being Muslims.


  75. now I am really curious as what the deleted comments are all about.

    Some guy names coolooc has been dropping angry racist remarks on my post regarding a love story. Wonder if he came from here.

  76. Anonymous4:00 am


    Depa shok sendiri...tak sedar diri, lupa daratan.. Berangan nak jadi Obama, Nelson Mendela, Gandhi, ... Shih Ming-teh macam2 karut.

    Sengaja duk cari pasai tak tentu arah...Kacau ler you semua ni..

    Kalau dah tak lalu sangat cara hidup disini, nape tunggu lagi...tak siapa akan menghalang.. pack your bags and flyyyy to the moooon...

  77. Anonymous4:15 am

    ResidentWangsaMaju in here suggests the action of emigrating to another country. In MalaysiaToday, threads after threads are written discussing the merits of emigration, and MalaysiaKini advertises special promotions for the services of doing this via legal manouverings.

    In actual fact, I am in complete agreement with this move. Wholeheartedly, with utmost sincerity and gladness. Not only that, I think that it should be institutionalized, especially in lieu of what the rulers warn us about. There are many who would take the ethnic tussles herein as mere political manouvers to gain support and popularity between bickering political parties, but if it had reached the concerns of the Rulers, anybody not in agreement with the Highnessess should take wangsamajuresident's viewpoint of what-to-do-next as a commendable consideration of options.

    Ergo, I think the government of Malaysia not only should encourage this step, but take all necessary steps to sponsor, subsidize and help those who are seriously thinking of walking such paths.

    I have detailed here (please search for my posting on reply to goodman):

    on possible scenarios on how the government can actively involve itself to ease out the pains of emigration.

    Hey! If the wife is not happy and demands a divorce, why terhegeh-hegeh tak malu pipi to still keep the marriage... err... the social contract... on?

    Just divorce laa...!


  78. Anonymous5:38 am

    Dear Rocky, if the rulers really care, they should take an active participation from now on.

    We are a lost nation. We are dead. We have shown our sentiments but it seems to be going nowhere. Instead, they penalised us.

    It is becoming unbearable.

  79. Yes, yes brilliant,

    They just appointed a tainted CJ, and then proceed to push the UMNO agenda of Malay supremacy by reminding all of us that the social contract is not to be messed about with. Time and again, post-1969 whenever they are calls for the social contract to actually be respected, we are told to shut up and return to the sidelined.

    The bastardisation of the social contract these days means exactly one thing to me-that its original spirit is ignored and replaced by Malay supremacy.

    Of course, no one can actually openly criticise these UNELECTED heads of states who oh so nicely have come to power due to their good luck of being born into royalty (and just happen to be male as well). Heads of Islam too, even if some of them probably hardly follow the religious tenets...well, religiously...

    They should be open to criticism, and so should teh current interpretation of the Social Contract. At the end of the day, those who wish to continue enjoying privileges at the expense of other citizens in the name of this social contract are doing themselves damage in the long run anyway. So go ahead and dig your own graves....your land, we'll spill your blood etc....yaddah, yaddah, yaddah-heard it all before.

    Just remember, the more you take and push the others into a corner, the less the others have to lose. Ultimately, they will bite back. Keris wielding, racially motivated speeches about protecting Malay rights is the ugly side of this. Notices of the sultans is the genteel side of it.

    This country is no different from Israel. The hypocrisy is brethtaking.

  80. Anonymous8:00 am

    Hi Rocky! What about the foreign spy network operation in Umno-link media organisations and news portal managed by their operatives as mentioned by BCofM. You think they give a damn about the our Rulers. I doubt it very much as they simply hate the Malays. They exploited the very weak big boss of theirs for the benefit of their paymasters down there. Watch them closely! They are conspiring to bring down Umno leaders like what they did to Mahathir and Anwar and succeeded in putting their own puppet. Watch their news portal, there's a certain personality/personalities they are trying to champion as the future leader(s) of this country. These operatives, just like Mossad operatives, are indeed very good at identifying those they want to lead! They have the means especially money and propaganda machine to carry our their task effectively.

  81. Anonymous8:38 am

    --->Kepada segala babi yg kaki sondol, anjing yang kaki menyalak, lembu yang ikut tak faham cerita, ular yang kaki belit dan putar alam, ...

    Malaya ini tanah melayu. Remember that!

    Tak suka boleh balik negeri!!!!

    Tak payah bullshit!!!!<----

    First of all why has the post not even been filtered since they are a few that has been deleted? hehe

    As a reply to this, first of all, let it be known that many non-Malays understand and accept the special rights given to the Malays. I know I do and I don't mind that, albeit with the feeling that its unfair since we are all Malaysians.

    Secondly, if you speak to us that we should go back to our 'home country' as though we are immigrants, then let it be known that you, my dear Malaysian friend, are an immigrant too. This is not your 'tanah' but of those of the orang asli. So, perhaps, you can balik negeri and tak payah bullshit also?

    Lastly, it is not a matter of whether the opposition vs BN or who are the good guys and the bad guys, cos lets face it... if ur in politics, very BIG chances that u are not a saint either. So its a matter of the lesser of two evils, and in my humble opinion, there has been too many racist stance, abuse of power (ISA being one of it of cos) and corruption in the current government.

    Having said that, I am not saying that if the opposition took over, everything will be gone. I am certain there will still be issues but hopefully lesser in extent.

    If I have to choose, I will pick one that truly champion their race & religion (yes, that includes PAS!) rather than another that instill hatred against other races & religions in their own people to show that they are fighting for them cos thats all smoke and mirrors.

  82. Anonymous8:47 am

    I expect Rocky to have the intelligence as well as the language skills to understand what our rulers meant when they said "The Malay Rulers hold the constitutional role to safeguard the special privileges, position, eminence and greatness of the Malay Rulers, safeguard Islam, Malay as the National Language, and the genuine interests of the other communities in Malaysia."

    His translation of that into "The Conference of Rulers has come out with a Special Statement on the Special Rights of the Malays." is a direct violation of the advice given by our raja-raja.

    This kind of misrepresentation and provocation amounts to sedition. Let us have less of this kind of divide-and conquer tactics and work towards nation-building.


  83. Anonymous8:49 am

    It is unfortunate that you too play the racial cards. We, the non-Malays (the ordinary citizens), do not play the racial cards. It is the politicians and usually from UMNO who starts all this and push others into a corner until they get so frustrated and bite back. When they bite back, you people accuse them of being racial and challenging this and that. If only you people truly have sincerity and able to differentiate what is right and what is wrong without being prejudiced or bias, then all this would not have happened. Immaturity of the mind will lead us all no where. All will have to suffer the consequences. We living in very sad times.

  84. Anonymous8:56 am

    "Richard Loh said...
    Since rockybru choose to highlights only what he perceive to be a warning to other communities, ....."

    I agree that the statement from the Rulers shd be read in its whole context to be understood.

    It is exactly what Rockybru had chose to be highlighted that triggers off these unwarranted comments.

    e.g. if you wish to highlight that the Rulers have called on the Malays to be united. One can perceive it as a call to the Malays to stop their in-fightings.

    Cheers ... ylcc

  85. Anonymous9:20 am

    Dear Rocky,

    The moment has come....the Sultan's and the Raja-raja Melayu have said their piece, their LAST ONE?.

    Malays (UMNOs or non UMNOs), Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, Ibans, Kadazans, Negritos, Sakais...LISTEN!

    No more nonsense.... as this land, this beloved Malaysia, Malaya, Tanah Melayu, .....Nusa the Land, part of the Nusantara, the Great Malay Archipelago... where its history is embedded by the religion of Islam....Whose wish?....It's Allah's wish!....Allah's PLAN!

    Here too, the rise of TRUTH will prevail!. Whose truth?....Allah's TRUTH!....

    We are all just MANKIND on EARTH!...

    If you..., whoever you are, choose to think, act, influence others with the prevailing mode of thinking, you are no more in Allah's compassion.

    Fear Allah, The Almighty...The One and Only GOD!.


    The Mind!

  86. Anonymous10:01 am

    Rocky said "don't write when you are angry. remember, this posting is about our raja2. pls don't kurang ajar."

    I have had a lot of cause to be rather unhappy with Rocky lately, but on this point, I agree wholeheartedly.

    I am older than Malaysia/Malaya, and along the way, I have had to learn the lesson (sometimes the hard way), that it would have been better to keep my mouth shut when I am too emotional about some issue, and my objectivity and reasoning powers had been impaired as a result.

    Nothing wrong per se about feeling strongly about issues close to our hearts, nothing wrong about speaking out and defending what we feel strongly about.

    But there is wisdom in knowing our own weaknesses, and how such weaknesses can cause us to make mistakes or just do/say things in a manner which is not the best, or may even be counter-productive.

    And to stress an aspect of that - remember how people, including politicians, can use our weaknesses for less than noble reasons.

    Coomunal and religious issues have been hot lately, and speaking personally, I am not at all pleased with how politicians have handled them.

    Have they been true Malaysian leaders, or have they been fanning the issues for personal gain?

    Have they shown wisdom in their words and actions?

    As for me, I have been very tired the last few days due to work commitments, and am opting to keep my mouth shut on several of the issues that arose recently. I need to get more sleep and rest so that my mind can think more clearly. And recall more accurately the points, both positive and negative, related to the issues before I try to draw my own conclusions.

  87. Anonymous10:31 am


    At least the Blog space like yours provides some space to discuss the Rulers' unprecedented statement. The mainstream media dare not discuss their statement. It could lead to sedition. So everyone has to be careful with their comments about the Rulers.

    A friend did analyse their statement. The Rulers have asked the Malays to unite. I hope the Malays understand this very well. It could mean the Malays must unite in their hearts and minds, with or without the help of the political parties. I dont see all Malays uniting under any one political party anymore. But the Malays should unite to better themselves quickly.

    The Rulers said the Social Contract must not be questioned. Unfortunately we do not have a written and signed document. Instead we do have a Federal Constitution, which the Rulers and the Citizenry are duty bound to uphold.

    It should be much easier to read and follow a written down document like the Federal Constitution because everyone has access to it. They sell it in the booksops. The Rulers' role is also secured in the same document.

    Bro, here is a titbit.

    Syed Ali AlHabshee hails from Penang. Both his father and mother are Tamil speaking. That makes Syed Ali Alhabshee a highly qualified UMNO member. His father served on the Penang Port Commission.

    Like 'Badawi', their 'Al Habshee' Arab credentials were acquired. Interesting social contracting, dont you think?

  88. Anonymous10:33 am


    The rulers have spoken & it's amusing how different people see (understand) it different way. As always people always believe what they choose to believe.

    I hope with this statement, thesse issues (social contract, special position, aku bumi kau bukan, aku datang dulu, kau datang kendian & all those nonsense) can now be put to rest. And nobody, especially politicians (from whichever devide you maybe) should ever ever use these issues to gain whatever mileage you may have.

    As long as we look at issues that borders on & through racial lines, we will remain forever devided. Why don't we champion and fight on something that really ills this beloved nation of ours such as on corruption, poverty eradication, rule of law, governance, economy and so on. We will never run out of issues if we just care enough to look around us.

    The sad thing is, we do look at those issues, but we always put our racial glasses on (and most of the time, its the politicians who are trying their best to make sure we do just that)

  89. Salam Bro, we should all welcome the rare statement issued by the Majlis Raja-Raja, it is most learned and timely and contrary to what some commentators here or Malaysianinsider commentaries like to think, this message in defence of the Social Contract is delivered to all MALAYSIANS irrespective of race, political ideology or religious beliefs.

    No need to twist and turn and convolute the Rulers Statement to show that it is specifically for UMNO(The Ahmads), MCA, Gerakan(The Tan Lian Hoe) or DAP(The Lims) or the Bar Council (The Ambigas)etc.

    The Rulers message is simple and to the point and that "The the Social Contract is the basis of the formation of Malaysia, and it is improper to subject it to dispute or review or change".

    I wholeheartedly agree when the Learned Rulers strongly pointed out that some quarters who question and dispute the basis for the formation of Malaysia lacks the historical background on why certain provisions are enshrined in the Constitution. Therefore, even though I am not a fan of the outgoing PM but when he proposed that History be made a compulsory subject in primary school, I think it is a splendid idea to ensure that our young have the basic knowledge on the history of the formation of Malaysia vis-a-vis the Constitution. I hope the incoming PM will take note and instruct the Minister of Education to act accordingly.


  90. Anonymous10:59 am

    I am bangsa "dan lain-lain". Yet I don't feel left out by the Raja-raja or insulted by any political party or any of you. Really, because these rhetoric about ketuanan Melayu don't bother me. I do feel sad to see my country sliding down into 4th world. I have sent my two children to study abroad and to forget about coming back. The world is their country.

    To my Malay friends, please realise that the real enemy of the Malays and of this country is the Malays themselves. Reading the some comments posted by Malays, one can tell their mentality and level of thinking, their rudeness, their arrogance and their racist nature.

    Malays must focus on their own holistic development. Once you have confidence, you don't have to be intimidated by the slightest provocation. And others will look up to the Malays, then the issue of ketuanan Melayu does not exist.

    I've planned my migration 4 years ago. Yes, I may come back for visits, hopefully to a Malaysia with much fewer Chinese and Indians (because they have mostly migrated).

    Peen Keening

  91. Anonymous11:07 am

    Aiya what is the big deal here the rulers are like puppets for the govt to parade and maintain.After all they are rewarded with the same things that our bn leaders plunder.

  92. Hi Rocky,

    How glad I am you rock the boat. Just the way I want it. Hope all your gang continue rocking ...lets hope the boat capsize...many will drown...then less people have more space.! Congratulation Rocky - Akhiruddin Atan!

    Good Luck!

    Penjaga Tanah Tumpah Darah Ku

  93. Anonymous11:29 am


    This time I may agree with you. Some jurassic fellas from DAP are really threat to a national unity. However the younger generation of DAP somewhat managed to blend well within the existing social contract. Now we must get rid of those jurassic fellas for good!!!

    - Dicko

  94. Anonymous11:37 am

    this country is going no where with these attitudes. with nation-building in tatters, i am here for myself and myself alone.

    earn my living, worship my God, love my family. the rest is not my problem.

  95. Anonymous11:52 am


    there is something seriously wrong with many of your commentors who definitely want to discredit you becos they know what YOU CAN DO!

    oops... actually nothing wrong with them, come to think of it. they know what they're doing.

    anyway, i can categorise them --

    1: rabid PKR supporters who will to run you down no matter what. They're gonna label you an UMNO/Najib whtever supporter or blogger. (But it's ok that they are Barisan Rakyat bloggers..haha. least they have come clean? we know why they're killing you.)

    2: not-very-clever people who cannot quite understand what you're saying, so they miss the point. like if you post a Bernama story on the Rulers' Conference on special privileges, they READ IT AS THO IT IS YOUR STATEMENT!

    3: BN supporters who will defend you if they think you are defending Umno or BN...

    still not good.

    4: Commentors who take each posting for what it is. they'll agree with you or disagree with you. nothing personal. these are, sorry, bro, few and far between.

    i see so many bigots and idiotic people here in the guise of liberals. oh brother.

    so my point. You have many readers. and what you say has impact. right now, they're imputing motive in you.
    they want as many people as possible to perceive you as a BN blogger.

    even I -- so very Apolitical -- can see you for what you are. you write as you believe.

    i don't know you, bro. but i know of people who do (and they may not be your buddies). and they tell me that, you're your own man.

    i also was told that you gave some senior Utusan journalists a whacking. something about it's their paper not yours, but *&^%$#@... nevertheless, you'd defend their freedom of expression just like you've defended RPK's.

    Bravo, Sir! You are far FAR BETTER than all these racists, chauvinists and bigots - some of whom HAVE REALLY sold their soul to political parties.. therefore they shamelessly call themselves the bloggers of the political party.

    they don't get it do were a newspaper editor, so therefore your contacts are so wide. so you know Tun Dr M, Pak Lah, Najib, Anwar, and political leaders from all sides. SO WHAT? Good for you that you can talk to any of these leaders. ANd they are comfortable talking to you (except maybe Pak Lah, eh?)


    AND DROP THAT LAWYER OF YOURS! HE IS A DISAPPOINTMENT (not his political beliefs...but his conduct as a blogger vis-a-vis the Utusan issue in your blog)

  96. Anonymous11:55 am

    every human is equal unless you behave like inferior being(racist). There's no such thing as social contract, why can't the constitution be questioned if it's a racist one.

  97. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Funny thing this obeisance we pay to our Rulers.

    According to my understanding of our relationship with our Kings, it can be summarized by this:

    Raja adil Raja di sembah,
    Raja zalim Raja di sanggah.

    I would consider some of the Rulers to be unworthy of our 'Sembah'.

    I was on my way back from KT on Thursday afternoon when I noticed something unusual. There was a noticeable police presence every few km. Ops Sikap was over so what was it that made them such good policemen that day?

    When I got to Apal(abt 3 km from Jerteh), the question was answered by the sirens of outriders behind gesturing towards all motorists to stop and give way.

    It seemed that the Sultan for that state up NorthEast was in a hurry to get home.

    I wonder if he ever thinks of the ordinary people being pushed (usually rudely) out of the way by his escorts? Some have even had accidents because of their actions.

    kalau nk cepat sgt,naik heli la.


  98. from
    "...I disagree the strongest with the implicit argument that due to “the historical background and social condition of the country”, the principle of equality must to take a back seat...Nevertheless, I will accede to the Conference of Rulers’ constitutional authority.

    Daulat Tuanku but we are all Malaysian!

    Ketuanan Rakyat!

  99. Thanks for this reminder bro, but curiously, with all due respect to our King and the good Rulers, where is the clause for the rights of the "real" sons of the soil....the orang aslis or the various indigenious peoples of this land both here in the peninsular and in east malaysia, enshrined ? Do they, if not malay, come under "others" or is there a separate and special provision for them ?
    I'm glad and assured, my interests too is genuinely protected by the constitution and by my King and the Rulers.
    Daulat Tuanku !
    Daulat Tuanku !
    Daulat Tuanku !

    Cheers bro !

  100. Anonymous3:05 pm

    "Non-Malays should not harbour any apprehension or worry over their genuine rights because these rights are guaranteed under the Federal Constitution and provisions of the state constitutions of Malaysia contained in Article 153 of the Federal Constitution"

    Yes, this is on paper. No one will deny, but the implementors of rules and guidelines - from all walks of life, do not seem to know this till now.

    Thats why a Sabahan who is a Malaysian citizen still gets a replacement Mykad chaning her status, and Tamil school land in Damansara goes to a political party, Orang Asli communities cannot even construct a prayer house to pratice their own belief in Kelantan, Penan children get raped in Sarawak, a pregnant Malaysian Indian gets locked up in jail till she delivers her baby (I suppose they were protecting her from 'harm' by others - weird but if its official reason, have to accept it, if not is ISA)

    Rocky, have you not seen any single incident like this around you all these years that indicated that the above was not observed?

    If your answer is 'Yes' then you must be a saint!!!!


  101. Anonymous3:21 pm

    And those who don't like ketuanan Melayu can vote with their feet:


  102. Dear Paul,

    I felt sorry that my 'patronizing' self rattled your ego.

    Cheers Paul

  103. Anonymous3:57 pm


    some of your readers expect SO MUCH from you...

    they insist you are a malay racist becos you posted this report and hihgloight certains pargraphs.

    looks like they're scrutinizing you, bro.'re so damn cool. never flustered.

    stay cool, old boy!

  104. Anonymous5:02 pm

    true to your name are a A real batuapi, prepare the material made a single biased and misrepresentation of the issue and lo and behold, the place is inflame....

    Some of the commentators here, I presume, base on your writings, are quite pious and true to the religion, albeit superficially only, as far as I can perceive. The kind of hatred and dislike for other fellow human beings shows you learn nought from the religion book. In fact, you are a disgrace sorry sot behaving worse than the club wielding neanderthal.

    Tak tahu malu, kurang ajar, are terms I believe , too mild to describe the comments that was spewed.

    Ever stop to wonder, how on earth a country like Malaysia, so well bestowed with natural resources are heading towards the deep abyss of the world's civilization rejects ? Countries like Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia are awakening to a modern global arena, whereas, we are turning away from that direction. As days past, soon, we will be shoulder to shoulder with country like zimbawee and the likes !

    May be, by then, no one will bother what is ketuanan melayu, bumiputra rights, immigrant or non immigrants, NEP, who gets what and who owns what ! This is when some of us may need to be pirates streaking along in the strait of melaka, and be headline news just like those in the gulf of eden ? batuapi, flame the place, make it hot, and Rocky, you may think the way you think now, and keep throwing flames in the name of freedom of speech or press freedom, and you may get some big following here, but when the house is burnt, and the land scorched, I doubt it will be any use to anyone !

  105. Dear Rocky

    Your blog is hot

    traffic is super high

    great job

    keep it up

    p.s. noticed the numerous "comment deleted" by blog administrator

  106. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Oh dear, your blog has become a place where commentors attacked each other, with some disturbing racist remarks. It is dangerous because this is probably what UMNO has been wanting to provoke all along. Can you please interpret the Social Contract in a clearer view ? I think many readers misunderstood the whole thing and just jumped to conclusion.


  107. Anonymous6:00 pm

    To PKR Malays, PAS Malays and Malay Liberals,
    Forget about A Malay Man's Dilema, now the truth is, it is A Malay Man's Burden.The meaning is as follows;

    The supposed or presumed responsibility of malay people to forgo their rights and privilages to the non-malay people, often advanced as a justification for Bangsa Malaysia.

    Ingat tu by mid 21st century, cucu hampa akan merayu for scholarship, jobs, permission nak buat kuliah subuh on the weekend dan seterusnya..........

    Melamine Chong Salleh

  108. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Ketuanan Melayu!

    Rocky, i'm behind ur back!!

  109. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Rocky's eyes cannot be opened anymore.. just as most of the UMNO members.. the virus is too strong..

  110. Anonymous6:28 pm

    What is the social contract? is it to eradicate poverty or to give a Malay a 10 per cent discount to buy a RM1 million house in Kenny Hills?

    Are normal, decent wage earning Malays willing or eager to fight with non Malays for rich Malays to be given such a discount?

    The social contract must be used to help poor Malays, as well as non Malays.

    By the way, in Islam, whcih has greater value, race or religion? Why did the prophet choose Bilal, ahead of his own clan to sing the AZAN? what does that show, capability ahead of cronisme,against crutches, where cructches are not needed?

    And Shamsul Yunos, please refresh my memory, are you the JOE, I saw at the UMNO convention at PWTC, taking photos....hehehehe, you gotta serve sumbody" ma...

    Rocky, I owe you 500 ringgit.

  111. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Salaam, Pak Rocky

    With all due respect to the Conference of Rulers, I am mystified as to what this Statement is supposed to achieve.

    Will it insulate Malaysia from the adverse effects of the current global economic and financial crisis?

    Will it ensure the continued inflow of foreign direct investments into Malaysia?

    Will it protect the Malaysian economy from going into a possible technical recession next year or from several quarters of anaemic economic growth?

    Will it retain Malaysian talent within Malaysia or make them footloose to seek opportunities elsewhere?

    Social contracts, special rights and privileges are fine things to opine about, but they do not provide jobs or put food on the table for ordinary Malaysians.

    The great game of globalisation, although facing a temporary setback, will resume in due course. What unique advantages does Malaysia have that cannot be matched or bettered by China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia or the Philippines?

    Funny thing, the Federal Constitution. In a parliamentary democracy (which Malaysia is, by the way), Parliament is supreme in that it embodies the will of the people.

    And even the remotest implication that Parliament is subservient to other institutions in Malaysia will lead to a Constitutional impasse of unprecedented magnitude.

  112. Anonymous7:20 pm

    to all malay blogger

    From starting of this comments page all i can see is you'll hitting hard on other Malayisian ( Malaysian indian and malaysian Chinese and Others ) withought considering. So You'll saying Malaysia is belongs to Malay and others can migrate to their mother land. How selfish bustard you'll can be? And you'll really babi buta lah whoiiii.

  113. Anonymous7:22 pm

    I refer to Sri Mataram
    "not-very-clever people who cannot quite understand what you're saying, so they miss the point. like if you post a Bernama story on the Rulers' Conference on special privileges, they READ IT AS THO IT IS YOUR STATEMENT"

    Excuse me ... it is not that we read it as "it is Rocky Bru's statement". It is WHAT HE CHOOSES TO HIGHLIGHT!

    I think it should be you who should be going back for English classes! Shssh ..


  114. Quote:- 'Why can't we all live
    happily together... all races have their good and bad people. Generally we get along quite well... you can see it everywhere.. the ones that is inciting all this hatred are those politicians in power... why???''

    It simple , you call us pendatang and we call u opendatang so what. WHAT THE FUSS ALL ABOUT. SEE.! You question the social contract and we question your motive so what. SEE. We all dont mind or care casue we know who we are. We are Malaysian but the politician doesnt know that. They still think that they are Malay, Chinese, Indian etc. Hindarft leaders doesnt know that. They still think they are Indians . See. At lower level we live harmonius and happilly but higher level thay tend to make it look bad. In- fact last election we should have boycott the election cause 90% of the candidates not qualified in term of representing Malaysian and not race.

  115. This "social contract" ( if there is such a thing ) , what can it achieve and as a proof of what?
    What we need is to follow the Constitution .
    But it is "nice to know" that this article attracted racist statements from various commentators.
    No wonder umno is still strong.

  116. Anonymous1:19 am

    with all due respect to you, stephen.

    you lack intelligence.

    why are you bringing the issue of orang asli? they are the indigenous people, yes.

    when the chinese and indians came to malaya, there was already a system of government in place. the kerajaan melayu and raja-raja Melayu.

    please read up your history. understand the history of malaya.

    the social contact is not anyone's imagination.

    deny all you like, there is a social contract.

    you want to rewrite history?

  117. Anonymous1:24 am


    still the same.

    so rocky highlighted what's already written. so? that makes him a racist? that makes him a batuapi?

    what a bunch of screwed up anti-Malay F.ckers!

    listen, rocky.. you can see what's happening here, dont u?

    these DAP supporters and anti-Malay/anti-Islam f*ckers are ganging up and relentlessly and mercilessly discrediting you.

    in a way it shows that they are jittery...and you're dangerous to them!

    way to go, bro!

  118. Anonymous2:16 am

    Dear Reader,

    You people don’t like UMNO, we the majority people don’t like DAP

    I have a solution; we do have an alternative though, why don’t we choose PAS but not Hj Hadi
    nor Nik Aziz as our PM.

    As much I don’t like their kafir-mengkafir, allow using profanities and other thing,

    I fully support an islamic state and the implementation of hudud law, for example if you caught stealing cut your hand or if you love spreading lie or dishonest cut your tounge.

    who do you think will get their tounge cripple most ?

    I believe if mother Theresa (India of course) still alive she agree with this idea.

    And the best candidate is ……..

    No..No..No..No… not that serial sodomises

    I believe YB Nizar MB of Perak is the right candidate and he will protect every body interest .

    we really need an honest leader.

    At last we the rakyat live happily ever and the country remain peacefull again just like singapore.

  119. Anonymous7:36 am

    You started off right. Then you strayed. You forgot that your bloggers made you famous. So sorry for you, Mr Ahiruddin Attan. Goodbye and good riddance.

    P. Samuel

  120. Anonymous8:02 am

    Stop all this politicking..
    The rulers' statements is to allay fears that there is nothing radical that can ever change and a warning to those who would Change or contest anything that is already in constitution.

    So Malays cal allay fears of being challeneged, Or Islam being watered down.. Cos the Rulers are there to ensure its protection.

    The Non-Malays can allay fears that their rights will be trampled.. Rulers will uphold their rights.

    So stop the bloody politicking..!

    Its a message to Both sides.!

  121. Anonymous8:46 am

    hampa kalau tak boleh nak hormat raja2 melayu ataupun social contract agreed and signed by our forfathers, akurasa hampa memang tak layak jadi rakyat negara mi. baik la hampa pi cari negara lain.


  122. Anonymous10:50 am

    To "sayapandai" ... or shall I say "notsopandai".

    This is exactly the reaction (with your foul 4-letter explicits and racist remarks!) when you highlight something without highlighting the complete context of the statement of the Rulers.

    Like someone said, it is a message to both sides and nothing personal against any particular race. The Rulers issued a statement "IN FULL" and not in bits and pieces. Read it and understand it before you emit any more foul language.

  123. Anonymous12:40 pm

    ikan duyong said 1:19 AM

    Interesting point you made.

    Shall we now equate Malaysia's Orang Asli with, say, the Aborigines in Australia, the Maoris in New Zealand, the Indian tribes and the Eskimos and Aleuts in the US?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but Malaysia seems to be one of the few countries where a whole community is deemed to have special rights and privileges under the Constitution.

    And when that is the case, you have 2 categories of Malaysians - one with special rights and one without. Let's not obfuscate or sugar-coat this point.

    Now, if the Malaysian Constitution mandates that all Malaysians are equal before the law, then should such "equality" be qualified by an exemption clause for "special rights and privileges"?

    The "social contract" may be a historical fact. But does it do anything to better position Malaysia in a globalised world?

    As it stands, Malaysians are voting with their feet. As the size of the overseas Malaysian diaspora can testify to.

    So, any number of Statements can be made by the powers that be, but any Malaysian with skills and talent can make a living outside of Malaysia. That is an inescapable fact of life. And to say that it should be good riddance to such people is to ignore the sweeps and flows of global economics and trade.

    Take away the comfort zones when Malaysia gets into the nitty-gritty of WTO negotiations and free trade agreements (when the government cannot say that certain things are "non-negotiable") and let's see how how things turn out for the country.

    Because even if Malaysia is the 19th largest exporter and 23rd largest importer of merchandise in the world and the 29th largest exporter and 30th largest importer of commercial services in the world (2006 rankings from the WTO website), there are plenty of countries out there who are willing to do what it takes to eat our lunch.

    And "social contracts" and "special rights and privileges" will not protect us from such predators in the Darwinian world of globalisation.

    Please refute my arguments, if you can. Let's see how sound is your grasp of basic principles of economics, trade, finance and the relentless hunt for skills and talent.

  124. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Kapada Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Agong.
    Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku!Daulat Tuanku!
    Kapada Duli Duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja Raja Melayu.
    Daulat TuanKu! Daulat Tuanku !Daulat Tuanku!
    Menjunjung Kasih.
    arjuna waspada.

  125. Anonymous1:23 pm


    I'm not able to read all comments on this blog coz:

    1. Some contain vulgar words & not conducive for a rational discourse.
    2. Some contain bad English so much so I have problems understanding their points. Much worse I cud be misled.

    Think you shud delete those, unless it's yr pride to have 100+ comments, never mind the quality.

    Now for my take on the subject at hand. It's very well for the rulers to assure this and that. But are they equipped with power to realize them? A small example: Mahathir used to reject recommendations for judges appointments/promotions and after VK Lingam enquiry we know why he did that. The constitution as it stands now does not allow the Conference of Rulers to overule a power crazy PM.

    frm: not hopeful

  126. Dear ikan duyong,
    you said "please read up your history. understand the history of malaya.

    "the social contact is not anyone's imagination."

    "But then Royal Prof Ungku Aziz said there is NO Social Contract."

    And you want me to read up todays "history" of malaya ? You're kidding me...yes ? You and I know the alterations and spins done in our history text-books by some very over-zealous politically motivated bigot to actually wipe away the real truth and allows only this much tolerance of anything before islamisation of malaya, right? Or you are not aware or plain ignorant, perhaps?
    It is not in my idea to rewrite history friend, but just to question a document which is not there per se ! Have you such a copy ?....if so please share with me of your knowledge of the contents.I beg to be educated !

    With or without this social contract document King has my allegience as a 5th generation tax-paying Malaysian and as enshrined in the federal constitution of my country.

    Cheers mermaid !

  127. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Oh, by the way, here is how leaders also 'protect' hak dan keistemwaan diri sendiri. An extract of an article published in one of the websites.

    Muhyiddin Yassin
    The jostling is seemingly over. A weak leader is quickly and unceremoniously overthrown. The vultures comes to feed. Everyone moves up one rung. The people will have new rulers soon.

    And who are these new leaders? Somehow, all of UMNO's leaders who will hold the fort, until Pakatan Rakyat takes over, have one or more scandals in the cupboard. Najib is famous for the submarine and arms deals, as well as sex and murder scandals. This time the commission for the Eurocopte seals will not go to him but to Pak Lah - his golden handshake!

    Let's look at Muhyiddan, the quiet one who is a frontrunner for DPM and future PM (?). This story was carried out in the magazine Asiaweek a while back. One day, when Muhyiddin was the Menteri Besar of Johor, he called up Stamford Holdings, a Singapore company which owned more than 4000 acres of land in th state under oil palm cultivation. Muhyiddin told them to develope 400 acres of the land. He then demanded that Stamford Holdings give him 30% of the devepment. Stamford Holdings agreed, developed the land, and Muhyiddin got his 30%.

    Sometime later, Muhyiddin called up Stamford Holdings again and told them to develope the remaining 4000 acres of land. This time, Muhyiddin wanted a whopping 70% ! Stamford Holdings refused. A few days later, Muhyiddin called up Stamford Holdings again, and told them, "Look, I have this piece of paper in front of me on my desk. All I have to do is sign it and Stamford Holdings will no longer own the 4000 acres of land. Now, do you agree or not to develope the land and I take 70%."

    Stamford Holdings again refused. The following week, they received a letter from the Johor government signed by Muhyiddin stating that the government have taken over the land.The nationalised land was later divided to three of Muhyiddin's cronies.Muhyiddin did not dare sue Asiaweek for this report. Asiaweek pre-empted any funny ideas Muhyiddin had by also reporting that all the telephone converations were taped by Stamford Holdings. Now is this guy going to be successful in atrracting foreign investments? Is this guy going to be Malaysia's DPM? Do we deserve him?

    Rocky will say 'YES'?

    Just because these folks move up the ladder, we have to ignore such actual episodes?

    Rocky will have an answer - but you think he will come out in the open on such 'acts'?

    Ah....its not the same Rocky we knew?


  128. Anonymous3:29 pm

    If I hate Opposition,
    is beacuse I HATE DAP!!
    The LKS, Karpals and the HINDRAF!!
    I have no problem at all with PAS.
    The Problem I have with PKR is that they are sleeping with DAP too much!

  129. Anonymous3:33 pm

    I was with you when you took it on Badawi and gang.
    I am still with you.

    Now finally the hypocrites have been exposed.
    DSAI and DAP pathetic blow-jobbers, whose brains are in thier KOK.

    I detest and abhor their relentless attacks on you.

    Be steadfirm in whatever you have been doing. Fear no ONE!
    Be it UMNO gang or DSAI+DAP Lunatic Gangs.

  130. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Moo moo bek bek

    Hai kambing kambing... masuk kandang kerbau bising duk mengembek pula..

    Nanti kerbau mengamok, tendang semua kambing masuk kandang harimau, baru tau senyap..

  131. Anonymous1:00 am

    pujangga ilmu,

    poddah-lah. tak payah nak quote Malaysian insider.

    kalau nak tahu -- siasat lah sikit wan hamidi tu.
    dia Islam lagi, ke? Dia ngaku melayu, ke?

    malaysian insider ada agenda lah.

    macam kita bodoh!

  132. Anonymous8:24 am

    wak segen said...
    Now lets hear it from the Lims, the Koks, the Singhs ,the Ambigas.. the Kohs......and the Anwars , the Harris, the Maliks, the Azlys......

    Hehehe..Yang tak tahan tu The Harris, Maliks and geng tu (geng melayu liberal perasan bagus, tak pikir panjang)....and jgn lupa the Noor kat Berlin yg terlebih perasan bagus tu sekali...melayu makan melayu

    Ada budak Melayu kat ofis ni lagi la best..tak sedar diri dulu pegi UK pun cukup cukup makan under Artikel 153 sekarang dan hidup senang sedap sedap je cakap pasal persamaan....MELAYU MACAM NI MUDAH LUPA

  133. Anonymous8:57 am

    shanghaistephen said...
    Thanks for this reminder bro, but curiously, with all due respect to our King and the good Rulers, where is the clause for the rights of the "real" sons of the soil....the orang aslis or the various indigenious peoples of this land both here in the peninsular and in east malaysia, enshrined ?

    You really make me wanna laugh...and the recent act of non malays in order to get what they want (which is abolishing Malays rights) also shows how kiasu these people are

    Up to the point calling Malays pendatang as the REAL SON OF SOIL is ORANG ASLI...Such an act of hypocrisy if u ask me




    Lepas ni boleh la org cina/india jadi PM dengan bantuan ORANG ASLI pasal ye la senang je nak ayat org asli ni ye tak...


  134. Dear ShanghaiFish..
    When you say
    "real" sons of the soil...

    Is it not also implying that the Malay Rulers which is the Malay Sultans and the Agong are not the "real" rulers then?

    How can it be Daulat Tuanku then?

  135. Anonymous10:58 am

    I have read through each and every one of the comments posted here and my heart is breaking.

    Why does there have to be a racist element in every single discourse there is nowadays? Why can't we just debate these issues like the rational people we once were?

    Have we forgotten how to be civil to one another? To be human first? To be Malaysian before Malay, Chinese, Indian, dan lain-lain?

    For those who have condemned the non-Malays, this is their home too. For those who have condemned the Malays, you share this land with your brothers and sisters. We are nothing without each other, believe me.

    Cant we all just get along and stop using race as the basis for your arguments?

    - Malaysian First.

  136. Anonymous11:58 am

    You are a stupid racist and mamak supporter pretending to be a liberal. I already said that if better educated person like you ( I assumed and definitely a minority) cannot see that your stupid couuntry is crap because of umno and their stupid race politics, malay sia is doom forever.
    I was really amused by your posting and comments about this conference of rulers. Since when malay sian rulers were that highly revered ( or perhaps, you are trying to create that impression). Since when the rulers have such high morality. Are you thinking of trying to bring them to the level of the Thai King). Does this conference include the one that assaulted the non bumi hockey coach just because his son lost a hockey match??? One more thing , this declaration is so ambiguous that they must well not say anything. " safeguard malay interest and ensure genuine interest of non malay" ha ha ha. In fact the worse has happened, different race will interpret them in their own favour.

    woke up

  137. Anonymous1:22 pm

    cukuplah dengan guan eng dan gadis melayu tu - pertama, berapa banyak mileage dia dapat dari episod ni dan kedua, innocent betul ke gadis tu? Bukanlah nak membela rahim, yang salah tetap salah, tapi tiada perkara yang benar-benar hitam putih dalam hidup ini.

  138. Anonymous11:29 am

    Salaam, Pak Rocky

    Is it my over-heated imagination or has Sdr ikan duyong gone silent?

    I thought I had raised some valid points in my posting and was looking forward to his/her replies?

  139. Loser sial korang.

    Negara okay ke, negara nak hancur ke, korang main post komen kat blog orang.

    Macam la penting sangat.

  140. Eleh ko pun sama gak.

    Mengaku je lah yang kita ni takde kehidupan melainkan post komen kat blog orang lepas tu download blue kat internet.

  141. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Hmmmmm.... ada yang cakap ni kena pikir baik baik dulu


  142. Anonymous1:47 pm

    It is really sad that while the rest of the world is moving towards skin-color-blind... we here are still insecure about their own race.

    It looks like the dream of equality of mankind in the eyes of God is but just a dream in Malaysia.

    What goes around, will come around.
    How you treat people, you will get treated the same.

    The world is bigger than just this Bolehland.

  143. Anonymous2:07 pm

    I take it that Mr Rocky Bru here agrees with all the racist rant here....

    ...that Malaysian citizen who disagree can get out of this country...

    Thank you very much for confirming your bigotry and racist character.

    You might as well join Utusan to propagate their racist agenda.

  144. banyak yang pandai sini...senag cerita...buat rusuhan,.....biar YANG DIPERTUAN AGUNG guna kuasa istihar darurat,lepas tue boleh ler askar/polis tembak jer sapa sapa tak hormat SULTAN DAN YANG DIPERTUAN AGUNG.DAULAT TUANKU...