Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chamil Wariya says YB J bears no resemblance to Kok

Chamil Wariya says:

"YB Teresa can be vocal at times and disliked by some for her style of politics, but generally she is a responsible politician and responsive to her constituents. YB J is not.

"YB J is a manifestation of politicians who politicise race issues and have no respect for the rights of all communities."

Chamil said his goal in writing the story was to call for moderation in political views, and to remind politicians not to incite communal feelings.

Read the entire Nut Graph's exclusive interview with the RM100 million short fiction writer, h e r e.


  1. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Cukup la Rocky

    Engkau ni asyik nak membongkok kat orang Utusan Malaysia dan 'tuan milik' mereka.

    Bukak la citer lain Rocky

    Macam dulu masa kau benar-benar pertahankan rakyat...

    Atau adakah itu cuma muslihat untuk matlamat sebenar kau?

    Bertaubat Rocky, bertaubatlah.....

  2. Anonymous7:49 pm

    It's about time now somebody start blowing up any YB (govt. or opposition) because they're responsible for racial tension.

  3. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Hmmmm, it maybe so, but the ending doesn't leave any feel good feeling. It's says better to kill off the person than let the person fan racial tension.If this was a moral story, shouldn't it be more on regret and forgiving. Secondly, why use YB J, a chinese as an example when no specific race need to be mentioned at all(fiction) .
    I am giving feedback as a reader. This book is not suitable as a "moral" reading book.Definitely not suitable for children, who without parental guidance may deemed it as acceptable to kill someone off.
    Teresa should drop the suit on Chamil as he has denied it has any resemblance to Teresa. He can't apologise if he did nothing wrong in the first place.

  4. oh yes..

    SABRI ZAIN also were not given the same platform to defend himself against UMI HAFILDA. How lucky this Chamil Wariya is...can have special interview to defend himself.


    Syed Hamid said

    "the internet have become mainstream" the star, 21Oct08


    tuan syed kita nie baru sedar ke?

    Kelakuan sebahagian pembesar2 negara kita masih seperti katak dibawah tempurung. Tiada maaf bagimu wahai tuan syed "batu putih" albar...

  5. Anonymous8:53 pm

    He can put that up as part of his defence in the suit against him


  6. Anonymous8:54 pm

    YBJ bears no resemblence to Ms. Kok - absolutely. How could a blood sucking dracula resembles the Yang Berhormat? No way!

  7. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Hahahaha....anyway, i salute you Chamil Wariya....

    Your CERPEN is so great!!..apasal COCK sangat takut...ini JUST CERPEN..bodoh laaa itu perempuan! some more she is too racist!!

    Racist group/individu Minority dalam negara Majority sangat MERBAHAYAKAN DIRI SENDIRI !! Jadi jangan salahkan orang lain!!


  8. Hey Rocky! What's New lar ... don't talk about old junk lar ... Reading this exclusive interview making you become stupid lor ... Ha Ha Ha ...

    ~ Lau M.L

  9. Chamil Wariya lis through his teeth!!

    And did he come out and write a cherpen when Ahmad ismail, Kerismudin, KJ and all taunted the non-Malays and racist sentiments were free-flowing?


  10. Anonymous9:05 pm

    I wish that, as Muslims we must respond with compassion, love, humility and better understanding. Yet as I read comments on various posts in this blog,I find that comments that are filled with so much hatred, name-calling, rudeness, and arrogance are posted by Muslims.

    How can Muslims expected love, compassion and forgiveness from the Almighty God when we ourselves can't show love and respect for others?

    Call me what you want - Keling,ular, babi bodoh, whatever. I feel sorry for those who prefer rudeness and name-calling over love and compassion. I pray that you be blessed with more peace, love, joy and compassion.

    I pray that Rocky and his blog will be showered with abundance of love, compassion and understanding.

    Peen Keening

  11. Hey Rocky! What's New lar ... don't talk about old junk lar ... Reading this exclusive interview making you become stupid lor ... Ha Ha Ha ...

    ~ Lau M.L

  12. Anonymous9:16 pm

    So why didn't he make the gender of YB J male, in view of the sensitivity of this issue and to avoid any link with YB Teresa Kok? Seems to have been done purposefully and now he can't stand the heat!


  13. Anonymous9:25 pm

    we are getting to be as good as McCain and the republicans at spinning stories and denials!

  14. The attempt at rationalisation by Chamil Wariya is not convincing as his cerpen was published in the very paper which persists in demonising
    YB Teresa.There was no apology for publishing as facts what the Police subsequently found to be not true!
    As for the ending of the cerpen ...
    that YB J was shot by a chinese youth
    who later killed himself.What can be more ridiculous!Chinese do not run amok, nor do they go around killing themselves for political reasons!Before Chamil Wariya can be
    a publish novelist he has a lot more to learn...and time is not on his side!

  15. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Apasai ada gambar George Clooney plak tuh? Apa kena mengena Clooney dgn citer YB J? Ish, ish, ish.

    Apasai la hang tak dak interview sapa2 Pak Rocky oi.

    Cuba hang interbiu si Teresa plak, baru la ada oomph, sensasi sket.

    Pemalaih betui la hang nih Pak Rocky oi.

    Ish, ish, ish.

    Ramlah Saripah

  16. Anonymous10:36 pm

    i wish he would admit it snipping her real life tale for the cerpen to make it realistic. and the assassination is predictable for "lawless" country, raging extremist and ignorant politician. there's plenty of examples in lincoln, mlk to plagiarize, and that chamil could have admitted it instead being tikus. the column needs to fill up, and the cerpen is nice read and serves good for self-reflection and pondering what's becoming of malaysia aka negara cha. and it's freedom of speech too.

  17. Anonymous10:47 pm

    The production of a literary piece is like manufacturing a product. You need various materials to materialize that particular product. And the writer is a workman who needs material to forge his piece (product) . The materials we are talking about can be in the form of ideology, language and the socio-political condition of the society the workman lives in.

    Moreover, we have to bear in mind that an artist creates a world of his piece out of nothing (purely his imagination) is just a myth.

    So, I think it is a downright lie to say that YB J bears no resemblance at all to YB Kok.

    PS. My analysis sounds so Marxist because I use Pierre Macherey's literary production theory.

  18. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Looks like the 100 mil lawsuit is very effective. The writer finally found his voice to explain his very 'unoriginal' story. He wud have been more believable if he had come out to defend his story immediately after the uproar. He need to realise that if anything untoward happened to Teresa, the public that saw thro his story will hold him responsible.


  19. freedom of expression ..let do some movie any volunteer to become the leading lady?

  20. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Chamil should thank his lucky stars or is the utu-SUN that the majority who read his cerpen is taking it positively and rationally not to react like his character did or else a racist from the other side of the fence may do a copycat on the author as his 'ahmad' did. But that's fiction right? so dear Chamil has no fear after all. Bet if he did write a cerpin depicting a chosen one of a racist ruling party, throw in a subplot of submarine deals and illicit affairs, it would be interesting to C4 all of us if there will be rational minds in that party who would applaud his literary skill or do an 'ahmad' on him :)
    see www.jonathan66-my.blogspot.com

  21. Anonymous11:50 pm

    to me, he is a quitter. its so obvious. common, just apologise and i am confident teresa will say "bygones be bygones".
    please, i am sure teress is not after the money as some of your readers posted. she is a malaysian thru and thru. but, Umno thru utusan has to malign her coz she is making real inroads into the Malay community. thats a real threat as far as UMNO is concern.
    Rocky, the readers respect youy for your independence. keep it that way. you dont have to be pro-Anwar to be popular but just keep a straight road of your conscience. Todate, I still respect your postings though I diasgree with you in support of the fella from Cheras.
    Goodnite, Rocky.

    Bangsa malaysia

  22. Anonymous11:57 pm

    You untouchable UMNOputras only have balls, when you hide behind the sarong of your political masters.
    Chamil, why are you suddenly so defensive with your disgusting piece of work. Be a man, admit your intentions, not like a dirty worm creeping into your shitty hole when threatened by law suit.
    Do worry, you have Rocky standing by to wipe your dusty ass.

  23. Anonymous12:18 am

    As a politician Kok realises the risk she has to take in this multi-racial country. As a citizen, she has the right like anyone of us to seek justice when irresponsible people attack her. Why don't people at Utusan as well as Chamil look themselves in the mirror and seek the truth in their own souls about their demeaning purpose towards another human being. I hope God can bless them and wait for them in the judgement day.

  24. Anonymous12:31 am

    How about looking through YB J point view on this matter.

    External link below

    To YB J page


  25. Anonymous12:39 am

    Rocky, haven't you done enough in making a big issue out of this Utusan thingy ? Why are you so hung up on this suing stuff ? You have made your point earlier, but you really shouldn't carry on and on about it, it's their right to sue or not to sue, and it's their right to defend or not to defend, they did not abuse those rights. As for your blog, you should stop blogging on issues, which intentionally or unintentionally, have tendencies to provoke racist remarks among all races.


  26. so much about fighting for freedom of speech and expression by the opposition in the likes of anwar ibrahim, lim kit siang, and the other so-called liberals..when got hit on own nose, then you feel how bad it is!

    on chamil's short story, is only "ciput'! (a new malay term among the generasi baru meaning small or small matter)

    in the u.s., where they also advocate freedom of expression, hollywood makes tons of fiction movies on the assassination attempts on the u.s. presidents.

    nobody got sued. instead more and more movies are churn out by hollywood on the assassination attempts on their presidents.

    so far only abraham lincoln and john kennedy, were the only ones assassinated in the over 200 years history of this so-called great democracy on earth where guns rule the day...

    even then lincoln was killed before hollywood ever existed. and kennedy, no one knows until today who really planned his assassination.

    this short fiction only a 'ciput' to the americans!

    they are laughing at those liberals especially that cock!

  27. Anonymous3:43 am

    chamil is sick.

  28. Anonymous4:24 am

    Cerpen is cerpen.... Kalau dah tak pandai hayati Bahasa Melayu, macam mana nak faham tafsiran sebuah cerpen...Chamil Wariya patut counter saman mereka semua ni.. Tak kena tempat, rasa pedas tak tentu arah...

    ASK THESE PEOPLE TO READ the Four Great Tragedies: Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, and Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare, (1564-1616),di rujuk pakai hingga kini.

    Tapi awas, just hope after reading Romeo & Juliet, jangan dia berangan jadi Juliet pula... Mah.. Nahas waris Shakespeare, kena SAMAN juga kerana ending, minum racun dan tikam diri??

    Karut betul Amoi ayam jantan ni...


  29. Anonymous4:31 am

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  30. Anonymous6:25 am

    Dear Readers
    I strongly beleive Rockys Bru has turned out Rocky has been brued by the mainstream people. Guess, he is eyeing the many vacancies that are going to exists in the mainstream media soon. Frankly, I have slowed down reading his blog unlike those days he was my No.1 blog but now I have lost interest. Since he began to uphold Utusan, Syed Al'shee and Chamil, its turning worst. Rocky, dont you think people have their right to defence. So, please tell those guys out there to report FACTS not fictionalise or fabricate facts but one group or one party. TQ.Happydays

  31. Anonymous7:15 am

    Theresa Kok only think about money. That's why she said our common food standard same like dog food.She only use his political status to make more money.It's only the way she can make money and became millionaire. It's same with all politician. They enter politics either in opposition or government is to make their company more establish. That's why you can see 'Samphan' Singh and Co. with all their generation want to enter into politic to make their company survive

  32. Anonymous7:39 am

    Tresh Teresa, Tresh Hindraf. Ini lah jadinya bila kita bagi muka. Saya mencadangkan kepada pemangku Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib suapaya ISA kan sahaja semua mereka2 ini. Negara akan menjadi bertambah aman, rasuah, cronism dan politik wang boleh dijalankan tanpa banyak gangguan.

  33. Anonymous8:15 am

    rocky = utusan malaysia

    maybe you should stop this boring issue, for me this is why utusan will never be number one newspaper in malaysia. All source are not correct or wrong mis-quote!!!!

    zamri sunway

  34. "Beruk,kera and monyet bear no resemblance to Chamil Wariya."

    The spinning game continues....

  35. Anonymous8:26 am

    Looking at all the hate comments especially the name callings it show that we are still in third world mentality. Syabas Malaysia.


  36. perhaps, rocky, you should start a critical appreciation of the cerpen.

    oh. better not-lah.

    keep on bloggin', man!

  37. Anonymous8:35 am

    Looking at all the hate comments especially the name callings it show that we are still in third world mentality. Syabas Malaysia.



    Disagree with offspring only in spelling. We are not Third World, we have slipped down further - we live in TURD WORLD!

  38. Anonymous8:47 am

    Whatever la bro..

    Too much politics in our life already. What about the economy? The whole world is hit and we are spared? If that is the case then, why are two of my friends given 2 months non pay leave because their US based companies are slowing down production? Does that not affect us, Malaysian? You should write about that bro?

    Or...write about the worsening conditions of the LRT Putra and STAR. Commuters have doubled since the price hike, but the service has worsen....
    Yeahh...write about those..or don't, its your blog anyway

    rakyat biasa

  39. Anonymous9:23 am

    It's a case of art immitating life. We've seen it read it over and over. Like someone here said, just do a critical appreciation of Saudara Chamil's cerpen. The problem is they don't teach that as a subject in school anymore, do they? Critical appreciation, I mean.

    And even if YB J had been inspired by YB Teresa (which is not the case, if you do a little critical appreciation on the short fiction), I would have thought YB Teresa would be flattered!

    Instead, she sued the writer for RM100 million!

    And that has made YB Teresa a little bit more like YB J, don't you think? Worse, even!

    Yep, it's life immitating art.

  40. Anonymous9:31 am

    "YB J is a manifestation of politicians who politicise race issues and have no respect for the rights of all communities."

    this is cleverly said, if teresa insists that his writing resembles her personal life, meaning she is that what he said in the interview.

    utterly disgusting. berani buat berani mengaku.

    Malaysia Funny Images

  41. Anonymous9:57 am

    Hiya bro Rocky:

    Perhaps TK would have felt flattered with the marked semblance (contrary to whatever CW said, the overall gist of his cerpen points to facets of the Seputeh MPs situation so he is treading on thin ice, but thats only my opinion) had it not been THAT ending.

    BTW, there was a letter to the editor sometime in Utusan purportedly from a Non Malay reader writing in most eloquent Bahasa Melayu and giving his or her two cents on - if I remember correctly - why the non malays should be thankfull of the chance and opportunities given by way of the citizenship all those years ago.

    I might be wrong, and stand to be corrected in this.

    Similarly in CW cerpen, the suicide shooter is someone from J's own racial grouping who wants her dead so as to stop racial strife or whatever.

    You can draw your own conclusion as I'm just making a point here.

    God bless.


  42. siapa makan cili dia terasa pedasnya.

    anyway, that law suit is a lost call, as there is no name be mention. if teresa win this case, there will be no freedom of speech as been champion by PKR. because their lawyer who make up most of the party will overturn each and every stone to make sure everything we wrote get sued.

    now i'm worried if my comment in the blog will be sued by her and co.

  43. Anonymous10:03 am

    I can't understand why people like pisang tergoreng wrote all the things they wrote. To me, Rocky is merely REPORTING here. So that we know. While at that, I'll say I come to this blog a lot to read things before any other media publish it because Rocky seems to have the ability (and/or connections) to get the stories before everybody else.

    As for the YB J cerpen, I think Chamil Wariya's very smart and cheeky if you read between the lines. But it's fiction anyhow. Furthermore I think if I am to produce anything I'd try and sell it. So maybe this is his way of doing it. It might not be the best of ideas (or the most noble) but the fact that there's a RM100mil suit against him (or it) and people throughout the country are discussing about it proves that it (the selling strategy) is quite successful.

    Now, I do not remember supporting the cerpen Chamil Wariya did. But there is every possibility that this comment of mine will be thought of so.


  44. hi all , the more we talk about chamil wariya [harapkan nama aje] the more he gets free publicity. this man's era has gone -rejected even by many media instituition. lets talk about shahrir samad at least the groceries price will go down... we need to push him hard to bring down price...ever heard enforcement officers do inspection in mamak restaurants? 3 plate of nasi briyani -pay rm1 ringgit and sign off...

    For Crimes Against The Nation, Attempted Political Assassination Of "YB Josephine" @ Teresa Kok, Sedition, Incitement To Racial Hatred & Violence With Murderous Intent, Religious Bigotry, Criminal Instigation & Intimidation, Misuse & Abuse Of Mass Media. Highly Dangerous UnIslamic & Immoral Ass-Licker & Extreme Menace To Civil Society. Approach With Caution, May Be Armed With Poison Pen, Suffers From Highly Contagious Mad Dog Disease & May Also Bite - Reward: 2 Sen

    *This is a work of fiction and bears no resemblance to any person, monkey or rat.


  46. Anonymous10:50 am


    Bullshit hater

  47. When you are unable to see the incitefulness of Ahmad Ismail, Khairy, Hishamuddin, Khir Toyo and a whole lot of others and write about them in the manner that you write about a Teresa Kok inspired story, the credibility of your denials reeks of a mind filled with nothing but s@#t!

    And for a blogger who appears critical of Teresa's actions and yet is unable to issue the same venom against everything that led to her illegal and shamful detention under ISA, I can't say much to save him either.

  48. Anonymous11:30 am

    Cerpen itu satu contoh nyata dan jelas hasil daripada penulis upahan.Penulis/wartawan yan sangup menepikan etika, prinsip dan maruah demi wang.
    Seorang penulis/wartawa yng bertangungjawab seepatutnya menjernis yang keruh bukanlah mengruhkan lagi yang keruh.
    Chamil sedarlah kau tu dah tua janganlah hanya beberapa ringit upahan kau sangup melihat keharmonian dan perpaduan yang semkin rapuh, hancur berderai.Gunalah ketajaman pena kamu untuk memperkukuhkan keharmonian negara ini.

    Anak Melayu tulin

  49. Terasa Kok does not have the mettle to be a Malaysian politician. She sounds more like a social worker, a very green horn and coming from a rich family, she can afford to pursue her legal defense with her daddy’s money. What’s in her political reputation is how she acts politically and pursuing defamation suit with only tarnish her image however good she maybe as a social worker. Perhaps one way to dilute her defamation capability is for more Malays and NGO’s to publicly comment on her negative actions; let her be tried by the media and all her defamation suits will come to nothing. Let her continue suing more people/ organizations and she will eventually and definitely loose out. If she wants to make it to the Guinness Books of Record for being the Malaysian politician with the most defamation suits, so be it. She should take cognizance that “blood is thicker than water” and most people can be irrational when they are challenged and when principles become meaningless. If she can’t play the political game, it would be best for her to quit and focus strictly on social activities.

  50. So much for a FAIR BRAND of DEMOCRACY.

    A cerpen that resembles her; mind you, it just have some resembling features of her. It doesn't necessarily be her. She too only agrees that it smells like her only on the physical features, AND NOT THE YB J CHARACTER… no!! she is way classier than the racist scumbag in the cerpen.

    But still it gets a huge outcry.

    But her clear mistake of insulting Najib on a clearly ‘fake document’ is cleanly swept under the carpet.

    She doesn’t even bother to say sorry as expected of a highly respectable with grandest human dignity that she is.

    Nor did she decide to sue herself as expected of a fighter of human right that she is.

    As a SENIOR EXCO NEXT AFTER THE MENTRI BESAR she would not go down and do that. Saying sorry is a degrading act for a person of her virtue.

  51. Anonymous12:11 pm


    Why not start a fund to help Sabri Zain?

  52. Rocky, the difference between press freedom and utusan malaysia is Everybody and Somebody. Press Freedom applied to Everybody. Utusan Malaysia is Somebody.

    When you decided to support Utusan Malaysia in the name of Press Freedom, you are doing exactly our BN government is doing: serving themselves in the name of governing the country.

    I see a long list of your "hall of fame" on the right side of your blog. All the fights for Nini, Human Rights, Bangsa Malaysia, Bloggers United, Malaysia Today, No to Intimidation, United Malaysia and All Blogs, you don't deserve it. Please remove them as you no longer stand in their shoes to represent Everybody.

    You mentioned a while back that you no longer tolerate Anonymous commenters. Yet there are still many Anonymous commenters in your blog.

    I support you on day one when you were victimized by NSTP. I walk with you to demand for Press Freedom. Then I saw you changed. It is heard breaking. Perhaps I should remove the bookmark of your blogs from my iGoogle list.

    Think: are you with Somebody or with Everybody?

  53. Anonymous1:27 pm


    tak de topik lain ke?? syok sgt cerita tentang chamil & utusan ..
    mesti ada udang di sebalik mee..

    aku rasa kau ni blogger yg dihormati (dulu la...),jadi gunakanlah kebijaksanaan yg ada dgn menulis topik yg lebih menjana minda..

    jangan kau jatuh kan sendiri maruah penulisan kau tu..

  54. Old Fart, so according to your twisted biased logic, political statements on race and religion by Ahmad, Khairy, Hishammuddin and Dr Khir is incitement but if issued by the likes of Kok and her ilks its OK ah? Saudara, you are so full of S@%T lah.

    Lagi, the Internal Security Act is a Malaysian Law enacted under Article 149 of Malaysian Constitution, kindly remove the S@#T between your ears and understand that it is not illegal nor shameful just because your heroin Kok was detained briefly under this Act.

    Saudara Whackthembugger and Saudara Damansara I agree wholeheartedly with your opinions. Further, what Kok(Selangor Senior DAP/Pakatan ADUN) will unwittingly achieve by all these suits against UTUSAN are giving fantastic election material on race and religious perceptions for Barisan Nasional to work on,which, in the next General Election will almost certainly guarantee Negeri Selangor Darul Ehsan being returned to BN.

  55. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Unfortunately, Chamil has picked the wrong timing to do this and leave his short story open to misintepretation

  56. apa da jadi pada you rock? walau apa pun i sokong u lah.

  57. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Say it, what's your agenda? Maybe you are more at home at Utusan than NST. Press freedom is poppycock unless there's a REAL Change.


  58. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Teruslah dgn ejek mengejek, maki hamun dan keji mengeji ...

    ... aku seronok ...

    Teruskan teruskan ...

    ... memutarbelit fakta dan mengeluarkan kembali fakta2 rasis lepas utk mempertikaikan Melayu di tanahairnya sendiri ....

    Teruskan teruskan ....

    ... muga provokasi anda semua akan akhirnya membuat kaum ku marah yg tidak terkawal ...

    Apabila sudah cukup bagaimana kemarahan yg ku inginkan ...

    .... sambutlah peristwia darah mengalir dan otak bersepai bertabiran di jalanraya dengan hati yang terbuka ...

    .... masa itu tak perlu takut, sedar dan menyesal ...

    muga bertemu lah you rmaker.

    Ornag muda yang tidak pernah lihat rusuhan kaum dan mahu lihat baru faham.

    Sedia ambil kertas dan pensel. Tak lama lagi bermula pelajaran.

  59. Anonymous3:28 pm


    To tell the truth, I haven't read his cerpen, and don't intend to. So I can't say whether his story will incite anyone to harm TK.

    But so far as I know, TK is fine and doing well, so I must presume that no one was incited by his short story.

    So what's the fuss?( Except for TK trying to get some cheap publicity and easy money).


  60. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Betui! Pisang tergoreng! Nampaknya bukan saya seorang yang perasan ini Rocky sudah tukar belang...

  61. Anonymous4:58 pm

    So, you can take some people at face value, and others are full of ulterior motives?

    I don't think suing for RM100 million is gonna get Theresa rich. The courts would know what is reasonable. That is symbolic, I am sure u wud know.

    I wonder though, if you realise Rocky, that the freedom of expression stance that you've been taking is freedom against repressive laws. Lawsuits are another matter don't u think?

    Who checks the newspapers? Let's have an example. Let's say a short story appears in an English daily.

    It revolves around this fictitious politician Datuk Seri Norman Rahman and how he got his hands dirty by association while trying to help his friend who is accused of murdering a foreign national.

    Story ends with this friend having to hang while Datuk Seri Norman is forced to resign and later arrested for complicity in the crime.

    Now that was fiction too. The writer and the newspaper will be heavily criticised for sure. In this case,, it may even get a show cause letter (the media owner).But the writer can always come forward and say this is fiction and nothing to do with what's happening today.

    However, it will be transparent to everybody, what the story is about. The English daily's political stance will be clear.

    Utusan has been getting away with alotta shit for a long time.Chamil Wariya is just another vehicle.

    There is malice intended in that writing, and if Utusan was keen on not "membangkitkan isu sensitif" it wud not have published this.

    Especially after Theresa denied ever having been part of the azan issue, and the parties in question corroborated her story.

    I will not forget, and nor will many Malaysians, that due to this paper's reporting, a woman was detained without the possibility of a trial (albeit a while).

    You think that Nut Graph article vindicates him? Lame...

  62. Anonymous5:16 pm

    I hope I don't get sued for this.

    Sometimes, the YB's themselves are to be blamed and that is when I address them as Yang Bodoh.

    No, I am not referring to any YB's at all, only directed at the Yang Bodoh.

    Yeah, I am prepared to be sued for that, but I need to win the RM 20 million TOTO Jackpot two times to be on the safe side.


  63. Dear Galadriel,

    Unlike most other newspapers, Utusan Malaysia has a section called Sastera. This newspaper's role in developing the minda Melayu and Malaysia since before Merdeka is unique -- it does not just inform and educate, it also produces many sasterawans and great work of Malay literature.

    Chamil Wariya's cerpen was published under this section. A cerpen, no matter how much it's inspired by true events, remains a fiction.

    And repressive laws aren't the only way to curtail freedom, my dear. Multi-million dollar suits work just as well, if not better, in suppressing Freedom of the Press. The latter could make you rich at the expense of poor journalists and editors like us.

  64. Anonymous6:04 pm

    This Press Freedom thing you are harping on. Does it or Did it ever exists in this country. NO, NEVER and it never will. So stop harping on it when it happens in KELANTAN. It seems now you are looking for issues effecting the mainstream. Whats your ajenda.??? Hoping something from them. Hahaha. BHappy.

  65. Also Galadriel, Ms Teresa should sue the government for detaining her under the ISA. Not the newspaper. The cops/Syed Hamid said she was detained because of Utusan's article?

    Why is she giving credence to their "excuse" of detaining her?

    When Pak Samad was detained in 1976, King Ghaz said the two journalists from Singapore had confessed that Samad was the link man to the communists. If it was Teresa, she would sue the two journalists?

  66. Anonymous7:59 pm

    You joining NST soon?


  67. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Thaks for the joke Chamil...I had a good laugh reading your defence and suddenly in praise of teresa.

    Tails in between your legs now ah?

    Stop this shit lah, Chamil You have advocated killing off racist politicians of the Chinese kind. It is morally, legally wrong to do such a thing. Let us all repent before we meet our maker. When God strikes, it will be real hard, Chamil. Please remember that.


  68. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Rocky, why you and some member here, talk like Teresa Kok sure will win the case and get millions and the Press Freedom will lose out at the end of the day ????
    If Utusan has done it's job ethically, they would not be concern especially now, that Mohd Khir Toyo has shifted the blame to Utusan. Next question is, if a press has not done it's job responsibly n ethically, can they use "press Freedom" as a means of defence ?

  69. Galadriel is right. And even worst that the story is inciting murder. Double standards for Utusan. And ROcky, you think Teresa should sue the police government and not the paper? Why so protective?

    And here, the Chamil dude is doing a Lingam. Sounds like Teresa, not Teresa. Excellent defence.

  70. Anonymous12:09 pm

    i think for his defence, chamil should do a cerpen about a datuk b from penang..datuk b made some statements calling all the non malays kaum pendatang, created a major uproar that forced the home ministry to apply special 'protection custody' to a chinese female reported who reported the case..then something happened to datuk b..i'll leave the fateful ending to chamil since he's a thousand times better in this than me..

    i bet a cerpen like this is more sensasi than some bloody ybJ la..afterall if YBJs cerpen is for entertainment, datuk b's cerpen will just be as entertaining..i'll get a copy of utusan myself if they post it..it'll definitely attract a whole throng of chinese readers to this malay daily..very good for business..

    chamil, do that and it'll surely boost ur stature as a writer/journalist/whatever u call urself..


  71. Anonymous7:28 am

    (heha) : hey ! lks has a similar one like chamil man = lagi syok tentang the mong girl & 2 razaks, check it out !!