Monday, October 20, 2008

Hell hath no fury, and Teresa goes on suing spree

Sues Chamil for RM100 million, Alhabshee for RM10 million. YB Teresa Kok Suh Sim is out to create records, it seems. After filing a RM30 million defamation suit against journalist Zaini Hassan and the newspaper Utusan Malaysia, Teresa is now coming after Chamil Wariya and the same newspaper for the cerpen (or short story) "Politik Baru YB J".

On her suing list is Umno Cheras chairman Syed Ali Alhabshee, who blogged about the setting up of a Tabung Azan as part of an initiative to help Utusan defend against Teresa's RM30 million suit.

Both letters of demand to Chamil and Syed Ali were sent out from S.N. Nair & Partners' office on 17 Oct.

In the suit against Chamil,who is CEO of the Malaysian Press Institute, Teresa's lawyers say the article "is deliberately designed to justify and/or encourage the causing of grave harm to our client, including assassination."

Against Syed Ali, Teresa's lawyers wrote that "The impugned words that you uttered and the allegations that you published in the said Article mean and were understood to mean that our client, inter alia:
1) is racist
2) is a religious and racist bigot
3) is untrustworthy and a politician bereft of integrity
4) is intolerant, unprincipled and low moral value
5) is chauvinistic, anti-Islam and anti-Malay and
6) has committed serious criminal offences under the Penal Code and other laws of Malaysia


"Politic Baru YB J" was published on 12 OCtober as a short fiction in the newspaper's Sastera or Literature pages and translated into English by Teresa's press secretary h e r e.
Syed Ali Alhabshee's Tabung Azan posting was posted on his blog h e r e.
I did a posting In Defence of Utusan on why Teresa - and politicians - should not be suing newspapers on October 13.


  1. Anonymous9:07 pm

    DAP's coffers running dry? Kit&Gang should approach Anwar Abraham ma', the blue-eyed boy of the kwailo'.
    Sure he can get money for you wan, he GOT already ma'. He didnt give you people ah? aiyoooooo

    chincau limau

  2. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Ayo ma ... banyak kaya ler Teresa Kok. RM30m + RM100m + RM10 = RM140m ... itu belum masuk jumlah kalau Teresa saman Mat yang tulis puisi anjing.

    Betul ke Teresa belum kahwin lagi ? Kalau dia bukan lesbian nak juga aku cuba. Mana tau aku pun boleh tumpang kekayaan dia.

    Dah tu kalau Khalid Ibrahim beri title Datuk macam Shahruk Khan boleh gak aku guna title "Datin".

    Thomas Cock

  3. Anonymous9:13 pm

    I urge Chamil and Alhabshee to counter sue Teresa Kok and also the lawyer S.N.Nair

  4. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Bro Bru,

    Those who were served with the million dollar suit, please do not get into much anxiety. I think Nazri, Dollah appointed Law Minister should not sit on the laurel.Time for action and reformation in the current Bar Council to. Some Exco members in current bar council behave like thugs or mercenaries, offering service to cow advocates of free speech and free journalism by providing tools in million dollar law suit. If the Bar Council could not reform, government should allow setting up parallel Alternative Bar Council. I think the current Bar Council has too much Estate Culture or Estate idio syncrasy.

    Ahmad Chavez

  5. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Great job Teresa. I hope she goes after you too. Waka waka

    Sue U

  6. Hahahahahahaha...

    This came from the person who walks in parades and shout "Press Freedom" and fight for the right of RPK writing accusations towards the political opponents.

    However the best of all was the sue on Syed Hussein Al Habshee for starting the fund. It's like Najib sueing the All-Blogs for initiating a fund to free RPK by paying his bail.

    Hormonal Imbalance ka apa dia ni?

  7. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Hope all the racist will be sued until their pants drop.

    This is the way to go, I support 100%

    Is better than those who use ISA or those who hire lawyer like Lingam.

  8. Anonymous9:43 pm

    This is malaysia guiness book of record. Theresa the blood sucking millionare is on the making!

  9. Anonymous9:47 pm

    For a person who belongs to a political coalition that has not much faith in the nation's legal system, it is indeed refreshing to see Ms Kok sudden realisation of her rights to legal recourse in the case of alleged defamation.

    Having said this, perhaps Ms Kok should review her stand. The suing game is enjoyed very much by the party which precedes DAP and this particular party had reaffirmed that there is a need for the government to be strong-handed to secure the nation's development.

    Furthermore, with her faith in the justice system, perhaps she should urge her party's leadership to stop their criticism of the judiciary.

    I do not agree with Chamil's novella about YBJ but again, whatever happened to freedom of expression? As for Syed, the most I can say is that he stood up for something he believe in and he is getting sued for this... Tis indeed strange times that we are living in.

    I Pray For Malaysia

  10. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Padan dengan muka si babi Teresa...berlagak di bumi Melayu.

  11. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Berani tulis yang tak benar, kenalah berani terima padah.

    Berani cakap yang bukan-bukan,
    kenalah berani tanggung akibat.

    Ini bukan lagak anak jantan.
    Ini lebih pada cari publisiti murahan dan bodek orang atasan.

    p/s : Dear Rocky, of late, you seem to be going to Utusan's kind of thinking.
    Why ? I am more than happy to be wrong.

  12. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Does Malaysian Courts grant big sum of awards under the defamation act?

  13. Anonymous10:01 pm


    There you go...As you had predicted, this has become a circus...

    This will inevitably open the Pandora box - everybody will be suing everybody's behind after this.

    And the amount? Simply ridiculous.

    Be warned. It will lead to people not only suing the MSM, but also the bloggers. Expect people to react to Suara Keadilan, Roket and Harakah.

    Way to go...that is exactly what we have been preaching about. Media transparency.

    Exactly how are we going to do this? Tomorrow, if Citizen Nadesh gets sued, we all say aye to it as well? If Malik Imtiaz gets sued? Marina Mahathir?

    If you go by Kok's action, then it will be fully justified then. Or will selective persecution come into play?

    When Syed Hamid threatened to sue Shamsul, nobody gave a rat's ass. Why not support Syed Hamid then since he, too, must surely have the same rights as Teresa?


    Perhaps you should educate these people how it all works in the real world of journalism. This will lead to all journalists (bloggers are journalists too) to be "bullied" by those with the means to sue.

    For what it is worth, not everything the MSM newspapers write about are the spinned version of things.

    Flip through all the papers, and you can see for yourself that quite a number of these reports actually protect the masses. Whacking local authorities, errant developers, thugs and gangsters for not doing their jobs, or helping justice to be carried out.

    These people all have something in common - they all have the means to sue. So, go right ahead, support the cause. Good that many of you understand the inside workings of journalism.

    You, Rocky, should also take part of the blame for inciting a blanket hatred towards MSM journalists. A majority are a bunch of responsible people who have to work with obstacles.

    Explain these to these clueless people - and how there is no such thing as absolute Press freedom in Msia. If you go by what the opposition newspapers are churning out, that is gutter journalism at its height. Nobody is doing anything right - all the reports are slanted that way - and yet, you see Msians sitting at Starbucks, driving around, and our kids not asking for donations at every traffic lights, or live in cardbox houses.

    All hope is not lost as MSM newspapers carry more beneficial things than spinned news. Don't just whack - take out the pages, and separate the spinned news items and those which are not. Do it for a week, or a month. Figures don't lie....I bet nobody thought of doing that, right?

    Explain to these people how journalists have acted responsibly - taking on ministers and the powers that be, or those pretending to be powers that be - when nobody else would or could.

    Bet most of you have never even attended a simple press conference. Try and see for yourselves how journalists try to do right for a cause they believe in - and it's not just selling the papers that they are interested in.

    Many of you are not even aware of the risks that journalists have to go through daily just to get a simple news item for the readers. Really, what have most of you done in life that qualifies you to say you have made changes? All journalists have done that - in small or huge ways.

    Be it your clogged drains (any of you can profess to have helped your neighbours to get their clogged drains unclogged?) to highlighting the abuses of people in power. Any of you? Save for a handful (the rest claim they have but are actually free-loaders who latch on to other people's postings, before claiming it to be theirs), the rest are just bloody hypocrites.

    My frustration is boling over. Irony is that people who used to be editors and journalists are fanning sentiments against their fellow journos. Worse still, these are the very same people who spun news when they were in power.

    Screw you...

    -Gandhi Fan-

  14. Anonymous10:04 pm

    Those men of the Judiciary giving that huge libel award to Tan Sri Vincent Tan are long gone. Theresa Kok may need to find the like of such men in the present Judiciary to be sympathetic to her case. Alas, this is not going to be. It's a long shot by any count.

  15. Anonymous10:08 pm


    i believe freedom of press has a,Chamil and Syed Ali, maybe you missed this lesson in school, but this time please take note. never repeat stupid mistake twice.

    rascal flers!

  16. Anonymous10:23 pm

    minah ni dah takut pada bayang bayang sendiri....

    cock bodoh!

  17. Anonymous10:28 pm

    orang tua-tua kata,"orang yang tamak selalu rugi...macam anjing dengan bayang-bayang".


  18. You and I know this 'issues' are being played about between both sides and it's really fogging up the political scene when it shouldn't have.

    Let the sides sue each other instead of turning this into a religion/race issue. This is the first time I've heard of plaintif associating a suit on pretense of 'defending Islam' then oragnise a Tabung to fund its countersuit.

    Please do not mix this with religion/race when the suit is clearly aim at defamation on a personal level. If everytime someone uses something as powerful as religion, then it should be going to a Syariah court.

    If BN keep this up, everyone who voice against them, will be termed as 'Anti-Islam' or 'Anti-Malay' and make BN relevant again and the whole wheel of race-based politics will start all over again.

    So wise up ppl, don't get all rile up or emotional about some 'fiction'. Focus on real issues.

  19. Di kampung saya ada sebuah kereta kelisa, dah buruk dah sebab dibawa kehulu kehilir, kusyennya pun hapak, bamper dah jatuh, gedebeh, body kadang mandi kadang tidak, berkarat atas bawah. Hon ada dua tapi dua dua dah lembek walaupun tak pernah pakai langsung, kalau kena curi curi pakai tu adalah jugak masa baru baru.

    Baru baru ni kelisa saya parking tepi jalan dekat simpang, saya parking sebab saya keliru tengok papan tanda ada lima, banyak bahasa, ingatkan dok kat afrika. Memang selalu pun saya parking dekat situ, jangankan kereta, kambing pun tak mahu dekat.

    Tetapi adalah satu hari, sorang mamat tu conteng lukis kartun di body kereta saya, vandalism lah katakan, apalagi saya pun mengamuk, saya terus jumpa lawyer, saman mamat tu, saya tuntut 33 suku juta.

    Orang kampong gelak dekat saya, depa kata saya tiga suku, body kete tu dah berkarat, dah tua, dah secondhand, timbang kilo pun berapalah sangat, tak patut tuntut lebih lebih.

    Bagi saya, itulah cara saya menarik perhatian dunia, lagipun saya bankrap idea dan muflis cara. Nak wat camno.

  20. Anonymous10:53 pm

    How is Teresa wort 30mil, 10mil or 100mil?
    Just pluck the figures from the sky-ar?
    Is she some multi-millionaire making at least one mil a year?
    Where she gets the figures from one?
    100mil for a cerpen that may not even be about her?
    Do you seriously believe Teresa has any "international" reputation as her lawyer said?

  21. Bro,

    By suing people left and right - Teresa is telling us that we cannot speak our mind? If we do, than we might get sued. I thought that was the basic principe of her political strugle?


  22. I dont understand rocky, if suing is for defamation against press is something wrong to you, how then does one like YB Teresa defend her self? What would you do if you are in her position?


  23. Anonymous11:16 pm

    ok..she's not a i right?

  24. Anonymous11:24 pm

    Orang kaya baru... Mintak sket...

  25. Anonymous11:24 pm

    Yeah, sue them until the cows come home.

  26. Anonymous11:49 pm

    I want to sue the NST and Utusan for giving me a lousy read over breakfast every day. And making my perfectly good teh tarik sputter all over my table at the crap they publish. Ceh. 200 million euros.

    I also want to sue Teresa Kok for humiliating eggs and calling them "dog food". I eat eggs daily. Scrambled, poached, over easy, sambaled etc etc and they are like manna from heaven.They are helpless to defend themselves. I hereby sue on their behalf for 500 million euros in damages (of which I ask only 20 percent) towards the continued preservation of eggs and a massive rebranding exercise after the bad publicity caused by her defaming them as dog food. (didn't the cops actually go out of their way to buy the spoilt lady nice of them..but that is another lawsuit)

    And I also want to sue Teresa Kok for wasting precious time as an elected representative of the people for pursuing frivolous, petty, vindictive suits instead of doing her job!!!

    1 trillion rupiah for that...(just shows how much her job has been devalued by her actions)

  27. ...and your defense of Utusan is judged and rejected.

  28. Anonymous11:59 pm

    saya rasa yang jadi isu ialah ending cerpen ni - pembunuhan. secara tak langsung menyumbang kepada persepsi yang orang Islam ni ganas, sket2 bunuh tembak. xde toleransi, tak penyabar.

    kalau penulis cerpen ni buat happy ending kan bagus, e.g. YB J tu jadi insaf ke, melayu cina makin rapat ke, perpaduan bertambah erat ke, kan lagi bagus. barulah ada nilai2 kasih sayang, keamanan, perpaduan....

    tak boleh la jugak kata, ini hak berkarya, boleh tulis apa saja, tak boleh pertikai. kalau macam tu, kita tak boleh la jugak nak marah2 dengan salman rushdie, pelukis kartun/pengarah filem Denmark yang hina Nabi, atas alasan hak mereka berkarya.

    yang penting sastera tu mesti la mendidik jiwa pembaca.

    timing cerpen ni pun cam tak kena. kita sekarang ni tengah hot dengan banyak isu, kuar lagi cerpen macam ni, macam siram api dengan minyak. tak perlu la....

    point penting yg saya nak sampaikan, cerpen ni ok kalau ending dia positif, bukan pembunuhan.

  29. Anonymous12:01 am

  30. Way to go Teresa Kok!!

    After all, Dr.M, the PM, DPM and Min for Home Affairs and every other UMNO MP has oft repeated ad nauseum that freedom of speech is not absolute and been patted on their backs by Utusan, NST & the Star.

    Now, its come a full circle to bite them in the rear quarters. Let's see if they can walk the talk!

  31. Anonymous12:22 am

    hi rocky
    yes there must be some sense in this all. if teresa goes on suing every body under her dress...i mean the utu-SUN (perhaps she will sue me for having said this sexist remark. Pardon the expression) she would have so much money to even buy up or bailed out the distressed lehmans and ubs of the world! see art imitating life or life imitating art at Will she also sue those who makes equally damaging allegations against BN or its leaders? If she did that, I'd help her sue everything under the (utu)-SUN...Teresa please take on our dan brown for insulting your religion too with his DVC. If you don't know what he wrote I got a dvd of his dvc.

  32. Anonymous12:45 am

    The crux of the matter arose from the fact that the freedom of press has been abused with awful shame by the 'hidden hands' being the masters for the agents to write and publish baseless articles and stories.

    Bro Rocky, without these suing, then won't you think that that freedom would not be abuse continuously to manufacture baseless articles? Other medias have not served with court papers why only Utusan alone?

  33. Anonymous12:49 am

    If amok 1 published a lie about you sodomising a monyet and got you wrongly arrested by the religious enforcer without trial, are you going to sue amok 1?
    Then amok 2 wrote a book wrongly condemning you of having a sinful character to be despiced by the followers of your religion, are you going to sue amok 2?
    And also amok 3 declared a public campaign to wrongly attack you of demeaning act towards other to the extent that it has become a hate campaign which has threatened your personal safety, are you going to sue amok 3?
    So are you going for a suing spree to seek justice for yourself or you can be so wonderfully forgiving to them?

  34. Anonymous1:00 am

    Why do you make it your business, to defend unscrupulous and immoral paper and writers, in disguise of Freedom of the press.
    UMNO has used Utusan as a vehicle for their propaganda machine for her political mischiefs and half-truth articles causing pains to innocent victims. It is about time, they are made to face the music and punished.
    YB has every right to sue the daylight out of these unprincipled and immoral 'adventurers'.
    Perhaps roc, you refuse to see we live in a civil society and fairness to the hurt is well protected by the laws of the land.

  35. Anonymous1:11 am

    ...and why not?

    Teresa's brother

  36. Anonymous1:14 am

    nanti boleh beli helikopter mi-17 sendiri.

  37. Anonymous1:19 am

    bodoh punya Teresa..

    ko buat kacau..lps tu ko nak orang buat baik kat ko?

    ni mana punya undang2 ko pakai..

    Dalam dunia "beruk" pun..tak wujud beruk yang diam bila di kacau..

    Hiduplah baik2..Ni bukan Singapore & Hongkong..tempat yg ko boleh pijak & himpit minoriti suka2..@ pembantu rumah yang tak boleh melawan

  38. Anonymous2:17 am

    Ok, now isn't this getting a bit out of hand? Utusan, yeah. Some chump who wrote a bad cerpen and a has-been poet?

    C'mon, thats a little too much. But why haven't I read about this new development in other sources? Any links?

  39. Anonymous2:36 am

    So, you're saying that it's ok for the media to make up lies to harm innocent people? What kind of gutter journalism do you subscribe to Rocky? Because of utusan's lies, Teresa has been demonised as anti-Malay and anti-Islam, placed under ISA and had her housed bombed -- how can you continue to defend utusan in these circumstances? I fail to understand your logic. If you were in Teresa's shoes, would you still be defending utusan? Beggars belief the things that umno putras do these days, and yet you defend them -- says something about you doesn't it? Disappointed with you Rocky, thought you were a better man than this.

  40. Anonymous2:57 am

    Friend, sad to say you have turned into a ball-carrier for Mahathir.

  41. Well, they slander and incite but they can defend and counter sue and let the truth prevail in court, presuming as if the court is just in the 1st place. Law of the land at least.

    That's much much better than being thrown the Ikut Suka Aku and end up in a cell with probable 2 yr extensions according to the other fler's suka-ishness at the time. Law of the jungle here.

  42. This is not the first time utusan has been sued. For the record utusan hold the record for being sued the most. If you care to add up all the money they spent to pay aggrieved party you'll be amaze.

    That speak the behavior of the paper.

  43. Disturb a sleeping tiger..that's what you get.
    When will UMNO ever learn.

  44. The more she sues, the more hatred will be the Malays towards her, proving her true racialist character and her defamation suits will come to naught. Such a spoilt daughter from a rich family has no place to be a politician in multiracial and religious Malaysia. Alhamdullilah, a supposedly saint is being exposed naked as a true sucker of the people as she seeks to make money not in her ordinary course of business in times of economic turmoil. Ha…what a bitch!

  45. Rocky cakap tak serupa bikin..
    Freedom of press doesn't mean that there can be outright incitement.
    Trojan horse!

  46. Anonymous6:13 am

    Teresa cock is now doing the purging job,year of the "SUE",fist of judgy or fist of fury.

  47. I have been asked to revive communism in Sarawak and we will be holding our first meeting in Mukah. Yes Mukah and right in the birth place of Taib Mahmud and also the place where our corrupt and terrorist BN in Sarawak was born.

    We have enough manpower in our Ranks to give the Sarawak BN a good fight afterall the Tsunami of March 08 started in Urban Sarawak and we are now bringing our fight to the rural areas where BN think the rakyat can be bullied and bought.

    The Penans will be armed by our group and we will start subsersive activities after this meeting targeting at most BN Politicians and that includes assinations of the key man and their families.

    Anyone who support this cause please contact me at 086484225 and 0198884836.

    Our first meeting will be held at Kpg Lintang Balingian, Mukah, Sarawak.

    We are self funding group and only receive token donations from anti government activist locally and from Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

    If you feel this government have been fair, do not contact us. We invite all opressed Citizens of Malaysia to come forward and support our cause.

    Luke Siaw Lu Tiong
    Commisar Socialist Republic Sarawak
    Kpg Lintang

  48. Alhabshee's Tabung Azan is a joke! Just another attempt to undermine people's intelligence.

  49. Way to go teresa, thats the way to teach morons they can't get away with raising racial tensions and putting ideas into the heads of the disenfranchised, don't you remember rocky what happened when these kinds of ideas are put into the head of lunatics, remember the shooting incident where the army chap went on a murderous spree with an army M-16, there are a lot of lunatics out there who will practically beleive anything. if the police is not arresting these guys, well if they didn't arrest the real culprits like Ahmad ismail , khir toyo, you know it is selective prosecution. Well lets see if these people will hide behind the skirts of their masters. BE a man and face the consequences for writing rubbish like that cerpen and that half past six politician.

  50. I thought they never trusted the Malaysian justice system? So why bother with millions or billions, you could never get a dime.

  51. Anonymous7:20 am

    This is what we call freedom. Be responsible and accountable in what you do. If you hurt people then you pay the price.
    Would love to see whether that Utusan reporter who wrote about Teresa without using his head and trying to curry favor will be protected.
    Go go YB Teresa sue them and teach them what freedom is all about.So Rocky, what say you?

  52. I support rocky, tsarina

  53. Anonymous7:26 am

    its a free country?

  54. Anonymous7:36 am

    no worries, get all the DAP people and do a demo during Syed Ali open house and at dataran Merdeka and at Chamil's House and at the court where they will get sued!
    Don't forget the 3 pigs you should cooked and feast after you get the money.

    p/s you should sue the Malay rulers/kings/sultan too! they seemed to agreed with social contract!

  55. Anonymous7:39 am

    To terresa.....
    Look at yourself in the mirror...

    and also to tzarina too....

  56. she's one of a hell of an angel of suing hahahahaha

    Queen of suing maybe.

    Her supporters say that they are not afraid as they know how to take care of themselves.

    I hope they know what they are talking about.

  57. and by the way..

    your defense of utusan is judged and accepted.

  58. i dont really understand the politics played by all the politician nowadays, all involving $$$... silap cakap.. $$$ terbang...

    why is this happening? money is so important?

    in the last hour, we all heard that a public apologies is all the other party needed to clear their name... now that $$ is so important, they tried each and every way to gain it..

    i am so sad, if this is the kind of leader that people has chosen... what will we be? imagine these leader being brought up to power.. do we really have the freedom of speech or every condemning speech that we give means $$$ into their pocket?

    i don trust politician...

    who can i trust to lead?

  59. Anonymous8:21 am

    Revolver belongs to police.
    A type of hand gun used by police.
    So now you know who is the person behind the YBJ assasination.

    Political motivated.

    [ Anak Malaysia ]

  60. Anonymous8:25 am

    Apsal lah mu takut publish aku punya komen supaya Gomen set-up and recognise Alernative Bar Council.
    Mu takut kena saman kah, kali nih mu takut kena saman Class suit dari semua lawyers dalam Bar Council tuh...

    Ahmad Chavez

  61. Stupid and a***ole Teressa Cock!!

  62. My, my...aren't we all hankering for record-breaking rises from blogger readers. Bait them with something remotely stinking of controversy, and voila, cook up a massive orgy of outpourings oozing from every crack and cranny of the bolehland psyche.

    Pity that the only role models that we seem able to follow are the two-bit rags masquerading as respectable journalism.

  63. Aiyyooo, Nyonya Teresa very soon become the richest politician in the world after win all her cases. I think is good the become a politician nowdays, whatever printed abt u in the newspapers you can sue straightway. So if there is any comment or allegation without trial to politician can start sue anyone.

  64. Anonymous9:07 am

    Good, these people should be taught a lesson.
    Being in Umno or with them doesn't mean they can write or say untruths, write evil plots
    Make them pay!!!

    Justice prevails

  65. Chamil menafikan cerpen itu ditujukan kepada Teresa dan menyatakan beliau "tidak bermain dengan api" apabila mencipta watak yang menyarankan pembunuhan seorang ahli parlimen.

    Dalam jawapannya kepada Malaysiakini hari ini, penulis itu berkata ia "hanya rekaan semata-mata. Watak-wataknya adalah rekaan yang langsung tiada kaitan dengan mereka yang hidup dan mati."

    Dulu Sabri Zain & Harakah pun tulis macam tu jugak, tapi itu UMI saman SABRI sampai SABRI "spender pon tak leh nak beli"!

  66. Sori...I missed a point.

    SABRI ZAIN tulis tak lah sampai watak tu kena bunuh!

  67. Anonymous9:13 am

    i don't like utusan. i do believe in freedom of speech. i do believe in freedom of speech with responsibilities and facts. i do think chamil is irresponsible and stupid.

    get over it la teresa kok! move on and take care of your people. banyak songeh.
    i guess this is the only chance she can be multi millionaire.


  68. Anonymous9:18 am

    YB Teresa,

    Why are you creating all this unnecessary act by going on a suing spree. You are so free is it?

    You are an elected Members of Parliment by the poeple. We don't elect MP to go on a suing this and that people, you were elected to serve the people who voted for you. So stop being so childish and start doing your job.

  69. Anonymous9:22 am

    Very good. That racist newspaper should be bankrupted.


  70. Anonymous9:26 am

    This irresponsible guy Chamil is deserved to be sued for RM100 million.

  71. Anonymous9:27 am

    When Umi Hafilda was suing on the satire by Sabri Zain and Harakah for RM60 million, the NST and other BN owned media were cheerfully reporting on Umi Hafilda`s "bottom line" being "intact".
    Umi Hafilda won her suit. There is no necessity for BN owned media to now cry copious tears when the shoe`s on the other foot.


  72. Come on guys.... Encourage her to go further... Encourage her to burst

    Next to sue...

    Anwar Ibrahim: for failing to become a prime minister until today which dampen her chance to become 'a senior federal minister next to the prime minister'

    Khalid MB: for failing to appoint her to a higher position than 'a senior exco next to the menteri besar'

    Hindraf: for demanding money from the queen's government instead of the king's government

    Dewan Bandaraya: for not following her multi language signage. it was not done on any racial platform, purely on semangat malaysia merdeka. infact she was thinking of having kadazan, dusun, bajau, iban, bidayuh, melanau, dayak, murut etc too

    TV3, Utusan: for purposely showing the 'doctored and manipulated' DOG LIKE FOOD statement, again and again, which she did not do

    Teresa Kok: for making her look stupid

    Come on guys. You guys are good at this. Encourage her some more. Sue everybody.


    It was UTUSAN who manipulated the DOG LIKE FOOD ISSUE.

    A person of her persona wouldn't say those kind of thing...

  73. Well, Utusan has the benefit of recourse to the instruments of government to execute its evil intent as we saw how SHA used the ISA against Theresa to realise that intent.

    Theresa uses what she is able to avail. So what is so wrong about that?

    And for all those who think Chamil Wariya is the only one who can write stories that real people should not get themselves worked up over, then they should be also quite agreeable to this story by Antares. Just go to

  74. Anonymous9:50 am

    trendsetter lah ni...InshaAllah saya akan bagi sumbangan kpd Tabung Azan kerana Allah.

  75. Anonymous9:53 am

    I agree Teresa should sue them for causing so much hurt and anguish. Yes by all means sue their pants off.
    And Rocky you better be careful with your words we don't want your pants sued off you.


    She did not. I repeat. TERESA KOK DID NOT made any statement regarding the so-called Najib's 'manifesto' –

    She knew from the very start that the said manifesto was created by irresponsible liars. Purely the work of political scumbags which whom she never had any contact whatsoever.

    She has no reason to apologize to Najib or anybody BECAUSE the statement published in her website was planted by UMNO. It has been confirmed by Saint Anwar.

    A person of her ‘high level of trustworthiness’, ‘coupled with unparallel integrity’, and ‘dignity’, ‘tolerant’, ‘highly principled’ and of the ‘grandest morale value’ won’t do such a horrendous of shameful devilish act.

    She will always get her facts right before she even open her mouth

    She only, sometimes, skips her brain

  77. Anonymous10:12 am

    It's the name of the game. Theresa will be suing anyone who says anything unpleasant about her and will spend all her time on these cases instead of doing what the rakyat voted her for.

    She should be spending her time looking into her constituent's grouses such as filthy eateries, rat problems, flies, mosquitoes , parking problems and those sort of things which are more important.

    These court cases are a waste of everybody's time.

    Perhaps Najib should be suing her aides for the 'beautiful picture' too!


  78. Anonymous10:24 am

    Rocky's Bro, siapa yang makan cili dia rasa pedasnye. Terok betul Teresa Kok ni

    Melayu Tak Sedar Diri

  79. rocky.. i am not sure whether Teresa has committed any offence under the penal code, but as a Malay, i eleive strongly that she is what is stated from No 1 to No 5.

  80. Anonymous10:28 am

    One more time....

    It is not wrong for newspapers to write about anything and everything, PROVIDED it is the truth and they are able to substantiate their writings with accurate details or information.

    In Teresa's case, we all know that the information obtained by Utusan was incorrect. Well, it can be assumed that Utusan knew about this incorrect/inaccurate details but chose to want to go ahead and publish the report!!What does this say?

    It is not wrong for anyone to say that Utusan has malicious intention to bring harm to Teresa's reputation.. it is also not wrong to say that Utusan did what they did with intention to cause racial unrest.. it is also also not wrong to say that perhaps Utusan is in collaboration with someone to bring down Teresa's political career. Now, all these are no small matter.. and definitely not something anyone can just SORRY and be pardoned.

    As for the CERPEN, well, what can I say about such low lying creatures? To use a space allocated to bring forth or improve intellectual abilities in fellow human for their own selfish satisfaction is despicable! Such despicable act need to be punished severely!!!!!

    As for you, it is also shamefully despicable for you to say that Teresa or anyone else should not sue newspapers, all in the name of "newspapers are reporting news". Ya right!!! It better be the truthful reporting and not some psycho racist influencing others with his/her own crazy thoughts and feelings. YOU GET IT??

  81. To right to sue is what any sane and law abiding citizen would do in a democratic country.

    Look, at least we don't go round killing people, throwing people into jail or ISA-ed them, or do anything injustice to the affected party by abusing our political power and position for our selfish reasons.

    We simply fight it out in an open court.

  82. Now everyone especially politician can 'use' lawyers to be a super-rich least they tried..

  83. Anonymous10:47 am

    Well, considering that she actually ended up a week i9n solitary imprisonment because of it, I'd say she has some justification there.

  84. Read this interesting story from the movie 'Hail the Judge'

  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

  86. Syed Ali ALhabshee should just marry Teresa Kok.

    Now, everyone can fuck....and calm the fuck down.

    Erm...can we say fuck? Freedom of speech, yo!

  87. Anonymous11:01 am

    Newspapers can't be sued ? They can write all the filth they want and they can be immune from legal redress ? C'mon Rocky, I'm disappointed in you. I know you are a Mamakthir fan, but to say that liars like Utusan and others can't be sued is stretching your credibility.


  88. What's your beef with Teresa rocky?
    She has the right to sue and to be sued. If you are not happy, sue her too. Let the court decide.

    Remember, she has the same right as you and me and she is executing the right.

  89. Teringat pula insiden Tok Ketampi yang teresa ingat warga@bangsa cina. Bukan main bising dan kondem kerajaan. Nampak sangat dia pejuang hak. Tapi apabila didapati mangsa itu MELAYU...kenapa terus diam? adakah hak bagi teresa very selected to her own's race only and must be not muslim?

  90. Anonymous11:14 am

    bila la teresa kok ni nak buat kerja untuk rakyat? asik dok saman orang aje. betul la cakap ko, rocky. this is a new form of ISA, scaring tactic from criticising her.


  91. Anonymous11:20 am

    Can I write a fictional story on Rocky with a malicious intent?

  92. Anonymous11:30 am

    Once again you seem to delighted in highlighting YB Teresa suing in your usually negative manner. Rocky you are truly disgusting for somebody who is deemed to be the doyen of all bloggers. I suggest that you come out boldly in the open and state your stand just like Chamil, Syed and your mentor Dr M.
    Fed up

  93. Anonymous11:36 am

    YB J in action before the end..he..he..he..he

    Abd Ghapar Abd Ghuyup

  94. now you see now you don't
    ms KOK what happen to freedom of press ,freedom of expression??

  95. Anonymous12:17 pm

    I can't beleive that there are hardcore, selfish racists who out to defend BuntUtsan!! So, what justification you have to protect these racist toilet paper? You think there is only one race from one religon owns this land? Nobody else is living? Nobody else need to live?
    Well, all other newspapers were bullied with show cost letters and banned for no reason.. But this Racist paper is behaving like a TaiKo with no rules and no concern about other race and religons!!!

    Finally, if dare to defend and justify Utusan's so called freedom, go and debate with Kit Siang at KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Jalan Maharajalela, KL on 23.10.08 (Thursday)!!
    You dare?? no right? Then you may continue sit and contune your coward approach!

  96. Anonymous12:37 pm

    the guy implied she should be killed! Anyone in the right mind would sue that MoFo!

    BTW I am hearing some rumors that Rocky will be appointed as new NST Chief Editor once Najib takes over. Congrats Rocky, that's a good reason to sell out! Hope u make millions like Kalimullah!

  97. Anonymous12:50 pm

    only jamban people reads crappy shits & support those crappy shitheads from jamban paper.


  98. Anonymous12:52 pm

    The reporter from malaysiakini who posted the manifesto article has resigned and Teresa should have removed the article from her site.

    That says a lot about her character.

    Her motto is "Do what I tell you but don't do what I do"

  99. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Salaam, Pak Rocky

    As a point of interest, has Utusan Msia ever received a "show cause" letter from the Home Ministry?

  100. Hell hath no fury than an andartu's scorn!

  101. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Uncle Rocky, apa u susah? Looks like the new job is yours, right?
    Lets put it this way, Utusa, ever since its inception had never been sued before, right?
    The amount of problems created perhaps is worth in Billions by now.Don't you think Justice will be mock? Whatever Teresa's asking is peanuts, but you have missed the point entirely. It not just the money, its the message!!
    Rocky, you may flip-flop if you choose too but what goes around comes around, its only a matter of time. Have you not decided where you stand yet?

  102. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Miss T. Kok thinks she is the epitome of liberalism and democracy, but far from it. As she sows she will reap and she is sowing ought else but hatred.


  103. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Uncle Rocky,
    Why r u so disturbed? The millions may look a lot to most of us. Utusan can well afford unless part of this money will eat into your paycheques. Look, Ever since the inception of this paper, it has cost Billions worth of damages to the nation.
    You understand, justice will not be mock.What goes around, comes around. Besides Utusan has never been sued before, isn't it? Or the accountability so far, reflects nothing they have ever live up to in terms of values.
    Rocky, you have missed the point entirely. Its not just the money, Utusan can afford, hands down, Its the 'message'. Justice have to be paid, sooner or later. Don't you think its better to owned up now? while Utusan still can afford? before its too late?
    Rocky,have you decided your stand yet, or just acquired the filp-flop seat now that he's chicken out?

    Your x-fan

  104. Anonymous1:45 pm

    See what you have unearthed Rocky?

    At 9.49 there was this posting from a pyschopath by the name of Zul:

    "Padan dengan muka si babi Teresa...berlagak di bumi Melayu."

    What do you say to this, Rocky ? Padan muka, Teresa ? Would someone send this idiot Zul to Kamunting ?

    You must be responsible as a blog owner. Even the heading "Hell hath no fury...." suggests a sexist slant. Shame on you, Rocky. I hope Mamakthir gives you a senior posting at NST.


  105. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    This is a case of 'DEFAMATION SUIT PROSTITUTION' on Teresa's part.



  106. Anonymous2:04 pm

    chamil shud be not only sued by teresa but also by singapore govt...

    in chamil's short cerpen, he wrote the following "...I am also not anti-Islam. I am not anti-Malay, the two-term YB who represented the People’s Action Party felt..."

    People's Action Party is the ruling party in Singapore. Using the name in vain is liable for a law suit..

    if i am LKY or LHL, i will sue chamil to thy kingdom come.

    berani buat, berani tulis, berani tanggung..

  107. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Jed Yoong you idiot:

    Do you even know what Teresa was doing when she was detained under the ISA ? She was in a conference with 300 Guangdong investors at the Shangrila Hotel.

    Check you facts before you talk cock, otherwise you are no better than Rockybru.


  108. Anonymous2:08 pm

    good move teresa. sue the buggers. let the court decide. a whole lot better than sending people to kamunting. at least utusan have a chance to defend. and utusan can counter sue. and it's pure bullshit that we shouldn't sue newspapers. berani buat berani tanggung!


  109. Anonymous2:37 pm

    I've always been suspicious of your stand towards freedom of speech but lately it has become clear where you stand.
    Your recent postings have incited a lot of racial comments. I am truly saddened by the fact that we will never be Bangsa Malaysia. Deep down we are all racist but we must learn to be tolerant in order to live in peace and harmony. Everyone has a responsibilty when making uncalled for comments. Look at the person's faults and not the race. We are all basically selfish beings no matter what colour our skin.

  110. Anonymous3:18 pm

    rocky the frogy,

    you are a frog in in the coconut shell...... neverlearn.

    kampong samseng trying to behave like a knowledgeable gentleman.

    your arguement is just so stupid that you make all malaysian feel terribly malu.


  111. Anonymous3:43 pm

    I think Najib should start to sue anybody who accused him without a proof (such as those doctored picture, funny la, perut boroi lagi..).

    those ppl here who support teresa suing utusan will say otherwise to najib.

    they will say " Najib wasting time, time should be spend focusing on economy and rakyat".. Only opposition doing right thing, but govt doesnt... wtf.

    yg benar,
    tah apa-apa la opposition nie.

  112. Anonymous4:14 pm


    Well well Utusan, Teresa sudah beri laluan… this is getting really exciting!!

    .. get your RM figures right for what you are worth, Yes, you have been so part of our family even before Merdeka, maybe, smash HINDRAF record of RMTrillion. So go for it!

    …Born on May 29, 1939, listed on the Main Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange in 1994.

    …Utusan Malaysia is the highest circulated paper in the country with a daily readership of 1,497,000”.

    … protect shareholders interest please,help us tide through this incoming recession


  113. Anonymous4:26 pm

    why ah, when people don't like AI they'll be label as "anjing kerajaan", when malays make statements they'll be label as racist, when the non-malays made an equally damaging hurtful remarks, they'll be label as 'true and fact', when rocky said something on the blog which you guys don't like...he's been tagged as MSM lover, Tun M arse-wiping man and his views are judged and rejected. Apa, korang ingat korang tu betul ke? sukati dia la, dia punya blog, dia punya kepala...he can't have his own opinion and take sides is it?

    apa nak jadi la with msian adults ni, becoming like msian politicians who majority are shitty and stupid.

    i'm gonna sue every single politicians; govt and opposition alike and also all msian adults (exlude my family because it's all keeping it in a family, cronism babeh!)for failing to be smart and responsible as adult should be. And i'll build another case against all the politicians for failing to provide safe country to live in. Suing for at least USD800 billion.


  114. a cerpen is slanderous??

    a second hand SD is the truth??

    a doctored photo is the ABSOLUTE truth??

    whoa ... some people are truly DESPERATE

  115. Anonymous4:57 pm

    You are going back to NST for a big fat salaried job?

    And hence your gradual change of stand from being critical to not so critical?

    Be frank.

    No surprises please.


  116. I for one am rooting for Teresa Kok. Sue the pants of Utusan. Freedom of speech does not mean one can print falsehoods! Which brings me back to the case of RPK - he stated that he had the evidence but to furnish it would mean disclosing his sources and for that he is now languishing in Kamunting.

  117. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Goodbye Rocky! I won't read ur blog disappointed with u...

  118. Anonymous5:18 pm

    "YB J."

    cerpen ini telah mencetuskan kontroversi kerana keluar pada waktu yang amat amatlah tidak sesuai ketika ini yang sedang hangat kes Teresa lwn Utusan Malaysia.

    ramai yang kata ending cerpen ini tidak sesuai.tapi kalau dilihat dari konteks lain endingnya agak "break the ice".lari dari ending yang konvensional.namun perlu ditegaskan bahawa kita masih ada pegangan.ending tersebut dibolehkan tetapi tidak sesuai.lebih banyak lagi ending yang ada untuk dimuatkan.

  119. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Ni yang nak saman-saman suratkhabar ni, tak payahlah.

    Takda classlah Teresa, saman suratkhabar.

    Lantak pi lah apa Utusan nak kata. Yang penting, kalau tak betul, deny aje-lah. Panggil press conference, perbetulkan apa yang salah.

    Takkan tak kenal Utusan. Tu kan suratkhabar Umno, jadi memanglah dia nak cari pasal dengan kau.

    Kena pandai berpolitik, Teresa. Perjuangan bukan sehari dua. Kalah pertempuran bukan bermakna kalah peperangan.

  120. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Rocky seems to have 'lost' his common sense, perception and rational in current issues. No point in reading and commenting. It is just purely taking side. Rocky has pushed things too far off. Well that is my perception.


  121. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Hahahaha...Najib & d Gang oso can Sue MALAYSIAKINI.....biaq pi walaupun depa minta maaf....

    This is the way to go ... I support 100%


    (YB J)

  122. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    I believe in the freedom of speech but I also believe in a person right to his or her good name.
    Teresa Kok is not a racist and Utusan is playiong the racial/religious agenda and Teresa is being use as a scapegoat to make the malay comm,unity hate the opposition and win the malay heart and mind for UMNO.
    I fully support Teresa kok in suing Utusan for being for defaming her.
    Let expose Utusan editorial for what they are, racist bigots.

  123. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Theresa - you're a disgrace. To think that we share the same surname. Maybe I should sue you for bringing my name to the gutter. Can't you think of a better way to generate publicity for yourself? Ok, so you're not the prettiest looking representative in parliament but to behave so frivolous just to seek attention is pretty sad. Why don't you unbutton some buttons to show off your cleft? You might then get the cheap publicity you're looking for. Besides, it will give us an excuse not to look at your face.


  124. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Perhaps Theresa should see an eye specialist. Her egoistic efforts points only to herself.

    She is hungry for attention and recently even went to parliament 'dressed to kill'.

    Hmm, if she decides to switch career, she should open up an eye ( I ) clinic and call it.....


  125. Guys, You should listen to yourself...

    Now is Rocky your enemy? Hehehe

    Engkorang sajelah yang betul kat dunia...

    Berbahagialah hendaknya di bawah tempurung tu...

  126. Hi Bro Rocky,

    As I suspected, you would never publish my comments or perhaps some other comments which are contradicting to your supremo opinions. Mind you, I am your fan from day one and have been minutely responsible for your 7 million hits.

    But, your course of attracting people to believe that suing Utusan is a sinful act, I am and always be the strongest opponent. Why would you want to defend unscrupulous writing and journalism. Are you one of those too? If you are not, my advise, please do not influence others with your thoughts. Keep it to yourself bro.

    You still have my respects.

  127. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Wow, all hell has broke loss.
    Yes, everyone go ahead and say what you want to say.
    Get it off your chest.
    After that go for teh tarik session with all your buddies and talk about something else, less stressful.
    Come onlah....this is politics and we are not politicians but innocent civillians.
    Let's leave the politicians alone to handle the matter themselves.

  128. Blame everyone but don't blame yourself.

    Play the game till the end as you are the one who participated in this game.

    I love to watch and read all that has happened.

    It's much much better than soap opera.

    This is reality TV!

    I need more popcorn as the level of stupidity is increasing the rating.. wow..


  129. Anonymous9:18 pm

    TNS says...

    This is a sign of becoming affluent - just like in the US where a burglar sued the owner of the house that he was stealing for having a weakly constructed roof that he fell through when he was on the job. Or the doberman police dog that got court marshaled and grounded for not attacking a drug pusher when he drew out a pistol after running into a dead end alley. Or the dinner guest suing his best friend host for slipping and falling on the lovely marble floor of his dining room. Teresa is just getting affluent that's all. Perfectly normal & nothing wrong with that.

  130. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    Semua isu adalah berpaksikan politik yg dihujah atas nama hak asasi, kebebasan akhbar, racism, agama, keselamatan negara etc etc.

    Masing2 menggunakan kuasa yg ada ditangan utk menyerang musuh masing-masing.

    ISA, saman berjuta, MSN, blog.. adalah alat semata2.

    Malah, DS Anwar misalnya, tahu beliau punya pengikut yg taksub. Justeru demonstrasi menjadi satu cara utk menunjuk kuasa.

    Jadi, tak usahlah cakap pasal moral dan siapa benar siapa salah di sini.

    Cuma satu yg jelas, org politik terus kaya, rakyat biasa kian menderita..


  131. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Ini semua dah mengarut.Dia ikut bapak dia Lee Kah yu Singapore main saman orang sampai bankrup. Lawan dia utusan sampai dia tak boleh cakap. Ini orang tak boleh cara fizikal kita santau.

  132. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Teresa has every right to take action against any or all parties who defame her. Let the Court of law decide on the merits of her case after hearing all witnesses. Bear in mind that she does not have the resources of state to prosecute her action unlike the BN goons. By the way has Utusan ever been banned by the government for all the racist remarks and comments which they published? Has the Utusan and Umno lackeys and running dogs ever been censured by the authorities for their racial and inflammatory articles?

  133. Anonymous11:13 pm

    to damansara,

    dig your comments. do you have a blog?

  134. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Why couldn't she just sue for a nominal sum?

    It is not about the money, it has to be about her principles.

    Many have done it before. In fact, Citizen Nadesh had counter sued some parties for one ringgit on the very same grounds.

    One ringgit, and the legal cost. Then there would be some dignity in it.

    Will it be enough a deterrent? Does it matter, when it is a credibility victory that she would score...and not one seen as typical Chinaman's kick-you-till-you-die-if-I-have-power mentality.

    Wonder if it ever occurs to her that being a person of public position, her actions can be miscontrued for other things? Like, for instance, won't the Malays feel that this is a case of a Chinese leader going after the Malays? If you look at the postings, there's quite a sizeable number who already think that.

    So where does that leave Teresa? Champion of the Chinese, but anti-Malays? That ought to go down well with the Malays in Selangor and KL who have voted the Pakatan Rakyat leaders in....

    Yep, imagine if their imagination starts to run wild....Will this be the case should the Chinese run these two States? Or the country? Kill the Malays when they played a part in electing these very people into power?

    These may be misconceptions, but YB, these are powerful never-to-be-taken-for-granted tools that can bring so many people down. Ask the PKR alliance - they used a lot of this strategy (not all the time, but frequent enough) to fan sentiments agst the present govt.

    Tables can be turned....and you can see for yourself here that this is dividing the Malays and the non-Malays. Think of the fight ahead....Or is this intentional? If it is the latter, God save all of us.

    -Gandhi Fan-

  135. Anonymous12:08 am

    This issue is all about intentionality and context of the circumstances.

    It is the 'intention' and premeditation to inflict damage to another that matter.

    I don't think Teressa is in for the money at all, but rather to see that justice prevails.

    If she win, I hope the judge will award her the costs and a sum that is sufficient to deter repetitions of malicious intents from anyone of any race, color or creed.


  136. Anonymous2:02 am

    Any sane and fair-minded person can read the mindset of bigots at work in Utusan Melayu. It's gutter journalism coming out of that paper. If somebody has a copy of that infamous issue, send it to some international media bodies and get their opinion.

    Obama backer

  137. Anonymous10:13 am

    It is not a frivolous matter when something you maliciously accuse a person of verbally or in writing results in that innocent party being arrested under the ISA. The least you can do when you realised the damage your accusation has done was to apologise and make an attempt to make up for such an injustice suffered by the victim. You don't remain arrogant and defy the rest of the world as if to say 'so what?!".
    This is what has transpired here and readers must see Teresa's action for what it is, an attempt to put right an injustice done to her.

  138. Anonymous10:45 am

    PAP = sue spree in singapore
    DAP = sue spree in Malaysia
    DAP = PAP?

    Bersatulah MELAYUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. dear stupidos..
    its her very own right to sue a person..unlike certain parties that do not sue but then they ISA- the person who write about them..tats real cowards

    u say chamil's is a creative piece

    i say teresa is sue-ing cuz she has the rights...her lawyer..her money!!..why care u?


  140. Anonymous11:21 am

    That's the way...Sue those liars and cheats, till their pants drop.

    All those dirty politicians should be sued, they have no integrity, they lack humanity, they are corrupted to the core despite of their pretense of being pious !

    And people who play up issues trying to propagate untruth, trying to incite racial hatred, performing character assasination by the subtle excuse in the name of press freedom should also be punished.

    Damn, I wonder why Malaysians build so many places for worships, for nearness to their god, for portraying the goodness of their religions and yet what I see here are all hypocrites of the highest degree. Is it because after commiting all the dirty deeds, you can get it cleanse in places of worships ?

  141. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Kok: You twisted the facts that was then carried in Utusan Malaysia and this caused my arrest under the Internal Security Act. This action by YB Subgai Panjang (Mohd Khir) is not appropriate and very unbecoming and irresponsible of someone who had been a former Menteri Besar.Mohd Khir: I never mentioned your name but said that there were ‘parties’ involved in the matter. If Utusan wrote it that way- then that is Utusan. Let me explain that.
    Kok: But you named me in your blog and another blog picked up that piece. Following this, e-mails started circulating accusing me of being involved in the petition against the loud call to prayer by the mosques.

    Rocky, what does Mohd Khir Toyo mean "if Utusan wrote it that way-that is Utusan" Does it mean, he doesn't agree with the manner Utusan wrote it, so Utusan is responsible for their own written article. Than how is Utusan going to defend themselves in court, when their source (Mohd Khir Toyo) strongly denied mentioning Teresa's name and Utusan just put Teresa's name ? Some more she got ISA-ed because of the article. Quite serious case.
    How to support freedom of press, when source denied Teresa Kok's name was mentioned ?

  142. Anonymous11:23 pm

    ISA act

  143. Anonymous11:19 am


    Biaq pi dia nak saman. Dia nak ikut jejak Boss dia Karpal. Ni pun asyik suka saman orang. Nah apa jadi, sekarang dah lumpuh...

    Teresa, nama dia tu tak bawang Onggg, no Fung shui kata orang cina. In english, ayam jantan... spell it out and see... kalau mulut copek... silap2 010, boy's punya.

    Anyway, duit ni, keluaq saja kat dia akan bawa padah kat diri dia nanti. Hah, jalan sikit, terseliuq, jatuh, patah pinggang.. nah, muda2 nanti kehulu kehilir, kena kerusi roda.. wheelchair kata orang putih..

    Pinggang takper, kalau patah tengkok... nak jadi macam Superman pula..

    Mr Fung Shui..

  144. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Bravo to Teresa!!!

    Never let the evil go unpunish.

    She's doing us all a great favour!!!

    Go Go Go Teresa!!!! We are behind you all the way!!!

    Common Citizen