Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blogger sues Blogger in Malaysia

It didn't hit me immediately yesterday when writing the post Hell Hath No Fury, and Teresa Goes on Suing Spree that Malaysia's blogosphere has truly arrived, where a blogger is suing another blogger. Primarily, the bloggers involved - Teresa Kok and Syed Ali Alhabshee - are politicians from rival parties but that really doesn't make a difference as the RM10 million suit has set a precedent for more million-ringgit suits between bloggers.

Just thought I'd put that on record.


  1. Anonymous7:43 pm

    they are politicians first and blogger last. That is the difference.

  2. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Malaysia Boleh. Blogger Boleh.
    Boleh saman dan kena saman.

  3. Anonymous10:17 pm

    They are not bloggers lah...just political buggers.


  4. TK does not bother to check her facts first before issuing her self-righteous ADVICE to Najib.

    And she has the audacity to sue others who did not check their facts with HER first.

    A classic case of DOUBLE standards.

    She chooses to believe articles not based on the authenticity of the details but rather on the source. If the source is friendly to her agenda and mission, then in her mind it is authentic.

    In the article about Najib's manifesto, she has clearly taken a misstep which she accuses others as guilty of.

  5. Anonymous1:23 am

    lolz watta joke


  6. rocky bro..i seriously think they are not bloggers as per se. they are politicians who blog.

    ade dif. u shud know.

    and ur title is misleading. guess Utusan supporters are the same as utusan..

  7. Hey Bru,

    Are you going to sue anyone???

  8. Anonymous8:17 am

    sorry rocky, syed ali is damn rich malay politician under the DEB policy. He has no worry and for his syed bolieh! stupid tabung!

    zamri sunway

  9. In this case, it depends on how you spin it.

    A) Blogger sues Blogger
    B) Politican sues Politician
    C) Government sues Opposition
    D) Woman sues Man
    E) Malaysian sues Malaysian
    F) DAP sues UMNO

    The list may go on and on....
    But the truth is...
    this case has nothing to do with all the above.
    It is about truth and justice served right!

  10. rocky,

    a true and bona fide blogger will not sue another blogger. maybe i'm wrong.
    i certainly won't. i'll use my blog or other channels or platforms to get even, i reckon.
    then, again...

    anyway, teresa and syed ali are politicians. they're also considered "bloggers" because they have blogs. But they are politicians using blogs to promote their POLITICAL beliefs, ideals yadayadayada...

    oh. i have no problem with that at all. to each his or her own. this is freedom...

    you know, i won't even call them political bloggers.

    they're politicians with blogs. that's fine with me!

  11. ok ok...they're blogging politicians.

  12. Anonymous9:05 am

    Oh please ... are you guys saying to be blogger you cannot have other job or undertaking.

    So now you have politician bloggers, footballer bloggers, bus driver bloggers, etc etc but they are not bloggers like rocky nuraina etc etc etc.

    Someone said to me these bloggers are nothing but unemployed housewife or to that effect. How true.

    - #%!@ Blogger -

  13. who make the most? the lawyer, suddenly law is an interesting subject to be taken.

    this is what happen when a lawyer takes on politics, they used their knowledge to walk-around something.

    it's like giving a non usable motor to an inventor, they would create an helicopter out of it...

    get what i mean?

  14. Anonymous10:38 am

    I hope the money Teresa got from her summons will go to charity to prove that she's suing due to principal and not money also to prove herself as Pemimpin Berjiwa Rakyat, as iffff....hehe


  15. Anonymous3:41 pm

    I had better not give a comment, as I may be the next to be sued!


  16. anon@9:05AM - #%!@blogger:

    actually, you are right.

    teresa and syed ali are bloggers.

    i mean...yeah, they are politicians. they blog. like so many other peole who have day (or night) jobs.

    bloggers represent a diverse group of people.