Monday, October 20, 2008

Doctored pictures to doctored manifestoes

They try every thing. I'm glad Malaysiakini carried a quick clarification on the so-called Najib Manifesto which contains, among other things, a vow "to defend till the last drop of his blood the supremacy of the Malay race".
I'm sure a further clarification is called for as I can't imagine a "support group" issuing such a manifesto on behalf of the person they're supposed to support. Obviously, whoever issued this manifesto and claimed it to be from Najib has only one aim: to erode our confidence in Najib through any means, anything at all.

Najib's manifesto's not Najib's manifesto

In between, you have allegations of nasi kangkang, voodoo, heli contracts, submarine commissions, khalwat, the 1987 dip-this-keris-in-Chinese-blood incident, Sukhoi, and the Altantuya murder case. Oh, not forgetting the sodomy case, someone's susceptibility to anal sex, statutory declarations, etc.

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  1. I am saying this again.

    If this is the mentality of our opposition and their sympathizers, then rest assured Barisan Nasional (with all their weaknesses and shortcomings) will forever run this country.

    The opposition and their sympathizers are so obsessed with RPK-liked character assassination that they failed to figure out what actually they wanted in the first place.

    For all the insults and injustices that they claimed Barisan did, what they have achieved is just and only buttering their stupid egos.

    They can't even hold a decent conversation without insulting anybody; as if ability to ‘talk cock’ is the prime importance in democracy.

    To all opposition and their sympathizers;




    Keep blogging among yourselves and continue glorifying each other.

    Once in a while scream injustices as part of your mental theraphy. You guys are just a bunch of (now go and pick up your dictionary) 'BODOH SIAL' sick losers.

    Felt sorry to your parents.

  2. Anonymous1:03 pm

    i am waiting for malaysiakini to issue an official apology to Najib. of they yet to do that.

    and please, dont do LKY's style of apology - an open one.

    having the same skin colour with him does not mean u necessarily follow whatever he did. one reason is because, his 'apology' is 'wrong'.

    but i dont hope much.

  3. Please investigate the discrepancy between the acquisition price paid by Brazil & Malaysia for the Eurocopter Cougar EC-725. Brazil signed a contract on June 2008 for 50 Cougar EC-725 with Eurocopter valued at US$1.2 billion (RM4 billion). Malaysia signed a contract for 12 Cougar EC-725 valued at RM2 billion.

    That means each Cougar costs Brazil RM82 million while each Cougar costs Malaysia RM193 million. That is Malaysia's price for a Cougar EC-725 is RM111 million more than the price paid by Brazil. For 12 helicopters that equals a cost overrun of RM1.2 billion.

    In addition, the contract signed by Brazil mandates transfer of technology by Eurocopter to Brazilian factories and the creation of jobs. What other benefits did the Malaysian side derive from the contract besides a huge commission for well-connected individuals?

    If Najib (the ex-Minister of Defence), Pak Lah (the Minister of Defence) and the Ministry of Defense has a credible explanation, then let's hear it.

  4. Anonymous1:38 pm

    the picture of Najib "practising hindu custom" is the most ridiculous i've ever seen.the fella that published that pic must be one hell of an expert in photoshop.haha.

  5. Apa jadi si Bala tu ek?

  6. hopefully only the gullible will believe this propaganda

    unfortunately, those who are DESPERATE will believe it more so

    and help to spread such lies

    some websites/blogs have started to publish poll/survey results even when FLAWED (invalid) just to "brainwash" the ever willing audience

    these same blogs reject comments deemed unsupportive of their agenda and some comments do not get airtime

  7. Anonymous2:29 pm

    It saddened me that PAS is not saying anything about the FITNAH created by anti-government group. Are they supporting these people, allowing fitnah spreading in Malaysia?

    About the issue of najib gone hindu, im still waiting for PAS to say somethg like "Jangan buat fitnah...Dosa lagi besar dari membunuh. PAS tidak akan menyokong golongan-golongan yang melakukan fitnah samada dari PR atau BN'.

    Selective islam lagi?


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  9. damansara,

    I believe u've been screaming BODOH SIAL (24x7) as part of your mental therapy!

  10. Surprise, surprise. I thought you, rockybru is a great defender for freedom of the press, whether they are reporting the truth or not, slander, racist, create tension among the races just like your utusan. Now you are crying wolf.

    Your version of freedom of the press is, one cannot sue the press for whatever they wrote even if this posting of "doctored pictures to doctored manifestos" are lies or whatever.

    Please stand by your version at all times and not change your stand when it comes to someone you support and they are being attacked.

    Remember what they do to Tunku Razaleigh years ago on the head gear???

  11. Nonpartisan73 said PAS is not saying anything about the FITNAH created by anti-government group.

    Sorry la it your 1st time in Malaysia?

    Even if you talk against the actual pemfitnah, you will be called a pemfitnah. Sometimes a pemfitnah and penyumpah can have an 'all out' TV broadcast, depending on which side of the 'government' you are.

    So now u know why PAS is quite now?

    p/s: "anti-government" only applies to the 13-5+1 states only!

  12. Anonymous3:51 pm

    thats because his skin colour is superior to yours

    woke up

  13. Anonymous3:53 pm

    this is really bad. this is malicious. with due respect to the hindu religion, trying to portray a muslim leader as a Hindu (or a devotee of any other religion) shows malice.

    what are you trying to do? you want to incite the malay muslims to ...what?
    to hate Najib, to hate Malaysia Today?

    what kind of nasty and dirty trick is this?

    but i hope najib will not sue MT. you have to be bigger than those chauvinists and racists, man...

    i'm no fan of your, Najib. nor of rosmah's.

    but, this is kerja jahat.

    where are the defenders of Teresa?
    You think it's alright to do this?

    double standards!

  14. The doctored pic was done by prankster name 'Micheal Chick' who claims he's at Cambodia, he's been posting some 'controversial' pics on MT for some time now, some even Sheih, me and the general public finds to be malicious and unacceptable....

    but the funny thing is, no one comes to Najeeb's defence. Well, if he pays me well, I could superimpose him on a more
    prestine and honourable posters! lol

    you've been 'Cybertrooped', Rocky. Most of your name-calling and hate messages came from non-bloggers.

  15. Anonymous4:16 pm

    "A taste of their own medicine". The bloggers are learning the skill well. Did'nt the 'grand master'UMNO using MSM for their dirty tricks?
    Come, come, roc don't be a news moralist. Of late, you are blinded by your loyalty to UMNO and quite, making a damn ass of yourself.

  16. Anonymous4:54 pm

    There must be reasons that justify people attacking Najib. Please remember that you will get whatever you do to people, it is just a matter of time.
    Sorry to say that only Najib can clear the whole issues and charges against him. He will not be able to do well with all the allegations and if it is true, he will be haunted and hounded which will definitely affect his performance if ever he becomes PM.
    Pah Lah can do Najib a favor and he has to do it without fear or favor. Mere statement does not help. People are not convince and unless you don't care anymore.

  17. Anonymous5:16 pm

    The great Hitler proclaimed the Supremacy of the German race and brainwashed his fellow citizens about it so that he can motivate them into a millitary force and laid seige onto others.
    The Japanese brainwashed their youngs about their supremacy to rule others so that they can make them share their resources which they lacked in their homeland.
    This proclamation fo race supremacy has done untold injustice and suffering to the human race.
    Why should a human being wants to proclaim that he is being supreme to others? What sort of crooked idealogy is this? What more when such stupidity is manipulated by a future leader of a country to secure position and power for him to rule. A great race and great leader do not need to shout supremacy against others and instead they should demonstrate great humility towards others. They should show others about their great wisdom and respect on human dignity and liberty. They should show others about their great human achievement and not human suppression like apartheid rule. So what is the purpose of shouting race supremacy to your own kinds in a time when everybody is looking at a world without boundary for survival?

  18. Anonymous5:29 pm

    I wonder if Najib is someone from PR side, how much he would sue?

  19. Anonymous5:44 pm

    It is just one more of the endless bag of crappies manufactured by the opposition whose minds are fixed..... the opposite way.

    If their brains were not fixed wrongly, then it must be naturally faulty.

    This stupid cut and paste job, however seems to be taken as the gospel truth by their blind supporters like horses with blinkers running through the SMART Tunnel.

    With this sort of stupid mentality, how will they perform if they form the Government?

    Senseless seems to be too kind a description for these slogan shouters who are willing to run amok at any opportunity to run down others.

    And yet they cry for reforms?

    Sheeh! I have lost all respect for the opposition, and even though I had some doubts about the lies they spread over the years, I can now say with conviction that they are up to no good.

    And if they get arrested for such,
    they truly deserve it.

    Come on, wake up. If only you had brains, you'd be dangerous.

    As such, the MT jokers can continue with their hate campaign unhampered with their limited sense of thinking.

    Perhaps they need a brain replacement huh? I could recommend one. Get a pig's brain transplanted into their small head.

    Get lost!


  20. Dear Rocky,

    The Opposition are so blinded by their obsession that they do not realized every action of theirs are now actually doing the BN a great favour.

  21. Anonymous6:21 pm


    They are going overboard with their hatred. Malaysiakini it is not. It is kuno.

  22. Why are some of you so presumptious that this doctored picture must be the work of the opposition?

    In any case between this doctored picture, which I thought was very well done, artistically speaking, and the Utusan's attempts at demonising Theresa Kok and Syed Hamid Albar's detention of Theresa Kok, Tan Hoon Cheong and RPK, under ISA, which now stinks to kingdom come?

    When one fowl act by the BN people is diminished in its description and publicity whilst a stupid act alleged, at best, to be that of the opposition, then really the credibility of that person comes to question.

  23. Dear Richard Loh,

    I don't mind repeating my stand on Press Freedom.

    1/ I believe in freedom of the Press

    2/ That that freedom must come with responsibility

    3/ That we journalists (incl citizen journalists) must stick to the truth

    4/ I believe in your right to defend yourself against defamation, lies by the media

    5/ BUT I don't think politicians like Teresa Kok and Najib Razak should SUE at the slightest of provocation

    In the case of the Malaysiakini's report on the so-called Najib Manifesto, I believe an apology by Malaysiakini would be appropriate - and sufficient.

    You will notice, Mr Loh, that nobody's asking Najib to sue Malaysiakini. Certainly not me. If Najib decides to, I'll come to Malaysiakini's defence, not that it will account for much.

    But those who supports Teresa in the suit against Utusan should support Najib if he sues Malaysiakini ..

  24. Dear Rockybru,

    Thanks for the sincere responds.

    I have to agree to most of what you had stated except for one.

    5/ BUT I don't think politicians like Teresa Kok and Najib Razak should SUE at the slightest of provocation

    There is a lot of different between opposition politicians and bn politicians. The bn politicians need not have to sue, all they need is to enforce their laws, i.e the ISA, OSA, printing act and all the laws available to them so freely.

    But to the oppositions they have no other recourse but to sue to right the wrong that are inflicted on them.

    I need not go into all the details how the laws had been applied to others but is immune to bn politicians or the press that are align to umno.

    You can rest assure that Najib will not sue, but he will directly or indirectly use any one of the laws available to him to hit back. Just like RPK case, Najib or Rosmah will not sue, and you know what happen to RPK.

    Pretext of this and pretext of that....

  25. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Rocky, you seem to have changed position as evidenced in your last few posts. Have you crossed over to the ruling party?

  26. Aiyahhh

    there will be a lot of hypocrites hanging around commenting be it from the gov or the opp supporters.

    you are either with us or against us.

    there are no gray areas.

    an eye for an eye and soon the world will be blind.
    (Kepada para fanatik dan penyokong HINDRAF ini itu Gandhi cakap. Kasi faham sikit apa dia cakap. Jangan penat bawak poster Gandhi tapi tak ikut apa dia cakap)

    aduhh... it is pure blind hatred.

    and i am one of it's victim as these hate spinmasters are making me more and more ultra.




  27. The true enemies are those who dare to use vile tactics to ensure that Najib's, Muhyiddin's and/or Kuli's candidacy for whatever nominated positions will remain in tatters.

    They have even gone as far to state that Najib has been an honorary FreeMason since 1980. Check out badr's comment here:-

    Downright despicable!

    Such behaviour is definitely meant to create suspicion, division and anger amongst Malay-Muslims.

    The funny thing is, all these vile accusations have unfolded since the announcement of the latest transition plan.

    May the Almighty protect us all!

  28. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Hmmm...of late the comments here seemed hateful, vengeful and utterly despicable from both sides of the fence, nothing much to savor. Rocky, your blog used to be a fav of mine because it was informative, investigative and unbias. The comments were insightful and fair.

    Now it has changed. You seemed to be taking sides now and it shows with your blogs. Oh well, it was fun while it lasts...I guess all good things must come to an end.

    -looking for next Rocky...-

  29. brader rocky said:
    (muka u ada la cikit2 mirip ramli
    sarip...sedara ka?)

    "But those who supports Teresa in the suit against Utusan should support Najib if he sues Malaysiakini .."

    agree..sue..countersue...saman..menyaman..tapi jgn la sampai artikel atau fitnah yang ditulis tu sampai orang tu kena ISA...tak kira lah orang tu orang Islam atau tidak.

    Kalau ikut 'teori' sekarang, Najib pon dah kena ISA!
    (yang mana mustahil akan berlaku pon)

    ex-ROCKer yang BRUtal.

  30. brader rocky said:
    (muka u ada la cikit2 mirip ramli
    sarip...sedara ka?)

    "But those who supports Teresa in the suit against Utusan should support Najib if he sues Malaysiakini .."

    agree..sue..countersue...saman..menyaman..tapi jgn la sampai artikel atau fitnah yang ditulis tu sampai orang tu kena ISA...tak kira lah orang tu orang Islam atau tidak.

    Kalau ikut 'teori' sekarang, Najib pon dah kena ISA!
    (yang mana mustahil akan berlaku pon)

    ex-ROCKer yang BRUtal.

  31. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Rocky (7:34PM),

    Well said Brother.


  32. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    All your 5 points noted, but don't you think think that Utusan and main writer be free from blame? What they wrote was not something you can forget and forgive.It was dammed malicious on their part and were they responsible?It's a fact they are being racist to the core.Would they have written about it if Theresa was a muslim?Why was'nt Mr.Ahmad of Penang the racist being censured by the glorious Utasan.If utusan was to be in India, it would probably be burnt to the ground.Period!
    No matter how you want to potray oneself, your credibility is still doubtful.If a journalist cannot abide by the truth and write the truth then his folly is to allow the public to tear him to shreads on his honesty.Let us say you are sometimes sleeping with the devil and sometimes with an angel.

    Green hornet

  33. Anonymous10:23 pm


    never write when you are angry. you only make a fool out of yourself. felt sorry to your parents too.

    Restoran makhbul, Tmn. Tun.

  34. Anon 4.54pm

    reposted below is our comment, By that same token Teresa Kok also deserves what she gets

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    There must be reasons that justify people attacking Najib. Please remember that you will get whatever you do to people, it is just a matter of time.
    Sorry to say that only Najib can clear the whole issues and charges against him. He will not be able to do well with all the allegations and if it is true, he will be haunted and hounded which will definitely affect his performance if ever he becomes PM.
    Pah Lah can do Najib a favor and he has to do it without fear or favor. Mere statement does not help. People are not convince and unless you don't care anymore.

    4:54 PM

  35. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Whether the pic is doctored or not, it makes a good laugh, ha ha ha!!!

    When you look at pic like this, you dont have to do yoga to destress, it stresses out automatically.

    damansara, why r u so angry? Dont read, dont see and dont talk will make you a happy man. Stay out!!!

  36. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Come on la Rocky, everyone in MT knows dat the pix isnt real..its just a product of creativity (using photoshop perhaps) to amuse or poked at someone..

    Dont malaysian watch hollywood hi-tech movies anymore? MAD Magazines?

    Dah la bodoh..sense of humour lagi tadak!

  37. Hek eleh.

    I invite all cybertroopers to come and troll at my blog.

    Just so I could test out blogger functions of selecting all and then deleting every single comment.

    All that time spent, and it'll take me less than a minute.

  38. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Rocky in another pro-UMNO article shocker.
    To Damansara,

    A disgrace to democracy? really? What is the ISA then? Do tell o' wise one. The only one who is doing a huge disservice towards the democracy of Malaysia is UMNO and the BN. ISA, arrests, threats of violence, controlled MSM. Amazing perception of a democratic nation you have there.


  39. Anonymous2:39 am

    ha ha ha, najib a hindu now...

    i really cant help but a good laugh!!!

    Thks Rocky.

  40. Anonymous5:26 am

    Ini masalahnya, bila menyampaikan cerita tanpa memastikan kebenaran cerita. Habis semua fitnah pun boleh keluar. Kalau bab2 nak memburukkan orang ni memang no. 1. Apa nak jadi la..

  41. "damansara" writer.. is hoping mad......accusing opposition supporters...this and that.
    Look at the well chosen words.."sympathizers"..instead of supporters. You see..once you are a can change your praises...just like him.
    Then look at strong "character assassination"...making supporters so guilty.
    This is a typical political accusation defend UMNO..the true assassinator...of democracy.
    Supporters ..'talk cock"? What is he talking.. ...bull talk?
    The rest need to comment..except..only an idiotic parent will give him a name..."damansara"...again accusing others "bodoh sial"...when he is real sial...with a name..chosen for a township.
    Can you imagine..Malaysians call themselves....subangjaya...cheras... ....tanjong name afew?
    Ignore this bastard. Talk more...go do your patriotic work..fcuk him proper and right!.

  42. Najib sueing others?
    Don't make me laugh.
    Non of UMNO guys..including ex.UMNO man...Mahathir..dares to sue others...simply because..they know they are the real corrupted crooks...and must always play the part of a win votes.
    Najib best chance was to sue RPK..what happen?
    And onion face Mahathir have so many chances to sue..just look at his blog..with his smiling face. Is he not .the thickest skin political man..alive today??
    And ..only a real stupid father will give a son .name...."damansara"
    Worst still...son so proud.
    Me..monsterball??...parents are real monsters......hahahahahahaha

  43. Anonymous6:14 am

    Dah kekontangan idea la tu. Apa yang dijanji tak tertunai, setakat main cakap nak bagi popular dah tak menjadi, sekarang kerja main attack lah pulak. Eh, bukan sekarang je, dari dulu pun macam tu, dah memang kerjanya macam tu je. Politik murahan.

  44. Anonymous6:44 am

    it does not matter who doctored the picture. but, it was published.

    malaysiakini can defend its publication.

    will najib sue?

    let's hope not.

  45. Malaysiakini is the lousiest and cowardest news blog in the world. They like to attack and kill the character after that they retract back with apologize.

    Biasala Dulu Musa hassan punya kes terus kecut up to NO BALL...rite Teresa...

  46. Dear Clean

    Hhhhmmmm it figures....

  47. Anonymous9:21 am

    Instead, a group of Najib’s supporters have come out and said that Najib has denied being involved in Hindu rituals. Najib said if you don’t believe him, ask Samy Vellu.

    Wah, now swearing in the name of Samy.

    Guruji not enough, now Gurusamy also?

    But Najib’s office has come out to distance Najib from the statement by his supporters.

    And still no denial of the contents of Thaga’s SD?

    Deny the SD and we produce the proof.


  48. But the damage has been done bro. They should have clarified with Najib's office before the publish anything.

    This is the problem with Malaysiakini. If you notice, every other news title ends with a speculation, although most of the time it is just news and nothing else.

  49. Rocky,

    For you to say at 7.34:

    "5/ BUT I don't think politicians like Teresa Kok and Najib Razak should SUE at the slightest of provocation"

    Now, I suppose that Teresa was subject to detention under ISA and treated worse than a pariah dog is perfectly acceptable to you. And mind you, until now, the only basis for the Home minister's action hinges on what was reported by Utusan. and what was written by Khir Toyo.

    And you talk of this detention as the slightest of provocation!!!

    When you don't even bother to give your take on the veracity or the character of that reporting by Utusan and that of Khir Toyo's, with what audacity do you take it upon yourself to cast your opinion that Teresa should not sue?

    Come on, you have given headlining opinions that belittles Teresa. Come up with your worst headlining on the nature and character of Utusan's continued harassment of Teresa. After that then talk about Teresa. You might have just earned the right which really I doubt you ever will going by this line of argument.

  50. Yes Bro, very disgusting indeed.
    That's why the ISA is still needed in Malaysia so that those insane individuals who does not, do not, did not know of their personal responsibilities to others can put to rest and think about what they had done in a solitary confinement.

    As the saying goes, our hair maybe black but our heart GOD knows. Humans must act responsibly and they must be up to it. If amongst humans, there are the insane few, then there must be away for them to be put in a safe colony till there learn how to live civilly with others.

    In a democratic country like ours, minority are allowed to dissent accordingly in a proper manner without disturbing the peace of the majority. They should be allowed to freely voice their opinion. But if they misbehave, they should be punished. The good of the many cannot be sacrifised for the bad of the few.

    When irresponsible elements starts to be unethical, then we all must put a stop to them. If not they will jeopardise out position and compromise our credibility. Its time to take sides and rid our environment of those who are not civil and sane.

    I consider myself to be in the group of sane people who I think is in the majority in Malaysia.

  51. Anonymous10:52 am

    Najib is a coward. He won`t sue. Like a gangleader he`s only brave when he`s got manpower around him, without that he is the biggest pengecut.
    There are many others he could have sued, instead some disappeared and others go under the ISA.


  52. Anonymous11:04 am

    I thought the pix was done in jest. Hey lets have a good laugh and not get sensitive. After all Najib is a public figure and this comes with the territory. Anyway if Najib says its not his manifesto, then come out and shout: "I DO NOT SUPPORT KETUANAN MELAYU BUT I SUPPORT KETUANAN MALAYSIA". Earn the creditability, its not free you know.

  53. No matter what najib had done, this picture of his is obviously an insult to Islam and Najib as a Muslim. I wonder if Pas "halal" this kind of act since it has said nothing.

  54. if Najib sue malaysiakini they will call him racist . Kok sue Utusan what they call her? her right...


  56. Shit.....That pasquale sure know which balls to carry...with his sickening message.
    He writes well...but his bloody brain..jumping to idiotic stupid conclusion...that kickdefella is the one..that come out with that photo...with no proof...just blare out his big mouth.
    He is saying loud and clear to Najib..he is willing to carry his balls.
    Last time...carry Mahathir's balls the extend...trying to tackle old man's daughter!!
    Shit....pasquale...the moron...with onion face skin.

  57. You are going back to NST for a big fat salaried job?

    And hence your gradual change of stand from being critical to not so critical?

    Be frank.

    No surprises please.


  58. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Ali Alhabshee says her suing Utusan is like suing the Malays, and she slaps him with a RM10 million lawsuit for that?

    Well, good luck with that. I reckon she's got about a snowball's chance in hell of winning this one. Or maybe she's counting on Anwar's "I'll be PM by Hari Raya Haji" BS?


  59. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Hey, I truly believe the pic is authentic. Oh, c'mon Rocky, how could you jump to a conclusion that the pic is doctored?
    Any professional pixman worth his camera pixel can tell you that the pic is really genuine. LoL.

    Bionic Eyes.

  60. Rank, Monsterball, Li Huat Chai and Restoran Makhbul, Taman Tun

    EXACTLY MY POINT… if you care to think

    Why should we care about them? We already make our point…they are etc etc etc


    What have we done to dethrone them?


    Except, some heavily bitching around… and tokok tambah cerita macam hero kampong dusun

    For all the wrongs that they did, why on earth does the majority still voted them into power?

    Why the majority didn’t vote the opposition into power?


    The opposition did not plan to govern in the first place

    The opposition wasted all the opportunity that came their way.


    Instead of forming a stronger bond among them, coming out with a strong, workable and acceptable plan for all Malaysian; what are we doing??


    And the rest of us clapping and cheering proudly as if we have won the lottery…forgetting that the joke is on us.

    THEN WE’LL FAIL AGAIN (Wanna bet?)

    And we continue blaming others…racistlah, penakutlah, kena belilah.. anything… as long as we can butter each other and tell each other…wow we are great kan..sampai tua.

    Tak percaya..tanya Lim Kit Siang.

    Semua orang dia suruh berenti, dia duduk bertengek kat situ lagi.

    Kalau dia ni ada kerje betul, dah lama kena retrench...Failure in all sense of the word!!

    In the meantime.. BN happily continue doing what they know best, knowing their opposition are merely a bunch of clueless angry people.


  61. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Najib's Image tarnished?

    You can only tarnish an image that is yet untarnished....

    Najib's image is tarnished beyond repair...Maybe he's hoping for Malaysian's short memory span.

    Image consultant

  62. Anonymous12:17 am

    hi damansara....

    i cannot afford not to agree with you....u r right....

    in my case i vote for pkr last election but i feel so stupid vote them for these all happens...

    yet...umno is corrupted, dictator, arrogant, samseng, harsh, and many others but i cannot give my vote to any of opposition no more...if umno is evil with brilliance, opposition is evil with stupidity.....i dont like both evil but i am affirmative brilliance is better than stupid

  63. Anonymous12:25 am

    yo all bloggers....

    dont be stupid....the true leader never sue.....only anwar like to sue which he inherit this habits from kapal sink and lim kit siang...this habit also been a major agenda and practise for opposition and some bn.....

    if you know how to use internet and read history...u may search george bush....clinton scandal...paul keating, jacque chirac scandal and many others that is prooven "fitnah" and super impose job.....but do they ever mahathir sue

    sue is only wasting time and as a leader, leader must enderstand leader work for ppl, sleep for pplm all they do is for the sake of ppl even the ppl is someone goes aganinst them(is there any leader come with no one against their agenda/idea???)...therefore...the true leader has big heart(not big ears like pak lah).....when you have big hearts u will become a perfect muslim like nabi muhammad....FORGIVING is a basic "in things" in leader.....not suing

  64. Dear

    We are from the same boat.

    For all that the Barisan Nasional did to enhance our life, I thank them.

    But Barisan under the leadership of Badawi and his Level 4 advisors are the worst in our democratic history.

    I used to love Badawi, but he definitely let everybody down.

    Barisan must act seriously on the issues of massive corruption (we are fast becoming like Indonesia), the respect towards rule of law, poverty eradication etc.

    Like you, I voted for the opposition (my whole family did) in the last election.

    Hoping and knowing that the time is ripe for the birth of a two party system in Malaysia.

    Boy was I wrong.

    While in BN we might have differences on how to do things (like now between MCA & UMNO); but we always sit down and thrash it out. Everybody have a fair chance to voice your piece. Respect towards each other was always there.

    We are never shy to go out of our way trying to understand each other. We are never shy to take one step back if we know we are hurting our friends.

    But here, you are a stupid scumbag if you just have a slight differ in perspective against them.

    To them you do not understand the issue. To them you are part of all the wrongs.

    Look what is happening to Rocky now!!

    They are so used to Purely Championing A Single Race Issue (they are only together during election). Yet, they conveniently call everybody racist.

    I do not think I menyesal undi opposition, simply because, we gave Pak Lah & Khairy the strongest message possible.

    I cuma frustrated that the likes of Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Hadi Awang, Teresa Kok proudly and arrogantly misread the whole message. They just didn’t get it.

    They are partying thinking it was their brand of democracy that won those extra votes.

    Thus, they continue berdrama, bersandiwara with all their rhetoric.

    That is the most frustrating part.

    Sadly for Malaysia, they are never wrong.

  65. Anonymous12:20 pm

    1. anwar, his supporter n opposition in general hv always overestimated themselves n think they r clever n grossly underestimated their opponents.

    2. anwar should hv learn when his mechanization is not up to par when he tried to pull dr m pants down during the umno general assembly with his corruption n cronyism battle cry but he got surprised n caught with his pants down instead that lead to his first sodomy charges. but that's formidable dr m.

    3. with najib his mechanization really started with the preposterous rpk altatunya story n in tandem opposition dominated blogsphere really went out to town with the story n one would think najib is dead meat, but najib gave a gem of a return volley.. introducing saiful what's the guy name..? anwar caught with his pants down again.

    4. to save his skin one can also see his mechanization against the AG, IGP and what with the instability caused over his never ending dateline for BN MPs jumping over and current global economic conditions and now the feeble attempt with the najib menifesto, the helicopter story, etc.

    5. is it worth all these nerve wrecking hassle just becoz of his 'nafsu' for the pm job? n with his 6 hours mumbling, sleeping pill quality devoid of substance budget speech his stock is plummeting like most recent stock markets these days. i think not.


  66. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Malaysiakini editor steven gan must assume responsibility and take the rap for publishing the najib manifesto. It is ridiculous that a reporter who had worked for the Edge, Reuters and others can make such an elementary mistake.

  67. Anonymous12:11 am

    When the comment is against them, they label us as BN Cybertrooper!, when the comment/article is pro on them, they keep quite even though it is full of lies, vulgar and racist remark. For all the bad mouth on the BN, please realise there are 60% of voters vote for BN, where is your maturity? Can’t you all accept different opinion? I vote for PR in the last GE hoping for a more intelligent, mature society, what a surprise that so call people who are suppose to be intelligent, mature, open minded, modern aka bloggers are the one who are spreading lies and complain for the sake of complaining! Shame on you blooooooogar!

    - Non Bloooooogar!

  68. Anonymous8:05 pm

    Dear Bro-Bro,

    Another possibility, they have original photo... but awaiting NTR to sue them..... then the ori pic will be hand-over to court....

    Ntah, betul ke tak? aku pun tak tau...

    Bijan Pekan

  69. i sort of believe in this saying... a picture tells a story... and this one has some significance????

  70. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Astarfirullah halazim! ini PICTURE SUPERIMPOSED! I have download it and confirmed it, it's not really najib! Insaf la fitnah,apa kau dapat buat semua ni. Kalau kes altantuya mungkin tak dapat dinafikan, tapi ini. confirm PEMBOHONGAN BESAR

  71. Anonymous10:39 am

    saya tak setuju sama sekali anda 'kafirkan' najib melalui gambar itu.

    siapa pun dia apa pun dia buat bukan hak kita nak buat macam tu.

    saya bantah..!