Monday, October 06, 2008

From Echo to The Star

P. Gunasegaran. Anyone who used to work in the Echo, the great Penang rag that folded in the Eighties after going "national", has to be a veteran. And Guna is as seasoned a journalist as the best of them.

From the Echo, he moved to The Star, the Business Times, Malaysian Business, and the Edge. In between papers, he worked with several major corporations, including an international bank and, most recently, the merged entity that was supposed to be called Synergy Drive but ended up with the name Sime Darby.

This morning, he reported for work at The Star again, this time as its Managing Editor in charge of the daily business news and the weekend's business pullout. Expect the competition to respond accordingly.

Heard The Edge is already talking to some senior economic journos from the other papers, including a young bhut senior editor from the NSTP.


  1. Anonymous8:41 pm

    I am going to stop reading the Star.

  2. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Guna will be good for The Star. Both the daily and the BizWeek need to be reinvented. The editors can learn much from Guna if they keep an open mind and are willing to change. The Edge did not move fast enough to bring him back.

    An Echo Veteran

  3. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Sorry Rocky,,out of topic,,,

    The Dow Jones Industrial Index traded below 10000pts,,just 1hr of trading,,This afternoon KLSE traded below 1000pts,,,,

    So expected an AIR TERJUN esok,,a new high low,,,Biar padan muka PM,,TPM and other analyst who talk cock,,,

    Dengar kata Ali Rustam running for Timbalan Presiden,,Biar betul,,,cepat sikit Negara Bangkrup,,,Negeri Melaka ta'terurus and banyak HUTANG,,NAK JADI orang kanan NAJIS,,,Baik bunoh diri,,,

    Bila lagi Bank-bank in Malaysia nak ikut US financial crisis,,????


  4. Good old Guna. Am sure he will do credit to The Star! Does he still wear his beard, like a wise sage?

  5. Anonymous8:43 am

    No one can come near to PY Chin ... Period.

    Journo Lama

  6. WoW

    i use to read it.... was he also with New Thrill, remember????? lol

  7. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Salaam, Pak Rocky

    As a minor aside, did you know that Singapore's GIC (Govt of Spore Investment Corp)SWF (which has assets of US$330 billion) has a 1.83% stake in The Star's parent company, Star Holdings?

    Star Holdings is 40% held by Huaren Holdings, the investment arm of the MCA.

    Star Holdings itself is trying to take over Singapore-listed Cityneon Holdings in order "to diversify out of Malaysia" and to "enter the billion-dollar MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions) business in the Asia and Middle East regions" (as reported in the Spore Business Times today).

    Looks like the Spore connection is going to be important for Star Holdings!

    As for Guna, I miss his commentaries in The Edge. I wonder why he parted ways with Ho Kay Tat?

  8. As long as the paper is owned by a political party, who ever comes in with whatever titles will have to do the master's bidding! GUNA ? Maybe improvements in section 2!

  9. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Yeah, bring back those good ol boys. The new kids sure need some guidance.

    But, will it still be the 'master and servant' story?

    Ol Skool

  10. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Guna is indeed a breath of fresh air to to the now collosal pile that is The Star.
    I wish him the Stars.

    Galaxie Chai.

  11. Strange..usually a rolling stone is a sign of a failure worker.
    Yet...this one...wanted back leading English paper.
    Perhaps his rolling have made him more experience than others?
    Anyway...he must have develop the fine art to convince CEO of the paper.
    Now lets see him perform.
    Papers are snatching or taking away each competitor's workers?
    That's unhealthy ....unprofessional way to compete.
    But then....most papers owners are crooks and unproductive.'s OK in Malaysia.
    Nestle will never take away Unilever man...and vice versa.
    That's why..these two are the biggest companies in the world.
    IBM is an originator...they go head hunting for young smart them...and build them THINKERS!!
    That is the biggest computer company in the world.
    Can Guna think as good as he talks?

  12. Rocky!!
    Check out Khir Toyo's blog,
    an interesting drama is unfolding.