Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bapak Demokrasi?

Koh Tsu Koon, the Gerakan president, says today that Pak Lah deserves the title Bapa Demokrasi for allowing a greater freedom of speech during his premiership.
The former chief minister of Penang forgets that it was Pak Lah who broke Malaysia's promise to the world that it would not censor the Internet. He has also forgotten, perhaps, that Raja Petra is still being detained under the Interal Security Act and a journalist was detained under the same Act for 18 hours for a doing her job. Newspapers were issued show-cause letters, editors reprimanded on the phone, and publishing permits have been suspended during his time.
In fact, one of the first things Pak Lah did after he became Prime Minister was to sack NSTP group editor-in-chief Abdullah Kok Lanas for an article he deemed too critical of the Saudis!

And Gerakan wonders how it lost Penang to the DAP?


Unknown said...

mister Rocky
don't we all know that Koh Tsu Koon is the weakest and probably the daftest leader for Gerakan. he is probably as good as Pak Benggap Lah in running his organization. surprising the members of his organization are also as daftest if not dumbest as the leader is, and yet maintain the leader to sink Gerakan. ignore his comments remark etc.

Anonymous said...

What Bapak Demokrasi?

more like "Sleeping Aunty".

kluangman said...

Su Kun elok diberi penghormatan sebagai 'Bapa Kehancuran Pulau Pinang' dan selepas itu kita hormati dia untuk menamakan apa sahaja untuk Dolah dan sebagainya.

Anonymous said...

koh tsu koon has lost his marbles...but the most frightening thing is all the gerakan members think like him..that all is well.
The grovelling by gerakan will not count much.

Come next election, the rustams wannabe like penang umno warlords will tell gerakan to get lost..just like PPP was told.

Gerakan never learns....maybe they are too adept at a$$licking, they do not want to change their ways.

Anonymous said...

A ball carrier will always remain one. Like they say, leopard wont lose its spots.
Guess, he has to start trawling for opinions on how to coin Najib.

Anti-Ball Carrier

Anonymous said...

tak tahu-lah, bro...

leaders talking like that...Koh Tsu Koon trying to be nice and diplomatic??

please lah. call a spade a spade.

Pok Nik Klate said...

Rocky Bru..posting anda terhadap kenyataan Koh Tsu Koon..membayangkan seolah2 kita sekarang berada disebuah negara di Afrika yg tidak ada undang2 dan "free for all". Mana boleh sebuah negara yg berdaulat memberi kebebasan sebegitu rupa kpd internet dan akhbar.. Anda tengok berapa banyak pembohongan yg diciptakn oleh RPK.. manusia ni dah sampai "otak tak berapa siul".. Inikah yg diperlukan oleh negara kita?? Sistem inikah yg diangungkan oleh kita? Pencegahan adalah lebih baik dari perawatan.. Mungkin aku tak setuju 100% tapi sekurang2nya Pak Lah membuat sesuatu yg lebih baik..

Anonymous said...

There would not be any beginning in a meaningful democratic way of life until the government is changed at the federal level. The Father of Democracy has not be born yet.

sim kwang yang

Vesu said...

democracy is a sacred work and one cannot be awarded Bapak Demokrasi just for mere administrative work he only deserve a good bye..and peaceful retirement... no bapak2 ok /we already have too many bapaks..

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who agree with koh tsu koon abt pak lah being bapa demokrasi. I guess there's this perception that during dr. mahathir's time, dissent such as those shown by hindraf, ect are non-existent.


Anonymous said...

Coul'nt believe that this mother#$@% could come out with such statement.
Shit! this guy beats them all and those gerakan members must be idiots to endorse him as leader.
Anyway nothing much from a dying party of balls carrier!

Green hornet

Anonymous said...

haiya Koh Tsu Koon,

Don't threaten just quit from BN la.

You three fork Tounge.....

Not worth a cent same as that mother of all racist Lim Cakap Siang.

and Lee Kuan Yew cry when Singapore separate from Malaya...


Hey Lee Kuan Yew when are going to pass away, got land to burried ah?

Bentoh said...

The local universities' students council election was and is still highly corrupted and interfered ever since Abdullah took over the PM position... I think the government started to interfere the politics of local universities since the last year of TDM administration...

Anonymous said...

Not another Bapak, please. And not Pak Lah. Bapak Tidur maybe. And while at it, we might as well give Koh Tse Koon the title of Bapak Bodek.


Anonymous said...

These are signs of the death knell of Gerakan's relevance.

DAP is doing a far better job administratively, and as a whole is a far more pragmatic political entity. DAP, like PAS, is also highly principled.

And they are not delusional like Gerakan. Gerakan is still deluded, as can be seen by their President's rhetoric.

I do not foresee Gerakan or anybody else ever taking back Penang from DAP. Which is a good thing anyway.

Unknown said...

Whatever bapak they want to give him let them coz if they have made up their minds they would still do it but Bapak Setan still goes to Madey.

Anonymous said...

Never ending Bodek Culture in BN..Dahulu sekalang dan selamanya. Simply DUMB.

Anonymous said...

"saya pantang dicabar"

bapak demokrasi my foot man!


Anonymous said...

It's called GELAKKAN now

Anonymous said...


You have showed your true closet racist colours yet again. You left out the Hindraf guys, one of whom was elected by Malaysians of all races as their rpresentative, in Pak Lah's ISA legacy.

Now, coming to the point - Tsu Koon is a wimp. Bapa democracy? Ask some one in The Star how his 4th floor boys hound editors to play down or play up stories. Ask one of the editors why he was transferred out subsequently leading to him quitting the star. It was because of a 4th floor complaint for playing down Pak lah's 9MP interview propaganda.

Bapa Demokrasi, my foot!


Anonymous said...

Bapa Mertua
Bapa Food-for-oil
Bapa ISA
and the list goes on.

Come on lah, Tsu koon..stop thinking like the Barisan anymore. You look so stupid lah...


Anonymous said...


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Merah Hitam said...

Pak lah bapak demokrasi?

Saya bersumpah, siapa yang kata Pak lah BAPA demokrasi, dia memang bodoh dan bakal masuk neraka!!!

Ada 8 tahanan ISA yang dah ditahan di Kem kamunting hampir 7 tahun, disimpan macam menyimpan barangan antik di muzium, mereka masih bernyawa di Kem Kamunting.Salah seorang dari mereka ialah my husband.

Mereka ditahan masa Pak Lah jadi Menteri Dalam Negeri.Penahanan disambung bila Pak lah jadi PM....
apa demokrasi macam tu?

Saya percaya, orang yang dizalimi sentiasa mendoakan supaya Pak lah akan turun dari jawatan dalam cara paling hina, macam sekarang ni.

Saya pasti minta mereka doakan, jangan bagi Najib naik, supaya orang lain tak kan kena ISA pula....

Anonymous said...

bagi gelaran bapak mertua khairy jahanam saja.. itu dah lebih dari cukup!

Anonymous said...

Suami saya ditahan ISA masa Pak lah jadi Menteri Dalam Negeri.Kemudian penahanan di sambung bila Pak Lah jadi Menteri Dalam Negeri dan PM.

Cukuplah saya katakan, seseorang itu tak siuman jika mecalunkan Pak Lah jadi bapa demokrasi.

Kalau bapa kezaliman, boleh la

Crankster said...

I still think Pak Lah was not as dictatorial as Che Det, but Bapak Demokrasi??

What is Tsu Koon smoking? Because I'd like to have some of that.

zaferyz said...

sometimes i wonder if they, the politicians, do have the same sets of rules of logic like us and theirs brain sometime doesn't seem to be working, only theirs mouth is seem to be working properly. or maybe they are living in some other places then ours, i always suspect it was in theirs dreamland.

Anonymous said...

Tak payah bagi gelaran lah, dia memang dah bergelar bapak mertua! Ini satu dunia pun dah tau!

Am wondering what they will propose for Najib - bapak submarine? bapak C4?? for sure he is bapak MINDEF!


sinnersaint:saintsinner said...


Whats this obsession with titles Bapak Modern, Lama, Busuk, Demo Tak Demo ke ke ke

Hey Malaysia, we put them there to manage the country for us all... they are servants of the rakyat and paid for it.... STOP THE 18TH CENTURY MENTALITY ONCE N 4 ALL.

I do agree we had more freedom compared to the previous PM. That we've got to hand it to him, but non said he's with false.

Rocky, we all must give some credit to the man, after all none is PERFECT.... we all live in glass houses, dont we now! KE KE KE

Apanama said...

Bapak DaddyKasi better what!

These bunch of losers from Penang never learn, do they?

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah...pick one of the names below that suits him most...

a) Bapa Kamaludin
b) Bapa Mertua
c) Bapa Hadhari
d) Bapa Flip-floping
e) Bapa Tidoq
f) Bapa 'i havent done anything yet throughout these 5 years, lemme do em in 5 months'

let him be remembered this way ok!

you choose!

Anonymous said...

Koh Tsu Koon is infected with UMNO's disease called BONAMA...{ Bodek Nak Mampus }.

In no time we will see him kissing Najib's hand...and Mrs Najib too. Anything is possible in politics...Pak Lah too kisses TUN Mahathir's Pak Lah hide his true self before he became PM.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rocky,

"Bapak Demokrasi" for Bodohwi?

Hmmm, I cannot relate the two together, it doesn't rhyme.

Maybe this someone was paid to announce that! Someone outside of UMNO so that this plan is not too obvious.

Bodohwi? "Bapak Demokrasi"?
Heee geli lah....

Rocky, a blogger recently named him as "Bapak Kemalu_n" remember?

Now, that is just PERFECT!

Let's bestow the kicking blogger with a Datukship for such a brilliant idea!

Anonymous said...

What is meat to one is poison to another.
Maybe to Koh..after all these years and 4 pm's badawi takes the cake for being the first who somehow gave some freedom of speech so the acoladations now.
Yet to MANY badawi dosent deserve this praise simply becos they see it as a fallacy.
One cant find fault with these either as if you were to ask them then they would actually give you an array of incidents when freedom of speech was not evident nor seen to be constructive by the ruling party.
Hence the different perspectives.
Surely there will be one in the distant future who might get a higher percentage when it comes to be declared the Bapak Demokrasi. Till then some just have Badawi to thank for certain semblance of freedom of speech..

sang squirrel.

rocky said...

Bapak Demokrasi...KSK ini nak ampu orang UMNO kat Penang kot.

Pak Lah:

Bapak Flip Flop
Bapak Mertua KJ
Bapak NATO
Bapak Tidur
Bapak Kambing
Bapak Patrick Badawi aka Godfather

pilih satu atau semua di atas untuk Pah Lak tapi Bapak Demokrasi...tolonglah KSK, kita ini bukan bodoh sangat.

KSK ini Bapak Kaki Bodek, Bapak Tak Bersuara

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

What else people can call him??? He's not succeed in any field..

he is only BAPAK Kamaludin, and BAPAK mentua Khairy

Anonymous said...

Kata Tak Nak,

Obviously, you don't have balls walaupun muka mcm bouncer pencen. If you want to say Mahathir, just say it. And you call him Bapak Setan? hahaha...apa-apa la mamat oi. Maklumlah, di dunia, dosa dan pahala tak relevan, jadi mulut pun ringan...

Anonymous said...

Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon must have a selective memory, he forgot a bout the nice journalist that was detain under ISA for her own protection, Raja Petra for so called insulting Islam and Teresa Kok.

I know your are close to Abdullah but please be fair, Koh Tsu Koon.

artic turban said...

Bapak Demokrasi?
NEHI NEHI NEHI, NO NOTAT ALL he is more famous for being the
Bapak Mengantuk,
Bapak Nori,
Bapak Kamalludin and last and not least he is known as,
BAPAK IN LAW, But than again there is Bapak Angan Angan, Bapak oil-for-food, Bapak merepek, Bapak Unfulfilled Promises, Bapak menipu Rakyat, Bapak Janji tak tetap, and also BAPAK FLIP FLOP LALANG.

Anonymous said...

I hope they stop naming just about every Malaysian PM as Bapak this and that. Sooner or later, we are going to have rotten PMs. It is part of the selection process and learning curve. And when that happens, all Bapak titles will be made nonsensical and dishonoured; just like the latuks, TS, and etc. titles, are fast becoming non-syn with the original intent and honour. Just let historians do it later when things are in better perspective. Failed politician like KTK should stop acting like historian and attempt to rewrite the chapter. w9

Anonymous said...

It should be Bapak Bengnong !

What decision has he ever taken head-on without consulting his goons & SIL..?

How has he govern Malaysia so far...?

How many times have he flipped & flopped...?

Did he fullfill his promises to the rakyat when he became PM...?

Did he not created all these racial tensions & issues...?

I can go on & on.... But i don't I'll get my answers.

As for KTK (Koh), its a waste of time with all these fellas...

So daft & blur. 99.9% of the time is planning how to finger someones arse...!

I think you get the kick out of our comments lah...!
Just to see the rakyat's frustrations against all these BN goons...!



Anonymous said...

more like Bapa Demonstrasi

~ roach ~

allen ng said...

Bapa Demokrasi!!!Bapa My foot!!Dr.Koh must be kidding and our lame-duck PM is a disgrace to Malaysians as he did not honour his pledges to reform Malaysia.He did not walk his talk and for the last 4 years he did not fulfil his promises so the best thing to honour him is to grant him the title "Father of flip-flop"

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah should be named Bapak Kezaliman. Why? He inteferes in the selection of some positions. Why come up with a selection committee only to overrule them and push for his candidate. Does he realise that by doing so he is taking the rezeki from someone who rightfully deserves it. I reckon he is one very zalim leader. Not the nice person he is potrayed to be. NEVER.
Happy to see him stepping down. He will go through hell these last 5 months or so. He will still be the PM but people will ignore him. Perhaps that will be his balasan...Yes Pak Lah there are many angry people out here who is more than happy to see the back of you. Please take your cronies along with you. They are an eyesore and a pain in the back.


mut said...

What an idiot. He was chosen by another idiot. Both of no use to us. Now he is stepping down, he will be replaced by another idiot. Even if this new idiot is replaced by an idiot's son (or son in law) - both bertanding for Ketua Pemuda) they are of NO benefit to the country! I wouldn't trust them to run a nasi lemak stall. UMNO politicians par excellence!

The only difference is the amount of money they stole and how much damage they have done to the institutions of our country, and the spirit of democracy.

They don't care about noble values; the only thing they will give it is just lip service so that they will look good.

To all of them I have mentioned above, "Bapak Hang!!!" would be most appropos.

Unknown said...

it is amazing to watch the politicians in Malaysia.

could not have been written any better by a seasoned scriptwriter


everyday there's something

Anonymous said...

i know what bapak to pak lah,.... bapak nori

Anonymous said...

What a big bullshit Tsu Koon .. Don't tell me that you did not know the innocent reporter, Teresa Kok and YM Raja Petra Kamaruddin were ISAed ... Wali Kota

Anonymous said...

Well, if you compare Pak Lah to Tun or Najib, then maybe it is quite alright to call him Bapak Demokrasi, in a sense, he did try but failed. At this moment, I'm not so bothered with bapak whatever, but I am having nightmares on what will happen to all of us when Najib becomes PM and if Tun joins force with him ... God help us.


Anonymous said...

It should be Bapa Mertua KJ.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ... ha ... what a joke.. i cant stop laughing just by reading the first line of this article ... what Bapak Demokrasia??? bapak banyak aksi ..more like it .. aksi aksi drama minggu ini , bollywood ... father of flip and flop ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Rocky

Good on you for taking up this subject in your post. Just make me laugh like hell for this type of thing can only happen in Malaysia. Your two kawan in NST waiting to go soon. So you can have better sleep. Cheers

Johnny Chiam

Anonymous said...


Forgive Tsu Koon because he was talking through his ass. Time for Gerakan to close shop and get real.

Ex-Gerakan Penangite

Anonymous said...


Siti Khadijah said...

Bapa Angan-angan....koridor utara, selatan,timur.

Anonymous said...

aku cdgkan sukun neh dinamakan..bapak kepala bapakkk..diaaa! tak abih2 nak membodek..bila rasa diri terjejas mulalah kilas tangan kawan..ugut tak bertempat..mangkuk alam betoii

Anonymous said...

Bapa Mertua KJ would be more appropriate-lah! :-)

Anonymous said...

Buah Su Koon,,dah gila,,lupa diri,,,rakyat Penang sendiri buang kamu,,,ini pula nak bagi Title pada Bodowi,,!!!!

Ok lah,,,,jom ramai-ramai kita gelar Bodowi "BAPAK SIAL",,,amacam,,???

What do we get during his Pemerintahan,,!!????? Lagi Jahanam adalah,,!!!

Segala project,,,,dilancarkan tapi ta'bergerak langsung!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

tidor ... lah bapak

Amir Hafizi said...

Alih-alih, Rocky pulak racist.


Blackberry, yo!

eddy said...

That's it I do believe that Tsu Koon has lost it. Abdullah, Bapa Demokrasi? We have been holding elections since Merdeka in 1957, I think the late Tunku is more suitable for the title.

Tsu Koon should go back to reading Malaysian History and please do not make fun of Abdullah, OK, the poor guy has been given so many unfriendly Bapa "titles" he does not need another one to be ridiculed by, so please give Abdullah a break let him go to his retirement peacefully lah.

Anonymous said...

Bro Ashraf...

Please do not tell me you didnt see the obvious?

Unless one blogs to tell their life story or what we termed as "hepi-hepi" blogging which serve no purpose to the others, most bloggers have an agenda, period.

Most of these "tentera upahan" uses another blog to "earn their upah la"...some are blatantly doing the end of the day and like knights templar said, its all about cari makan la...

What is blogging to cari makan when some ppl uses news website for the same purpose? That was helluva earning a living la...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... Anak Bugis Johor

Betul tu

Pak Lah = Bapak Nori

dan Kata Tak Nak... engkau pun betul

Mahathir = Bapak Setan

lagi teruk dari Badawi

bn haramjadah said...

here is the latest joke in town

How do you define a MALAYSIAN Moron-
1)Has to come from BN, Especially UMNO.
2)Offer free datukships to nobodies,(SRK may be a bollywood actor, but he basically is a nobody, who has contributed nothing to Malaysia)
3)Bankrupt for ideas politicians from BN
4)Corrupt politicians who spout rubbish.

The Indians in Malaysia are treated like anak tiri and Pariahs whlist indian-mamak from india Shah rukh khan is given Datukship.

Moorthy climbed MOUNT EVEREST, REWARD FROM UMNO- treated like a Pariah when he was alive, NO DATUK-SHIP, and left to his own devices when paralysed. REWARD WHEN DEAD, BODY STOLEN FROM HIS FAMILY AND BURIED AS A MUSLIM.
Maybe Malacca needs another PARAMESWARA, so the likeliest candidate was Shah Rukh Khan. they offered it to PRESIDENT Mussharraf but he was not interested.
V. David and P. Patto served their community and the trade unions selflessly, REWARD, FROM UMNO, NADA, ELAH,NEHI NEHI. What about Karamjit Singh the world champion(Category) rally driver, Reward from Umno, nehi nehi, no sponsers, nada, no Datukship, but SHAH rukh khan becomes a malaysian datuk. WHAT NEXT FREE CITIZEN-SHIP?

What about Vijay Singh golf world champion, when he lived and worked as a golf pro. in JB, HE applied for pr but was denied and application rejected.

Well folks that is Malaysia for you. your own citizens are treated like Pariahs, neglected,anak TIRI, while an Indian MAMAK gets his Butt KISSED. This goes beyond folly, this has become ridiculous, what we have here is a case of BANKRUPT FOR IDEAS, MORONS, who have brankupted the state coffers and now show their total ineptitude by offering DATUKSHIPS TO FOREIGNERS, who have done nothing for Malaysia. This awarding of the datukship has totally cheapened the title datuk.
But when you have the lunatics running the asylum what more can you expect.

ewoon said...

Tsu Koon is just as irrelevant as his ampu-bodek's declaration.

i'd also like to know what he was smoking at the time he made that declaration ... i want some, too. hehe

Anonymous said...


Sila baca komen Zaid Ibrahim di berita!

Bapa Demokrasi/Bapa Mertua sudah pergi.

Kini Bapa Totalitarian/Setan sudah kembali: Mahathir kini akan menjadi dalang Najib, kata Zaid.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could ask KSK what is his definition of democrasi? We all agree and know Pak Lah is not a role model for any thing. Malaysia now is less democratic compared to the British era.
everyone is sick and tired of Pak Lah and his supporters. Malaysia is moving backward for as long as Pak Lah reign.

Son of My Parents said...

All the former prime ministers were dubbed "Bapa" something. So, I can understand why Koh Tsu Koon wishes Pak Lah is dubbed with the "Bapa' thingy.

If he's not, then he'll be the only prime minister, upon leaving office, not proclaimed as 'bapa' of anything.

Maybe Pak Lah doesn't want to be remembered as 'bapa' of anything. It's just that someone, in this case, Koh Tsu Koon, is probably buttering the PM.

It's okay then, Tan Sri KTK. No need to call him 'bapa' of anything. Let him finish his job and leave the office in peace.

True - he has his weaknesses. But things might got worse if the PM was Anwar. Maybe we should count our blessings sometimes, eh?

Anonymous said...

Dear Cock Tsu Koon,

Pls do not talk so much...we do not need you anymore!


Anonymous said...

Koh Tu Koon must have too much of the nasi kandar from the shop owned by Ahmad Ismail.

People of Penang. Dont you dare vote Gerakan and Koh Tsu Koon in the next election.

Ahmad Sahur said...

The ISA is a crime against humanity if you look at the Rome Statute. As a result, we can have RPK and the rest of the ISA detainee's released, have the ISA repealed and also have a regime change all in one go if someone lodges a report with the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Go to this site and find out how.

Anonymous said...

koh tsu koon bapak eunuch


dragonfly said...

No wonder Gerakan lose big time....heap praises on a loser like Pak Lah

hexhar said...

Bapak Demonstrasi would be more appropriate for Pak Lah.

His flip-flopping ways make "Demonstrasi" a household name.

KIMHO8 said...

Tanpa Dedikasi macam mana nak jadi Bapak Demokrasi?

Anonymous said...

Yes , Pak Lah qualified to be called BAPAK DEMOKRASI... He is the best P.M so far... No other Malaysian P.M were heavily attacked (depan= the opposition, sisi= within UmnO, Belakang= he kena Double Penetration by TDM and Anwar, atas ada free media iaitu blogers yang terlepas soroo, bawah= ada arwah endon dan ibunya ) as before ...this mainly due to cyberspace media... Angkat tinggi Kepala dan Dada Mu Pak Lah... Terima Kasih kerana Khidmatmu pada bumiku... Sir Ted B.G Clent

Anonymous said...

WHAT ? Bapak Demokkrasi? is the joke of the year in Malaysia.. by Koh Tsu Koon. Come lah Tan Sri kalau org Penang bagi Pak Lah titel tu tentu Penang tak jatuh kepada PKR betul tak Rocky

Anak Demo

BlueMoon said...

More likely, Bapak Kamaludin and Khairy!

Anonymous said...


Abdullah Badawi can't stand Dollah Kok Lanas because:

They both have the same name, Abdullah bin Ahmad. Abdullah Badawi thought that this similarity caused him to lose in the race for a supreme council post back in the 70's because UMNO members couldn't differentiate him from Dollah Kok Lanas, and thus votes were split, leading to the loss. He has kept that vengeance since then and immediately changed his name to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, though he has no drop of Arab blood in him. The vengeance was carried out the soonest he became PM. Kok Lanas got the boot, and also because Kok Lanas is a Mahathir loyalist.

Zulkifli Ahmad


Sdr Rocky's Bru,

Tsu Koon is a serious person. He seldom jokes.

So I don't blame you if you don't see the joke when he proposes the "Bapak Demokrasi" title.

He has to be joking.

Remember the title "Father of ICT" awarded by the former Technology Minister?

But if Tsu Koon is serious, then the Chinese have joined the Malays in becoming kaki ampu and kaki bodek.

Thank you.

chapchai said...

Makes me cringe to read what Koh had to say about Abdullah. He's obviously living in a different Malaysia from the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

Tsu Kun just needed to win his party elections....
1. "Father In-Law”
2. "Father of Flip Flop"
3. "Father of Spin"
4. "Father of Hypocrisy”
5. “Father of Goats”
6. “Father of Snooze”
7. “Father ?, he ain’t my father
Please feel free to add on...........
Abu Aleena

Anonymous said...



Abu Aleena

Anonymous said...

Sorry to desecrate this site, but can't help myself...
KTK you motherf..kin f..kwit, how in the world can you said that. Father of democracy my arsehole x 6 !!!! jesus christ !!
SEEN A LOT OF DUMBASS BALLS SUCKERS, YOU BEAT THEM ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, father of democracy, what a load of crap from what a worldclass balls sucker !! Do all a favor, GO FUCK YOURSELF and pls do it proper....use a freaking bottle !!!
Disgusted Malaysian.

Berita dari gunung said...

Saya curiga jika yang dipamirkan ialah demokrasi.

Bukan demokrasi. Sesuatu yang lain sebenarnya. Mirip kepada "boleh buat/kata apa saja kecuali yang menggugat saya"

Ada sedikit kegagalan dalam mengendali demokrasi ala Abdullah. Too many things are reactive in nature.

Anonymous said...

That useless CocK S00 Goon- shoe polisher does not understand the word of democracy. Real Ball carrier. That flip flop throw people in jail without giving a chance to people to defence themselves. You call that democracy? Jailed reporter you called democracy? Jailed MP Kork then investigate, you call that democracy? Mr Nice Guy? Shit. Father Flip Flop is more suitable.

Disgusted Gerak Kan.

I SAY MAN said...

Pak Lah - Bapak Roti Kosong

Anonymous said...

bukan bapak demokrasi laa....


I SAY MAN said...

Oh ya, this is the one - "Bapak Kambing"

Anonymous said...

Anwar when are you going to takeover Putrajaya? Please do it soon, Rakyat cannot take this type of shit and ball carrying any longer. Pakatan march on.

Anonymous said...

So Koh Tsu Koon has graciously accepted the nomination and won the Presidency of Gerakan. Congrats Tan Sri. I am interested in knowing what Tsu Koon will label Dato Seri Najib who will most likely be the next PM?

For the record during Reformasi (1998 onwards) was the first time that the Internet was used extensively by the pro Anwar forces to villify Dr Mahathir. Numerous pro reformasi sites came into being. Raja Petra also began his Internet career by launching the Free Anwar Campaign.

MGG Pillai's Sangkancil was also a free for all site were no holds were barrred. Then the pro Reformasi websites were hurling all sorts of allegations against Dr Mahathir, UMNO, BN etc.

Yet not a single Pro Reformasi Netizen was arrested under the ISA, charged in Court or had any action taken against them. MGG Pillai died a natural death.

Just a note Bro.

Awang Maya said...

Tatkala kita tahu bahawa hampir seluruh akar umbi memang telah menolak Pak Lah. Keputusan Pak Lah untuk tidak bertanding mempertahankan jawatan Presiden adalah ekoran input yang diperolehi bahawa beliau tidak akan dapat pencalonan yang cukup untuk bertanding sebagai Presiden. Bagi menjaga dignity dan agar maruah tidak tercemar, beliau menggunakan atas nama kepentingan perpaduan dalam parti dan BN sebagai alasan untuk tidak bertanding dan melepaskan jawatan Perdana Menteri 6 bulan dari sekarang. Sedangkan kita tahu orang-orang berkepentingan disekelilingnya bermati-matian cuba memujuknya supaya untuk tidak melepaskan jawatan PM dalam tempoh yang terdekat.

OK, Pak Lah sudah buat keputusan, satu beban dan masalah besar bagi UMNO sudah terlerai. Namun masih ada satu lagi BALA besar yang masih cuba ingin kekal di dalam UMNO. BALA tersebut tak lain dan tak bukan ialah Khairi Jamaludin. baca seterusnya di...

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you have included Jebat Must Die in your blogroll. Was beginning to wonder if you had something against him. He is by far the most intelligent and rational of the political bloggers, despite being pro-BN. I have become hooked on his blog, and visit it everyday, just as I visit yours.

Rockybru said...

Anon 1210am writes:
Glad to see you have included Jebat Must Die in your blogroll. Was beginning to wonder if you had something against him. He is by far the most intelligent and rational of the political bloggers, despite being pro-BN. I have become hooked on his blog, and visit it everyday, just as I visit yours.

12:10 AM\

I've had the good fortune of meeting the young man behind Jebat Must Die twice during Ramadan. He seemed genuinely surprised that people did know his blog. And yes, you are right about the qualities that he posses. Malaysia needs more bloggers like him, regardless whether they are pro-BN or anti-BN.

I was waiting for him to put up a suitable posting so that I do the usual link on my blog. His latest, about Anwar being an IMF boy or not, is an excellent response to an analysis by a Cambridge-trained pro-Anwar expert.

Unknown said...

Good evening Rocky's Bru,

KTK is suffering from memory failure. IT DOES NOT COMPUTE!

Huh, I wonder whether the rest of Gerakan members are like him. I think so because KTK won in the party elections. Birds of the same feathers flock together.

Anonymous said...

Bapak Demokrasi!!!
Tepranjat brok aku..
Korang sume jangan tak tau...
Sukun tu kan jiran sebelah rumah sewa Dolah, kat sebelah Penang 2nd bridge... rumah dia sama kale, tapi grill lain.. dia tau la.
Aku pon tau gak.
Skang ni.. bini Dolak tu, si Jeni kan tengah ngandung pat bulan.. "gawat nih!".
Nanti, lebihkurang lima bulan lagi, bila Jeni dah branak, Dolak cadang nak bagi nama anak dia DemoKasi... kalau idup la,tak kira la dapat anak llaki ke pompuan ke.. . Ddia cakap!.
Tup tup si Sukun ni cakap Demokrasi..
Tu yang aku tepranjat tuh! Cheh!
Demo kene kasi Lah


antubiul said...

rocky, how on earth this ,moron Koh Tsu Koon won as President Gerakan and how blind are Gerakan members, not just blind but 'buta hati' oso. Now we know the truth why Gerakan loss on Penang.It teh same as UMNO resaon. Umno lost becasue of AAb and Gerakan loss is because of KTK and no becasue of Gerakan neither are BN nor UMNO. This Koh is nothing more than an oppurtinist. BN got nothing to loose if Gerakan exit from BN and let MCA contenst all gerakan seat in PRU13 and become the KM is BN won. A moron is a moron

Col Roseli said...

It's not Pak Lah that gives the freedom of speach but the freedom of speach came to Malaysia by itself via the internet and neither Pak Lah nor his cronies know how to shut it up.
And how come Pak Lah becomes the Bapak Demokrasi as he is currently the President of an Undemocratic Party!!!

Anonymous said...

Gerakan ?

Kalau tak digerakkan tak makan.

Tolong gerakkan bapa tidur !
Pergi kerjalah!

Gerakan ?
Kalau tak gerak tak makan !

Cari makan ma......

Rocker Tua

Srikanth Siva said...

I wonder how Melaka Gomen will react when they find out SRK's wife and kids are Hindu's. SRK prays to both Islam and Hindu gods. You can see youtube for details (one of the interviews with SRK)

Anonymous said...

KEPALA BAPAK dia la...
BAPA konon!
Bro, nak tanya sikit... Bila Pak Lah dah gone, apa cerita NSTP tu?. Adakah Najib tengah dok susun siapa yang dia nak letak kat NSTP tu? Habih la malaAUN dan palaAUN yang besar2 kepala kat NSTP tu.

Elok juga dia letak org2 Najib yang pernah malaAUN tendang hari tu. Baru ada akai semua yg ada kat situ.

-BAPAK aumMMM!!!

Anonymous said...

Bapak Demo Korupsi???? Sebab tak tahu buat apa2 secara sendiri, itu sebab Dollah membiarkan pentabbiran secara auto-pilot. Ini kebebalan ini pula cuba 'dihalalkan' (legitimize) oleh mereka2 yang berkepentingan sebagai demokrasi. Sebab itu lah 'rasuah' (corruption) berleluasa. Takkan sebagai orang yang berpengelaman tak nampak terutama sekali apa yang menantu dia buat untuk lawan ketua pemuda. Dan takkanlah tak nampak dan tak tahu apa yang Kali buat. Tell me now, is that ikhlas???

Bentayan Mersing

Anonymous said...

After this piece by tsu koon, it is confirmed that Gerakan will cease to exist much sooner than expected. It might be just weeks.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what Bapak you call all the ex-PM, the are getting from bad to worst expecially Dr M. The last 52 years had been hell for the country. Look at the Uni ranking? our economy vs Korea, Singapore, Aust? FDI? Education? Transport? Proton? Race issue? Religion issue?

The greatest Bapak title will be a Bapak Malaysian Malaysia. Bring them on and see who can fit this shoe, Najib, Anwar....count on you guys.

Anonymous said...

What Bapak Demokrasi? This moron Tan Sri Dr Koh changes his statement everytime. He can't even use his own balls to make a stand. He should be called Bapak Korrupsi or Bapak Tidur

Anonymous said...

Aduuuuuh, I've never laugh this hard, this good, this year. Thanks KTK. It's the joke of the century. Pak Lah nearly fall down from his chair.


Anonymous said...

The Accidental Bapa Demokrasi perhaps ! :D


>> "Yet not a single Pro Reformasi Netizen was arrested under the ISA, charged in Court or had any action taken against them. MGG Pillai died a natural death."

Hm, I wonder if the author has realized that a bunch of activists (Raja Petra included) were detained in April 2001 under the ISA, on charges that were never ever proven. Who was PM then?

MGG Pillai was sued to bankruptcy by Vincent Tan, then a Mahathir crony. FYI, Vincent Tan was one of the fellas implicated in the Lingamgate scandal.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Bapak Demokrasi and Khairy is menantu demokrasi. Our I would rather say "demo nakkrusi"

Anonymous said...

Let's vote this as "JOKE OF THE CENTURY"!

Saya ingat bola nya kecil, rupanya tak ada langsung

mat taib

Unknown said...

Sukun oh sukun..what ajoke lah. What bapak demokrasi. Bapak mertua Khairy Jamaulludin more like it. What an insult to Malaysians intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bro,

After next year, PMs will not be known as Bapa this and that anymore...they will be ANAK so and so..

Najib - Anak Razak
Hishammuddin - Anak Hussein
Mukhriz - Anak Mahathir

That Khairy, will be the sad tale of Malaysia. Son-in-laws can't make it. Unless People Power decides on that soon.

Anak Demcracy

Anonymous said...

MCA must be laughing at Gerakan. Gerakan has nowhere to better stay in BN. Gerakan thinks if they leave BN..MCA benefits on seat allocation.

Real fact is people are fed up of BN..and MCA who is just another asslicking party will not do any better.

Gerakan leaving now can leave with head held high.,or do they want for another UMNO Bkt Bndera Idiot to tell them to leave.

Anonymous said...

I think he should remain as Pak Lah...and not Pak la la la bye

Unknown said...

"BAPA KEMALUAN MALAYSIA" is more suitable.

Lee said...

AAB's Fantasy

Six months is no short time
To do what I have to do!
I can deliver my promises in time
As I have not much to do!

Just the judiciary to reform
And asking the Police to conform
And the ACA to be in form
As they all should'nt be unformed!

Establishing a Commission here
Initiating a Dialogues there
Presto! I can be transformed
As the "Father of Democratic Reforms!"

putrijc said...

I agreed with BAPA KEMALUAN MALAYSIA bestowed to DOLAH the sleepy head.

Anonymous said...

yes pak lah is a true demokrasi. that is why mahathir scare of him because pak lah can shows so many mismanage and mishandle by Dr M.

zamri, sunway semenyih

Anonymous said...

If Pak Lah is bapak demokrasi then George W Bush must be the father of peace. I mean that's the only reasonable explanation isn't it. Hmmm I can see pigs flying outside my window now!

Anonymous said...

Lebih percaya ular, you stupid and racist ass. LKY will die when he has enough of screwing mamak's asshole, your asshole, in fact all malaysian assholes. he will be buried in malaysia together with mamak. kah kah kah.

woke up

Anonymous said...

Kalau nak dibanding dengan zaman TDM dulu memang kita nampak kebebasan yang kita ada sekarang banyak. Kalau dulu jangan harap lah nak bersuara, mesti ada je yang kena tu.

rams609 said...

Koh Tsu Koon the joker,

Badawi can never be a BAPA to anything for Malaysia.

He has not done anything good for the country.
Nor the people, except his own close-knit families.

Just as Dollah is about to wake up, Tsu Koon is falling asleeeeep....

Little wonder Malaysia is like this now....

rams609 said...

Koh Tsu Koon ah...

I ting ah yu better sat ap yor big mouth la ah koon na....

yu so stupid one ka...balawi didn't do anyting osso you want to call him bapak ka?

call him YOU PUNYA BAPAK LAH!!!!