Saturday, October 11, 2008

Moving on

Patrick Lim, dubbed Patrick Badawi because of his links to the Prime Minister, has resigned as chairman and executive director of Equine Capital Bhd. He is the man behind the Monsoon Cup, an extravagant event that ran on an annual RM200 million budget believed to have come from the oil royalty money meant for the Terengganu. government to develop the state. After the March general election, the controversial event has been placed directly under the State government and would be so lucky to get a fraction of the RM200 million budget.

The resignation of Patrick came amid talk that Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan, another close crony of the outgoing PM, has submitted a quit letter to the NSTP board. No announcement has been made to the Bursa with regards to Kali's resignation, though.

There have been suggestions from some of my commenters that Hishamudin Aun, the NSTP group editor in chief, will also tender his resignation. [read Changes expected at NSTP, Media Prima]

Patrick and Kalimullah have homes and large investments in Australia so, naturally, rumours abound that they are going to be spending a lot more time Down Under. Hisham, I'm sure, will be more than welcomed by them.


  1. Anonymous11:28 am

    Patrick Lim, Kalimullah, and now for the bigfish.... SCOMI Group...Kamal wants to bailout at RM1 a share.I was told,local banks are putting the squeese on SCOMI. Does anyone remember Takafumi Horie, the 35 year old japanese tycoon that owned Livedoor, the KING of share splits, who made false disclosures. Can anyone remember the SCOMI share splits, their massive disclosures? Do people know, that the bulk of Scomi's profits come from its machine shop division, the division that supplies busses and carrages to the governments KTM Bhd and Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad. Whats going to happen to FOX media, and Mr Pereira?

    Even ZIMBAWE Ahead of Malaysia (EZAM)

  2. Anonymous11:51 am

    you see what's wrong with this country....

    when XX becomes PM -- he helps enrich his cronies and family.

    if the gains are not ill-gotten, what's there to worry. Why the need to flee?

    if the gains are not ill-gotten, they flee becos? the next PM will make sure they get nothin'?

    that's the name of the game here...


    Kita ni masih THIRD WORLD politics...

  3. Anonymous11:52 am

    in my view...

    the quicker you rise (undeservingly), the harder you fall.

    and into smithereens...

  4. Anonymous11:58 am

    Whenever there is a change of top leadership in UMNO, the top leadership in UMNO propaganda machine , i.e., will also have to be changed.

    sim wakng

  5. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Saya tak tau sangat lah tentang personaliti2 yg saudara tulis ni.

    Tapi bab yg mengatakn orang2 seperti mereka ada rumah dan harta di luar negara ni je yg saya nak komen.

    Kami orang biasa. Tak miskin dan tak kaya. Mata pencarian kami disini lah. Duit simpanan kami disini lah. Takde akaun bank di luar negara. Takde rumah di seberang laut. Susah senang kami disini lah.
    Average Msian

  6. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Rats leaving a sinking ship??

    Eh, what's new?

  7. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Hisham akan berhenti beb. Dia dah kaya. Business pu besar. Kekayaan dia sampai mati pun tak habis. Rumah dia pun besar.

  8. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Saudara Rock,

    Saya ada terbaca tulisan Dato'x5 Hishamuddin Aun (sebab dapat 5 title Dato') ni yang beberapa kali mempersoalkan pendirian Dato' Seri Najib dalam tulisannya di Berita Minggu. Walau pun pada ketika itu Dato' Najib hanya memberi gambaran samar-samar mengenai sikapnya terhad PM tetapi dia menghentam Dato' eri Najib untuk menegakkan benang basahnya. Memanglah sikap dia suka membodek. Dia pula memperpsoalkan kesetiaan Dato' Seri Najib. Siapa lu?. Kalau lu ada prinsip, memang eloklah tulis surat meletakkan jawatan sekarang juga. Dato' Manja boleh take over tempat dia dan Mustapha Omar ambil tempat Dato' Manja, Azizi Othman ambil tempat Mustapha. Kita kena beri pada orang yang kuat semangat nasionalisnya dan tahu menguruskan berita. Pada saya, nama yang saya sebut tu dah ada ciri-ciri berkenaan. Yang terbukti pengurusan NSTP hari ini gagal menaikkan imej akhbar, gagal menaikkan sirkulasi akhbar dan gagal memperbaiki pendapatan syarikat. Kami tak boleh buat apa-apa sebab selalu dikongkong oleh orang atasan. Kita bagi peluang pada team baru ni pula. Rasanya Team baru ini lebih baik daripada Dato' Hishamuddin Aun yang selama ini tulis pasal berita sukan saja.

    Anak Pahang

  9. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Don't forget AIRASIA! Tony is going around displaying loads of goodwill.
    Watch their desperate acts for survival.


  10. Hishamuddin Aun, Manja Ismail, Kamrul, Ah Chai, Lionel and Fauziah would be among the earliest batch to be shipped out.
    Syed Nazri looks like the only survivor from NST but he has only about a year's service left.
    Wonder who would take on the gargantuan task of rehabilitating NSTP and purging unwanted viruses from the system.
    Maybe NST and BH could not become broadsheets once again but I'm sure they could get rid of all those sh#t in the two national dailies.

  11. ANONY: 12:30pm

    I'm touched by your truth, there's almost a certain sadness when i read, hey its the same with 99.9% of Malaysians.... most of us dont even own the car, house - belongs to the banks:), there are very few actually ahve fully paid loans....

    Maybe we should all seriously consider Socialism instead of the Capitalistic system called Democracy.... even in the US, they are beginning to realise that its a SHAMMOOOOOORRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOO ke ke ke....

    before any one of you starts jumping, watch the world around you or better still, look at Malaysia, they just rape the rakyat year after year, so, Malaysia, we need to reengineer the political scene.


  12. Anonymous2:23 pm


    Azizi hanya tahu bodek. Tak kan tak ingat sesi karaoke dia buat untuk Manja sebab nak bodek Manja. Dia bodek Kali untuk promotion. Nak tahu hal Azizi tanya Hafifi. Dia dah tak call Hafifi yang dulu dia bodek sakan.

    Manja! Hanya tau main golf dan berpeleseran dengan artis.

    Mustapa Omar. Lalang. Ikut arah angin. Kualiti kerja, kelas tiga.

    Tingkat 4 BB

  13. Anonymous2:25 pm


    Betulkah Ashraf melobi nak jadi grup editor NST. Budak di News Desk kata tiap hari dia call reporter NST.

  14. Anonymous4:03 pm

    well- sinking ship or not it seems whenever there are incidents such as this nature, those culprits involved would have a safe-haven to go to whilst the victims such as us will have to pull up our socks and brave it and bear the responsibilities in order to pay for crimes done by other unto us and still having to smile. is it fair - i wonder then we use religion saying 'sabar', they will be judged by God and terima balasan-nya - of course but that's consoling ourselves - and it doesn't help at the end of the day - when they live in Kings abroad and travel on First class airfares with kids going to the prestigious schools in London, Australia etc - where is justice when we have the laws in our hands to protect us yet we never seem able to do so. what's so proud being Malaysians ?? is it because we always let the criminals run away .. or we have too forgiving hearts to them !

  15. This is just great. You notice sumthing about these "pemimpin" negara?

    Some of them have ranches in Argentina and god knows what else. Their sons have homes in the US, Canada, UK etc.

    Some have parked their wealth in Australia. Multimillion dollar homes with million dollar interiors, ranches, permanent residence status....

    Some get caught carrying millions of undeclared currency in foreign airports.

    Yep,we the common rakyat will always be around in Malaysia. it is something Malaysia can forever depend on....

    As the title of the movie goes... Antara Dua Darjat.... don't get me wrong... we are the on the right side.

    They are the scum of the earth.

  16. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Dear Rocky
    I said it before and now, wait and see for the 4th floor golden boy Syed Abu Hussin (Syed MINDEF)the guy with over 50 companies all have contracts and business with MINDEF & PLKN his running all those companies from suite D Tingkat 7 Bangunan Angkasa Raya jalan Ampang.
    He is the Patrick Lim for Dato Najib

  17. Anonymous4:49 pm

    These rogues have long read the writing on the wall. They have aleady build up their golden nests overseas. It's just a matter of timely packing up and saying Bye Bye to everybody ... Wali Kota

  18. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Australia is a good place for exile. There are excellent healthcare where they can spend their ill gotten wealth. That's KARMA - where ill gotten wealth goes back to.

  19. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Annuar zaini pengerusi bernama bila nak letak jawatan?

  20. Anonymous6:13 pm

    bukak perkampungan hadhari di perth.

    cempelang gelembong dah telanjang

  21. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Pergi jahanam(mampus) sama dia orang,,They have made tons of money,,,so cabut lah,,,apa tunggu lagi,,,!!!???

    World Finiancial crisis and Commodity prices jatuh lagi penting,,,Come MONDAY ta'terfikir ke HARGA GETAH jatuh serendah mana,,???? Jom ramai-ramai bakar kebun getah,,nanti Kerajaan bagi pampasan,,amacam,,,!!!

    Balik-balik d TV,,and all media Govt,,Politik-politik,,,politik,,,Fuck them all,,!!

    The Federal Goverment is a real Mother FUCKER,,,!!!

    NAJIS & BODOWI,,keep talking COCK,,


  22. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Anak Pahang,

    U ni orang dalam ke orang luar. Kejap bahasakan diri u kami, kejap cakap kita. Macam lu orang dalam jer? You nak bodek siapa pulak ni..Manja ke, Mustapha ke? Betul ke mereka ni ada semangat kebangsaan. Ini orang dalam cakap. Nasib si Manja tu pun belum tahu lagi lah....dah tinggal nyawa ikan. Paling penting, mereka ni bagus sangat ke?. Kalau edaran Berita Harian dah bawah 200 ribu naskah, bagus apa?. Ada maklumat kata dah tinggal 170,000 naskah je. Kami tak tau lah betul ke tak, tapi boleh check lah. Yang jelas kita mahu Hisham Perasan tu letak jawatan untuk kebaikan masa depan NSTP. Dia tak boleh handle surat khabar sebab dia tak faham pun politik Malaysia.

    Orang Dalam

  23. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Anak Rustam Si Ali Cincalok kata DAIM propose Mat Shah Rukhan di beri Datuk for Promoting A'Famosa in 2001,,,!!!

    Wa Lan,,!!! After 7 years,,and A'Famosa da ta laku,,moreover betapa expensive kalu rakyat Malaysia,,,outing disana,,!!!!!

    Pekong,,,Pekong,,,!!! They are making arrangement,,to bring the idiot to receive the Datukship,,Nak pakai duit rakyat ke to bring the idiot,,,

    Imagine the amount of money wasted to bring the idiot,,baik majukan business Cincalok yg tengah nazak ni,,,!!!


  24. Anonymous2:02 am


    Hishamuddin has no other choice rathan than to quit nstp. Nstp is not loosing anything without him. He cannot work here anymore without Kali. He has nothing to worry because his financial position is strong. Dia dok sponsor rumah-rumah artis dengan perabot baru. Artis tu sendiri yang bercakap mengucapkan terima kasih kepadanya atas pembiayaan perabot seisi rumah tu. Kalau nilai beratus ribu ringgit dia boleh derma, apa ke jadahnya dia tak boleh hidup. Agaknya dia mengharapkan bantuan daripada orang yang simpati dengannya lah kut.

    Kali Dua

  25. Anonymous2:09 am

    Brother, Dato' Hisham banyak kali komen dan kondem Dato' Najib dalam editorial meeting. Tak boleh lah cerita kat sini, tapi kami tau. Semua ini dibuat untuk bagi staff tahu pendirian dia terhadap Pak Lah dan konco-konconya. Hakikatnya, Dato' Hisham tak boleh nak beri alasan yang dia sokong Dato' Najib. Kalau cerita mengenai Dato' Najib, ia tidak disiarkan prominen. Kami difahamkan Dato' Najib pun faham dengan keadaan ini dan tahu siapa dia Dato' Hishamuddin ni. Kalau ada berita yang boleh memberi kesan negatif kepada Dato' Najib sering dihighlight. Sekarang eloklah dia letak jawatan.

    Anak Pahang

  26. Anonymous5:43 am

    Hisham Aummm?(Bunyi Auummm cam rimau tu sbb dia ni suka GRO. Semua GRO dia Sedut Lidah. Takder rasa geli langsung.. janji GRO pompuan.. Boleh kata tiap2 malam kat Superstar. Bulan puasa pon dia balun semacam ja. Bayangkan la kalau satu malam boleh habis sampai RM5ribu hingga RM6ribu?. Dulu masa jadi wartawan kadet, pegang tin carlsberg pon takut. Skrg ni CHIVAS dia boleh bantai habis sebotol untuk satu malam saja).

    Lepas ni dia jadi tokey perabut sepenuh masa lah nampaknya. Rumah dia pun besar gila kat Shah Alam tu.

    Kalau sebelum ni dia main GRO sorok-sorok, lepas keluar NST nanti tak perlu lah sorok2 lagi. Dia dah boleh la kepit GRO tu bawak turun bawah dan jalan2 kat area Bukit Bintang. Sapa pun tak kisah dah lepas ni. Kalau orang sibuk2 cerita pasal Hisham kepit GRO, Hisham dah boleh jawab, "Aku tokey perabut la. Apa yang kau orang susah hati dengan aku".

    -Orang Kuat HMetro

  27. Anonymous5:47 am

    Letak balik Datuk Hafifi yang pernah teraniaya dengan Hisham dua tahun yang lalu kat NSTP tu. Bagi dia jadi GEIC pulak.

    Tengok macamana Datuk Hafifi revamp semua dan naikkan balik semua sale suratkhabar.

    - Din Nyonya

  28. Anonymous5:53 am

    Diantara kezaliman yang dilakukan oleh Hisham semasa pemerintahan Sultan Abdullah Shah ialah menurut perintah untuk memberhentikan Dato' Rejal Arbee (ex boss nya)sebagai kolumnis atas arahan Tingkat atas kerana beliau menulis mengeritik Singapura. Pemberhentin pula tidak dimaklumkan oleh Hisham kepada ex-boss nya. Langsung tidak talipon walaupun semua nstp tahu bahawa Rejal Arbee lah yang memilih hisham sebagi ketua pengarang berita harian bila beliau bersara. Kesian Rejal. tetapi Allah maha adil.

  29. Anonymous5:55 am

    Azizi pon dua kali lima macam Hisham juga. Dia bodek Manja dengan Hisham dengan umpan GRO aja.

    Kerap kali juga aku jumpa mangkuk Azizi ni kat Superstar. Cuma diorang jer yang tak kenal aku.

    Hari ni dia bawa Manjer. Esok dia bawa Hisham.

    Azizi ni bijak. Dia cari lembu yang boleh bayar bil yang cecah RM5 hingga RM8 ribu satu malam. Siap dengan pakej GRO.

    Berselang seli. Dia tak akan bawa Hisham dengan Manjer sekali. Sbb takut tak boleh nak layan yg mana satu. Kalau dia bawa asing2, senang dia nak fokus bodek dia tu.

    Ini macam punya olang pun ada ka?

  30. Anonymous6:00 am

    Said Faizol pun dah nak melingkup hujung bulan oktober ni. Dia dah jadi Posmen la pulak. Tak boleh pakai satu sen pun Said Faizol tu. Lepas ni dia jahanamkan Ps Malaysia pula.

  31. Anonymous5:19 pm

    "When the host dies, we move on"
    -- The Parasite Principle


  32. Good..these few snakes must go..but not that easy..DS Najib..pls make sure these people are not let free.. Some investigations must be start with..

  33. Anonymous12:03 am

    Memang betul Hisham ANTI Najib. Dia sanggup menghentam dari belakang sahabat baiknya semsa zaman bujang yg sama2 wartawan Kadet di NSTP.

    Kalau Hisham baca ni.. hope dia boleh ingat ini cerita.

    Hisham sanggup kick Hafifi semasa Hafifi jaga Harian Metro semata-mata kerana Hafifi sering meletakkan story2 Najib di blurb front page Harian Metro. Dia juga start black list Hafifi apabila nampak Hafifi duduk sebelah najib dalam satu function di Dataran Merdeka dan majlis tu disiarkan dalam berita TV3(kelihatan juga dalam TV3 Hafifi bersebelahan Najib). Saya pun ada masa tu.. tapi dibelakang Hafifi.

    Mulai saat itu saya telah di'kambing hitam'kan oleh Hisham yang turut menuduh bersekongkol dengan Hafifi dalam kem Najib. (Harap kalau Hisham baca ni, dia akan ingat saat itu.)
    Hisham rasa amat tergugat pada masa itu kerana Hafifi sudah menunjukan taringnya begaimana jika Hisham dengan Pak Lah, Hafifi juga ada Najib.

    .... tunggu sambungannya, banyak lagi rahsia BUSUK Hisham akan dibongkarkan. BERSAMBUNG!

    ikhlas tapi jauh dari: PERMATA Yang Hilang//

  34. Anonymous1:33 pm




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