Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Abdullah won't contest

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has decided NOT to defend his presidency at the Umno elections in March, 4 years before the end of his full term.

The Prime Minister will go on a two-month leave prior to handing over the premiership to his successor.

"I do not want a divided Umno" - Pak Lah, here.


  1. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Why is he going on a two month leave? Isn't the reason for stepping down in March is so that he has time to carry out the promises to the people he made? Can he deliver minus two months time?

  2. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Looks like you the second one to pick this news. Malaysiakini has reported it based on a sms from their source.

    And the mainstream is quiet so far.

  3. Anonymous5:57 pm

    I am very happy that this is also the final chapter for UMNO, which should have been the case after 08/03/08, and the beginning of a 2-party system in Malaysia ... Wali Kota

  4. keputusan yang dinanti-nantikan walaupun lewat! usaha memulihkan umno dan nasib orang melayu seharusnya bermula. pertandingan merebut jawatan dalam umno hendaklah berpada-pada, jika tidak orang melayu akan kecundang lagi...

  5. Anonymous6:00 pm

    If the PM doesn't want to contest,fine! Just throw in the towel and walk off into the sunset.

    Why this few months to stay on for a so-called transition process? I don't buy his excuse about "there's so much things for me to do". Hell, no one's indispensable. Just let the next PM handle it!

    Or is the real reason so that he can use govt machinery to ensure SIL gets the coveted UMNO Youth leadership? Or is it so that he can palm off more contracts to his cronies? Or is it to erase all evidence of his misdeeds in govt, particularly the awarding of contracts?
    Or is it all the above?

  6. Anonymous6:05 pm

    For a person who kept on insisting that he has a lot of work to do and to finish, when previously asked if he's resigning soon, suddenly he can afford himself a two-month leave?

    Wow, this sort of thing could only come from him. Amazing!

  7. Anonymous6:14 pm

    2 months leave on taxpayers money?

  8. Maybe now the country can focus on something more worthwhile.

    Gua komen pakai Blackberry.

  9. Untuk pertama kalinya, Dato' Abdullah Ahmad bertindak sebagai pemimpin: "I know I've not been doing well; it's time for someone else to take over,"

  10. Is this for real or this is another flip flop thingy that has been surrounding the country...

    I am sorry, that after all these years, it is hard for me to believe anything until the PM really retire....

  11. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Badawi’s fall —Farish A Noor

    At the rate things are going in Malaysia — Malaysia’s Central Bank has reported a capital flight of 1.1 Billion US dollars in August alone — the fall of Badawi and the UMNO-led government may come sooner than later

    It is not often that I sermonise in my articles, and it has been a month since the research project was brought to a close. Yet despite everything, the tone and tenor of Malaysia’s convoluted politics and the country’s slide into decline forces us to take stock of how far Malaysia has, or hasn’t, travelled over the past 50 years of its independence.

    With the feeble administration of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi teetering on the verge of implosion and collapse, Malaysians are preparing themselves for the worst to come. Since 2004, Malaysia has in fact been running on autopilot, a point made clear to me by a European diplomat who once asked me, “Is anyone running this country and does Badawi even know what is going on?”

    Cocooned from the realities of a society that has experienced large-scale and even traumatic changes, the Badawi government proved itself to be totally dislocated and clueless over what was happening.

    In time, historians like myself will have to take up our pens and write the political obituary of Prime Minister Badawi. The portrait will not be a pretty one: While this ‘man of the people’ was surrounded by a closed circle of relatives and family friends who were his confidants, Badawi seemed totally oblivious to the fate of millions of ordinary Malaysians who had to endure five years of his lacklustre non-leadership.

    Badawi claimed to be the ‘Prime Minister of all Malaysians’, but showed scant concern for the plight of dozens of Hindu temples that were being demolished in the country. And when Malaysia’s Hindu community begged and pleaded for his intervention to save their cherished places of worship, this ‘leader of all Malaysians’ chose to look the other way and was cowed into submission by the more vocal, communitarian and sectarian bigots of his own right-wing ethno-nationalist party.

    Time and again, Badawi could and should have done the right thing to control the extremists in the ranks of his own party. But he chose instead to let them play to the gallery to shore up his own flaccid personality and lagging popularity. On two occasions — at his UMNO party’s general assembly — the leader of the Youth Wing of UMNO brandished a weapon in public while professing that the Malays were the community that deserved a special position and privileges in Malaysia.

    Such hotheaded right-wing rants are befit for a demagogue of a fascist party, but once again Badawi did nothing to curb the excesses of the extremists of his own party UMNO.

    The most recent outrage came when yet another UMNO leader — Ahmad Ismail — caused a ruckus in the state of Penang when he and his followers openly threatened and insulted Malaysians of non-Malay origin at a press conference. In a statement calculated to inflame tempers, the UMNO members called on the Malays to unite and warned the Malaysian Chinese community not to behave like American Jews. A photo of a Malaysian Chinese politician was torn, and tempers flared as expected.

    Again, the Malaysian public is asking: What is Badawi going to do?

    For decades, Malaysians of all walks of life have had to live by the propaganda of the UMNO party and the coalition it has led. Malaysians have been warned about the dangers of communism, socialism, class-based workers and student movements; and even taught to fear a free and independent media. Yet the vile and poisonous racist outbursts that have emanated and echoed across the corridors of power in the country have by and large come from UMNO and its band of vociferous sabre-rattling leaders, whose only recourse to an intelligent argument has been vile racist remarks, sexist jokes and abuse.

    How many times must Malaysians have to tolerate this party whose leaders and members remain the most brazen and vocally racist in the country? And how much longer do Malaysians have to wait before the present prime minister, whose impotence and inability to act and speak decisively has been one of the root causes of Malaysia’s social fragmentation?

    It is doubly ironic that Ahmad Ismail’s racist remarks came just as the fasting month of Ramazan was beginning. This, being a holy month where patience and forbearance are lauded above all, made the timing of his press conference and abusive remarks all the more pointed and bitter.

    At the rate things are going in Malaysia — Malaysia’s Central Bank has reported a capital flight of 1.1 Billion US dollars in August alone — the fall of Badawi and the UMNO-led government may come sooner than later. Historians will no doubt have ample time to write and ruminate about the manifold failings of Badawi, but his fall will serve as a benchmark in the country’s history as it signifies the moment when Malaysians have had enough of the most ineffective governance the country has had for five decades, and were willing to accept anything else instead, whatever the cost.

    Dr Farish A Noor is Affiliated Professor at Universitas Muhamadiyah Surakarta, Indonesia

  12. sure there no flip flop this time?

  13. Wei PM Abdullah, do your work la. Why go on leave now when the economy is so bad. Leaving in a disgrace due to UMNO but dun la leave Malaysia rudderless ...

    Waste of my taxpayer money

  14. Anonymous7:11 pm

    What is certain is that he will not be President of UMNO by end March 2008. He has no position in the party to hand over.

    Will he remain the PM until March next year is a big question. The parliament will meet next week. There are people within UMNO who are not happy with the way party election is conducted might just decide that there is no point remaining in the party if they are not able to make a change through the party, but able to do so in the parliament. There is no restriction in the parliament that MPs must vote for the party when the question of confidence of the PM is discussed. So for the first time, opposition parties MPs in the parliament might be able to play a role in the selection of the PM following the intended departure of AAB.

    AAB has indicated that he would take leave for two months before March 2008, assuming that he is still PM. That means he will have only three months as lame duck PM. It is certainly better that the period of lameduckness be as short as possible. As AAB has left no legacy he might be able to create one if he chooses to change the system of nominating PM to electing PM for once in the Malaysian history. He should therefore request the Speaker of the House to arrange for a vote so that he can resign his position according to the provision under article 43 (4).

  15. Brader,

    Whoever the successor must repair the damage done. Firm but fair.

  16. Anonymous7:42 pm

    Why wait till March,,,pergilah sekarang,,lagi cepat lagi senang orang lain bole buat kerja,,!!!! Give him another six months so that ramai rakyat bole beri Cenderahati,,!!!

    Rakyat terlalu banyak suffer under your Administration,,,NOW look at our economy,,,lagi terok adalah,,!!With the world finincial crisis,,Malaysia bole bancrupt macam Ireland,,,!!!

    Malaysian Citizen ta'payah sedih,,bukan kita untung semasa he's in power,,,,,Biaq pi cuti and dont come back,,,!!!!


  17. Anonymous7:49 pm

    So, Who's Next?

    ps:hopefully ali ketam can win the Deputy Post in UMNO..hehe

  18. Anonymous8:05 pm

    "I don't want a divided UMNO". - Pak Lah.

    Walk the talk and ask your son-in-law to withdraw from the contest as head of UMNO youth.

  19. Anonymous8:09 pm

    AAB....gud luck! Anyway, i respect your decision does not want to contest!!

    (Anon from Kedah)

  20. Anonymous8:18 pm

    Kepada semua pembaca blog ini

    To Pak Lah
    Terimakasih mejadi PM bagi 4 tahun terawal yang penuh harapan tapi palsu dengan kenyataan. 4 tahun seterusnya YAB menjadi PM Malaysia paling teruk dari segi prestasi kerja.

    Seterusnya yang patut berundur: Samy Velu.
    Masyarakat India perlu pemimpin yang dinamik dalm masyarakat majuk harmoni Malaysia.

    Syahbandar (generasi akan datang Malaysia)

  21. Salam Tuan,

    Berita yang amat sedih di terima.. sama ada esok orang akan bersuka ria kemungkinan minyak akan turun lagi atau orang akan sedih dan terharu dengan pengumuman Pak Lah ni... apa pun... selamat sejahtera buat PM kita yang ke-5..

    Tetapi heran kenapa kata Paklah Ni kesinambungan dari Perdana Menteri yang Ke-2? apa persamaannya? mungkin kerana perletakkan jawatan? atau tidak bertanding???

    Salam mesra,

  22. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Pak Lah still think he's a gomen servant..

    He will only hand over resignation letter in December after BONUS payment..hehe.

  23. ok la tu pak lah nak berenti... cuti cuti tu kira lain la cerita la... toksah la membabi buta mengkritik ..


  24. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I'm not assured. He is a flip flop. So, how is this decision different from the rest?

    I'll wait for that day.

  25. That son of a gun....balless...liar ...unproductive...sleepy...cannot even do one good thing in his life for Malaysians.
    He should shame UMNO by not stepping down...and give UMNO..a dose of democratic rights to those sly foxes...Supreme Council members.
    He should let them vote him out...exposing what type of two timers...most of them moment...all support moment..agreed with Mahathir.....all in the name of good for the party.....which to good for the country as well.
    No no no..everything they do for selfish benefits.
    In the history of our country....Dollah will be known as the... spineless...good for nothing PM...even though he sad he is doing that unite the party.
    Actually he is doing save his own an idiot.
    He has the chance to make ALL those against him...loose face too...but let it go.

  26. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Finally the man used his small brain. A light weight with no bolas. Better off as a school teacher.
    Now we have to deal with the Najib nitwit. Dumb and dumber. Again no bolas.


  27. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Why wait till March? Today is a good day to step down Pak Lah! Maybe he is letting Najib to prepare a very big send offs. Good bye Pak Lah....

  28. Anonymous9:46 pm

    After all the corridors, eventually he found the exit.
    A poor but, rich confusing man.
    Let it be.


  29. Anonymous10:11 pm

    memang la prime media lambat sikit flash pengumuman pak lah tu kerana tunggu sidang media rasmi.

    malaysia kini flash awal masa dengan memetik sumber,

    tak kan pengumuman penting sebegini kena pakai sumber,

  30. Anonymous10:21 pm

    In this respect, Pak Lah is better than Mahathir. Mahathir always liked to stay on and in the process UMNO split twice (Semangat 46 and PKR). Pak Lah served as PM for only 5 yrs, almost the same as Tun Razak and Hussein Onn, but Mahathir's is more than 4 times longer.

    frm: observer

  31. Mister Rocky

    Knowing Pak Lah track record, he will change his mind and continue bidding for Prime Minister-ship at the 11th hour.

    Even Tun Mahathir dare not take Pak Lah words, word-for-word.

    Who is Pak Lah want to kid???

  32. Mister Rocky

    Knowing Pak Lah track record, he will change his mind and continue bidding for Prime Minister-ship at the 11th hour.

    Even Tun Mahathir dare not take Pak Lah words, word-for-word.

    Who is Pak Lah want to kid???

  33. Mister Rocky

    Knowing Pak Lah track record, he will change his mind and continue bidding for Prime Minister-ship at the 11th hour.

    Even Tun Mahathir dare not take Pak Lah words, word-for-word.

    Who is Pak Lah want to kid???

  34. Anonymous10:22 pm

    In this respect, Pak Lah is better than Mahathir. Mahathir always liked to stay on and in the process UMNO split twice (Semangat 46 and PKR). Pak Lah served as PM for only 5 yrs, almost the same as Tun Razak and Hussein Onn, but Mahathir's is more than 4 times longer.

    frm: observer

  35. Anonymous10:23 pm

    best news ever. leaving cause not wanting a divided UMNo and nation. He should have said and done long ago, then I can accept his parting words with sincerity. For now, just go, go far away and bring along the 'carcass' you left behind

  36. Mister Rocky

    Knowing Pak Lah track record, he will change his mind and continue bidding for Prime Minister-ship at the 11th hour.

    Even Tun Mahathir dare not take Pak Lah words, word-for-word.

    Who is Pak Lah want to kid???

  37. Anonymous10:28 pm

    For the sake of Agama, Bangsa dan Negara i hereby Salute you Pak Lah.

    to Bang Nuar,

    Bila nak Taubat, ingat ye T.A.U.B.A.T bukan nya TAU BUAT benda tu.......

  38. Syukur Alhamdullilah. Fantastic news, Pm finally did finally honor his words. The next phase begins – to nail SIL, the so called prince of darkness, to his tomb and the son from meddling in the country’s coffers. No two ways about it, SIL is a sham and has done so much damage to UMNO and BN; he is not wanted by the masses and he should exile himself to Oxford together with his family. UMNO delegates should reject him from the post of Youth leader for the sake of the party and nation.

  39. ROCK...apa cerita Akramsyah about Hardev Kaur being part of the new level-4 and also having strong links with Singapore??!!

    Aren't you ganna write anything about it, especially itu Makcik being your ex-boss??!!!

  40. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    To Pak Lah 'Adios Amigo'.

    Personally I dont think its the final chapter for UMNO though. UMNO & BN will lick their wounds and should be back alive & kicking soon. There are enough good men in there to lock horns with the likes of Anwar & co. TDM must be roped in as his service is still needed.

    I'm a fence sitter and I believe the BN model is still relevent. Forget about the other models, they 're all rubbish in our multi-racial country.

    Scholl Bro.

  41. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Bro, when he took over as PM, i was so happy for him albeit for a short while. Now i must admit that Paklah is indeed a gentleman politician for admitting his mistakes when deciding to step down. He was magnanimous in accepting responsibility. Thank you Paklah for every good things you did in office. Good luck and Selamat Hari Raya. MAAF ZAHIR BATIN

  42. Anonymous11:09 pm

    So now, how does that figure for rank n file stuff like us in NSTP?
    Do we get a new boss? New bosses? Does the paper go back to the glorious broadsheet with niche readership it once was? When? How soon?

  43. bro,

    dato Najib have to clean up the mess asap . our nation need a strong no nonsense leader like LKY .

    rehabilate the main stream media especially NST and TV 3.

  44. Perhaps time is needed in consideration to possible impacts to our economy. Besides, a country is not merely about politics.

  45. Anonymous1:25 am

    Minta laluan - ada sesiapa tak yang memberi komen di blogg anwar dengan nada anti atau kritikal kepadanya. apakah tulisan itu akan disiarkan ??

    Saya telah melakukan beberapa kali tetapi tidak pernah disiarkan, mungkin saya 'bias' tetapi cubalah di sana..


  46. Anonymous1:28 am

    i kinda feel bad for him


  47. Anon,

    It is easy for malaysiakini to publish anything very quickly without having to wait for any confirmation. Furthermore, being a web based news portal, it can skip so many rules and regulation. Any errors could be immediately rectified. As for the mainstream, once they flash the news to the public, they cannot take it back. Like the saying that goes "Terlajak perahu boleh ditarik, terlajak kata buruk padahnya". Biar lambat asal selamat. Why need to hurry things?

  48. Anonymous1:59 am what are u gonna blog about...cannot blog bout nst or kali, now nothing to blog bout dollah.... oh i know..kj is still around.

  49. I believe Rocky must be happy with Pak Lah's announcement. But for me it is quite unfortunate as his successor is someone who has been surrounded by thick cloud full of corruption, murder and womanising.
    He has done nothing but evading all these accusations.

  50. Anonymous2:22 am

    apa khabar Hishamuddin Aun.

  51. Anonymous3:54 am

    apa kah kalimulah will comeback to JUAL MURAH in penang road?

    in this case che det still the record holder

    dia akan tinggalkan kita dalam keadaan ekonomi yang cukup teruk, dan sesiapa yang menggantinya terpaksa mencuci segala taik-taik..

  52. Anonymous4:49 am

    ''Good f___g riddance''..that's what i say, 2 months leave, tons to do....sound like a personal quest, maybe holiday in Turkey?

    joe bloggs

  53. Lu bagi je gua dua juta. Nanti gua jadi superhero. Dua juta akan tukarkan gua jadi superhero.

    Oh ya. Komen ini ditulis menggunakan Blackberry murahan yang pakai OS mahal.

    Blackberry murah + OS mahal = pandai.

  54. Anonymous5:09 am

    I see him as someone who is paying for mahathir's mistakes...


  55. Anonymous5:58 am

    Hi Rocks..

    Oh No, here we go again...

  56. Pengumuman Dolah untuk tidak mempertahankan jawatan Presiden bukanlah sesuatu yang total di dalam demokrasi... banyak perkara seperti U Turn, No Turn, Y Turn hatta No Entry pun boleh di putarbalikkan atau seperti boomerang.

    Ia merupakan paluan gendang untuk si pahlawan dan juak juaknya turun padang menunjukkan badan dan kekuatan. Siapa yang kena serang, siapa yang menyerang, siapa yang bawa guni kosong, siapa yang bawa karung emas dan berlian. Pada masa itu si penyangak dan si pahlawan sudah seakan sama 'hensem'nya dan sukar dikenalpasti.

  57. Anonymous8:31 am

    I received the news much earlier than MKINI through The Star's short messaging system.


  58. Anonymous8:32 am

    im not sure if this is a good thing or bad? when he leaves, we will have Najib as the that good?

    rakyat biasa

  59. pak lah not contesting is bad news for the opposition and good news for UMNO and BN.

  60. The man is stepping down FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

    He may have fumbled and mumbled along the way (which some of the commenters here do rather well too)but he is giving way to a new leadership for UMNO and BN and for the nation.

    He admits to his shortcomings as a leader and this I see as EARNEST and HONOURABLE - which is what a leader of Pak Lah's GOODNESS deserves! He deserves to go with DIGNITY!

    He is certainly not the rebel rousing, manipulatively diabolical, wheeling and dealing Malaysian that some of you support and want want as political and media leaders!

    And I have faith that history will not judge Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as harshly as Farish Nor who writes in the flush and fervour of current political happenings.

    History has a way of moderating/ modulating events and their players in retrospect. History is more respectful of their significance and contributions to the nation.

    Pak Lah may not be the smartest, most effective and dynamic of Malaysia's Prime Ministers but you cannot carelessly and callously dismiss his premiership.

    He came, he saw but did not conquer!

    But how many of us can can say that we have done as much for our country!

    Hey - cakap memang senang; mengkritik lagi senang!

    Tapi cuba bikinlah!

    Ask yourself how each of you in your community, in your residential area can contribute to nation building; to promote interracial harmony; to help the underprivileged; to fight crime and corruption! Start a programme or project at your level!

    We can't depend on politicians to keep the good that remains among the people of Malaysia. A lot remains but this has to be nurtured and preserved for posterity!

    CIVIL SOCIETY - YOU and ME must do our BIT and taken all together this will amount to a LOT!


    salam hari raya kepada semua

  61. In reality the ‘powers’ which direct this political drama are none other than the national and the multinational capitalists. The former, mainly comprised of the Malay capitalists and the political elite who have been groomed by crony capitalism, support protectionist economic measures such as the New Economy Policy (NEP), a four-decade-old affirmative-action programme favouring the predominant Malay community. The latter is pushing for a level playing field in winning opportunities to get a share in the Malaysian economic cake. This is only possible if the special advantages accorded through the government’s policies to the Malay capitalists, as well as the Government-linked companies (GLCs), are dismantled. In order to avoid this, the Malay capitalists and political elites are going all out to safeguard their interests by supporting UMNO/BN. Meanwhile, the multinationals and ultra free-market apologists, especially in the Middle East, the US and Europe, are supporting Anwar Ibrahim’s ‘New Economic Agenda’, which promises economic liberalisation and competition in the natural resource-rich economy of Malaysia.

  62. Anonymous9:37 am

    Syuhur alhamdulillah..
    Keputusan pak lah untuk berundur adalah tepat. Samada umno akan lebih berkesan untuk berkhidmat untuk rakyat, hanya tunggu dan lihat sahaja dalam tempoh 4 thn lagi sebelum PRU13. Tapi yang semestinya usaha pakatan rakyat untuk jadi kerajaan akan terbantut atau lebih teruk lg musnah. Ahli2 umno akan bersatu kembali seperti dulu. Nampaknya thn depan khairi akan menangisla huhu. Pak mertua dah takde kuasa. Tough luck bro. haha
    Kalau boleh menjadi hasrat sy supaya umno & pas berkerjasama untuk kebajikan orang2 islam malaysia.

    Pas for All!

  63. Anonymous10:19 am

    Kalimullah will migrate. Abandon the country and declare he is an Indian (when robbing the country, literarlly, use Malay quota).

    Sit somewhere in a restaurant in Australia or London and write about his children as if his love for the country was supreme.

    He was just a pariah reporter, third class reporter. Now he will remain a pariah with little bit of money from the loot.

  64. Anonymous10:26 am

    lazerjuan 10:42 PM

    Hardev Kaur has "strong links with Singapore"???

    Do tell what secret info you are privy to.

    Anyways, what's the problem having "strong links with Singapore"? Is it better to have 'strong links" with, say, Indonesia, China or India? Or with the OIC or the GCC?

  65. What is certain is that Pak Lah will handover his premiership to Najib by March next year. This is a done deal. Let's move on. Who should be the Deputy PM should not be of concern here. Let the grassroots decide for themselves.

    The urgency now is to be fully committed, disciplined and seriously focused on what is going to happen to this country's economy with the onslaught of the global financial crisis. It is not good enough to declare that the country's strong fundamentals will weather the global crisis. Nobody knows how deep is the problem and where and when it is going to end. Certainly this will be much much worse than the 1997 financial crisis. The economic impact will be titanic.

    The only plus point for Malaysia is that the political uncertainty has been resolved. We thank Pak Lah for his sacrifice. He loves the country and party more than his personal glory.


  67. Dear Bro,

    Ppl now is questioning Najib either he is ok or not...well give him a chance becoz seriously bro, Pak Lah (nice guy but no leadership quality to lead a nation). Ketua kampung boleh worth to try Najib, if his is still a failure than we can show a vote during the GE 13.

    So to Anwar supporter make sure u maintain ur momentum to defeat BN in next election if you still want PR as a government. So far, what i seen there is no progress in the PR states except slow administration and talk kok.

  68. Anonymous12:04 pm

    kluangman/anon 1.25AM said

    Minta laluan - ada sesiapa tak yang memberi komen di blogg anwar dengan nada anti atau kritikal kepadanya. apakah tulisan itu akan disiarkan ??

    Saya telah melakukan beberapa kali tetapi tidak pernah disiarkan, mungkin saya 'bias' tetapi cubalah di sana..

    En kluangman,

    Awak pun dh kena ek.....saya pun pernah bagi komen yg pedas kat blog pemimpin PKR tapi hampas nak keluarkan....tu pasal kalau korang tgk komen kat blog depa (esp Teresa Kok, Loh Gwo Burne) semua yg puji melangit....perangai macam setan pun dipuji..ada logik ka?..Saya pernah try nak register utk komen kat blog lim kit siang berkali2 tak berjaya..kat blog chedet kejap je dah ada akaun


    BTW, eloklak Pak Lah dah nak cabut....harapnya takde udang sebalik meee

  69. Anonymous12:18 pm

    na na na na hey hey gooooddbyyeeee

  70. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Finally the Emperor realised he has no cloth on him.Reminder to the Crown Prince to.

    Mat Kemboja

  71. Thank you Pak Lah for making such decision. I think this will be the most remarkable and popular decision you made in your lifetime career. I appreciated and respected your decision. Our battle end here. Good luck for your future undertakings.

  72. @jrajster 2:17 AM
    Yes, I harbour the same thoughts and feelings as you.
    It's good that Badawi has finally announced that he's going away (and should have left as soon as possible too instead of hanging around like the useless bum that he is).

    But Najib being the PM??
    What's so attractive about his guy? Is Umno so poor in quality that someone of Najib's dubious `qualifications' and record could be number one?

    BTW; I'm also unhappy with the other dubious quality of people offering themselves for the top posts - people like Panglima Annuar Musa wanting to be vice-president. Sigh...

    I'm sticking with PAS, PKR and Pakatan.
    Knights in rusty armour - Coming to Umno's rescue?

  73. Anonymous1:13 pm

    History will remember Abdullah as, primarily, a do-nothing prime minister. He promised lots of things but accomplished zilch. It has been 5 painful years. I am glad he is leaving and don't feel sorry for him. He said he believes in freedom and liberty but his people tightly control the media. Sayonara Pak Lah.

    Anak Pala Bataih.

  74. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Err. why does our hero need 2 months leave when hes gonna be on permanent vacation after March.

    Sleepyhead Malas!

  75. When a leader lose control, it's time to leave. i don't think anyone can accept any more excuses.

  76. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Give him a break guys. Even if you want to resign from a company, you give three months (might be less or more) notice with a proper handover. Being a PM is no exception.

  77. I actually feel some sympathy for Pak Lah at the way he was tarred, feathered and kicked out unceremoniously...much of the damage was pre-existing rot, patronage and corruption in the BN and UMNO only magnified by his weakness and opportunists.

    Don't blame only one party.

  78. Anonymous2:11 pm

    look, at least he quits!

  79. Anonymous2:15 pm

    justmy2SEN said...
    kluangman/anon 1.25AM said

    Minta laluan - ada sesiapa tak yang memberi komen di blogg anwar dengan nada anti atau kritikal kepadanya. apakah tulisan itu akan disiarkan ??

    Saya telah melakukan beberapa kali tetapi tidak pernah disiarkan, mungkin saya 'bias' tetapi cubalah di sana..

    En kluangman,

    Awak pun dh kena ek.....saya pun pernah bagi komen yg pedas kat blog pemimpin PKR tapi hampas nak keluarkan....tu pasal kalau korang tgk komen kat blog depa (esp Teresa Kok, Loh Gwo Burne) semua yg puji melangit....perangai macam setan pun dipuji..ada logik ka?..Saya pernah try nak register utk komen kat blog lim kit siang berkali2 tak berjaya..kat blog chedet kejap je dah ada akaun


    BTW, eloklak Pak Lah dah nak cabut....harapnya takde udang sebalik meee


    ha ah, aku pun kena jugak, berbelas gak comment aku post, tapi dalam 20% je approve..
    kata suara rakyat la.. demokrasi la.. apa l*&^%u!!! tapi la ni org pun dah kurang bagi comment kat blog Pak Nuar... Dah boring kot.. kot ada komen pun nearly 50% against him..

    blog chedet aku bagi kritikan, racist pun ada.. tapi lepas je.. rileks je chedet yang org cakap mahazalim dan melarang kebebasan bersuara tu..

    Anyway.. Syabas dan lega kpd Pak Lah yang tak pertahankan jawatan Presiden UMNO.
    Terima Kasih Pak Lah yang telah menjalankan tugas mentadbir negara.

    P/S : Harap TSMY declare bertanding jawatan presiden.

  80. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Apa pun...Pak Lah tetap juga seorang pemimpin yang bagus.....

  81. Rosmah Bakal Perdana Menteri Malaysia? – Bahagian Satu: Belanja Lumayan, Anak Suami Tak Dilayan

    Sebelum rakyat dan ahli-ahli UMNO memberi sokongan kepada Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak sebagai Presiden Parti dan Perdana Menteri negara, wajarlah tingkahlaku dan dosa anak Perdana Menteri kedua Malaysia ini diselidiki sepenuhnya. Tolak ketepi dahulu kebarangkalian pengbabitannya dengan pembunuhan ngeri Altantuya Sharibuu yang mengaibkan kerajaan Malaysia di mata dunia. Imbasan ringkas sejarah busuk Najib dan isterinya Rosmah sudah cukup untuk mengajar kita betapa bahaya parti dan negara jatuh ke tangan gandingan suami-isteri (atau lebih sesuai, ISTERI-suami) ini.

    Belum sempat keperitan hati keluarga mangsa-mangsa Helikopter Nuri diubati, kronisme dan nepotisme Najib-Rosmah terserlah dengan penggantian Nuri dengan Eurocopter, meskipun ia merupakan model paling mahal sejauh 25% dan tidak diuji medan perang. Mengapa Najib sewaktu menjadi Menteri Pertahanan sekian lama enggan memeterai perjanjian untuk Sikorsky Blackhawk yang jauh lebih murah dan mempunyai rekod cemerlang di zon-zon perang?

    Jawapannya datang dalam bentuk seorang adik bernama Nazim Razak yang muncul berkecimpung dalam isu-isu pertahanan negara sungguhpun merupakan seorang arkitek. Dengan rangkaian luasnya dengan pencipta-pencipta Eurocopter, Nazimlah sebenarnya yang menandatangani perjanjian Eurocopter sekaligus meraih komisen besar sewaktu rakyat Malaysia sibuk memikirkan kos sara hidup yang kian meningkat.

    Yang cukup membimbangkan kita, sebenarnya bukan Najib yang berkomplot langsung dengan adiknya Nazim dalam hal Eurocopter ini. Tetapi isterinya Rosmah, yang berkelakuan seperti wanita sihir atau "witch" dalam cerita kanak-kanak Inggeris! Rosmah cukup bijak; wanita durjana ini menghabiskan wang yang diberi Nazim, untuk bersuka ria di London. Siapa tak kenal Rosmah dan perangai borosnya itu di negara perantauan. Dalam satu kes, cukai-tambah-nilai sahaja dilaporkan oleh penguatkuasa di England sebanyak 50, 000 pound (sekitar RM350 000)! Jika cukainya yang tak sampai 20% pun sudah bernilai RM350 ribu bayangkanlah berapa tinggi nilai sebenar perbelanjaannya.

    Tak cukup lagi dengan keborosan di kedai-kedai mewah di London, Rosmah juga menghabiskan RM 500 ribu untuk pembedahan plastik dan botox di London tahun lepas. Jika tak percaya, lihat sajalah wajah wanita sihir itu dulu dan sekarang; mustahil cukup tempe di Malaysia ini!

    Mungkin sikap Rosmah ini tidaklah memeranjatkan, jika kita lihat sejarahnya yang lampau. Sudahlah mencuri suami orang (Najib pada awalnya berkahwin dengan Tunku Puteri), Rosmah cuba sedaya upaya menghalang Najib untuk menghadiri majlis akad nikah anaknya sewaktu bersama Tunku Puteri, Nizar Najib bersama anak usahawan mahsyur dan bekas Exco Wanita UMNO Malaysia Dato' Maznah Hamid. Kuatnya pengaruh Rosmah ke atas suaminya, Najib hampir-hampir akur dengan saranan Rosmah untuk tidak ke majlis tersebut.

    Setakat ini sahaja bahagian satu siri Rosmah Bakal Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Tiga isu yang dikupas setakat ini:

    1) Perjanjian kronisme Eurocopter yang menguntungkan Rosmah
    2) Perbelanjaan lumayan Rosmah di London (wang rakyat!!)
    3) "Queen Control" hinggakan perkahwinan anak sah Najib pun tidak direstui

  82. Karpal Singh & Lim Guan Eng

    Both of you are Malaysia’s biggest hypocrite ever; there’s no bigger around!!!

    For months both of you and your friends were parading ‘Saint Anwar’ throughout the nation as the Malaysia’s-Prime Minister’s-In-Waiting, and threatening to oust PM Badawi from his post.

    Yet today, you got the brain to make a statement on how sad you are that he is resigning not on his own free will???

    What lots of rubbish is that? You can be a moron, but how low can you go?

    Both of you are the worst scumbags I have ever encountered all my life. You guys are a real disgrace to all Malaysian. A real bloody fake!!

    God!!! How the hell you guys sleeps at night???#@%!#\

  83. Anonymous4:15 pm

    PM may declare an early General Election prior March 2009!

  84. Anonymous4:20 pm

    Why would anyone want to take 2 months vacation just before retirement? After all, he's going to be on vacation for the rest of his remaining 10+- years!!

    I seriously hope this vacation that he is taking is not going to be yet another "Tajaan Rakyat" >:(

  85. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Good riddance to bad rubbish lah, bro...


  86. I respect his wise decision making. But 2 months or 3 months leave doesn't make any difference any more. It's gonna be future history.

  87. Anonymous5:23 pm

    To Patriot Selatan....bodoh le lu ni...kalau Pak Lah nak berenti..berenti le terus! Ni apahal plak nak tunggu sampai March '09....kununnya banyak kerja nak abiskan...lepas tu nak cuti pulak 2 bulan..apa citer...mungkin sempat lagi nak songlap apa yang patut le tu!! Bodohnya mamat patriot utara...ooops selatan ni!! He...he...

    Patriot Utara

  88. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Mat Taib as second man ? SHOCKING...


  89. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Yang pasti, kuranglah dosa rakyat Malaysia yang berhati busuk mengata dan memfitnahnya..May God bless you all..

  90. Anonymous9:12 pm

    So finally he can snooze in privacy and so we hope ABB won’t 'Sleep On' his last promises again this time on fast-track mode to accomplished what he could not do for 2 terms.
    Will we be left with a 'Dream On' hope again if he flops on his promised.

    One thing for sure is PM didn’t leave behind a Dream Team, more a Dreadful Team! See 'Finally He can Snooze in Private'

  91. How do we want to remember Abdullah Badawi as the PM of Malaysia?

  92. Anonymous10:30 pm

    All I have to say:

    Dont need to wait, get lost now! No one needs you till March!

  93. Anonymous1:02 am

    Reject Leaders Who Do Not Respect Country's Rakyat
    2008-10-09 15:04

    KUALA TERENGGANU: The Malaysian Rakyat Thursday (9 Oct) called on Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to reject any form of unruly behaviour towards the country's Rakyat.

    The Rakyat said they did not want such behaviour (such as leaders sulking and pouting like Beverly Hills 90210 actors) to become a norm because it could undermine unity and security of the country, including teddy bear sales.

    Citing as example the unruly incident at the Hari Raya open house of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and other Muslim cabinet ministers in Kuala Lumpur last Wednesday (1 Oct), where leaders conceitedly tried to brush off greeting members of the Rakyat simply because their t-shirts carried messages of support for detainees being held unjustly under the draconian ISA law. The Rakyat said such action could cause losses to the country.

    "If there are leaders with other motives, who don't understand the Malaysian culture of courtesy, are rude and don't respect the Rakyat, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak must reject them. This kind of action cannot become a norm," the Rakyat said.

    The Rakyat said the government held the open house (paid for by the Rakyat) to enable the leaders to meet and greet the Malaysian Rakyat who had graciously voted the leaders into parliament, without having to observe protocol.

    "Never in other countries can the leaders meet their Rakyat so easily. (But) this value of peace will be destroyed if certain leaders have other motives. This value of peace cannot be ignored," said the Rakyat.

    The Rakyat said that if such actions persisted, it might not be possible to practise the open house concept in future and that would be a loss, because leaders such as Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak would no longer get cards and teddy bears.

  94. Anonymous1:30 am

    Remember the Dahlan Zainuddin song? Here is a twist:

    Tinggal kekasih ku
    Jagalah dirimu
    Kau ku akan lupa
    Sehingganya akhir masa

    And here is the Jack Lalane song, with a twist:

    Its time to leave you,
    And say goodbye,
    These precious moments
    Just seem to fly
    And now
    Here's my wish for you
    May the Good Lord take
    And keep you.

  95. Anonymous1:45 am

    kj defacto pm, has land mine his people almost every strategy projects inc all money holes and corridors. Pls. oh pls, u still think Pak Lah can just abandon all these for umno unity. f*cK with malay or umno unity, there is no such thing, money unites them all.

  96. Anonymous2:23 am

    Is it really over...??! With Khairi still standing... is it really over??

  97. Someone said...Dollah should be left to resign with dignity.
    All these few months....after the 12th election...all he did was trying so hard to put fears...provocations ..apply please some UMNO politicians.
    Since Malaysians are so peaceful and fearless....his stunts did not work.
    Do you still want to leave this man to go with dignity?
    Now.lets lips perform.
    I guess...many goodies will come...starting with another 15 sen reduction on petrol for Malaysians...then arrest few more...then one goody will comer..and on and on...till coming 13th election.
    But there are bound to have huge Malaysians...once he apply to be more 'garang' than Dollah type of acting.
    All things been said...the future always depend on Anwar Ibrahim.
    Patience is the mother of virtue.

  98. Anonymous9:40 am

    TWO months leave.
    what kind of leave?
    come on LAH, you should know better, take a leave, YES final one and don't come back!

    jb banjir.

  99. Anonymous10:37 am

    you people still believe in what Pak Lah said. haiya.. just wait for the day. I bet he'll come out with lame excuses on why he withdraw his intention not to contest.

    -buzz lightyear-

  100. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Tan Sri Muhyiddin tawar diri jawatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO. Tahniah!! Teruskan perjuangan.

    Off topik sikit: Mat Taib Timbalan Presiden UMNO?...

    Semua orang UMNO apabila berhasrat bertanding sebarang jawatan di dalam parti selalu mengungkapkan alasan demi agama, bangsa dan negara bagi menjustifikasikan niat/tindakan mereka. Hampir tiada yang akan memberikan alasan demi untuk kemajuan karier peribadi. Di dalam perkara ini Tan Sri Mat Taib aka “Mike Tyson” harus dipuji kerana berterus terang seperti katanya ketika mengumumkan keputusan bertanding jawatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO iaitu beliau sudah banyak kali beliau mengambil peperiksaan SPM (bertanding Naib Presiden 1993, 1996, 2000, 2004) dan sudah tiba masanya untuk Ketua Penerangan UMNO ini mengambil peperiksaan STPM (bertanding jawatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO).

    Namun kewajaran Tan Sri Mat Taib bertanding nombor dua di dalam hierarki UMNO boleh dipertikaikan. Hakikat ini timbul apabila kita mengambil kira kepentingan negara, bangsa dan parti. Ini berpunca kepada fakta bahawa secara tradisinya sesiapa yang memegan jawatan ini akan juga secara tradisi dilantik sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri.

    Sememengnya jawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri bukanlah jawatan yang diwujudkan oleh Perlembagaan Persekutuan seperti mana jawatan Perdana Menteri yang tata cara perlantikannya telah dimaktubkan didalam perlembagaan negara yang merupakan undang-undang tertinggi malaysia. Jawatan TPM adalah jawatan yang wujud hasil konvensyen perlembagaan.

    Namun sejarah telah menyaksikan jawatan TPM berevolusi menjadi jawatan kedua paling penting selepas PM. Ini kerana mengikut tradisi UMNO individu yang memegang jawatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO akan juga memegang jawatan TPM dan mengikut tradisinya akan menggantikan Perdana Menteri apabila sesuatu terjadi kepada pemegang jawatan PM atau PM mengundur diri dari jawatan tersebut dan selaku Presiden UMNO.

    Tradisi ini telah dimulakan oleh Presiden UMNO kedua dan PM pertama negara iaitu Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman apabila beliau telah melantik Timbalan Presiden UMNO Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak memegang jawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri setelah beliau (Tunku) dilantik menjadi Perdana Menteri apabila negara merdeka pada tahun 1957. Konvensyen ini kemudiannya telah diterus dan perkukuhkan oleh Tun Razak apabila beliau melantik Allahyarham Tun Dr.Ismail sebagai TPM ketika mengambilalih jawatan PM daripad Tunku apabila Tunku bersara di dalam tahun 1970, Tun Dr.Ismail yang meninggal dunia pada tahun 1973 kemudiannya digantikan oleh Allahyarham Tun Hussein Onn.

    Apabila Tun Abdul Razak meninggal dunia pada tahun 1976 semasa masih memegang jawatan PM beliau digantikan oleh TPM Tun Hussein. Proses pewarisan ini telah berterusan semasa era Tun Dr.Mahathir dan Pak Lah.

    Mengikut Perlembagaan Persekutuan Perkara 43 Fasal 2 (a) seorang Perdana Menteri hendaklah dilantik dari kalangan ahli Dewan Rakyat. seorang ahli Dewan Negara (Senator) berkelayakan dilantik sebagai anggota Jemaah Menteri mahupun Timbalan Perdana Menteri tetapi seorang Senator tidak boleh sekali-kali mengikut Perlembagaan dilantik sebagai Perdana Menteri. Jika beliau ingin menjadi PM beliau harus meletakkan jawatan sebagai Ahli Dewan Negara dan bertanding di dalam pilihanraya kecil Parlimen dan memenanginya.

    Ditakdirkan Allah SWT YB.Senator Tan Sri Muhammad Taib menang jawatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO di dalam Perhimpunan Agong UMNO Mac 2009 maka beliau akan dilantik sebagai TPM mengikut tradisi UMNO, ini tidak menjadi masalah asalkan parti UMNO/BN masih berkuasa namun komplikasi dan krisis perlembagaan akan timbul jika (mohon dijauhkan Allah SWT) berlaku sesuatu yang tidak diingini kepada PM. Ketika itu bagaimana Tan Sri mat Taib hendak dilantik oleh yang sri Paduka Baginda Di Pertuan Agong sebagai PM kerana beliau bukan ahli Dewan Rakyat.

    Ya beliau boleh bertanding di dalam pilihanraya kecil Parlimen namun ketika ini hanya ada empat kerusi Parlimen yang masih dikuasai UMNO di negeri Selangor iaitu Parlimen Sabak Bernam, Tanjung Karang, Sungai Besar dan Sepang. Hari ini bagi Parlimen Tanjung Karang dan Sepang keduanya diwakili oleh Anggota Kabinet yang juga adalah ahli Majlis Tertinggi UMNO manakala bagi ahli parlimen Sungai Besar pula beliau adalah Timbalan Menteri adalah amat merugikan kepada parti jika beliau perlu meletak jawata. Hakikatnya hanya ada satu kerusi Parlimen yang dipegang oleh individu yang tidak memegang jawatan pentadbiran persekutuan iaitu ahli parlimen sabak Bernam.

    Namun Tan Sri Mat Taib adalah Ketua Umno Bahagian Kelana Jaya iaitu kawasan parlimen yang bermaoriti bukan Melayu. Ahli parlimen Kelana Jaya hari ini adalah dari parti pembangkang PKR. Jika diadakan pilihanraya umum untuk beliau bertanding agar membolehkannya dilantik menjadi Perdana Menteri jika sesuatu berlaku kepada PM bukan sahaja proses ini akan mengambil masa sekurang-kurangnya sebulan dari notis peletakkan jawatan salah seorang ahli parlimen dari UMNO Selangor yang ada (ahli yang meletakkan jawatan juga tidak boleh bertanding selama lima tahun) belum tentua lagi beliau akan menang di dalam iklim politik hari ini.

    Pada masa itu negara yang tidak mempunyai ketua kerajaan berkemungkinan akan berada dalam situasi kelam kabut. Alternatifnya adalah untuk melantik salah seorang dari enam Naib Presiden UMNO yang merupakan Ahli Parlimen untuk menjadi PM sementara atau melantik salah seorang pemimpin parti komponen BN yang mana paling kanan bermula dengan Presiden Parti MCA sebagai Perdana Menteri.

    Sudah tentu alternatif-alternatif ini kurang sesuai. Cara yang paling baik sebenarnya adalah bagi Tan Sri Mat Taib yang terkenal dengan kesetiaan kepada UMNO (beliau patuh kepada arahan Presiden untuk meletak jawatan sebagai Menteri Besar Selangor pada tahun 1997 dan bercuti dari semua jawatan parti ekoran terbabit dengan insiden bawa beg berisi wang akibat ketidakpandaian membaca borang berbahasa Inggeris di Australia, beliau tidak keluar parti dan berjuang di platform pembangkang sebaliknya menerima hukuman yang diberikan parti) meletakkan kepentingan negara serta parti di atas kepentingan peribadi dan mengundur diri dari bertanding jawatan Timbalan Presiden. Eloklah beliau menumpukan tenaganya untuk mengembalikan kekuatan UMNO Selangor dan menjadikannya sebagai kerajaan di negeri Selangor Darul Ehsan pasca PRU-13. Bukan beliau tidak layak untuk jawatan Timbalan Presiden namun keadaan menyebabkan beliau perlu untuk meletakkan prioriti beliau ditempat yang lebih hak iaitu utuk memperkasa UMNO Selangor selaku Pengerusi UMNO dan BN Selangor.

  101. Anonymous11:33 pm

    We're real bonks if we still harbouring hopes that he would be able to achieve something in the next 5 months after when he's got all the time in the world during his past 5 years of his tenureship but practically doing nothing.
    Look, his would be departure announcement was somewhat lacklusture, but in a jovial manner indicating that leaving the PM post is no big deal to him. I'm sure there is more to know on what actually transpired in the background. I don't know about you people but it is during his tenure that I was really feeling the pinch economically. As far as I'm concerned he is reckless on the suffering of the rakyat, and by right he should offer his apologies for the shortcomings of his reign.
    Sorry folks, I strongly feel that he is a useless bum.