Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today's the day, or is it?

Ah, Sept 16, at last!
Today is Malaysia Day.
Will it be Anwar Ibrahim's day?

Well, DSAI told thousands last night he would be meeting Abdullah Ahmad Badawi later (today?) to discuss the change of government. How confident is that?

General September 16, 2008 02:12 AM
Anwar Claims To Have Enough MPs To Form New Government

PETALING JAYA, Sept 15 (Bernama) -- Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim Monday night claimed that he had sufficient majority to form a new government.

He also claimed to have sent a letter to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Monday afternoon on the list of Barisan Nasional members of parliament who would cross over to Pakatan Rakyat.

However, Anwar who spoke before some 12,000 supporters at a 45th Malaysia Day celebration at the Petaling Jaya City Council Stadium in Kelana Jaya here, did not name the MPs involved.

Anwar, who is also the Opposition leader in parliament, said he would later be meeting the prime minister to discuss the change of government.

Happy Malaysia Day!


  1. Anonymous4:22 am

    Huh!!Sarcasm is the lowest form of humor. What you really mean to say is, "I couldn't care less because it won't happen"
    He is just Typical Rockey

  2. Anonymous4:29 am

    Tomorrow is D-Day 916

  3. Anonymous4:29 am

    let's wait and see,
    tengah suspense ni :)

  4. Anonymous5:30 am

    PKR (Parti Kelentong Rakyat) auta macam AAB, 2x5 ngok.

  5. Anonymous5:45 am

    these whole episode of anwar hushing-hushing about him forming a new government by 16 sept showed something is wrong with the current ruling people.

    some of them knew anwar from his days as ABIM members and they should know his game better.

    now that the new government is 'gone' now BN must start an overhaul to haul some dead meat in its line up.

  6. Anonymous5:47 am

    'Selamat Hari Malaysia" Who say 16 September never come. Good morning MALAYSIA. CHANGE for a better Malaysia.dh9753

  7. Anonymous6:15 am

    no matter what day..sooner or later it will..

  8. Anonymous6:28 am

    The day that Anwar become pee em... :))... tomorrow petrol will be free for the rakyat


  9. Anonymous6:48 am

    Confident? Or psychotic?

  10. Or it could just be a delaying tactic BECAUSE he doesn't really have what he claims to have. Suspected he'd do something like that. A bit disappointed that its still a one-sided claim even now, on D-Day.

  11. Anonymous7:59 am

    hahahah, mane dia gomen baru 16 sept tuh,... hahahha

  12. Anonymous8:13 am

    If Dollah refuses to meet Anwar, then DSAI must seek an audience with the King and send this slow learner to HIS home for retirement. I hope Badawi negotiates with DSAI on his exit foe his own good. Eveyone wants to overturn and overrun Dollah, so why not do it if you can?

  13. Ala why he need to see Pak Lah, transition plan kot...

    Anyway LKS will eventually become the acting future PM coz the future PM needs to go to the court on October or most prob there is a new Judge to drop the case.

    Anyhow...RPK will be released and become the De Facto Info Minister becoz of his skill in writing with Hishamudding Dung become the assistant to incharge TV program so that will be more Jemapoh movie and Punk band will be cover in tv after what he learnt most of yrs in UK.

  14. Anonymous8:36 am

    anwar, in your dream!!!!

    zamri bandar sunway semenyih

  15. Anonymous9:05 am

    Today's the day like Independent Day in the War of the Worlds. Like I believe in aliens. But I did stay up for DJI. Crude oil price plunged to USD92.11 a barrel, did our leaders announce petrol price reduction. Nope...they are transfix ed on the 916. DJI plunged 504.48 points. Are they concerned? Nope...they are still transfixed on 916. Wake up Leaders of Malaysia...do your economic and maths before all Malaysians suffer 'cos you fail statistics.


  16. 50 bucks says the fella is talking cock.

  17. Anonymous9:16 am


    Go and tell Anwar to grow up lah. Be a gentlemen la.

    Show us your real charismatic to get the real support from Malaysian, otherwise ANWAR IS JUST ANOTHER POLITICAL OPPORTUNIST

    I would like to see changes in our government, but not this ungentlemen way.

    Anwar is infact is much older than Malaysia and most of us - Malaysian voters.

    The fact is if he's able to form a government based on support from his co called kataks, it shows that Anwar charismatic is actually IN HIS COFFEE SHOP TALK

  18. We have come a long way now, it doesnt really matter DSAI can make it today (916),for the ground has already been shaken, and the change is brewing. I sincerely hope any change will only bring about betterment for the rakyat.

    By and large, Malaysians like me are confused, all we little people want is live in harmony, to cari makan and to ensure our children can call this country their home and not squattering in ghetto as claim by some quaters

  19. Anonymous9:21 am

    Today is Malaysia Day or National Day. Why does the government refuse to acknowledge it or declare it as Public Holiday?

  20. Rocky,

    Jut want to say that I like your grayed out pix.

    It has, ah, how shall I put it, *character*. :)

  21. Change or not, the point has been made. The BN led government is crumbling piece by piece. Look at UMNO, endless bickering, the same with some other component parties with crisis of their own. Oil is at USD94 a barrel, we are still paying through our nose for fuel. The rakyat is suffering day by day with worsened economic condition. Ask the business owners, everyone suffered slow down.

    We need a new government, the current one sucks.

  22. Anonymous9:51 am

    Hrm..i wonder there will be a new govt? What will happen then to these people?

    1)Pak Lah


    3)Anwar Ibrahim


    5)Saiful bontot ( is he really suits into the list?)

  23. I believe, we as a country should only celebrate 31 August as our independence day. Just like USA celebrate 4th of july as its independence day eventhough it was only the date of declaration of independence (july 4, 1776)by 13 colonies out of 50 states. the actual recognition of USA independence was only made on Spetember 3, 1783 when treaty of paris was signed. the original 13 colonies in actual fact were never ratified on july 4 1776 but at later date. the earliest state to ratified its admission into USA was Delawar which was made on december 7, 1787.


    Remember the story of Moses
    Who went up to Egypt's pharoah
    To request for "Let my people go!"
    So that no moss with sorrows flow

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 160908
    Tue. 16th Sept. 2008.

  25. Anonymous10:28 am


    Anwar for PM???? I would rather vote for a dog who will do his best to obey his master @ the voter for a piece of bone.

    Not another meriam buluh type of politician for me. Bising satu kampung tapi nyamuk aedes pun tak mati.

    Nyamuk aedes tak gila kuasa tapi bahaya beb kalau kena.

  26. Anonymous10:39 am

    Rocky, you are getting so lazy.

    Give us some decent analysis. Stop reposting news items that we can already read.

    Aren't you supposed to be a veteran journalist? Give us some meat. Tell us what you think. What we can expect.


  27. Anonymous10:42 am

    Change this bloody corrupted UMNO-BN government. Enough is enough.

    No to ISA.

  28. Anonymous10:59 am

    Sorry, off topic. Something new on your page... a sketch. Is it of you?

    Ever the curious cat

  29. Anonymous11:02 am

    Anwar is damn smart to throw the ball in BN's court. He says we want a peaceful transition so we are requesting for a meeting with Pak Lah about power transition today. Guess what would Pak lah say? ok, be my guest... you may take over Putrajaya... haha. So that ding donging would buy Anwar time and build further confidence for crossovers. So in a way he is not renegating on his promise by initiating this move on Sept 16...But truth is that, many do not even mind if it's today, next week, month or end of the year. But dont wait too long lah.. you may loose steam - Soni

  30. Husin Lempoyang has been giving live update at the Istana Negara since 12 last night.

    Stay tune ...on my blog

  31. hey rocks, ok this has totally nothing to do with the sept 16 hulabaloo. the pic on the sidebar is just to nice to be left unnoticed. aku nak buat satu. who's the artist la dei?

  32. Anonymous11:08 am

    No changes one

  33. Anonymous11:09 am

    Sept 16

    Did the government fall ?


    Did Pakatan Succed in taking Over ?


    Did we see changes ?


    Are we still stagnent ?

    YES !!!!!

  34. Anonymous11:09 am


    suruh anwar hentikan temberang!

    mati beranganlah hang anwar!


  35. Bro,

    How low can one go ? DSAI has been one desperados who will do anything to become the Prime Minister. His confidence and ability to convince the public is a class act. To his staunch supporters, he is a messiah who can do no evil.

    I welcome his role as the opposition leader in Parliment but to hijack the country through undemocratic means to be the Prime Minister is too much to digest. If that happens, it will only show how cheap and bankrupt our politicians are. They are worst that the prostitute and I am not surprise DSAI will sacrifice everything to get his way.

  36. Anonymous11:22 am

    Just wait and see what shall be written in Malaysia political history today ... Wali Kota

  37. Anonymous11:27 am


    Habis satu Malaya pada 16hb Sept telah di"liwati" oleh Anwar....

    Itupun ramai lagi yang percaya kat talam duapuluh muka ni.

    Baik aku dengar Gus Dur berucap, walaupun bengong tapi tak pandai menipu rakyat. Tu lah sebab dia tak lama jadi presiden.

  38. Anonymous11:29 am

    It will be wishful thinking to expect FLIP FLOP to take it lying down, he has too many baggage to just give up. It may take an act from the Agong to move this silly ass out of the way. But whatever it takes will be the greatest day for all Malaysians to totally remove UMNO from the government.
    Long live PR

  39. Anonymous11:31 am

    Cross over by MPs to the "dark side" are not ethical. The pple that voted that MPs has trusted the MPs to represent them and by crossing over they (MPs) have betrayed the pple. Should this happen, a new GE should be done.


  40. I would say Anwar has kept his promise.
    He has got the numbers and is ready to hand over the evidence to the PM.
    But the question is, will Abdullah step aside without a fight?
    Which means Anwar may have to approach the King and call for an emergency Parliament sitting.
    The fact is the process has begun!

  41. Anonymous11:49 am


    1. The first mega project of the new goverment is corrupting.

    2. The end justifies the mean-Machiavellian
    Practice corruption to fight the corrupted-A***risme

    3. Hey my reps 1 didnt get the money! Its ok, you, rhakyaat are the luckiest.


  42. Anonymous11:49 am

    macam nih punya pemimpin pun ada ka. nak tubuh gomen pun main discuss2. dulu main kejar2. bila la rakyat malayasia nak terus tenggelam dalam kepura2an brader nuar kite.

    lepas nih apa pulak alasan brader nuar. PM takut nak jumpa dia. Hampeh!! kita tengok sapa yang kena bila publish nama MP bn yang lompat katak!!

    - anak penang

  43. Anonymous11:54 am

    It is pleasing, to see the opposition leader has approached the change of govt, in a civilized and proper way. As long it is done within the frame work constitutionally and legal. The fixed date is immaterial, when the time comes, a gentlemanly transition, is expected by the rakyat.
    UMNO-BN administration, was given half a century to prove themselves, they have failed miserably...socially and economically. The majority of the rakyat, now, demand a change, the date is unimportant, so long change to a new govt is realized.

  44. Anonymous12:10 pm


    pantun untuk Anwar dan Dollah yang berasal dari Penang :

    Siakap senohong delama ikan duri,
    bercakap bohong, lama lama makan diri....

  45. Rome wasn't built in a day...maybe burned down in a day. He needs time to haggle with Pak Lah. We are talking about change in GOMEN THAT HAS BEEN HERE FOR 50 YEARS.

    Men always are real egoistical buggers, kan Rocky? Takes time to mengaku dah jatuh ke bumi.Apa lagi Perdana Menteri.

  46. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Happy Malaysia Day, bro and every Malaysian in Peninsular, Sabah & Sarawak.

  47. Anonymous12:19 pm


    bagi SODO MEE satu, jangan banyak minyak tau, garing punya.

  48. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Kalau dia konfiden, apa masalah kau Rocky? Kau sedih ke UMNO nak hancur, hero Mahadhey engkau takleh buat apa apa?

    Kalau dia ada nombor-nombornya, maka konfidenlah namanya.

    Engkau nak tau tak, betapa ramai sokongan rakyat Malaysia kat Pakatan Rakyat... pada masa sekarang, jauh lebih banyak daripada pilihanraya March 8.

    Aku sendiri bekas penyokong UMNO, tau tak?

  49. Anonymous12:48 pm

    YAHOO!another public holiday
    Hidup Malaysia


  50. Anonymous12:55 pm

    it was an inspiring & breathtaking nite... proud to be Malaysian if this is the preview of what lies ahead

    !916! !916! !916!

    this is the New Malaysia...

    !916! !916! !916!


  51. Anonymous1:06 pm

    please read the Borneo Post, Sunday edition,it explain the reason why Sabah and Sarawak given the autonomy especially on immigration. For those who are ignorance of the country history they should read the interview with Datuk James Wong,Sarawak veteran politician.
    Bob From Kuching

  52. Hi Brother Bru,

    Saudara adalah bekas wartawan. Dan masih wartawan. Wartawan mesti membuat analisis yg tajam dan tepat. Saya tak nampak anda berfikiran cetek. tp saudara nampak terlalu yakin terhadap Anwar. Mari kita bertaruh. Pemikiran siapa lebih tajam. Kalau Anwar boleh tubuh kerajaan esok, saya belanja saudara makan roti canai. Amacam???Saya percaya anda turut percaya bahawa nothing will happen 2 morrow. Klau tak ada perubahan kerajaan pada 16 sept, saudara belanja saya Bihun Goreng. Amacam??? Boleh? Percayalah...Besok Pak Lah still PM.

  53. Bro,
    Are We There Yet?

  54. Anonymous1:21 pm

    bro i don't think this will ever end. sick to read all this endless political madness. Too many politician going around and so no leader that we can rely on. What will happen to the future of this country, it look like we are moving backward, keep loosing our competitiveness, it will not be that long when we will be the next Myanmar.

  55. Anonymous1:27 pm

    BOYCOTT X999 all mamak stalls, ok !

  56. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Anwar, jangan memperdayakan rakyat lagi
    Oleh sham@spark

    Anwar Ibrahim hari ini mengumumkan bahawa besok adalah harinya, 16 September, dimana Pakatan Rakyat sudah mempunyai cukup mejoriti untuk menubuhkan Kerajaan Baru.

    Bagaimanapun Anwar yang berucap di hadapan kira-kira 12,000 penyokong di majlis sambutan Hari Malaysia ke-45 di Stadium Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya, di Kelana Jaya di sini Isnin malam, tidak mengenal pasti nama-nama mereka yang terlibat, malahan beliau gagal menampilkan MP BN yang mahu lompat parti.

    Sekali lagi kita menyaksikan sendiwara Anwar Ibrahim yang suka mempermain-mainkan minda rakyat.

    Beliau mendakwa pihaknya telah menghantar surat kepada Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi pada Isnin tengah hari untuk memaklumkan berhubung senarai jumlah Anggota Parlimen yang akan menyertai Pakatan Rakyat.

    Katanya lagi, Pakatan Rakyat boleh menduduki Putrajaya bila-bila masa tetapi beliau mahu melakukan peralihan parti secara aman kerana takut rakyat memberontak dan beliau masih belum habis berbincang dangan PM mengenai peralihan kuasa.

    Kalau benar sahih kata-kata Anwar itu sudah pasti Putrajaya milik Pakatan Rakyat sekarang ini, mustahil Pakatan Rakyat boleh membiarkan BN dengan sewenang-wenangnya berkuasa di Putrajaya sehingga hari ini. Baik sungguh lagak Anwar Ibrahim ini, pijak semut pun tak mati. Putrajaya sudah dalam gemgaman pun masih malu-malu nak menubuhkan kerajaan baru.

    Teringat kata Hj Hadi Awang, beliau pernah berkata, saya bukan ahli politik Mat Jenin dan saya, tak mahu berangan-angan macam Mat Jenin, baru nak panjat pokok kelapa dah berangan-angan. Patutlah Hj Hadi Awang dan Nik Aziz tidak turun pandang untuk merayakan hari Sambutan Malaysia bersama-sama Mat Jenin hari ini.

    Apakah Anwar Ibrahim akan menjadi Perdana Menteri? Tercapaikah cita cita beliau ataupun adakah ianya akan menjadi angan angan Mat Jenin? Kita tunggu dan lihat wayang Anwar seterusnya.

  57. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I have been reading your blog for quite sometimes now and, i must say that you are giving, a not-so-fair view on certain issues.

    Lets start with TDM comment on this

    .."Openly the Malays have not attacked Chinese racialism as manifested by their practical rejection of the use of the national language, their rejection of the national schools, their Malaysian Malaysia slogan."
    .. as highlighted by Patric.

    have your words.

    Regards, Walking Tall II

  58. The guns, cannons, missiles, rockets and whatnots are firmyly locked to DSAI. If he still cannot deliver by 12 midnight today then these the hell will broke loose.

  59. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Bulan Ramadhan lah

    Takkan DSAI menipu

  60. Anonymous2:57 pm

    to laki kaki wanita,

    DSAI mana pernah menipu? takpernah sepanjang hayat dia menipu tau! dia kan maksum!


  61. Anonymous5:33 pm

    i dont blame anwar for his 16 Sept claim. Leader need vision and remain practical and pragmatic. Remember Dr M introduced Vision 2020. Well at least he set the deadline for his follower. But so unfortunate that current UMNO does not have any deadline, well PM power transition by 2010, When is 2010. Will there be UMNO in 2010 & what clear steps are taken toward the transition when all from the top and grassroots are doing is filling up their shares. Stop Pak Lah, stop bad leader now, not tomorrow not 2010.

  62. Anonymous6:38 pm

    tunggu dan lihat sampai bilaaaaaaa?????????????

  63. Anonymous6:46 pm

    It is also the day that chedet.com overtakes this site.


  64. Anonymous8:53 pm

    OmiGod, seriously...there's that many people who actually believe that a conman can change a govt in a day? Jeez...i quess its true a sucker is born every minute. You've all been had. Left, right and center (and may i add delicately, behind too!) Truth be told, he's taking you guys for a ride...

  65. Anonymous11:37 pm


    you said "UMNO-BN administration, was given half a century to prove themselves, they have failed miserably...socially and economically". What on earth are you talking about?? i admit UMNO-BN might have done many mistakes (esp under the current leadership) but to say that they have failed us economically nd socially is just gross injustice.

    Have you been to other parts of the world? I say that, on average, Malaysians are so much better than people from many other countries. Sure, there are economically disadvantaged poeple but at the same time there are many others (from all walks of life) who have benefited from the country's previous economic growth. Surely you would have noticed this. Next time you go out shopping get yourself some perspectives.


  66. Brother Bru,

    16 September tak menjadi kenyataan. Hanya omongan kosong anwar. So...bila nak blanja saya makan bihun goreng???

  67. Anonymous9:14 am

    Always like to blame others and claimed himself as a good person.

    Sbb die..rakyat malaysia skrg dah berpecah..n lepas nie tak tau ape lagi yg die akan buat tuk puaskan diri sendri..Niat die cm nak bals dendam jer nie pasal kes 10 thn yg lepas. so..pikir2 lah sendri...

    ntah la