Monday, September 15, 2008

Malaysia Day party at Kelana Jaya tonight

Event: Malaysia Day
Venue: Kelana Jaya Stadium
Date/Time: 15 Sept/ 7 pm
Status: Legal (i.e. police permit secured)

Main Speakers: Lim Kit Siang, Ustaz Hadi Awang, and Pak Sheih Anwar Ibrahim

The do will start with buka puasa and followed by terawih prayers. All are welcomed. More details, here.
I am sure there will be speakers from Sabah and Sarawak tonight. Malaysia as we know it today was born because the two states decided to join the Federation of Malaya on 16/9/1963 (Singapore joined the same day but quit in 1965).


  1. Anonymous6:22 pm


    just cant hold myself to wait..

    what will anwar announce tonite?
    did pakatan already get 30 mps from barisan???

    or pakatan need another date for "peralihan"??
    I'll suggest 1st April 2009...

    it is monday, good day to start for new government..

  2. I wish I could join you but I'm up North...

    I know this time around the main issue will be ISA.

    Hoping that something will come out of this session...

  3. Rocky,
    RPK is said to be on hunger strike. If he doesn't stop he may suffer irreparable damage to his kidney. Read more at Harris' People's Parliament:

  4. Anonymous7:16 pm

    (heha) : singaporeans : " thank
    the mighty GOD & our leaders 4 we are NO MORE in the xxxx bolehland"

  5. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Alamak ta'dapat pi,,,kerja,x pi kerja ta'ada $$, Salam Reformasi utk semua,,!!!

    Hope DSAI give us the good news first,,,!!! Will someone push down the share market below 1000pts,,baru rasa BN,,, investor semua lari,,,!!!

    Zaid nak resign pon ta'dapat,,!!!Si bodowi tu da cabut ke Trengganu,,!! Keluar dari Malaysia lagi bagus,,!!!

    DSAI please give us the gggd news,,Hadiah Hari Raya utk all Malaysian,,!!!


  6. Wah,

    ISA and arsenic did a lot of good to Anwar that he now gives weight to Malaysia Day. I never heard of this date before this hair raising run up to his ILLEGAL bid for premiership.

    (no not umno supporter too...instead of being a strong opposition this, they prefer to go through undemocratic means and then SAMAK via new elections...if they tak dapat full mandate then what?)

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  8. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Sabah and Sarawak NEVER JOINED Malaya. The two states together with Malaya FORMED Malaysia.

    How about if we said Malaya joined Sabah and Sarawak ?

  9. Let's remember history correctly.

    Singapore didn't quit.

    Singapore was sacked from the federation.

    Thank you.

  10. Anonymous9:32 pm

    Don't bet on the Pakatan Rakyat coming into power on Sept 16. The wretched BN regime under the stifling and oppressive control of their godforsaken UMNOputra goons will not allow it. How? Spark a racial incident that makes Ahmad Ismail looks like a school play and escalate it to another May 13 proportions and impose emergency rule henceforth.

    Who the heck the field mouse and city mouse of Pakatan Rakyat think they are to depose 51 years of political power and monopoly rule by some UMNO fat cats. You reckon the felines will thgrow away their moneybags to the dogs? Don't even think about it.

    Unless of course Anwar Ibrahim can stage a coup and pull it off.

  11. The last party was crashed half way by some emotional PAS supporters who were angry at some punk band.

    You sure meh it's a party?

  12. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Sabah & Sarawak & Singapore did not join Malaya la boss! Sabah Sarawak Singapore & Malaya TOGETHER BECAME Malaysia. It was a new partnership & a new country. A new country that did not exist prior to sept 16th 1963. Malaysia is 45 years old NOT 51. We are Malaysians not Malayans.

  13. Anonymous11:59 pm

    View Live From Kelana Jaya!!!

    I will Keep Update The News!!!


  14. Anonymous12:02 am


    Kesian siDSAI ni,dah jadi ahli parlimen pun, tak ada kerja lain nak buat,balik-balik anjur perhimpunan raksasa....dah 51 tahun sambut merdeka,tahun ni baru ada idea nak raikan hari malaysia?yang pelik dan gelihati tu ada pula pengikut-pengikut bodohnya....kalau DSAI masuk penjara,tak mustahil pengikut-pengikutnya pun nak masuk penjara juga...!

  15. Anonymous1:33 am

    (heha) : BOYCOTT all mamak stalls !!

  16. Anonymous2:34 am

    !916! !916! !916!
    True feeling of a National Day... Malaysia Day tonight!!

    Let pray for 916, the beginning of new Malaysia...

    Cannot wait for DSAI to fulfil his promises, ESPECIALLY the release of RPK, St Teresa & the rest of ISA Detainees


  17. Sarawak, Sabah, Malaya, Singapura formed Malaysia. Singapura was sacked. If we are to remember sept 16 as Malaysia day, we should remember that Sarawak, Sabah, Malaya, Singapura formed Malaysia. Is there any problem remembering that?

  18. I was there at KJ Stadium with 20,000 others last night & heard it from the horse's mouth.

    They have the numbers and will be meeting AAB tomorrow to ensure smooth transfer of power! Putrajaya, here we come.

    All ISA detainees will be freed on the day Pakatan takes over the Govt!
    refer my prdiction SEpt 16th Chronicles-The Last Scupper!

  19. Anonymous3:54 am

    so what the result??

    -get local news gadget-

  20. Anonymous7:20 am

    (heha) : BOYCOTT all mamak stalls !!

    1:33 AM


  21. Anonymous8:09 am

    Rocky said...Malaysia as we know it today was born because the two states decided to join the Federation of Malaya on 16/9/1963 (Singapore joined the same day but quit in 1965)....

    Please check your facts rocky.. The two states didn't join the Federation of Malaya, but the three entities merged to form Malaysia.


  22. Hi bro,

    Semlm dah start dah solat witir akhir baca qunut.

    jadi ke hari ni???????????

  23. Bro,

    Carburator Dung ada tak semlm??

  24. Dr M takes cheap pot shots to stir racial unrest in Singapore again
    Posted on September 15, 2008 by wayangparty
    By Mohammad Fairuz

    There he goes again. Unable to win support from even his own UMNO members, many of whom view him as a pariah to be banished forever from the shores of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir Mohamad has set his sights across the causeway at his “unfortunate” brethen in Singapore.

    In an article entitled “Malay unity and Malaysian unity” (point 21) published on his blog, chedet, Dr Mahathir took a snipe at the “plight” of Singapore Malays:

    “The Malays have seen what has happened to the Malays of Singapore and they have no desire to be like Singapore Malays.”

    It is most unbecoming for a foreign statesman to keep interfering in our domestic affairs. Dr Mahathir’s insinuations that the Malays in Singapore are second class citizens as compared to the state of the Chinese in Malaysia are totally unfounded, baseless and malicious.

    Had a Singaporean make the following remarks on a blog or forum, he will be charged under the Sedition Act or arrested under the ISA immediately.

    We have no New Economic Policy in Singapore to give discriminatory preferences for any particular race, yet the malay community in Singapore had made tremendous progress over the last 20 years as shown by this report on Mendaki.

    The percentage of a Malay P1 Cohort entering Tertiary Institutions (polytechnic and university) has more than doubled from 13 % in 1990 to 28% in 1999. The proportion admitted to university has increased by almost 1.5 times from 2.9% in 1990 to 4.2% in 1999.

    The proportion of Malays holding higher level and skilled jobs has increased over the years. In 1990only 12% of Malays were holding administrative and managerial, professional and technical and related jobs. This had increased to 23% by 2000.

    The median monthly income of resident Malay workers rose from $954 in 1990 to $1790 in 2000. This represents an annual growth of 6.5% in nominal terms or 4.7% in real terms. The highest income levels were among younger Malays. The median resident Malay household income has also risen from $1880 to $2880.

    Though I do not have exact figures to show, I believe that young Singapore Malays have the highest median income compared to their counterparts in Malaysia and Indonesia.

    I wonder what motives Dr Mahathir had in making such disparaging remarks about a neighboring country. Perhaps he should put his own house in order first before meddling in the affairs of his neighbors.

    It is a real shame that after 22 years under his rule, racial harmony in Malaysia has deteriorated to such a deplorable state that even a second-tier UMNO leader can make inflammatory speeches publicly to incite racial tension with impunity and let off with just a slap on the wrist.

    In Singapore, such fiascos are almost unheard of because our policies are based solely on meritocracy and not the color of the skin. All races are treated equally in terms of educational and career opportunity.

    The speaker of our House is a Malay, Mr Yaacob Ibrahim. One of our two DPMs is an Indian, Mr Jayakumar and our Finance Minister is a Christian of Sri Lankan descent, Mr Tharman. There was not a time when we need Chinese leaders to speak out for the Chinese, Malay leaders to harp on Malay rights or Indian leaders to take to the streets to protest against discrimination by the government.

    Dr Mahathir should visit Singapore one day to see how the Malay community here has prospered in spite of the lack of any affirmative policies formulated specially for them. He can also visit all the three universities in Singapore and offer them a scholarship to Universti Malaya, Universti Sains Malaysia or Universiti Tecknologi Mara and see if there are any takers.

    Least before I forget, Dr Mahathir was not even a pure Malay to begin with. What gives him the right to speak up for the Malays in Singapore? Thanks, Dr M, but no thanks, please reserve your racial rhetoric to your fellow UMNOputras only for even the young Malays in Malaysia are finding your “ketuanan melayu” concept increasingly outdated, irrelevant and unpalatable.


  25. Anonymous9:52 am

    I wish i can be there..but im far

    far away..anyone can gimme a a

    free ride? Im from Penang huhu

  26. Anonymous11:44 am

    aura nuar dah tak macam dulu. nak dapat dua puluh ribu pun susah. yang ramai pun puak2 dap dgn agenda "malaysi malaysian"nya. dengor cita 60% lebih chinese yang datang. mungkin orang melayu dah bukak mata kot!!!

    -anak penang

  27. Anonymous12:51 pm

    yes bro!Malaysia Day or would it be Malaysia (masa) Kini