Tuesday, September 23, 2008

They have sent RPK to Kamunting

Two-year detention, sans trial. I was hoping that Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar would do the right thing and not use the Internal Security Act on Raja Petra Kamaruddin. The Malaysia Today editor has already been charged for sedition and criminal defamation. He should have his day in court.
Using the ISA on a blogger confirms that the Government of Malaysia tolerates neither dissent nor media freedom. We used to be able to say that the Malaysian Government did not censor the Internet, and therefore we enjoyed gret media freedom (even though our more traditional Press are not as free). Now we can't go around making that claim.
You can try, but you'll never be able to justify sending a free man to Kamunting. You may hate the man's guts, his agenda or his political masters, but you can't do this.to another human being. Remember the late Pak Samad. King Ghaz called him Kominis and took 5 years of his freedom. It turned out that Pak Samad was a Socialist.
That was 30 years ago. It's the 21st century now, Syed Hamid.

Read Nuraina's ISA Detention - Then and Now.
Syed Hamid to release 12 detainees before Hari Raya? Read here.
Since when has RPK been a security threat?


  1. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Free Raja Petra, because NO MAN, should not be bound in chains.All man are equall, Raja Petra must be given his day in court.

    Shah Johary

  2. Anonymous3:38 pm

    RPK would be given death sentence if he is in Saudi Arabia . Ni kira ok la with what he has done .


  3. Anonymous3:41 pm

    he deserved to be there!

  4. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Start asking yourself this question - did you, your relatives and/or friends vote for this Government during the last election? Time to get some soul-searching answers.

  5. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Islam Hadahari my foot! I think Syed Hamid and Pak Lah deserved to be sent to Kamunting for insulting Islam especially during the month of Ramadhan. As Susan Loone put it very aptly : FCUK the government!!!!


  6. Anonymous4:13 pm

    I read some of RPK articles and some of the comments. Indeed some of the comments were extremely racist and there are some comments really humiliate Prophet Muhammad. I wonder why RPK still publish these kind of comments. If this is what he calls the right of the people in a democratic country, I personally feel that it is NOT for Malaysia. And for those who feel that they can humiliate other races and other's religion, YOU deserved to be ISAed. And people like them make ISA relevant!

  7. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Why our leader now macam don't have any brain sudah??????

    Why? Why? Why??????????

  8. quoting BBC
    "A prominent anti-government blogger in Malaysia has been detained for two years on charges of insulting Islam."


    fast news update! is it true the charges for him is insulting islam?

  9. Dear Rocky,
    Syed Hamid is a coward. And cowards dont stand up and argue their case -- whether in court or elsewhere.
    No man should be deprived of his freedom unless through due process of law and no law should deprive a man of his freedom unless there's evidence that's presented in open court.
    To think Syed Hamid is a lawyer! Bar Council should defrock him.
    Peace to all!

  10. Anonymous4:34 pm


    ask yourself this question, what if the government decide to ISA you or your family member oneday, are you happy to go to Kamunting without trial?

  11. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Saya tak rasa sedih dengan cerita RPK di ISA. Tak rasa sedih langsung.

    Kebebasan ada banyak makna. Tapi kalau terlalu bebas untuk berkata apa saja tanpa fikir kesannya pada orang lain. Ambik ubat! Jangan kerana kebebasan untuk seorang. Yang lain tunggang-langgang.

    Kerana mulut badan binasa. He deserve it. Long time ago.

  12. I still dont get it, what threats can RPK evoke into our society, if he is a threats, what proofs do we have against him. Do we have people killed or street riots by reading his blog, or does he make himself a cult leader with throngs of followers practising his occultic teaching?

    And why are we not investigating the insinuations that he carries in his writng,challenge him to expound them in the court of law.

    I think the authority should do a case study about RPK and his website, why is it so famous when the authority deems it a bunch of rubbish?

    We must all know that, readers of blogs are not stupid, we know how to distinguish black from white.

    Long live all bloggers and live longer all bona-finde bloggers

  13. June, get this into your head "This is MALAYSIA NOT SAUDI!" If you think Saudi laws apply in Malaysia and do not respect our belief in democracy and human rights, maybe you should consider moving to Saudi. It will absolutely be no loss to our country. Why is it that someone who speaks against our goverment gets detained under ISA? Can the government not defend itseld with civilise arguments instead of using intimidation and fear? That is spelled O P P R E S S I O N! Why is a minister who calls other races squatters (ppl who have build the country in the last 2 generations) and creating racial tension not arrested under ISA? This is an outright discrimination.

  14. Anonymous5:19 pm

    I read in The Star that the Albar fella stated he has not received any written proposal to release ASA detainees....true ar ?

  15. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Padan MuKA ... menyampah aku tengok


  16. BOTAK is 'guilty' and he know that...he will be cursed by all.. That's why RPK was put into KDC.

    923...malaysia mourns.

    923...malaysia lawless.

  17. Anonymous6:19 pm

    This botak deserved to be kept at Kamunting. Yes, long time ago....


  18. Anonymous6:20 pm


    berani buat berani tanggung la bro. lagipun memang dia dah kata dia nak sangat masuk bawah tanah kat kem kamunting.
    what comes around goes around la.

    "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life."

  19. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Ha ha.. first world structure, underworld mentality aptly defines our land. What do u expect of people who revered their holy book but dont understand a word in it!!! Tu la gi makan kat restaurant2 kotor tu lagi

    Bukan bukan-melayu

  20. Anonymous6:35 pm

    He deserved to be in there..and to aimngl..the govt. wont simply put anybody under ISA if you do no wrong


  21. RPK needs the rest to calm himself down and reflect what havoc he has unleashed in the last couple of years. I think the two years in Kamunting will do him a lot of good.

  22. Anonymous7:22 pm

    I can understand why fellow bloggers would want to defend RPK. But this blogger is a disgrace to blogging. In my opinion he is hiding behind the fact that he can say just about anything and get away with it - well, until it got truly out of hand. As for the ISA, I am quite sure if you did a survey, the majority of Malaysians will still support the idea of having one.

    SFTH (Searching for the truth)

  23. Anonymous7:32 pm

    now, let us see who are his real kawan kawan,
    would teresa kok fight all the way for him?
    would his chinese friends (excl his wife) and indian friends comes together?
    would his malaysia-today readers fight all the way or talk cock all the way.
    TO RPK
    three secrets of Winston Churchill's success:
    1. never give up
    2. never never give up
    3. never never never give up


  24. Anonymous7:37 pm

    RPK maybe silenced temporarily due to unjust detention, the baton passes on. We shall not be silenced. we shall continue the call for social and political justices, loud and clear, until this evil BN gomen repeal ISA. We shall make the hollow headed Home Minister accountable for all his actions.
    Fight on, keep the dream of freedom alive!

  25. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Another victim into Malaysia's guantanamo bay
    BolehLand today again joined the ranks of banana republics and some developed economies of depriving human beings of their dignity and justice to a air trail. MALAYSIA shares the same podium with the US and Gt Britain and none can label each other pot or kettle as they all hold the same hot utensils to brand or scald their victims.
    see www.jonathan66-my.blogspot.com

  26. Anonymous7:57 pm

    All those UMNO monkeys who really incite racial should be arrested under ISA.not RPK! RPK I really pray for you and your family. God Bless

  27. Anonymous8:07 pm

    BN Liar! Liar! 50 yrs of lies n deceit!

    Pak Samad..communist!

    Ghazali Shafie..communist!

    Dollah Ahmad..communist!

    Asyaari ARQAM..deviationist!


    Ust Ibrahim Libya PAS..terrorist!

    Raja Petra(RPK)..???


    ....pure BUNKUM!!

  28. Anonymous8:07 pm

    The "Rule of Law" in this country is 3rd grade that belongs to the worst countries in this world. Are our leader sending our country in the direction of Zimbabwe and Pakistan?

    Sinking of UMNO is the responsibility of every citizen who still hope to see Malaysia becoming world class.

  29. AA!
    Hope u r in good company!
    They r out to get the prominent bloggers &
    depending on how u have lined the forces,
    ISA is possible!!
    After all u have sued & case not "resolved"!!!!
    Chiao, Bro!

  30. Anonymous8:39 pm

    if rpk guilty why not charge him at syariah court.we have jakim,jawi and many islamic dept that can take action on rpk.islam is not coward.this will humiliate the muslims n islamic country of ours.this could be happen to me and your family too.

  31. Anonymous9:01 pm

    When the Nazis came for the communists,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a communist.

    When they locked up the social democrats,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a social democrat.

    When they came for the trade unionists,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a trade unionist.

    When they came for the Jews,
    I remained silent;
    I wasn't a Jew.

    When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak out.

    by Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)


  32. Anonymous9:04 pm

    NO ONE deserve to be under the draconian ISA...it's obsolete and cruel. The irony is, this UNISLAMIC law is used to punish those who defile Islam?!!!
    I say NO TO ISA!


  33. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Its okay when he writes about politics but the "tudung" and his hint about arak is too much. If your wife or daughters tak tudung, or if you want to yamseng as much its okay, but then don't hasut other people. He deserved to be there but I will miss his writing.


  34. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Kalau RPK di tuduh dia berhak dibicarakan. Ini tidak pergi tahan tanpa bicara.

    Dulu kata RPK yg degil...melampau...sekarang siap yg degil, melampau dan zalim. ISA

    Dalam mana-mana agama sekalipun penahanan tanpa bicara adalah jahat.

    Kalau Guantanamao Bay boleh dikutuk sebab tahan tanpa bicara...samalah dengan pemerintahan Malaysia.

    Marah sekalipun anda dengan RPK bicarakan dia. Barulah anak jantan.

    Wann Kerr

  35. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Ducki#g power crazy lunatics...get a grip of yourselves.

    Man, I am so distressed about the turn of events today...

    Look people, this is the low-down, ok? Nothing/nobody...not even an animal is deserved to be incarcerated in a 6x8 cell, without a window, deprived of company of another human, being fed disgusting unidentifiable meals WITHOUT TRIAL...WITHOUT GIVING THEM A DECENT CHANCE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES for their alleged commission of an offence.

    Basic Human Rights - obsolete


  36. Anonymous9:37 pm

    when RPK lodged a suit against Al-Blur Hamid, that was the last straw. Its revenge and hatred of RPK's guts to stuff it up his nose.


  37. Anonymous9:40 pm


    which part of his write-up was anti-islam (humiliate islam) and extreme racism?
    by the way, do you possess the expertise to make such a judgement call? did you not read what the Mufti of Perlis said? or you think you are more qualified than the said Mufti to make such judgements?


  38. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Anonymous said…

    We call upon all the Rakyats of Malaysia to sign a Petition to be sent to the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong to release RPK from his detention under ISA because there is a hidden agenda of a conspiracy of using his detention to silence him so that he could not further release more evidences against the real C4 murderers of Altantuya because all the accused were all fall guys of the real murderers because they all did not have a real motive to murder the Mongolian Lady.


    It is very easy to generate Police Reports against DSAI by using Penang Mamak Umno’s 25 Members headed by Wan Abidin Zain, who claimed to be non-partisan, using their uneasiness that most Penangites will now be boycotting Nasi Kandar one more round???

    It is very Sad that the legacy of Malaysian Independence is reduced by this Moronic Flip Flop Coward into great disrepute and a laughing stock of the whole world and knowing very well that the UMNO Government has technically collapsed and they lost the locus standi to govern but yet he has decided to shamelessly still cling on to power via dubious means like hiding himself via using of the ISA and we cannot imagine that the Malaysia Moronic Flip Flop Coward has now stoop so low and using the Police Deputy IGP as his willing tools especially the Deputy IGP’s clearly taking side as the Police must be neutral and should be not politiking for him.

    The Coward Moronic Flip Flop Chicken dare not meet DSAI face to face to settle matters but chose hiding under the use of ISA and that is what you have as a disgraceful cowardice leader for UMNO.

    After 51 years MALAYSIA IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE but backwards because of the Oppression from the UMNO goons’ divide and rule fear tactics the Rakyats have matured & you must see all this coming because All The Rakyats of Malaysia are all fed-up & can no longer with-stand the hypocrisies, bullshits, lies and deceits of these UMNO Clowns now in Power ok???

    We urge all BN Components MPs with a conscience to do the necessary to make possible a New Malaysia for all Rakyats of Malaysia so that all our children and their children & their children’s children’s future will be safe and secured in the Country we all love and not be intimidated by those UMNO Clowns now in power with their oppressive & fear tactics and in the verge of making Malaysia a Police State if left unchecked otherwise. Save RPK as he is the midst of a conspiracy of the real murderers of Altantuya to silence him for good, instead of being C4ed he could be poisoned and worse off if he is on hunger strike by himself. The Acting IGP is defending the Police position after being made the tools of UMNO’s fear tactics & so he is now making lame excuses for being the Stringed Puppet to be easily manipulated by the Puppeteer, power that be. The Deputy IGP must be held personally responsible for the safety of RPK who has been heard to be tortured otherwise he must be made to eat his own medicine come the New Dawn of Malaysia.

    Moronic PeeM and Botak Home Minister last minutes’ attempts to cling on power by using the fear tactics of using the ISA at their whims and fancies selectively against dissent & tried to deny their own actions as they now have no balls to face the wrath of the all the Rakyats of Malaysia. ONE DAY THE MORONIC BOTAK AND FLIP FLOP AND C4 MUST BE MADE TO TASTE THEIR OWN MEDICINE OK?

    All Rakyats of Malaysia will see to that these Clowns will be thrown out soon come the New Dawn of Malaysia & that all Rakyats of Malaysia will welcome the New Malaysia on Malaysia Day 916, 2008 for a Malaysia for All Malaysians.

    Justice MUST BE DONE for Altantuya and for all those detained under ISA without the trial nor the rights of appeal. Light-up a Candle in the Lantern of the Mid-Autumn Festival for them all to usher in the NEW DAWN OF MALAYSIA COME 916, 2008

  39. Anonymous10:08 pm

    RPK should have been given the same treatment as Ayah Pin - arrested and charge for ajaran sesat.

    Just the same for the numerous unsubstantiated claims he made, the govt should have obtain an injunction for him to stop whilst suing him for sedation - if he goes against the injunction then he will go to prison.

    How come you don't hear Anwar supporting RPK's release (instead its a release all and charge to court). Because RPK has successfully alienate any support from the PAS quarters. His posting is close to committing murtad.


  40. Anonymous10:23 pm

    if you think he has done something wrong, trial him, that's what the court for. locking him up without giving him a chance to answer is the act of coward.


  41. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Whatever amount of suggestion,proposal, argument, debate, media expose going on on the ISA now, is definitely NOT at same level as during when Tan and Kok was inside.(..Kok even got to talk about the food)
    The fact is showing up that; level of commitment to help brother or sister Malaysian differs according to the color of your Malaysian skin and if you speak Mandarin or not. (Dont mean to be Racial)

    see earlier comment:
    Mankok Says:
    September 22, 2008 at 10:14 pm
    While on this ISA subject,I mean to provoke some deeper thinking-hopefully).
    It sort of began when those Hindraf guys got it, there was a build-up of protest.*URGENCY was NOT there.
    Then when Kok,Tan and RPK got took in too..ANY petition was a BIG yes.**URGENCY was BIG TIME HOOHAA!!.

    After that, when Kok and Tan gets out,petition comes under debates, bickering begins-some tries to sound like lawyers,some say it’s not enough.***URGENCY went OUT the door (even Sloone’s tellin’ why she’s wont sign).

    See the list and hope you smell it.
    Now go figure out.

    Yazid Sufaat, Suhaimi Mokhtar, Dr Abdullah Daud, Shamsuddin Sulaiman, Mat Shah Mohd Satray, Abdul Murad Sudin, Zaini Zakaria, Zainun Rashid, Wan Amin Wan Hamat, Sulaiman Suramin, Sufian Salih, Mohd Khaider Kadran, Hasim Talib, Zakaria Samad, Ahmad Zakaria, Terhamid Dahalan, Abdul Rahman Ahmad, Mahfudi Saifudin, Mulyadi, Arifin, Mat Tarmizi Zakaria, Artas Burhanudin, Francis Indanan, Mohd Nazri Dollah, Mohd Arsad Patangari, Adzmi Pindatun, Idris Lanama, Aboud Ghafar Shahril, Jeknal Adil, Binsali Omar, Husin Alih, Yussof Mohd Salam, Ahmad Jamal Azahari, Pakana Selama, Kasem Dayama, Shaykinar Guat, Argadi Andoyok, Ng How Chuang, Ng Keat Seng, Mohd Azuan Aniffa, Mohd Faizol Shamsuddin, Zulfikli Abu Bakar, Zulfikli Marzuki, Amir Hussain, Mohd Nasir Ismail, Ahmad Kamil Hanafiah, Muh Amir Hanafiah, Tan Choon Chin, Mavalavan, Lian Kok Heng, Sundaraj Vijay, San Khaing, Shadul Islam, Abdul Sattar Sarjoon, Faycal Mamdouh, Mohamad Nakhrakhel, Muhammad Shuaib Hazral Bilal, Muhammad Zahid Zahir Shah, T Vasanthakumar, P Uthayakumar, R Kenghadharan, V Ganabatirau, M Manoharan,RAJA PETRA KAMARUDIN!

  42. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Yes, this is a tragedy, most unfair.

    But why is the Movement for a JUST world so silent on the ISA arrests and mistreatments? Does it only chooses what it wants to say to look good?

    See what was reported in Utusan Malaysia according to the Star N32.

    "Another ex-detainee, Inter­national Move­ment for a Just World (JUST) chair­man Dr Chan­dra Muzaf­far, said he was given normal food just like what he would have had at home during his 52-day detention.

    He said this was the first time he had heard that food served was similar to dog food, adding that the allegation was false."

    He worries only about the food. He got good food he says, so he assumes others got good food.

    Maybe that's why he's such a good boy now. Did he stay in a 8'x6' cell?

    Does he know what food Teresa ate that she purged? Even the Deputy Minister says RM 4.50 per day is "shocking".

    But Chandra says "good food" without doing any investigations and concludes Teresa's allegations was false.

    "Just" world? Try harder. Much, much harder. And do some serious research first. And say something like "ISA is Good for You".

  43. benar kata poppy.

    I may not agree with what RPK said but I'll defend his rights to say it.

    Islam does NOT need ISA to defend it!

  44. Anonymous11:24 pm

    RPK can damn UMNO and the govt till kingdom come, for all I care.
    But when he draws Islam into his debates with his distorted views, he is no different than the JI detainees.
    RPK may not be making bombs or planning attacks on Hard Rock Cafe.He is far worse, dropping his bombs in mosques and at all Muslims who pray.
    And to all you non Muslims. If you don't understand Islam enough to believe and have faith in it, just refrain from making comments.

    Jebat- Still alive and kicking.

  45. Anonymous11:54 pm

    saya tak tau kenapa orang tergila2kan si pencacai ini.

    apakah sumbangan & idea beliau kpd negara?

    dia memberi peluang kpd orang asing untuk menyerang Islam & Melayu..

    ini patut dikawal & ISA adalah wajar..

    kalau tak mau ISA, hiduplah dgn cara berhemah..dan bukan 'memberukkan' manusia yang telah beradab & membuat mereka bergaduh kerana pemahaman berbeza2.

  46. Anonymous12:22 am

    berani buat berani tanggung.
    and since when is a website of personal views, insults and untruths been considered "media"?
    the sad part is that he has successfully got to people who solemnly believe in him.
    very sad.

  47. Anonymous1:04 am

    I thought that syed hamid guy is only just ' botak '...rupa-rupanya bukan saja luar yang botak, di-dalam kepala botak tu pun kosong...


  48. One can lock up the physical body
    But never succeed with the spirit
    For even without Malaysia's toddy
    There's still left the fighting spirit

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 240908
    Wed. 24th Sept. 2008.

  49. Anonymous3:15 am

    iam a muslim and read pretty much all of his article, i never find any of them insulting islam.and you know wat theres lot of other malaysia blog who clearly insult islam...and yes detention witout trial is wrong...

  50. Well and good! He deserves it. He was clearly misusing the free web to cast unfounded allegations on people who have no chance to defend themselves and making sensitive remarks. What is the purpose of bringing him to the open court just to prove that he is technically or legally innocent? And wheere right in front of everyone eyes, he was breeding anarchy in the country! Yes, maybe there are no riots or killings at the moment. But you can sense the momentum of hatred, confusion, dismay, ill-feelings etc. growing among the readers of his website, his followers and the people who disliked his intruding attitude, due to his free wheeling provocative views and unsubstantiated allegations. This is not about politics, democracy or the western liberalism, but about stemming potential disturbance or anarchy in the country. True to its existence, ISA is about prevention and not punishment!

  51. Anonymous7:25 am

    bn gov is full of coward n uncompetent ministers.see how they run the country economy n law of the jungle.and peoples who support the gov action are more than stupid person.the real criminals are out there threatening our kids n life of the malaysians.

    rakyat tak bodoh

  52. Syed Hamid is a bull shit. His botak head shows that he has losy his human touch. he is binatang.

    Go to hell UMNO. My generation until kiamat, will never vote for UMNO.

  53. Anonymous8:01 am

    Kalau Jakim dah buat report......patutlah.dia masuk ditahan islam dia patut sitar


  55. To does who say ISLAM did not need ISA to protect ISLAM does THEY WHO SAID that do their KEWAJIPAN to protect ISLAM??

    So Syed Hamid is brave enough to PROTECT ISLAM..

  56. Anonymous8:59 am

    If the gomen proceeds with the court case against rpk lots of facts will be revealed which are not favourable to the gomen.


  57. Anonymous9:28 am

    Poppy, while June should consider moving to Saudi, U should also consider moving out of this country if you think this country is full of OPPRESSION. Go.. go..go before you will be further oppressed. In fact, you can bring RPK with you. We dont need RPK here.


  58. /// Kapcai said...
    I read some of RPK articles and some of the comments. Indeed some of the comments were extremely racist and there are some comments really humiliate Prophet Muhammad. ///

    Kapcai, I have reading MOST of RPK's articles and cannot find anything remotely insulting or humiliating to Islam or Prophet Muhammad, or racist.

    RPK must be counted among the true Muslims in Malaysia. Yes, he has insulted people who called themselves Muslims, but do so many unIslamic things.

    Kapcai, perhaps you can be kind enough to quote or cut-and-paste some of what you regard as RPK's insults here for readers to decide.

  59. Anonymous9:42 am

    chow kit cowboy,
    I just learned new word from Theresa Cock:

    "similar means slightly better than"

    Now she said they also provide ikan kembung, ayam and vegetable soup. Wow her dog eats these!!!


  60. Security threat?!? It's a scheme they devised to save their own political arses!!!

  61. Anonymous10:01 am

    terlajak perahu boleh diundur. terlajak mulut buruk padahnyer.

    good luck RPK!

    firdaus fadzil

  62. Anonymous10:01 am

    Dear Sdr Rocky Bru'

    Is RPK really a security threat to this country and that he should be arrested under ISA, following yesterday's confirmation for the two year detention in Kamunting????

    I too believe that Raja Petra should not be detained under ISA and be released immediately by the authority based on the people's legitimate calls by the voice of the majority.

    However,not withstanding the fact that he had written certain controversial and negative opinion or expressions against fundamental Islamic belief and practice, he should be charged under any other existing laws but not ISA.

    RPK is entitled to enter his defence, if the authority's investigation proven that he had committed an offence through the legal process of the law based on reliable information and documentary evidence.

    I urge the PM and National Security Minister to review RPK's case immediately and to determine "whether RPK's offence or offences had created economic and political instability and thus warant his detention under ISA".

    RPK may have his own agenda and principle to support Anwar's political struggle over the last few years, though he may not be a real "politician in action".There are many other politicians and extremist NGOs, both pro and anti government leaders and supporters, who had openly expressed their views and agitation on various sensitive issues without being arrested.

    No Malaysians, including those leaders from the opposition or Barisan Nasional component parties, should be above the law, if their actions are deemed to be detrimental to our national security. They too should be arrested and prosecuted without fear or favour.

  63. Anonymous10:02 am

    I have been following RPK's articles since the days of Khairy chronicles, I have never feel his articles as offensive, either to anyone or any religions, EXCEPT to those who had committed fraud, EXCEPT to those who are cheats liars, and murderer, EXCEPT to those who stole from the people, and drained the government coffers, EXCEPT to those who are religiously hippocritical.

    Some of the commentators here are either too dumb or too ignorant to understand what he wrote and yet passing shallow comments that ought to be ISAed.

    Only cowards, mentally handicapped and down right stupid people will hide behind the shield of ISA and using threat to national security as a sorry excuse to incarcerate a pen pusher like RPK.

    What happens to all those existing laws ? Laws that use to punish wrong doers ? Or is it whatever evidence and documents that may see the daylight in the due process of the laws, cannot be allowed to surface at all ?

    Abolish ISA ! If not, we will be forever a NATION that cannot achieve maturity !

  64. I learned a bit of black magick. Besides, my prayers for divine intervention to assist RPK in his ordeal, i also invoked Altantuya's restless soul for her to seek her own justice so may her soul rest in peace !.

  65. Anonymous10:51 am

    In page M8 of The Star Sept 24, 2008 (Star Metro Central), YB Ms Teresa Kok said:

    "I was able to sleep well in the cell when I was detained under the Internal Security Act for seven days, while the fact is sometimes I couldn't rest soundly in my own bedroom."

    Kepada sesiapa yang tak boleh tidur lena (insomniacs), go find a cell like YB Kok.

    The food ain't good but the pad was all right!

    Buyong Ayak

  66. Anonymous11:31 am

    Security threat?!? It's more like a ploy to save their own political future.


  67. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Dear Bukan Bukan Melayu, where are you from? - Zimbabwe? What do you mean the government won't put people under the iSA if they didn't do anything wrong?

    There are just too many examples...think you hardly read or analyse what happens in Malaysia.

    Wait till all bold ones are in Kamutning and they come for you, your kids or grandchildren- you will realise there will be no one to fight for you or them, my friend.

    Syed Hamid mentioned in Aljazeera ISA special that it is to rehabilitate. MY FOOT. Look at all the former ISA detainees - Guan Eng, Kit Siang, Anwar, Tien Chua, Hishamuddin rais, etc - they are all still opposing the Umno-led government legitimately. Only Chandra Muzaffar has chnaged to be a pro-Umno "intellect." But that's his right.

    Bukan Bukan melayu will soon realise what's so good about the ISA - hoepfully after the government changes.


  68. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Tak usah banyak cakap berkokok.. RPK memang layak kena ISA humban kat Kamunting..sebelum ni sudah banyak warning tapi masih berdegil kononnya keturunan raja so kebal.. immune.
    Still buat fitnah through his blog dan hina Islam serta prophet Muhammad even Ayah Pin not even dare to do that.
    Cuma yang bukan Islam saja marah RPK kena ISA kononnya unfair sebab mereka memang tak suka penghina Islam kena penjara.
    RPK deserved bukan hanya hina Islam dan fitnah orang lain tapi juga artikelnya hanya timbulkan kemarahan orang ramai.. the only blog & GOBLOK will post artikel hina Islam.
    Sebab mulut badan binasa. Tak usah la melolong kena ISA. Kalau sudahcerdik sudah tahu penyakit bila buat kerja kotor.
    Inilah orang nya yang bila dibiarkan makin menjadi jadi perangai mengada ngada tapi bila kena ISA nak salahkan orang lain.

    GO to HELL RPK


  69. Dear Rocky,
    What the govt. did was per the law of the land.RPK should be lucky that he is detain in malaysia.Kat malaysia sekurang2nya makan, makanan serupa makanan anjing,i wonder what food they serve in Guantanamao Bay?The so called WEST Human act.

  70. "...ketam said...To does who say ISLAM did not need ISA to protect ISLAM does THEY WHO SAID that do their KEWAJIPAN to protect ISLAM??"

    kewajipan tu comes from an intellectual debate/discussion to win over the doubters bukan penjara TANPA bicara ...faham?

    go read http://www.drmaza.com/ somemore :-)

  71. Anonymous4:48 pm


    I heard that this is entirely Syed Hamid Albar's play. He cannot take the taunts thrown at him Al Blur, chromedome, Blubber and so on. The PM is not in on this one.

    Imagine if Hamid Albar makes it to PM? Looks like we have some people with rather peculiar talents Bro. The Devil knows what lurks underneath.

    There will be a price for the BN to pay, a very heavy price. People do not like this type of treament against Raja Petra, Syed Azidi, Theresa Kok, Miss Tan, Namewee and the bloggers.

    There will be a serious price for them to pay. Come next General Election, people are not going to forget.

  72. Anonymous5:20 pm

    I believe Petra has achieved what he set out to do.Creating chaos on either side, turning man against his brother till "man exist no more."
    How not to put him into jail when his articles provoke non muslims in this blog and elsewhere into preaching to the muslims how real muslims should behave, knowing absolutely nothing about the religion but still giving their 2 cents because they so believe in Petra's righteousness and his illusions of grandeur as defender of the muslims?
    How not to put him in jail when some muslims allow non-muslims to contradict and reprimand other muslims,keeping quiet and closing an eye when injustice is done to the religion by Petra. I think its called being 'the quiet satan'. I believe he was put under the ISA because he is threat to the religion and for causing uneasiness among muslims, and the political aspects are only just dressing on the side. If that is the case I believe he should be left there to undergo counselling and to find repentance. I would like to add here that by just reading his articles on Islam doesn't teach non-muslims and non practising muslims instant knowledge of Islam and doesn't give us the right to comment on a religion so complex, so sensitive and so beautiful at the same time.
    So yes I believe he has really done his work well. That man sure likes attention. Nice one Petra.

  73. Anonymous5:27 pm

    Allowing access to MT is a no issue for the Govt but many ppl read MT because RPK is willing to highlight certain issues that would otherwise be swept under the carpet.

    With RPK in detention, they have effectively shut him up. There will be no more expose from him and the culprits can continue to their shadow play.

  74. Anonymous9:38 pm

    yes, yes, YES ! I signed the paper to put him there for 2 YEARS !!...sowhat !! (niamah xxx)

  75. Anonymous5:34 am

    botak : hahaha ! what can you ALL do ! hahaha...@#$%^&* !! (niamahx)

  76. Anonymous1:28 pm

    islam di malaysia telah dimelayukan oleh umno.like umno peoples said org melayu akan miskin tanpa umno.umno telah menjajah minda melayu spt rezeki org2 melayu di beri oleh umno bkn dr allah.siapa melawan akan kena mcm rpk.

    rakyat tak bodoh

  77. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Face the Malaysian ISA facts.
    It’s a No No if detainee is kind of light colored.
    It’s makes a lot of noise if detainee is kind of darker.
    It’s not seen, not heard (not even bothered),if detainee muslim-more so a brown muslim,chopped,assumed and confirmed as “terrorist”. Seen the list?read their stories? Did'nt expect so.

    All the high and mighty human right c***-talk…my foot

  78. Anonymous3:13 pm

    I feel depressed the moment i got the news. Shamefully it is no longer a democracy country. This is just like they are trying to blind fold 27million of us when they fail to cover their own asses.

    I don't know what to expect from PR, but one thing for sure, i had enough of BN. The moral and freedom has gone down to the lowest.


  79. Please don't forget RPK - he will turn 58 this Saturday 27 September. What a horrible way to celebrate one's birthday in prison.

  80. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Kalau kebebasan tu takda datang dengan tanggunjawab, memang akan mendatangkan kekecohan. Kalau nak bercakap apa2 tu, mesti lah pakai otak dulu, bukan bercakap sekadar nak membela orang yang dicacai saja.

  81. Anonymous4:36 pm

    the latest known number of ISA detainees is 64. Out of these, seven, including Raja Petra, have been detained for less than a year, five for one year, and 19 for two years. More alarmingly, 12 have been detained for three years, five for more than four years, and 11 for more than five years. And incredible as it may sound, five have been held without trial for eight years!

  82. Anonymous12:13 am

    using isa is an act of coward.

    rakyat tak bodoh

  83. Anonymous6:19 am

    Hello to all RPK-haters,
    If you all tak suka what he writes go to his blog and say so.... face him like a man (sesama insan). Speak up there, no use to mengumpat and caci from another padang. Nobody can hear you!


  84. Anonymous3:38 pm

    PET my dear,

    Remember i already told u that the "PRISON GOT NO BROADBAND" but u still refused to accept my advise. Now , how lor?cannot chatting with u anymore!!!

    Mayb have to wait another couple of years after HSBB networking completed at Kamunting Detention Camp!!

    Have a nice day!

    (Lee & Leen)

  85. Anonymous3:13 pm

    ISA? let me see i could recalled a few officer's or mb's entitled for ISA.