Friday, September 26, 2008

Temple demolition in Ampang

update Sat, 27/9: MIC wants report on temple demolition to be made public, here.

Original posting:
BN, PR Sama Saja ...? It happened then, it happens now. Ronnie Liu said the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) officers who tore down a Hindu temple had acted against a state government directive barring the destruction of places of worship. Human Resources Minister Datuk S. Subramaniam said the MIC was extremely disappointed with the Pakatan Rakyat state government and the MPAJ.
Good politicians never blame themselves. Then again, maybe the council officers were the real culprits when BN ruled Selangor, and maybe they are the culprits now. But didn't someone promise there will be municipal elections, or something like that?

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  1. Dear Rocky,

    This is a sensitive issue. It is better to explain in the first place WHY is the temple demolish.

    Built on illegal land?
    No Approval from the authority?
    Obstruction the main road and etc etc..
    These were the main reason why the temple were demolised during BN, not for the fun of it but the issue was politisized and the bloggers like you joined in to stir the anger and the rest you know yourself what happend.

    Now the PR's turn..Good Luck.


  2. Anonymous6:20 am

    Ah, ask MIC to stuff a sock in it (whichever orifice they prefer) lah. Sekarang pandai defend lah orang India. Purse strings not at risk.

    Many things PAKATAN has not done:

    1. PROMISE OF MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS INCLUDING DBKL/MAYOR (the latter have to wait for BN to go die first)

    I guess its like sex (men and women) with politicians,sebelum dapat they will promise a woman ( ie: rakyat) the whole world. Bila sudah dapat, its "crazy slut, stay away from me!!!"

    In the case of politicians, they start strutting around lah,since they got four years to screw the people. Much longer meh!

    (is that constructive? nah, no point being so, not like anyone going to actually make changes as per our our constructive criticisms what)

    "Pakatan Anwar, eh Rakyat"

  3. When BN tore down places of worship, the opposition at that time made hell of a noise. The fact was that we cant allow the construction of ILLEGAL premises, built in the name of places of WORSHIP. Malaysian Politicians will play any issue to their advantages and religious issue is one of their favorite. This kind of politician will do more harm to the Rakyat in long term.

  4. Anonymous7:47 am

    Exactly what Im thinking. This would not have happened if local council elections were held. Time for everyone involved with civil society now to step up the pressure on the PR governments to practice what they preach. Keep your promises!

  5. Anonymous7:50 am

    Was the Tample legal or illegal?

  6. Anonymous8:09 am

    Maybe PR did it, yes? Maybe BN got people to do it and blame on PR, yes? Question though, how can a demolish a building and people in charge not know about it till the next day?


  7. Anonymous8:34 am

    Can't this people think. Don't they have something else to do apart from temple demolition.Or is the message transmitted down to the local council being distorted. So Pakatan Rakyat, I live in Ampang, where is the temple anyway? The traffic gridlock in Ampang is enough making me sick.dh9753

  8. Anonymous8:34 am

    The little Napoleons are still at it, most probably instigated by their political masters. Obviously this is done to discredit the state government. There's only one solution to this and that is carry out an investigation and sack those who are guilty of initiating such devious action. Not doing anything or merely a slap on the wrist will not stop this happening again in future. Somebody is trying to create racial tension so they should be stopped now.


  9. Brother Rocky ... sorry to avert from the above topic ... which I do believe have to be brought up to the awareness of all M'sian. Please … excuse me. Just want to bring to light to everyone ... that we have to keep watch over and be concern with traffic fatality during the festive season. 2 days into Ops Sikap XVII and we already lost 15 M’sian. We are making fast-track leap each & every year on traffic accidents death statistic but that’s not what Malaysia boleh is all about. Please … everyone lets conjure up something to bring down this. For the record we only have 27 million population(compared to Thais & Indonesia for example) … won’t take long for the statistics came knocking close to us … which even the thought is eerie enough. Think about it all. TQ.

  10. Anonymous9:04 am

    Thanks for bringing this up. I have not see anyone catches on this piece of news. Good Governance is more important that all the noise about power struggle.
    This thread and the actions taken should be follow more closely to review how good the people in power govern.
    Hope you can provide this update from start to finish..


  11. Anonymous9:34 am

    Yes, it happened then and it happens now, and it will continue to happen again and again, as long as religious bigotry is not weeded out !

    Who are these council workers, ever stop to wonder ? Why do they have no tolerance for others existence ? The 50 yrs of racial indoctrination favouring one and selectively ostracise the others, training these council workers to despise whatever that is not theirs is a common affair spread over the country.

    Why do they behave like uniformed thugs ? Who are backing them ? Thugs works in herd, derive bravery from numbers, whatmore if the uniformed kind enforcing the law base on their own interpretation, exhibiting no humanity and mercifullness as far as others are concerned, and on the other hand their eyes are closed to any wrong doings of their own kind ?

    The dirty hands stirring the shit behind the scenes !

  12. Rules and rules
    Who will supervise them?

    When the little napoleons running free
    All those years with BN government
    Habits they say die hard to change
    Pakatan Rakyat government came to know too late

    Orders never carry out
    The little napoleons done what they wanted
    Forgetting about directives
    They used to do their own ways

    What now for PR government?
    Investigate and punish the officers
    The dereliction of duties no excuses
    The president of the Ampang municipal
    He should take the blame

    MIC came out strong
    The party wanted to publicize its image
    It is too late to say the least
    The leaders have their own agendas
    Not necessarily fighting for change
    If MIC really thinks so
    The leaders should quit BN and go solo

    Now the damage had been done
    The temple gone unhappiness with the followers
    PR should quickly take remedial action to win support
    Find a piece of land and let the temple be built
    At least PR will win support
    And take action on those officers………..
    Don’t let them off the hook!

  13. MPAJ officials should be taken to task. They knew that the state gov is against unilateral acts like this yet they went ahead.

    Rocky, you sound like MIC. haha

  14. The governing body should have a clear cut and straight forward guidelines on how to build places of worship. If these such places does not have proper permits, then by right of law, tear them down, regardless if they are of a Muslim, Christian, Hindu or whoever. No pilih kasih, salah tetap salah.

    What is a guideline and law for if we don't abide by them? Cacamarba ka?

  15. Council elections can only be redone by the federal government. It is not in the scope of the state governments. So unless we get a change there, dont hope for BN to allow council elections

  16. Anonymous10:05 am

    OMG Amno... After Teresa and others in ISA, can't you score better than this temple thing?

    No use tarnishing PR while trying to win back Hindraf votes?


  17. Anonymous10:09 am

    There are many possibilities and this could be a conspiracy out to get PR state government. Under BN, the municipal council acted under the directive and with the backing of the state government, certain things have not changed.

    Perhaps to Rocky, all political parties are the same, and maybe UMNO is the best among the rest.



  18. Anonymous10:10 am


    A man of your standing and knowledge should be aware of the constituional requirement that only the Federal Gov - BARISAN NASIONAL - can introduce local council elections with amendments to the Constitution.

    So your line was not fair.


  19. Wakil rakyat and ADUNs (elected people) should stop blamming appointed officers and take the resposibility in any issue affecting the Rakyat.

    What were you doing when these things happen (in this case a temple demolition)? Sure it did happen in a split second !! If you cant be with the people when they face issues, then you should not stand for elections.

    Is the issue of forming the next government "blinding" all wakil rakyats and ADUNs (from any party) from being with the people and address their issues?

    Is this too much to expect from Malaysian politicians?

  20. Bru,

    The incident happened on 9 September. Kenapa cerita baru keluar sekarang?

  21. Anonymous10:40 am


    sometimes you can't blame the PBT. In KL and Ampang, you can see the small temple being built at every 800 meters from each other.

    Don't they have a religion body like Jakim or Jais to cordinate the building of temples ?

  22. Hey rocky, you are getting to be a one way critic. I think you know MPAJ people are the old staff (unless they have been sacked) and they a power unto themselves. March until now Sep. is abt 6 mths. Why don't you apply, be a councilor and help.

  23. Anonymous11:04 am

    Normal lah Bru, politician will always blame others, good example is Teressa Kok. She will also become a Master Illussionist in the making, give her time, perhaps one day she will replace Anwar.

    I was suprised, why Hindraf, does not protest when Pakatan Rakyat government demolished their temple. Double standard eh...

    Well,I believed that, Tan Sri Khalid will also put the blame on MPAJ. So its showed that MB Selangor got no power...., MPAJ do not respect his directives.

    On conclusion, politician must be a specialist is blaming others in order to survive in Malaysian Malaysia. Hidup PAKATAN RAKYAT?

  24. Anonymous11:10 am

    Could it be a PR government that is manned by BN sympathisers and functionaries at operational level who are out to do no good?

    Possible isn't it especially those left overs from the baaad old Toyo days, those "little Napoleons" who throw their weight about.

  25. Anonymous11:22 am

    Politics remain the same wherever and whenever.

    On the temple issue, it sometimes become puzzling because there are temples built almost everywhere.

    And these issues are perfect avenues for polititions from both sides to capatilise upon.

    This brings me to the issue of cross overs. Will it be any different? If 30 BN guys jump over to PR, then you get a BN/PR coalition. And with that, they get an even bigger passport to cause chaos.

    Oh well, let's leave the politics to the polititions. We can never understand it!


  26. Temple demolition: ‘Officers acted against state directive’

    Faham tak Rocky. I know you need to be anti PR cause of your god mahathir but come on lah, now you are on MIC's and Khir Tempe's side -"Then again, maybe the council officers were the real culprits when BN ruled Selangor" too???

    U are going to squander all the good will you had. Sad.

    ps here is mahatirs contribution for all you mahathir fans...enjoy :

  27. Anonymous11:37 am

    "Didn't somebody promise local council election?"

    Didn't the rotten BN refuse to amend the Local Government Act to allow local council action?


  28. Anonymous11:40 am

    Eventhough PR has taken over the state government, many civil servants have been brainwashed by UMNO's BTN programme to be racist, arrogant and coloured eyed towards others. It will take a lot of effort to overcome the prejudiced mind of these civil servants.


  29. I've told my friends again and again that PR and BN will be the same.
    Tapi yg fanatik PR kata aku BN kapir. Fanatik BN kata aku die-hard PR fan yg suka negara pecah belah.

    Hakikatnya, org politik sama aje. Tipu, tipu, tipu.

    Ni baru setahun perintah, dan berlambak broken promises & insiden (dari leadernya sampailah ke ahlinya.

    Kalau 18 tahun macam mana ?

    Sama aje BN dan PR.


  30. Anonymous11:56 am

    Rocky, either you have a very selective memory, or you have blinkers on. As I recall, Khir Toyo himself supported the temple demolition last year. A directive right from the top.

    As a S'gor resident who is not affiliated to any political party, I can say from my observations over the last 6 months that the current S'gor govt has been much less chauvinistic, less arrogant and more even-handed than the previous one.

    As for local council elections, weren't we told that the law as it stands does not allow for it?

    Your constant insinuations in your blog entries are revealing you to be a closet (I don't know exactly what)-ist. Supremacist? Racist? Chauvinist? UMNO-ist?

    You are entitled to your views, but please be fair.


  31. I wonder if PKR is going to make public this issue...with the CAT and all...

  32. Anonymous12:01 pm

    MaCinDia said;
    actually it is easy said then done. Why everybody seem to regards the PR government as God that will not do mistake. YB Ronnie Liu must take responsibilities of what had happen since PR Government promised otherwise during the election.
    We expect our PR MPs to be more responsible and not to pinpoint to others when there is problems with their administrative or conduct. When there is bribery case then they said it was framed; sexually case - they were set-up; and all the nonsense

  33. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Before we make any kind of statement or accusing,we should check bout the status of the land whether that tempel was built legally or not.N the biggest prob wit this indians,they wil simply built a tempel without askin or knowing who is the owner of the said land.

  34. Or maybe during UMNO's rule, the local council was controlled by UMNO..and under Pakatan rule, the local council is still controlled by UMNO. Ever thought of that?

    You think that 50 years of dominance by a single party spreading its tentacles and cancer cells to every nook and cranny of Malaysian society can be scrubbed clean in 6 months? It will probably take a decade to wipe out the influence of UMNO in the civil service, police force, army, judiciary, business community, local councils, religious authorities etc.

    You are just like Samy Vellu, when Khir Toyo was MB and temples were demolished Samy did not directly confront Toyo or UMNO neither did he blame it on BN. Now that Khalid Ibrahim is MB and temples are demolished Samy directly blame PR. How pathetic and childish.

    Let me tell you, the Indians can see through this kind of manipulation easily.

  35. Bro Rocky,

    ROnnie Liu says state government had directed for the demolition to not go ahead and that MPAJ had defied orders.

    At least that is what he said in The Star, Friday.

    God bless.

  36. Gunfann writes:
    Temple demolition: ‘Officers acted against state directive’

    Faham tak Rocky. I know you need to be anti PR cause of your god mahathir but come on lah, now you are on MIC's and Khir Tempe's side -"Then again, maybe the council officers were the real culprits when BN ruled Selangor" too???

    U are going to squander all the good will you had. Sad.

    Dear Gunfann,
    I criticize Ronnie for playing the blame game and I'm now anti-Pakatan Rakyat?

    Grow up, Gunfann, don't make it so obvious that you've been deprived of something for too long. (It's showing, really!).

    When we ALL were criticizing Khir Toyo's government for demolishing the temple last year, did we blame the low-wage council workers? No, we didn't. We blamed Khir Toyo, the head of the State Government.

    Simple. Ronnie shouldn't pass the buck to some council workers. It's dangerous because these council workers could be marked men for no fault of their own.

    I agree with Melayuangkat and other commenters who said Ronnie should tell us the status of the temple, whether it's built on illegal land, etc.

    Thank you.

  37. If turning the 3.5million Indians against PR by breaking one temple right at the heart of PR government is possible how much are you willing to pay?

    A few million at the most? This is what I see here because it's Ronnie someone who I dare bet on that he will never allow such action.

    I'm Hindu and am extremely disappointed but I believe it's a sabotage to create animosity. It shows to what extent some unscrupulous people are prepared to bring down our unity.


  38. Anonymous1:47 pm

    wei melayuangkat

    kalaupun illegal land, kalaupun no approval, kalaupun obstruction,

    kenapa tak bagi notis secukupnya mintak pindah?

    itu soalnya.

    masalahnya mungkin bukan masalah BN atau PR semata-mata.

    mungkin kerana ada golongan yang jenis 'napoleon' atau terlalu fanatik di kalangan civil service yang nak pandai-memandai.

  39. Anonymous1:52 pm

    Oh satu lagi kemungkinan

    Mungkin orang-orang majlis daerah ni pro-BN dan takmo dengar arahan kerajaan PR kot.

    Ini satu kemungkinan besar, di mana civil service kita masih lagi di bawah naungan BN yang telah memberi mereka madu dan bunga selama ini, atau civil service terlalu taksub dengan ideologi BN.

    sepatutnya civil service atau majlis daerah harus neutral, tanpa ideologi apa-apa dan menurut perintah kerajaan atasan.

    saya rasa sudah tiba masa kita adakan pilihanraya tempatan.

    kalau tak, macam mana nak keluarkan golongan fanatik yang terlalu pro-BN dalam pentadbiran mereka?

  40. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Satu lagi, untuk kau Rocky:

    Cara kau tulis belakangan ini macam pro-BN atau chauvinis la...

    Apa dah jadi dengan kau Rocky?

    Cuba lapor dengan neutral dan bagi pendirian atau pendapat kau.

    Jangan kau nak cuba pesong alam dunia Rocky. pening dah kito ni...

  41. Anonymous2:05 pm

    these pr's nincompoops really knows how to slither their tounge.
    always with their conspiracy theory.


  42. So this time its the MPAJ and its workers' fault.
    Whereas last time it was the State Govt's.Yeah good spin.
    Wonder where are the HINDRAF people this time around.
    Oh, they are either behind bars or in the ruling party , I forgot.
    Was expecting another stinging letter and some people going to London to look for the Queen.

  43. Anonymous2:19 pm


    what are u actually trying to say when you lashed out at Gunfann? That you were bashing Khir Toyo at one time and not at council workers? Despite the fact that any Menteri Besar has no say in Federal matters? That Ronnie passed the buck to council workers? Should he have passed the buck to the Federal Government instead? Or should he have stood in front of bulldozers bringing the temple down?
    My point again is .. what are you trying to say? When will you ever say something? Please say something. Its shameful that a blog that doesnt say anything creates over seven million hits. Its not shameful for you, but shameful for malaysians, already well known as people who dont read.
    Its not late to make stand, even for you.

  44. Anonymous2:26 pm


  45. if illigel what is the problem
    you cannot simply build your temple or any contruction any where you desire . rule of law prevail .

  46. Anonymous2:30 pm

    When you are the a leader, you are responsible for your subordinates' actions. Blaming others shows that the leader is inefficient. Promises must be translated into action to gain trust. Passing the blame shows weakness and inability to govern.


  47. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Dear Rocky
    It is unprofessional for the Govt to blame the civil servants.The govt must be accountable and responsible for actions of their staff.Mana boleh lepas tangan saja?
    I challenge the govt to sack those involved!
    However,I do not think the govt got the balls bro

  48. Anonymous2:33 pm

    come on Rocky u cant hide it la.
    Can see it miles from here wat u r trying to achieve..
    God is on our side
    it wont work.


  49. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Ronnie Liu mana pernah jadi leader. Sikalang lu orang sudah angkat dia jadi leader. Dia mana tahu buat kerja. Suruh tulis, komplen komplen saja bolehlah. Lu orang sikalang ah make sure itu Ronnie jawab apa sebab PBT workers tak mahu ikut cakap state gomen. Mungkin state gomen talak kuat sebab itu dia olang talak takut. Waa.. habislah ini PR. Suruh jaga temple pun tak boleh... Jaga toilet lagi lah...


  50. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Just like Perak Sexco Case, another conspiracy hahaha

  51. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Why do so many people seem to think that local council elections are only the domain of the Federal government? Dont you guys read the Sun? Derek Fernandez from Selangor clearly described how the state governments can bypass the Federal government in allowing for something akin to local council voting, without being unconstitutional. The PR governments surely know this too. Unfortunately, power too, has left them weak-willed to hand authority from the the big businessmen and politicians in charge to small-fry elected by the rakyat. We have to keep pushing this agenda.

  52. Anonymous3:18 pm

    apa elected ahli majlis buat? normally all issues relating to development or social wiil be brought up in their routine majlis meetings. maybe some of them selalu ponteng to attend their chores. anyway, there must be a concrete reason why the temple was torn down. suitability of the location is upmost important. we can't of course tolerate for example if the temple is located in the middle of the round about after the town planning has been done. so, it must be relocated. we must accept redevelopment as part of the process of civilisation to raise the standard of living of our neighbourhood. what the BN did in selangor was a sad story. it has a clean intention but was politicised. now, who benefits? of course anwar.


  53. Rocky,

    It a plot to discrete the PR state govt.

    PR should hold an open hearing and sack or send them to jail. Who ever is guilty, will anyone tolerate tearing down a church or mosque... i fell the people had enough of these officers who think its their tok punya harta dan boleh buat apa dia suka.

    Have you seen these so called officers walk during their rounds, they are like Rambo waiting to pounce ke ke ke aku sepak baru tahu.

    People, another hurdle to cross, God is within and all that happens send back to the Almighty.

    Mr Bru, thank you for high lighting.


  54. nothing is sensitive for grown up malaysians. ok. first and foremost please get things organised. Temples in malaysia is not patronised by a responsible body like you see in Penang and Spore. Having said that the NGOs like Malaysia Hndu Sangam and Major Hindu organisations like Hindu Dharma Mamamndram are rivals...not mentioning political parties taking advantage of it... so you see temples not registered,temples do renovation without local council approval,temple dont submit their accounts etc etc ..x emotional factors here..its a serious its collective effort . NGOs must unite for the sake of the Hindu community .. leave the politicians alone -wake up MAKKAL SAKTHI

  55. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Dear Alex,

    Why blame umno for the transgression by the council. Just like driving a bus. The passangers trusted the driver to take them safely to their destinations. Does the bus go to the right if the driver turns the steering to the left? It won’t happen isn’t it? So the municipality is now driven by the PKR. We the passengers don’t blame the bus if it hits potholes. We blame the driver. So Alex, it seems umno and BN now are cool scapegoat for PKR should anything goes wrong. Be realistic.


  56. Bro rocky,

    Apa komen u tentang local council elections when most of the posters now have said that the federal constitution needs to be amended first before the state gov. can go ahead with it?

  57. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Don't think that the local council are at fault on this...let think for a moment

    to demolish a many MBAJ people do you think have to be on site to do their job....
    let say 30 ppl....or more
    out of 30 they all UMNO backers?....

    There is a chance that one of them are a neutralist or even PR backer...

    so the info should be out already.... press will know & politician will definitely know...

    but PR govt says that they did not know...funny is it...

    even so, demolishing job usually attract a lot ppl to watch especially for sensitive issue like this (remember Pdg Jawa) it is impossible if PR govt did not know about this... and if they are sincere, they could invoke all the power they have to stop this....

    PR planned the job and blame it on the local council... the PR supporter claim conspiracy.....

    something is not right about these politicians
    if the Big Boss of Selangor govt have the guts...he should come out clean and say he accept the responsibility rather than let his small fry to blame the local council.... this way he sure have his credibility back....

    one more thing is nobody want somebody else build illegally or staying illegally in his/her backyard.... so what is wrong to take their land back...

    maybe the temple is the obstacle for the land owner to development his land and then go to local govt for help....and help they have...

    maybe should investigate who is the land owner and what is the plan...


    p/s: see i also can do conspiracy theory what!!!! :p

  58. Dear Rocky,
    I wonder what MB of S'gor has to say.Also the De Facto leader on the 'Sexco of Perak'.One confess adultery and the other refuse to take oath.Both in the same soup accept that one is by order of nature and the other 'di luar tabii'.

  59. May be is beyond PR power.

    BN still the main key man.

  60. Anonymous8:10 pm


    this is the work of umno macai. mat 'bandit' tyson & Khir 'botox' toyo are both working hard to take back selangor from PR.

    Theresa is the first victim. expect many more to happen.

  61. Anonymous8:36 pm

    hahahah you guys are amazing. when it was done by BN, it was BN who were racist and insensitive, when it was in PR time, it's called a conspiracy. Everything is a conspiracy.

    and now some even blame rocky for apparently being pro-BN. So what, he's entitled to his opinions. Or is it only when the opinions are the same as yours?


  62. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Anything built illegally should be demolished regardless their purpose of existance, mosque, temple etc. Follow the law!

    ladyfromhell (scotland)

  63. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Apa you all dok menyalak nih... jangan jadi macam itu Samy No Value la.. ni pi baca

    Cheh.. pooodah chit

  64. Anonymous11:45 pm

    At least in Malaysia there is some form of religious freedom. See for yourselves what's the chinese govt doing to muslim minority in China, Nak puasa pun tak bagi

    The Stig

  65. Anonymous4:07 am

    Hahaha yeeehaaa.....bro,

    Remember one thing!
    "Anything built illegally should be demolished "


  66. who cares what , who when, how. by than pakatan would have taken over, this is so bloody embarassing, they can;t make up their minds, like a bunch of clueless morons. they can jump in the klang river for all we care, we want change ad a better govt, this govt. if can't solve their own party problems how are they going to solve serious problems affecting the lively hood of 26 million malaysians. BOTTOM LINE THEY ARE CLUELESS

  67. Anonymous6:38 am

    The are 30,000 temples in malaysia..
    a humongous number disproportionate to the size of actual temple goers let alone Hindus in the country.
    Nobody is against the temple,
    its the small illegelal structures that spring up every nook and corner.

    Even Suraus have been demolished when they were illegal despite protests..

    And C'mon, it was contested in court - and the courts have decided their legality - they lost the case. They weren't demolished straight away. Dont tell me once you build a temple anywhere, even in the middle of the road, we are to observe "No touch policy"

    Even in India the govt demolishes these small illegal places of worship with statues inside..
    No fuss there?

  68. Anonymous7:31 am

    Dear Bro and others,

    Put this scenario into your case.. If a temple was built on your land and you want to develop that land, you bring the case to court and the court has directed that you have the right to demolish the temple. Would you think this demolition is unfair? WHo give one the right to build anything on the land not belonging to him? Why not Hindus donate their personal land to this purpose like other religions? Be fair in your reporting Rocky as we dont want you to lose your credibility.

    From Fairgame

  69. Anonymous9:03 am

    pr also needs to explain their elected leader's disruption of the bar council forum


  70. dear rocky,

    it's pretty obvious that the council acted WITHOUT authority, despite the directive NOT to demolish any temples fromt he PR govt. the BN govt GAVE their permission for it.

    That's the big difference.

  71. Anonymous2:37 pm

    You are mocking that " someone promised there will be municipal elections, or something like that?".

    The promise would be a reality, insyallah, if the PR forms the federal government which must then change the laws to allow local elections.

    How come a learned person like you does not know this simple thing?

    See around yourself Rocky. Are ALL the Hindus really making a fuss over this issue? Any big uproar from HINDRAF? Compare it to the other temple demolitions that took place before 8 March 2008 in BN controlled states.

    People know - when to make noise and when not to.

    Its just that leaders like Semi Value and his mouthpiece Tamil daily do not know how to blend with the thoughts of the people. They are flogging a dead horse - having lost their credibility on 8 March.

    Can you not see how Xavier, Ronnie Liu and the Malay MP from PKR are very forthcoming on the issue?

    Compare lah to how Khir Toyo, Samy Velu and the BN leadership behaved and reacted before 8 March when such issues were brought up?

    There is definitely a change, for the better - not the demolition, but the way those in power are coming forward to explain on the matter.

    This is something that you cannot accept?

    By the way, you expect total change overnight?

    Keep dreaming. Even Mahathir gave up in his last years as PM when he declared that he has failed to get the Malays to change their mindset. That does not bother you?

    So, if someone whom you admire can admit that he tried and failed - and yet you always support him, why instigate that the PR folks are not up to 'your' expectations?

    Do consider to be more reasonable and be a fair Malaysian. (not Malay).

    That is real moving forward and doing your constructive part for the bette future of Malaysians.


  72. Kalau Illegal kasi roboh sajalah tak ira Kuil, Tokong, Masjid, Disco, karaoke lounge etc etc...

    Jangan jadi Hyper Sensitive tak kena tempat...

    Kalau legal buatlah besar besar macam Church kat Indon pun takpe.

  73. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Muslim officials who defy the State order not to demolish places of worship are racists. They did it to instigate political blame game against Pakatan. Malay Muslims are stoking racial hatred against Indians. Could there be another round of massive demonstrations!

  74. Rocky,

    It is unbecoming for Liu to blame the local govt servants for the demolition. He should be responsible and accountable for the actions of state agents, in this case the MPAJ staffs.

    It looks like Liu put the blame on MPAJ staffs to hide his in-competence to lead, means to get his people to follows what he says.

    Maybe he should concentrate on writing blogs and leave the leading role to someone who is capable.

  75. Anonymous1:51 am

    yada yada yadaaaa

  76. Anonymous1:57 am

    HINDRAF should sue the Queen.there is a ethnic cleansing in us!!we are starving to death!helppp..anyoneeee

  77. Anonymous6:25 am

    Hi ROcky,
    Looks like there are so many PR apologist. Even when they are not effective to stop this temple demolishising thing, they will still try to defend it. Even when they commit adultery in Perak, they will still try to defend it. All this when they are just a few months in power.


  78. Anonymous9:22 pm

    I'll rather go to Ampang myself and ask the temple committee rather than relying on politicians' words from government and opposition media channels. For something so close to KL, I'm surprised no resident in the vicinity of the municipality bothered to verify this on their own. Why are they so bloody lazy?

  79. Anonymous9:54 pm


    Your blog is a daily must-read. I want to share an observation: it seems that a lot of people do not understand the concept of neutrality...

    Most of your postings have been just that, and I have admired your tenacity to say the truth, or what you perceive as the truth.

    It doesn't come as a surprise that you suddenly see an influx of commentors who fail to see the reality anymore.

    When you whacked khir, and the other BN leaders, you did not spare your words. I appreciate the fact that you are sticking to your guns when it comes to PR.

    It is not a matter of which political party, it is a question of whether it is right or wrong. Like you have rightly pointed out, why the double standards? Why was it, when the BN state govt, demolished temples, there was a lot of cries for blood, and now, under the PR govt, it is still BN's wrongdoing? That's just being silly....

    Whoever comes into power, it is the prerogative, and the responsibility, of the rakyat to right them if they are wrong. Remember that PR is exactly in the same situation BN was so may moons ago. Nobody said anything, and they were allowed to do as they please.

    PR cannot be excused if they do wrong. Nobody can. What is right is right. Wake up, smell the roses...


    Perhaps you can do some checks here as well. Ask the Klang Majlis people on how this Ronnie chap has been calling the enforcement teams to stop carrying out raids on "compromising" premises run by his buddies in Klang. What a joke! So much for the saviour that he claims to be....

    Or perhaps, this is also "satu lagi projek kerajaan Barisan Nasional?". You gotta be kidding me...

    -the Right to be a Leftist-

  80. Anonymous11:20 pm

    51 years of merdeka, these 'bumiputeras' still cant accept mutli racial status of the nation. It's sad that these 'bumiputeras' feels it is under siege. Terror tactics like temples demolition, ISA, 513, etc are constantly used as a retaliatory weapon. If you do bad to other communities, obviously your heart will NOT be peaceful. It is time these 'bumiputeras' do some soul searching. Children of God!

  81. Anonymous9:46 am

    Please put a stop to this bloody m*r*n, crapy, stup*d, illiterate comment. Please put the fact right...

    Ask those bloody commentators to check the facts before saying something...


    Friday September 26, 2008 MYT 8:37:15 PM
    Temple demolished for renovation

    KUALA LUMPUR: The Hindu temple in Ampang had been demolished by its own committee to make way for renovation and a face lift.

    Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin said the public condemnation of the demolition and accusation lashed at the local council and state government was unfounded.

    The PKR MP said MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy’s allegations were completely unfounded and untrue.

    “The truth is the temple was demolished by its own committee to make way for renovation and a face lift. They did this of their own accord and did not consult nor seek approval from the state government beforehand.

    “We did not even know about the demolition until it happened,” she said.

    According to her, the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) was currently investigating the issue and was still waiting for the local council’s report.

  82. Anonymous10:20 am

    When The answer is " The Temple Committee was the party to The Demolition of the temple for renovation purpose " rings some sense to the brains ?

  83. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    What "Th Right To Be Leftist" about Ronnie telling Klang Municipal not to take action against his friends premises needs investigation and verification.
    This smells like the Kayveas case! DOn't tell me our Ronnie has gone the way of the Sexco Perak.


  84. Anonymous9:38 pm

    And to top it off...

    MIC had a demonstration to protest the PKR government for the demolition of the temple !?

    Now, it does smell a rat here !

    When will BN goons going to learn ?
    And stop playing with the people sentiments !

  85. Anonymous10:03 pm

    At 8.37 PM, Friday the Star carried a short, follow up story here -

  86. I read this OPEN LETTER (which sure with his own agenda) in Anwar Ibrahim' official blog .
    Tell me what do you think ?

    Who Is Baradan Kuppusamy?
    By Anwar Ibrahim

    Dear Abang Din,

    Ramadhan Karim and I hope you are well and doing fine.

    I’m an ardent reader of your blog and I leave a comment most of the times specially if the topic is “explosive” and heat generating. (I use the tagname Abdul/Abdullah in your blog). That said, you may know one Baradan Kappusamy who writes for whoever pays him or whichever paper that demands his article which is mainly an anti-Anwar articles. My Indian friends call him a “paid whore.”

    His behaviour and hatred against Anwar is very strong and he strongly supports Najib and we have reports that he has been recruited by him to run down Anwar. You can see it his the Star commentary yesterday and today’s The Malaysian-Insider (both BN leaflets) which are simply hateful concoctions full of bigotry, biased reporting and hatred.

    I have looked for his contacts and even my Indian friends failed to get them, I wanted to contact him concerning his shameful diatribe and hysterical hatred against DSAI but I can’t get his contacts. I have been told that he is a shadowy figure who is a hired assassin. Therefore, I appeal to you Abang Din to try your best to supply me with his contacts (email, or phone, or both) if you have them or can get them through other friends in the media. He sometimes writes in Malaysiakini, so may be you can get his contacts from your Malaysiakini friends and pass it to me through this email address. (I have also contacted Susan Loone just now and I hope she will answer me).

    Yesterday, I have contacted blogger MagickRiver (Antares)**, an Indian Anwar supporter and he told me that he couldn’t get the contacts of what he called a “shameful paid whore.” So, try your best if you can get me his address. Otherwise, you can contact him ask him the cause of his hatred against Anwar. He should be bombarded with outrageous comments in relation to his outrageous conduct so that he knows there is a limit. I’m really mad at this shameful character.

    Thanking you in advance
    Happy Hari Raya.

    Note from Din Merican: “Let us ban Baradan Kuppusamy from our PCs, if there is truth in this private e-mail to me. Salams.”

    So, how do you feel when Anwar (or his mate) also :
    1. Ban ! ban source of net info;
    2. Search and call and seduce other to search for his foes;
    These are going back to the zero point even worst !!!

    They were from the same stomach, no?

  87. Anonymous12:29 pm

    oh oh the temple demolition crew at it again and this time our PR fellos doing a samy vello's... opps i mean the same vello's response 'BLAME SOMEONE ELSE AND LOOK FOR A SCAPEGOAT TO TAKE THE RAP'. Whether it's renovation, deliberate or don't tell me the lame 'agent provocateur' thingy again!!! Mike tiresome's drama queen antics seem to be given more attention than resolving handling the people supposedly under PR ADMINISTRATION to do a just and fair job. Shame on such insensitivity again..and MIC taking up the cause.. a little too late ain't it. PR is already damaging their own reputation no need for MIC's hot morokoo campur tangan... the PR goons doing a good job preparing to lose in the next GE. see 'temper flares over temple issues'