Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pak Lah's Insider

According to the Malaysian Insider:

It appears that the DPM has lost control of his own warlords on the ground. He admitted as much in talks with several supreme council members recently.

As such, he is unable or unwilling to risk the backlash from them if he continues to support the transition plan which will see Abdullah contesting the party elections in December and then handing over power to Najib in 2010.

Najib believes that if he supports the transition plan unconditionally, there is a possibility that he and Abdullah will have to face off with Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and other critics of the PM.

He has told his supporters that he is confident that he and Abdullah will be able to emerge victorious but was worried that it will come at a high price.

On the flip side, if he distances himself from Abdullah's transition plan, this is bound to persuade the PM to wage an all out campaign to obtain at least 58 nominations from the divisions and defend his party president's position.

In this scenario, Najib may have to face off with Abdullah, a battle which could be expensive for a politician still recovering from a battering to his image by the Opposition.

So the safest option for Najib was to cobble together a plan which achieved the twin objectives of allowing Abdullah to remain in his position for a few more months without committing to the 2010 transition plan.

He believes that postponing the party elections will keep the peace in the party and allow all the stakeholders to walk away with something.

And yes, it will allow Najib to inherit an intact Umno.

Now, according to Najib's people, the postponement was not Najib's idea but Abdullah's. Najib, they said, is not agreeable to the postponement. Najib, they stressed, have always said it's up to the delegates to decide.

Ladies and Gentleman, it looks like the PM's propaganda machinery has arrived in blogosphere ....


  1. You know what Mr Rocky? This sounds so much like The Matrix series. Beware of the "deja vu" glitches you see, it might be the government trying to tap into what we have here in this sphere. Finally, after the PRU12, they have arrived. With all the weapons they have. Now, trying to conquer the only channel we have of "freedom" to "news" from an independent party.

  2. Anonymous11:00 pm

    I hope tomorrow's meeting will provide the final nail to UMNO's death coffin. I dont think the varous factions can reconcile their differences any longer - not with the threat of Anwar's takeover hanging over their heads - and they are not even sure on which side some of the MT members are leaning to.


  3. Anonymous11:08 pm

    They treated like UMNO is theirs..Dollah simply not ready to step usual, UMNO so-called grass root will nod to whatever the sleepy head say...The stupidest person in Malaysia history never learn!

  4. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Mr Prime Minister,
    I believe I speak for the majority when I say that we have had enough of you.
    You can forget about the "tremendous amount of work that is uncompleted which you have to do,etc" because we do not want you to do it anymore. You are not irreplaceable...there are others whom we think can carry on the work.
    Please leave TODAY..and while you are at it, take along your son and son-in-law as well.

  5. Anonymous11:18 pm

    well, with and, it looks like najib's propaganda machinery arrived in blogosphere earlier.

  6. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Dear Rocky Sir,

    "He who tries to prop up a rotten tree will be fall with it and will end up in a heap of firewood."

    "The leader who heed not his followers will wake up one day only to find he has no more followers."

    "He who needs an advice most will vehementy reject it."

    -MP No. 223-

  7. Anonymous11:42 pm

    on a smaller matter... check out their overage of KJ's complain of sabotage =]



  8. Anonymous11:47 pm


    pusing pusing pusing sampai aku pun jadi pening :-S

    fisherman's fren

  9. Abdullah's agreed to step-down but Cairy, Cammalud and Callymullah want to stay a little longer ... long enuf to cover the trail and their back.
    So the trio 'activate' a Pariah-dog to do the spin, and spin the dog did till everything has now spun out of control.
    But the dog and its desperate masters are still spinning.

  10. Anonymous12:11 am

    Biaq cepat sikit Supreme council meeting tu,,,,!!!

    RESIGN CEPAT else go commit suicide,,!!

    Mati dalam bulan Ramadhan,,lagi berkat,,!!!



  11. Anonymous12:56 am

    najib lover....dulu, kini, selamanya...

    najib doesnt fight his own battle...gets others to do it for him...I would rather have HITLER for PM than least what you see is what you get with Hitler...

    (dunno if this comment will pass...blogosphere not as free nowadays)


  12. UMNO perlukan kepimpinan baru termasuk MTnya untuk kekal relevan. Kepimpinan sekarang terbukti gagal mengumpul sokongan rakyat.

  13. Dear Rocky,
    As I see it,if making a decision is so difficult for Najib,then,how is he going to make other important decisions that sure will surface once he is in power.Looks like we are going to get another flip flop leader.

  14. Anonymous4:51 am

    This bastard by the name of Brendan Pereira is the main propagandist. He has been entrusted with the main spin of propping up Abdullah.

  15. Anonymous6:33 am


  16. I used to read Malaysian Insider regularly, even though I know that it is Pak Lah's spin machine. The coverage was quite balance in the beginning. But lately, the spun has become too much. I'm beginning to hate reading Malaysian Insider. I've just taken the URL out of my browser's favorite.

  17. why cant Badawi just accept the fact that he is not popular anymore, a leader who won a historical victory in the 2004 GE in thespate of 4 years, suffered the most humiliating defeat, clearly shows that he is not wanted by the people.
    I think after all the flip-flops, he should make a gentleman exit.

  18. Disebalik beberapa kelemahan pimpinan Pak Lah, ada juga perubahan-perubahan yang beliau telah lakukan.

    Salah satunya, di bawah kepimpinan Pak Lah, rakyat lebih bebas bersuara dan mengkritik berbanding zaman Mahathir yang lebih bersifat autokratik.

    Pak Lah juga mempunyai azam yang kuat untuk memperbaiki kekalutan dan campurtangan politik dalam badan perundangan dan kehakiman, juga pasukan polis.

    Pak Lah juga ingin menghapuskan rasuah yang membawa imej buruk kepada negara.

    Pak Lah juga telah menekankan sektor pertanian dan pengeluaran makanan yang sangat realistik dalam menghadapi inflasi dan kenaikan harga barang keperluan.

    Tetapi sayangnya Pak Lah tidak dapat menjadi pemimpin yang berkesan di mana cita-cita dan impiannnya tidak dapat dilaksanakan dengan cepat dan kurang menampakkan hasil.

    Pak Lah dikatakan terlalu dipengaruhi oleh nasihat dan pandangan keluarga.

    Pak Lah dilihat banyak tidak mengkotakan apa yang dikata. Imejnya semakin tercalar bila tindakan dan keputusan yang diambilnya banyak berlawanan dan bertentangan dengan sifat baik dan bersihnya.

    Saya tak tahu gelaran 'Bapa' apa yang bakal diberikan oleh rakyat Malaysia kepada Pak Lah selepas beliau tidak lagi menjadi Perdana Menteri nanti.

    Bapa Kemerdekaan untuk Tengku, Bapa Pembangunan untuk Tun Razak, Bapa Perpaduan untuk Tun Hussein, Bapa Malaysia Moden untuk Tun Mahathir.

    Adakah Pak Lah hanya sekadar 'Bapa Mertua KJ'?

  19. Anonymous9:43 am

    wow! just like a machine gun out of ammo's.
    bro! lain kali suruh depa belajag silat lak!


  20. Kalau Pak Lah terdesak sangat untuk pegang kuasa melangkaui mandat, kami lebih rela dia dan sekutu-sekutunya dalam MT UMNO tinggalkan BN dan tubuh kerajaan campuran dengan PR.

    Biarlah kami di dalam UMNO tinggal sebagai pembangkang asalkan hak ahli akar umbi tidak tergadai.

    Menundakan persidangan yang sudah tertunda adalah malapetaka untuk akar umbi umno dan pengkhianatan untuk agama, bangsa dan Negara.

    Sudah-sudahlah tu dengan skim subsidi kepimpinan ini. Nak memimpin sila bertanding dan buktikan meritokrasi anda. Masih gamak lagikah DS Najib mendabik dada sebagai "pewaris"?

    Inilah puncanya tidak terhakisnya mentaliti subsidi Melayu. Melayu perlukan barisan kepimpinan baru.

    PJ Selatan

  21. Time to go
    When events came along

    It is no use holding it
    When the goings the warlords disagree
    The sins of the fathers came
    Make the exit and do the honorable thing

    Release all the ISA detainees
    Make it day people can rejoice
    The days are numbered
    You know the drill
    The warlords want their spoils
    In the secret vaults……….
    Is it true or just an empty talk?

    Raking a leaf from MIC
    Too many unfinished businesses
    Yet all those years what happen?
    Sleeping on the job dreaming it away
    When perseverance lacking in quality
    It derails one own objectives

    The high stake poker he dares not take
    He tries to avoid it at all costs…………
    Sleeping on it hoping it will go away
    By lord it has to come no matter what you say

    Time to go…………
    The writings posted on the walls
    If you want to leave a legacy
    Throw all draconian laws into the bin
    In this way the reputation records in history

    Will it happen?
    Else you will be known
    As the sleeping beauty forgetting own values
    Devaluing your own stakes
    As a leader finding no direction

  22. Anonymous10:42 am

    Great!!! Now Anwar has just to stand in on the sideline and see UMNO kills each other. We are soooooooooo looking forward to this.


  23. Anonymous10:57 am

    the best ever drama series... Paklah, Najib and UMNO... dulu, kini dan selamanya

    dulu... blehh on
    kini... takbleh on
    selamanya... on instruction

    fuel price
    dulu... bleh sudden increase
    kini... takbleh sudden decrease
    selamanya... naik minyak

    dulu... bleh catch anytime
    kini... takbleh hapus ISA
    selamanya... you talk, i catch

    dulu... bleh sustain low
    kini... takbleh tahan
    selamanya... not my fault

    dulu... bleh control price
    kini... takbleh control price
    selamanya... eat roti canai

    dulu... bleh together
    kini... takbleh together-gether
    selamanya... moneygather

    dulu... bleh cerita
    kini... takbleh lompat
    selamanya... yes SIR

    luxury style
    dulu... bleh patek phillipe
    kini... takbleh casio
    selamanya... rolex

    once... now... and forever
    Salam sejahtera

  24. Anonymous10:58 am

    Notes Fr Mr Kalahari(I am hot)
    Surat Utk Pak Lah

    Pendudok Malaysia
    Diseluroh Negara
    0001200 Malaysia.
    26th Sept 2008

    Dato' Sri,

    Adalah dgn ini dimaklumkan bahawa perkhidmatn Tuan sebagai PM ditamatkan sertamerta dengan penerimaan surat ini.

    Tindakan tergesa ini diambil setelah mengambil kira kegagalan pihak Tuan dan Keluarga Tuan menjalankan amanat pihak kami mengekalkan kesejahteraan rakyat dan pekara pekara disebutkan disini.

    1.Ianya merupakan tindakan tattertib atas sebab Dato; Seri telah didapati tidur (ada kata sampai mendengkur)ketika menjalankan tugas.

    2.Tabung wang negara diPejabat telah didapati kosong akibat arahan Dato'Seri dalam menjalankan aktiviti yang tidak berfaedah.

    3.Dalam kealpaan Tuan(kononnya),ahli2 keluarga Tuan telah mencuri banyak alat2 pejabat termasuk projek2 jutaan ringgit.

    4.Pihak kami telah mendapati banyak kemasukan anasir2 luar negara jiran dalm pertadbiran Tuan.
    Pembelian Bank di Indonesia,PhileoAllied didapati banyak melibatkan keuntungan keluarga Tuan.

    5.Kehebatan ke'flip-flop'an telah menimbulkan kemaluan besar bagi kami dan sangat mengaibkan rakyat.

    Tunggakan gaji Tuan akan dibayar setelah bil air dan letrik di ambil kira.

    Jgn pandang belakang dan harapkan rantapan kesedihan dari kami.

    Pencarian Al Ghazali Tuan boleh diteruskan menggunakan masa Tuan sendiri.

    Sila serahkan kunci pejabat kepada Pegawai Sekuriti dan bawa pulang pekerja Tuan,Menantu Tuan dan ahli2 Putar Alam Tuan di Ting 4 bersama Tuan.

    Sekian (Tanpa Terima Kasih)
    Harap Maklum

    P/S Jangan Datang Lagi

  25. Anonymous11:15 am

    I can see that all these moves, whichever you see it, in Umno has this one main objective of trying to impede and throw a spanner in the works of Anwar Ibrahim's march to Putrajaya.

    So I see Umno coming together with compromises to check Anwar's march. It may just work, I think - going by Anwar's flip-flop.


  26. Anonymous11:17 am

    Why is it so difficult to say "I quit" when you know you are no longer wanted?

    Why do you want to stretch on like a rubber band? And reluctant to just go??

    South Africa and Israel have just got new leaders. But in Mugabeland, we need "transition periods" to "train" the successor. What rubbish. Did Lim Guan Eng, Khalid Ibrahim, Nizar etc etc need "training periods"?

  27. Anonymous11:24 am

    What ever is the outcome of the special meeting is not important. List all the UMNO warlords who are suitable and competent to run this nation, the answer is none of the above.
    I am very happy to present to you people!! the members of third division UMNOPUTRA. They can go to hell for all I care. dh9753

  28. Anonymous11:39 am

    Ai yoh yoh!!!. Looking at your analysis. We can conclude that Najb is definitely not the leader that leads. He is being push around by PM on one side and his supporters. Like a LALANG. Can't even decide for himself, Needs his supporters to force him to face off with PM.

  29. Anonymous12:04 pm


    Any information as to who is sponsoring this Malaysian Insider web paper. They've hired some pretty senior people, one would think on some pretty impressive salaries. So where's the money coming from. "Southern" bank?

    Gone Fishing

  30. Anonymous2:16 pm


    Kedua dua pemimpin kita tiada pendirian tegas.
    Pak Lah mula mula kata tahun 2010 akan meletakan jawatan dan akan mempertahankan kerusi Presiden UMNO. Tapi selepas kena tekanan, terus tak tentu arah. Tak tahu samada mahu mempertahankan jawatan atau tidak? Camno nak jadi PM kalau dah macam ini!
    Najib pulak asyik bertukar pendirian. Sekejap OK, sekejap kata ikut perwakilan, sekejap kata masih 2010, sekarang balik kepada sokongan perwakilan.
    Macam mana nak jadi bakal PM kalau perkara kecil macam ini masih tidak dapat nak pastikan!
    UMNO Parah

  31. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Why Najib should stick with Abdullah~Malaysiakini
    The most important political development in town has very little to do with Anwar Ibrahim. Instead, it is about the dynamics of the relationship between the Prime Minister and his deputy and how they approach the UMNO party elections that are set to commence with the divisional meetings on 9 October.

    Neither Abdullah Ahmad Badawi nor Najib Tun Razak wants to fight the other. They know that this would be disastrous for the party and even prove to be the final nail in its coffin. Both want to honour the spirit, if no longer the exact letter, of the transition plan which originally intended for Najib to take over the premiership and party presidency in June 2010. It was a deal brokered directly by the two men and endorsed by the party Supreme Council.

    But things began to fall apart after the loss at the Permatang Pauh by-election even though this had very little to do with Abdullah’s leadership (in fact it was seen more as a battle between Anwar Ibrahim and Najib). There was a resurgence of dissent within party ranks led by vice president, Muhyiddin Yassin, and egged on by Mahathir Mohamed from the outside. This was an opportunity to renew the pressure on Abdullah to go now rather than later. But the spark that lit the fire was Najib’s statement a couple of weeks ago that although he was committed to the transition plan, he would also leave it to the divisions to decide whether they want to support it as well. Politics is all about signaling. For many in the party, that statement by Najib was a signal that he would contest the presidency against Abdullah.

    Opportunistic dissenters like Muhyiddin latched onto Najib’s statement and instigated the grassroots to create a groundswell effect against Abdullah in order to pressure him to bow out in December. For Muhyiddin, this would be a dream scenario with him walking into the deputy presidency of the party probably unchallenged and thereby becoming also the Deputy Prime Minister. Everything came to a head at last week’s UMNO Supreme Council meeting where three members – Muhyiddin, Shafie Apdal and Rafidah Aziz - came out to ask Abdullah to hand over power to Najib earlier than the scheduled timetable. Pro-Abdullah forces in the council were told to stand down during the meeting in order to not worsen the situation.

    So what does Najib do now? For all intents and purposes, he is still outwardly committed to the transition plan and does not want to fight Abdullah. He knows that if he digs his heels in with Abdullah, the top job will be there for him by mid 2010 at the latest but in all probability much earlier since Abdullah himself has said that he is willing to be flexible about retiring sooner. The only thing that worries Najib is that if he sticks with Abdullah and there is a challenge from a Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah-Muhyiddin team, he might get swept away along with Abdullah. However, these fears are unfounded. Party leaders know that if Najib swings his support totally behind Abdullah and their forces work together on the ground, there is no other alternative combination that can beat them.

    For Najib, if he decides not to honour his word to Abdullah, he knows he will be stuck with Muhyiddin as his deputy. This would be a problem for him later because the two men are suspicious of one another having once been rivals for the job of Abdullah’s deputy. Muhyiddin has also demonstrated via his dissent towards Abdullah that he is a man who has no qualms stabbing his boss in the back, and may do the same to Najib especially in a time of political crisis. Muhyiddin will also not be beholden to Najib because he will think that his elevation to deputy premier and deputy president of UMNO has little to do with Najib. So for these reasons, Najib will not want Muhyiddin as his deputy.

    Najib would be in a much more comfortable position if he goes with the transition deal with Abdullah, and then when the time comes for Abdullah to step down, Najib would have three vice presidents to choose from as his deputy. Not only does this give him the luxury of choice but it will most certainly make the person he selects as his deputy completely beholden to him because it will be entirely Najib’s decision unlike the scenario of having Muhyiddin forced on him.

    There are also other reasons Najib should stick with Abdullah. As far as UMNO members are concerned, Najib may be popular. This is courtesy of a solid network that he has cultivated for the last three decades. But his image and credibility publicly is something else. For many people Najib is synonymous with the brutal murder of the Mongolian woman, Altantuya Shaariibuu. Regardless of Najib’s repeated religious oaths that he never even met Altantuya, the taint refuses to go away especially since the man accused of abetting the murder, Razak Baginda, was a close advisor and friend to Najib. Apart from the Altantuya case, Najib is also dogged by shady arms purchases notably the procurement of Sukhoi fighter jets and submarines in which Razak is suspected of pocketing hundreds of millions of Ringgit worth of commission direct from the principal. So with the SAS (Sukhoi, Altantuya, Submarine) scandal tarnishing his public image, Najib still needs Abdullah as a shield of sorts. In fact, Anwar is relentless in his attacks on the SAS issues exposing it as Najib’s vulnerable Achilles’ heel. So long as Abdullah is around, Najib can use the time to rehabilitate his public image especially with his new portfolio at the Treasury where he can enact popular policies to deflect the public’s attention from the SAS issues.

    Finally, the last thing Najib wants is to go through a bruising fight with Abdullah. Najib may ultimately win the battle with current sentiment against Abdullah and his formidable network in UMNO, but could lose the war because of a damaged and divided party.. Abdullah may be against the ropes but he’s not going to be a pushover. His supporters will use every advantage of incumbency to fight any challenge and it will significantly split UMNO. This is something that Najib can ill-afford. Even if he takes on and beats Abdullah, he will be left with a party ruined. The implications of this are serious. If BN component parties see a broken UMNO, they might just take it as a signal to jump ship and join Anwar. That could prove to be the final act on the demise of UMNO and it will be on Najib’s watch.

    So although Najib may feel insecure about taking his chances with Abdullah for the fear of going down with him, he stands to gain more from sticking to the transition plan and fighting it out by Abdullah’s side. It will give him the freedom to choose his deputy, a shield against attacks, time to rehabilitate his battered public image and it will avoid a damaging contest that can destroy UMNO. It must also be remembered that the next few months will be crucial on Anwar front. The sodomy trial will get under way and Najib will not want to be alone when all the sordid details of the case are revealed given his association with Saiful Bukhari Azlan who accuses Anwar of having sodomized him. Without Abdullah, the focus will be entirely on Najib and this could damage further his public image.

    Given these arguments, Najib should come out soon to give a categorical statement to support Abdullah’s candidacy for party president. It may not only appear to be the wisest choice but also one that will make Najib most secure in the long run.

  32. Anonymous4:53 pm

    MalaysiaInsider is the main propaganda machine of Abdullah. Heard he put in an intial startup capial of millions. The No 1 propaganda agent is a bastard by the name of Brendan Pereira. He is the one who is writing the filth and venom every day. He was formerly assisted by another bastard called Png Hong Kwang, the former Chief Office Boy of the New Shit Times. Heard Png has left because of health problems. As for how long Malaysiainsider can spew trash, it is anybody's guess. But i guess their days are numbered once Pak Lah rides into the Kepala Batas sunset and tend to his cows. So drink until the cows come home while you can. By then we will have another set of propaganda agents. Heard Ashraf Abdullah, my ex-colleague and embittered and frustrated journalist is eagerly waiting in the wings to lend his services to Najib. In the meantime, I will keep you bastards posted about the latest juicy gossip from Umno Bodoh Land.

  33. Hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong sorong...


  34. Anonymous8:12 pm

    TNS says....

    If AAB has failed to deliver his promises during the past 5 years, what makes him think (& the rakyat believe) that he can achieve what he says he's out to do during the next few months? Rakyat not stupid.

    It's a clear case of desperately clinging onto power.

  35. Anonymous1:56 am

    rocky and nstman,

    brendan pereira is seen as a singapore operative. master spinner. the idea of a balanced newsportal was to get the right number of hits and entice websurfers to read their filth. the whole set-up was established to demonise najib and pit him against anwar as they realise pak lah was a lame duck. malaysianinsider is financed by the 4th floor and run by brendan pereira, or is it brendan pariah?
    don't spin too much lah, it could backfire. ashraf to help najib? why not, people want to cari makan want. as long as they dont spew the filth that comes out like the

  36. Anonymous2:27 pm


    malaysianinsider's workforce comes mainly from nst editorial floor and closely linked with joan lau and png. brendan "tuesdays with morrie" spins his web of intrigue with najib as his intended victim, all for pak lah and TINGKAT EMPAT.

  37. Rocky, is there a chance Malaysia will ever throw out racial politics? I think after over 40 years of Merdeka, Malaysians should start the healing process - let idealogies define the political parties, not narrow and myopic racial concerns.

  38. Anonymous9:28 am