Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ban on Malaysia Today lifted

MT unblocked. A journo called to say that the Cabinet has ordered the MCMC to lift its ban on all blogs and websites, including Malaysia Today.
1. I told her that's a smart thing to do because the ban only made the MCMC a laughing stock.
2. The government will now need to renew its pledge that it will not, ever again, censor the Internet. And hope that the world believes it.
3. A show cause letter to the MCMC is necessary to ensure that the people there don't act unilaterally and shame Malaysian again.
4. Finally, I told the journo that the Cabinet should also get the New Straits Times Press to take down the "firewall" it has imposed on my blog.


  1. thank, but no thank because it should not have happened it the first place, the least the government should do is to acknowledge the rakyat has got brain to distinguish what's wise and what's the other wise.

    seriously i dont buy everything RPK says

  2. Anonymous4:23 pm

    But who gave the "block" order in the first place? Who's the culprit who goes around giving orders to all and sundry? Will he/she ever be named?

  3. Anonymous4:25 pm

    what is being practiced by the world is not necessarily best practiced here.

    thats including those in the Net -abusive contents, pornographics, misleading and confusing articles.

    for me, Malaysia Today fits most of the criterias to be blocked. permanently. and forever. for good.

    not of the authors view on politics, but read some of their views on...lets say religion? and u know what i mean

    i dont personally know the author but i do believe, posting such misleading articles about ... tudung (and no need to cover ur hair) on your website is wrong.

    things like understandings of religion and some sensitive issues must never appear on media like webpage where people are free to express their view.

    dont get me wrong. i am all for freedom of speech but if u have society like we are having here (easily manipulated by certain parties for their agendas and dont bother to check on their own. arguments always ended with obscene words, highest order of stupidity), so i believe we are not ready for full freedom of speech.

    while i believe not all are small and narrow minded, but the number of real freedom speechers is very little. not all can stand the heat of discussion and continue to smile.

    so thats why i am all for banning of websites like Malaysia Today. and all those porns.

  4. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Should you try to curtail mass legitimate dissent, a revolution would take it's place.

  5. Anonymous4:39 pm


    another flip flop never think first attitude by Dollah and his Family.

    Now they become two time laughing stock 1) for banning them 2) for not thinking before making decision.

    Biasalah "orang muda" dan "berdarah muda" kan cepat bertindak tak guna otak.

    Nak banding dengan TDM, jauh sekali

  6. oh? NST ppl cannot read ur blog aa? wahahaha.. onli firewalled ur blog ?

  7. Anonymous4:49 pm

    The country is already a laughing stock, even without this flip-flop of RPK's website.
    Malaysia has lost its credibility in the international scene, what with the numerous flip-flop decisions.
    I predict another flip-flop decision soon regarding the proposed windfall tax on palm-oil cos and road-toll concessionaires. Wait for it!
    This all reflects the kind of leadership we have...:-(

  8. Anonymous4:54 pm

    KJ is soooo powderful. Cabinet also goyang dibuat dia.

    So what about kicking the syed i'm-in-da-house joker in the butt as well for not knowing any better??

  9. Anonymous5:06 pm


    once credibility is lost; it is hard to re-earned it.

    selamat berbuka puasa


  10. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Kudos to the Cabinet. Let's engage and agree to disagree in a gentlmanly, matured manner.

    Meanwhile your call for MCMC to show cause for its unilateral imposition of the ban is justifed. Let' see if the chief has the gumption to issue a public apology and ensure the same incident will never ever happen again.

  11. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Because of Pakat Tan things are getting better. Thank you to ParK LLah for responding to Pakat Tan's pressure.

    Reform for a better future.


  12. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Sekarang baru Dollah dan Najib tau siapa dia Raja Petra Kamaruddin. Lagi cepat UMNO bungkus. Kena gaya RPK tibai, dah tentu masok dalam. Anwar pulak dah jadi Opposition Head. Sikit punya cantik Brother Rocky ... Wali Kota

  13. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Wow Tok Rocky

    They block your website also???

  14. Anonymous5:34 pm


    The Chief of Army said 'Dont play racial politics'. Where was the PM?

    Tsu Koon started yelling against the Bukit Bendera guy. Where was the PM?

    The CMCM guys blocked out Malaysia Today. Where was the PM?

    Bro, just who is in charge nowadays? Auto pilot or auto cruise?

    The CMCM has been made to look really stupid. Padan muka. This will not be forgotten for a long time.

    Here is a lesson for all wannabe 'Hero Hero Ketuanan Melayu'. If you think you want to be a hero, think carefully. The PM is a Flip Flop. The Government is in a Flip Flop mode.

    One day they do this, then another day they turn around and do the exact opposite. You will be left looking really stupid. This is what is happening to CMCM now.

  15. Anonymous5:35 pm

    i hope they do.

  16. Anonymous5:50 pm

    The ban on MT lifted so they could proceed the court cases against Pete...


  17. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Yay!! this is great. hope this is the last time any blog is banned!


  18. Anonymous5:51 pm

    hey why is your malaysia today link DEAD?????????????

  19. Anonymous6:13 pm

    I admire RPK's guts and determination then, to pay any compliment to MCMC. The former stood by his principle, rightly or wrongly (not for us to judge) and the latter, just a toll to UMNO-BN govt.
    This oppressive govt, act before they think...pathetic.

  20. Anonymous6:23 pm

    good news for internet community... moral victory for RPK & MT.

    uh? they got a firewall block on you blog, bor??


  21. Wow Rocky, so exciting - this age of Big Brother in Malaysia. Soldier on, my friend!

  22. Anonymous6:32 pm

    The Government has already banned several sites before MT. The so called illegal or unauthorized investment schemes.

    So you telling me that these other bans are ok?

    If a fool wants to part with is money, then the government should not intervene. Just because it is illegal here, does not mean it is illegal in other countries.

    Bottom line, it looks like bans are ok on financial grounds but not on ethics or moral issues.

    I support the no-censure rule on the internet but the fact remains, the internet today is heavily censored. Maybe not by the governments (maybe governments some are behind it) but the very community that using the internet.

    So if the community did not ban those 'illegal' financial websites, how come the Malaysian government can?

    All this huhah just hypocrisy. Freedom of the internetshould be defined by the community using it. Ten years ago, the community was much more tolerant. (Or maybe the government then did not have a clue of what Internet was.)


  23. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Unblocking Malaysia Today sounds really moronic.

    It is like first giving order to shoot and kill. And then having shot and killed, they tried to rescind the order to appease the injured party.

    Stupid trigger-happy idiots in power is a curse to any nation.

    RPK considers MT DEAD, and declared that MT's son will carry on the fight against injustice, cronyism and corruption.

    sing penang

  24. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Click here to access to Malaysia-Today web portal!!!


  25. Anonymous7:46 pm

    The latest Cabinet directive is related to a decision by a government department.

    The 'firewall' mechanism activated against your blog is by a public listed company.

    Why should the Cabinet interfere with this 'firewall' thing by a company?

    You have to sort it out lah with NST, if you strongly feel against it. No need to wail for Cabinet interference.

    Fight your own battle and emerge a winner tuan.


  26. It's sad this thing happened in the first place. The damage has been done, not sure whether it's reversible in the near future. Here's why:


  27. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Was watching the news. The latest from the flip-flop government. Now there's no more windfall tax from the IPPs to be channeled to the rakyat; AND the IPPs get to keep the lucrative PPAs that they have !! Sheesh....what are they thinking...!!??

  28. Great news!!
    I cannot see the logic to ban MT at all.
    It takes few weeks to realise a stupid act.
    I have a strange feeling someone related to the Mongolian story did one to RPK.....and Dollah.. finally is putting his feet down as PM....making good decisions fast.

  29. An event only in the sense that the Chief of MCMC, the Minister & UMNO shot themselves in the foot again.

    So much so one wonders if they are walking around on their knees, so numerous have been their cock-ups!!
    refer my blog Sept 16th Chronicles-Sighful's Pregnant

  30. Anonymous10:41 pm

    It has become a convenient tool of rulers and politicians in the Muslim world to get their masses all fired up by uttering the 'J' (Jewish) and 'I' (Israel) word as a convenient means to cover up their own misdeeds such as robbing their own people. The only difference here in Malaysia is that Umno politicians adds the 'C' (Chinese) to spice things up for their amok ready followers. It is kind of strange that even when we don't have Jews in Malaysia, we still hear anti-Semitic statements coming out from especially Umno politicians. However, this Scribe feels that the Father of Anti-Semitism in Malaysia must be Mahathir Mohamed. he is after all, Ahmad Ismail's Sifu...More

  31. I have my grouses against Tun also, but sometimes the way everyone hentam him, macam langsung tak kenang budi. Not like we starved or what not under him. Wasn't perfect some of his ways and means, but he did MORE than the whole lot of us.

    If he were so racist, there would not be any bloody likes of Anandas, Sekhars, Vincent Tans, Francis Yeohs, etc2. What have those fellas done to give back to THEIR communities??

    Don't simply hentam for sake of hentam la...look also at the good he did. He did his best. Want to hentam him, give him a fair trial la!

  32. Margeemar,

    I also Mother of Anti Semitism.

    I loathe those murderers. The Zionists. Jews. Whatever.

    Palestinians are not all Muslims, if you care to buka your mata.

  33. Hi bro rocky,

    Im very happy that they lifted the MT band sebab boringla..asyik2 buka ur site to gave a fair view and ayahanda chedet to get refreshing ideas. Malaysiakini is a pro-DAP site. Eventhough most of time MT focus is to disgrace Malay and Islam bashing by the liberal Malay like RPK, Dr. Azly, Hishamudin Caburator Dung and anti-islam supporter of PKR+DAP but at least u can get a fast news from other medium for free. and even u can get to listen more fantasy movie from corridor of power too. I really hope that ur blog never being banned because sometimes ur critic pun pedas gak but as long as u dont touch abt religion and raja everything is ok.

  34. Anonymous10:10 am

    like i say before, it is not PM or mcmc direction but our beloved new Home Minister!!! He is damn clever as we can see from his statemenT

    samri bandar sunway

  35. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Flipped and now Botak looks like a dickhead?

  36. Anonymous12:46 pm

    This is nothing more than damage control. The damage was done to all the cases pending against RPK. With Malaysia Today blocked it would severely dent their case, especially Shafee's case against RPK.

    No Malaysia Today no case against RPK.

  37. Anonymous1:53 pm


    What's the point? They arrested him under ISA. It's a joke really.

    May God Bless You RPK!

    The Simple Man