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Farewell, Pak Samad

poster by Mob, pics by the Bru
Kiara, 5 Sep 2008 - Some said the Makam Pahlawan (Heroes' Mausoleum) should have been A. Samad Ismail's final resting place.

There are two ways Pak Samad - God bless his soul eternally, - might have responded. One, he would have laughed out loud. Guffawed. And then, "Betol ker?" Or, two, he'd stab you with his signature 7-letter word.

A daughter, eyes red from her loss, smiled at the Makam Pahlawan suggestion. Bapak would want to be close to Mak, she said. So there at Kiara, just a leap away from his late wife, Pak Samad was today laid to rest.

What is the measure of a great man? It's what he did when he was alive and how we remember him. Pak Samad was a journalist, a nationalist, pejuang bangsa , pejuang bahasa. He was a teacher, a leader. He fought to free this country from the shackles of colonialism. He helped free us as a nation.

Dr M paid his last respects this morning at the Samad's residence in Section 16, Petaling Jaya. The Tun, who ordered Samad's release from ISA upon becoming PM in 1981, had also visited the Tokoh Wartawan at Pantai Hospital the other day when Samad was still conscious.

Pak Lah joined the final prayers for Pak Samad at the UIA mosque. Anwar Ibrahim came a couple of times when his hero was in hospital; so did Daim Zainuddin. Musa Hitam and Najib, too. Lim Kit Siang paid his last respects this morning and described Samad as Malaysia's "grand old man" and "journalist extraordinaire". Cabinet Ministers, including Muhyiddin, Shahziman, Shahrir, and Shabery, came. Syed Husin Ali, who was a student at the University Malaya in Singapore when Samad was accompanying Tunku Abdul Rahman on his campaign to gain Malaya's indenpendence from the British in 1957, was there, night and day.

Journalists and newspaper vets who worked and learnt under Pak Samad came. PC Shivadas, A. Kadir Jasin, Rejal Arbee, Philip Matthews, Aziz Hassan, Rose Ismail, Azam Aris, Rashid Yusof, Rusdi Mustapha, Shamsul Akmar, Hishamudin Aun, Manja Ismail, Ahmad A. Talib, Yani, Kee Thuan Chye, Aishah Ali, Khalid Ahmad, Charles Peter, and many, many more.
And the Senior Minister of State from Singapore, Mr Zainal Abideen, was there together with an official of the Singapore High Commission in KL. Samad was not just a son of Singapore; he was a great son of Singapore. With Lee Kuan Yew, he founded the People's Action Party (which has ruled Singapore until today).

Samad was detained in Singapore twice before Merdeka under the Internal Security Act for going against the colonial power. His third ISA detention, which was also the longest, was ordered by the Government of the country whose independence he fought for, with sword and pen, heart and soul. A true Malaysian hero.

Farewell, Bapak is daughter Nuraina's good-bye to her beloved father.

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  1. Anonymous2:34 am

    Alfatiha, may peace be upon him


  2. Anonymous11:24 am

    I don't know him but I hope he had lived a few more days to witness the impending change of the government that incarcerated him.


  3. How i would throw in most of our current batch of 'leaders' for someone like Pak Samad.

  4. Alhamdulilah...God Always Bless Him Forever, InsyaAllah. Al-Fatihah a million times esp. every RAMADAN, we will always remember you ... PAK SAMAD...from Team

  5. Anonymous3:46 pm

    written by Taiping60, September 04, 2008

    In Memory of A. Samad Ismail


    Well, I cannot blame those members of Gerakan and MCA for their dilemma now. Both respective parties are now far too weakened compared to the Chinese-dominant DAP, which has 28 MPs. The MCA and Gerakan will become minor insignificant partners of BN in the opposition in the event the Pakatan Rakyat comes to power; or if they remain independent, a feeble voice in the wilderness.

    The truth is, the Malaysian political landscape has changed dramatically after the March 8 elections. I hope UMNO members are also reading this: for if they do not realise what Malaysians want, they too will be in dilemma eventually. Unless they prefer to bring about another May 13 again like they did before, imposing emergency rule and thus perpetrating themselves in power.

    As for Gerakan and MCA, it is sad to say that the options open to them are now extremely limited. It is always important for members of political parties to know when to act. If they acted late or halfheartedly, then there is nothing much to be salvaged. Take Gerakan as an example. I am sure Gerakan members and some of their leaders were unhappy and dissatisfied with their senior partner in BN, viz, UMNO, long before the last election. However, neither their leaders nor their rank and file acted in unison. If Gerakan had pulled out of BN before the March 8 election and joined the Pakatan then, they will not only survive the election but also win more seats than before. Unfortunately they did not act and now, even if they were to pull out, what can they do. If they were to act alone, they will suffer further now. Besides any belated action now will only help the BN (more so UMNO) as they will dilute the opposition votes. If they join the Pakatan, how are they suppose to demand for seats in the next election. Would PKR and DAP be willing to release the seats for them to contest. Therefore, I do not blame Gerakan for their predicament at this critical juncture in time.

    As for the other Chinese-dominant component in the BN, sometimes I wonder whether MCA is a political party or a kopitiam talkshop. Every step taken by UMNO which were not race neutral, goes unchallenged and we only hear wimpish protests here and there. Yes, the MCA's former and present leadership said they always discuss sensitive issues behind closed doors and argue privately as they call it an internal matter and not wanting to wash dirty linen in public or hurt the feelings and sentiments of their UMNO brethren. But public perception of the outcome is always very important and it goes to show that whatever tactic and method adopted by MCA, they failed miserably to gain public trust and confidence. In spite of that they did not change. After many years, from a strong second partner, playing second fiddle anyway, they are reduced to just another minor partner in the coalition. This is not only bad for MCA but also UMNO as you can see in the recent election. The voting public, especially the Chinese, perceived UMNO as the big bullyboy.

    To MIC, I also wonder if the members realise that their party is no longer relevant in the changed environment. I hope UMNO members will also learn from this episode before it is too late for them. Same for IPF and all the other minor Indian parties. I suppose the only noble and logical thing for UMNO to do is to call for a merger of UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan et al into a single multi-racial party. This will not only solve the dilemma of Gerakan and MCA but also show and convince Malaysians at large the sincerity of UMNO in wanting to adopt changes and reforms to solve the country's problems; and evince UMNO's sincerity to ban racial politics per se.

    Whatever the case may be:

    Malaysians are sick of RACIAL & RACIST POLITICS
    Malaysians are sick of INERTIA & INACTION
    Malaysians are sick of NO CHANGES & REFORMS
    Malaysians are sick of CRONYISM & CORRUPTION

    So for all members of UMNO, MCA, GERAKAN, MIC, IPF and all the Sabah and Sarakan political parties, the political survival of your parties depend on your actions and or inactions. Champion for a single multiracial party and elect non-racist leaders (regardless of their race) to lead Malaysia into a new era of change and reforms. If UMNO members put the country above themselves, Malaysians at large will certainly response to them. So my fellow Malaysians from all the political parties in BN, it is now up to you to act decisively or never. If you remain passive and nothing is done, I am certain UMNO will suffer the same fate as Gerakan, MIC, MCA and IPF. Similar to those political parties in Sabah and Sarawak. We Malaysians are watching your every move and every step.

    I do not agree that Ahmad Ismail was a mole planted by DSAI as speculated by some pundits. If that was the case, you could argue so many before him who utter racist statements were also moles and agents provocateur. But they were not. They were mere opportunists.

    The fact remains that Malaysia is still a less-developed country that practice narrow-minded racial politics. Such racist practices are endorsed at the highest level of the Malay-centric leadership, meaning UMNO and their myopic Ketuanan Melayu ideology. That is why I said, we are still a long way to achieving developed-country status. Unless and until the leadership in this country have the political will and courage to take a bold step in banning racial politics, we will continue to have Malay, Chinese and Indian leaders practising racial politics which is woefully unfortunate. These are not true leaders of foresight but short-term opportunists. As you know, the respective parties' elections are just around the corner and those vying for higher positions within the party would want to be seen to be very vocal and buffonish in championing their own ethnic rights. So going against another race will be seen as defending their own race. Remember bathing the keris in Chinese blood episode.

    I hope the members of those racial parties are mature enough to vote for farsighted leaders who will bring about goodwill and harmony in this country. If all the members did that, they will send a STRONG MESSAGE to their leadership that they do not condone or tolerate racial politics. This is one way to bring our country together. Remember members of Malay, Chinese and Indian parties, please put the country above all else and bring about positive development to our beloved country. BAN AND ABOLISH RACIAL POLITICS.

    In politics somehow we expect to see a perfect personality as a poltical leader. We all know such people are virtually non-existent but we continue to have such expectations. This is not just unique in this country as such expectations are the same all over the world. So unless our perceptions altered or something dramatic changed within us which I doubt, we still expect our leaders to be "perfect". In this context, it is very unfortunate that Dr Chua Soi Lek does not fit in this category. I salute him for his quick action to admit his guilt. But the fact remain that what he did was wrong and morally unacceptable in the public eye. So my advice to Dr Chua is to move on. If you want to be in politics, you have to play power-broker and curry favour and influence in the background. Believe me, you will only weaken the party further if you struggle to take over the MCA's leadership.

    I am not saying the others are far better than Chua Soi Lek. It could be just that they are not caught or they were lucky. As for Ong Tee Keat, well he looks good for the job - with the reform agenda in mind. But MCA is a grossly weakened party and I do not know how much he can possibly do to revive and rejuvate the MCA's fortunes once he inherits it. Personally, I think any leader who took over the helm in MCA should engage actively with UMNO and other BN parties to merge into a single multi-racial party. I believe both Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek have advocated this concept in their own different ways. But this would be the natural way to go for the long term survival of BN.

    As for Koh Tsu Koon, I believe he is a very nice man. Too nice, in fact, to be in politics. Whatever, he failed in his leadership role in Gerakan. He should consider retiring from the political arena and goes into education which I believe, he will be more eminent and successful. As for Gerakan, as I have mentioned before, I think Gerakan has lost its raison d'etre and relevance. The only logical step for them is to advocate for a single multi-racial party. They could take the initiative to start with the rest of the smaller parties within BN; and hopefully this could influence the other major parties in time to come. But in politics, time is of the vital essence.

    Today, I feel very sad and disappointed to see the boorish and ill-mannered behavior of those UMNO members led by Ahmad Ismail in Penang. They are pushing racial politics to the fore again. Which is very dangerous and unhealthy for the country. I hope this will never happen again. As long as this country endorses racial politics, you will have in future another Ahmad Ismail clone, and yet more of his ilk, again giving racist statements to incite and inflame racial hatred and resentment among the communities. It will encourage the other races doing the same. That is why such parties should be stopped right in their tracks and abolished. Believe me, if UMNO were to take the bold and courageous role to merge all the parties into one single multiracial party, they will put the Pakatan in a spot. They will move from being a weak and battered party to a predominant leadership role again within BN. But will they? I am positive Malaysians, be they Malays, Chinese, Indians or whoever, will response to this very positively. If BN fail or do not response decisively they will lose the next election. But they must have another May 13 in mind for us?

    SO MALAYSIANS regardles who you are, please send a STRONG AND CLEAR MESSAGE to your respective leaders that you do not CONDONE or TOLERATE racial politics. By doing so, you should vote all myopic politicians and racist leaders out from your respective parties.

    It is sad indeed to see that A. Samad Ismail left this world without realising in his lifetime the Great Malaysian Dream where all the races live and work happily together in facing a fast-evolving and ever-more competitive world that is changing all around them. Bickering and sniping is more the order of the day.

    Thanks to Taiping06 for the above analysis.

    Sincerely, from everydog has his day

  6. Anonymous5:28 pm

    sad that the Government does not know how to honour these valiant and talented souls. they should have a separate square for burial so that people can go there to pay their respects. it would too become a tourist spot, talking about being innovative and enterprising. how nice if you have a square where you can visit heroes like hang tuah, p ramlee, among others at one go. go think.


  7. Anonymous6:54 pm

    amoker, please do not dirty the name of such a great literary man. our leaders you know cannot even smell his boots.


  8. Tragic... I share the sorrow and hope his legacy remains, and continues. Carved in memories and history. Or perhaps extended to Wikipedia.

  9. bro sorry for your loss of a great teacher, friend, boss and mentor, I have wished al fatihah tO Nuraina at her blog.

  10. On a separate note just want to bring to your notice,

    came across an interesting article
    MAYBE HERE IS A REASON WHY AHMAD is behaving BIADAP and said what he said because his rice bowl is very badly affected with the bn losses in Penang, his business periuk nasi sudah poceeeeh and that is why he is lashing out to the chinese and hopes he can get away with whatever he says, there is too much vested interest.

    the reason why badawi is not taking action against the warlord ahmad ismail,
    excrept from the article

    This Scribe was curious as to why the BN/Umno leadership were so afraid to take action against Ahamd Ismail for his Seditious remark. After doing a Sherlock Holmes, this Scribe begin to get the big picture. It appears that Ahmad Ismail is a big time Umno warlord in Penang.
    Ahmad Ismail was cleared of bankruptcy by the Insolvency Department in 2006. Ahmad Ismail is the figure linked to the controversial PORR project in Penang. He is the director of Peninsular Metroworks Sdn. Bhd., the concessionaire for the project. Ahmad is an influential Umno divisional leader and former Penang Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon was beholden to him for support. That was why Koh was powerless when Ahmad Ismail a mere Umno division leader could wield so much influence over him and accused him of not paying attention to the Malays in Penang.The CM’s former constituency of Tanjong Bungah happens to be in the Bukit Bendera division.
    It gets more interesting here, The Scribe discovered that PM Abdullah Badawi was named as a director of Yayasan Bumiputra Pulau Pinang, who owns 34% of the PMW share via two wholly-owned companies, Kumpulan Pinang and Kumpulan Perhubungan. Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi is linked to the Penang Outer Ring Road (PORR) project’s concessionaire company, Peninsular Metroworks Sdn. Bhd. (PMW) According to corporate information obtained from the Companies Commission of Malaysia, Abdullah (I.C. No.391126-07-5077) was first appointed director of the Yayasan Bumiputra Pulau Pinang Sdn. Bhd. His name is still listed as a director.Yayasan Bumiputra now controls 34.78 percent of PMW through its two subsidiary companies; Kumpulan Pinang Holding Sdn. Bhd. and Kumpulan Perhubungan Sdn. Bhd.
    This was a result of restructuring of the ownership equity in PMW. The shareholders areas follows:
    Kumpulan Pinang Holding Sdn. Bhd. (222310-D) 10,000 share
    Lingkaran Tanjung Sdn. Bhd. (676910-W) 340,000 share
    Setegap Berhad (107232-X) 12,750 share
    Kumpulan Perhubungan Sdn. Bhd. (60597-A) 1,190,000 share
    Nadi Senandung Sdn. Bhd. (381079-U) 1,897,250 share
    Setegap Berhad is a construction company listed on Bursa Malaysia.Lingkaran Tanjung (formerly known as Jasminata Sdn. Bhd) was registered on 30.12.2004 and its registered address is at Suite 2.01, Tingkat 2, Wisma K.P.Loh, No 42 Jalan Besar, Kajang, Selangor. There is no information on the nature of its business and its financial standing. Sources said the directors are related to Datuk Ahmad Ismail.
    Major shareholder, Nadi Senandung is principally controlled by Datuk Ahmad Ismail via a dormant company, Cedar Heights Sdn. Bhd. (267289-U). From the web of ownership structure and list of directors, it has confirmed DAP’s allegation that the PORR project is a classic example of Umno’s crony capitalism. Peninsular Metro-Works Sdn Bhd, would be given not just the profitable toll collection for 30-years, but also properties belonging to Penangites amounting to 31 hectares of prime Penang State land (why?). It would also gained 202 hectares of reclaimed land off Gurney Drive. The value of the total package? It’s approximately RM5 billion, not just the RM2 billion we’ve been led to believe.
    Nadi group's power structure: Dato Haji Ahmad Bin Ismail > Goh & Foo >> Loo or Chua. If the PORR concession is awarded to PMWSB, Nadi which controls 54.5% of PMWSB will effectively control the Board and the PORR project. But Cedar's Board will make the decisions, because Cedar controls 85% of Nadi. Cedar, in turn, is controlled by Dato Haji Ahmad Bin Ismail (30%), City (29.3%), and Nagasari (20%). Among these three Cedar shareholders, Dato Haji Ahmad Bin Ismail holds the largest power because, if disagreement arises, he only has to forge an alliance or agreement with either one of City or Nagasari to exceed 50% voting rights (To be precise, In the case of an alliance with Nagasari he will need another two shares).
    In contrast, if either of City or Nagasari disagrees with him, each will need two other alliances, including one major shareholder, to reach 50% voting rights. Between the last two, City is far more powerful than Nagasari, because of its 29.3% vs Nagasari's 20%, but also because the latter's shareholders are split into two equal-weight of 47.5% (Loo and Chua), while City is owned by Goh and Foo of the same address, which is assumed to mean close relations or associates who would be expected to vote together. City's two major shareholders are also directors at Cedar.
    It doesn't matter that the total attributable stake to Dato Haji Ahmad Bin Ismail (13.9%) is smaller than to Goh Choon Aun and Foo Quin Yar (together 21.2%), or Setegap's 25.5%, or KPHSB's 20%. Simply because Cedar will dominate the Board of Nadi, which will dominate the Board of PMWSB, those who dominate Cedar will hold sway.
    The State and Federal civil servants will have to answer the questions: How do you expect 20%-shareholder KPHSB to play a more useful role in the financially much more demanding PORR project and Peninsular Metro-Works Sdn Bhd, considering KPHSB's apparent inability to contribute to Jelutong Expressway? And if there is a high risk that Peninsular Metro-Works Sdn Bhd will not be adequately supported by its financially weak shareholders, why should PMWSB be awarded the PORR concession, particularly without an open, competitive bidding process?

    That's the reason why PM Badawi, Najib and the rest of the BN/Umno leadership are just giving Ahmad Ismail a slap on the wrist over this seditious remark. Don't be surprised if Liow Tiong Lai, Ong Ka Ting, Ong Ka Chuan Ng Yen Yen, Chor Chee Heung, Koh Tsu Koon, Chia Kwang Chye et al will come and say to the Chinese community to accept Najib's and Umno's apology while heaping praises on the Umno leadership for their 'courage' in apologizing.
    Posted by MarGeeMar

  11. Anonymous12:19 am

    (heha) : i dun know him BUT his daughter, aina, is the most beautiful matured malay lady i'v seen so far !

  12. Anonymous6:48 pm

    --Abraham Lincoln.

  13. Anonymous9:15 pm


    Tribute to Pak Samad and not to forget his great teacher Pak Kajai.