Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ah, Kee Thuan Chye's new book!

March 8, The Day Malaysia Woke Up. While you're waiting for Sept 16 to happen (or to not happen), why not grab a copy of this book for a seasoned journalist's perspective on Malaysia's contemporary history of politics and events that are leading us to 16/9. Do read Sharon Bakar's take on this book, here.

I last met Thuan Chye on the opening night of Swordfish in Singapore early August. It was worth the drive in the rain all the way from KL!

p.s. Haven't read his tribute to the late Pak Samad? Click here.


  1. Anonymous10:15 am

    Ha!ha!he!he! everyone has awoken up except umno, PM and Najib. When the world has gone passed them, they may wake up and wonder what happened to umno.

  2. Anonymous10:22 am

    I have been thinking a lot about the saga in 'The Concubine and the Swordfish' and what is happening here in Malaysia. We hear a lot about the erosion of Malay's rights from politicians but how about the erosion of Malay's culture by them? w9

  3. Make Dunno Only. Don't Become a Racist or Satan.

    If you have read Anwarwood Productions latest script, you would have understood what is happening in Penang and all the news as reported in MSN, Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today and other blogger's websites. Some may have high blood pressure, a stroke or even a heart attack by now.

    However, my advice to all Malaysians is , "Make Dunno Only!". Continue with your Fast, make preparations for Hari Raya and Mooncake festivals or whatever festivals coming your way.

    For those who don't have any upcoming festivals to celebrate, then, may I suggest, we make preparations to celebrate Malaysia Day on 16 September which is the day Malaysia was born, 45 years ago, together with our fellow brothers and sisters from East Malaysia.

    If you want to continue getting excited with the news and stories coming out from Penang, then may I suggest the following for you to ponder.

    1. Ahmad says Chinese are immigrants or squatters. - Tell me who isn't an immigrant or a squatter in this world?

    2. If you are sensitive to the words immigrants or squatters. - I have heard much worst than that over the past 51 years. I am already desensitised.

    3. Ahmad tore Tsu Khoon pictures. - No big deal. It would be better if Ahmad had called him, Ka Ting, Sammy Veloo and all those other representatives of BN parties and slap them all instead for not conforming to the spirit of the Malaysian Constitution and doing trade bartering of rights of human beings for their own party interests.

    4. Ahmad talking for all Malaysians Malays? - What about DSAI? Maybe Ahmad only represent the 50 or so followers he has. Maybe he can try buying more followers.

    5. Ahmad talking for all Moslems? - What about Tok Guru? Is Ahmad an ulama?

    6. Reporters get threaten and so forth. - Why are the MSN reporters there in the first place? Why after interviewing Ahmad, then run to interview other BN leaders? Is the news so important that it is worth reporting? Why don't interview Malaysians on the street and ask them what they think of Ahmad and other BN leaders.

    7. Use ISA, Sedition Act and so forth. - For once, I totally agree, but it is only to be used only on BN politicians. After everyone is locked up, then abolish it.


  4. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Tarikh 16 September nampaknya sudah mereka anjak sedikit. Anjak lagi, nanti anjak punya anjak, sampai tahun depan2 pun tak habis. Tahniah PKR.hehe


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