Monday, September 08, 2008

Syed Nadzri: When and where did I boldy predict that, Doc?

8/9 via sms

Dear Rocky's Bru,

I refer to your posting Editors Thrashed (8/9/2008), in which you quote M. Bakri Musa's article Sycophantic Editors Ruin Trust, which was premised on his assertion that I had "boldly predicted Anwar would be defeated (in Permatang Pauh)".

When and where did I ever "boldly predict" that Anwar would be defeated? I did a piece "5 reasons why Anwar could lose" but I was very careful in choosing the word COULD rather than would or will or should. But the whole piece was not a prediction. It is clear that the good doctor didn't read the story at all.

And he got another fact wrong as well. I am not editor-in-chief.

Syed Nadzri
Group Editor, NST


  1. ha ha. I'd say he is still out of touch cos most malaysians knew that Anwar will win and the majority was the issue, not winning or lossing. So to say 5 reasons why Anwar COULD loose is crap.

    Out of touch as usual NST cos need to kow tow to main boss and write stories that they want to hear like prior to 8th March


  2. Anonymous8:12 pm

    If Anwar did lose, it could be any of 1001 reasons. Just to state the 5 probable or likely reasons is within the realm and expertise of any ordinary Malaysian. And that would be a waste of time in reporting and space in the msm. So what else is new?

  3. Anonymous8:35 pm

    I read Syed's piece. That was not a prediction, no sir. Dr M. Bakri Musa had boldy jumped to conclusion and because he's got it wrong, we must now all boldy apologize to Editor.

    Journalism is about getting your facts right again and again, under the pressure of deadlines and the need to tell the truth. And apologizing - or getting sued - when you get them wrong. It's a thankless profession.


  4. Dear Rock,

    I must say you are gentleman enough to put forward facts - that are not what your say they are.

    That GOOD Blogging.

    Keep it up - that's what this country need.

    Malaysian Mountain / blog

  5. Anonymous9:20 pm

    I agree that Syed Nadzri, NST is out of touch with the Rakyat.

  6. Anonymous9:30 pm

    i agree with rocky's suggestion that newspaper editors should not confine their thoughts to the msm; likewise bloggers should reach out to the newspaper audience. now here is a challenge; would rocky the blogger write to, or for, the nst, and if he does, will the nst publish it? the concept of only politically-correct souls could write for the main newspapers need to be revisited urgently.

    there should be no debate as to which is the more powerful medium -msm or blogs? you read the papers at certain alloted time, period. the rest of the day, it is the net or astro. it makes sense for everyone to concentrate on helping to produce the best newspapers..

    if your letters are well argued the papers will publish them.

    well, keadilan newspaper should go daily; so that it will be judged by the same ethical standards as utusan, star, etc..and stories like an immobilised igp will be the subject of mockery.

    this is another interesting thought - we need the nst and utusan to remain in umno hands if and when pakatan comes to power at the next general election. sept 16is so immoral and undemoratic, so we should not dignify it.if indeed pakatan wins in 2012 or earlier, a stream of newspaper licences will be approved..the present msm will be the main opposition voices, and they will need to be highly credible.they cannot just be lynching the government; they must do so intelligently; some of the wiser policy decisions must be supported.

    bloggers may want to turn to the newspapers for it will be sexy again.

    bakri musa may have been garlanded by some segments; but he really needs to go so mainstream so that his thoughts and allegations would be properly aired and challenged.

    for now bakri musa will have to reproduce the quotes he said syed nadzri had written pre-permatang pauh; his integrity is at stake.

  7. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Well, Syed, it was a sort fo a prediction that Anwar may lose. Maybe not an outright prdiction but a tailored piece to influence the fence-sitters. But it backfired..

    His piece showed that the NST (or the big guns behind it) thought that Anwar night lose when one trip to Permatang Pauh could have shown that it was impossible for that to happen.

    But then again, that is journalism. Screw and be ready to be screwed.


  8. Anonymous9:36 pm

    I am glad to see Rocky dare to publish a refutal statement.
    You don't see that often in NST or any govt. controlled MSM.

    And, the point is Anwar has won.

  9. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Its not BOLDY everyone. Its BLARDY BOLDLY.

  10. To M. Bakri Musa -

    HA-HA! (in the tone of the kid in simpsons)

    Even though I don't know the doc personally, but what the heck..

  11. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Syed, you sold yourself to the devil when you accepted the top job in the NST. Syed, please stop pretending. You are a paid agent of the Barisan. Admit it.

  12. But Bakri Musa's opinion, expressed in his personal capacity and not in his official capacity whatever that may be, could possibly be based on 'Historical Facts.'

    And he may have been misquoted out of context by Zionist & Beijing Communist plotters (as are all BN Ministers,MP's & Aduns).

    So, there is nothing to apologise for!

    Also, curious is it not, that 1 of the 13 UMNO divisions who ganged up against the PM was Kepala Batas? Huh? How come? Thats mean what and how come the sycophantic Govt controlled MSM did not comment on it?

    Confusing, isn't it? Is Rip Van Winkle or Rosemajibbed in charge and in control of their House?

    If not, do they still deserve to form the Govt?
    refer my posting 'The Sept 16th Chronicles' Part I & II

  13. Dear Group Editor,
    What ever it is, your editorial stance do qualify you as nothing more than a sycophantic group editor.

    Any writer worth his salt would never have ventured to predict an Anwar defeat in Permatang Pauh. And you had 5 possible reasons, all conjured up in your dream. That itself would make you a sycophantic editor five times over!

    Come on, since when did you portray as an impartial writer?

  14. Well Syed knows which side of his bread is buttered. Period.

  15. Mr Syed Nazri....

    I like your writing..dont necesarily agree with you but this is a free it??? but I am sure you advovate freedom......what I have an issue is that to write about 5 reasons why Anwar could loose suggests something more ............


  16. Anonymous10:25 pm


    M Bakri Musa is a prick. He thinks he is the smartest guy around, and no one else comes close.

    He takes pot shots from afar, from his hobby horse, his six guns aimed at his former fellow citizens, and of course their incompetent, tin pot leaders, whom naturally offend his sensibilities.

    Being a successful surgeon in California he looks down at us in this 3rd world nation with pity while crowing how smart he is - accepted by all, the global citizen that he is.

    He too writes as if he cares about us, or malaysia.

    He left the country for money, so more power to him, but please stop getting uppity over the rest of us.

    As far as the Syed Nazri's piece is about, Bakri is obviously stupid, and worse, sadly, blindly partisan. That is of course a lethal, and predictable, combination.

    If he had cared to read the piece, without his predisposed prejudice, he would have concluded that Syed did not predict Anwar losing.

    Unfortunately, there are many people who have the proclivity to jump at conclusion, especially if it fits their inclinations, and the good doctor is, predictably, one of them.

    Alas, does it matter to Bakri? He is already smug, and in enamoured, in his superiority.



  17. Anonymous10:26 pm

    rocky (wannabe?).. the original rocky would know the difference between lose and loose. as for lossing, apatu? I pity you for desperately wanting to wear ahirudin atan's shirt only to find it doesn't fit.


    ex-journo too.

  18. Anonymous10:35 pm

    What's up with all this "boldy" crap?


  19. Rocky Bro,


    Ahmad Ismail has spoken a THREAT !! A big one, big time bullshit !

    refer here

  20. Anonymous11:06 pm

    New straits times should be named New umno times!!!


  21. Anonymous12:05 am

    ah-haaa, syed nadzri. i think you better blog with us as well so that you can pen your views as well about how mainstream newspapers operate. we were together, remember? hehee.

  22. Anonymous12:42 am

    (heha) : beware of the 10th man !

  23. Anonymous1:06 am





  24. Anonymous1:34 am

    It is not a discussion of whether the article/commentary was of substance or otherwise.
    it is about the facts and the fact is syed nadzri said "could" and the good old dr had in wrong.
    nothing wrong with some wishful/hopeful thinking.
    can you expect otherwise from the main stream's not like he could have written "5 reasons why anwar could win"
    give syed nadzri a break.
    i dont think someone of his position can afford to be out of touch but then again, his position also comes with a certain responsibilities and a price.
    - hitman -

  25. Dear Rocky,
    I believe you would have known and realised that Malaysia's mainstream media have lost its credibility since the 1999 Malaysian general elections. At the recent Pmtg Pauh by-elections, for instance, read "political ceramahs came out tops more than the other media" at

  26. Anonymous2:26 am

    Tuesday, September 9, 2008
    A seven day notice to Anwar's 16th of September
    The Federation of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah merged on the 16th of September, 1963 to become Malaysia (the bigger Malaysia). But on the 9th of August,1965 Singapore was forced to be independent against its own will when the Parliament of Malaysia evicts Singapore from the merger. So the smaller Malaysia actually comes into being on the 9th of August, 1965.

    Anwar is going back to 16th September to take over the country, that's the date when Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah merged to become Malaysia. So Anwar actually was counting on Singapore's support to take over Malaysia and playing on the sentiments of the Sarawak and Sabah MP's. If many of us can remember, there are a lot of communal problems during the two years preceeding that day. If he is thinking of Malaysia for Malaysia, his most appropriate date would be the 9th of August. Thats when the real Malaysia was reborn without the racial tensions and disorders and successfully grew till today.

    So beware, do not let history repeats itself. Trouble and chaos all the while for two years after 16th September,1963. Peace and harmony after 9th August, 1965 except for the remnance of the 16th September problems (Malaysian Malaysia) which emerge in May,1969. Do not let Anwar bring us back to the dark ages of that Malaysian Malaysia campaign.

    After being the US puppet during the Financial Crisis, now Anwar is becoming Singapore's pawn to ruin Malaysia?

    In the month of Ramadhan when all Satans are under lock and key. This Satan is creating chaos and mockery. God forbids his evil intentions in this auspicious month.

    Sincere hope from Anak Malaysia to all Malaysians especially to MP's in purportedly Anwar's crossover list.

    Anak Malaysia

  27. Anonymous6:08 am

    ITS boldly predict, Rocky, not boldy. don't you even care about typos nowadays? kalau bukan journo, faham lah

  28. Anonymous6:13 am

    syed...editor in chief..sub editor, whatever editor, columnist or whatever you may call it....

    impartial journalist?..not at all. I guess when you work for work for UMNO.

    Syed..why get so worked up over Bakri Musa? He was also giving us his opinion. Too hot?

    I can't just wait to see how you will "spin" the latest Ahmad episode and press conference.

  29. Anonymous7:42 am

    Even the Nasi lemak seller or kacang putih seller or Char kueh seller will tell you that Anwar would win.

    Worst come worst with just 5000 votes !

    These people are closer to the raayat than desk-bound Chief Editor.

    [what is with the college tie]

  30. Anonymous8:12 am


    could = possible
    would = expected* to happen

    *EXPECT = THINK something will happen because it SEEMS likely

    -from LONGMAN Dict of Contemporary English 2003-

    Eh, tak sama ke tu? Even an idiot can see that. And you call yourself a GROUP EDITOR?

  31. Anonymous9:05 am

    hi rocky. he reads your blog!! yay!!

    Mr. Lobak Lobak

  32. Anonymous9:33 am

    It is like giving 5 reasons why the sun wont rise tomorrow. It's ridiculous, out of touch writing by Syed Nadzri!

    However, Dr. Backri Musa should have been more accurate in his description or citing of other authors. This is only good for credibility.

    Still, Syed Nadzri is a sycophant and we all know it.

  33. Anonymous10:01 am


    Lee Kuan Yew, just paid tribute to Pak Samad.

  34. WTF. I did not read Syed Nadzri's piece until this post. But then, reading it even more convinced me of your lousy journalism, if at all. The piece was indeed written on behalf of BN by-election campaign to pull over the fence-sitters!

    And don't be petty about a small mistake of "editor-in-chief". Over-blowing such a minor mistake only shows your lack of substance and focus.

  35. Anonymous10:17 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Frankly I am getting quite sick of bloggers and their followers who believe they are the Chosen Ones, and what they say is the truth, that they have no agendas or political masters. Don't make me laugh.

    In a democratic world, anyone has the right to say or write what he or she wants, who the hell are you bloggers to say otherwise.

    As a responsible writer, syed wrote what he thought, he wrote about posibbilities, probabilities. Whats wrong with that?

    And anybody worth his or her salt should have countered it on a point for point basis, argue on the five reasons why syed said Anwar COULD lose.

    But bloggers and their hordes of blind followers are not refined in that sense, they insult, they are vulgar, basically they cut down anyone who has an opposing view. How democratic is that?

    Besides take a good look at yourselves first before you attack the mainstream media. Aren't you guys promotong your own respective agendas too -- you behind najib and RPK, bernard, harris behind Anwar?

    Is it why there is a great divide between you and that trio who now hang out Fisherman's Wharf and not at the Press Club anymore?

    I truly feel sorry for your Syed Nadzris and your Chun Wais because if they don't promote the agenda of the bloggers, they will be crucified by the new moral police who go under the guise of "bloggers".

    The sad part of it is, bloggers crucify people merely on hearsay, without furnishing facts or evidence. Some moral police they are.

    And who is to say that you, RPK, etc are not on the payroll of your respective masters?

    Bloggers, don't accuse a guy of the crimes that you are just as guilty of too.

  36. Yep, he did choose his words carefully in case his bosses notice.

    I am cutting my purchase of NST, except Sunday times. Good riddance to UMNO newspapers.

  37. Anonymous11:00 am

    Nazri,aku dah meluat tengok muka you kat nst lah.just quit ok

  38. Anonymous11:11 am

    This guy should not have responded, his justification is still as lousy as his article before PP by-election.

    I suggest he take another closer look at his own article, i will call it a far fetch analysis. In the haste trying to expose inaccuracies he exposes his poor judgement further(perhads too clouded with his political leaning).

    This man has added another brand to his name..sore loser i call it.

  39. Syed Nadri is a hell of a lot better than Brendan Pereira whom he replaced. His write ups are not exactly breathtaking but OK and acceptable.

    I believe Dr M.Bakri Musa owes Syed Nadzri an apology for his post this time.

  40. Anonymous11:36 am


    Syed Nazri's attempting to be a politician now. I too read his piece. He could claim whatever but the underlying truth was that he actually had attempted to influence readers with negative expression.


  41. Anonymous11:55 am

    Bro Rocky,

    let's not get all worked up for nothing. it is just two mckk old boys(bakri & syed) arguing about another (anwar).


  42. "Anonymous Anonymous said...

    rocky (wannabe?).. the original rocky would know the difference between lose and loose. as for lossing, apatu? I pity you for desperately wanting to wear ahirudin atan's shirt only to find it doesn't fit.


    ex-journo too."

    to the above, plse do not make assumptions. rockybru and I've settled this long before and we have met in person. I was rocky way before he began blogging and no way I want to be him and we off different shirt size too fyi. so ex journo don't make an ASS U ME. BOO to you too. and did you notice he is rockybru...why not rocky..piilah..think you are right based on an assumption.

    BTW tqs for the englih lesson. time you got a nick instead of being will you apologise...;)

    rocky(original)...oh this ori name was given by akj to differentiate us initially on his website, so i use it from time to time so people do not confuse my opinion vs rockybru

  43. I re-read the article, and YES, IT WAS A SYCOPHANTIC piece of wtiting.

    The only saving grace was his inserting the conditional "could".

  44. NST NST. 5 reasons Anwar can be defeated. Hahahaha Now what's the majority again? What the people sentiment had shift? What the DAP policy have not gone well with the people? Never mind, never mind, coz in all my 26 years life, i have NEVER BUY A SINGLE PIECE OF NST, NEVER WILL.
    Frankly, when you wrote reasons Anwar could be defeated, it is already BIAS, NO? I... nah that's enough i really don't interested to add more, i don't read your piece of shit anyway

  45. Anonymous2:26 pm


    all these commentators, how many actually read Syed Nazri's piece? we should read his piece, then form an opinion whether he's out of touch; NOT read M Bakri and happily thrash Syed, just because its the in-thing to bash MSMs. and, oh, M bakri on the other side of the world, is HE in touch with the rakyat?

    speaking of MSMs, what about sin chew reporting on ahmad ismail. no questions asked whether sin chew is trash? OK to trash straits times, but not sin chew? 'fraid of being called rascists?


  46. Anonymous4:30 pm

    syed, choose tis.....fame or money ?


  47. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Dear Sdr Ahirudin Atan,

    My response maybe a bit late but after communicating with Syed N, and also to Dr Bakri M - probably the most "brilliant & successful" Malaysian Malay in The Land of the Free (still waiting for his response though, but he got no "balls" anyway), Syed N has replied to my query and allows me to distribute it to whoever I want.

    ========== Start ===============

    Dear Zin,

    We live in a new world now, so to speak. After March 8 especially, everyone wants to have a say in everything and wants the whole world to know about it.
    Which is fine.
    What is not fine is when he or she thinks only his opinion or thought matters and that opinions which are different from his should not only be dismissed but ridiculed.
    It is sad and most ironic that some of these people are those whom we regard as having the maturity and integrity of leading a civil society which we strive for.
    The MSM media is not perfect. Everyone has a certain degree of bias one way or the other. But we simply do not go on the offensive by shooting from the hip despite all the (sometimes blind) bashing.
    ========= End =======

    kind regards

    Buka posa kat mana hari ini? Kurangkan gula bro, yg tu slow kan aje lah. We will meet again, God willing.

  48. Anonymous4:50 pm


    the whole country knows DSAI will win. even pak lah knows it, najib knows it too and so do all machai & pencacai in umno.

    nadzri, lu apa maksud?! where have you been?!

  49. Anonymous6:45 pm my trawlings of blog sites here and there, i note that you never had anything good to say about other people. Just how good are you? Are you a real journo at NST? So you asked Syed Nazri to quit so that you can move one or two rungs up the ladder at Jln Riong? How dishonorable to take advantage of someone in a situation like that? Life is not like that lah. How silly can you get?

  50. Cmonlah, anyone could see that his writing was not a fair appraisal of the mood of the by-election for Permatang Pauh but a pitch for UMNO/BN instead. Yes, he was trying to imply that Anwar could lose and pigs could fly by reasons best known to him and his political masters.

    And heck, why not claim RPK, Rocky and even Dr. Bakri are on someone's payroll? As long as they espouse reasonable points of view, readers would not mind that one bit. But once they lose objectivity and soon after their integrity, then they become another Nadzri and his NST (whatever his position, it would be filed under TRASH). We have enough of that don't we in the MSM?

    The problem for BN and their supporters is that in blogosphere we have alternative views to read and consider should that happen.

    Unlike the MSM world outside, a piece like the one written by Nadzri gets the royal treatment and any contrarian view would not see the light of day.

    Some like Star are beginning to see it is not always good to be BN's running dogs in the light of 8/3/08; readers will see them for what they are and react accordingly.

  51. Anonymous12:32 pm

    How did this gell with the headline after the by election in NST in which they said Anwar won as expected? Not only did I think it is an extremely childish statement, it flies against his editorial and all the coverage of the by election.
    Scarlet Pimple