Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Will Anwar sell us all out?

The following is a media statement by Mukhriz Mahathir defending Malaysia against Al Gore's attacks. Exactly a decade ago, Al Gore, who was then the second most powerful man of the most powerful nation on Earth, had also slammed Malaysia for Anwar Ibrahim's trial.

"ONE WONDERS whether former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore’s unfounded allegations and reprehensible statements against Malaysia in support of Anwar Ibrahim is proof of the pudding that Anwar Ibrahim is a political puppet of the United States government. Isn’t this proof that there has been and is in vigorous motion a concerted conspiracy to install their lackey in Malaysia as further evidenced by the summoning of the Malaysian envoy by the US State Department?

The United States lost all moral authority when it lied to the world in order to invade Iraq for its oil for starters. Democracy, human rights, and justice are merely slogans used by the United States administration when it is convenient. This is a government that sanctioned the ‘extraordinary rendition’ or kidnapping of suspected ‘’terrorist’’ around the world to be transferred to secret torture camps in parts of Europe and in third world countries.

Perhaps Al Gore needs to be updated that true democracy is alive and well in Malaysia. We have had 12 general elections with the ruling coalition losing five states, the Federal Territory as well as its two-thirds majority in parliament in the most recently concluded general elections. This couldn’t have been possible if elections in Malaysia weren’t free and fair. Al Gore of all people should know this difference after failing in his popular bid for President in 2000 against a ‘’well-connected’’ George W. Bush.

How does one determine if a case is politically motivated if the due process of law isn’t allowed to take place? It’s a double insult that Al Gore had first supported the reformasi-riots in 1998 and now chooses to support Anwar Ibrahim whom faces the very same charges of sodomy. Perhaps Al Gore doesn’t understand the gravity of the charges of sodomy as it may not be a crime in the west, but in Malaysia it’s a serious unlawful act. Also, the present political situation is getting even more severe as Anwar Ibrahim is like a chameleon, changing colours whenever it suits him.

The world as well as Malaysia lauds Al Gore’s efforts to combat global warming but playing the worn geo-political game of propping up stooges in foreign countries will just serve to damage his credibility.

If Anwar Ibrahim has nothing to hide and hasn’t committed any offence against the laws of Malaysia, then he has nothing to worry about. Although it is known that he has made public certain allegations against the impartiality of the judiciary, it is the same judiciary that acquitted him of sodomy on a technicality. Therefore, one wonders whether the recent disparaging comments made by foreign individuals about Malaysia is the direct result of Anwar Ibrahim complaining to them and inviting them to exert pressure on the Malaysian government to subvert the process and rule of law in order to allow him to continue with his ambitions to become the next Prime Minister – however surreal that may be. This then begs the question whether Anwar Ibrahim will surrender our sovereignty as a nation and sell out the Rakyat’s interest if, however unlikely it may be, he were to become Prime Minister."

Notes: Mukhriz issued the statement yesterday in his capacity as chairman of the International and NGO relations Bureau of the Malaysian Umno Youth Movement.


  1. Anonymous12:48 pm

    I think ANWAR is just using the previous sodomy case to his advantage for his political stepping stones to become the next PM. Like you said, he might just sell our country, then ran away on other country with loads of cash.

  2. Anonymous12:55 pm

    Anwar surely got lotsa connection and suports from many foreign people.there's nothing wrong with that but it's a fact that many of these foreign medias and leaders tend to side Anwar only.is because they really felt that Anwar is innocent or that Anwar himself lobbying them to suppot him and pressure the current gonvt to drop the charges.

  3. Anonymous1:00 pm

    USA wayyy more democracy than us,,thats a fact,,their press has more freedom,,they rank way higher in the transparency international ranking,,their TV slams politician everyday regardless of democrate or republican,,and yes,,their foreign policy has been questionable for past decades,,got to agree with that

  4. We already been sold a long, long time ago...

  5. Anonymous1:03 pm

    1. sekarang orang Melayu tidak lagi lihat mana-mana parti sebagai pembela dan pejuang nasib orang Melayu. Hak orang melayu semakin terhakis. Diberikan kepada orang lain, bila didesak.

    2. sekarang orang Melayu tidak lagi lihat mana-mana parti sebagai pejuang agama islam. Agama islam semakin tercabar secara terbuka.

    3. kemana perginya parti sebagai pembela dan pejuang nasib orang Melayu. Kemana hilangnya parti sebagai pejuang agama islam. Aku bimbang kesendirian.

    4. Melayu cuma bijak berbalah sesama sendiri di tanah air sendiri. Bijak menyalahkan melayu sesama sendiri. Menang sorak, kampung tergadai.

    5. Melayu sekarang resah-gelisah dan tak tau arah akan haluan yang nak dituju.

    6. Melayu semakin terdesak. Semakin hampir bumi dipijak, milik orang.

    7. Jangan salahkan orang lain. Suara melayu semakin lesu kedengaran.

    8. sekarang sampai masa mencari titik persamaan, orang melayu mesti kembali bersatu.

    makcik Bangi.

  6. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Well, well, well. Sound very much like his father. What else to do other than defending his father, the man who robbed Malaysia of its wealth in 20+ years in power mostly to enrich his children and cronies. Most accusations against Anwar are more appropriate for his father. One of the reasons most talked abt by MSM to prove that Anwar was pro Western was the IMF thing. Truth is Mahathir didn't want to borrow frm IMF coz IMF would put conditions, one of them being the money can't be used unproductively like bailout for cronies and children. Remember how Suharto got stucked after IMF temporarily withdrew next drawdown after discovering that he had used the money to help his children biz. This is what Mahathir is afraid of. By using EPF (and other local funds like PNB, LTAT etc)money he can dictate where to spend. Who has got the balls to check him, except Anwar (pls refer to MISC case involving Mirzan). Truth is Thailand and S Korea which were more badly hit than Malaysia recovered much earlier using IMF money. IMF is just like co-operative societies where members contribute and are entitled to borrow at preferential terms. Malaysia is a member of IMF and is therefore paying annual contribution. Isn't it foolish for a co-operative member refusing to borrow at better terms when you're in difficulty? So don't tell me the craps that if you borrow frm IMF Malaysia will be colonised!!
    It's high time Mahathir and children woke up and realised people were much smarter than they thought.

    frm: tak mudah lupa!!

  7. Anonymous1:11 pm

    remember there was this israel newspaper putting anwar as the pm-in-waiting...

    anwar, anwar oh anwar, when he said the bar council must discuss religious issues behind closed doors, echoing najib razak's sentiments, lim kit siang and lim guan eng did not utter a single word, not even a squeak

    dap too is guilty of practising double standards, dap, pakatan, pkr and the rest, PAS also, they have become too embroiled in politics that they have forgotten the people who got them there in the first place!

    it is strange that this kind of behavior coming from those who aspire to lead the country. EH please lah

  8. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Pabila anwar menjadi Pm, sekiranya dia membawa petaka kepada Malaysia , meranapkan ekonomi negara serta tidak kotakan apa yg dijanjikan...maka reformasi rakyat akan menjatuhkan beliau....

  9. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Obviously... just look at the length he would go to ensure he reaches the top spot at Putrajaya. He is a political animal who would not stop for anything. Before he does further damage to the country, this so called PKR leader has to be stopped. Yes the people voted for the opposition at the March 8 elections. But this is more to show the BN that the ruling government was becoming arrogant and was out of control..tks for Mr flip-flop. They did not vote because of Anwar, although a minority would have. This is a man who would even sell his soul to reach the fourth floor. I agree with Mukriz's point. But in the first place, YB please put Umno in order. As long as the flopper if there, Anwar will make advances after advances!

  10. The Title of your posting should not read "Will Anwar sell us all out?" as it should read ""WHEN Will Anwar sell us all out?"Many are Mesmerised by his slick charm and fail to see what he actually is.As for me bro,i'm in a catch 22 situation.Yang dok ada pun tak boleh pakai ,Yang nak Jadi pun lagi tak boleh pakai.

  11. What do you expect UMNO supporters going to say?
    Want to listen to Mahathir's son?
    Why don't he comment on his father's statement..saying..he will migrate.....if Anwar becomes PM.
    Yes...Anwar may play us all out.
    But why judge a man...when we have not even given him the chance yet?
    It is that not low class mind twisting ideas......of UMNO..to frighten Malaysians?
    Just look at S.Times...publishing all the news...on Permatang Puah by-election..favoring UMNO only.
    The only thing I agree is...if Anwar loose the election....it is sign of Malaysians do not want ....change of government.
    But you can take sign from the smartest crook's mouth....Mahathir...planning migration...who knows when to run........when chips are down.
    This speaks volumns of Malaysians desires for change of government....as Mahathir knows it..and no matter how much UMNO want to keep fooling themselves....Permatang Puah voters...will speak on behalf of all Malaysians..with serious and responsible unselfish attitudes .....voting against UMNO.

  12. is oral sex a felony in malaysia? If it is, i think 99.99% of married people are guilty. (and unmarried couples too)

  13. rocky.. itulah Melayu, sejarah kejatuhan Melaka,Perak, NS, Selangor,P. Pinang, Singapura sebabnya minta orang luar campur tangan untuk selesaikan masaalah politik... sebab nak jadi ketua.

    orang Melayu beri apa dia ada untuk harap faedah sedikit. Maka gone with the wind lah semuanya. Sebab tanah, air, api dah tiada lagi.... sedih!

  14. Anonymous1:32 pm

    If his father has no friends from Mugabe and other reprehensible beings, then I must say he shouldn't scrath the walls. He is a pathetic one who has no way of exerting himself. May be we should ask how his father tried to bribe the Al-Gore and other US officials. I picked two articles from Malaysiakini recently published by Din Merican. May be we see what has happened before. Ironically, Mukhriz hatred for Anwar makes his lose out simply as he tries to salvage the collapsed empire of Mahathir. He should know where and when to speak and how. If any human beings talks against evil and shenanigans, one wonders if Mahathirs' family is inherently evil that they always choose the wrong side. Sheesh!

    Part 1:


    Part 2:


  15. His connections and supports are well-known, we knew where its coming from and he himself is so damn proud about it.

    Reminds me of how Shah Iran, Ortega, Marcos, Saddam Hussein and all were created. You sell your soul to the devil and you'll be their darling no matter what. You get the money, their untold influence and their propaganda machines all lined up behind you.

    Well, most of us know how it all ended. Some of us are just plain blind to the obvious. History is screaming at our faces but most of us are mesmerized by anwar's oratory (I almost said oral) skills.

    For those countries, it may be too late and they found out that its not easy to get back what was sold. Honestly, I dont even know at what price our children is going to pay for this guy's adventure.

  16. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Mukhriz is puppet of Tun Mahathir because he preaches and sells the idea of Tun Mahathir. Likewise nothing wrong with Anwar being puppet of USA which preaches Rule of Law, democracy, transparency etc etc. Just like his dad, Mukhriz did not understand what real Rule of Law means. Between son of Tun Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim I will place my bet on Anwar Ibrahim. I dare not think of little Mahathir ruling this country again frankly.

  17. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Words of Malik Imtiaz Sarwar..

    "Many say Dr Mahathir was a great leader. I cannot accept this. It was his administration that left us in the difficulties we are in now. From reckless deficit spending on vanity mega-projects to a seeming incapability, or was it unwillingness, to deal with destructive corruption to the dismantling of the Rule of Law to the encouraging, nurturing even, of sectarian interests, his was an administration that left Malaysia deeply divided, distrustful and greatly crippled.

    Malik Imtiaz is absolutely right. His statement shows that he is defending his Dad at all cost.

  18. "Will Anwar sell us all out?"

    Maybe. Who knows? But it's a risk we Malaysians gonna have to take. UMNO sold us out a long time ago. Let's give DSAI and PR a fair go.

  19. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Well, I rather Anwar sell us out to the great US of A than to be flinched, raped and abused by those racist, greedy and barbaric UMNO malays!! If I have to chose between the devil and the deep blue sea, I rather the deep blue sea and that to me, is US of A.

    Sigh.. if the country's leaders are fair and just, it will be strong and nobody, foreign powers or local small time power crazy wannabes will be able to shake the country.

  20. Anonymous1:45 pm

    I hate anwar ibrahim. He is so fake. I don't think he deserves to be Malaysia PM. If he does, I will also want to join Tun Dr. M migrate to other country.

    Whether he's guilty or not. I don't care. He as a PM is a big NO-NO. If he thinks that he got the majority support, he's sooo wrong. We the silent majority hate him as much as we hate JEW.

    Penyokong2 Anwar - PKR, berbual jer lebey riot sana riot sini, bikin havoc. Apa ingat pesta suka ria ker? Tin kosong bunyi mmg kuat. Sendiri mau ingat.

    One more thing, Anwar Ibrahim ni perasan la. Tk malu ker orang tanak kau jadi PM...ko sebok2 nk jadik jugak.

    -Yours truly, Malaysia Lover-

  21. Anonymous1:46 pm

    MatKingLeather ni memang licik... I salute Mukhriz for calling a spade a spade. Unlike Anwar who is always blaming parties not agreeable to his own personal agenda. He may win PP but i pity the electorate of PP.

    On another note, i personally think DSAI is a buggerer by inclination, but proving it in court is another matter altogether.


  22. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Please wake up. Not only US is speaking for Anwar, many of the Muslim world is speaking for Anwar.

    If you think Anwar will sell the Malay out, you are definately wrong. He is the hope for all Malays now. Only Anwar can bring back the pride of Malays in this country.

  23. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Just a handful of foreign leaders support Anwar and he is labelled as US agent. But there are more than 40 Islamic scholars and leaders who signed a letter defending Anwar and Gus Dur and a Sheikh from Al Azhar and Yusuf Qardhawi, why didn't we call Anwar an Islamic agent? and he will sell the country to Islam?

  24. You have always been biased against Anwar.

    I know not why, but it will be dishonest on your part if you deny this assumption.
    Your postings cannot hide this fact.

    You sully your blog with this diatribe - its unfounded and vicious - more so when you tend to project a neutral stance.

  25. Anonymous1:59 pm

    If this had been commented on by anyone other than an UMNO stooge, I would have been worried.

    Now that it has come from Mukhriz , lagi i know that there is nothing to worried about.


  26. Anonymous2:08 pm

    the thing is,,he got support from both the arabs and the west..and the international ULAMAKS,,now u want to discredit them too??..and USA is wayyy more democracy than us,,thats a fact,,they have free speech,,free to demo,,higher ranking in transparency international,etc,etc. And yeah,their foreign policy is questionable,,guatanamo,iraq,palestine/israel,,etc

  27. Call it instinct or intuition,I am never comfortable with this man from his UMNO days.

    Given enough power he could turn out to be a worse dictator than we could imagine.Charisma has always been one of the natural gifts of the attributes of a dictator.

  28. Anonymous2:14 pm

    I am not sure whether Anwar will sell us out but I am 1000000 per cent sure Mukriz will sell us out to the highest bidder. Pse correct me if I am wrong.

  29. Anonymous2:19 pm

    It is expected from the son of Dr M. It is unfortunate that our fellow citizens like Mukriz cannot see the damage DR M has done to our judiciary, hence now a big question mark always hangs around like a foul smelling ......whenever a politician is charged. Clean up and revamp than we believe.

    Date with destiny

  30. Anonymous2:19 pm

    not sure if Anwar will sell us out but UMNO has been selling us out already!

    is your choice!

  31. Anonymous2:20 pm

    "If Anwar Ibrahim has nothing to hide and hasn’t committed any offence against the laws of Malaysia, then he has nothing to worry about."

    This statement is only true if one has faith that the law is impartial - that evidence is not being fabricated, that judges and witnesses are not bought or threatened. In this particular case, can we honestly say that that is so?


  32. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Anwar sell us out? I must admit that when posed such a question about a politican, I generally give it serious thought, and not discount it offhand. Whoever the person asking the question may be.

    But this particular question immediately provoked in my mind other questions:

    a. Has the BN government, both present and for the past 50 years, sold Malaysia out?

    b. Has Dr Mahathir, sold Malaysia out, especially looking at the 22 year record of his premiership, and what transpired under his leadership - the various questionable deals, still-opaque records and what has already been exposed?

    We should carefully assess those who offer themselves to be our leaders, and be sure to do so as objectively as we can. Rose-tinted glasses and blatant prejudices must be set aside.

    Ditto as we examine the record and dealings of past leaders who often have selective recall.

  33. Dear Rocky,
    You will be flamed by the fellow readers with opposition leanings and racists posed as liberals.

    But I the Pro BN keris waving slogan shouting MALAY will say if you are not careful Anwar will screw us all, literally!

    You support UMNO! You must be a racist.
    And you sir must be an idiot...

  34. Anonymous2:32 pm

    "This couldn’t have been possible if elections in Malaysia weren’t free and fair."

    ....previous elections were hardly fair due to rampant gerrymandering. They just forgot to factor in the rising opposition within the Malay community against many of BN unpopular moves under AAB.

    IMHO, our two top leaders should just step aside and let others take over. Then we should get down to the real business of governing this country well. DSAI and the rest can wait until the next election for the raykat decides who should be the next PM. w9

  35. Why should Anwar be crucified for something he did'nt do...sodomyI.
    I think, a man who have suffered so much, not only his family life also, the humiliated he has encountered. I am glad, he came out of these injustice done to him by the Umno govt, has made him stronger and wiser.
    What is so wrong, if a potential PM of Malaysia has overseas connections.
    NO man is an Island...not even Malaysia. All these imagination in the minds of ant-Anwar is simply jealousy and not prepared for a change. 50years of BN records ruling this country, speak for itself. If a thing is broken, change it!!

  36. Anonymous2:35 pm

    This Mukhriz is a useless piece of sh*t like his mamak father. So what if Anwar has a good relationship with the US. We are not a self sustaining economy, we rely heavily on foreign investment (especially the US). If US based companies pull out from Malaysia, Mamak & son can make roti canai & teh tarik the next main industry (after the failure of Proton, MSC, Biotech, etc)

  37. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Hasn't AAB and gang sold us out already for their own gains? Did not Mahathir sell Malaysia's soul and wealth to his cronies and to feed his own ego? What else is left for Anwar to sell? Our integrity? That was lost after 22 years under Mahathir. Anwar has only himself to sell.. and he is marketing himself well as the face of moderate and progressive Islam and a genuine agent of change for the better. If Mahathir can voice his support for his terrible twin Mugabe, why can't other State leaders voice their support for Anwar? Rocky, you are spinning again.


  38. Anonymous2:44 pm


    take your father to task first for destroying the very institutions that has brought politics in Malaysia to what is it today.

    Stop blaming the rest of the world.

    I am convinced there are no angels in Malaysian politics. Period.


  39. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Mahathir had sold this country to the satans long time ago.Who is Mukhriz to complain?


  40. Anonymous2:50 pm

    I guess the son has not forgotten how Al Gore "humiliated" the father when Al Gore was the VP.

    - Agree to disagree

  41. Anonymous2:53 pm

    just look at the mansions of the umno division heads and then tell me whether umno has not sold out malaysians

  42. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Wake up Mukhriz and accept the fact that your father destroyed this country.

    - No Brainer

  43. Anonymous2:56 pm

    UMNO sold the Malays long ago. So whats the problem? Let put another Malay(Anwar) to lead us now before thinking about a chinese or indian PM later.

    Pat Lah is hopeless & surrounded by UMNO penyamun & perompak. Mukhriz isnt that good after all...talk big but got no balls to fight Pat Lah.

    man tanjong.

  44. Anonymous3:11 pm

    SPR is free and fair? Malaysia Law is free and fair? I suggest u to read more n find out more coz I think ur post is kinda immature n naive. Those who really want to come out n serve the country well wouldn't choose the corrupted n rotting UMNO/BN. We have wasted too much time to wait for its cleansing n now it's time for a new effective government. *REFORMASI*


  45. Anonymous3:15 pm


    Do you think Mahathir and/or Pak Lah had sold us out?

  46. Anonymous3:18 pm


    I see there is a change in your tone lately. You seem to show your strong reluctance in a subtle way. Can I presume you have been turned into a government supporter,say Najib's?

    Is there a possibility to think along that line even by many others? I'll leave it to you.
    Discrepancies and injustice in Malaysia is world secret. Anyone would comment on it especially after reading Dr.Osman's statement and SD.

    It surprises me when noticing you are not. Sometime it makes all the sense when Raja Petra says, money is mightiest.


  47. Anonymous3:20 pm

    all will also sell us out

    like this fella.....

    We read about the snoop squad, indicating that the Minister of Health Liow Tiong Lai is allegedly involved in it. Although the Presidential Council committee clear him of any connection with the squad, but the investigation committee is unable to clear him on his close association with the ex-convict Tee An Chuan and why Tee who is a non-MCA member going around town and meeting easily MCA leaders. Now, it is a well known fact in town that the new minister in his hurry to build up his wall chest in view on the impending party election has his own list of cronies which he will impose on any other people who have projects with the Ministry of Health. The strange part is that the Minister keeps saying he’s not close with Tee but evidence showed otherwise. Just few weeks after he was sworn in as Minister, contractors and suppliers were informed that if they want to discuss or get any projects, they have to go through Tee first. Tee will then filter the projects before they can meet up with the Minister himself to further discuss on the projects. If the Minister is not close with Tee, why did these contractors have to go thru Tee? Please bear in mind that this happened way before the snoop squad issue occurred.

    Recently, a company called System Conglomerate has been awarded by Ministry of Finance an IT project in several hospitals but this poor company has been facing a lot of resistance. They were notified that unless the project is outsourced to BB Chew, a director from Data Sonic Sdn Bhd, they will not be able to proceed. This is a man who knows nothing about IT in hospitals. He has openly threatened and bragged hospital staffs and staffs of System Conglomerate that the job should be given to him since he gets blessing from the Minister, or else the project will stuck. I really wish System Conglomerate the best of luck.

    In another incident, one contractor was awarded a contract by the government to purchase 100 ambulances.. The Minister then directed the Director of Engineering department that the ambulances must be bought from a Datuk Goh from Bentong, otherwise create as many trouble as possible. Although this company AVP has been awarded LOA three months ago, they are still unable to purchase the ambulance from the main agent rather than from Datuk Goh, meanwhile the hospital is suffering from a chronic shortage of ambulance. The Minister only makes statement to show that he cares if the ambulance is from Datuk Goh from Bentong, which is the Minister’s constituency.

    The Minister also directed that the Ministry should abolish their award of linear accelerator to be installed in GHKL so that the contract can then be awarded to another company, which is the well known Lim Brothers of Glotel Bhd. The technical committee was not in favour of linear accelerator from Glotel but the Minister said that he doesn’t care as long as it is from Glotel. One of the Lim brothers of Glotel is appointed as the General Manager of Port Klang and is a crony of Chan Kong Choy. We must not forget that Liow Tiong Lai is also a crony of Chan Kong Choy. You rub my back, I rub your back! What a disgrace!

  48. First, Mukhriz mukhriz...i know you since school and you are not sharp or smart. Always under the armpit of your father. I have to admit, your dad was and perhaps still very sharp...but you, pls la.
    Secondly, no politician can be trusted. So what if Anwar has connections to the US or EU nations or Arab nations or Turkey or South Africa or ASEAN nations, the fact is look around us and see who is best to take on the mantle. To those Malays who are afraid of Anwar, you know your own shadow. If Anwar is unable to govern, we know what to do too, don't we?

  49. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Gus Dur, ketua organisasi Islam terbesar di Indonesia menyokong Anwar Ibrahim.

    Maka Anwar Ibrahim adalah agen apa sekarang? Agen Islam?

    Janganlah kamu semua berat sebelah saja, kalau orang asing dari Eropah sokong Anwar, agen Eropah, kalau orang America sokong Anwar, dia agen Amerika.

    Kenapa pula tak sebut sepatah perkataan mengenai semua ulama Islam terkemuka dari seluruh dunia yang menyokong Anwar?

    Kenapa tak sebut pasal ni? Kenapa takut? Sebut saja lah sebab sebenarnya, bahawa kamu tidak bersedia untuk menerima Malaysia yang adil untuk seluruh rakyat tak kira agama atau bangsa. Usah jadikan Anwar sebagai tumpuan serangan kamu. Berikan sebab munasabah. Jangan berdolak-dalih.

  50. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Really, Rocky, you are a great fan of the Doc huh? I think everyone should read the article "The Real Dalang Behind the Anwar Sodomy Allegation" written by Ken, Malaysiakini on 22 July 2008. The same article can be read in RPK's Malaysia Today. I strongly agree with what was written. And Mukhriz's statement just seem to support that theory. In fact, Dr M is so scared of Anwar forming the next government that he is willing to run away to another country. What are you trying to hide, Doc? If by being friendly with the US can give us a better living than the one we're getting from the BN govt, so be it! Anwar it is then! Start packing your bag, and Mukhriz too.

  51. Anonymous3:36 pm

    there's nothing new in the news.

    We have all been sold out long time ago. We have been buggered just as long.

    Between the devil and the deep blue sea, i'll take to the sea. The devil will never ever change its personality. The sea? i may not have the Sultan but at least i have a tyre tube.

  52. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Mukhriz yang Mudah Lupa,

    You threatened to quit UMNO by August IF Pak Lah does not step down by July...

    So, what is the excuse now???


  53. Anonymous3:38 pm

    We have sold our soul a long time ago....for the love of money. Don't blame it on anwar now

    Btw bro your blog is VERY different now...we can all see that you are no longer neutral, fighting for justice, etc...

    mat taib

  54. Anonymous3:38 pm





  55. Mukhriz, as his father TDM, is worrying DSAI will sell whole of us. Don't forget TDM was the one who insulted and sold DSAI dignity after previous sodomy allegation back in late 90s, without concrete profs and definitely look stupid.

    TDM is stupid? No, he is not stupid but his followers are stupid. TDM might be Father of Developed M'sia but he also Father of Racism and Hate in M'sia, at the back of Umno (Baru) he created. He is also a dictator on par with Suharto, and might be even worst.

    Even TDM brought our country out of economy disaster about 10 yrs ago, he is most guilty when he handover PM status to PakLah without putting the administration's mechanism and mentality his cabinet members back to acceptable level to rakyat. At the end of his reign, he failed as a PM and what rakyat will remember are all the 'sins' he committed and dictatorship legacy. He make PakLah to be like that, now - he know it.

    TDM tried almost 20 yrs to build M'sia but he took only 2 yrs to destroy it.


  56. Sdr. Rocky,

    You do yourself a disservice with the title of your latest entry.

    Mukhriz is the one accusing Anwar of "selling us all out". Yet the title of your entry, "Will Anwar sell us all out?", was written by you. Do you agree with Mukhriz? Do you think Anwar will sell us all out?

    I certainly hope not. You've never been a dyed-in-the-wool Anwar supporter, but you've never bought into such obviously fear-mongering rhetoric either. You have, in fact, always been admirably objective. Which is why I have become a frequent visitor of your blog.

    And make no mistake - fear-mongering rhetoric is exactly what Mukhriz is shoveling. Yes, Anwar has friends in high places in the US and other Western countries. They have spoken out in support of him, especially in regards to the sodomy fiasco. How does this mean that Anwar will sell us out? Is the sodomy accusation not a fiasco, or do you seriously think he might be guilty? (And guilty of what exactly? Being a homosexual?) Are Malaysian politicians not allowed to befriend Western politicians, and are they not allowed to have their friends speak out in their defense against injustice?

    By titling your entry "Will Anwar sell us all out?", you are no longer being objective. You are parroting Mukhriz's words and declaring your support for them. You do yourself a disservice.

  57. Anonymous3:56 pm














  58. Mr Smith wrote at 1.58PM:

    "You have always been biased against Anwar. I know not why, but it will be dishonest on your part if you deny this assumption.
    Your postings cannot hide this fact. You sully your blog with this diatribe - its unfounded and vicious - more so when you tend to project a neutral stance."

    Mr Smith, Sir,

    Please note that I have also republished Anwar's statements in full. The most recent was on Aug 6 entitled "Anwar: I hold Abdullah responsible".

    A shame that you didn't leave any comment under that posting, though.

    Thank you.

  59. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Fellow Pengundi Melayu Permatang Pauh By-election,
    Jangan Pangkah the pal bearer of the TRIDENT OF EVILS(DAP,PKR,HINDRAF)

    Guru Pencen Sek. Men. Pak Bado, Kelantan.

  60. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Mukhriz Mahathir is kok talking.

    BN would have lost the last election if not because of million postal votes & phamtom voters and hanky panky carried out by the half past six EC chairman.

    Anwar selling us out? Come on, how long can he sell out the country, the most 1-2 term and his days will be over. Rakyat no longer dumb as before, believe neither do Anwar.

    BN has been selling out, squander off and raping the country for half century what else UMMO goons gotta say ... foaming in the mouth Mukhriz?!


  61. Anonymous4:17 pm

    I was at the front line during Anwar's reformasi speech at the national mosque (when was it....1998?.....long time ago, during my student day, i cautiously add).
    As the thousands who came, I also wanted to sympathize with Anwar, and wanted to know the truth.
    But as I was hearing him speak...I felt a sense of dread....all these angry and confused people....helicopters hovering...
    I thought, what is this guy doing....what am i doing?....this guy wants us to overthrow a govt elected by the people....for something they've done to HIM..
    From that day on, I became distrustful of this 'charming man'. But choice do we have these days?


  62. Anonymous4:26 pm

    if you really would like to have a taste of what it is like to be a country under US like Indonesia or Thailand..And have the guts to live under the ruling power of a man who can't seems to stand by his words..
    then by all means support Anwar.

  63. Anonymous4:27 pm

    rocky bru,

    U knew that ANWAR is a dangerous politician man. so do we. WE all knew he is good with speeches and promises. But, does he really keep his? In fact most leaders aren't keeping their promise either. So, if want to have faith in ANWAR. Go ahead guys. But sorry to say, I wont.

    AAB is being fair enough to make him freedom, release him form prison. But instead now ANWAR spit back on AAB's face. All the while his promises, I can't imagine when he could just spit back on his promises when he takes over the country later.

    Yes, we all want changes. And we are having it now, aren't we under AAB's leadership? You won't see this changes during TDM's time. I bet none of you would complain if TDM is still leading the country for now.

    The UMNO's, The BN's knew why they would not want ANWAR to lead the country, they knew the consequences we malaysians had to face later, and that is why he is kicked out from UMNO in 1998.

    Remember there's an author writing a book about ANWAR, been detain by ISA for that? Why is he being detain for? There are truth reasons despite of all his current acts.

    It would not matters to me if he won the seats of permatang pauh, but if the seat for PM, NO WAY!!! Its up to you to all. I know ANWAR is not a good guy. I rather have somebody else to lead the country compare to him.

  64. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Yes... give the power to anwar first..

    If he failed, we know what to do. (vote BN back?)

    UMNO is becoming worst from time to time..

    I also believe mahathir has did the best he can in managing our country. Despite hiccup here and there, his contributions speak more.


  65. Anonymous4:30 pm

    ANWAR is a puppet of US, a traitor of the country. WE MALAYSIANS will not allow this guy to be the PM, NEVER!!


  66. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Sape-sape nak ikut mamak hadir,,buang kerayatan,,,ikutlah,,!!!

    Kawe tak kisah,,!!

    Lagi merana kawe di bawah Pemerintahan BN sekarang,,!!

    Jahat-jahat AL GORE or SOROS yg konon nya ALL Malaysian benci,,They are well respected throughout the world,,,BUKAN
    macam pemimpin KITA no one recognised them,,,!!


  67. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Just like his good "close" friend, Joseph Erap Estrada... that's PUPPET for sure.

    What benefit of having this chap as good friend makes me wonder

    Unless they have the same brother, Uncle Sam..


  68. Anonymous4:40 pm

    small island is already gone. now, our neighbour is clamouring for 200 miles EEZ. cant even build the crooked bridge on our own soil.
    now, how much has been sold or lost, already.
    look who is talking about selling out to the amercians. take care of ourselves first, protecting our sovereignty. dont try creating imaginary enemies.


  69. Many people forget that anwar was de facto PM for about two weeks in the late 90s when TDM went overseas. During that short space of time, he managed to f**k up the country rather badly, and I remember TDM was livid when he came back.

    Imagine a year or more of this guy.

    Plus, his economic "solution" to the currency attack while he was deputy PM contributed to a huge number of bankruptcies and loan defaults, ostensibly his reason being to "weed out" under performing companies. I shudder to think of the real reason he did those things back then. There are many theories.

    And last but not least, remember when TDM published the list of so-called cronies back when the issue was hot in the late 90's? That list included many of anwar's relatives and even his father was seen owning huge chunks of public listed companies.

    I am sure most of his supporters have either forgotten about these things or were too young to have been around when it all happened.

  70. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Well Rocky's Bru @3.56pm,

    Of course you will play up Anwar when it comes to strong anti-Pak Lah stories!! You too are totally against Pak Lah, Kalimullah and KJ. You want Pak Lah out and the whole world knows that.

    Your argument here was pathetic, lah.

    Cheers bro.


  71. Anonymous4:54 pm

    ANti Corruption.

    Now,all UMNO people will come with more gossip.This is what malay are commonly known for.Abdullah always say (saya dengar banyak orang cakap macam ini).This people live with gossip .Just cant compare them with many world leaders.Anwar is one inteligent malay in many ways .One can see from the way he answers to all guestion rise to him.He will bring all our burden from our shoulder.We have suffered with BN for 50 years, why dont we realise now.We want a leader who come out and spek with rakyat and see their suffering .His first move will be,the inflation.Daily I'm seeing many people complaining (sangat susah sekarang ,semunya mahal,tak boleh tahan)This UMNO people are afraid their luxury life style will completely gone once Anwar comes.Mukhriz is talking too much,he is using his fathers influence,that's way UMNO dare not to throw him out,they need crooks to give idea.

  72. Mr Smith, Sir,
    Please note that I have also republished Anwar's statements in full. The most recent was on Aug 6 entitled "Anwar: I hold Abdullah responsible".

    A shame that you didn't leave any comment under that posting, though.

    Thank you.

    rocky, Sir,
    Take it easy friend.
    Yes, I read that statement but it seemed to me that it was posted on your blog more to discredit Abdullah, whom you hate like hell as all of us do, than to prop up Anwar.

    In any case, I am prepared to withdraw my comment about you being biased if you come out straight and honestly share your thoughts on Anwar, vis-a-vis his recent pronouncements and ambitions or rather what you think of him.

    Anyway, I stand with you on many other issues.
    This is just an engagement, not a confrontation. Thank You.

  73. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Hi Bro Rocky!
    Just wanna pop up a million dollar question to you. Will you joining Tun M to migrate to a foreign land should Anwar Ibrahim indeed come into power as PM later? The later already issued ultimatum that he will do so.
    Your sincere reply plezz.

    - Dicko

  74. Anonymous5:06 pm


    Rameli, Nalla and Ezam go back a long way. Back in his Magnum days, Nalla used to finance Ezam when Anwar was the Deputy Prime Minister cum Finance Minister, the days before the 1998 political crisis erupted. When Anwar went to jail, Rameli helped finance Ezam’s political activities. That was how Ezam was not only able to cover the cost of the running of PKN’s Youth Movement (now called Angkatan Muda PKR) but he could also afford to pay the salaries of the entire Youth Movement Committee. Ezam practically had everyone on his payroll and the money came from Nalla and Rameli.

    One key personality in the Youth Movement, who is now in Umno, related how he used to act as the courier between Rameli and Ezam. He was tasked with the job of carrying large sums of money from Rameli to Ezam. Ezam, of course, paid him a commission for the job. This was in the days of 2001-2003 when Ezam was under Internal Security Act detention and was not able to collect the money himself. Later, after Ezam was released, he cut out the middleman, who soon after that left the party to rejoin Umno since it was no longer profitable to remain in the opposition.

    Yes, it’s all about money. Rameli, Nalla and Ezam are united by their love for the Ringgit. And they can make even more money if they successfully fix up Anwar on sodomy charges. Ever wondered why Shafee Abdullah and Daim Zainuddin are also involved? Yes, they are involved. And this is because these two also worship money and bow five times a day to the mighty Ringgit.


  75. Yes. Maybe we would be sold out. But it's better than letting our country be plundered and raped by the Umno criminals like the little Mahathir.

  76. Dear All,
    No need to waste time to give any comments on the Mukhriz statement la!
    For us, he is just a nobody if he is not the son of TDM.

  77. Anonymous5:22 pm

    just wondering : 10 years ago why did he STOP ( if innocent?) the polis from investigating the 'sodom 1' thus committing 'power abuse = corruption = 6 years' !!
    he was LUCKY on the sodom charge , graced & mercied by aab&sil, i guess !
    saifool : sudah 8 (lapan) kali oh !
    ( siok kah !? otherwise 7 kali tak
    lapor !? oh, ada bayaran !)
    najib : i dun know him (once),..?. (twice), oh yes, (the 3rd) he came to MY HOUSE with cold hands for advice !
    aku : real fedup lah, better follow tun migrate to ...! (heha)

  78. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Ai yah, Mahathir and Badawi already sell us out a long time ago!!

    Why not take a chance with someone else, someone who I know tried to defend our EPF savings from being robbed by Mahathir & gang and then got sacked on curruption & sodomy charges! Yes, he seems to have many friends all over the world; good for us mah, no??


  79. you still can tahan bodowi and najis???

    i guess you are like shitful like to be sodomy victim.

  80. Anonymous5:41 pm

    anybody noticed the trends of the few guys who declared sd to support anwar just goes into hiding, the latest is his kulim mp. keep playing the fear factor

  81. Anonymous5:49 pm

    I do not know what kind of person Anwar is (since he was formerly from UMNO and had idealogies like them) and no one will ever know either. However, I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt that he has grown wiser and fairer because of the unfair treatment he received himself. Things like this sometimes can change a person for the better and I hope it has done for him.

    To the makcik :
    Why do Malays keep thinking about Malay rights and things like that? Other races do not have bad intentions. We do not want to steal away any of your rights but asking for our rights only. We are also not against the Malays but against those who are corrupted, unfair, unreasonable, etc. We love the good ones. We want to live together happily with the Malays like brothers and sisters and it cannot happen unless you have a change of mindset.

  82. Pathetic.

    Mukhriz knows the only way he can ever be PM one day is to stop the opposition, i.e. Anwar from becoming a PM.

    The opinion of a person with such deep selfish interests in becoming a PM himself sounds extremely hypocritical, and worth ZERO. This is not an opinion; this is political strategy.

  83. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Why don't you look at it this way...

    To be somebody influential like Al-Gore himself, Al-Gore feels that he has a moral duty to speak for those who can't speak, therefore, in his power, social standing, or the fact that he cherish the very notion of democracy, he feels that he has to voice his support to Anwar.

    just like no matter how I view the situation over at Zimbabwe under the dictatorship of Mukhriz's father's best friend as wrong, I may shout and curse, or even to protest by stripping naked, but what good will it do, since i'm a nobody? and unless if I'm somebody important, say like Al-Gore, if given such position, power, social stature this day, choose to remain silence and just to mind my own business, so long I can live wealthy even if somebody else suffer and die everyday, and I couldn't be bothered by it. Doesn't it makes no difference whether I'm bestowed by God with any power or social stature in the first place?

    I may be wrong, but let's not be too paranoid about whether he or she will sell us out to the US, could you tell me which one country has sold its sovereignty to US, or please define 'sovereignty' apart from those 'sandiwara' that politicians like to use and point finger at. Singapore may be US' friend, but Lee Kuan Yew is very much in power, and US Amnesty Report did criticize Singapore through and through. What about England, everybody knows GB is US best friend, you see any part of the British' sovereignty being sold to US-or given free?

    -kampung boy

  84. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Let DSAI to be our next PM. Yes!

  85. Anonymous6:12 pm

    "Although it is known that he has made public certain allegations against the impartiality of the judiciary, it is the same judiciary that acquitted him of sodomy on a technicality"
    What a neutral stand when you forget the man did a couple of years in jail!

  86. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Hey Monsterball,

    Mana ko pergi selama ni daaa......

    Semenjak 1999, mana UMNO pernah menang di Permatang Pauh. Masa UMNO paling kuat sekali pun (PRU 11 - 21 Mac 2004), UMNO masih lagi gagal di Permatang Pauh.

    Maknanya, kalau Anwar menang di Permatang Pauh kali ini bukan bermaksud rancangan Anwar untuk ambil alih negara disokong majoriti rakyat.

    Ianya hanya bermakna bahawa orang Permatang Pauh mahukan Anwar atau sesiapa yang mewakili beliau, menjadi MP bagi kawasan Parlimen itu.

    Apa yang sempit sangat tafsiran ko ni????

    Kalau iya pun anti Dr Mahathir, kaji apa yang Mukhriz nyatakan itu. Ada kebenarannya. Jangan main pukul keliling ja mentang mentang Mukhriz itu waris Dr. Mahathir.

    Sempit betul otak ko ni!

  87. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Why my comment being moderated? Pro Dr M blog nothing can be said against his son?

    Anyway, no matter bad the outcome to be, nothing can compare to this BN gomen which has raped the nation for 50 yrs. Even if Anwar does have enough capable and experienced men to form the cabinet, it is still better than any experience robbers and thiefs in the current cabinet that continue to squander the nation wealth.

    The Rakyat prefer to have lambs than wolves in the cabinet.


  88. Mr Smith,

    My views on Anwar aren't a secret. I've been sharing them on this blog and in various interviews I have given, the latest on Face-to-Face in Malaysia Today (where I get a lot of flak because I said I didn't think Anwar would make it to the country's top job). Key in "Anwar Ibrahim" at the SEARCH column on the top left-hand corner of my blog and you'll see my stance on various issues regarding Anwar -- including what I thought of the sodomy charge.

    But while I don't love Anwar as much as you do, it is not correct to say that I hate Abdullah Badawi with all my heart.

    Your new friend "pro-Smith" is also not spot on in his assessment -- he thinks I am against Pak Lah because of my personal hatred for the PM's advisers, including Kalimullah Hassan.

    I've been a big critic of Abdullah because of his consistent failures to deliver the promises he made, and how his people try to cover up his weaknesses. One of Anwar's big mistakes is to be lenient towards Abdullah in his criticisms of the GOvernment (perhaps because Abdullah was the one who let him out of prison).

    Anwar made that admission in the same Aug 6 statement that I republished.

  89. Anonymous6:25 pm

    dear mukhriz,
    just your last name sends shivers to malaysians...remember
    the brutal beating of dsai in


  90. Anonymous6:26 pm

    The question, "Will Anwar sell us all out?"

    My inequivocal answer...YES HE WILL.

    roger n out.

  91. Anonymous6:30 pm

    There's no need to hide laa..
    Any smart and regular will sense it..between the line.. that Rocky's Bru is strictly pro UMNO-Mahathir. Being true to his mentor anything Anwar is always a big NO NO.

    Another thing we must understand Rocky will not abandon his UMNO-Religion ..cos he's already being brainwashed long long time ago like the rest of NST grads(A.Kadir..Nuraina etc).

    Rocky only appears anti gomen becos of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, whom his mentor despise.. The rest are sports news.


  92. Anonymous6:36 pm

    A leader that had gone through as what DSAI did,I am sure will have a lot of conscience and humility to become a good leader.
    Why not give him a chance..........

  93. If Anwar sell us to USA, it is still a better place than Malaysia! So many people migrating to USA and Australia because we ourselves in Malaysia are not doing well! Look at all this racial discrimination, religion fanatics, corruptions, police abuse, judiciary crisis, sodomy, sleep-walking, arrogant, what else?

  94. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Orang macam al gore, gus dur malah pope berkawan dengan anwar sebab dia baik dan boleh dibuat kawan. Oranag kawan dengan cek det sebab cek det banyak duit dan boleh kasi projek.

    Kalau kita ada kawan ajak pegi mabuk-mabuk dan kita tolak dengan baik. Dia tak akan ajak kita pegi mabuk-mabuk lagi. Dia bagitau dekat orang "awang" tu budak baik lah, sembahyang punya olang, tak hisap lokok, tak minum. Dia kawan juga dengan kita, malah dia respek kita sebab tak mabuk.

    Kalau kawan kita ajak pegi mabuk-mabuk, kita ikut. Dia kata wahhhh, u best punya kawan la, boleh sama-sama mabuk. Tapi dia cerita dekat belakang "apa la itu awang, tak guna punya melayu, tak sembahyang, tak puasa, boleh minum.

    Kiat pikir la sendiri. Anwar dengan algore dan kawan-kawan nyer yang lain tu kawan yang macam mana. Lu pikir la sendiri NAbil

  95. UMNO's fear of DSAI has reached an unprecedented level of panroia.

  96. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Whether Anwar will sell us all out is of no significance at this juncture of our political circumstances. It is just a ploy from Mahathir's camp to discredit him. The more important issue is whether the present wretched UMNO-BN regime will not further sell us all out in order to cling on to their dwindling power. Can we trust Abdullah and Najib Razak any more than we can rely on Anwar Ibrahim to get ourselves out of the present political rut. We need to start anew with a clean slate and there is no other leader capable of doing just that other than Anwar. So let's give him a chance. He deserves another chance from us and we also deserves a person of his calibre to lead us out of the ordeal brought upon us by the godforsaken BN-UMNO regime.

    Whatever Mukhriz barks about is just so much hogwash and humbug. This mother ucker is not even in Anwar's league. So what is he talking about. We rather be sodomised by the US of A than by a bunch of racist UMNOputra assholes.

  97. Rocky
    What is the worse that can happen after watching this govt for 50 yrs i think we have seen the worst.Aren't we scraping the barrel,look singapore has reduced the price of fuel twice recently and here sleepy head say's he will do it later. Enough of this plundering govt.

  98. SORI my nickname be springfield jerry

  99. Anonymous7:08 pm


    a. What kind of headline will you give? b. I think ROcky's headline is as neutral and natural as can be. It is a question NOT a statement and so far it has been answered by many commenters -- MOST of them don't think Datuk Seri Anwar will sell out the country. c. Don't waste people's time

    (Not Stupid 6772)

  100. Anonymous7:16 pm

    What's the difference who sells us or who sold us out? We let ourselves be sold out! Everyone is being used, using someone or going to use another for reasons best know to them. It's no point screaming you are a foreign snitch or some anti semitic profiling when your backyard is a hotbed and breeds racism, racial prejudices and what have you. Between the devil on your right and another bigger one on your left, do you have any choice but be singed into hell by either. Swearing to God won't help us unless you swear on the right God! It's sickening that PP is the playground for refinement of dirty tactics that is the order of the day of past elections. March 8 has not taught anyone anything good it seems but brought out the worst on both side of the fence and we sitting in the middle of this sharp fence are gettng our derrier poked kau-kau.
    With all this selling each others out thought we could have transferred our inventiveness and energy expended in selling each other out to good use and invest it into bring the country of of the craphole and the mess in our economy.
    Let's not play spread the VD symptom around in PP... Vote for Development or Vote for Destruction threats and disease.

  101. If you have been PAID,it is time you deliver the GOODS.

  102. Anonymous7:27 pm

    wow...lots of anwars fan here! well i still cant believe that corrupted people like anwar still alive!! whats the difference between pkr and umno (pak lah)...is just the same!! muhd taib was caught with 2 mil in his pockets and anwar put all other companies shares under his fil name! he changed the PM's original residential plan make it to six rooms even b4 hes being appointed as PM! (Main Blkg)! Karpla karam singh was the one challanged TDM on this sodomy charges and hes backing anwar to be the next PM!! Cronyism nepotism ...well pas Nik Aziz just appointed his sil as the head of corperation in Kelantan! wow why all of u PR supporters so quite about that?

    regarding the MISC, why did anwar only raise it now?? he was the finance minister man!!!

    i will support anyone with good and great vision and credibility!

    but i can nae see it with pkr or dap or pas or even umno or bn!

    if the father is a murderer, that does not mean the whole family as well!

    lady from hell (scotland)

  103. Yes anwar will sell everybody out just to become PM of Malaysia he is just a poltical chameleon who does not have an ounce of principle in him.

    Anwar has done nothing but enrich himself and his cronies who are malays,chinese and indians when he was in UMNO before. So the country will be saved when he becomes PM? Sorry people your hopes are misguided fantasy he will do exactly what he did when he was in UMNO and maybe worse.

    By the way, Al Gore is an idiot whose Presidency was taken away smartly by George Bush from within Al Gore's mouth, the Nobel peace prize he won does not make him less an idiot. Messing about with Malaysia in defence of Anwar makes him a bigger idiot in my book.

  104. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I had a comment posted with regards to this article. I can't remember what I wrote but believe somehow I had mistaken you for Mukhriz. It was not intended at you and I think somehow I was preoccupied. So please ignore that.

    My apology to you.


  105. Greetings Folks,

    well the usual bla bla bla by UMNO. We are all too familiar with these rhetoric pre, during and post election or shall i say daily.

    if UMNO/Malaysia angkuh sangat jangan focus investments from US and suruh semua Fortune 500 di Malaysia pindah ke ke ke

    You know guys at times we should "blackout" these donkey on the blogsphere. Cakap Karut, sudah la.

    Anwar is gonna win big time, jihad or not.

  106. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Cant agree more with Kairulnizam

    We already been sold a long, long time ago...

    great mind speaks great truth.

  107. All the selling and 'buying' is done by UMNO/BN. It has happened and is still happening. Just look at the latest Maybank/BII fiasco.

    'Will Anwar sell us out?' We are not prophets. The answer could be yes, no or maybe. We will only know after he becomes the PM. No?

    Oh Mukriz, if the US has no moral authority left does it mean that UMNO and you have? FYI, Al Gore would have defended you too if you are in Anwar's position simply because an injustice to a fellow human being is also an injustice to mankind.

  108. Dear YB MM.
    I am not sure what you are try to tell the world but for one cock sure that you are promoting your self for your personal political agenda come this Dec UMNO election.
    Pls tell me that the present UMNO leaders are not selling our country??Proven that they robbed and stole our wealths.Whether DSAI is traitor or not is yet to be seen but what we see Malaysia to day is the result of our 50 years silence and being bullied by UMNO led BN government.

  109. Anonymous8:02 pm

    I'm with Rocky...Anwar will never ever reach the top seat!

    I voted against BN but I will never ever vote for Anwar..Did he ever walk the talk??? What he always do..talk..talk..and talk...


  110. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Who care what this son of a Mamak is talking, his father spend our country money like there isn't a tomorrow. His family has no dignity to speak, his father even talk of migrating now. Hope his family will return the money and migrate to Zimbabwe where they have Mugabi the same class as his father.

  111. Anonymous8:13 pm

    ahiruddin atan,

    the day you called wong chun wai your brother, your friend is the day i know you are going to the dark side, BN.

  112. Anonymous8:21 pm

    What is there for Anwar to sell?

    We have been sold out a long time ago!!!


  113. He is nothing more than just a cheap politician riding on his father's fame (infamy?). What is his stand on anything besides Anwar?

    Start fighting for universal values like truth, justice, equality and real democracy and there is still hope for UMNO (Baru).

    There is no choice, UMNO has to purge itself. Start by ensuring there is no dynasty, no children of past leaders or SIL are retained in any top posts. How can you rehabilitate a party without removing the people from a forgetable past?

    A party has no life. The members give it life. So, when party leaders say the party comes first, they mean their own self interests come first.

    I would like to believe that there are still good men/women left in UMNO (Baru) to do what is good for the party and country come December.

  114. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Jika Anwar menjual negara ini, mungkin yang akan dijualnya ialah syarikat dan harta benda Pemimpin UMNO yang mendapatkan harta itu secara Haram. Mungkin Mukhriz Mahathir akan melelongnya negara ini seperti keling botol mllong besi buruk.
    -permatang mangga.

  115. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Who is Mukhriz Mahathir?

  116. Surely this man will trade this country for power and popularity. He has nothing to lose as the only country that he calls home is the US. In fact he trust his US allies more then his friends in PR. PAS and DAP are merely the two stooges as far as this man is concerned. He will not hesistate to boot them out if he feels that their services are no longer needed.

  117. This comment has been removed by the author.

  118. Anonymous9:00 pm

    Mukhriz's dad said he would leave Malaysia if Anwar became the leader.

    One more reason to support PR.

  119. Anonymous9:02 pm


    If an idiot could win a Nobel Peace Prize, I would like someone like you, who has the capability to call someone like him an idiot, to bag it for the pride of Malaysia. You could easily be the first Nobel Peace Prize winner in Malaysia. Do it for the sake of our nation's pride.

    Seriously, I just don't get why the people in Malaysia will always tend to relate EVERYTHING bad to USA. This shows how blatantly ignorant are them. USA might be attacking Iraq for their old fields, USA might be attacking Afghanistan for no solid excuse, but does that means all evil comes from USA? I guess this is due to the fact that TDM had been saying how bad USA is for the past years, thus rendering everyone to think like that too.

    So what if someone like Al Gore supported Anwar? Does that automatically put Anwar into the stand as a USA agent? How ignorant. If there's another country's Deputy Prime Minister being charged of sodomy with NO CONCRETE evidence, I'm definitely sure he will say the same too. It's obviously unfair, thus the comment.

    So I have a few good friends from USA (who might be have political influence), and if one day I was being charged of something that I was obviously being innocent of, and they help to fight for my justice by merely voicing out their comments, does that automatically brand me as a US agent?


  120. Rocky

    Quite amusing are the commenst against Mukhriz.

    My quick count found that 74 out of 109 comments are from comentators not registered with a google account.

    Other than a handful, the unregistered comments are directly or indirectly Mahathir bashing. Its not even character assination, which usually come with some form of substantiation.

    I suspect some operators are flooding your comment box to give a false impression that Anwar is a fine person and Mukhriz is absolutely hopeless. This is not normal.

    Could it be Tropicano and Tingkat4 boys at work in disguise as "anonymous" and "name" identity?

  121. This is my point of view and yes though it may seem insignificant especially among rabid die hard fans of Anwar Ibrahim this is what I have to say about him.

    I don't really care if he screws someone in the arse, I don't know if it's true or not and unlike most of you I do not make conclusions before the case is heard in court.

    And yes I do agree with most of you that Indeed Anwar Ibrahim is a Great politician. Yes I admit it he is a GREAT POLITICIAN, but you know what that's about it. Anwar Ibrahim is Just a great politician full stop. Nothing More than just a politician who says what you wan't to hear.

    He has no clear stand, populist stance and unclear principal. In 1970's he was all about the poor people a somewhat right wing socialist. Then he became an sort of islamist during his early Abim years. Then he change into a champion of the modern Islamic Malay who wants to stitch the name of Mahathir and Siti Hasmah in the sky using the threads of cloud in the years of UMNO. Then when he got kicked out suddenly he was against dictatorship and evil pharaoh called mahathir and now suddenly with all those islamic and malay agenda flushed down the drain he is on the road of becoming an open liberal secular Malaysian for all. No longer you hear he talk about islamic nation or anything.

    But wait, just listen to him when he speaks to a bunch of PAS supporters.

    Now think about it, Who critise badawi the most Mahathir or Anwar Ibrahim? Mahathir hits on the incompetent prime minister for his lousy decisions in economics and policy. Anwar Ibrahim hits at the most competent Minister in the cabinet over a dead mongolian girl with rumours he heard from the Internet.

    That thing he said about IPP in the televised debate,ever heard he talk about it in ceramah before the elections? You wan't to know why he never said about it, it's because the IPP issue was something that Jeff Ooi raised in his blog. Anwar Was talking about how Oil is the people's right and that we should give it at cost price to the people.

    Yes Indeed Anwar Ibrahim is a Good Politician call him brilliant if you want but guess what, THATS IT! JUST A POLITICIAN.

  122. Politics is selling and trading
    Souls of perfection shouldn’t be in the loop
    They can’t hack it there
    So are those religious brewing leaders

    Politics is for the hardened people
    Dare to play the game; dare to get the fall
    Nothing for the weak hearts and souls
    You lose your balls; the balance of your life

    So will Anwar sell the people out?
    Every leader will find which way to benefit the country
    Anwar has his connections internationally
    Only those who feel they are on the way out
    Will come out with statements to tell otherwise

    The fear of change manifests unwarranted statements
    One plays for politics to win; it is the nature of it
    And willing to take the fall when politics changes
    You can’t make profit all the years
    You will make losses in lapse of concentration

    Politics in democracy
    The people can decide for change
    So far we don’t know what Anwar will do
    I think he will be the better PM for the country
    Let him gets his chance…….
    Why worry about one man?
    We had been colonized before
    We have been cheated many times
    So what the difference?

    Let play ball
    Dribble it, passing it around
    In team spirit scoring goals
    Let see what will the outcome
    No venture no gain
    We have to change
    Don’t get stuck in the 21st century

  123. One thing that i cannot understand is who besides DSAI is there to take ov er the govt, as we all know it must be a muslim.Maybe if kit siang converts who knows.


  124. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Buat apa berbalah. Malu pada anak bini. Buat apa nak salahkan Dr M, Pak Lah atauwa Anwar Ibrahim. Kita harus satukan Dr M, Pak Lah dan Anwar serta ajak Kit Siang dan Ustaz Hadi berunding. Pemimpin Malaysia semua nya bagus tak terkecuali. Tapi kita harus berhati-hati dengan kuasa besar. Lihatlah betapa zalimnya Amerika Syarikat Bhd. yang menyebabkan matinya 1 juta umat Islam yang seharusnya menguasai ekonomi. Lihat saja betapa failed nya Pakistan, Bangladesh, dan Indonesia maupun berpotensi belum kemana-mana? Malaysia satu-satunya negara Islam yang ligat mahu mempertahankan maruah. Makanya lihat saja bagaimana mereka gunakan beberapa blog dan tukang komen dalam blog bagi laga-lagakan kita. Orang Melayu, dan kawan-kawan Cina dan India berbaik-baik tiba-tiba, ada pihak yang taja Hindraf. Kenapa Hindraf marah-marah? Melayu dengan India tak pernah ada masalah selama ini. Bila Chandra Muzafar usik sedikit usaha melakukan penyeberangan beramai-ramai dari BN ke PR, lihat saja apa tukang komen dalam Malaysia Kini kata. Katanya ini masa revolutionary. Apa tu, sheikh? Kita tak perlu geramkan sesiapa. Kita tak perlu berdendam; harus ada kasih antara Melayu - Cina, Kadazan - India, Melayu - Siam, Cina -India. Perkukuhkan hubungan Dr M- Anwar, Anwar - Pak Lah, Hadi - Kit Siang. Pak Lah - Tsu Koon. Guan Eng - Ustaz Azizan. Khalid Ibrahim - Semua Khalid. Samy Vellu? Tuan Samy Rehat dulu. Biarlah pemimpin India lain pula beri sumbangan. Samy pun pandai, banyak berjasa tapi dah terlalu lama dalam politik sehingga lupa lain lain perkara.

    Dan insaf lah rakyat Malaysia semua kaum bahawa Amerika Syarikat kuasa imperialis yang harus menguasai dunia bangi melegakan Paul Wolfowitz dan sekutu nya yang memaksa Bush serang Iraq dan Afghanistan agar Israel terbela. Anwar seorang pemimpin yang bijak. Beliau tahu siapa itu Wolfowitz. Tapi dia terpaksa bersandiwara. Beliau tahu kuasa ekonomi Amerika boleh musnahkan kita. Ya Anwar rasa api ini tidak akan membakar. Tapi apakah anda tak akan salah, Anwar. Mereka ada agenda. Mereka ada upaya. Mereka ada wang. Mereka ada senjata. Mereka ada bank. Mereka ada semua.

  125. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Let us not be beguiled. There will be major policy changes when Pakatan comes to power. Its the end of the road for ketuanan whatever. Not a good time for islamists too.

    We will be firmly remind that Malaysia is not an island in the community of nations, and the US has, thankfully, only dealt with Malaysia with kid gloves. If we criticise, we must be prepared to be critised. Harshly! Even on religion.

    The quid pro quo is, economically, either we come under the hegemony of the US, or under the hegemony of China/India. At least malays have a choice!

  126. hey every dog,

    you'd rather be sodomised by the US? speak for yourself man...watch you back when he's around..

  127. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Satu-satunya pemimpin berjiwa rakyat tidak lain dan tidak bukan adalah Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.Jika kamu-kamu yang bencikan beliau,difitnah,dihentam sebegitu rupa,dah lama dah rebah.Tengok sajalah bapa Mukriz, belum apa-apa lagi sudah berniat nak belah keluar negara.Mukriz tak bersedia nak belahkah.Sebenarnya kamu ni amat gerun benar dengan kekuatan Anwar (Rakyat).

    Anwar ingin ke Parliament bukan kerana masalah peribadi beliau.Kalau itu tujuan beliau,tak payahlah susah-susah,diamkan saja,angguk-angguk,jadi yes man macam kamu,tak susah hidup beliau,baik dahulu mahu pun sekarang,dah lama dah jadi PM.kamu yang ada ni pun tak jemu-jemu mencium tangan beliau lah pula.Masa tu tak adalah yang nak tuduh beliau agent US ke yahudi ke.Nak kata orang tengok lah diri sendiri tu.Belum apa-apa dah nak menderhaka kepada presiden Parti.Sebenarnya Datu Seri Anwar ni agent rakyat Malaysia.Rakyat mahu beliau bertanding dia bertanding,suruh jadi MP dia jadi,suruh jadi PM dia jadi InsyaAllah.Masa tu cubalah berbaik-baik sangka dengan beliau,mudah-mudahan tak susah hidup nanti.Jika tak, kenalah cabut lari keluar negara.
    koya kuncyi.

  128. Anwar is well like internationally. His style is engagement not confrontation like mahathir used to be. Mahathir in front of the public as if he hates US but behind the curtain he so crazy to meet US President. This is hyprocrite.

    Yes, Anwar is agent of cia, taliban, etc, etc. this is what umno propagandas been telling the people. So much contradicating. All rheoteric to stop Anwar from become the PM. Not only prominent personalities in US supporting Anwar but others as well, Canada ex-PM, many well known muslim scholars, etc. No other Malaysian leaders have that kind of support. No to mention umno leaders. These people jealous of Anwar and they know they cannot challenge Anwar statemenship and calibre.

  129. You all wanna give DSAI a chance to play PM??? Last time one month also cannot tahan...so imagine what 5 years can do...don't play with our kids future...Tuan Guru for PM kira ok jugak lah....

    After 22 years in power, mana TDM punya billions yang you all cakap tu ha?? cakap senang, evidence satu habuk tarak...cakap marah sama UMNO, sebenarnya marah kat semua orang Melayu kut?

    By defending his father, Mukhriz is the kind of son that everybody
    can only dream of..You all punya anak silap haribulan kasi flying kick sama U all..

  130. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Sorry Bro, just to sidestep... I'm very angry with our stupid ASTRO channel. They are not only suckers but bloody fools when it comes to Olympic broadcasting. RTM is anytime better when their past coverage is concern. ASTRO boast of many Olympic channels. I was waiting and expecting them to show the live badminton matches of our players singles n doubles tonight but there was none.
    WTF...k are they doing showing other events. Hey you ASS-TRO fools, can't you discuss this the official broadcasters in China on this! DEYY, ANANDA!

  131. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Integrity is always the victim of reckless publishings where the contents are knowingly devoid of truthfulness of existing circumstances just for the sake of publicity and confusion.

    Just a display of the power of ignorance or the might of the $$$!


  132. oh...people.

    you are all so charmed by Anwar.

    wake up. wake up.

  133. What about Mahathir lying to all the Malays that they are losing out to the non-malays. What about Mahathir lying to the Malays about NEP. What about Pak Lah lying to all Malaysian about the petrol price increase. What about Pak Lah lying to all Malaysian about the judiciary reform, So, there you are Mukhriz, just look at your own father and your beloved umno president before you open your fat mouth. You won't even support your own father's call to quit umno, so how can anyone support you to be a leader, without any backbones.

  134. Anonymous10:36 pm

    rocky suddenly you are not so solid anymore, following Ezam footsteps? Ray111.

  135. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Rocky, Al Gore is the most powerful man in the US, if Obama becomes PM. Mukhriz, pls respond to Anwar Ibrahim statement that if he becomes PM, money from SAUDI will pour in? Obviously, Mukhriz, you are no intellectual....And Badawi, whats this...you sacked Dollah Kok Lanas coz of the saudis, and now Anwar says he can bring in Saudi money..... I can smell Syed Mokthars hand in it, and now you know why Tun Daim is getting mighty nervous.....watch JOHOR boys......... puff

  136. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Sell or not sell it another matter but what has proven is UMNO is nothing worth for us to consider them relavent. They are racist, they can't rule and are the most corrupt. Dr M is the most corrupted leader of Malaysia to date, nothing can challenge him except the like of Marcos.

  137. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Depressed says:

    sell us out? For how much? US dollars, RM or Japanese yen?

  138. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Hi rocky, can you kindly tell the malays and non-malays who voted for PKR and DAP recently to analyse the whole scenario surrounding teh Bar Council forum?

    Did you notice there were several high-profile PAS and PKR leaders causing the commotion but none from UMNO?

    Sure there could have been UMNO-linked NGOs there but the point i'm making here is that can these characters from PKR and others who have holier than thou attitude be a better alternative to govern the country?

    there was zulkifli nordin Kulim Bandar Baru MP and Salahuddin Al Ayubi from PAS at the forefront but i did not see mukhriz, najib, hishammuddin, khairy, reezal merican spewing obscenities against the organisers!

    Now Zulkifli Nordin has gone missing, typical PKR style. Anwar Ibrahim runs away from the police and goes missing, seeking refuge at the turkish embassy. This is real PKR MO, blame the police and go missing.

    We don't see UMNO leaders go missing. Even for that matter leaders from PAS and DAP.

    Zulkifli is merely taking a leaf out of Anwar's book. This Anwar who is the so-called PM in waiting!

  139. To: All the Supporters of Pakatan Rakyat and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,

    If you are not the voters of Permatang Pauh and you also unable to help on the campaign for this coming by-eletion, the below are certain
    things that you can contribute to Pakatan Rakyat and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to win in this election.

    i. Make cold call to the residents, factory or commercial office and introduce yourself as the PR supporters and explain to them the country current situation and request them to vote for DSAI to vote for the change of federal govt!

    ii. SMS to any friend who are the voters for Permatang Pauh or SMS to someone you don't know but request them to Forward the SMS for any of their friends who are the voters in Permatang Pauh and request them to vote for DSAI to vote for the change of the federal govt!

    Pls don't offense them if they oppose you!
    Pls give them your counter arguement to convince them to vote for DSAI!

    Remember, PR target in this by-election is to WIN BIG and create another political tsunami in the country!

  140. Kita lupakan seketika cerita anwar atau mukriz. Orang Melayu punya masalah, yang lebih kecil dari inipun telah dicanang satu dunia.

    Histeria yang merasuk pelajar perempuan melayu dah berlarutan 3 bulan belum lagi selesai. Kementerian Pendidikan yang berpuluh tahun berpengalaman histeria di sekolah sekolah masih lembab dan tidak punya satu kaedah pun menyelesaikannya.

    Kita jangan cerita isu liwat seorang dua untuk jadi isu negara, banyak lagi gejala lain menimpa rakyat malaysia masih belum ada keberkesanan pembelaan.

    Dari PM sampailah ke pemimpin, semua tidak tahu erti MALU DAN BERTANGGUNGAJWAB atas amanah yang kita berikan.

  141. Anonymous11:25 pm

    To mr.anonymous who seems to support the IMF policy, I suggest you read Joseph Stiglitz (I supposed you know who he is) latest book, Making Globalisation Work (2008) and share with us whether you would agree with IMF policies or not.

  142. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Mukkeris is just parroting his father..see, his father is no longer a member of UMNO, so he has no right to comment pasal Anwar, so Son take over lorr..

    Anwar selling us out?...What do you think Mahathir was doing for
    22 yrs??..What do you think Bodohwi is doing now??

    At least Anwar is saying the right words and as far as I am concerned those words are musics to my ears and I dont give a dumb FXXK who says anything after this

    Mukkeris has become what he is today becos of his father..multi million maybe even multi billion..
    but what has that left us beggars??

    What right has he to say abt Anwar when he himself has gained so much from his father without having to lift a finger??

    Maybe MukKeris is using this opportunity ..just like his father
    to make his name ..after all he is trying to win the UMNO Youth post..
    and he already said that he is faighting a losing battle...so this could be his attempt to prop himself up...

    MUKKERIS..You will not win any way you try lah...so just give it up and enjoy your wealth as long as you can before Anwar gets to you..


  143. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Anwar Ibrahim bertaubat lah......

    Nyawa kita ni bila-bila masa boleh di cabut.

    Jangan lah memalit kan dosa anda kepada orang lain.

    Kalau yang bukan islam ni tak boleh nak komen la...

    tapi yang islam ni tak pasal2 anda heret kan sekali......


  144. Hardy Bawang going to sell us all out back to UMNO if Malays are no longer hold the first top priority power in government.

    Please return our non-muslim votes or just send us go to hell, thankyou!

  145. How can the Americans take Anwar to be their stooge?
    This same question was posed 10 years ago in 1998.
    Anwar the Islamist.Very influential with the Muslim scholars and leaders at the international level.Given full support by ABIM and PAS on the local front.
    Now we look at Saudi Arabia.
    Leading Islamic nation. Caretaker of Holy Mecca.Strict adherence to Hudud laws.
    Their oil are all produced by ARAMCO (Arab American Oil Company).
    During the first Iraq invasion of by the senior Bush ,Saudi Arabia was the transit and launching pad for 500,000 american troops and all the war machinery.
    And they were made to bear the cost.
    After the closing down of Yokohama and Subic Bay, USA had been looking for an alternative base in this potential high growth area of South Asia.
    Singapore just could not provide the acreage and Indonesia had been too unstable socially and politically.
    Malaysia seems to be the ideal choice if not for the then PM Dr Mahathir.
    And today ,for those who are dreaming for the more democratic more equal,more liberal form of Government ala America.
    Just remember that, everything comes with a price.
    Rocky , your title to this posting is just spot on, bro.

  146. Anonymous12:39 am

    Do you wait for the accused to be found guilty first and executed (in some countries) OR make your protestations of political motivation before that event ?

    Mukhriz's statement was meandering and made for poor reading.

  147. How much does a country like Malaysia cost? Why would anyone want to buy a country like Malaysia? Do you take up a bank loan to finance the purchase? Who handles the S&P agreement? Can one guy sell the country? Is he the rightful owner? When he does sell, the rest of the population can't do nothing like revolt against the new owner?

    How do you sell a country? Do you take up a full page, full color advertisement, or produce a tv commercial? TDC does it all the time, selling the country so people can come here and spend all their money. It's not a bad thing, this selling business, that is.

    You mean as a prime minister, you own the country and you can sell it to anyone one?

  148. should anwar become PM then for sure Teresa Kock will have a mother of all BABI Q party all over Malaysian towns. quess who's laughing all the way to the bank? ....the new sophisticated pig farm owners who else. it surely a sold out...

  149. "Anwar Ibrahim hits at the most competent Minister in the cabinet over a dead mongolian girl with rumours he heard from the Internet."


    Competent and Minister are two words that would bring a big laugh if someone were to describe the current Cabinet. I was impressed with your view on Anwar until that para crops up. Are you a rabid die-hard NTR fan?

  150. Anonymous1:26 am

    "Malaysia a true democracy", you must be JOKING, he shouldn't be so quick to point fingers when hes own father has done so much harm to the inner core of malaysia.

    if mukriz wasn;t the son of mahatir it would be interesting to see what he would be saying

  151. Anonymous1:27 am

    (heha): he certainly has 'alibi' on the 26th of june & the xxxx was not committed ! what about 3 kali luar negeri dan 4 kali lagi dalam ?
    this boy has mixed up the dates (no wonder drop-out from engineering course !) OR his lubang is smooth tanpa scars & scratches cos partner ada pakai condom ma !!

  152. Anonymous1:33 am

    anwar dah sold us out already. PKR/DAP, they are turning in another BN.

    Go check on projects award in Pakatan states especially Selangor and Penang. Hmm, transparent my a*s.

    The latest news is 'kalau nak projek, bagi duit'. Huhu. Heard that before.


  153. Anonymous1:46 am

    Jangan kacau UiTM: Naib Canselor

    SHAH ALAM: Naib Canselor Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Datuk Seri Prof Dr Ibrahim Abu Shah meminta Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim supaya tidak mencampuri dan mengacau pentadbiran pusat pengajian tinggi itu.

    Dalam nada keras beliau berkata, Abdul Khalid boleh menggunakan Universiti Industri Selangor (Unisel), kolej komuniti dan institusi pengajian tinggi awam dan swasta lain jika mahu menolong golongan bukan Bumiputera tetapi jangan kacau UiTM.

    "UiTM adalah satu-satunya institusi terakhir bagi orang Melayu untuk mengubah nasib mereka menerusi pendidikan dan tidak ada sebab mengapa ada pihak cuba mencampuri atau mengacau pentadbirannya selama ini," katanya pada sidang akhbar di sini hari ini.

    Beliau menyifatkan kenyataan Abdul Khalid pada Ahad lalu supaya 10 peratus kuota kemasukan ke UiTM dibuka kepada bukan Bumiputera dan pelajar asing, adalah berunsur politik semata-mata.

    Dr Ibrahim berpendapat, Menteri Besar Selangor menggunakan isu itu bagi meraih sokongan orang bukan Melayu, seolah-olah kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat baik dan hendak menolong golongan berkenaan yang mungkin tidak faham mengenai penubuhan UiTM.

    “UiTM adalah salah satu daripada hak istimewa orang Melayu di bawah Artikel 153 Perlembagaan Persekutuan dan Canselornya ialah Yang di-Pertuan Agong sendiri.

    “Apa yang pelik ialah isu pembukaan (kemasukan) ke institusi pengajian untuk Bumiputera ini kepada bangsa asing dibangkitkan oleh seorang Melayu sendiri, bukannya bangsa asing,” katanya. - Bernama

    There can never be a MALAYSIA as the Malays are going all out to ensure another bloodbath.

    Trust me, even then your Keris will be worthless.

    What happened the more realistic Malay generation that I grew up with? I wonder...

  154. He may do so but I'm no clairvoyant but unless you hate democracy so much, why not ignore all his human frailties and give the emerging 2-party system a chance?

    Have trust that once true democratic institutions are in place, we the people will have the power to decide.

    It is not so much that Anwar must survive politically but the 'coherent' opposition to BN must survive!

    Otherwise we're back to the old days of a lack of choice which only surrenders our rights of 'power of the people .....'


  155. Anonymous3:41 am

    Mukhriz Mahathir needs to define what he meant by when Bush LIED to the world over their invasion of Iraq. He needs to know that at the time when US made the decision to invade Iraq they had to have approval of Congress for the President to go ahead. And both Congress and President Bush had the same intelligence reports that verified the Saddam had WMD. Iraq did have WMD when they gassed Kurds; how he managed to slipped them out of the country is still a mystery to the CIA. Or Saddam did a damn good job of lying about his WMD stockpile.
    As for US being on a higher moral authority, doesn't mean the US can't criticise Malaysia. But is M'sia a truly democratic country when you have UMNO, MCA, MIC who are all nothing more than corrupt political organisations, that hire thugs to commit crimes and murder people & they are also race-baiters.

  156. Anonymous4:23 am

    Why must Anwar become PM if PR become the government? Why not Tuan Guru Nik Aziz , for 18 years he became MB for Kelantan and has ruled with fair and justice not just to Muslim but to Non Muslim as well. eXAMPLE , TGNA as MB in Kelantan has gave many land titles to landowners which has occupied the land for many2 years for MUSLIM and NON -MUSLIM which previously has never been done accordingly by BN govt . He is very just and fair person .
    Why Anwar ? Who elect him to become PM ? Why he is saying that now he'll become the next PM if he won the Permatang pauh by-Election and by 16th sept 2008? Is he power hungry ?

    I think it's now time for election to select PM in Malaysia . Nobody can hand in power to someone else to become PM as it's belong to them and somebody who is not even elected yet Parliament member is now talking about become the next PM ! Poor soul, he thinks he's the only saviour , while there is more suitable candidate than him LIKE TGNA !!


  157. Anonymous4:40 am

    Belum apa apa bapak Mukhriz, Dr M yg dikenalai sebagai Mahazalim nak lari ke Zimbabwe duduk ngan Mugabe jika Anwar jadi PM.

    Tak sudah sudah bapak ngan anak sama jahat.


  158. Anonymous4:41 am

    What can I say? The son is as delusional as the father.

  159. Anonymous6:34 am

    Al Gore is no longer Vice-President of the US. So what he said is his own private opinion, not the US government.

    The former Indonesian President, Gus Dur, has also spoken of Anwar's innocence. Why isn't Anwar accused of selling out Malaysia to Indonesia if he becomes PM?


  160. Anonymous7:33 am

    to NSTman -- " nstman said...
    I am not sure whether Anwar will sell us out but I am 1000000 per cent sure Mukriz will sell us out to the highest bidder. Pse correct me if I am".

    One minor correction can? Add 3 zeroes to make it
    1,000,000,000% -- aspiring billionare-at-27!

    PS: Did you miss YY at bum2008?
    Then let's meet kambing2bum2009! -- Desi

  161. I thinks citizenconcern got it totally wrong.
    Look when DSAI was a deputy prime minister, he had anything underhim, yet he just applied housing loan which was entitle for him.

    But look at others, dont go far to the minister, just at Umno's leader at branch level what else at division leader. Remember the late Dato Z (alfatihah) owned a palace liked house.

    DSAI when he was sacked, only had an old pajero and a house he bought using the gov't loan.

    How could we accused him, that he will run wilth loads of cash when he become the PM.

    Come on citizen, dont put your dignity and level of thinking to that bottom.

    Yes, everybody make mistake but Anwar make less mistake than the rest of UMNO and BN leaders.

    And Tun Mahathir? Worse. I salute him for the development he brought but went disarry toward half of his reign. Comparing him with Pak Lah, macam bumi dengan langit but TM started the hold episode in all the judiciary system and police force, the quota which, i am sure he regreted it now.

    True to Allahyarham Dato Fadzil Noor says. He said, if TM live longer, he will have to chew the ammunition and weapon he built.

  162. Anonymous7:43 am

    Any good sone will do the same for his father, defend the father when he is trapped. And Dr M has announce to the world that he will move elsewhere if Anwar become PM. I teka dia nak lari ke Argentina.

    - Ogy

  163. The big question, why punish DSAI before giving him the chance.

    I got a chance to travel all over the world and observed many things.

    I interviewed a lot of people from all level especially grass root leaders.

    Most of them know DSAI very well compare to other Malaysian leaders. It show Anwar is the leaders who is well established.

    And of course, he is well inform on the global fenomena and world looking at him as respected figure.

    Anwar's knowledge on global definitely better than our current foreign affair minister, Rais Yatim, a man who studied law to the highest level but did not preach or practice it.

  164. Bro,

    suruh Mukhriz tanya PM flip flop pasal jajahan Malaysia jatuh ke tangan Singapura...suruh Mukhriz tanya ayahandanya macam mana Singapura terlepas dari tanbgan orang Melayu.

    Berapa banyak harta negara Anwar dah "jual"?

  165. monsterball said...
    What do you expect UMNO supporters going to say?
    Want to listen to Mahathir's son?
    Why don't he comment on his father's statement..saying..he will migrate.....if Anwar becomes PM.


    Sudah ramai yang berhijrah sebelum ini atas beberapa faktor, antaranya kerana ketidakpuasan hati mereka terhadap kerajaan, bukan sahaja kerajaan sekarang, tetapi sejak dulu lagi, di bawah 4 perdana menteri yang lepas.

    Itu adalah hak individu dan ia berlaku di seluruh dunia termasuklah kaum cina dan india yang datang di sini pun dulu atas faktor yang sama, iaitu masalah politik dan ekonomi di negara mereka. Adakah penghijrahan sesuatu yang huduh dan jelek ?

    Sesuatu yang kita harus tahu bahawa jika benar mahathir mahu berhijrah, kelak kita akan saksikan betapa berebutnya beberapa negara untuk menerima mahathir kerana faktor 'otaknya yang geliga' yang diabaikan oleh kerajaan sekarang.

    Saya betul betul berharap anwar menjadi pm dan mahathir berhijrah, kita boleh nilaikan nanti di mana satu kaca di mana satu permata.

    Biasanya ala malaysia, dah terhantuk nanti baru nak terngadah

  166. Anonymous8:32 am

    The sad facts of life is TDM screwed up Malaysia and now his son is imitating his style. This seems to be the way with all the umno presidents, thank God Tengku did not have a heir like the others. Najib is worst than his father, Kerismuddin brings shame to his good father and Mukhriz is a total idiot trying to imitate his father who is dead but refuses to get down. And now we also have to content with son in law who thinks he is God's gift to Malaysians.
    When will umno stop breeding assholes and hyennas ??
    Long live Anwar and down with umno.

  167. Selama 50 tahun lebih Malaysia memerintah sendiri ni, Anwar ke yang menjual kepentingan Melayu sehingga merempat seperti yang kita deritai sekarang ? Rasanya tidak. Yang bertanggung jawab, tak lain dan tak bukan, adalah UMNO. Dan, 22 tahun darinya oleh MAHAFIRAUN. Mukhriz tak harus buat-buat tak tahu. Harta kekayaan yang awak dan Mirzan warisi itu adalah harta rakyat yang tidak akan kami halalkan dunia dan akhirat.

  168. The foreigners are really hard pressed to revive Anwar. Wonder what is their cut in this.

    If we take history as a lesson, the foreign powers will always side with the people who want to usurp power. Be it the prince or the ministers, but never the reigning king or prime minister. This is because the usurpers were always the weaker side and would sell their soul to attain their ambitions. In doing so, they are morally corrupt. These foreigners will gain if and when these morally corrupt princes, ministers or usurpers were to succeed.

    On that score, I am not surprised that the foreign powers especially the US of A had sided with Anwar for all these years. Anwar has sold his soul and the US will get their cut if Anwar succeed. Then, Malaysia has to pay to reclaim his soul.

    And one more thing, Anwar had said a lot of things that are contradictory and it's very hard to comprehend this guy. So, I will award him the Sepuloh Satu medal with the inscription "Cakap Sepuloh, Satu pun tak tentu betul"

  169. Anonymous9:39 am

    We're no longer virgins as a country, being sodomized by the Badawi leadership for so long, and you're afraid of Anwar selling us out to foreigners? At the very least, the foreigners will invest more heavily in our country instead.. What else could go wrong? Give DSAI a chance, see how things go, if we don't like the way he manages the country, take it to the streets again! That's what we do when we're unhappy about our government, no?

    'belum cuba, belum tahu..'

    sonJa Inc

  170. dear rocky, by posting that, you sure have somehow give alternative views of the issue. nevertheless, i don't see how having friends in other countries related to your title "will anwar sell us all out?".

    why do you think the american would want to buy any malaysians for that matter.

  171. Anonymous9:55 am

    I don't think its a matter of "there are lots of Anwar fans here".

    It is just that a huge portion of the rakyat want change and Anwar is about the only person who can deliver that.

    We cannot say Anwar will "sell the country" or "sell the Malays out" etc.

    Because, how come you are so sure? Where is your proof?

    Think about it for a second. Don't be influenced by UMNO or Barisan Nasional.

    Just think for a while with your own mind secara objektif and see if there is any truth to this.

  172. Anonymous10:01 am

    Anwar has nothing left to sell...Tun & AAB has bone that. Tun took 22 years..AAB to less than 5 years to sell us all out.

    So Mirzan..u don't have to worry.

  173. Anonymous10:04 am

    Rocky whats with this rubbish post from mukhriz. Surely you know better and dont give me the crap about freedom of blog speech!!

    - Cheerio!!

    PS - Grow some balls - if you want to criticise DSAI, do it openly like a man, not shadow play throuh others - i still recall your past post about Bro Anwar Bin Ibrahim (Babi).

  174. Anonymous10:09 am

    Hang pun jahat la Rocky, memainkan sentimen dengan posting ini. Dua2 hang makan kot..


  175. Anonymous10:18 am

    To: lady from hell (do u intend to remain there?). Before he was sacked, Anwar objected to Mahathir's evil scheme requiring KWAP to sell 300 million MISC shares at cheaper price to his son Mirzan, in the process Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pencen (KWAP) would have lost several million. In fact this was one of the many reasons Anwar was unceremoniously fired by that DICTATOR. Mahathir had to reluctantly accede to Anwar's sound argument not to make KWAP bankrupt but Mahathir being Mahathir his resentment never faded. Mahathir then forced Petronas to buy the KWAP stake at higher price (thus KWAP didn't incur loss) with intention that Petronas will later sell to Mirzan at lower price, thus Petronas will bear the losses which it cud easily absorb given its fat coffers. Thank God the financial crisis emerged and Mirzan was unable to finance the intended purchase and Petronas remained there till now. End of episode 1. Now episode 2. MISC was later forced to buy shipping assets of Mirzan's co, Konsortium Perkapalan Bhd (KPB) at inflated price, thus rescuing Mirzan from embarassing suits from foreign banks (local banks dare not). That shud be enough for now. I have many more!!

    frm: a mamak who never forgets

  176. Anonymous10:27 am

    Muhkriz Mahathir defend Malaysia against attacks?!

    Amboi, Rocky, you make Mukhriz sound like Hang Tuah!

    Biasalah, masa bloggers alliance gathering dulu, siapa yang rapat dengan Mukhriz kalau bukan Rocky... tengok jer foto-foto gathering yang lepas tuh.

    Susah nak percaya blog ko ler sekarang Rocky... tak objektif sangat sudah.

    **Hentam Kromok**

  177. Anonymous10:36 am

    Perhaps Mukhriz would like to reflect on the fact that an African-American called Barack Obama (granted that he has a European parent) is on the verge of being nominated as the Democrat Party candidate to contest the US Presidential elections in November against a white American, John McCain.

    An African-American, from a minority community in the US, being nominated to run for the most powerful elected job in the world? Becoming the Commander-In-Chief of the US Armed Forces?

    Now, I ask Mukhriz: in your wildest dreams, do you see a Malaysian Chinese, Indian or Eurasian ever becoming Prime Minister of Malaysia?

    That, sir, is the fundamental difference between the US and Malaysia.

    Between a secular country founded on the principles of freedom and justice for all and that emphasises the separation between religion and the state and a country which seems to be going in the opposite direction.

    And until you have the testicular fortitude to admit that, you have absolutely no standing to criticise Al Gore, Condi Rice or the US.

    Faham, sir? Or do you want me to put it in more simple and expressive language?

  178. Anonymous10:42 am

    Is better to sell out because under the British the country was much better and ahead of so many countries. Those days we were ahead in GDP, Income, education, health care, transport, local government etc etc. South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, China, India were far behind us. But come UMNO and 50 years later we were so far behind everyone.

    If we have a way out we did prefer the British to continue their rule and at least we do not have to fight within races and within brother from the same race.

  179. Anonymous11:12 am

    I don't get it with some people here.

    Is it so wrong if Rocky is pro BN? Is it so right if he is pro-PR? Bosannya.

    I thought democracy is about making a choice. Suka hati dialah nak sokong sesiapa.

    I think some people just don't grasp the concept of agree to disagree.

    Carry on with the good writeups Rocky.

    For those who loves to listen to ONLY themselves, go to Malaysia-Today.


  180. Anonymous11:19 am

    If the black eye saga didn't happen then I would believe Mukhriz's statement that "if Anwar has done no wrong then he shouldn't be afraid".

    That's the price if you're a threat to the position of Msian PM.

    What Malaysia politicians can learn from Drucker

  181. Anonymous12:01 pm

    Sinatra Z
    I can't agree more with you.

    Malaccan View
    Do you have selective memory? Out of the 50 years, Anwar was in UMNO for 17 years. Licked his spat when joining UMNO and got to where he was in UMNO by embracing the UMNO culture. The Wawasan tag-team, remember? How he bought his way to become the deputy leader and how he treated Tun Ghafar.

    Maybe you also forgot how he control the media then. Also his cronies...ask Azmin about his wealth. Do you think he got it by being an astute businessman?

    Before I get to excited, may I suggest you google his speeches as UMNO Pemuda Chief, UMNO Deputy President and Minister of Finance. Compare them to what he is saying now.

    Knowing him I will surely guard my backside from being stabbed. Not with a knife, mind you!

  182. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Spitalfield, kenapa pemimpin2 dr luar sana sibuk sangat nak suruh pertuduhan ke atas Anwar digugurkan cepat2 tanpa melalui proses perundangan? Kenapa diorang perlu campur masalah dalam negara kita? Itu bukan alasannya, mereka dan kamu sendiri belum betul2 pasti yang Anwar tu tak bersalah, setakat kamu rasa je Anwar tak bersalah. Yang tahu betul2 apa yang terjadi hanya mereka yang terlibat dan Tuhan. Jangan terlampau percaya dengan Anwar ni, esok2 takut kita semua akan merana jika dia jadi PM.

  183. Bro Rocky and friends,

    He's a pretty good strategist and will do anything to secure his 'release' from the previous and current issues.

    He's a bitten tiger that needs to score.

    And he's no angel either.

    Given chance, he'll attack anything that moves; pardon my twin-tongued French.

    Yes, I've also seen him
    'attacking' Malaysia in Indonesia saying things which was rather degradatory. Things which he did himself when he was the DPM, and when he's back in power I'm sure he'll be back to his 'normal' self.
    I was never a fan of Anwar, but I am so very much disgusted by the way this nation is ruled by Dollah and company!

    For the lack of a better leader, as a normal citizen; I am forced to gamble away and give my vote to Anwar being the sole 'possible leader'.

    Should Anwar fails ( which is quite possible looking at Tan Sri Khalid's latest popular-seeking suggestion), we'll move on to the next 'able' leader.

    In my mind it's better than allowing Dollah and company an extended stay.

    He hasn't done much if not anything for the country since he took office. What will make him run fast during his self-asked overtime, I doubt very much!

    He's just plain pure incapable and not fit to take over the baton from Tun M.

    And to think Najib's taking over,I sensed there will be NO change in the government's attitude at all. He ain't gonna bring this country up. He's gonna take on the chair and ride further down. To a much deeper black hole!

    There's a faint gist of positiveness in Tan Sri Muhyiddin but a big NO NO to the son of Razak, win-win son of Yatim, the-now-flipped Shahrir, the I-will-let-the-PM- decide-if-I-should-resign empty can Shaberry, the-fight-your-own-war Zaid, road-blocking Albar and the likes.

  184. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Don't worry about Anwar, BN has sold us out a long time ago!! Wake up!! Forturnately or not, Anwar is the only other choice!!

  185. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Yes Anwar is merely a politician..he's not even a leader.he's a stooge. he's greedy..he's tick skin..views sway all the time..he is paranoid..he'll sell everthing for power..thats him


  186. Anonymous1:38 pm

    "Will Anwar sell us all out?"
    Apa yang Anwar boleh jual?
    Kalau otak PTD-PTD yang nak dijual,
    Siapa yang nak bayar?
    Satu sen pun tak laku.
    Ha kalau nak jual orang Melayu, Husin lempoyang lagi pakar daripada Anwar.

    -Tok Nenek India dan Sekarang melayu.

  187. Anonymous1:52 pm

    Banyak nya peminat DSAI sini !Hampa minat dia pasal dia able leader ke pasal dia tu charismatic.Yang nak tarok rocky apa hal? dia punya blog dia punya suka lah apa dia nak tarok kah siapa dia nak tarok!Hampa sokong lah si Ponggering tu,nanti hampa kena ,Berak senang mata pun terang.

  188. Anonymous2:02 pm

    "Well, I rather Anwar sell us out to the great US of A than to be flinched, raped and abused by those racist, greedy and barbaric UMNO malays!! If I have to chose between the devil and the deep blue sea, I rather the deep blue sea and that to me, is US of A."

    bunnies....are we that barbaric?if we were, non malays will only speak malay, have malay names and malaysia will still maintain the name tanah melayu.please think first before uttering nonsense!

  189. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Let Mukhriz say what he wants to say.
    We Malaysians had given enough time for BN to improve. They did improve but not Malaysians.

    So, enough is enough. If Anwar has the ability and resources to form a new government let him do so. After all what worst could we see than what we have already seen and it's for 4 years only. If Anwar errs again he would never get a chance in his life time again.
    The only thing we don't want to see is racial clash.

    Meanwhile, I must say this. It seems not only Malaysian politicians have attitude problem but also Malaysians in general. We are too quick to judge people and always pre-judge people or leaders. Many of us also must have had our bad in the past but turned a new leaf to lead much better life. Will that be fair to us if we are continued to be seen as bad?
    Life is also about trusting one another. Anwar should be seen in the same context.
    Anyone remember Nelson Mandela, who was detained for 27 years? When he was released, did sit at home watching news?

    None of us know what Malaysia has for us but what we do know is a must for a good and effective leader for this country. Who could we nominate?

    Let me list down in alphabetical manner so that none of you think I favour the first person in this list.

    1. Abdullah Badawi
    2. Anwar Ibrahim
    3. Najib
    4. Tengku Razali

    Stick to one person; let him win his crucial battle by Dec 2008 if your choice comes from UMNO. Stop criticize the person for this moment. You may continue with your criticism once your leader is chosen and if fails to meet your expectation, like we did in Pak Lah’ case.

    Otherwise it might continue confuse readers and public and forever we would be indecisive to make our country more miserable.


  190. media statement Mukhriz Mahathir
    ni lebih kepada untuk menyelamatkan bapanya iaitu mahathir mohammad yang sebenar benarnya telah menjual Malaysia sejak mula dia menjadi PM lagi.

    Mahathir kini adalah org tua yg dah nyanyuk, bukan dilabel oleh Pakatan Rakyat tetapi oleh orang2 umno sendiri.

    Bagi ahli kabinet dan mp umno pula mahathir ni lebih kepada puaka yg perlu disisihkan kerana lagi lama puaka ni bergentayangan makin menjauh dirilah rakyat jelata dari mendekati umno

    Mukhriz, disini dilihat sebagai pencuci jamban yg cuba membersihkan sisa kumbahan yg ditinggalkan oleh bapanya itu.

    Pencuci jamban ini akan merapu dan meracau kerana terpaksa membersih jamban hancing perin dengan hanya menggunakan sabut kelapa sahaja. Dah puas digunakan sabun2 berjenama tetapi bau busuk masih tak nak hilang. Mukhriz si pencuci jamban ini akan terus mengomel utk sekian waktunya sebagai promosi memburukan Anwar Ibrahim.

    Ingat! Dan jangan sekali kali lupa bahawa dosa mahathir dan rahim nor kpd reformist ketika era reformasi dulu masih belum tertebus lagi.

    Kau meracaulah siang dan malam,yang pasti rakyat Malaysia bukan bodoh2 spt zaman mahathir dulu.

  191. Anonymous3:42 pm


    this media statement is written by Al Gore of the west.

  192. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Yes Anwar will Sell out Malaysia like he always does. For his own and family benefit. Who says Anwar is not practicing croynism and nepotism. Two face bugger.

    Sad Dude.

  193. Anonymous4:15 pm

    wow, he can cite march 8's results as though he had anything to do with the 'proof' of democracy at work...oh, wait - he did have a role, sorta. he can tumpang his dad's glory, kan? who systematically clamped down on all democratic institutions until we could only free ourselves after he stepped down.

    i say thank goodness for a weak pm after mahathir, enabling us to rise and prove there is democracy in malaysia. no way any of this could have happened if dr m were still in charge (and it never did during his 22-year rule).

    siew eng (forever phobic of the name mahathir)

  194. Anonymous5:27 pm

    To a mamak who never forgets

    i nvr support or agree TDM on that matter and will nvr agree or support to anyone fond to bad deeds like anwar!

    u tell people about TDM MISC etc ...now how about 50 ish company shares under anwars FIL name?

    just go to u tube...and watch this anwar is like lalang! Preach to indians like this ...malay say like that and chinese say like this...go to pas supporter say he support islam...etc etc etc! whats this? b4 election...fuel prices to remain the same ...but after election ...support us we reduce by 50p hmm end up 2.20 ish what happen to 1.92?

    my point is! u guys are sooooo into anwar up to a point that even his shit smells good like laksa penang! if someone or anyone is pointin out something good and beneficial to us regardless the party or ideology behind it. we should support that person! but i dont see it with this bisex anwar!

    there are sooo many things to talk about anwar and all these politicians! for a person like me who has been involved and know so many friends in the construction industry...anwar is no angel esp when he was the finance minister!

    it took quite a while and effort for tdm to realise it but then again i should thank former igp tun hanif and karpla karam singh for convincing tdm to put anwar behind bars!

    lady from hell (scotland)

  195. painah, elok kau tukar nama kepada pariah, lagi bagus, ulasan kau macam taik..

  196. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Yes I think he will.

    I have heard of some book like "Confessions of an economic hitman" and known that from history US have been active at overthrowing government and installing their own puppets. Latest President Hamid. They like only who share their belief and they bully who dont share them.

  197. Stringing facts and trying to get the conclusions you want.

    If you have friends in other countries who support you, you are that countries puppet.

    Al Gore is no longer a politician or has any power.

    Even if he was, how is that going to affect Malaysia?

    How can someone sell malaysia to the US? Please explain?

    The courts which acquited also charged him.

    Mukhriz, seriously, a lot of your statements are simply to peddle insinuations masquarading as facts.

    No respect at all to you.

  198. Anonymous10:07 pm


    I think yr engine is overheated. Let's have some coolants

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  199. Anonymous10:31 pm

    To lady in hell,

    Oh yr source is youtube and buy it 100%. How gullible. No wonder u are in hell. My source is govt doc. Anwar had made many police reports on misdeeds of Mahathir, all based on govt own documents, not on info frm youtube or roadside stalls. One example is Perwaja which lost RM15 billion. Police report was based on PWC audit findings. But of course Mahathir was never investigated. That's Malaysian standard for you. Any police report on Anwar even on flimsiest of grounds will be promptly investigated.

    frm: mamak tidak lupa