Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No Human Rights Walk this year, says Bar Council

Debate on human rights at UiTM, Dec 9-12, 2008. It's still a long way, but the Bar Council is promoting it early because of the prep that is needed. This is probably the first debate in the world hosted by a professional legal body and a public university.

The Bar and UiTM expect 300 Malaysian and foreign debaters to cross words at the great debate. The theme is "UDHR @ 60 and still not all is right". The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 is celebrated on Dec 10 every year.

Last year, the Bar Council and supporters of human rights walked through the KL City on a Sunday morning. Several people were arrested.

Interested to take part? Click here for more details.

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  1. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Debate on human rights eh? Hopefully the foreign debaters would not have US representatives, cause they themselves are the hypocrites.

    Showing protests on streets would just lead to public disorder. That is not the right way of gaining influence and attentions from the community, especially for us because nowadays we are more educated and more concern on the latest issues of our country and global generally. So no need for street protesters for voicing human rights.

  2. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Bar council has become BRa council, losing their way and supporting human!

  3. Anonymous5:23 pm

    no human right walk this year?

    go for debate at the abovementioned date and's far better than to rally the street.

    hopefully things will turn out just fine and no bad incident will happen during the debate.

  4. we can expect to have a human rights walk when human here are not even respected as human beings........

  5. First... Bar Council must correct some of their behave humane and don't treat their clients like suckers...making a mole hill ..into a mountain...representing them in keep charging fees long as they collecting protection a gangster.
    Then talk.......Lingam and Eusoff Chin...force the issue to be settled.
    If their house people are in a mess....don't talk Human Rights.
    It is a joke to many Malaysians.

  6. Anonymous10:48 pm

    Showing protests on streets would just lead to public disorder. That is not the right way of gaining influence and attentions from the community, especially for us because nowadays we are more educated and more concern on the latest issues of our country and global generally. So no need for street protesters for voicing human rights.

    ROFLCOPTER. Cannot demonstrate at street, public disorder. Have a discussion forum cannot, scared kena molotov cocktail. Write to newspaper, 4getdabouit.

    How you define us educated youthleader? Having our mouth gagged all the time because we cannot touch sensitive issues?

    I say bar council no balls. They cancel public forum on Islamic conversion because of some angry mob and they're cancelling this years walk. Don't expect anything from Bar Council la.

  7. Anonymous1:46 am

    Quoted from

    "1. Sejak Barisan Nasional dibawah pimpinan Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, dan sejak Dato Zaid Ibrahim, sebagai de-facto Menteri Undang-Undang, cuba menawan hati Majlis Peguam dengan memberi kuasa kepada ahli majlis memilih hakim, dan memberi sagu hati kepada bekas-bekas hakim yang disingkir, Majlis Peguam Malaysia begitu garang sekali.

    2. Selepas rusuhan kaum tahun 1969, pemimpin-pemimpin ketiga-tiga kaum di Malaysia telah bersetuju bahawa perkara-perkara sensitif seperti kedudukan Raja-Raja, bahasa rasmi, hak kaum-kaum, agama Islam sebagai agama rasmi, tidak akan dibincang atau dibahas secara terbuka. Sebabnya ialah kemungkinan perbincangan akan membakar hati pihak-pihak yang tersentuh yang boleh membawa kepada kestabilan negara terancam dan rusuhan kaum berlaku.

    3. Semua kaum dan pemimpin-pemimpin mereka menghormati persefahaman ini semasa Tun Razak, Tun Hussein dan semasa saya menjadi Perdana Menteri. Ada juga cabaran-cabaran terhadap persefahaman ini tetapi tidak serius dan dapat ditangani.

    4. Mungkin persefahaman ini menidakkan hak dalam demokrasi tetapi demokrasi adalah untuk kebaikan kita bukan kebaikan bagi diri kita harus dikorban untuk demokrasi. Kita tidak harus berasa malu kerana demokrasi kita kurang liberal dari demokrasi sesetengah negara maju. Apa yang baik bagi mereka tidak semestinya baik bagi kita.

    5. Jika kita ada sekatan tertentu untuk mententeram dan menjaga negara, kita harus terima.

    6. Setelah diberi "muka" oleh Zaid Ibrahim, de-facto Menteri Undang-Undang, dan beranggapan yang Kerajaan sekarang takut pada mereka, Majlis Peguam Malaysia bukan main lagi; sanggup juarai semua isu yang sensitif.

    7. Selain menuntut mereka pilih hakim, mereka bangkitkan perkara sensitif seperti kontrak sosial dan agama Islam.

    8. Sepatutnya Kerajaan melarang majlis berkenaan pengislaman anjuran Majlis Peguam Malaysia diadakan. Tetapi sebaliknya, Kerajaan biarkan rakyat protes. Protes boleh dihalang tetapi hati dan perasaan mereka yang memprotes dan lebih ramai lagi yang bersependapat dengan mereka terus meluap dan marah. Kemungkinan ialah perasaan marah ini akan meningkat kerana keangkuhan Majlis Peguam Malaysia yang masih ingin mengadakan majlis yang serupa pada masa terdekat.

    9. Jika perkara sensitif perlu dibincang, bincanglah dalam keadaan tertutup dan melibat hanya beberapa pemimpin yang bertanggungjawab sahaja. Hasilnya tidak perlu diheboh tetapi diserah kepada Kerajaan. Kerajaan pula janganlah takut dan utamakan populariti peribadi sahaja tetapi hendaklah fikir berkenaan kepentingan negara." (Tun Dr. M, 2008)


  8. the world probably should not be used to justify the claim of the "world's first"..because these are very common debate in western countries.

  9. Anonymous10:30 am

    i tot UiTM is for bumi only..
    why open debate to others????
    debate among bumi la....

  10. Anonymous11:20 am

    UiTM organising the debate on Human Rights ?

    Is it a joke ?

    I thought they had just denied the rights of the non-bumi to be educated there ?

    What kind of human rights are they talking about ?

  11. Anonymous12:11 pm

    human rights debate in UiTM? Off all the places?

    JOKING ah?


  12. Anonymous7:21 am

    (heha): BRA council for women only lah : no balls one ! they STOPPED the forum bcos of few hundreds of illegal protestors & a few marched into the hall SHOUTING : " BABI..BABI..STOP..STOP..HENTI.HENTI
    & the polis could not....NO..NO..
    the polis did not want to do somethig BUT 'forced the BC to stop at 10 sharp ! what were the men lawyers doing ?...oh,sori, they were also wearing bras lah !

  13. Anonymous9:29 am

    what human rights!!!! Sorry bar council is wrong - oops will they sue me!!!!

    why must the question the constitution act - especially on islam!!!!

    stupid council member, that why some of them are lack in islam matter including sistem in islam

    zamri bss

  14. Anonymous6:05 pm

    (HEHA) : aiyah, all the uitm blackies ( berbaju-hitam) listen CAREFULLY : you are all enjoying at our expenses ( duit2 haram babicina)for years !
    NOW, i berwakil babicinas2 kasih lu semua olang tahu, kami tak mau
    masuk sekolah lu lah, kasih masuk sikit 0.1% pun tak mau lah, lu boleh simpan baik !! ok...OK...!?
    besok tak senang manyak urusion di PP lah ! awas... lu orang dari skolah mara tausa kasih wa tengok !

  15. Aiya, Rocky, its the same people who shout aloud about wanting more freedom of speech and of expression, but become terribly uncomfortable when students hold peaceful protests. A political leader makes a politically unstrategic remark, and concomitant to that, students assemble peacefully to air their grievances. So what? This is the essence of democracy. But, alas, many seem unable to fathom this fact judging from their unjust moronic comments, and scathings remarks.