Monday, August 11, 2008

The Pahang Sultan and Umno politics

Rakyat before politics. Last night, during a closed-door meeting with over 1,000 Umno leaders at his palace, the Sultan of Pahang expressed concern with the manner issues concerning the position of the Malays and the status of Islam are being dealt with.

The Sultan said that while he had no interest meddling with Umno politics, he would like to gently remind the Umno leaders not to let their politics, especially the party elections in December, to take precedence over the pressing issues facing the Malays and Islam.

I was told that the Sultan of Pahang also touched on issues facing Malaysians in general, the state of the economy and the welfare of the people.

He did not -- I repeat, he did not -- make any request or demand that the Umno leaders from Pahang nominate a certain name for a certain post at the party's election in December.

"Whoever you elect as leader, shall lead," the Sultan was said to have said.


  1. Anonymous8:59 pm

    The first time come to here!hello from China

  2. Anonymous9:23 pm

    This 1st smart move by Sultan Pahang after he ruin Msia FOOTBALL and gazed PAHANG Forest!

    Smart at last!

  3. Rocky,

    Quite frankly, I am interested to read what kind of comments will this particular posting transpire.

    With what we Malaysians are facing now, some Malays think that the monarch is the last institution to save them.

    But then again, there have been questions by the rakyats jelata (especially the Malays) whether the palace really protected them during good times before?

    Can we, the Malays, be very-very frank about the palace here without getting into trouble?

    Lets wait and see.

    Having said that, I am very happy that HRH The Sulatan of Pahang expressed his stand on being neutral.

  4. Sanusi Junid dipecat sebagai Presiden UIA atas perkenan Sultan Pahang.

    TMJ menyarankan biar politik diserahkan kepada orang politik untuk selesaikan.

    Adakah UMNO akan mampu berada di landasan betul selepas tergelincir jauh..

  5. Anonymous10:13 pm


    the oft repeated - "the pressing issues facing the Malays and Islam"

    please enlightened us what these pressing issues are. we must have failed and failed very badly for not being able to solve them the last 50 years or so.



  6. Dear Rocky,

    Please disseminate the following article which I found in the August 4th issue of Newsweek pg 5 which does not seem to have been mentioned in any of the media and blogs.

    Quote -
    Malaysia's leading opposition figure, Anwar Ibrahim, was recently detained on sodomy charges, which could land him up to 20 years in jail. A look at other countries that outlaw sex between consenting gay adults:
    85 - number of nations that ban gay sex under laws on "sodomy," "pederasty," "buggery" or "serious indecency"

    8 - Number that impose the death penalty: Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, U.A.E, Sudan, Afghanistan, parts of Nigeria.

    10 - Number where the max is life in prison: includes Uganda, India, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Singapore.

    35 - Number tha criminalize sex between men but not women: includes Bahrain, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. - unquote.

    I hope majority of Malaysians will not now think that criminalising sodomy is not at all uncommon. Please do put this up on your blog.

    Thank you.

  7. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Sultan of Pahang has every reason to show his concern. Meanwhile another surprise from our beloved PM- Don't hold forum on race and religion.

    Is this advice for non-Malays alone or for all Malaysians. If I remember correctly PM and other Umno leaders invited Pas to talk about Malay Unity. Isn't Malay a race and Islam a religion?


  8. Although HRH appeared to be neutral in his comments it seems a bit problematic to reconcile HRH's concern "over the pressing issue facing the Malays and Islam." The immediate issue that comes to mind is the aborted forum at the Bar Council's premises over the weekend.
    Was HRH alluding to the Council's decision to proceed despite the "advise" of the BN Govt?
    Is HRH viewing this as an Islam issue or was HRH speaking as a Ruler of a multi-racial state and concerned that conflicts are pitting the Muslims against the non-Muslims over how religion is being intrepreted.
    I would be happy to believe that HRH was expressing his concern as a Ruler of a multi-racial State.

  9. Anonymous11:38 pm


    What about non-Malays and non-Muslims? Any concerns about them by the Sultan? By the BN? By anyone?

    Are we bastards in this land called Malaysia to be talked down to, dumbed down and given hand-me-downs?

    What's the point of this piece of blog - which reiterates the view that public discourse about anything nowadays are so etno(malay)-centric and nothing else? As if nothing else matters but Malay rights and the religion of Islam?

    What about Malaysians in general? What about bangsa Malaysia?

    And what are you doing about the race and religion issues that are currently rending this nation asunder? Pitting one race against others, one religion against another?

    I have been following your blog for a long while and I find that you are veering into irrelevance. With inane topics and high faluting sophistry.

  10. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Selagi melayu mudah lupa untuk kesenangan jangka pendek dan pemimpin yang tiada harga dan maruah diri seperti Pak Lah memerintah negara....selagi itulah umat melayu dalam dilemmanya. Jika Anwar Ibrahim hanyalah satu factor untuk mengubah nasib dan menukar mind set orang2 melayu buat masa ini.....saya merelakannnya demi survival orang2 melayu itu sendiri......Dr. M, you are still the best.

  11. Anonymous12:02 am

    hrh sultan pahang has just met the 1000 umno fellas. it seems umno is synonymous with government, even in the hrh's eyes. i'd hoping hrh could look wider.

    political parties are NOT governments. governments are made up of political parties; not the other way around.

    neutral u say? i am not convinced.


  12. Bro

    Here is a classic example of why all these 'closed door' meetings are no good.

    Are you saying HRH was happy at the way the BN Govt is preventing open, mature discussions on matters affecting all M'sians or not happy? The way you have reported it, we have no idea. Is he saying 'bring on the ISA'? What are his concerns? Are we supposed to take a wild guess?

    And what did he say about the economy and welfare of the people?

    You get my point?

  13. This has been said over and over again...after UMNO stepped out of line.
    Have we not heard ... seen and know it all.
    And of late...BN leaders keep telling UMNO to unite all under one party.
    Will UMNO listen?
    One from MCA said UMNO should consult BN parties..before meeting PAS in the future.
    Will UMNO take heed?
    I recalled Lim Kheng Yaik was the most daring and vocal against UMNO..when the public voiced their displeasures....against UMNO.
    Did UMNO care? Did Gerakan kept their pull out....of many times..if UMNO do not care?
    Sultan meant well.....but will his words be taken seriously by UMNO?
    Yes..I have heard.....seen and noticed all.
    If UMNO had taken all those advises...and listen to the public...yes ...they may actually..rule forever.
    But almost all are so greedy corrupted....and keep playing race and religion dirty....filthy politics....this UMNO is evil and should be voted out long ago.
    Even if they change for the better....must be voted out. Never too correct our own what UMNO is doing to us....we actually asked for voting them in ...over ad over again.
    Now the whole country is alot smarter..braver and out more illogical only the religious fanatics...very very small group...insignificant now.
    Yes...we must watch not play dirty politics to oust their very own they did to the expense of Malaysians suffering..and dying for no reasons.

  14. Anonymous7:03 am

    batu ganas,
    post la topik lain, baru sedap komen.


  15. Anonymous7:19 am

    The head of state should be above politics.
    With due respect, I feel it is not proper for his royal highness to attend such political meetings nor address to political parties.

    His concern should cut across political barriers.

    - daulat tuanku

  16. Anonymous7:41 am

    shemeq 928pm..

    If HRH is neutral he would call all the wakil rakyat and address his concerns..and not "closed doors" meeting just to address UMNO only.

    Bad call

  17. Anonymous7:41 am

    Raja adil raja disembah
    Raja zalim raja disanggah


  18. Anonymous7:56 am

    Constitutionally, it is very wrong for the Sultan to have a meeting with just the UMNO leaders.

    The Constitutional Sultanate system upholds the principle that the State Government is composed of the State Legislature, Syariah Courts and the Executive.

    The State Legislature is composed of all the ADUNs elected and must by its very composition includes the Loyal Opposition.

    Therefore, the Sultan has show a bias unbecoming a Constitutional Sultan.

    The Sultan rules thru' the 3 organs Legislature, Syariah Courts and Executive , the whole population of the State of Pahang, meaning NOT just Malays, but Chinese, Inidans and Orang Asli.

    Once, again, the Sultan has shown its bias against other races.

    We live in a modern period and in the future all Sultans must be University graduates.

  19. Anonymous8:15 am


    all these incident happened due to ours faults. Sebab melayu tak bersatu. berbalah sesama sendiri.

    the umno has nearly-lost confidence among malays.
    PKR wants their leader to be PM by compromising malays rights.
    PAS dont mind about hudud laws when come to coalition with DAP.

    so, what they do now .. fullfills non-malay demands.
    1st. sell out our privileges
    2nd. give 45% JPA scholarships to non-malays.
    3rd. give 10% enrollment into MRSM & matriculations. next UiTM?
    4th. islam has openly challenged without fear
    5th list goes on. . . ..

    org bangi.

  20. it seems the non-malays are pretty well off to the extent that there are no 'pressing issues' that the other races are facing...

    so he still thinks he is a malay sultan, didn't he?

    i feel lucky that i am not your subject...

  21. The Sultan is the monach of Malaysians of all races and creed. It is good to read that his excellency's comments seemed sensible and non- racial. It is easy to play to the gallery to obtain popularity.

  22. Anonymous8:54 am

    He's not neutral.. in national politics he's tendency is more to UMNO..obviously...
    -non bumi-

  23. Anonymous9:17 am

    Pak Rocky,

    If possible-- I repeat,If possible, i want know Duli Yang Maha Mulia the Sultan of Pahang Opinion about Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
    Jika mungkin-- saya ulang, jika mungkin, saya ingin tahu pendapat Duli Yang Maha Mulia
    soalan saya berkaitan kepimpinan dengan fokus kepada soalan antarapersonal.
    My questions for in relation to leadership with focus to interpesonal factor.

    Bagaimana the Sultan of Pahang menilai beliau
    How Sultan of Pahang see Him.

    1. Exhibits confidence in self & others
    Menunjukan keyakinan kepada dirisendiri dan kepada orang lain
    2. Inspires respect & trust
    Ilhami kepercayaan dan rasahormat
    3. Reacts well under pressure
    Bertindak dengan sebaiknya dalam keadaan tertekan
    4. Shows courage to take action
    Menunjukkan keberanian untuk bertindak
    5.Motivates others to perform well
    Motivasikan orang lain untuk bekerja dengan baik


  24. Anonymous9:30 am

    Hari-hari yang berikutnya, kita melihat bagaimana orang Melayu berada dalam keadaan tidak tentu arah, terancam, terpaksa menubuh badan-badan lain untuk mempertahankan hak mereka, berpecah dan bercempera dan umumnya hilang haluan.

    org melayu dicerca dan dipermainkan secara terbuka seolah-olah org melayu menjadi pendatang/menumpang di negeri orang.

    Ini disebabkan oleh kepimpinan melayu yang lemah dan org melayu yang tidak berani menegur, jauh sekali bertindak.

    Melayu berbalah sesama sendiri.
    Melayu hilang hak di tanah air sendiri.
    Melayu menang sorak tapi kampung tergadai
    Malayu jangan salahkan orang lain.
    Melayu sudah tidak bersatu lagi lagi, baik dlm kepentingan bangsa maupun dlm agama islam.

    Melayu... aku tak dapat teruskan lagi, sebab, terlalu sebak . ..

    Adam abdullah

  25. Anonymous9:52 am

    erm, I'm quite agree with shemeq. Agong and Sultans are also Leaders. it is also Their responsibility to help the citizens, especially Malays. God also helps His creations. some Sultans had done their jobs, quite well, but, not all of them. not only 'wakil Rakyat's and MPs have to 'turun padang' to help the citizens, the Sultans and also their kins, also have to 'turun padang' to help them. don't be like 'this one', just sitting down, only types what he likes in his blog, mostly about politics.

    anyway, I'm also very happy what HRH The Sultan of Pahang did on His statement.

    Long live the Sultans, but also, please help us.

  26. Anonymous10:18 am

    "Can we, the Malays, be very-very frank about the palace here without getting into trouble?"

    perhaps, we can. at your end, you can start by spelling "sultan" in the correct way..


  27. Rocky!

    Hurrah for one of my Malay sultans. I will not expect the like of monsterball, and all those racist non-Malays and those bleeding heart liberal Malays to write positively on this sensible comment made by Sultan Ahmad Shah.

  28. Anonymous10:36 am


    Nak kena tunggu sultan panggil dan bertitah baru nak dengar cakap. Kalau rakyat mengeluh, orang politik ni tak ambik kisah pun. Itupun lepas keluar dari istana, dah lupa apa sultan titah.

    Fed up dah...

  29. Anonymous10:38 am

    How many times must a statement be made concerning the rights of Bumis and the religion of Islam?

    Don't the non Bumis and non Muslims get it? Do they still want to pursue this issue till the malays and muslims are pushed so hard that they will react harder?

    They have to be patient cos' Anwar is going to change all these issues including the NEPs...when the likes of LKS and Karpal become cabinet ministers.How about it?


  30. Anonymous10:47 am

    Good for the former King.

    BTW Rocky, when i read the sun yesterday, i was greatly disturbed by lim guan eng's statement taking a jibe at Najib Tun Razak on the forum on conversion to Islam.

    Guan Eng conveniently forgot to mention the government's greatest critic and self-styled prime minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim shared Najib's sentiments.

    Anwar said in teh NEWs straits times the Bar Council should hold its forum on religious conversion behind closed doors.

    According to NST His statement jived with the government's stand, as Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had made a similar statement on Thursday.

    Anwar said while his position had always been to have an open attitude towards religious issues, the council's chosen topic was an immensely sensitive one.

    "I would advise them to have a closed forum and then engage those who are concerned about the issue," he said during a press conference held at the Parti Keadilan Rakyat headquarters here yesterday.

    He said he had held a similar closed conference last year and that while it was criticised, at least it allayed the uneasiness of the people.

    "I have heard from some groups who worry that this discussion denigrates Islam and while I do not share their view, I think we should be mindful of their fears.

    "Having it behind closed doors would be better," said Anwar.

    So why Guan Eng did you not question or pick a fight with Anwar? Takot ka...

    or you and your father suffer from temporary amnesia and being selective in your persecution?

    come on lah, dont be typical politicians lah...

    if you see someone from your party or coalition doing something that goes against your principles say it!

  31. Anonymous11:07 am

    1. sekarang orang Melayu tidak lagi lihat mana-mana parti sebagai pembela dan pejuang nasib orang Melayu.

    2. sekarang orang Melayu tidak lagi lihat mana-mana parti sebagai pejuang agama islam.

    3. sebagai pembela dan pejuang nasib orang Melayu tidak. sebagai pejuang agama islam pun tidak.

    4. Cuma bijak berbalah sesama sendiri di tanah air sendiri.

    5. Melayu sekarang resah-gelisah dan tak tau arah akan haluan yang nak dituju.

    6. Hak orang melayu semakin terhakis. Diberikan kepada orang lain, bila didesak. Melayu semakin terdesak.

    7. Agama islam semakin tercabar secara terbuka. Tanpa rasa takut, tanpa rasa simpati.

    8. Jangan salahkan orang lain. Suara melayu semakin lesu kedengaran.


  32. Anonymous11:17 am


    The fact that the Sultan addressed UMNO leaders on this issue reflect the reality that only UMNO can defend the rights of Muslims and malays.

    If anybody thinks that Muslims and malays need not be protected, just visit any Muslim or Malay community in Thailand, Kampuchea, Myanmar, heck, even Singapore.


  33. Now here's a true Monarch who knows his role. UMNO leaders and members are too engrossed in their own elections to remember their responsibility to the Malays.

    When The Bar Council touched a raw nerve amongst the Muslims where were the UMNO leaders? PAS members managed to stack up major points on UMNO that day.

    UMNO leaders especially the Youth wing perhaps were busy paying off their suborninates for nominations. They don't deserve to lead the Malays. The ACA should go after them one by one. For sure they are all living beyond their means. Too comfortable to safeguard the religion. May God's curse be upon them, starting from the Youth leader.

    Rocky, TMJ should take a page from the Sultan of Pahang's book.

  34. Anonymous11:39 am

    It's time for all our Royal Highness Sultans to play a more active role to ensure the rakyat's welfare is paramount at all times. Not only the Malays and their religion. They transcend all politics and remain above board to ensure their subjects should never be the victims of partisan politics and injustice. They would earn the respect of the rakyat if they lead to pursue this harmonious role in a transparent and active manner.

  35. Whatever is this ... the bottom line is... malaysian want peacefull, stability, who is involve is not important if cannot change whatever Malaysian facing now..........

  36. Anonymous1:10 pm

    No comment.

  37. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Daulat Tuanku!
    Kami anak Gayong sentiasa dibelakang Tuanku.

    No Border

  38. Anonymous1:52 pm

    Since HRH has allowed UMNO time to meet him, I hope HRH will also allow PKR and other political parties time to meet him. This way, he will be seen as being fair to all within his state.
    Habib RAK

  39. Anonymous3:43 pm

    let's go to london for holiday...


  40. Anonymous4:32 pm

    the oft repeated - "the pressing issues facing the Malays and Islam"

    this may be wrongly interpreted by the extremist! what are the issues facing the Malays and Islam? are they being marginalised?

    if they are being marginalised. what about the others? we're completely bulldozed and wiped off! d'oh.

    loving you loving me

  41. Anonymous4:33 pm

    the sultan is not doing any help to the public and malaysians in general.

    loving you loving me

  42. Anonymous4:48 pm

    to orang bangi..

    Yes.. Becoz the incompetencies of malay politicians now,..we must fullfills non-malay demands.
    1st. sell out our privileges
    2nd. give 45% JPA scholarships to non-malays.
    3rd. give 10% enrollment into MRSM & matriculations. next UiTM?
    4th. islam has openly challenged without fear
    5th change every Malay minister to non-malay
    6th. malay only can work as a construction labour, farmer and fisherman (regardless of their qualification, since unfair NEP has educated them)
    7th. Every malay companies must be hand over to non malay
    8th Malay should migrate somewhere else. There are plenty of Arab countries will accept them.
    9th. The best is, Malaysia should be part of Singapore.


  43. Anonymous6:08 pm


    You are saying something and not saying something else. I am really curious to find out what else was said in this closed door UMNO only gathering. We are sick and tired of hearing "Malay issues" over and over again. Is this country Malays first, Malaysians second?


  44. Anonymous6:52 pm


    Did any of the local papers covered this event? Was there any news? I missed it if there were any. I'm sure this would be covered cos the Umno chaps tropped to the palace to hear what the Head of State got to say. Usually, they'll troop to the palace to receved their medals etc.

    Anyway, I'm sure HRH must have said a lot more. Probably even told them off too. Will this have any bearing on the Umno elections in December? Some people will argue that HRH shouldn't be venturing into politics. Other will probably say that the situation now demands it, especially where Umno is concerned. If you ask HRH the Sultan of Johore, he'd probably tell you that Umno was born in the palace grounds and he has every right to say his piece on it!

    As it is, the Govt had 'allowed' the Sultans to meddle in national and state politics, and this happens because the centre is weak and unsure of his position. That's why every tom, dick and harry or ali, tan and Muthu can also have their two sen views highlighted.

    Impossible is nothing in politics Sdra. Not just Nike.


  45. Anonymous8:35 pm

    Pls ask the Sultan of Pahang to resign as the FAM president first, after 22 years we have gone no where except ranked 162 in the world.


  46. Anonymous9:39 pm

    The sultan has breached protocol (I should know) by having secret closed door meetings with a political party.

    We hope they do not jeopadise the institution of the royalty, because malays can be erratic.


  47. ha ha ha ha

    Looks like all these humans reaching end of life trying to get Allah's attention and trying to buy their way out of HELL!!

    Tun Dr Senile - Bapa Korrupsi & Kemerosotan Malaysia now Sultan the Bapa Kemerosotan Bola Sepak Malaysia....

    But I take Offence of this special meeting ..Sultan and UMNO....Islam and melayu.....So important that it need to be let ALL Malaysian know...RACISM within the Royalty is still VERY MUCH Alive.

    Malaysian take heart...ALLAH will deal with Racist is intended they rot in Hell. Meanwhile Malaysian should know which are the Good Sultan ....and which are unworthy....Rakyat is still BOSS in both circumstances!!

    That is why freedom of Press is important....otherwise lie low and use internet to condemn them.

  48. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Sultans are human beings too, yes?. Their blood still red. Humans are hypocrites too! so......

  49. Hmmmm....

    I love Raja Nazrin. He's soooo good looking and not to mention smart!

    Wish he would say something to our politicians behind closed doors. They could learn a lot from this intellingent and charming royalty!

  50. Hi i'm from Bentong Pahang. For those who don't know, Sultan Pahang had my utmost respect, he is one for the people for his kindness. Whenever there's crisis, he is there to help, no matter what race is affected. Few years back, in Kampung Perting, Bentong (small chinese village), fires gazed down almost hundreds of houses, Sultan Pahang was there to help, including rebuilding back the houses. Then there's cases where he lend his helicopter for finding Nuri helicopter which crashed near Genting, and he was there when jungle trackers lost in Fraser's Hill. I'm very happy to have him as my Sultan. Thanks Sultan Pahang.

  51. Anonymous9:31 am

    sultan pahang expenses is very expensive. through umno, he can spend like hell. not only you, but your families, and your relatives.

    ampun tunku, politik tak boleh dicampuradukkan dengan urusan tunku. (kan bagus kalau tunku pakai topi BN terus)