Thursday, August 21, 2008

Permatang Pauh's poster war

"Cabinet BABI"? A loud mouth was quoted by the Malaysian Insider, a portal run by ex-New Straits Times journalists still aligned to Kalimullah Hassan and Brenden Pereira (therefore to Pak Lah), as calling this mysterious Cabinet list as "Cabinet BABI".

The PKR's side captured a rather interesting poster/banner at Permatang Pauh last night (see below). The message on the banner: REJECT THE PAK LAH + ANWAR ALLIANCE, BE WITH NAJIB RAZAK.


  1. Anonymous10:51 pm

    That is the most disastrous outcome Malays can ever think of.
    Now I am seriously thinking!!
    It never dawned supporting Anwar can actually lead to such outcome.. And it very well can!
    Karpal.. LikKitSiang.. wtf..
    Country may be in a pandemonium - a serious unrest.

  2. There is a slight change to Anwar's cabinet as declared by him.

    Besides each of the Chinese, Indian and non-Malay Sabah DPM, the Malay DPM is retained. All the DPMs will be assigned to look after their respective race, as in Penang, thus ensuring a divide and rule system.

    Every ministry will in time have their respective racial reps also.

    In order to save cost, all DPM will share the income of present salary structure.

    As PM, Anwar will look after OTHER INTERESTS.

  3. Anonymous11:14 pm

    A loud mouth was quoted calling the line-up "Cabinet BABI".

    Now we know that Pasquale and Nazri Aziz operate on the same wavelength: 0.75Hz MRON FM.

  4. Sdr rocky,

    dont you think it's odd for DSAI to have his own daughter in his cabinet line up?

    For someone who is lauding to fight nepotism and cronyism in current govt, this cabinet line up doesnt reflect one.

    I hope DSAI will give a much deeper thought who will present in his new dawn reform govt.

  5. Anonymous11:40 pm

    This could be better than the Babi Negara administration!!!


  6. Anonymous11:40 pm

    why only 8 malays of 24 ? mana boleh ! tak jadi-jadi......

    and why one 1 pas in kabinet, and menteri agama pulak? WTH anwar think hadi is, an imam?

    pas council was right, they should stand behind hadi to put him as pm, else pas would be dinosaur.....

  7. Anonymous11:46 pm

    Tulang Besi,

    Don't know what illness you're having.

    I think it's called Colored Vision Syndrome.

    Are you still under the delusion that UMNO is sincerely rooting for the Malays' welfare and interests?

    Do you really think that a coalition government made up of PKR/DAP/PAS members will be anti-Malay and pro-non-bumiputeras?

    If you truly do, then i have wasted my time typing this comment.

  8. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Bro Rocky, siapa agaknya Menteri Pertahanan?

    Pak Sibuk

  9. hahahaha Hadi Awang is the Islamic Affairs minister.

    I personally think Azmin would become Deputy.


  10. Anonymous12:05 am

    What tulang besi is talking about?


  11. this is no rocket science but it immediately shows that the poster is designed to break apart the pakatan in a most shallow way.

    i think its childish to even take this seriously. who would be so dumb to go out and breakup an alliance in during a battle? especially like this?


  12. Anonymous12:33 am

    different people with different view.therefore different people with different catchphrase.

    about the Anwar cabinet,none cant be too sure.perhaps people in Pakatan Rakyat have to quarrel over the seats in cabinet.three big parties under one roof isn't easy to handle.



  14. Anonymous12:42 am

    UMNO operators must be pathetic. If they can come up with such poor campaign material, that they are inherently so stupid is now certified.

  15. Anonymous12:43 am

    the name tulang besi was stolen by a stupid putra. It has got its own PR supporter. Can that pathetic creature come up with good name unles she is an UMNO bastard/baseborn child.

  16. Anonymous12:47 am

    8 Malays out of 28!!
    2 from PAS..
    PAS you are right..
    you are going to be sidelined
    and the DAP goons are gonna make Malaysia into Ataturk's Turkey!
    PKR does not look like the Islamic AKP of Turkey..

    Also the Malay MPs of PKR shud give a second thought..

    Its better PAS, PKR Malays and UMNO form a new union, even if it be led by Anwar.

    In the name of multiracialism,
    Malaysia must never go TURKEY's line.. the TURKs have learnt the lesson and now even AKP in the govt is struggling so hard to reform Ataturk turkey.
    Malaysia better learn from the TURKS.

  17. Anonymous12:57 am

    Just like WTF is mahathir thinking when he put badawi as his deputy...

    And WTF is badawi doing getting najib as his deputy...

    This country all fcuked up with a fcuk-up idiot & fcuk-up racist as the no. 1 & 2.


  18. Anonymous1:04 am

    Quoted from

    19. "It is time the so-called intellectuals realise they were being duped by the Master of Spin, the pious Muslim who is also the bosom pal of Paul Wolfowitz, the neo-con Jew, the killer of Muslims, the supporter of Hindraf and of the Chinese schools etc. etc." - DrM

    20. "But intellectuals will not admit they have made a grave mistake. They see what they want to see. Carry on dreaming. Hold your forum, discuss what you like. You are driving the people further and further apart, pushing them back to their old racialism. You are helping to hold up a regime that is incompetent and thoroughly corrupt. You are helping to destroy this country." - DrM

    This is no formula for unity or stability..

    Anwar's coalition will never have stability. Malay issues are hot and sensitive, and when time comes to sort it out, there will be a furore.. PAS will break up from the govt.. even PKR Malays may quit! Nation may go into some unrest - with complete collapse of racial unity and harmony in such a situation.

    Dr Chua Soi Lek rightly said in his blog, no matter how much people may hate the idea of race based MCA, MIC. BN coalition was the only way to complete stability and harmony.

    When things are wrong in BN, its time to fix BN, clean it up, not throw the votes to irresponsible opposition, who are promising too much too soon and perhaps pipe dreams that can never be realized practically.

    Its time for MIC to be more representative for Indians and take up their issues.
    MCA to be more vocal.
    And UMNO grassroots to rise and clean up their party and be more responsible bigger party.

    PR is a Pipe Dream!

  19. Tulang Besi

    I'm amazed you can jump to conclusion based on wha certainly looks like a fake poster drawn up by someone who uses the word 'BABI' to guarantee poor sods like you will be twitching with knee-jerk reactions and rushing to Kg Baru to fan the flames.

    Anyway your comments show an unacceptable degree of racism that is a reflection of everything that is wrong in this country. Speak for yourself, not the country, unless you go and stand for elections.

    However, if it comes true, you deserve it!!

  20. Anonymous1:33 am

    "... bathe the keris with chinese blood..."


    *****too-lan besi

  21. hahahahaha....UMNO is not used to planning ahead...never work...and behaving like idiots...for one..planning ahead...waste no time.
    If it is from People's party..why not?
    Planning always a good sign.
    If this is produced by fool others...than UMNO is actually admitting they have lost control subconsciously.

  22. Sheesh people,

    Don't fall into the trap that the perpetrators of this poster had intended.

    Anyone with an iota of common sense will know that this is another political gimmick of Anwar's opponents to sabotage him.

    Political differences amongst Malaysians is to be expected but don't let it be devoid of common sense.

  23. Anonymous2:01 am

    Menteri Pertahanan?

    Tak payah gut? Amerika akan pertahankan kita dengan Laut dijadikan naval base Amerika ...

    Kalau Anwar menang, Khairy akan loncat ke PKR ...

    Dia akan dijadikan Yang Dipertua Dewan ...

  24. Anonymous2:20 am

    WTF! The majority rakyat is Malay, but in this proposed cabinet only 30%? Is this what ADIL means to Parti KeADILan Rakyat?

    Anwar always saying there's conspiracy against him by the government... Now it looks like its a conspiracy against Malay by Anwar & his allies.

  25. Anonymous2:23 am

    WTF! The majority Rakyat is Malays and only 30% in this proposed cabinet!? Is this what ADIL means to Parti KeADILan Rakyat?

    Anwar always saying that there's conspiracy against him by the Government, but it seems that this is a conspiracy against the Malays by him and his allies...


  26. Why is it getting so dim around here? Can't blame TNB for the low brain wattage! What to do... told them NOT to use primate DNA but they wouldn't listen... :-(

  27. Anonymous3:07 am

    ...Kamu dituduh liwat.. kami tidak percaya. Mengapa?

    Hati kami diliputi benci kepada BN yang teramat-sangat. Kami benci dengan penyalah-gunaan kuasa, monopoli, cakap menipu, dasar kronisme yang berlindung disebalik DEB, penindasan, dasar ekonomi berat sebelah rakyat vs korporat dan banyak lagi..

    Dan kami harapkan kamu dapat mengubahnya kesemua karut-marut itu..

  28. Anonymous3:32 am

    Its not Anuar's style to have all those ugly old men in his cabinet. I believe only gays and jambus qualify, if you know what I mean

  29. Anonymous3:34 am

    BEST EVER Malaysian Cabinet:

    Pee M : Bodohwi (Sleepyhead)

    DPM : Najis (Commission Broker)

    Home : Syed Botak (SaiFOOL Master)

    Fin: Mamak Nor (30B Forex Dealer)

    Foreign: Rice Yatim (Pedra Joker)

    Edu: Hisapmuddin (Kris Welder)

    Law: Zip-up Zaid (Ooops..On Leave!)

    Please continue..(puke)


  30. Anonymous4:03 am

    Is that all the Minister in Charge of Parliament can say - BABI?

    He cannot ensure the safety of MPs in the building. Mysterious ghosts can emerge to distribute pamplets. What will they do next?

    Be on the ball Nazri. Your incompetence and insolence shows.

  31. So this 'cabinet' is produced by give them reasons to score points...saying the said cabinet have so few Malays? out-dated..race and religion politics.. is always UMNO style to get Malay votes.
    I think ..the are thinking Malays are padi planters and farmers...simple minded folks...never improve...never study...never think...just trust UMNO like blind fools.
    Mahathir ...the real cunning devil...created all these mess....and he never admit it. He even put the worst DPM...knowing that man is a real idiot.
    Mahathir is never for Malaysia. He is for Malays..divide them and rule. Others are easier to deal with....that was how he became a dictator.
    From Mahathir...up to now...all UMNO leaders are really full of corrupted cunning and selfish.
    hhhhmmmm.......Good dirty trick...but it won't we are heading towards real Merdeka for Malaysians.......headed by Anwar.
    Talk like as much as you want...the die is cast.
    We are going all out to reduce UMNO's power..little by little..from last Permatang Pauh result..until next election...complete change of government.
    Dollah have less than 37% Malaysians trusting him....compared to 95%...for his first PM.
    Yes..these heartless vultures should be caged and control by Malaysians...once and for all.

  32. Anonymous8:19 am

    Tahniah la kat semua liberal/"intelektual" melayu kerana memberi kuasa kepada minority...apa apa jadi kat bangsa Melayu, koranglah akan disumpah 7 keturunan

    Tahniah kepada Kit Siang/Karpal kerana berjaya menguasai Malaysia dengan dakyah "Malaysian Malaysia".
    Lepas ni kita ramai2 tgk mcm mana rupa bangsa Malaysia tu ek...

    Bersedialah melayu untuk merempat di negeri bukan omongan kosong tapi tgkla kat melayu singapura...

    Kesian pada pejuang kemerdekaan kita yg berkorban jiwa raga mcm Mat Kilau, Leftenan Adnan tapi melayu mudah lupa bagi kuasa kat cicit Chin Peng pulak

    ps: maybe people can say that ni poster propaganda..but that's not even the point...i think the poster reflects statement made by Anwar all this while..and what DAP works for all these years

  33. Anonymous8:25 am

    I saw this poster weeks ago on some website (I cannot recall where though). It is not the cabinet lineup by PKR or PR side. It was done by a BN supporter.

  34. Anonymous8:35 am

    Budak Malaysia:

    Isn't it obvious that the B.a.b.i list is a hoax.

    PR already denies it. I don't think DSAI is that stupid to come up with a line-up like that.

    It is too "extreme" to think he would side-line PAS in the "shadow cabinet" .

    It doesn't make sense, if sure if any Malaysian who had been keeping in touch in politic would know that would be a major blunder that even a Sekolah Rendah kid wouldn't make.

    Hence - another political conspiracy by the U and Me kNOw who.

    -Budak Malaysia

  35. DSAI will promise everybody and deliver nothing as long as he can ride on the rakyat. He is truly the maverick in pointing fingers to everyone except himself.

    History is in the making and the rakyat will continue to be duped with all the conspiracy theories. What can one expect when we have the whole DSAI family running the country as their own.

    As the saying goes... Malaysia BOLEH

  36. Anonymous8:45 am

    Ini poster tipulah.Dakyah BN,desperate as ever.

    Anwar for PM!

  37. Anonymous9:03 am

    Come on lah, pembaca-pembaca sekalian!

    We know this is some michievious person's fake creation.

    Kenapa senang-senang percaya?

    Apa la kamu semua ini. Bangun dan bangkitlah daripada khayalan dan hasutan macam ini.

    And Rocky, kau sorang lagi. It is irresponsible of you to just put this fake poster up WITHOUT giving any comment or criticism of it as if you are condoning something that is not verified. It is misleading, as some people here buta-buta percaya it is real.

    How much BN bagi u wang to do subtle campaigning for them?

  38. For those who commented thinking that this poster is real ( what, 30% for bumi?), please lah put on your thinking cap.

    The fact that this is so obviously navigated to produce such concerns ( and emotional outbursts) is the raison de taire.

    Those people in and Ktemoc sites like to use the B.A.B.I. Go figure.

  39. With Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim as Prime@Finance Minister and Lim Kit Siang, R. Sivarasah and Yong Teck Lee respectively as Deputy Prime Ministers, I think this cabinet line-up is the most creadible one. This is the best that PKR can offer to all voters in Permatang Pauh especially the Malay majority there. The muslim voters here have only one choice: to vote for BABI. If the BABI materialises then the Malay flourishes.

  40. Anonymous9:26 am

    sama-sama kita undi peliwat untuk jadi PM malaysia.. semuga bumi Malaysia akan dibalikkan 180 darjah dan semua kena tanam termasuk kerry kedi.

  41. Anonymous9:30 am

    i think umno people stoop too low in this case. Dont with umno and i dont see their relevent anymore

    zamri bss

  42. Anonymous9:36 am

    Sah, poster cabinet palsu!

  43. For those who really believe to this PR cabinet poster, you must be as Naive as BeeNd govt who try to keep on and on insulting the intelligence of the nations!

    This is merely a tactic from BeeNd govt to create pandemonium among the races!

    This is also a tactic to sabotage the PR components party!

    This again show the BeeNd govt never change their racial politics even after the 308 political tsunami!

    Pls wake up those who really believe on this poster!

  44. Anonymous9:57 am


    Jgn la jadi terlalu bodoh utk percaya poster cam nie... Ini adalah sebahagian perang saraf sempena kempen piliharaya kecil Permatang Pauh...

    Takde la cerdik sgt

  45. Anonymous10:00 am

    Another BN-led conspiracy at work against Anwar?

    Peter Pan

  46. hahahaha..bro rocky,

    Now people start circulating the future cabinet file via email too. Can i confirm this may be right becoz 16 Sept is only just 3 weeks from now. Permatang pauh win will confirm Pak Anwar become the official MP and as well know future PM again.

    I hope Uncle KIT can start learn to speak B. Malaysia properly as he will become the TPM soon and start to learn to wear the songkok bcoz he will need to visit Agong very often. If Anwar suddenly die who will replace him?? Since that there are three TPM?

    Im quite miss with Miss Kok because she will add more fancy to the cabinet.

  47. Anonymous10:18 am


    umno would do anything to win, including printing those posters. this shows how desperate they are now.

  48. Come on, please dont think that we are so stupid as to believe all this nonsense.

    It is now 2008, not 1968.

  49. Pro or Anti camps, this poster is a sure eye-opener.

    Past records could be the KEY deciding factor.

  50. Anonymous10:41 am

    HAHAHA. The cabinet line won't last long. There will always be re-shuffle until all are satisfy with the line up. Maybe thats the fact if the opposition forms a new government later. Might they be the worst ever government cabinet form in the history of Malaysia?

  51. Anonymous10:56 am

    This fictitious BABI Cabinet appears so much better than the current corrupt Kangaroo cabinet consisting of money launderers, Mongolian murderers, flip flop PM, brain dead Home Minister and many others to low to even be mentioned. Of course umno has the lowest form of policticians that they are not able to find one decent guy to run a ministry.
    Love Babi Cabinet

  52. Anonymous10:57 am

    To those who think that poster is from Pakatan Rakyat, that shows the degree of your mentality is so low.

    If it is true that it was Nazri who called it Cabinet BABI...teruskan coz you are helping kuburkan UMNO...

  53. Why is it being made out to the Malays that their final enemy has to be the non-Malay/Muslims?

    When will the more emancipated Malay counter the notion that the Malaysian non-Malay/Muslim is a challenge nor an enemy of the Malay/Muslim?

    What is the problem or what is the issue if indeed the cabinet is made up of all those on the poster?

    Surely the Malaysian Malay and the Malay community here is made up of stronger stuff than the Singaporean or Cape or Sri Lankan Malay and the Malay community. Those Malays are not exactly clamouring to get visas or are boarding planes, ships, trains or buses to come to Malaysia to be protected by UMNO.

    UMNO has sold its message well to the Malays no doubt. That is why even PKR and PAS talk about and comforts the Malays that their rights will be protected. The Malays outside Malaysia are not asking for any rights to be protected. Why so here?

    UMNO's behaviour and conduct to its own race is quite simply based on an assumption that Malays are an inferior race who need protection and who need affirmative action into perpetuity. This of course suggests a physical or a physiological deformity or God ordained inferiority.

    Do you see any other political party anywhere else positioning itself on the notion that those it represents are indeed inferiorily ordained? Even the untouchables or dalits of India who are regarded to be the lowest cast don't have any society or race related party representing them or holding itself out to be their champions on the notion that they are indeed inferior.

  54. kalau ni lah senarai kabinet yang ingin dibentuk oleh Anwar. Awang pasti Anwar akan disumpah oleh tujuh keturunan orang Melayu. Wahai Anwar - Kamu nak jual Tanah Melayu kepada bangsa lain Ker? Memang wajar digelar sebagai KABINET BABI. Dan Awang PASTI, ianya tidak akan terjadi. Kerana ORANG MELAYU tidak akan berdiam diri.
    -Awang Maya-

  55. Oh boy, I just ran through the comments and if this lot visiting here are supposed to be the better informed lot then we got major worries to contend with.

    Surely everyone should know whoever, came out with that so called cabinet was not exactly a PKR or a Pakatan supporter.

    Even Lim Kit Siang is not so stupid to push for such a cabinet.

    If this poster can casue so much mayhem here I cannot imagine what the man on the street will make of it. Unless of course we now are getting less discerning commentators.

    But, Bro, your posting too leavees too much to chance, hence the notion that this is from PR itself might be something people may easily perceive and conclude.

  56. Rocky,

    I do not know why you pubiched this in your blog, this is a lies !! Pls post somthing with concrete facts !! You should have more nuetral here, this posting made you are so biased to Umno.
    How can you posting this in favour to Umno ?

    We non-malay never wants to makan all, we never never think about it at all. We always believe co-exists and sharing. It is people Umno morons betraying MCA, MIC and etc.

  57. Anonymous11:36 am

    Uncle Rocky kata tak mahu sebut lagi BABI.

    Anak Sdara

  58. Publishing the poster without stating the publisher name is an election campaign offense. Who will own up? None.

    There is a message behind that poster and we are seeing it in Penang, Selangor and Perak.

    Firstly, the PR cabiunet will be Chinese dominated and Malay are set aside from holding strategic portfolio.

    Secondly, the presence of three non Malay DPM will check on the PM and he is as good as a puppet.

    Thirdly, PAS will be sidelined in the Pakatan Rakyat in terms of number and significance of its portfolio. In Perak, they are playing ceremonial position.

    The main point here is that fulfilling Anwar's promises will end up having an unstable Government that has no pillar of strength.

    None can be achieved. There's DISASTER spelled all over!!!!!!!!

  59. first glance and i straight laughing.

    guys, don't be naive. another trick to make pr fall apart as they promise by 31st august.

    anak melayu anak kita, anak cina dan india anak kita juga.


  60. If you guys think Hadi wanna be left out of the Top 3 posts,stop dreaming.And the poster below must be sponsored by the Barking Magpie.

  61. ha ha ha ha......

    All this racist so quick to make Myth- MITOS becomes Fakta-Fact....

    Fakta - UMNO-PAS = Racist Bigots

    Fakta - Orang Asli Bumiputera Asli

    MITOS = Melayu UMNO-PAS bumiputera

    Fakta - Melayu tak malu curi Hak Istimewah Orang Asli.

    FACTS - Melayu UMNO TAK GUNA suka hina Koran dan Islam.....pergi sumpah kat masjid kalau awak percaya tak ada KORRUPSI.....police, judge, ketua UMNO....semua yang melayu. Ayuh Pergi sumpah "I tak Korrupsi"......ha ha ha ha...

    Facts - All Malaysian born in Malaysia is Bumiputera. So if Malaysia is divided because of Mitos and be it. We will make our stand and OBLITERATE ALL RACIST RELIGIOUS BIGOTS.....keep those pictures coming....slowly Belasah one by one those Racist Bigots.

    Those Orang Upahan UMNO at Bandar Mahkota Cheras...go check their Well Being!! ha ha ha Berambus UMNO-cicak!!

  62. anon [anak sdara],

    bukan uncle yg gunakan BABI tapi menteri yg bernama nazri. itupun menurut portal Malaysia Insider, jadi uncle tak taulah kalau nazri betul2 cakap ni Cabinet BABI atau tidak.

    tujuan uncle buat posting ni nak menunjukkan bagaimana seorang menteri boleh berbicara sedemikian.

    to old fart and upset pro-Anwra/PKR,
    both pkr and the opposition (bn/umno) have denied that the poster was theirs and are accusing each othere.

    so how do you expect me to conclude that it isn't pkr's work and that anwar could not be behind the poster. if i do that, i would be accused of accusing umno/bn as the guilty party. and how do i know it's them who did this?

    in any case, chill sikit lah. we can see that most of you can see that the Cabinet line-up is just a gimmick. i thought you guys would have had a good laugh and then go after Nazri and Brendan's Malaysia Insider.

  63. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Ini antara poster-poster lain di Permatang Pauh dengan logo UMNO di belakangnya:

    "Tolak Anwar Yang Bantu Cina Dan India, Hidup Melayu"

    Barisan Nasional, janganlah kempen macam ini. Kempen pasal isu semasa rakyat. Ini pulak, kempen hasutan. Janganlah, tolonglah.

  64. Hadi Awang should be TPM. Why put Yong Teck Lee. Why Sivarasah has to become TPM? I can see why. Anwar owes Sivarasah a lot. A lot more than you can imagine. So many astronauts in the picture.

  65. Anonymous1:15 pm



    No more malaysian chinese

    Call me proud malaysian.

  66. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Who came out with the list ?

    I Still think i can be better

    Proud malaysian

  67. It's extremely rude to opening insult
    Without giving any positive result
    Better back to your Creator consult
    Before (em)barking on another assault

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 220808
    Fri. 22nd Aug. 2008.

  68. Omong

    You talk cock again. If a poster is a BLATANT FAKE, how is it an eye-opener to voting for BN and not PKR?

    Don't lah try & fit the facts to your pre-determined biased opinion.

    If e.g. a photo is faked showing the DPM having dinner with Altantuya, does that mean we should HANG him straight away?

    Think man? You sound like you graduated from that place where they will not open up even 1%.

  69. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Babianjing punya BN/UMNO ... rasuah kuat, tipu kuat ... busuk !

    AgoGo sr.

  70. Tipu daya lawan putar alam..gasaklah kau orang

  71. My message to fellow Malaysians,

    To my fellow shallow minded "malay" brothers,
    Dun fall for cheap tricks. This is UMNO's despicable act instigating your fear. Try to overcome the "inferiority complex" disease they have infected to you guys. A true leader does not see ppl in colours. UMNO Leader have made you guys looks STUPID and retard to the world. All religion leads to ONE GOD. Like all roads lead to ONE, Only different paths. Allah is real.

    To shallow minded "chinese" brothers,
    True chinese by origin is full of wisdom. Loa Tse and Confucios has demonstrated this values. Pls lead good examples to enlightened our malay and indian brothers. Share your know-how, virtues to all. You don't have inferiority complex but dun ever let ego gets you. Di mana Bumi Dipijak, disitu Langit di junjung. We have nowhere to go. Don't get offended with the word Babi levelled against you, for you have called them LEMBU. Be a vegetarian, eat less BABI. Maybe they will call you "SAYUR" and vice versa.

    To my fellow shallow minded " indian brothers,
    I admit that indeed my brothers are marginalised. But that was due to the wicked Barisan Najis selfish Leaders. But through God's will, we have all been enlightened (HINDRAF). Let's continue to pray for the bright future of our nation. No ONE robbed US but our Leaders DID. Let's move ahead and accept our fate that we need to forgive and forget. You are not forgotten. You aint' heavy, you are our Malay and Chinese brothers. You will not be left out.

    To Barisan Najis leaders,
    You guys are sucking the Rakyat's dry and you guys are playing racial cards. Are you guys hungry for the blood of Chinese, Muslims and Indian brothers. Watch out for God's wrath this coming PP by election. Know that Allah is real.

    As for me, i pray that the Cosmic Mother shall protect our nation from this Scumbags resorting to cheap election tactics.

  72. I don't think such a list is a final decision made by Pakatan leaders. It's just someone's idea to make another shake in the Pakatan. You guys have been fooled again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You guys said that the rakyat is not stupid. But, I think you just showed it here.

  73. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Of course, we all know where CheDet is coming from.

    But 50 years down the road from 31st August 1957, has the demarcation of politics along racial lines worked?

    Or, more bluntly, why not the best man (or woman) for the job? Let the Darwinian process and the magic of free markets do their job, i.e. the survival of the fittest (and best qualified).

    This year, the federal government will be going into the 11th straight year of budget deficits, Petronas funds notwithstanding.

    Where has the money gone?

    A simple question that CheDet, with his razor-sharp acumen, should be able to answer without referring to his notes.

  74. Anonymous3:04 pm

    This poster is a fake produced by BN-UMNO. Do not believe this. This is a ploy to get the Malay votes. It does not make sense at all. Malaysian consist of 70% malay so the coming cabinet should reflect this also.
    People in permatang pauh should know the truth about this. We need to tell them especially the kampung people the truth.
    BN-UMNO still playing dity tricks. Tricks of a COWARD!
    That is why they lose badly during the general election. Do not give any chance to BN-UMNO.

  75. Anonymous3:10 pm

    God forbids that he take overs from Badawi.
    PD scandal. submarine scandal. fighter plane scandal. what else? Anwar, just tell all and see what is his response.

    Pray Hard Hard

  76. PKR'S New slogan - Tengok anak orang teringat anak kita,tengok Bini orang lupa Bini Kita.Have a great weekend guys and to all the NPC hunters ...happy hunting and goodluck.

  77. rocky posting has began to show a traits of either naiveity of pure stupidity. surely, anyone can tell that's a BN-scheme to confuse and scare the public, particular PAS supporters.

    rocky, you re slowly losing your sharp witty one-liners.

  78. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Baguslah kalau semua masuk perangkap BN. Kalau benda macam ini pun semua percaya, tak lama lagi, akan keluar poster baru.
    PM - Anwar, TPM - KJ, TPM2 - Tuan Hadi, Menteri Pertahanan - Razak Baginda, Menteri Kewangan - Ezam. Caya lah sama gau.

    Pakai Otak.

  79. who's the defence minister? i guess it's ok for other people to take over this country in this cabinet

    who's the transport minister?

    who's the tourism minister?

    how about local gov. and housing?

    federal territories?

    i guess morons always runs the country.

    i'm skeptical letting DSAI and Azmin holding my tax money.

  80. bru, kabinet babi ni akan merdekakan permatang pauh untuk lelong kuasa dan maruah melayu.

  81. Hey you, you disallowed the use of the BABI in reference to somebody's initial and yet you are using it! Don't be a shoot man!

  82. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Well well...from Sarawak perspective the kitchen cabinet look worst than Badawi's cabinet!

    Sorry, no can do mister.

  83. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Poster palsu umno. Kata islam hadari tapi hati busuk. Taktik pengotor,Abdullah Badawi pada kau jadi kapala islam hadari baik kau jadi kapala taik lagi bagus. Kau main telur najib lagi baik laa.

  84. Anonymous6:13 pm

    The question is not whether it be a propaganda or not. It has made everyone think deeply as to what sort of Cabinet can appear in the event Anwar takes over.

    Many supporting Anwar only envisaged him to control everything and be leader, never did they look as to what kind of people will come up to positions like DPM and others.

    I voted PAS, and I still have faith, they will take the right decision in pulling out at right time, if such consequences occur.

    Having rabid anti-Malay/Muslim, like Karpal singh, or Kit Siang as rightly pointed out by one commenter would be intolerable in Malaysia.

    There was another asking, why do many think DAP to be anti-Malay/Muslim, dont ask me, read Lim Kit Siang's blog, his views and comments against anything Islamic. Karpal is such a Malay hater he even refuses to accept the Malay culture to don a Songkok.

    And it is no secret, even if DAP not racist, there are many racist Malay haters that are taking shelter under DAP umbrella and will influence the policies of the party.

    Dont try to confuse people by acting as doves and calling only UMNO racist, People are not fools, we know who is talking what? We hear them, the kind of talk. Hindraf even came out with open declerations. (Isn't Hindraf also not under DAP?)
    And you will expect Malays to accept representatives of such people so hateful of Malays and Islam to get an upper hand in any government of Malaysia.
    This shall never happen!

    So stop hiding under slogans of Malaysian Malaysia and bangsa malaysia - We KNOW what you hold in mind and what you are really Thinking! We have heard the HINDRAF too..

  85. Anonymous6:30 pm

    LOL.. just read comments on Lim Kit Siang's blog, where they call this poster a "Low despicable" act by BN..
    I am no BN fan..but I wonder why? Aren't these people YOUR PR people.. Why are they shying away from their own faces.

  86. If i'm not mistaken the acronym BABI to describe DSAI first appeared in Pasquale -than picked up by this blog. These respected bloggers should congratulate themselves for mission accompplished.

  87. Anonymous7:19 pm

    a company to watch :

    Syarikat Flip-flop (M) Sdn Bhd.

    Board of Directors :
    Cronies and families only.

    Paid up capital :Rm 2 only
    Net worth 26 M

    Objective : to bid for all soon to be can celled government projects.

    Projects bidded and fail (no thanks to open tenders ):

    1.Bakun Hydroelectric dam(n)..950M

    2.Jamba(n)tan Indah ... 292.5 M

    3.Double tracking line ..1000 M

    Projects already in hand due to direct negotiation :

    1. BII .........240 M(50%jv
    with foreign crony)
    2.Pg 2nd bridge .....430 M

    3.Pg monorail .....200 M

    4.PORR(aah) .....150 M

    5.Broadband services..(130 M)
    upgrade ......180 M updated

    Special allocations: 58,000+ shares will be allocated for PP voters to assist them to vote wisely.

    vision : transfer of technology to any newly formed governments.

    Kenangan consultant House advisory:

    makenon - tuan penasihat 25%

  88. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Rock... please call contamination control. I'm detecting very high levels of stupid in the comments.

    This so-called Cabinet lineup is obviously BN's black propaganda. Only two types of people will fall for this: BN supporters or the gullible. Actually, scratch that... make that only ONE type of person... since they're both the same.

  89. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Hi bro, why are they so upset with the line-up. Only fools will be upset with it. This is either Umno's or Pakatan Rakyat's ploy to make fools look more stupid. Use your brain la...Don't Worry, Be Happy!

  90. Anonymous8:37 pm

    'People said...
    For those who really believe to this PR cabinet poster, you must be as Naive as BeeNd govt who try to keep on and on insulting the intelligence of the nations!'

    NAAAh .. they are not naive, just plain idiots!!

    and i agree with what jinggo said. shame on you Mr. Rocky!!

    - yang tak buta hati

  91. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Ini helah tipu BN.

    Tak nampak ke diorang tersangat terdesak nak hentikan Dato Anwar walau apa cara pun kerana ini dikira sebagai satu ujian terhadap keyakinan rakyat kepada kerajaan BN.

    Kalau Dato Anwar menang, maka berduyun-duyun MP sabah serawak masuk PR.

    Sebab tu lah diorang buat poster gini.

    Kalau kao orang PR, cuba fikir:
    Kau nak cantik cantik ambik gambar pemimpin PR cam tu, nak sunting, nak tampal cantik cantik untuk semua kedudukan kementerian cam tu, pas tu letak cantik cantik tajuk besar kabinet 2008 cam tu ke?

    Lepas tu kau nak bagi orang senang senang edarkan ke?

    Fikir lah

    Ini mesti helah orang yang nak buat jahat.

    Usah keliru!

  92. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Babi pun babi laa...why? Babi tu cute apa. Cuter than Nazri, at any rate.

    It is true from what we can see today that Anwar's PR coalition govt, if it comes to power at all, will be a shaky one.

    You see, Pakatan Rakyat has yet to be proven. And a dethroned BN will try its best to regain power long-held, no matter what the cost.
    I sniggered when I read of the petrol price reduction today. Why this weekend and not next?

    Still, I doubt that BABI lineup. Doesn't seem comprehensive enuff.

  93. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Well, both parties denied involvement, but if I understood what Sun Tzu's Art Of War had taught me, your comments show that PR benefit the most from this fiasco.......

    get my drift????


  94. I think it is genuinely PKR's idea of a cabinet. Just to test the water. Or an act of reverse pysco only to blame BN. Anyway, I am not a BN supporter, but at the same time I don't think Anwar should be PM.

  95. Anonymous4:26 am

    anwar - never corrupt

    anwar - true leader

    anwar - respected worldwide

    anwar - a non-sodomist

    the truth

    anwar - many cronies

    anwar - true leader who divides

    anwar - respected worldwide

    anwar - subjective

    anwar - PM-wannabe

    let's go for Ku Li, Rais Yatim and muhyiddin yassin tag team

  96. Nausea... reading all these, I am disgusted! Reading the judgment of the Federal Court, DS Anwar's convictions and sentences were set aside because the elements of the charges were not proven. But one thing for sure, the Federal Court is convinced by finding him involved in homosexual activities.

    I do not wish to say more but to quote the judgment of our present Chief Justice in the Federal Court on 2.9.2004:
    "To summarize our judgment, even though reading the appeal record, we find evidence to confirm that the appellants were involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen, sometime, this court, as a court of law, may only convict the appellants if the prosecution has successfully proved the alleged offences as stated in the charges, beyond reasonable doubt, on admissible evidence and in accordance with established principles of law. ..." (Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim v. PP & Another Appeal [2004] 3 CLJ 737 at page 788)

  97. Anonymous10:44 am

    "Di akhir zaman, umat Islam umpama makanan yg dikerumuni...", bila sahabat bertanya kenapa? Adakah bilangan mereka sedikit? "Tidak, Bahkan bilangan mereka ramai, tetapi umpama buih di pantai".


  98. Anonymous12:13 pm

    WTF! The majority Rakyat is Malays and only 30% in this proposed cabinet!? Is this what ADIL means to Parti KeADILan Rakyat?


    If Malays are able i don't mind 100% of them are malays if he / she is capable

    Notice i said he/she

    No discrimination on race, gender or religion.

    Proud Malaysian

  99. Anonymous3:03 pm

    What I believe DAP already success in their agenda of Malaysia Malaysian (wtf.. whatsoever)..

    and Anwar, because of power, he dont care a bit.

    I agreed with anon 1.04.. no matter how many, how much people hate BN, they actually know BN has the right formula to rule this country.

    Non-malay in DAP and PKR live in dreams.. they want more and more.. and Malays in PKR willing to give more and more as long as they got the support.. I believe Malays in PKR are in the party because they are frustrated with BN (either they dont get what they want such as big contracts, position, etc), also because they are too fanatic to Anwar.


  100. Ini baru KEADILAN?

    Itu munkin bagi non-Malay... TAPI.. Tidak bagi kami Melayu/Islam.....

    Biar bumi bertuah ini menjadi padang jarak padang terkukur dan semangat menentang Malayan Union akan kami gemburkan...... biar berputih tulang dari berputih mata... dan kami tidak rela anak cucu kami mencaci kami kerana membiarkan kejayaan AnWar dan Pakatan Rakyat!

    Allahhu Akbar!!!

  101. Anonymous5:57 pm

    My god guys, you actually believe that this is a mandated cabinet line up? Grow up man. and Tulang besi, pls dont be a bigot and MALIM, AKP is doing just fine running the country OK. You surely are not up todate to make those comments. I dare you to debate with me on whats going on in Turkey re AKP, Ergonoken etc..
    - 'Melayu tak mahu bersumpah'

  102. People in Permatang Pauh,

    Give NO vote to BN (coz they are the bast_rd)

    VOTE Vote vote for Parti Keadilan Rakyat.
    VOTE Vote vote for Anwar Bin Ibrahim.

    Pakatan Rakyat will give us a better MALAYSIA.

  103. Anonymous12:23 am

    Its just a damn gimicky stupid posterlah guys.
    Why so worked up?
    Touched a nerve?


  104. Anonymous2:54 am

    hey tuan2 sekelian...
    ni kabinet yg dibuat oleh orang umno tolol la...
    takyah la korang sume caye sangat..
    dye memamng nk laga-lagakan pakatan rakyat..
    pikir la bebaik.. ingat dato` seri anwar ni bodoh macam org umno ke???!!!!
    takyah jadi bodoh... think rasionally la...

    -bro_lupikirla sendiri

  105. Anonymous10:20 am

    Dear All

    When will we learn that the contents of a man's (woman's) heart is more important than the colour of his (her) skin?

    Having said that, I support the idea that the composition of Malaysian cabinets should roughly reflect the ethnic (and GENDER)
    composition of the country.

    Phua Kai Lit

    P.S. This poster is obviously an example of disinformation.

  106. Though the poster is "wicked", it's an interesting cabinet line up. Good mix of races but some portfolios may be redundant, and what's Nurul Izzah doing there?

    Anyway, just forget about the poster. Anwar will never agree to this. He might not even be the PM!!!

    So...chill, guys.

  107. Asal usul Kontrak Sosial.

    Masa sebelum Negara kita merdeka dulu memang ramai pekerja-pekerja kontrak dari Negara China dan India datang ke Malaysia yang di bawa oleh kerajaan British untuk bekerja di lombong-lombong bijih dan ladang-ladang getah di Negara ini. Tetapi masa tu mereka tidaklah dipanggil sebagai pekerja kontrak.

    Memang sifat orang Melayu dari dulu lebih selesa menjadi ‘tuan’ mereka tidak berapa suka kerja sebagai buruh kontrak ni. Mungkin juga kerajaan British ketika itu bayar upah yang murah maka orang Melayu tak suka kerja seperti itu.

    Sama jugalah seperti masa sekarang ini, kerja-kerja pembinaan yang memerlukan tenaga tulang empat kerat, kerja-kerja yang bergaji murah seperti pelayan-pelayan kedai, membersih bangunan atau pejabat tidak diminati oleh rakyat tempatan.

    Oleh itu kerja-kerja seperti ini telah diambil alih oleh pendatang-pendatang dari luar seperti dari Indonesia, China, India, Bangladesh, Nepal dan Myanmar. Akhirnya ramailah pekerja-pekerja asing ini memenuhi Negara kita.

    Mereka ini datang dengan niat untuk bekerja bagi mendapatkan wang untuk dihantar balik bagi keperluan keluarga mereka yang ditinggalkan di kampung. Mereka yang datang bekerja ini juga tidak pernah memikirkan untuk terus tinggal menetap di Malaysia.

    Kehidupan mereka di sini sungguh ringkas sekali. Mereka makan sekadar yang boleh mengenyangkan, pakaian pun jarang berganti baru, tinggal di rumah kongsi, lebih baik sikit mungkin ada majikan yang menyewakan rumah untuk dikongsi beramai-ramai dan jauh sekalilah untuk membeli perabut-perabut mahal dan harta kekal kerana susah untuk dibawa balik ke Negara asal mereka nanti.

    Kecintaan mereka kepada Negara ini memang boleh dikatakan tidak ada, hati dan perasaan mereka hanyalah kepada Negara asal mereka sahaja.

    Kita sebagai warganegara dan rakyat tempatan tidak begitu selesa dengan kehadiran pendatang-pendatang asing ini. Resam dan budaya mereka jauh berbeza dengan kita. Sudah tentu kita tidak mahu kalau pekerja-pekerja asing ini diberikan taraf warganegara. Kita masih curiga dengan kesetiaan dan kecintaan mereka terhadap Negara ini.

    Suasana beginilah yang berlaku semasa menjelang Negara kita mencapai kemerdekaan dahulu. Masyarakat Melayu yang merupakan penduduk tempatan Malaya ketika itu sangsi dengan kesetiaan dan kecintaan orang-orang Cina dan India terhadap Negara ini yang kehadiran mereka sebelum itu hanya dianggap sebagai pekerja asing yang mencari wang di sini.

    Kebanyakan pekerja-pekerja Cina dan India ketika itu memang lahir di Negara asal mereka, mereka datang ke Malaya untuk bekerja bagi mendapatkan wang. Oleh itu memang tak dapat dinafikan kesetiaan dan kecintaan mereka kepada Negara asal itu masih tebal, Malaya hanyalah tempat mereka mencari makan sahaja.

    Tidak hairanlah kalau semasa penjajahan Jepun tahun 1941, ramai orang-orang Cina di Malaya dibunuh oleh Jepun kerana orang-orang Cina di Malaya ini juga dianggap sebagai warga Negara China. Di waktu itu Jepun juga berperang dengan Negara China.

    Apabila British menawarkan Merdeka kepada Malaya, British telah meletakkan syarat supaya orang-orang asing yang mereka bawa ke Malaya iaitu orang-orang Cina dan orang-orang India hendaklah diterima sebagai warganegara seperti orang Melayu, tentulah syarat yang dikenakan British ini amat berat untuk diterima oleh penduduk tempatan atau orang Melayu ketika itu.

    Samalah beratnya seperti kita hendak menerima pekerja-pekerja asing dari Indonesia, China, India, Bangladesh, Nepal dan Myanmar sekarang ini untuk menjadi warganegara Malaysia.

    Memang ada sebab untuk orang tempatan berasa bimbang kalau pendatang atau pekerja asing ini diberikan taraf warganegara, kerana khuwatir orang asing ini akan merampas hak-hak dan keistimewaan yang mereka miliki sebagai rakyat tempatan.

    Maka dari situlah lahirnya apa yang dinamakan ‘kontrak sosial’ yang telah dipersetujui antara pemimpin-pemimpin dari tiga kaum terbesar ini iaitu Melayu, China dan India bagi mencari jalan tengah bagi mengatasi masalah tersebut.

    Mengikut yang punya cerita, dari ‘kontrak sosial’ inilah lahirnya ‘ketuanan’ dan ‘keistimewaan’ orang-orang Melayu yang telah dipersetujui antara pemimpin-pemimpin kaum tadi.

    Kini kita telahpun 50 tahun merdeka, hampir semua orang Cina dan orang India yang menjadi warganegara Malaysia hari ini adalah lahir di bumi Malaysia ini. Kesetiaan dan kecintaan mereka kepada Malaysia memang tidak boleh disangsikan. Di sinilah tempat mereka dilahirkan dan disini jugalah tempat mereka mahu dikebumikan.

    Oleh itu ‘kontrak sosial’ yang pernah dipersetujui untuk suasana di masa yang lalu itu memang tidak relevan lagi. Kita tidak kira kaum seharusnya mempunyai hak yang sama, tidak ada siapa harus menjadi ‘tuan’ dan tidak ada siapa juga yang harus menjadi ‘hamba’. Kita bukan lagi berdepan dengan pekerja asing dari China dan dari India seperti sebelum merdeka dulu, tetapi sekarang kita berdepan dengan orang Cina dan India yang lahir di bumi ini.

    Kalau etnik Jawa, Minang, Banjar, Bugis telah boleh diterima setaraf warganegara Melayu lainnya, maka tidak ada sebab etnik Cina dan India tidak boleh mendapat taraf yang sama.

    Mungkin perbezaan adat dan agama menyebabkan kita sukar untuk bergaul antara satu sama lain, tetapi ini bukanlah sebab untuk kita membeza-bezakan hak-hak mereka melalui ‘kontrak sosial’ yang dikenakan kepada mereka tanpa mereka mengetahui justifikasi disebalik kewujudan ‘kontrak sosial’ itu.

  108. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Apalah kau orang buang masa layan puak am-no ni.They started the subject and drag you fella into it...please dont get sucked.when I saw the poster,I immediately know that it's their work.sepanjang campain ni mereka cuma menghentam peribadi Anwar...mana agenda mereka..perubahan for the better untok rakyat tidak ada.Since Anwar nk turun harga minyak jika memerintah, wah kelamkabut dollah turun 15sen. Ini kah agenda bn umno.ikut selera mereka.

  109. I think the Menteri Komunikasi, dan Maklumat should go to Jeff Ooi or at least have him be the Deputy hehe

  110. I think I'd prefer Jeff Ooi as Menteri Komunikasi, dan Maklumat or at least at the Deputy :)