Friday, August 22, 2008

In defence of Syed Nadzri

No room for dissent, Zorro? Mohd Ashraf Abdullah, one of the first editors to quit after a new regime took over the NST at the end of 2003, has a question for Bernard Khoo aka Zorro-Unmasked in his latest posting The pot calling the kettle black.

Ashraf, who started his Jejak Pujangga blog, recently is responding to Zorro's Wednesday posting What Price Loyalty?


  1. Anonymous1:30 pm

    I still remember when Zorro and Rocky posted why the hell Lim kit Siang ask for boycott on the Songkok issue which most agree its just a formality.

    And issues on Avril Lavigne and PAS on the BAR Council

    Is that pro - opposition ?

    This boss still cannot think straight.

    For a man of his experience to claim that is really shows that the mainstream media still have not learn about integrity of journalism.

    No more Malaysian Chinese

    Call me Proud Malaysian.

  2. Anonymous2:02 pm

    If it has anything to do with NST, avoid like the bubonic plague. Simple solution for a simple issue.

  3. I think NST with Syed Nazri as GE is holding up a lot better than when it was under Brendan Pereira. I must confess that I have actually now started buying the NST after a lapse of 3 years or so basically since Syed Nazri took over from Brendan. Syed Nadzri is OK.

  4. Zorro is full of shit and a no brain braggart....trying very hard to be a famous blogger....but when open his mouth..with his stupid is like hearing Syed Albar talking.
    He told me he is earning RM1000 per lecture and earn RM18000 per lecture...having 10 lectures given every month. The truth is.. he gets an all in average income of... RM1800 pension money.
    Yes...Bernard Khoo cannot be trusted.
    I have helped him twice and he betrayed my trust...thinking how smart he was.
    Bernard Khoo have no principles in life.
    He will carry Dollah's or Anwar's balls...lick them...if he needs to...whoever ..will give him that chance.
    That's Bernard Khoo.

  5. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Long before the March elections, I too stopped buying the mainstream papers. Nowadays, i get all my news online.

    After reading Syed Nadzri's column online, i have to say there's nothing bias at all in his writing.

    Most blogs are so one-sided, it's as if we are living in a Star Movies movie. You're either a Jedi or have been seduced to the dark side. That's not how it works in real life.

    I'm not saying it's wrong to have an opinion. I'm saying it's wrong to think only your opinion matters. And if someone's opinion is different from yours, then he's biased?

    Some blogger might then ask... does this mean we can't write as we feel, can't we choose a side, be partisan, why must we sit on a fence, etc, etc. Unless you are a member of a political party, the only side you should be biased towards is justice and the truth.

    To rephrase, it's not about choosing sides, it's about choosing principles.

    Having read Syed Nadzri's column, IMHO he chose his principles.

  6. Anonymous4:28 pm


    Zorro stikes me as a man who is a fake. He pretends to like Malays when I sense he is truyly a racist. He has a very unhappy childhood I can tell. He would mix well in Singapore China. At his age he cannot even speak a good Bahasa Melayu. He is a very self-righteous Chinese who thinks he has God gift to English language, when his English is so antiquated like Rehman Rashid. Deep inside we are not allowed to criticise Chinese-based party and as for making him into my real Chinese friend, not in this life for I have already have many really good and sincere childhod Chinese-Malaysian friends, and as for Zorro, in about twelve years of even less he will die a miserable racist of the first degree. I feel sorry for him, a condescending fu#*ked up of a pathetic human being!

    Fourth generation Minangkabau from Seri Menanti (not Rusdi though)

  7. Anonymous4:29 pm

    This Zorro fella is losing credibility and integrity if he ever has any before.

    I used to read his blogs regularly but not now anymore.

    Look at his recent postings. you will notice that he has been infected with cult syndrome. Blindly throwing support for the PKR. Any allegation or accusation against PKR is considered victimization or conspiracy. Typical characteristic of PKR cult modus operandi.

    These are the peopple that bring confused to the blogsphere. Why can't people be more mature in seeing things in perpestive and cultivate some wisdom.

  8. Syed Nazri is among the last of the 'true-blood' journalists left in the New Straits Times today.
    Whatever said and done, Syed is helping to keep the morale of the entire newsroom operations high, despite the many 'hound dogs' that roam the editorial floor.
    Syed is no spin-doctor and although many seem to think that he is a pushover, the veteran journalist is not someone who follows the trend of the day.
    If he does something then it must be the right things, otherwise he simply doesnt do it ... unlike the 'running dogs'.

  9. Anonymous5:23 pm

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  10. My friend. The MSM is licensed to provide the news coverage tht the people in modern society require as part of their daily diet.

    In there there is this inherent responsibility to remain impartial and to report the truth.

    Not reporting at all, as MSM is often caught in, is as good as lying! Remember Eusoff Chin and Lingam's NZ holidays? You only carried it last year after teh Lingam Video.

    When the people entrust the government to do the right thing, we expect you to do the right thing. To report correctly.

    In case you don't understand what this means, let me put it another way. Your responsibility to the public is no different from an Engineer of a building or a bridge who designs and then builds and has it certified as fit for use for its purpose. Now, the parents and the children who were in the collapsed schools during the recent China earthquake, trusted the engineers and the builders to do the right thing. They failed. Thousands died!

    So you think MSM does not carry such responsibility too?

    Fact is MSM has failed.

    If tomorrow the Good Lord took over the country and called upon you, the MSM, and asked, "Son, have you faithfully discharged your duties to the people over the reporting of events in Malasyia?" How are you going to respond?

    Now, if the continuation of your annual license to publish or broadcast MSM depended on how wellyou have served the people, do you think your license will be renewed by GOD? (Lets forget about man, any man! Because even if PR was to take over and you were confronted with this question and cancellation of your license to publish or broadcast, you will say vendetta and so on.

    So lets cut the crap o.k. Zorro did alright. He is also capable of dishing out good as he gives to the opposition. Whereas you guys never.

  11. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Zorro is just another clown, a type of RPK and his ilk.

    Just look at the language he uses on his blog, then expects others to be called a sensible credible blogger and writer.

    Just another big mouthed senile blurting out his drivel full of obscenities. His writings are all abomination.

  12. Anonymous6:06 pm

    I agree with Zorro take on this matter and I too no longer read nst. I buy thestar instead which is much better english newspaper and they are no1 english newspaper in malaysia.
    I find nst too one side when it come to political news and they opinion column is actually too pro goverment and anti opposition. The star newspaper opinion colums is much better. I like Wong Chun Wai columnmost of the times.

    Robert Tan Kiah Wah
    Petaling Jaya

  13. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    One main point of difference: Zorro-Unmasked has a comments facility to allow readers to comment and disagree with his posts. It's called a dialogue. I see he has sometimes even replied to his reders! How shocking! When I read Syed Nazri's piece, I didn't see any facility for commenting, or emailing the authors - tells me he is only interested in a monologue. If there was, I would have told him that I stopped reading after this sentence:
    "Most likely the PKR propagandists are targeting to blame, as always, the election process should things not work in their favour" his use of the words 'as always' shows that his prejudice, lack of attempt to be impartial and more importantly, he expects his readers to take him at his word, that PKR people are 'as always' like this, without any attempt to convince them. Shows how inferior he believes his readers are.


    Posted by HANTURAYA HANTURAYA at 6:38 PM 0 comments

  15. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Dear Rocky,I totally agree with Ashraf, not because syed and I go back 30 years, but on the fact that no one should condone mob violence of any nature whether it's by the BN or the Oppositon. While it may be fashionable to affect a disdain for the BN, I believe we should all stand by what is fair and against anything that's unfair, and not by the individual. The individual, as hardcore newsmen have oft been reminded, is incidental. PKR deserves a whack for that show of violence, and thats exactly what syed did. If syed's detractors know him as well as you and i do rocky, they will know too that if syed is uncomfortable with writing something which is against his conscience, he will not write it, even if he is told to. But having said that there is nothing wrong with being loyal to the employers who pay our wages, if we cant suscribe to their beliefs and policies, then we leave. I am sure bernard didn't go against his headmasters or the education ministers when he was a teacher. It's easy to claim journalistic/blogging independence when you are no longer serving any master (headmaster). Cheers

  16. Rokk: I was in the police lockup for seven hours as a leader during the National Union of Teachers strike.
    My headmaster, one Sunday morning (when I was out coaching football) visited and asked Karen tearfully: "Why did Bernard go against me during the staff meeting?"

    I hope you are happy now Rokk?

    Monsterball: kicked out of most blogs and now giving blow-jobs at the Bru.....and do you mind it is 3k a day and I am not wonder other blogs dont enjoy your blow-job.

    Guys, did I say anything derogatory about Syed. I said I was a tad disappoionted.


  17. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Generally, on non political subjects, NST's writers have better stuffs than Star. Surprisingly, I switched half of my reading from Star to NST. But with Sun delivered foc on my doorstep now, I only read MSM on a few selected days. Like someone once commented (something of sort) 'You either a journalist or a wordsmith.' It is okay if those were the writers' opinions but readers can differentiate the difference when the articles are just propaganda. w9

  18. Rocky, what say you about Anon 4:28's comment?....the guy needs a disclaimer, phew..

  19. I see Monsterball aka S.S.Goh is still spewing his toxic vitriol on Malaysian blogs.

    Last time, he strutted his butt at Sheih's and Sloone's, konon2 protected by the blogowners and was calling Rocky names just like he is now with Zorro.

    This incorrigible imbecile was kicked out of MT by RPK and knowing how 'bad' it can be over there, SS Goh must really be a misfit in any category.

    And of course, we all know what to call a misfit, right folks?

    It's a GREMLIN.

    P.S. Yo Rocky, if only SS Goh knew who bought his 'donated' pocketwatch, he'd puke blood maaan!

    P.P.S. Zorro, Anon (4.28pm) could be the 3-faced G-man himself for that subtle disclaimer.

  20. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Awat la hampa ni nak marah kat Syed Nazri ni...Sapa2 dok keja dgn BN-Umno nak cari makan saja, Motto depa senang saja "Saya Yang Menurut Printah". Syed mungkin lebih sikit ganjaran dia sbb nak jaga Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan (Bos besaq NSTP, Avenue Capital, Air Asia) nak selamat dunia saja, akhirat tak tau la! Baguih Kalimullah ni, bagi botoi anggur satu, Melayu/Kelin semua lupa diri. (Rocky, hang tunjuklah gambaq kali tunggang tu, hang perasan tak org berdiri sebelah dia tu...perasan sampai tak sedaq diri). Serupa la sama dgn Musa Hassan IGP, Gani Patail AG, Hamdan ACA, Ustad2 gomen...semuanya makan gaji yang BN-Umno kutip dari cukai rakyat. Depa perintah, kita kena ikut cakap ketua depa & kawan baik Kalimullah. Jadi saya harap teman2 semua jgn marah kat Syed Nazri. Kalau suka, bacalah dan kalau marah...baik jangan.

  21. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Hi Everyone, RPK's latest breaking news! Go read "The Truth Finally Surfaces" in Malaysia Today. Believe It or Not! or Can we trust RPK ... You decide! NABIL

  22. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Can't help but notice something here. If Syed had written his piece on a blog or in a letter to the editor, this article would have been seen as 'biasa'.

    It's NST's tarnished brush that is, that tarred Syed Nadzri.

    I refer to the last four paragraphs of Syed's column.

    Isn't it, on the surface, as he described?

    Gangster culture is prevalent in different parties and i've seen the darker side of many political parties. UMNO, MCA, MIC, DAP...they all have their thug types.

    PKR is a young party. Now there are two incidences of pressmen being roughed up in a short time, linked to PKR.

    In this climate where it is very much fashionable to be pro-opposition, of course many people think these folks can do no wrong.

    But I'm not sure Syed's remarks regarding PKR washing their hands off the two incidents, were entirely inappropriate.

    Who can say what? It was overheard by a fellow blogger at the Blog House recently, that only a handful of people in PKR's top echelons really know what's going on in that party.

    Syed's entire column on Aug 19 was cynical one. But to dismiss it as pro-govt tripe is not very objective. There were some observations he made that was valid.

    So let's be objective about it. The man is not a pro-establishment devil. That's too convenient a tag.

    I was trying to be objective here. but the likes of Monsterball's comments, somewhat diminished the value discourse here.

    And Shar, we all know how monsterball gets. To recap ancient history of a trivial character is not really like u. Ur better than that. I prefer the more reasoned Shar.

  23. Yes....if one keep repeating the same may convince others.
    Like Anwar being accused of sodomy...I am accused of being banned by so many.
    I have put out all the blogs I visit and many more.
    Just name one...that is less important than zorro or shah101.
    I need not explain about RPK.
    No amount of instigations can make me loose my respect and admirations for this very unique and brave blogger.
    Yes...he banned me...and not for those reasons zorro may like all of you to think.
    And Susan Loone banned me...saying I am a racialist. Am I a racialist.....but it is her blog...she can do as she likes.
    From these two..who else banned me?..all pro Mahathir bloggers?

  24. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Syed Nadzri may have traded his principles for a few dollars more but he is still miles ahead of this shit called Brendan Pereira. Brendan is the greatest bullshitter of all. He fooled the NST into paying him a princely sum every month just because he was an international correspondent. You know what, he plagiarises, his writing is flamboyant. And worse of all his style follows a similar pattern. And now he is playing his trade in Malaysiainsider where his cronies like former NST chief office boy Png Hong Kwang are still with him.

  25. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Zorro - the garbage garbling old fart has just proved my point on this very page when he again resorted to his pathetic language of obscenities.. BJs..

    This guy, at the age of my grand father has such audacity to spurt such words with no shame what so ever.

    This speaks of his stiking senile brain full of necrosed neurons waiting to be knocked into *sleep* (trying my best to control my rage)

    I am just a reader who respect bloggers of substance like Rocky, who write substance and responsibly, not some propagandists who is so foul mouthed - I see them with utter disgust. (That includes football head RPK)

  26. Anonymous11:24 pm

    yes, i totally agree with ashraf. syed has a right to fair comment. i don't see why these people are getting worked up.

    as for syed, kalimullah once acknowledged in his sunday column that the present NST GE was one of the best writers around.

  27. Anonymous12:03 am

    Betul tu. Syed Nadzri kena la ikut perintah "orang atasan" sikit, selaku editor suratkhabar milik "orang atasan" itu.

    Susah lah kalau dia nak bagi pandangan yang seimbang. Nanti kena buang kerje, macam mana nak cari makan?

    Kesian la skit Syed Nadzri tu. Memang banyak pressure!

  28. Anonymous12:05 am

    Circulations MINUS Gomen Office MINUS Gomen Schools MINUS 4D Sports Toto = IDIOTS

    Churning n Spinning..
    Garbage In Garbage Out.


  29. Hey!

    I am also from Seri Menanti,and it is nice to see someone mentioning my name! Come visit my blogsite it is about life, precious life not malicious, non-political and sane!

  30. rokk said >>PKR deserves a whack for that show of violence, and thats exactly what syed did

    I am just curious if this was proven true. There has been claims that it was not PKR supporters.

    Anyway I read this is Zorro's blog some time back >>>Since we were below the grandstand we helped the media up onto the grandstand. However, the RTM and TV3 crew were not allowed into the press conference. I thought that was not nice.Those boys were just doing their job and we have a choice not to tune in. Whatever, just my dua sen.

    BTW, there is a clear difference between journalist and investigative journalism.

  31. Anonymous4:17 am

    as a MSM journalist syed nadzri is privy to intel from the men on the streets right up to the men in blue. I have to agree with his opinion that those who support anwar appear dismissive of Saiful's swearing on the Quran. It is not a trivial matter for any Muslim to take the oath in a mosque. Anwar's fanatical supporters are skewed in their judgement and blinkered in their views mainly by choice because they believe Anwar is their saviour. Ask any journalist who covered Anwar when he was the de-facto PM (those days his face was splashed across the front pages of BH, Utusan, while Mahathir's stories got buried inside). Why people like Kadir Jasin, Syed nadzri, Ashraf Abdullah and our dear Rocky are not exactly comfortable with Anwar's political game. Maybe they could shed some light. Maybe they are privy to stuffs that we normal citizens are not.

  32. one more NST issue. Hrmm i wonder who will be next.

    Najib Razak Join The Swearing Club!!!!

  33. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Penig2 korang mengalahkan Paklah & Nuar.

    Lepak kat husin lempoyang lagi baik.

    Sapa salah kita tibai. Mana ada orang yang Taknak Duit, Kuasa & Nafsu

  34. Yo rocky we have another statutory declaration by RPK.

    And guess what this time Najib is a Hindu.

    Flaming Syed Nazri for writing something you don't like is simply being a grumpy stubborn old man. This Statutory Declaration however is a whole new league...

    p/s - Freedom of speech in Malaysia is writing bad things about the government and write balls of praises attributing Anwar Ibrahim.

  35. Bro,another SD surface..this time is involve Najib and Rosmah evil intention by using Hindu bomoh for their own,Najib and Rosmah are Muslim or Hindu??? check it out in RPK's Malaysia-today.

  36. Anonymous11:25 pm

    today in the the star paper:

    "Najib: No more fuel rebates if you don't appreciate them"

    err.. is this supposed to be the UMNO's ketuanan melayu supremacy threat to the people?

  37. Dear Rocky Bru,

    I know Syed Nadzri for more than 40 years and I agree with what was said by apanama.

    Therefore, allow me this digression (not really a major digression anyway) because I do think both the "free media" and MSM have their respective roles to play. Below is a comment given to another ex-NSTP journalist (about 7 days ago) which I like to share with your readers.

    Dear Sir Leon-nz,

    I do agree with your view and would like to add my own observation as to what I think the MSM has evolved into or should be in the near future, especially after the March 8th tsunami.

    1. Compared to NST, the STAR paper was pretty quick at readership adjustment (very customer driven) to appear like as if it is reacting swiftly to the "tsunami waves" that was partly driven by the "free media". Even its Chief Editor is now a blogger. This is to be expected since it's online readership has always been the highest, certainly higher than NST or Utusan, more so bcos of their Biz Section.

    2. For Malaysians intent on meeting "head-on" the threats/challenges of globalization , I am of the view that together with this "change process" caused by the tsunami, it is very important that our MEDIA, especially the print dailies, quickly adapt to serve emerging market segments. Established brand names like NST, Star, Utusan, China Press, Borneo Post etc. should not shy away if it can be identified clearly in accordance to which mouthpiece do they opined. I am happy if NST is known as the mouthpiece for the government; strictly speaking, their editorial must tow the official government policies, even at the expense of sounding a bit silly or flip floppy at times. I am happy if Utusan is the mouthpiece which should consistently opined an "umno-melayu-centric" perpective. Harakah, (I am sincerely hopeful), should opine the progressive perspective of say, a "global-ummah-centric" leaving Suara Keadilan (bila depa nak buat daily paper ni?) to opine in accordance to the principles of distributive justice premise on secular humanism -- this would make their "ghandian principles" sounds credible and in sync. In other words, if I go to KFC, I want chicken, not fish and chips -- then, it's up to you Dear Editors, whether to serve it "hot & spicy" or "finger lickin good".

    3. The same MEDIA identification by OPINE should be easily replicated by other vernacular dailies. Failing which, we can then rope in the "free media" to launch a campaign that allow us to altogether shout a boycott: "Boo You Racist !!!"

    4. After March 8th, no daily can today claim to be the "pulse of the nation" anymore. But what is certain is that revenue for Internet Advertising will keep on rising. (Source: 2007 Pew Global Survey).

    5. Today, children of the Malay farmers from traditional "kampungs" and children of the Chinese rubber tappers from "Chinese New Villages" are literate and mostly educated professionals. At least we got it right for one minor aspect of the NEP: no more race identification by occupation.

    6. Unfortunately, while Sir Leon and myself, as students then, demonstrated against the government so that we can obtain university status for ITM, today's students -- if we are to assess them by their student leaders -- "be it in allowing their arse to be screwed and then encouraging others to keep the racist mindset alive", I can only assume that not only have we lost our way, some must have sold their souls, but many have instead mistakenly took their DEEN only in jest, play and amusement.

    7. It is now up to the "free media" and the MSM to reflect on their true role by asking simple question really: like why am I here on planet earth ?, (ha ha), otherwise, the future that we may want to create will be controlled and dictated by others.

    In conclusion, it is certainly not necessary for you Sir Leon, to go point for point because I was merely trying to suggest how the MSM should be identified, hence the question: Apa Sebenarnya Peranan Media ? Obviously this question is asked in the context of current Malaysian politics and based on our legal framework. For example, we still have that act which mandated the daily press to renew their permit annually. This methink is an impediment to Freedom of the Press but of course, are we really mature enough to accept that with freedom comes responsibility? After all, there is no such thing as "absolute freedom". The issues you raised regarding bloggers are correct but considering that both the free media (bloggers/online news portal) and MSM are having a direct influence on shaping the opinions of the citizens of Malaysia (incl. voters of course) we may need to reappraise their respective roles so that all of them can be pulled together and be part of the nation-building process -- and nation building is a continuos process. The recent effort made by the Minister of Information is a step in the right direction but still, meeting the EXPECTATIONS of an educated and well exposed citizenry is not that easily accomplished. As a blogger wrote: we are a nation or a people suffering from mid-life crisis.

    May the Force Be With You !



    I should have accepted your invite to hear out TunM at the CEO's Lecture in Sime Darby Convention Center. The other dinner at the adjacent hall hosted by the other Tun was so so lah .. but I was hoping that you would blog that TunM's lecture.

  38. Interesting read.


  39. Anonymous3:40 pm

    @zappa 4:10 PM
    This is one of the most sensible comments that I've seen in political-centric blogs. They look `ordinary' but I was struck by them since they helped to put things in perspective. I'm gonna repeat what zappa had written:

    I'm not saying it's wrong to have an opinion. I'm saying it's wrong to think only your opinion matters. And if someone's opinion is different from yours, then he's biased?

    To rephrase, it's not about choosing sides, it's about choosing principles.

    The second one in bold: this is IT. "Principles" - that's what Stephen Covey had stressed on in his The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It's not "something new", of course, for that's what religions emphasise on.

    If we can only live our lives based on "principles", what GREAT lives we will all have, eh? No, I'm not lecturing anyone here - it's more of reminding myself.

  40. Been reading these comments with interest..but this monster ball person....his/her english is ..well..kind of bad!!!!!

  41. In a free country, each of us is entitled to our opinion, no matter how ridiculous it is.

    But having said that, no two opinions are of equal standing. Each must be susbjected to public scrutiny.

    Syed Nazri is in a position to influence because of the reach of the MSM.

    His pen can be mighty indeed.

    And therefore his opinions MUST be held to higher scrutiny.

    There are good opinions and there are bad opinions. There are opinions that inspire and there are those that disgust and must be condemned.

    Syed Nazir's recent opinion belongs to the latter category.

  42. Anonymous4:46 pm

    hang pa tengok Syed Nadzri baik-baik..pernah tengok dia keruh? jernih saja..senyum saja..buat apa dia nak tulis marah sana, paku sini?

    aku tak pernah jumpa orang ni..teringin nak sembang, dari kecik duk baca tulisan dia..Syabas Syed Nadzri..

  43. Anonymous8:21 pm

    This zorro guy is really a funny character. He says something, tries to be the wonderful and ideal piece of intelectual machinery, but then acts like a little kid when others start commenting on him. I thought when we do stuff like journalism or blogging, we're supposed to be ready to receive as well as give hard hits. Zorro, ideally and by design, doesn't seem like this sort of person.

  44. Thanks sekaran....I know that too.
    But do you understand my message?
    If so..that's good enough.
    Today is Permatang Pauh election day.
    Lets all relax and wait for the results.
    By the way...sekaran..I am a 69 year old HE.

  45. There I told you Zorro have no balls nor brain!!
    kickdefella put out up-side down flag..he supported. Both blogs had flags...up-side down.
    Now kickdefella took off that does "brave" zorro.......hahahahaha
    kickdefella need scolding from me straighten his sense of proportions.
    If zorro is that wise and smart...he would have done so.....but that traitor .. loves to instigate.. to support anything sensational...for personal attentions...for personal popularity. He is a 69 years old man.. hungry to be popular ..showing all his true guts and no principles in life..just a big mouth...who must drink few mugs of beer live in his stupid fantasy world.

  46. Anonymous2:21 am

    I agree with Rokk, in that the war should be waged against the powers that be and not the (mainstream) media. The media are mere instruments, and the journalists that work in media organisations the pawns.
    The power lies with the masters.
    I repeat, the power lies with the masters.

    The practitioners in the mainstream media and the new media can work together towards a common cause - upholding justice, righting the wrongs in society, governance, etc. Journalists and bloggers moving as one, each recognising the strengths of the other.

    But WHY do bloggers look at journalists as THE enemy, condemning us for the decisions made by the media owners. Many do not realise that the minute a journalist shows any form of dissent, he / she is shown the door or cold-storaged. Which is why many of us fight the battle silently - through our work.

    In our articles / commentaries, we say as much as we can and as objectively under the circumstances that we are in.
    Yet, bloggers are constantly ridiculing and belittling us as though collectively we haven't done enough.

    Where were the teachers, civil servants, lawyers, accountants, factory workers, etc, when journalists were demoted, cold-storaged or politely asked to leave for standing up for a story, or refusing to reveal a source, or when were we presented the memorandum afer memorandum over the crippling media laws.

    The industry has the lowest paying employers, and yet many remain there for 20, 30 years - not because we have no where else to go - but because we have faith in our fellow Malaysians.
    That one day, society will stop pointing fingers and work together with us to make this country is damn good place to be.

    A blogger who looks at a journalist with disdain is a bigot.