Monday, August 25, 2008

Permatang Pauh, last call

A Long Final Day (and A Short Relief for Anwar?) For the last two days, I've been running around Penang interviewing people and reporting for RazorTV, the region's latest Internet TV or IPTV. In the last 24 hours, I spoke to the two main candidates for the Permatang Pauh parliamentary by-election - Anwar Ibrahim and Arif Shah.

Anwar told me this afternoon that he remains confident of winning, despite the controversial new electoral list that the Election Commission has come up with. The "confession" by Imam Ramlang Porigi seems to have been a big relief to Anwar (but according to Bernama here, Najib has said only the Mufti can decide on the validity of Saiful's swearing by the Quran and the Mufti can be expected to say something by tonight, the eve of the by-election, so Anwar's relief may be short-lived!).

I had been told that Arif spoke Mandarin so I thought I'd start my interview with him this morning with "Ni Hau Ma?". The guy launched a good two or three-minute speech in Mandarin to say how confident he is now of winning.

Independent election observers I interviewed today were not happy with the huge presence of cops (about 6,000 police officers have been deployed for a by-election with just over 58,000 voters). The complained about unnecessary road blocks and also about the Election Commission holding polling day on a weekday. The special public holiday the Penang government has declared for tomorrow does not appease them. But Yunus Ali, the chairperson of the National Institute for Electoral Integrity, said the watchers were impressed with one thing: ALL ceramahs and gatherings got approvals.

I am going to a carnival tonight on the mainland, organised by the Pakatan Rakyat, where the politicians hope to party.

I was told the interviews will be aired on RazorTV tonight . Please check it out at


  1. Anonymous8:08 pm

    *gali mengali*

    *lubang cukup besar*

    *untuk Arif Shah dan BN*

    penggali menunggu... sambil memandang jam tangan...

  2. Anonymous9:03 pm

    "Najib has said only the Mufti can decide on the validity of Saiful's swearing by the Quran and the Mufti can be expected to say something by tonight, the eve of the by-election, so Anwar's relief may be short-lived!)."

    You must be a joker. First of all, this was the only part of your whole story. The rest were sideshows. But tell me how does an Imam decide whether it is right or wrong? And what does that got with Anwar? It is a question of Islam and its applications, which is known to all Muslims, not to Bernama or Najib. By the way, did you ask where Najib got that "ifta" knowledge that you tell us he determines how even Muftis decide. And if Ramlan is not considered, why was he used in the 1st place? Is he a different Imam? Why was he put there? Najib is scared because Ramlan exposed the evils behind the desecration of Islam and who was involved in the whole shenanigan. Muslims should know their faith, not depend on Bomohs or "certified" Muftis. People have already known, so one wonders what's the "relieve" joke you are talking about. Sheesh!

  3. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Salam Sumpah bro, Syok saya tengok sejak dua menjak ni, apa2 org politik buat depa suruh Sumpah itu dan ini. Seronok juga sumpah menyumpah ni sampai tokoh2 agama Kjaan dan Lawan pakat iktiraf sumpah seranah ni. Saipul buat sumpah, Najib pun serupa buat sumpah, Ketua Umno di Sabah pun suruh Musa Aman buat sumpah. Ada kawan bagitau negara kita dah terkenal satu dunia pasai bab sumpah mubahalah ni. Macam tu tak payah ada mahkamah sivil atau syariah, kita pakat sumpah saja bila kita tuduh-menuduh dalam semua perkara baik maupun mungkar. Sat ni mufti wilayah Wan Zahid marah kat imam Ramlang pasai cakap hal agama. Dah tau dia tak layak awat ambil dia jadi imam masjid wilayah dan suruh jadi saksi Saiful. Rasanya mufti dan pengarah jabatan agama wilayah kenalah letak jawatan sebab depa pun tak layak sbb ambil org yang tak layak jadi imam!!!! Skrg mufti wilayah pun patut buat sumpah laknat! SUMPAH KATUN

  4. Anonymous9:04 pm

    It is beyond any doubt that Anwar will win the election. The people of PP are going to show Najib the way out of Penang, what a great day that will be. UMNO is not wanted in Penang as March 8 has shown, umno people are so very thick the cannot feel that they are unwanted...bunch of corrupted nit wits is all they are.
    The last call is for corrupted BN/umno to get the hell out of PP with DPM having his tail between his legs, hopefully that Bodoh sleepy guy gets the message too and resign as well. What a wonderful day that will be..and the final call will be 'Abdullah gone!!Abdullah gone!!

  5. Anonymous9:09 pm

    What kind of a mentality is this? Is there an "Imam" trained to tell us how Islam oathing should go? Who is that Imam? Ke ke ke ke! When ignorance rears its ugly head, you know why Muslims in the world are in trouble. A special Mufti known To Najib alone and who was trained alone in knowing and telling Muslims how Islam ordained swearing. Wah! I have never known. Rocky the desperate Najib supporter may share with us the secret of life since Muhammad (pbuh) was raised. Ha ha ha! A special Imam who knows special things alone, now that beats the record. Try it again my dear. You are not addressing toddlers and neither is Bernama your stuff (though you feed it us when it serves your interests). Hurrah! This is a miracle.

  6. Anonymous9:13 pm

    When you say "short lived relief for Anwar", what do you mean? How was Anwar relieved? How does it help? And if another Imam were to say anything new that people don't know, does it add any weigh? We have seen scholars talking and contradicting each other. So, what you screaming about must be a special case that has never been known. Is it? People have already made up their minds, so I don't get your drift. Do you think an Imam saying Saiful swore correctly is something new? While another saying it is not something new? And what this Najib known Imam you are talking about? A Hindu sorcerer or what? An Indon Bomoh or what?

  7. Anonymous9:25 pm

    You either didn't get the message of Ramlan Porigi or you are being outrightly desperate here clutching at straws. Imam Porigi exposed the directives he was given, the preparations made by Najib's special aide in conducting this farcical swearing and that he wasn't part of those who drafted the so called swearing text and that Saiful didn't show the signs of someone who was to swear to Allah the Almighty. These issues don't get lost by saying Najib talked of an Imam who may repudiate what Ramlan said. It has nothing to do with aothing boy, it is the other side of it. Don't lose the track, ok? Or to say it correctly, don't ever imagine that others lost the track. People have closed their ears and eyes to certain people.

  8. Anonymous9:28 pm

    You didn't read what Dollah's mouthpiece: The Malaysian Insider wrote? That the oathing spree doesn't work with principled people and that it failed? Oh, you know their url, so log on and see. May be .....

  9. Bro...

    (about 6,000 police officers have been deployed for a by-election with just over 58,000 voters).


  10. Anonymous9:50 pm

    FT Mufti: Saiful's oath is valid

    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 25 - Saiful Bukhari Azlan's oath is valid and does not contravene Islamic law according to Federal Territory Mufti Datuk Wan Zahidi Wan Teh.

    "An oath is valid as long as he swears in the name of Allah and says a qasam alphabet -- waw, ba and ta -- by uttering Walahi, Wabillahi, Watawallahi," he told reporters in his office at the Federal Territories Islamic Affairs Department today.

    He said this was so as there were two kinds of oaths; one in the course of proceedings in a Syariah court and another outside of a trial, adding that the latter could be performed freely if one chose to do so to make a general statement.

    He did, however, note that while Saiful's oath had no relation to the one taken in a Syariah court, "it is up to the court if they want to use it as evidence."

    He also commented on the sacred position of hukum (Islamic law) when expressing his doubts over the credibility of Ramlang Porigi, the imam who had overseen Saiful's oath and had yesterday said the oath was invalid due to technicalities.

    "Whoever makes a decision on hukum without making reference to credible sources of knowledge has a place in hell ready for him. This is because what you say will guide the public. When you talk about hukum, you are signing off on it on behalf of Allah.

    "Where is his reference? I was informed he is only a low-ranking officer. What are his qualifications? As an imam, he may not be qualified to speak on matters of law and I have doubts that he can read scripture," the mufti said, adding that Ramlang's comments may

    confuse Muslims.

    Seeking to assert his authority on the matter, he added that this was why he had a book of scripture in front of him throughout the press conference.

    "When I write, I make references to the scripture. I don't dare to speak just from my memory alone."

    He also added that Ramlang attended the swearing as a matter of procedure at the mosque, not because Islamic law required witnesses or an imam to conduct it. However, he did concur with Ramlang that it was not a sumpah muhabalah as it required the agreement of both parties.

    According to Wan Zahidi, hukum did not require issues such as time, place, the need for a witness, the swearing on a Quran or the subject matter of the oath as conditions for taking an oath that is not part of Syariah proceedings.

    He added, however, that one could add weight when swearing by doing any of the following: after the Asar prayers on Friday, in a mosque by the pulpit, with a holy book or the reading of the 77th verse from Surah Aal Imran.

    "And using just one qasam alphabet is sufficient but Saiful chose to say all three out of his own confidence."

    On this point he insisted that the similarities to the Christian act of swearing on the Bible was a non-issue.

    "Similarities cannot be assumed to be an act of copying. For example, Christians say Amen and Muslims say Amin when praying."

    Wan Zahidi also said that any Muslim could take an oath at the mosque as it was meant to be utilised by Muslims but stopped short of saying that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, whom Saiful accused of sodomy, should do likewise.

    Instead, he said that the issue should not be politicised: "Religion is the domain of Allah and should not be used to forward any agenda but the truth."


  11. Anonymous9:55 pm

    well after watching national media like TV3 and utusan or nstp group, it looks like the whole government machineries is against anwar. like 100,000 staff against 1 person. And the government really hates this anwar guy. Ezam has persuade anwar to join umno for the past 2 years, now he really gains alot from his movement. Good for the B***.

    zamri, ex-umno

  12. Anonymous9:57 pm

    rocky, have u seen this?

    -mr. nobody-

  13. Dear Rocky,
    You should start off your interview with the statement "Ni hau." instead of the question " Ni hau ma?"To a person who knows chinese the question may have negative implications!I am not trying to split is just for your information!

  14. 1. The "confession" by Imam Ramlang Porigi seems to be the typical strategy applied by DSAI at the last minute to confuse and defect the Sodomy 2 accusation and the importance and credibility of the sumpah laknat. RPK applies the strategy desperately by supporting his idiotic schemes with hearsay and dubious SDs. DSAI has big bucks and he easily buys people in his dire attempt to cover up his true colours and his wild imaginations to bugger the nation to accept him as the next PM.

    2. Thus if DSAI believes that the small imam has brought him some reprieve, he’s as usual dreaming. We all fear Allah and His punishments and there is no running away perpetually and DSAI knows that so well. As for Iman Ramlang, he should resign with immediate effect and join PKR or PAS as an effective party member; perhaps take the place of Zulkifli Nordin should the latter resign from PKR. I believe that would be in the best interest to uphold the sanctity of the Mufti WPKL office from errant servants.

    3. Not that I have any love for an acclaimed bugger but should DSAI win, I look forward to PM to leave earlier than schedule. We need a new leadership in UMNO and BN to bring back sanity to our beloved country. DSAI wouldn’t care that such sentiments would sway the voters to his side. The Non-Malays will sure vote for him speaks for itself. The Malays may little choice if they want to see the man in PM as to have been the caused of a lot of uncertainty and breeding many ills to the nation in particular the gluttony by his family and his lack of good governance. However bad the results will be to BN, PM has his famous saying “I don’t care” or in my words “he doesn’t give a damned about anything save his family’s interest:

  15. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I'm feeling the Permatang Pauh heat even from here in KL. Thank God for you bloggers.

    I don't know what the fear is, but cops are setting roadblocks in many places lately. I don't understand. Permatang Pauh is hundreds of kilometres away, over yonder!

    Last Sunday, the cops blocked two exits at the Seremban and the Senawang Toll. Why?

    Today the cops blocked the road out of Putrajaya and into the Serdang Hospital. Imagine the crawl. Again why?

    Such is the fear and stupidity.

    If there is any change after Permatang Pauh, then, I'm hoping for CAT (Competency, Acountability and Transparency).

    I'll keep my fingers crossed.


  16. Anwar...Anwar,

    If he wins it's expected, if he loses it's rigged. Those who beleive him must have "SUCKER" written across their forehead.

  17. Woe to the slanderer and the backbiter.

    BN/UMNO shares another page with the US.
    After 9/11 America legitimised ISA by coercing Congress and Senate to bring the Patriot ACT into law.
    There was a bizarre election scandalette in the poll among competitors for athlete-representatives to the International Olympic Committee. The US tried to ensure victory for its candidate, Julie Foudy, by offering team members a $50 (€34, £27) shopping voucher if they voted.
    Do the above reminds us of a particular party?

    BN/UMNO took things a step further; they accused DSAI of snitching for Uncle Sam of course without a thread of proof. Little did we know, Paul Wolfowitz also accused Anwar Ibrahim of going extremist and swore that Muslim heads of gomen and their foreign ministers sanction some even lobbied George Bush regime to Invade Iraq which culminated war and occupation to this day.
    Mahathir Mohamad Abdullah Badawi along with Husni Mubarak Abdullah of Jordan and a host of wicked men and women said Paul Wolfowitz given America the green light to attack Iraq and Afghanistan. Paul Wolfowitz vouchsafe to reveal all the signatories along with their dossier and secret connivance.

    Anwar Ibrahim opposed the invasion both secretly and openly. Anwar Ibrahim is the only recognised Muslim leader along with Nik Azziz and the Malay leadership of PAS to have vehemently oppose and criticized the invasion war and occupation of a Muslim country.

    So who is the real American Agents - and who in the Majlis Tertingi aren't members of the US & UK lodge? The Devil' advocates. Anwar Isn't.

    I would give my all to the first person who dare refute credibly my claims. Don't worry I ain't running anywhere.

  18. Anonymous10:33 pm

    The BN candidate is a nice guy but BN did not understand what the voters wanted. The leadership of BN is in question, not the candidate. The people wanted changes to the government and not on local issue. The people does not a hopeless government that rule in the last 51 years.

  19. Anonymous10:48 pm

    Wah working for teeny TV station ar? Same like M.Zul only.

    Birds of a feather flock together huh.

    Why don't you go cover Avril Lavigne concert oso la. Then can relate to 'Complicated'.

  20. To All the Pakatan Rakyat supporters & volunteers,

    Pls be 100% alert on tomorrow whole day long voting process and especially the transfer of votes from polling center to the Dewan for counting. We should consider the possibility of someone who may swap the ballot boxes.
    Therefore all kind of preventive action need to be carry out in all polling station.
    Besides, pls come out with the counter measure for ensuring there is a smooth of electricity supply and communication system.
    There are more dirty tricks which might happen anytime.


  21. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Are you referring this one?

    Or RPK's challenge here?

  22. Anonymous11:20 pm

    It is all here if you didn't get it.

  23. Apabila manusia memainkan peranan Tuhan maka tunggan terbalik lah dunia. Siapakah yang berhak untuk menghukum sah sumpah Saiful?. Anwar?Najib?Badawi?Mufti Mufti?Ramlang?Raja Petra?Para Ulamak?Gus Dur?Karpal?Kit SIang?Kamu?Aku? Sumpah adalah diantara insan dan tuhan nya. Selain Islam,Kristian,Buddha,Hindu,Yahudi dll tidak lari dari amalan bersumpah. Sumpah adalah satu perbuatan hak untuk mengakui persumpah itu di pihak yang benar dan adalah sejenis cabaran untuk pihak yang satu lagi untuk bersama sama bersumpah.Maka bermulalah perang saraf diantara yang bersumpah dengan yang belum bersumpah.Penipu, penjarah,pemnunuh dan lain lain juga boleh bersumpah sama ada apa saja agama yang dianuti nya. I swear to god i didnt do it or By the name of Jesus I did not do it atau Atas nama budha aku tidal lakiukan dan sebagai nya. Sumpah ada bejenis jenis. Sumpah penjenayah untuk melepaskan dirinya, sumpah sang mangsa untuk menegakkan kebenaran, sumpah pelakon filem,sumpah RM3/00 aka Stautory Declaration, sumpah si suami,sumpah dalam masjid dan lain lain. Sahke sumpah sumpah sedemikian? Boleh ke AnNwar, Najib, Badawi, Mufti, Ulamak,Karpal, LKS mengeluarkan fatwa atau pendapat atau hukum bahawa sumpah sumpah ini sah dan tidak sah disisi tuhan sedangkan sumpah it diantara penyumpah dengan tuhan nya. Dialam ini cuma penyumpah dan yang berkaitan dengan penyumpah itu saja yang tahu kebenarannya selain Allah. Jadi berhakkah kita menghukum perbuatan Saiful itu sah atau tidak? Disini topik dan issue utaman telah dipesongkan. Sepatunya Anwar perlu bersumpah untuk menolak sumpahan Saiful. Dengah ini, perbuatan itu 'balance' dan selain membiarkankan Mahkamah menentukan, umat Islam perlu dengan reda menerima samada sumpah Saiful atau sumpah Anwar (jika berlaku) kehadrat yang maha kuasa. Disini barulah terserlah sifat Umat Islam yang sebenarnya, yakni yakin, dan percaya pada Allah. Lihatlah sekeliling kamu wahai orang melayu dan Islam. Kita di perbudak budakan dan di tertawakan oleh mereka yang bukan Islam di atas satu perkara yang teramat kecil dan mudah.Beginilah sifat orang melayu tidak sedar diri, Ali join Ah Kow minum arak di pub konon nya mahu berbangga akan dirinya dihadapan Ah Kow sedangan itulah yang diimpikan oleh Ah Kow yang dengan bangga nya menghebohkan pda teman teman nya bahawa orang melayu pun minum arak tak percaya tanya si Ali dsn di Ali yang pendek akal akan menyindir kaum nya sendiri sebagai ketinggallan zaman.Apabilah ditegur Ali akan melenting dan baling bot; lesana kesini. Inilah yang terjadi didalam PKR yang mana akhirnya orang melayu baik didalam DAP, PKR mahu pun PAs akan ditertawakan oleh mereka. Umno yang masih kuat tapi seumpama retak mennggu belah masih tidur dan bermimpi atau mereka juga serupa ALi? UMNO tidak kalah pilihanraya, yang kalah ialah Ahmad Badawi malangnya beliu masih dibuai mimpi palsu dan lena dikipas oleh pengampu pengampu nya.Hey melayu sudahlah, lihatlah disekeliling kamu dan kamu akan sedari bahawa roh kamu tertingal dibelakang! Melayu sekarang adalah seperti mayat berjalan, zahir saja roh nya tidak ada. Mula mula umat Islam dipecahkan melalui mahzab, kemudian diPaskan dan DIumnokan dan sekarang diPakatan pulak. Inilah cita cita zionist, divide and rule! Semakin berpecahnya melayu semakin hilang lah kuasa mutlak Melayu seperti yang kelihatan di Perak dan Selangor. Bersatu kita teguh bercerai kita roboh.

  24. Anonymous12:37 am

    Anonymous said…

    Beware & take every possible precautions that Flip Flop BN is already running out of ideas except apart from their Swearing Circus, they will use every dirty tricks under the sun, like faking PKR supporters with imposters to commit crimes in order to tarnish PKR image, spin more lies in the MSM they controlled, probably use the biased Election Commission to switch real Ballot Boxes with pre-filled fake Ballot Boxes & shamelessly to bribe old ladies with welfare money, all elderly Voters take the money, you deserve them, but vote in Anwar for a new Government come September 16, 2008 for a new Malaysia.

    Petrol price cut at the last minutes of Permatang Puah By-Election is now the very sign of Desperation of the Flip Flop PeeM’s Wrong Doing:=KJ Flip Flop’s SIL Advisor of the Sinking Titanic BN PeeM’s last minutes Flop Flop Fuel Price Cut in great desperation to fish some votes from the present fiasco of their failed campaign in Permatang Pauh

    As usual the Flip-Flop and Flip-Flop again and again in desperation to cling on to Power, throw out the rotten Flip-Flop Tyranny come Sept 16, 2008

    Sink the titanic BN once and for all come Sept 16, 2008 in a coup de grace

    Permatang Pauh Voters it is your solemn duty as the foremost agent of change to send the Dirty & Corrupted BN to the bottom of the Ocean, & cleanse Malaysia of the Flip Flop rotten problem once and for all.

  25. Anonymous1:28 am


    Based on interview by SuaraKeadilan, the imam Ramlang Porigi indeed stated that Saiful's sumpah can be accepted.

    SK: Saiful dikatakan tersalah sebut beberapa istilah semasa lafaz sumpah beliau. Adakah ini mencacatkan kesahihan sumpah yang dia ucapkan?

    RP: Bagi saya kalau dia bersumpah untuk dirinya sendiri sumpah itu boleh diterima lagi tetapi dikatakan mubahalah tidak sempurna selagi kedua-dua pihak tidak bersumpah.



  26. Manyak olang lagi celita sama wa.
    Itu Lolah Balawi selupa itu Najib.
    Dua pun tipu olang punya olang.
    Ini celita ada butut ke?

    Elo kawan, wa kasi lu olang tau.
    Wa tatak pandai baca.
    Lu olang manyak pandai baca.
    Sikalang lu olang baca ini hal.

  27. The D-day for Permatang Pauh By-Election, the D-day for Malaysia.

    Their (the Permatang Pauh's voters) choice, our (all Malaysian) fate.

  28. Anonymous7:25 am

    just winning in not siok lah, i like to see the other 2 losing their deposit, ok ! have FUN TONITE !

  29. Anonymous7:35 am

    Rocky, We wish genuine P Pauh voters selamat mengundi. There's concern abt the electoral list which the Suruhanjaya Penyelewengan Pilihanraya (SPP) came up with. Let's hope they will come out in droves (minus the hantus of course). The declaration of public holiday by Penang Govt shud help. Najib and other BN leaders described the declaration as unprecedented and a waste of resources as if only BN cud make unprecedented decisions and since when the BN is concerned abt wasteful spending. They have been wasting public fund like nobody's biz including here in P Pauh where they shud only use their party resources not taxpayers' (like mine). Yet we see Pak Lah and Najib behaving like PM and DPM of P Pauh instead of M'sia. So P Pauh voters if you want to put a stop to these excesses VOTE FOR ANWAR.

    frm: spp

  30. Anonymous10:49 am

    PP - Permatang Pauh
    PP - !!!PEOPLE POWER!!!
    PP - Permatang Pauh
    PP - !!!PEOPLE POWER!!!

    new kid on d blogWagon

  31. And suddenly, the Mufti of FT is the only one that is knowledgeable enough to comment. And of course, he did so according to the wish of Najib. How faithful and timely. Did he quote any quranic verses to dispute Ramlang?

  32. Seorang Muslim sejati tidak perlu bersumpah kerana berkata benar adalah merupakan satu kewajipan. Jika sesuatu keadaan memerlukan seseorang itu bersumpah, maka dengan itu difahami bahawa sepanjang kehidupannya telah dipenuhi dengan kata-kata dusta sehingga sesekali apabila seseorang itu bekata benar, maka dia bersumpah dengan nama Allah bagi meyakinkan bahawa dia adalah benar.

    Dalam konteks ini, konsep bersumpah sewajarnya tidak boleh diterima pakai dalam menentukan kebenaran dan keadilan terhadap seseorang. Sebaliknya, ia adalah perantaraan di antara seseorang yang bersumpah dengan penciptanya (Allah) dan bagi memberitahu kepada khalayak tentang kebenaran melalui sumpah yang dilafazkan. Namun ianya tidak terikat dengan mana-mana peraturan mahupun undang-undang bahawa dia adalah benar. Ini kerana kebenaran hakiki hanya diketahui oleh Allah s.w.t. Oleh itu, proses perundangan masih perlu diteruskan samada melalui hukum syariah ataupun sivil. Selebihnya, khalayak berhak membuat persepsi peribadi.

    Namun persepsi peribadi inilah yang cuba dieksploitasikan oleh sesetengah golongan dalam usaha meraih kepentingan politik iaitu dengan mengeksploitasi persepsi khalayak untuk mendapat undi.

    Walau bagaimanapun, sebagai seorang Muslim, setelah kemelut ini diheret kepada isu sumpah serta melibatkan kesucian agama Islam dan kebesaran Allah s.w.t, maka penulis dengan rendah dirinya ingin mengajak SELURUH UMAT Islam terutama di Malaysia, atas tanggungjawab FARDHU KIFAYAH, agar bersama-sama menunaikan SOLAT HAJAT dan berdoa agar Allah s.w.t menunjukkan KEBENARAN HAKIKI melalui kekuasaan yang dimilikinya dengan melimpahkan RAHMAT kepada mereka yang dianiaya dan menurunkan LAKNAT kepada mereka yang menganiaya. Ini kerana umat Islam sudah muak dan jijik dengan keadaan serta kemelut yang melanda di negara ini. Ayuh, saudaraku,firman Allah dalam surah Al-Fatihah " Hanya Engkau Kami Sembah, Dan Hanya Engkau Kami Memohon Pertolongan". Kami umat Islam inginkan bentuk kehidupan yang sederhana serta jauh daripada segala macam KEJIJIKAN yang sedang berlaku di negara ini. A Lu Pikir Lah Sendiri

  33. Anonymous11:52 am

    Mufti FT sudah dibeli oleh BN lah....... cukup jelas... mufti pun manusia jugak, dia ada kepentingan sendiri jugak... kan BN yang bagi dia kerja dia... takkan nak gigit tangan yang memberi... belah lah mufti wilayah!