Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ah, Shahjihad Jalil

"Hope you ladies know what you're doing". I didn't want to post on this Wanita Umno's "jihad" on Anwar Ibrahim because it's so, er, not on. i I also thought, at first, that Shahrizat was talking about Rafidah Aziz and the AP thing. Read Jalan Sudin's take here. I join her in hoping that those ladies know what they're doing.

p.s. Somebody said Shahrizat should focus on wresting back what Anwar Ibrahim's daughter took away from her during the last General Election instead of trying to take on the daughter's father. Makes sense?


  1. Anonymous4:34 pm

    She's not using the correct term to express her spirit of fighting against ANWAR. Should not misuse such words, could get people misunderstand, eventhough she is such passion in showing her efforts and voice for the party.

  2. Anonymous4:35 pm

    i think the statement made by Shahrizat gotta with the Permatang Pauh,it's just natural for anyone in UMNO/BN to be political party diss the problem whatsoever about it.

    it's just the word "jihad" that might be misinterpret by others.perhaps she means it in a good way or barely she chose the incorrect word to show his passion.

  3. Maybe she already put aside her lost to Izzah and decided to take on Anwar, instead. Haha.

  4. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Shahrizat lost the election and yet the stupid PM made her a minister. This just goes to show she has no morals and do not know when she is not wanted. As the saying goes 'depan taboleh masuk, belakang pun boleh', jadi mentri juga waluapun kalah.

  5. Anonymous5:00 pm





  6. Anonymous5:05 pm

    She said the truth anyway. Shahrizat said Anwar will "destroy us" and since that's true (destroying their bastions, networks, illegal drug sources, NEP hijack, and easy ride), Then I don't see anything wrong with her statement. He has already destroyed her because a young girl that she can mother 2 times destroyed her. One wonders if she thinks Nurul Izzah wasn't elected by Malays againt a formidable (but totally destroyed grandmother). I know Shahrizat by the way and you will definately not like her family and her private life which is beyond salvation point.

  7. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Hello Bro
    I am surprised that non of the popular malay bloggers(ex UiTM) are staying away from MB Khalid's proposal on UiTM.I thought you guys would at least say something either pro or against.

  8. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Jihad is for the sake of Allah the Almighty not for cronies and crooks. Stupid ugly woman.

  9. Anonymous5:07 pm

    When will she declare Jihad against the rapists who have destroyed Malay women? Against irresponsible fathers? Against sexist politicians? Against men who subjugate to women?

    Petrified woman...

  10. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Abang Rocky,
    jihat ke jahat?
    Melayu lawan melayu jihad ke? Islam lawan Islam jihad ke?
    Aku baca blog ini dari Tabuk,Saudi Arabia.Aku Jual perkhidmatan aku kepada Kerajaan Arab saudi kerana nak dapatkan duit lebih secara halal.Aku anak orang kampong.Tak ada apa yang mak bapak aku tinggalkan kecuali sehelai sijil mati.Bukan seperti anak menantu pemimpin UMNO yang sudah tentu mewarisi harta bertambun melalui keturunannya. Tapi,kata Orang Alim kalau aku mati, semasa mencari rezeki di Tanah Arab ini aku mati jihad dan bukan mati Jahat.
    Betul tak betul aku tak pasti.Tak peduli.yang aku peduli, Shahrizad bukan pemimpin wanita yang aku sukai.Entah...sebab dia nampak bukan Melayu asli kok.


  11. Anonymous5:19 pm

    biarkanlah dia rocky.. dia lepas geram tue.. nak lawan kak pidah tak dapat bulan 12 nie.. tu yang meroyan sakan tue.. lepas ni sama-sama putih mata.. pidah akan gelak kuat-kuat cakap.. hahahaha aku berjaya tipu semua!

  12. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Where was their Jihad when a foreign woman was blown to pieces and you can't even find her bones?

    Where was their Jihad when the poor was made to pay more to survive and the country was being ruined by their own kind through non-stop politicking?

    Where was their Jihad when some people up there decided to put the country into auto pilot while they stop to do more important things?

    Where was their Jihad when the children of other ladies were forcibly sent to risk life, limbs and chastity in some camps just so that their kind could make each other rich?

    Where was their Jihad when other ladies' children who studied their butts out and upon graduation find it difficult to find jobs as helpers in burger stalls because there are too many burger stalls already?

    Where was their Jihad when graduates are forced hide their degrees and use their SPM certificates to apply for clerical or production operator's job?

    Where was their Jihad when squatters were forcibly evicted in lands they have been living for generations just so that some of their kind could make many many millions building condos and shopping malls?

    Where was their Jihad when known criminals are allowed to walk free because it seems our prosecuting teams suddenly lost the ability to put up a good show?

    Where was their Jihad when a cigar chomping male counterpart could go free after groping the arse of one of their kind?

    Where was their Jihad when their kind provided easy access to everything that we had to the evil regime of USA to facilitate the bombardment of Afghanistan, Iraq and the destruction of the Abu Sayyaf?

    Do I need ask more? Come on ladies, is the whole woman wing declaring Jihad or is it only the Mak Datins who are so fond of rhetoric and suddenly find that Jihad is the fashionable word to use?

    I wonder too, what they were wearing when they declared this so-called Jihad? Were they in Purdahs or were they in Gucci's, Jimmy Choo's and Zang Toi's while instructing their baju kurunged ordinary members to take up arms against this enemy of theirs while they planned their next shopping trip to London, Paris and New York?

    Tell you what ladies, get your priorities right and then maybe we will give you a listen.

  13. This just shows how "lost" is Sharizat now. "Jihad"?! ..please

  14. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Pak Rocky,
    Seolah dah nak menghalalkan darah Anwar Ibrahim melalui jihad.
    selepas ini apa? Shahid?

  15. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Elo Mak Cik,,

    U better brushen your jilat rather than Jihat against DSAI,,

    Gunalah otak sikit bila bercakap,,,
    Islam dgn Islam Jihad,,!!! Islam and non Islam,,,????


  16. Anonymous5:31 pm

    I feel so sorry for her and all the umno putera, they don't know what they are doing and saying!

  17. Anonymous5:35 pm

    sometimes when you are surrounded by idiots, led by an idiot, you tend to be idiotic too....

  18. UMno's jihad is never jihad in the eyes of God. I can safely it may be counter productive bringing God's curse unto UMno.

  19. Anonymous5:44 pm

    stupid woman shahrizat......,

    kunta kinte

  20. Anonymous6:03 pm

    If there's any Jihad to justify in Malaysia, it's the one by all right-thinking people against the present Government with all their racial and corrupted mindset and policies. This is surely one Jihad which non-Malays or Muslims would participate in numbers with their brethen.

  21. Anonymous6:06 pm


    izat nak jadi hero in permatang pauh. i mean she wants to contest against rafidah for ketua wanita so this is the time to gain popularity and that is why u have this jihad he he he

    have not seen izat for a long time in bangsar

    from laksa sarawak

  22. This reminds me..
    Sometime ago when Anwar had just defeated Gaffar Baba to become Timbalan Presiden UMNO and thus the Deputy Prime Minister.
    ABIM people were saying, ' Ini lah masa nya untuk kita mengumpul harta ghanimah' ( read: bounties of Jihad).

  23. The word JIHAD is not for play... I hope Shahrizat will think carefully before making a fool out of herself again....


  24. Anonymous6:32 pm


    Shahrizat just tried to grap a little attention when everyone else is focusing on Anwar * Najib Show!

    She need attention

  25. Anonymous6:38 pm

    There were some very interesting comments sent to Malaysiakini on this Shahrizat-Jihad matter.

    (begin excerpt)


    Hypocrite-Watcher: Have we heard well? Is this report correct - Shahrizat
    declares jihad against Anwar Ibrahim? This is playing with religion in a serious way. Islam is being truly corrupted by Umno people.

    Does an ultra-liberal minister, whose personal lifestyle we should not expose here, have any idea what she is saying? I guess not. I guess she has never read any serious Islamic material.

    For if she had, she would have realised that her action is the last thing a Muslim should do. I bet Shahrizat does not even understand the concept of jihad, otherwise she would never dare say something like this.

    Is it that she cannot admit her humiliating defeat to a political novice in her 'own' constituency, and now she is jumping on a jihad bandwagon against her victor's father?

    My advice to Shahrizat - keep quiet, otherwise your family lifestyle may come into the open. Then we shall know the true hypocrite.

    (end excerpt)

    Personally, I am of the opinion that only Islamic personalities with recognised competence should be allowed to issue jihad and fatwa type of statements. If lay-people start using such special terms willy-nilly, then the likelihood of the status of the terms being undermined is all too real. As in this case.

  26. Tidak ada yang pelik atau luarbiasanya 'jihad' Shahrizat jika berdasarkan hadhari. Shahrizat mungkin terbawa bawa dengan 'muqabalah'.

    Berilah Shahrizat melembutkan lidahnya supaaya sama lentik dan sama putar macam Anwar.

    Percaturan BN meletakkan calun wanita menentang Anwar (???) dan puteri sebagai petugas kempen polihanraya di PP cukup strategis memandangkan Anwar cukup kalah badi dengan wanita.

    BN sudah mula sedar, meletakkan pemuda BN di Permatang Pauh tidak memberi kesaan kepada Anwar yang sememangnya lebih 'gemar' dengan pemuda pemuda.

  27. Anonymous6:54 pm

    shahrizat..u rock!u gotta be mad to jihad big brother..

  28. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Well, Anwar knows the contents of Shahrizat's closet. She who lives in a glass house should not be throwing stones at other people's glass houses.

    Pak Anjang,
    Lembah Pantai.

  29. Bankrupt loser politicians who sponge on taxpayers money only becoz they get in through the back door, don't know anything else but to play the Race & Religious Extremism card.

    Maybe that molotov cocktail was actually meant for her. An Ah Long trying to collect an old debt?

    Think about that!!

  30. Anonymous7:28 pm

    pak lah,bila nak turun rega minyak ni....rega minyak dunia dah turun lama dah!!!
    wangkok tol

  31. Anonymous7:35 pm

    She should contest in Ptg Pauh..rather than hide behind jihad and her selendang. She is not as pious as she wants to potray herself to be. Suffice to say, she is no angel.

  32. When comes to lady politics..better leave it to ladies.
    After all....not one lady talk about sodomy....for or against Anwar..a if those ladies are shy virgins.
    Where got Malaysia UMNO narrow minded and hypocritical people.
    It is always Malaysia Boleh....minus UMNO die hard members....hahahahahaha

  33. Anonymous8:18 pm

    Dear Friends,

    I am just like the many other Malaysians that are considered the silent majority crying out for justice.

    Oh, Malaysia what has become of you.Have you become a nation of bigots,racists and reprobates that have no common decency( For lack of a better word)

    Crying out with shouts of joy as we recall the birth of a nation, that was heralded by our forefathers, we now are besieged by the trauma of division and hatred.

    While the rest of the world is in unison for continued success and emboldened by the seach and quest for achievement here we are in this land that we call' the place where our drop of blood reigns supreme over others.

    Do you honestly think that we could compete with the others.We shall not compare ourselves with others as we often say we are are cauldron or melting pot that is very unique.We are a 'kaleidoscope of rich culture'.Is that all we are.In the eyes of the world we are a nation of bigots and racists.We rather hide under the 'shell of a coconut' than to face the realities of the present world.

    Are we a nation that victimises the innocent.What about the Lords that have very much to do how 'contracts were awarded'.

    Fast forward to present day scenario as in the case of Tourism Malaysia DG taking the wrap ( charged) today, what about the others who were responsible for awarding contracts during their stint there...what about Kamaruddin Siaraf the Godfather,what about Zahid Hamidi ( cloaked in the garmment of hyprocrisy) wasnt he one of them who coerced that contracts should be awarded to companies linked to him or rather the Toursim Funds be disbursed to his cronies.What about Leo Toyad wasnt he responsible just like the others.What about Kunan is he absolvede from sin.There are indeed many scenarios.

    Trying to expose them will not do any good.That segment is reserved for you in the next world.

    What about the Chief Imam Hadhari who pushed for contracts to be awarded to his SIL (sister-in-law's) company.

    Behold the hour is nigh.Justice will prevail, maybe rightly as how we Muslims put it it should be in cash and in the here and now.

    We often talk about fairness and doing what is right we want to cling on to dear life with what we want is ours.

    Education is to be fair and for all, regardless of background.Yet we inspire the young and the 'naive' ( coconut shellers) to take to the streets as in the UiTM case.Everone is programmed to self destruct towards repentance at some point in time.

    We think that by holding on to our so called last bastion we can continue depriving others,( or rather depriving ourselves of what true competition means)

    It would have been or might have been applicable then to have institutes of higher education for the under privileged but then fast forward do we still want to compete amongst ourselves then continue living under a coconut shell. Maybe the Selangor Chief Minister is far sighted.Not some sinister cannister in some backyard farm.(A frog untuk a coconut shell)

    Truly I say and thats just not my comment, we are indeed left behind in this crucible of progress.

    Taking to the streets will not harness the truth.

    For those of you who believe in the application of truth and fairness, in a just an equitable life for others.You will receive your worth in this life and the next.

    For those of you who stand in the way of progress, and fairness thus will be your cup of slavery in this world and the next.Maybe you are all to blinded to know what is right.That cannot possibly and innately come from you, as you have to be gifted with wisdom from the All Knowing Omnipotent Creator.

    Here's Wishing all of You a Blessed Ramadhan Ahead.

    Anonimously Praying For The Nation

  34. Anonymous8:41 pm


    shahrizat ni tiga suku la. nak jihad plak dah, aurat pun tak sempurna tutup.

    bibir je besar, akai kecik...! lawak la org umno ni.

  35. Anonymous8:51 pm

    M'sian woman suicide bomber expert in using see4.


  36. Anonymous8:54 pm

    I mean, who believes her when she talks of jihad? :)

  37. Anonymous8:56 pm

    She can't even fight for the lot of Muslim ladies...what jihad?

  38. Anonymous9:11 pm

    I like the way Umno fellas and gals talk Islam when it suits them..otherwise. STAND UP FER THE BARS IN BANGSAR, MATE!

  39. Anonymous9:20 pm


    I mum damansara boy. We all knpw their familylah. My son friend of her sons.
    We also don't like Anwar. To us they are in the same boat.
    Hmm Ijat. Ramai boyfriend tau dulu. hot, hot. Among bigshotslah. Luckily Anwar not dat way inclined

  40. Anonymous9:22 pm

    kak jat...cuba kak jat jihad menentang liwat-meliwat atas rakyat malaysia oleh orang2 umno tu dulu..pastu cuba suruh wanita2 dan isteri2, mistress2 menteri2 umno tu jihad..kurang sket shopping sakan...rakyat tengok sakit hati...camna la korang mampu nak shopping sakan...jawatan "Yang Berkhidmat"...tapi duit berjuta2 macam "Yang Merompak"....pi mai pi mai, tang tu jugak perangai...

  41. hahaha and anonymous 8.18,


    (and thank you)

  42. Anonymous9:57 pm

    @Leithaisor: My advice to Shahrizat - keep quiet, otherwise your family lifestyle may come into the open

    @Pak Anjang: the contents of Shahrizat's closet.


    Folks, these sound interesting, to say the least ... smells of some scandals here(?) Ermm, can you (or anyone else) provide us/me with more information, please?... Web links etc would be appreciated (e-mail address below).

    TIA - faridahasy+yahoo>com

  43. Anonymous10:04 pm

    holy cow not another holy war!
    Holy War Cry Pau(h) Wins Permatang Pauh :d
    And so the BN-day is saved, thanks to these band of jihad empowered powdered-puff ladies, I mean power-puffing ladies.
    read more my blog

  44. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Kak Ijat kena fight that she could save her ministerial adviser .if not her family beef cattle project kaput...

  45. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Ingat ye Bang Nuar,

    TAUBAT bukan TAU BUAT benda tu.....

  46. Anonymous11:38 pm

    This must be Jihad according to Imam Islam Hadhari ... Wali Kota

  47. Anonymous11:51 pm

    i tink aah she is hunger for SEX lah : if she could JIHAD successfully , wow, sioknya ...70, ulangi , tujuhpuluh lelaki will be rewarded in
    no wonder she uses ' JIHAD', surely she knows about the reward bcos she an indian MUSLIM what !!

  48. They fight..but when period comes..very moody.
    Allah made men.. stand out to pee.and women..need to squat who is the boss?
    They got periods. Men got sperms.
    I say......leave women politicians out....very unreliable and moody.
    But men can live with them....yet cannot live without them.
    C4 lady is special..out of this world.

  49. why Jihad? against another muslim who is politically different from you? isAnwar against Islam? Please la.

    jihad the corruption around you and you will get lots of pahala. and please stop accepting the salary you are receiving...what do you really do in the new position? nothing? Halal ke makan gaji buta?


  50. Anonymous8:36 am

    this is not about who said it... but, what was said!

    like a lot, and I mean a lot, of people I think Shahrizat is an idiot... however, unlike most people I never discard any noteworthy statements coming from these idiots.

    although she will never realize this, at least not for the right reason... but, what she said is true.

    go read up the Koran or the Bible, whichever is to your persuasion, on the prophet Lot/Luth (p.b.u.h)

    why did the prophet's wife suffer the same fate as the people of Lot?

    her only sin was for looking back.

    well, the most obvious reason is that when God commands... hey, we humans must obey.

    after all, God's message to His prophet was to leave and not to look back.

    however, there is another way of looking at this looking back or turning.

    you know how it is when you leave your house, like, to go on a journey/trip?

    well, after you've left your house, you can't help but turn/look back for that one last look, or maybe several looks, at the people you are leaving behind... well, that's just human nature.

    however, if you leave in a huff and a puff, in other words... in anger, you don't bother to turn/look back, do you?

    to cut the story short... the moral of the story is... don't sympathize with a known homosexual.

    hey, don't look at me that way... go read the Koran or Bible... see what you make of it.

    without a doubt, God despises homosexuals... in the entire Koran and the Bible, the only explicit description of God destroying a whole community is to the people of Lot... and, including, those who sympathized/emphatized with these people.

    there you have it... don't argue with me... just make the effort and go read the Koran or the Bible.

    maybe the PAS spiritual leader should brush up his knowledge on this chapter... ignorance is not a form of defense... God has given you a thing called a brain... go use it constructively... for once in your life!

    they say, doing things for the sake of God is Jihad, right?

    so, what do you call trying to stop a known homosexual from being your leader?

    remember what happened to Johor after Badawi announced his new Cabinet?

    see the list of Ministers and check if any of them is of, let's just say, the other persuasion.

    remember, God punishes the sympathizers as well as the evil-doers.


  51. Anonymous10:00 am

    Hehehe.. is it jihad or jilat? Oopss!! what did I just say?? Notty me! noottty! Wahahahahahahaha!!!

  52. Anonymous1:48 pm


    I bet my last penny you won't publish or discuss this in your blog:
    [Mahathir and Musharraf both abused the Judiciary - Raja Aziz Addruse]

  53. standard la rocky, orang ameno ni ramai yg hanya pandai ikut ikut cakap org lain. Sebenarnya sepatah haram pung dia tak tahu apa mnate yg disebutnya sendiri.

    Bila cakap bunyi macam bombastik sangat tapi sebenarnya kosong tanpa pengisian.

    Sepatutnya dia ni menjihadkan diri sendiri dari bahu yg ditudung kepada kepala yang bertudung.

  54. Itulah BODOH...Belajarlah Islam yang benar, siapa suruh menganut Islam cap hadhari...

  55. Bro Rocky,

    The correct heading is


  56. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Punyalah nak berkempen politik sehingga menggunakan istilah 'jihad' untuk konteks yang tidak sesuai. Agak-agak la bila berkempen. Jangan guna istilah 'jihad' dalam konteks yang tak betul. Takut mengundang persepsi bukan-bukan daripada pembangkang saja...

  57. Anonymous7:08 am

    this wooman going to jihad anwar on saturday ! oh ...NO...NO...
    polis & doktor & ambulance be AWAS...AWAS...aWAS...:: she is going to be 'self- sacrifised' lah !
    DUN let her come close to anwar pretending to shake-hands , she may have c1,2,3 or 4 in her hand
    bag !! ok !

  58. Anonymous7:08 am

    this wooman going to jihad anwar on saturday ! oh ...NO...NO...
    polis & doktor & ambulance be AWAS...AWAS...aWAS...:: she is going to be 'self- sacrifised' lah !
    DUN let her come close to anwar pretending to shake-hands , she may have c1,2,3 or 4 in her hand
    bag !! ok !
    AWAS...AWAS...AWAS...!!! (niamahx)

  59. Anonymous5:36 pm

    jihad plg besar ialah jihad melawan hawa nafsu.

    nak cakap pasal jihad ke fisabilillah ke apa least tutup le aurat betoi2 dulu..

    baru org percaya..