Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No hell will break loose tonight

Crowd jubilant, set to party to welcome back Anwar to Parliament. My eyes and ears at the Institute Tuanku Bainun, the tally centre for the Permatang Pauh by-election, say there's a crowd of about a thousand PR supporters gathered outside now (about 6.30pm) as counting of the votes begin. Malaysiakini says the road to the centre has been closed by police (read here and click on the Mkini map to enlarge).

The unofficial result should be known in about an hour or so. The Election Commission places voter turnout at about 65 per cent.

Will there be trouble tonight?
That's what a lot of people are asking. My E&E says: "Trouble? Not here. This lot is happy, not angry."


  1. Bro',

    Hell will not break loose alright. There'll only be heartbreaks and celebrations. Question is from which side of the camps.

    Keep safe.

  2. Anonymous7:49 pm


    as at 7.48pm, anwar is leading.

  3. Anonymous8:01 pm

    The only people kicking themselves will be BEE END coz its THE END lah...unless they bump off Anwar as last, desperate resort.

    Sombong betul ek oghe tu. Tak pe...tak pe...ade ubi boleh balas. Eh forgot the peribahasa...whateverlah, you get the picture.

  4. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Foregone conclusion. Rakyat is matured enough to play by the rules. Unless you are from U-know-what Party.

  5. Yes... these lot are happy and not angry IF their idola win? What about if he lost?

  6. Anonymous8:46 pm

    People will win back Put tra jaya from those corrupted BeeEnd If those evil BeeEnd think they can use DNA bill to frame Anvar,they are sick in the heads. The people will kick those evil BeeEnd out and free Anvar.

    Those corrupted BeeEnd are not only corrupted but now they are evil without any sense of moral. The people are ashame to have those BeeEnd as their MP.

    Only those evil parties will continue to stick with BeeEnd.

    END BeeEND

  7. Anonymous8:49 pm

    All Rakyat are united as one Bangsa Malaysia, helping each other, treating each other as brother and sister. one team not enemy.

    Divided and rule is not longer applicable.

    United We Stand.

  8. The other lot is not....muekekekekek

  9. That's one small step for Pakatan, one giant leap for Malaysians.

    With apologies to Neil Armstrong

  10. Anonymous9:03 pm

    personal fav so far:

    Seberang Jaya, Box 2 : Anwar 258 /Arif 7

    Arif…. can u say “malu” in 5 languages???? come look for me I will teach ….ahahahahahahahaha

    new kid on d blogWagon

  11. Lesser turnout, bigger majority, there's confidence in the govt! And the geaser in Seri Perdana thinks it's dandy.

  12. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Syukur alhamdullilah. That's the road to Putrajaya! Syabas Anwar!

  13. Anonymous9:42 pm

    ... now i cannot decide on a fave:

    Seberang Jaya, Box 2 : Anwar 258 / Arif 7 languages of shame
    PKR 31579. BN 15045. AKIM 89.

    Haji! there were more people on the buses!!… hahahahahaha

    new kid on the blogWagon

  14. Anonymous9:43 pm

    yes there will be trouble tonight...Rosemary will be angry with Pink Lips..


  15. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Salam bro, pertamanya tahniah kpd Dato Anwar atas kejayaan beliau.
    Syabas juga kpd calon BN Dato Arif Shah kerana menjadi calon gentleman.
    Dengaq kata byk duit tak sampai kat dia masa kempen. Nak buat laghu mana Arif, dah ramai penyangak sapu duit.
    Diharapkan SPR segera maklum Speaker Parlimen Pandikar Amin keputusan Anwar menang supaya dia dpt hadir dan angkat sumpah MP dan Ketua Pembangkang pada 27/28 Ogos supaya dia boleh hadir bentang Bajet jumaat ini.
    Takut satu dunia kata BN main politik untuk larang Anwar masuk Parlimen.
    Pembangkang asyik dapat political mileage bila BN buat perkara tak bijak.
    Blog milik Kali/Brendan kata Pak Lah kena undur kalau Anwar menang besaq.
    Harap Najib siap sedia utk jadi PM n presiden Umno masa perhimpunan.
    Panggil balik Dr M untuk pebaik negara ni yang rosak teruk bwh Pak Lah ni.
    Mufti Perlis kata pilih calon yang tidak memudaratkan agama dan negara.
    Ikut suka ahli Umno nak buat apa. Nabil kata pikirlah sendiri.


  16. Anonymous10:21 pm

    hope Dr M and his family move to CUBA if anar become minister

    ex-dr M supporter

  17. Anonymous10:40 pm

    No trouble at Permatang Pauh. But there will be trouble in the Parliament soon.

    Malaysia Digest

  18. Anonymous2:45 am

    Ah, normalcy resumes. No cybertroopers littering around. Nice. Hope they're gone for good.