Sunday, August 24, 2008

Najib's a Hindu now!?

Another Statutory Declaration. Another SD has been launched against Najib Razak, apparently by people who wish to hasten his political demise. But the quality of the Statutory Declaration by the former driver of Anwar Ibrahim's former tennis partner is such that you'd wonder whether the SD won't do the launchers more harm than it would do the DPM. But an SD is an SD.

Read Malayia Today's Najib: Muslim by birth, Hindu by practice.

p.s. Someone just told me that Najib is actually a Jew. I'm trying to find the link this info. Watch out for this space soon. update: OK here's the link: Najib is not a Hindu but a Jew ...
p.p.s. I'm in Penang, hoping to get a close look at the Permatang Pauh by-election. So watch out for this space for Anwar's comeback tale.


  1. Anonymous1:18 pm

    This is only 'tip of the iceberg'..i guess,lot of UMNO evils using other form of rituals to protect their interest..who care whether these are against Islamic teaching or not,as long as they benefitted from these.So,lately all this crap about swearing in the name of Allah in the mosque voiced out by some UMNO evils are just making Malaysian's muslims laughing stock of the muslim world.Syedali

  2. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Hindu, Jew or Muslim, it makes no damn difference. It's all in the hearts and mind. The clothes doth not make the man who wears it.

  3. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Hindu ke Islam ke Kristian ke Buddha ke, manusia juga kita semua.

    Yang penting sekali kita nak tengok dia itu amanah, jujur, bercakap benar, sopan santun atau tidak.

    Ini kunci menentukan adil atau tidak seorang pemimpin, baik atau tidak seorang wakil rakyat.

    Dengan kayu ukur inilah harus kita ukur Dato' Najib, Khairy, Ahmad A. Badawi, Anwar, Kit Siang, Tok Guru Nik Aziz, dan sebagainya.

    Siapa antara di atas ini yang memenuhi amanah rakyat dan bercakap benar?

    Pilih lah saudara-saudari dengan tulus dari hati.

  4. Anonymous1:43 pm

    And Nalla claims that he has 5 tapes on Anwar, according to a Malaysiakini report.

    When, oh when, will this sandiwara end and politicians (both BN and Opposition) get back to the business of running the country for the benefit of ALL Malaysians?

    Thought for today: if Barack Obama, an African-American, can hope to be elected as President of the US by a majority of white-American, African-American, Hispanic-American and Asian-American voters, then why can't Malaysians contemplate the possibility of a non-Malay Prime Minister without going all uneasy or angry?

    Something that Rais Yatim, Khairy J and others of their ilk may want to think about.

    Or is Malaysia a different case where sensitivitiex have to be handled carefully?

    Oh, I forgot. We cannot talk about "seditious" issues.

    But the American War of Independence was sedition of the highest order as far as the British government at that time was concerned. And we all know how that turned out, don't we?

  5. Now Najib has to swear by the Koran..his driver for 5 years is lying.
    Yes Najib and Saiful have brought back 1500 traditions to Space AGE Malaysia.
    Islam will fall with such Christianity Buddhism.
    These are not Muslims.
    These are devil's servants.

  6. ohh.. this is awesome news...

    I cant wait for another awesomeness news from P.Pauh in this space.

    Bro Rocky, how is permatang pauh going on? is it already changed to 60BN - 40PKR ? or still remain 70PKR - 30BN??

  7. Anonymous2:04 pm

    While RPK's posting has always been entertaining to say the least, a certain hint of truth, and should always be taken with a certain amount of cynicism and critical view, I find the latest posting and SD a little wrong.

    Sure, he doesn't like Najib - in fact, not many people do. I certainly don't. However, the fact that he practices Hinduism should have nothing to do with his ability, or inability to lead the country.

    Therefore, does the SD suggest that if a person practices Hinduism despite being born into a Muslim family, he should be denied the right to become the Prime Minister? The most we can say is that by practising Hinduism, he is not a Malay - since Malay is DEFINED in our constitution.

    And by the way, what is with Malaysians and Jews? It's like the whole country, or certain ethnicity, is against the Jewish faith and ethnicity. While we are talking about the Bangsa Malaysia and the multiculturalism, aren't we a bunch of hypocrite if we can't accept the Jewish faith?

    I do not defend nor support the Zionist movement, in fact I condemn it to certain degree. I merely say hating Jews blindly - like Mahathir and a lot of Malaysian are doing - is wrong, and shouldn't be practised.

  8. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Najib a Jew? Now that's explosive! I thought he's Bugis though?


  9. SD orang percaya.

    Mubahalah orang tak percaya.

    Orang lebih percaya manusia atau tak percaya azab tuhan?

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  11. It looks like SDs and swearing is the essential in staying in power for the power to be.
    The rakyat's intelligence is being fooled and bruised.

  12. Devils and Saints
    I think people will become
    On what issues raise
    The stroking of sentiments

    I feel it in the air
    It seems plenty in the mind
    Devils and Saints
    I don’t think it will go away

    Devils and Saints
    It sure makes its ways
    Running into our lives
    Nobody can change

    One time angels
    Then demons in the eyes
    I don’t think people will behave
    On what issues raise

    Devils and Saints
    I know we all are at it
    Walking to our destiny
    We have many distractions
    It takes us a long time to arrive

    Devils and Saints
    The whistle blowing
    The flag waves
    I arrive on the scenes
    The beauty glows
    In my eyes I see it all

  13. Anonymous3:15 pm


    Macam makan kacanglah buat SD nih... Rasa nak buat, kita buat...

  14. Anonymous3:18 pm

    WOW! This is a 1st, a melayu want to be a mamak - must be one crazy bugger!!!


  15. Anonymous3:27 pm

    You can't lessen the facts mentioned in the SD by seeking consolation in a far away land like saying "I heard Najib is a Jew". Well, we don't need that because we don't buy it neither does it erase some facts. And by the way, there is nothing wrong in being a Jew. What's wrong is to be a disbeliever. Where do you come from? The question is: the people who released the SD must be taken to court to stop that nonsense, so that we have peace. Otherwise engaging in hide and seek game and trying to seek consolation by deflecting will not help.

  16. When we live in a 'multi-multi' society
    There's 'freedom' for multiple combinations
    Especially when religion is no individual's propriety
    There's no need for unnecessary combustions

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 240808
    Sun. 24th Aug. 2008.

  17. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Officials in Najib's entourage have declined comment on the posting. Najib is leading the Barisan Nasional campaign in the Permatang Pauh by-election which is on Aug 26. - The Malaysian Insider

  18. What's the problem? After all he is only reaching deep into that which has contributed the most to local culture and language.

    As for Ali Baba Ji, this is also part of our truly glocal 'Malysian Entrepreneur' nominee business & economic system!

    Malaysia, truly Asia!

  19. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Ha ha. I think we all know all Malay leaders are Bomoh and witch lovers. So, there is no big deal here. I can swear (UMNO's culture) that Najib sees Hindu Bomohs. Does it matter now? Happy? The only thing I disagree with him is to talk about morality and Islamic nature when he knows nothing about it and has never practiced any of it just like you will see in his children.

  20. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Tomorrow, Najib will swear in a mosque without holding the Quran that he has never done this.

    Sigh...Religion is being belittled iby these peoiple with no conscience....

    Malaysia has become a laughing stock in the world.. Ask any singaporean, they are balking at us.

    Sad, sad, sad day for Malaysia....


  21. Assalamualaikum Saudara Rocky,

    The moral of the story is be careful: be very careful..

    1. WHO, you hire as your driver

    2. WHO, is your coffee boy or tea lady

    3. WHICH hospital you go to for your through medical check-up.

    4. WHO, you want to hire as your private investigator if you have to.

    5. Which blog you trust or rely on the latest info from

    6. Last but not least WHO, your friends are.

  22. Anonymous4:54 pm

    what a link that is.

    cant find one more ethnocentric than him. and his usual name calling of a fellow muslim as babi is really beyond me.

    enough said.


  23. Anonymous5:02 pm

    its not worth to believe in 100% but the truth will reveal...

  24. Anonymous5:02 pm

    This is stupid. More SD?

    Letih la SD ni.

    Can't they have someone who really really really really really a WITNESS not a hearsay artist?

    By the way, i think Najib should take this case and RPK to Syariah Court for Qisas/Slander. See how he's gonna prove that Najib really is practising Hinduism. Asik-asik HEARSAY and do an SD.

    The people are sick and tired la all you stupid, ignorant politicians! Do your work la hoi.

    Iskhh, Malaysian is damned and doomed!


  25. Anonymous5:04 pm

    What's next, Najib an alien?


  26. To All Pakatan Rakyat and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim Supporters,

    The issue of Swear on Quran and personal attack on DSAI from ex-PKR members have strongly affect some of voters support on DSAI.
    Besides, BN play the race sentiments and manipulate the Main Stream Media(MSM) caused the odd in Permatang Pauh by election change to 50:50 fight.

    The BN UMNO ministers keeps on emphasize DSAI not dare to swear on Quran to prove his innocent.
    And many Malay voters had been influence by this.

    So, if you have relative or friends who are the voter or your friend who have friend who are the voter, pls call them personally and try to explain to them based on below argument to those voters in Permatang Pauh. Ask them to convey the message to others.

    1. Whoever commit the crime and then swear on Quran or bible to prove innocent, this meant this person is innocent?
    In this case then just ask Bodohwi to destroy the Palace of Justice la!
    2. If DSAI swears on Quran to prove innocent, then who the nations should believe?

    Tell them the case is now in Court and a person is innocent until the guilty is being proven!
    Ask them to pay attention on the current worst economic situation of the country.
    If DSAI become the next PM, there will be massive developments in Permatang Pauh!
    Don't be fool by Arif Shah about the development he can do! And also don’t be fool by these UMNO ministers and BN!

    BN is so desperate now! They can do whatever dirty tricks regardless of the price!

    And we PR and DSAI can't afford to lose in this by election!

    This is the time for the Malays, Chinese, Indian and other races to stay united and show our support to DSAI by votes!
    Besides SMS/Email, pls try to practice the below as a token of contribution to the whole Nations!
    Cold call to any telephone no in Permatang Pauh start from 04-3900000 to 04-3999999. Explain to the voters the real situation if they have no access to the internet but only get the news thru MSM. Ask them don’t believe on whatever negative news on DSAI or PR reported by the MSM. These people also have the family member, relative and fren who are also the voters. Ask them to pass the message to others.

    We are running out of time now. Pls, do something for the benefit of the whole nations.
    Our aim is not only WIN, but a BIG WIN for DSAI! Every vote does count! 26/8/2008 is now holiday for Penang State. Pls request the voters must come out to vote for
    Parti Keadilan Rakyat -Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
    Lets Permatang Pauh voters create another round of Political Tsunami!

    People Power

  27. Anonymous5:26 pm

    im very disapointed with PAS for practising 'selective Islam'. They have always said UMNO is doing fitnah this and fitnah that but something like this which is a serious matter in ISLAM, obviously implying that Najib is syirik, PAS did nothing or say nothing about the concept of Fitnah.

    Sorry to say, PAS is definitely ISLAM when it goes for their way ONLY. If against them, they rather sees ISLAM destroyed.

    I have so much respect for PAS before but after so many things recently with the swearing and SDs, and lots of fitnah by politicians, PAS can go fly kite! Perjuangkan ISLAM konon but sekarang only ISLAM that goes their way.

    Stupid-stupid-stupid politicians!

    p/s Isnt it weird the SD was made on 22 August 2008...hmmm, the day/after najib swore that he didnt know Altantuya?


  28. Syaitan sudah membuat sumpah Berkanun... Jika pemandu sial mabuk ini pergi buat sumpah laknat di kuilnya, mungkin 'sikit boleh percaya'...

    Apa kena mengena dan kenapa perlu dia buat dakwaan ini, untuk apa, untuk kepentingan siapa, sejak bila Hindu ini ingin menjaga keimanan orang Islam..

  29. Anonymous6:13 pm

    ...whatever said and done, 'jibo' will be the 6th PM of Msia (no am not his fan nor supporter. Just reading my tea-leaves), thus fulfilling the R.A.H.M.A.N. prophecy made in 1954. 'Jibo', incidentally, is the last N in the R.A.H.M.A.N. initials. However, his tenure will be the shortest before he is driven out by people revolt. He, also might not have to wait till 2010 to take over the reins as the current head-honcho might ktb (kik d buket) before then. (...i.e going by the prediction that the 2 'A's in the RAHMAN initials will die in office. The first as we all know was Abdul Zak, refered to as The Father Of Malay Ultras in the said series of predictions made in 1957, but never saw the light of day by hidden hands. After the initial N has done his thing, the UMNO-led BN will finally bite the dust thus fufilling another prophecy that the Malay monopoly on Malaysian politics has only a 50-year shelf-life. Incidentally, 2007 marked the 50th year and it also signalled the beginning of the END as evident by the last GE where the goliath BN took a severe mauling. So, what happens after RAHMAN? It will be the dawn of a new era in Msian politics where some of the changes that will happen will not be mentioned in this blog. LONG LIVE BANGSA MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    timo finian

  30. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Hahaha!Stupid Malaysians...

    You Malaysians are really really stupid aren't you?Hahahaha!You guys are a joke!And now the whole world is laughing at you Malaysians..I've been here long enough to loved this country as my own..but man oh man...

    You chose to believed in SD made by some Indians (with no credibility whatsoever)over the swearing in the name of Allah? Now eat that PAS supporters!! Let us put aside the sodomy allegations, assassination attempts, riots and bribery cases on both sides..lets go to the basics of national heroes..1. Never humiliate or disgrace your founding fathers (bcoz without them, there is no Malaysia, and same goes to other countries)...2. Never bad-mouthed your own country to other people in the world (I bet u never heard an American say "America sucks!", do you?)...3. Never ever sell out your country's dignity and sovereignty to other nations (Tell other countries to intervene with your country's internal affairs for your own interest)...4. Don't ever spread the hatred between races and destroys the racial harmony that has been long defended by your founding fathers just so you can get a political votes!!(its just not worth it!)...

    For your ruling government, please ask Abdullah to step down already!Let Najib do his job and run the country..

    and for Anwar supporters, pls keep your eyes, ears and brains( if you have it!) open and filter all the lies and hatred that he spread among you guys..Once he be in power, all you guys are doomed regardless your races..I believed all the SD made by some of these Indians are just Anwar desperate attempt to topple Najib (I heard Anwar is a mamak and has a strong connection with them). About Najib being a Hindu, come on guys, would you be stupid enough to fell for that?Why didn't Najib's ex-maids or ex-gardeners, or ex-security guards made this accusation? I do believed there are quite a lot of people (who works for Najib) witnessed the rituals if it really happened, don't you?

    So you Malaysians, please stop this utterly stupid typical idiotic Malaysian thinking of yours and defend your country's honours and dignity..Make you founding fathers proud by defending what they have built more than 50 years ago..

    Anonymous III

  31. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Hindu? Jew? Maybe he's both. Maybe he's a Hinjew.

    Statutory declarations... sumpah laknat... next they'll start pinky swearing, then scouts honour... I'm getting quite sick of this CRAP!!

    Are we ever going to get to the point where we can debate things that actually MATTER, like ASEAN unification, climate change etc? I wish Najib would just blow himself up and take RPK along with him.

    I'm starting to feel that RPK is part of the problem now.

  32. It really is none of our business what faith he and his wife practises. If he really is from another faith, for goodness sake, he shouldn't be coming out in the open to tell the Malay Malaysians he's championing Islam for them.

  33. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Dear pals,

    Lets put a stop to all these nonsense!If you wanna be a real leader, display your real intelligence and not all these stupid issues.

    Bloody idiot to the people who brought all these stupid issues and let us Malaysian to get rotten.

    Lets put a stop to it once and for all.

    Concerned Malaysian

  34. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Ha ha ha! Now you direct us to Barking Magpie of all the people? For evidence? For support? For journalism? For sources? You must be joking. Get someone else. Being a Jew also is like being a Malay. There is absolutely nothing wrong in it. I wonder why you make it a deal in order to manouver. And pliz don't shame yourself by linking to Magpie and pretending to have said anything. That's the biggest joke one can make and no body will laugh. Huh!

  35. Anonymous7:12 pm


    Are you serious? Now you wanna us take what Najib's pressman, BM, writes and then feed it to us? Are you joking or what? And by the way, why did you omit the Najib pressman's blog link in the first posting? Is it because you knew it will make people fall of their chairs laughing? Honestly speaking, this is utter degradation. The good thing is boomerangs on its owner more than it can make anyone amused. I can't believe that you seek Barking Magpie, Najib Pressman is writing that Najib is a Jew. Now what does that mean? Sheesh!


    Being a Hindu is not what constitutes a problem but to be a hypocritical Hindu. If you are a Muslim, live your faith and leave others. If Hindu, do the same and don't mix. That's the messag and no body will blame Najib for being a pure Hindu or Jewish, after all, there is nothing wrong in being either.

  36. Anonymous7:28 pm


  37. aiyah, these are ancient remedies not some voodoo, so kalau tak tahu, belajarla.... maybe we all can benefit from it ie our lives will be more balanced.... NATURE can only reduce but cant remove it.

    So, Najib wants to be PM, lets watch if the COSMOS allows it ke ke ke mana proposes, God disposes!


  38. Anonymous9:06 pm


    I have now concluded, and without reservation, that most of the people who leave their comments on your blog, which include me sometimes, are stupid.

    They are pathetic and have no lives of their own. And most of them are Anwar/PR supporter.

    They don't even understand why you blog. And they think you blog for them!

    No one should disagree with them. They, and their men, cannot be wrong. They are the chosen one, to take the country into the great beyond.

    Free speech is only for them. Anyone who disagrees with them are wrong, and should be shouted down.

    Dude, I pity that you have to go through their vile daily.



  39. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Rocky Bru,
    fitnah sebegini adalah karut, macam mana pun jahilnya seorang muslim itu dia tak berbuat seperti apa yang di tulis ini, MAHA SUCI ALLAH

    Lebai Malang

  40. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Muslim ke, Hindu ke, Christian ke, Buddhist ke, kalau berdosa semua pun pergi neraka. strange is that all these religions have a common neraka for the evil ones. God or Satan may disagree over many things, but both still think those who sin a great deal must have neraka as their home.


  41. Anonymous10:52 pm

    well what can we say - malaysia boleh, najib boleh or even rosmah boleh. Islam pun boleh and hindu pun boleh - if najib hindu, then his "sumpah" cannot be accepted

    zamri bijan group of companies
    (bijan means najib)

  42. SD is currently used as weapon against enemy. I am surprise that RPK is willing to put this junk in his website. Perhaps he did this because of his hatred against Najib. I may not like Najib but please don't insult my intelligent that you want me to believe this shit.

  43. Anonymous12:06 am

    if you stumble upon an Indian and a Statutory declaration what would you do?

    Call RPK.

  44. Anonymous12:35 am

    If RPK publishes an SD it is the truth. If people swear on the Quran, its is against Islam.

    Heck, an SD also is a sworn statement. So, its RPK and his 'people' ie Anwar's supporters who started this swearing craze! And UMNO just upped the ante.

    So, aren't they all the same??

    RPK talks to someone who tells a tale and RPK swears an SD.And now we know that he has no evidence besides SDs'!

    If RPK and Anwar had any evidence against BN why aren't the revealing it now? What are they waiting for?

    But sad to say many learned and intelligent people believe RPK and his stories completely! Really sad.

  45. Anonymous2:11 am

    Perhatikan....setiap kali serangan terhadap Najib di lakukan oleh RPK (to the benefits of DSAI),puak2 Hindu/Hindraf akan di gunakan untuk sweaqring SD. Pesuruhjaya Sumpah pun dari puak ni.It seems that the Indians play an important role to PKR-Penyumpah2 Professional!DSAI is a bankcrupt politician!

  46. Anonymous2:44 am


  47. Anonymous2:56 am


    Saw this Indian fellow called kenneth Eswaren at Najib's house on the morning of the Feb. 24 nomination day.

    He is very very close to Rosmah. But I also attended berbuka puasa and tarawih at Najib's house in KL some years ago.

    But many malay politicians use bomohs of all religions to ward off evils and bring good fortune. This is what we call perbuatan bidaah.

    Remember the Mona Fendy story?


  48. Anonymous3:03 am

    the article you linked to ("najib is really a jew") refers to DSAI as BABI.
    strange that you comment on the SD but are ok with linking to such an article.
    different standards for different sides?

  49. Bro,

    Memang dunia sekarang berada di akhir zaman di mana fitnah memfitnak sudah menjadi perkara lumrah. Pemimpin yang benar dianiaya dan pemimpin yang buruk akhlaknya dipercayai.

    Semakin banyak manusia yang telah dipesongkan dan maki hamun menghalalkan perjuangan. Sekiranya perjuangan itu benar maka cara perjuangan untuk mencapai matlamat pun mestilah bersih dan suci. Tidakkah petunjuk ini memberikan bagaimana terpesongnya perjuangan DSAI.

  50. Bro Rocky,

    FYI I did not click on the links as, like some other posts have mentioned, it does not really matter if he is a Hindu or a Jew. These are mere labels and the man has to be judged by his deeds. we do not want to go down the hypocritical road of doing exactly what most of us profess to abhor.

    God bless.

    Click here to visit my Blog

  51. Swearing on the Koran is now such a joke that soon it will translate undermining the value and sanctity of the Koran. Over time this is what will happen as Muslims find that there might aftre all be profit in missusing the gullibility of fellow Muslims over the sacredness of the Koran itself. When Islam has adherents such as Najib and all of UMNO, Islam does not really need any more "enemies of the religion" to undermine it.

  52. To Najis,
    Repent while there is time. Hindu or not hindu, muslim or not muslim.

  53. Hei guys; don’t get overly excited with any of RPK’s exposures. Reflect them with simple honesty and you surely would recognize that RPK is equivalent to what ordinary Malaysians call a bankrupt desperado while ordinary Muslims will brand him SESAT.

  54. Anonymous10:57 am

    "...hey, you bloggers...look here, whether i am muslim, jew or hindu is my own affair...mind your bloody own business, ok ?
    out, khasnya you ...
    jaga baik2 & wait till i become PM in jun2010 ...if ...if....!!??"

  55. Anonymous11:00 am

    menuduh seorang islam kafir tanpa bukti bukti yg sahih adalah berdosa teramat besar dalam Islam. Even PAS members had stopped this act of mengkafirkan Umno members.

    Im surprised no ulamaks or the smart ppl in Umno could counter RPK's allegations with Islamic references.

    thank you.


  56. Now everyone UMNO Leaders swear their in the name of Allah just to get scot-free of their crimes. Is it a trend or it is belittling the Islamic faith. This make me wonder who our UMNO leaders really are ?. Are they Binatang or Demon in human disguise ?.

  57. Anonymous11:49 am

    There's no play or plot. There's only people like you who is the product of Malaysia Policies who forgets his root and his responsibilities. You want to change the way you think like Mat Salled, why, do you hink you are stupid if you think like a Malay? No matter what you can't change how your parents look like nor can you change your skin.


  58. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Rocky, don't you feel disgusted with all the swearing and name calling? I believe most Malaysians who voted against BN is definitely not going to reconsider voting for BN in GE13 because BN is just too engrossed with corruptions and protecting their self-interest. Has BN ever stated or shown us how they plan to build Malaysia to be more competitive in the next 4 years? Goodness, Malaysia can't even compete against Singapore (such a tiny country with nil natural resources). BN is still busy with Najib and Abdullah. Come on guys, neither of them can lead Malaysia. Focus on the main issues here. Our Country.

  59. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Holy mackeral! It never ceases to baffle me...all these swearing & it looks like it's not gonna stop.

    Hey when will somebody revive the good old traditional way of swearing by chopping off the rooster's head? (I dare not use the word cock for feal of the repercussions given today's apparent or perceived popularity in sodomy in the country). This will sure make the whole scene more exciting.

    From: TNS!

  60. Now the Iman said he was forced to witness Saiful swearing!!
    All details are at Susan Loone's blog.
    Hooray for monsterball!!!...Susan no ban me said Amin Iskanda..hahhahaha

  61. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Merapu betul. I think this driver fella wants to make it a Muhibbah thing.

    Ok laa, since some ppl wanna say he's Hindu and others a Jew...why don't we compromise?

    How about Hinjew? That should unhinge Najib even more.

  62. Anonymous3:00 pm

    I actually heard that NAJIB IS AN ALIEN from outerspace.... what a bunch of crap .....


    PS ... these ppl need a life !

  63. Anonymous3:06 pm

    D truth is there's no need for Najib to do the SUMPAH under Islam in the first place. Unlike Saiful, he's no ordinary man on the street.. but DPM for god sake.

    Doing it for GOD? No, i see desperations..


  64. Need help here !!

    Can someone please enlighten me ...

    I need to know if Islam permits false swearing which evoke the suci name of Allah ??

    Please help !!

    Thank you !!

  65. I don't know if this SD disclosure is a BN strategy or PR strategy. If it is a BN strategy then this should attract a lot Hindu followers right? If this is a PR strategy this should take away some of their Hindu supporters. Ultimately, I think this is a strategy deployed by fools. If PR wants to promote a politics of hope ala Obama or "Harapan baru buat Malayasia" then they should stick with it and not indulge in dirty tactics, to waver in difficult times just shows your weakness but to perseve shows courage. For BN to indulge in dirty tactics is nothing new and it seems the general public has wisen to it. BN should wisen up also, no point in using "Sumpah atas nama Allah" if you're the devil in disguise right hehehe. Ala..Parameswara dulu pun (Java)Hindu jugak. He went on to form Kesultanan Melaka. Mamak Bendahara, advisor to the Sultan at the time of Portugis attack was presumably Muslim but that didn't stop Melaka (thereon Tanah Melayu) from occupation.

  66. Anonymous3:51 pm

    apa dahjadi dengan dengan orang islam ni?? pasal politik sanggup menuduh org hindu. Apakah ini umat Allah???. Semoga Allah beri balasan setimpal.
    The best thing is to be a good person all the time. Allah maha mengetahui.



  68. Galadreil!

    hahahahahaha!saya termuntak kahak apabila membaca komen anda...Hinju!!hahaha...oh god that's funny

    Hey Galadriel, jokes aside, if u have the time,please comment more often even if its just to express humor..most of your comments are educating and deliciously constructed! just imagine, even when i disagree with it, i still savor reading it

  69. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Masterspin yang berkata busuk, dari hati busuk & tentulah jiwanya juga burok.

    Penilaian saya ketika interview sesiapa;
    -Jika orang itu mengata buruk dalam 80% dari pada apa TUTUR KATA
    -maka sebenarnya orang itulah

    Nuar objektif ceramahnya ialah membenci pemimpin & kandungan ceramahnya cuma 20% idea, selainnya keburukan dirinya.
    -ramah & lawaknya bertujuan membenci orang2 yang dia tak suka-seolah2 mereka syaitan.

    Masterspin?-maka sebenarnya orang itulah buruk.

  70. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Dear friends,
    it is true that if you come across an I....n and a snake than you know what to do, such gila SD can also appeared

    Gua Tak Caya

  71. Anonymous10:36 pm


    Kalau betul dia menggunakan ilmu Hindu,

    Itu bukan perbuatan bidaah, itu perbuatan syirik. Menggunakan dan percaya pada bomoh, apalagi dari agama lain, sudah SYIRIK.

    May Allah protect us from syirik sengaja atau tidak.

  72. Anonymous9:31 am

    Dear Pak Sako,
    Tunku Abd Aziz is going to be next Perak MB after GE13.


  73. Hi Rocky & everyone ... I totally agree with General. PEOPLE PLEASE ... WE HAVE BIGGER-GREATER-MORE IMPORTANT things that we all should focus on. Which is to build up Malaysia. Make it a better home for us all Malaysian ... better in every way ... the economic backbone, mainstream & frontier, SAFE & HEALTHY living & lifestyles ... because crimes has risen a lot more of late ... please ... that should be bigger than the Abdullahs, Najibs and Anwars ... Lets get to work together ... everyone to make our home to be our pride & joy. Life then would be wonderful and full of meaning.

  74. To all Malaysians, those commenting in this blog, politicians, all religions and all races, repent lah woi.

  75. Anonymous4:33 pm

    dey najib!what dah!