Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shabery keeps his job

Cabinet's pat on minister's back. According to journo-blogger Tiger, Information Minister Shabery Cheek, who took on Anwar Ibrahim in a historic debate on the fuel price increase, was given the thumb's up by his boss during the last Cabinet meeting.

Shabery had said before the debate that he was prepared to be sacked from the Cabinet if he failed in the debate but Mr Badawi told Shabery he had done well.

Read Tiger's piece here.


  1. Anonymous2:21 pm

    The Cabinet Minister is deaf and Blind,,even a Secondary School Student does not deviate from the subject debated..Here a Minister talks cock,,!!!!

    Jangan kasi malu Rakyat,,,sack everybody in the Cabinet..


  2. Thats right Saudara Rocky,

    SAKIT JIWA can replace all the ministers.

  3. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Bro, typical case of a fool praising another..

    Good luck Malaysia!

  4. I think the Minister had tried his best. At least he has the guts to face Bung Anwar, though he presented a weak argument.

    This is normal in a debate: The establishment is always on the defensive.

    Take a look at Obama & Hillary VS President Bush-Repulican: It is the same; the Republicans are on the defensive all the time....

    Bung Anwar is excellent in oratory. That prompted Dr Lim Keng Yaik to comment to a Chinese newspaper last April: "Anwar is good at talking. He can even bring down the birds on the tree to kiss his cheek...."

    But for Bung Anwar to become our PM is another issue altogether. Man may plan his move. It is Heaven/God who determines the outcome.


  5. Shabery is a minister's material. If this lad can take on Anwar then he can face anyone else in the parliaments. The debate shows that the best that any opposition figure can do is to talk.

    Shabas, Dato' Shebery.

  6. PM has to forced himself to give him the thumb up or he may loose his job.
    In any case, there is not many the PM can chose from to replace least, this bloke knows how to umpu kaki and swiped at Anwar disguise his ignorance.

  7. Resign over a debate? What bloody shit! No BN minister have voluntarily resign even when they have messed up many things in this country. Not even the Prime Minister when he had told us lies

  8. Hello bro

    His boss has praised him job well done. So be it.

    I think he has done a good job well at least he has the guts to face the man himself.

    It is one of Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim's hobbies to talk a lot. The other one is.. you guessed it!

  9. Why should Shoot-a-beery resign? There are even more shameless, corrupted, racists, dungus BN MPs who doesn't know they meaning of accountability and intergrity. If Pak Bodoh can go back on his words, why shouldn't Shoot-a-berry. He is just learning from the master.

  10. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Haha what can I say about BN minister? Cakap lain buat lain. Furthermore, this Shabery was acting on someone behalf at the 4th Floor.


  11. Anonymous3:52 pm

    shabery debat's point is nothing value and non-contructive. Not even a singe good point and proven facts to defent the saying, but rather pointing out old story, personal attack and wrong comparison. Kind of low standard and not qualified. I see no reason for Bodohi gave a thumb. And Shabery's face is too thick for any complement. Don't want to resign, fine!, but at least pls show some humble and don't assume you have won over. In my eyes, you did tremedously bad especally for a Minister

  12. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Hi Bluemoon, do you really think Shabery did well in debat? if you do, pls let me know how the price now come about based on the earning and expenses of goverment. Shabery didn't justify this.All his saying is cheaper than other country ( wrong comparison somemore) and outer market influence. This should be the Minister level of debat, not for standard 3.

    sad for minister

  13. Anonymous4:02 pm

    And Nordin Kardi will be made the Minister for Energy, Water and Telecommunications.

  14. When can we have another debate between BN and PR on national policies and issues? About good governance, how to handle corruption and misuse of power? We cannot stop at petrol issue only.

  15. My foot Shabas Dato Shaberry! He can hardly talk. He doesnt know facts and figures. He should keep his word and resign. Resign now

  16. Anonymous4:37 pm

    shabery minister material?? err...

    but on second thought... he really is... fit enough to be misinFOAMation minister... as the previous one, the one before, and the one before... no so much different...


  17. Anonymous4:49 pm


    It sad to see many Malaysian leaders have the idiotic mentality like yours.

    First DSAI did not talk cock like IDIOT Shabery did.

    Secondly what can any opposition leader do apart from giving fact and figure in a MATURED forum? NOTHING because there again alot of IDIOTIC, BASTARD, DOG, PIGGY, MONKEY leaders in Malaysia, JUST LIKE YOU, who control the system and would not allow any positive development when the suggestion came from the opposition.


  18. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Dear Rocky, I'm sorry but Shaberry failed miserably. I went to the Tiger blog... he is the guy who asked DrM to visit his blog.Iwonder why DRM, has efused thus far....maybe something to do with below par, half past six. IF shaberry, getting the thumbs up from Badawi is the benchmark... then I guess we now are in substandrd mode. And I am very curious, why was Shaberry foaming from the mouth...did something happen with him and Dato Anwer back stage? perhaps a DNA test.
    Foaming Minister got cummed in the mouth.

  19. Anonymous4:53 pm

    salam ziarah from dublin.. :)

  20. Anonymous5:04 pm

    "Karisma" umpama kasih ibu kepada anak. people don't care bad or good but "Charisma" like a fuel for Leadership.

    Bollywood for example;

    Anwar= Sanjay Dutt, jailed, gangster, but people like even die for him.

    Shaberi= Sunil Setty, no scandal, young, but peole don't like him.

    In UMNO, only weak leader on the top after Mahathir.

    Aku nak The Rock, Keane, even Hitler in Malaysia. but not Anwar.

    Paklah, tonjolkan karisma kamu.

  21. The standard of 'good job' has fallen with this administration. Rambling around without much facts, incoherent thoughts and personel attacks is not good job, even with pro-gov panelists. It is lousy job in reality. Having a gut to fight a war is nothing if the enemy knocks you off first.

    He is not a ministerial material. Shaheby is ALREADY a SENIOR Minister and still, unable to debate points & ideas in his mother tongue. How can he face foreign correspondences?

    As predicted last week, he would keep his job and UMNO/BN will cerita that he won.

  22. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Ok, what this fler Shabery. At least he had guts to take on someone whose skill is oratory.
    I thought he did well, considering.
    And the silliness about this, no, drama, is quitting if he fails.

    That academic, what's his name, the one asking the question. Aiyoh, shy meh.

  23. Anonymous6:12 pm

    At least the Minister has a better grasp of economics than DSAI!

    Why not have DSAI debate with Tan Sri Hassan Marican? That would expose the former's apparent (or deliberate) ignorance of basic economic facts.

    But no, DSAI prefers to emote with soundbites that the rakyat swallow wholesale.

    Which professional economists (including those in the MIER)support DSAI's arguments and logic?

    And when DSAI was in the govt, did he utter any criticism of how Petronas' revenues were being used?

    And I have yet to see any credible ideas from DSAI how the govt can get the budget deficit under control.

    So, I am not overly enthused by DSAI's economics. Or by his grasp of financial realities.

  24. Anonymous6:36 pm

    rocky bro,

    of course the fler did a good job, he managed to sabo and whacked "saudara anwar" like he called him on the debate and not Dato Seri, so sure la good job.

    two thumbs up for shabery.

    oops maybe PM managed only the first 5 minutes of the debate and then fell alseep thats why he gave thumbs up?


  25. Blah,blah,blah.........

  26. Anonymous7:42 pm

    Of course Shabery has to congratulated. He has the guts to face Anwar.

    If he is sacked, the next person will still have to face Anwar in order not to loose face.

    Silap, silap, AAB himself. Then the shit really hits the fan.


  27. Bro Bru,

    The debate was telecast live to the whole nation. Therefore its the rakyat to decide Shabery's performance. Unfortunately, almost everybody including the press and bloggers and Tun Mahathir gave their vote to DSAI. How on earth can Shabery claims he has done a good job. Pak Lah is satified. But then again who cares as our PM does not know what is going around him.

    Its really embarassing. If a mediocre performance is considered cemerlang, good luck Malaysia.

  28. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Even Mahathir had stated that this Shabery was mauled by Anwar and our PM must be cheek to pat his back.Gosh! our PM is another nincompoop who does not know how to differentiate between facts and rubbish.No wonder with the existing batch of incompetent Ministers,we Malaysians are fated to suffer at the hands of those scumbags.

  29. Anonymous8:45 pm


    "At least the Minister has a better grasp of economics than DSAI!"

    hahahaha....can you tell me what economic priciples did shabery explained that nite...l for sure missed the economic data and figures that he shurned out that nite.

    I agree, DSAI shudnt be debating with DSAI. It should be AAB or Najib. As for Hassan Merican - is he a minister? Btw why AAB didnt ask to represent himself because he is too chicken to debate with DSAI.

    As for how to overcome the budget defisit...why should he be the one giving the ways how to overcome? Shouldnt AAB be explaining it because he is the minister of finance?


  30. Anonymous8:53 pm

    of course shaberry was given one thumb ups. badawi is known to give himself two thumbs up all the time. lol.

  31. Anonymous8:58 pm





  32. Talk? Haven't we been talking? It's the lies that we can't take. And of course the blaming routine...

  33. Anonymous9:15 pm

    This is not a School Debate competition! I wanted to listen to how Anwar was to bring down petrol price - even if he was better in debate with his arguments, his arguments do not convince me and perhaps many seasoned economists who know the real economics of the world.
    Only the gullible gets swayed.
    When you know not about something, I can fool you with my enchanting arguments which in reality are all infatuations.

    Put Tun Mahathir instead of Shabery to debate on the petrol price. And Anwar would have lost both arguments and debate in general.

    Dr Zainah

  34. Anonymous9:44 pm

    for me,success in anwar side.bcoz he explain all about the way to improve our economy with oil and helping malaysians.but shabery alwaz make a shit comparison with another country and sinis to anwar,he alwaz said saudara anwar dari dahulu tidak berubah.please,what such debate like dat?resign must good for him.the purpose is how to managed our oil for citizen n future whether reduce oil price or doin sumthing brilliant to hike our economy and low inflation.but shabery alwaz blame anwar,so gov so shit
    anwar hard die fans

  35. My only admiration for Shabery is his boldness to face a seasoned politician while Abdullah and Najib just sat in front of their TV sets watching him clear BN / UMNO's name.

    The debate was cool and I still like Anwar's style - calm and witty.

    Shabery should keep his promise of leaving office if he fails to deliver the goods. He has, in a way, failed to convince that fuel price must not be reduced.

    But as expected, BN won't simply kick you out especially after you've saved the PM and DPM from embarassment.

  36. It takes an idiot to appreciate another idiot.
    That foamed mouth does not know what is a debate.
    UMNO is an idiotic ...loud off...good for nothing..corrupted party.

  37. Anonymous9:53 pm

    This "strawberry minister" loves showmanship. He also did very well condemning the BN government under Dr M when he was on tour (speaking to US citizens, academicians and officials) under the International Visitors' programme when he was "right-hand man" to KU LI in Semangat 46.

    Now, it's a different story, a "forked tongue", a hypocrite and a political circus show leading actor. Honestly, he fits in the establishment very well, a bunch of half-baked brains.


  38. Anonymous10:07 pm

    People, you're not thinking properly!

    This is not about whether Shabery did well or not. This is about whether he should be fired or not.

    And I say No.

    Of course Shabery didn't beat Anwar. The only person who can do that is Tun Mahathir. So, to expect Shabery to beat Anwar...

    Here's the thing:
    If Shabery steps down, who is going to replace him? Don't say all Information Ministers are the same: compare Shabery to Zam or Mat Bulat - not all the same, right?

    At least, in the short time Shabery has been Info Minister, he has brought in televised parliament Q&A, bloggers are interviewed on RTM1, and there has been this debate, which everyone (including Shabery) knew would be 'won' by Anwar (but still it was held and televised LIVE).

    Some more, Shabery is reported to have said to be considering to give web-news organisations (like Malaysiakini, Harakah, Malaysian Insider) Information Ministry tags, like all other media organisations have, so that they will have government legitimacy when going to places like parliament.

    So, never mind that he's not a great orator, or that yucky stuff at the corner of his mouth (I think it's unavoidable - he just has to wipe his mouth more often). The fact is, Shabery is the best Info Minister we have had in a really long time!

    Who else in Cabinet can take over? Nazri?

    If Shabery has to quit, we lose.


  39. Anonymous10:12 pm

    anyone know wat is the pm giving us? isnt he suppose to give us some 'surprise' last fri? he forgot again or he lied? damn......


  40. hahaha...shabery only qualified to be on astro's raja lawak. if he is the best pak lah can come up with, then Malaysia is in deep $hit.

    i wonder if the positive comments on this topic came from the worthless piece of shit ministers since nobody on the street thinks that the debate was properly represented by the minister.

  41. Anonymous10:59 pm

    After the debate, I guess none will dare to take on Anwar.

    Anwar made that guy, look kindergarten stuff. He merely keep picking up on personal attack and lack in substance.

    Keadilan One UP.

  42. Anonymous11:13 pm

    There is a BIG VERY BIG difference if Pakatan and DSAI comes to power vs the current BeeEnd power structure and you should highlight it in your blog.

    If DSAI ever comes to power, people should not worry, because DAP and PAS comes to power also as EQUAL partners. Lim Kit Siang and Tok Guru will not just let DSAI do as he wants.

    This will truly be a check and balance govt. Likewise , PAS cant do as they want without angering DAP and also DAP cant do as they want without angering PAS. Because if any of the 3 walks out of Pakatan, Pakatan Rakyat will fall as the Govt. So , all 3 parties work together!

    That is the difference vs DSAI 10 years ago when he was in BeeEnd.

    In BeeEnd, everybody knows Badawi and Najis can do as they want. UMNO rules BeeEnd as Superme King. All the rest, MCA, MIC, Gerakan etc etc etc are just running dogs! That is why you have corruption galore!

    That is the real difference between a Pakatan Rakyat Federal Govt and the current corrupt govt we have.

    Nick : DSAI Supporter

  43. Anonymous11:56 pm

    On how this Shabery has behaved topic, i think Rocky has a very similar view with our Prime Minister Pak Lah.

    And soon..

  44. Anonymous11:59 pm

    considering what i saw from the debate itslef, i would say Shaberry lost, big time. Why?

    1. Personal attacks(mind you, this does not mean how a person looks like, what he likes to eat).The topic was about petrol, bukannya what people did back in 97-98 or 74 bla..bla..bla. history is history.
    2. Not answering the questions given by the guy who was with nordin kardi(who i have to say, made a fool of himself that night).
    3. No facts, no figures. No....nothing.

    Looks like im a pro DSAI, but truthfully...i want what's best for Malaysia. Takut aaa...what's gonna happen to Malaysia in 5 years time. We are lagging from other nations such as Singapore and now even Thailand in terms of economy.

    But...our govt now is more intrigued with all the bull in politics. WORK FOR THE PEOPLE LAA BANGG....

    rakyat biasa

  45. Anonymous12:01 am

    You all know why Pak Lah gave thumb up to Sabery? B'cos he don't even dare to take DSAI on his own!

  46. Anonymous12:09 am

    my god is it true!! Are all minister blind and deaf!!! He wons the debate!!! Funny how can these ministers measure the result!!! Anyway these are the main reason why we rejected BN!!!!

    zamri sunway semenyih

  47. It's the way of life in BN UMNO, they twist & turn, flip & flop and blame & denied all the surprise LOL! They are a bunch of clowns & jokers who govern the country.."THE UNSHAMEFUL MINISTERS IN MALAYSIA - AWARD"

  48. Anonymous3:08 am

    I don't think he did that takes alot of guts to take on a political chameleon in the thing he does best. In any case, credits should be given to the present gov for allowing this intellectual discourse. would never have been possible before this.

  49. Anonymous5:31 am

    Ministry posts are the most safest job. You won't get sack easily during the term.

  50. Anonymous5:32 am

    The ministry posts are the most safest job in MY. They won't get sack easily during their term.

    King Kong

  51. Thumbs up??? Bodo nya depa ni...

  52. Anonymous9:17 am

    Dear Rocky

    Anwar Ibrahim 1 Joseph Goebbels 0

    Phua Kai Lit

  53. Why all these aggravation?
    The opposition should be happy that Shabery is retained. They don't need a good Minister to go into combat with. The IGP - Ghani Patail Tag Team are tough enough to handle.
    With Shabery around, he will do what Mahathir and not Badawi wants seeing that he is Mahathir's man.

  54. Anonymous11:13 am

    What do u mean 'minister has better grasp of economics than DSAI?'. What did he really say about economics that night? U must be sleeping, like our beloved PM, while the debate was on. The minister was doing nothing apart from attacking DSAI below the belt with his stupid & unprofessional remarks,mumbling about DSAI past life, bulshitting about Venezuela and Iran and so on. What 'economics grasp' are u talking about? U must be deaf and dumb...and one more thing, pls tell your good minister to clean up his f**king foaming mouth..yuck!

    Lewis Piquet Jr

  55. Anonymous11:30 am

    What??? Shah Berry Chick got to keep his job after humilating the whole BN goverment?

    Now, I know why they say our PM is stupid! Or is he sleeping while watching the debate?

  56. Anonymous2:13 pm

    " ... well done boy, can keep your job, dun worri...dun bother what the stupid bloggers comment...if aku say can is can, so wipe... your .tears foams too !!" (heha)

  57. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Memanglah tak kena sack. Yang kena sack mesti orang pandai-pandai saja. Orang yang macam Saberee mana boleh kena sack. Kalau orang pandai ramai sangat dalam kerajaan, jadi tak menonjol lah sesetengah orang yang nak menonjolkan diri. Ini perkara biasa. Jadi janganlah perasan kalau terus kekal tu. Kekal tu maknanya memang dia tak baguslah tu.

    Jais Suur

  58. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Lewis Piquet Jr 11:13 AM
    bat8 8:45 PM

    Answer me the following, with no ifs, buts or maybes:

    - has any economist, local or foreign, endorsed or approved DSAI's views on the Msian economy?

    - likewise our very own MIER (Msian Institute of Economic Research)?

    - has DSAI come up with any concrete suggestions on (a)how to eliminate the budget deficit? (b)do away with price controls and subsidies in all areas? (c)strengthen the ringgit and reduce inflation? (d) reduce corporate and personal income tax rates while balancing the federal budget?

    - who are the members of DSAI's economics advisors?

    - did DSAI do anything about Petronas when he was the Deputy PM?

    - and, as a teaser, whatever happened to the crony capitalists who used to flock around DSAI when he was in power?

    The point I am making is that no one seems to know what DSAI stands for. Is he tailoring his message to suit his audience? Or is he delivering a consistent message both locally and overseas?

  59. Anonymous5:13 pm

    It takes all kinds to make the world. Malaysia is no exception. Therefore Bluemoon's comments do not surprise me a wee bit! Idiots mingle amongst the intellects or else they stand out so well amongst the mediocres.

    Do we know how stupid the Minister looked in the eyes of the outside world when they witnessed the debate? If he not malu, I pun malu. Don't know where to hide my face. Luckily we have Anwar standing up with facts and rationale in his debate. At least it showed we have intellects amongst us. The shame and embarassment was that the intellectual in the debate was not the Minister. How sad!

    So for the PM to say well done to only means 2 things.

    One - it was said with sarcasm to the highest degree. Or else, the PM too is another idiot - confirming the notion that it takes an idiot to acknowledge another. So which is which? I'm sure the answer is pretty obvious, right?

    Laughing Hyena!

  60. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Kalau tengok daripada debat haritu, tak boleh cakap Shabery macam kalah, tengok Anwar pun bukan lah hebat sangat pelan dia. Balik2 dok ulang perkataan 'rakyat' je. Dulu masa dia dalam kerajaan banyak sangat ke yang dia buat? Sekarang bila dah takda kuasa, baru sibuk nak menyalak. Nanti dah dapat esok takda hasil pulak? Nama pun politik, setakat main2 cakap macam ni tak boleh pakai sangat, semua sama je, masa belum dapat, bulan pun nak bagi dekat rakyat, tengok esok dapat buat ke tak.

  61. i salute sha berry for his guts but of cos not for his "INTELLIGENCE"..

    That nite sha berry trying to prove like he can handle the debate like a pro but he failed miserably....the only thing hes gd at was "personal attack ..which uncalled for ..

    DSAI ..on the other hand .thou was given only short period of time to deliver his proposals ..i guessed hes focus all the way ..he makes his speeches n explaination precise n understandable ...n of cos right on spot

    maybe thumbs up for sha berry by his boss n BN counterparts BUT IN THE EYES OF WHOLE MALAYSIAN ..HES A COMPLETE FAILURE ...

  62. Anonymous2:49 am

    A typical feudal scenario.

    The boot-licking peasant came back kneeling just to hear what the final words were. And that has made the Lord orgasmic.


  63. Anonymous5:43 pm

    I think Shabberry is a real berry to his boss. Well done Shabberry ! I dont think his boss dare to debate with Anwar. Nevertheless, what happen next???? Are we going to talk talk and talk until the cows fly or what. Please give us tips on how to survive this difficult time and post it to

  64. Would you dare to lose RM60, 000 a month in term of salary + allowances? And Shabuih said...NO, I'd rather live in ashame than losing RM60 000 a month!

  65. Anonymous6:00 pm

    So ya think Anwar al juburi got the better of definately not..the way AAJ calculates how to reduce the price of petrol..did not even better than maths by standard six students..

    Come ob Anwar Al..J be serious in governance..


  66. Anonymous4:10 pm

    shaberee should learn to control his saliva 1st before he resign. the people of kemaman felt 'nyesal aku pangkoh Bee End (soon..)'

    stupid minister under stupid pm