Sunday, July 20, 2008

Progress in Terengganu

With updates below.
Merc E-200 Kompressor for state excos. They used to get the Proton Perdana Executive V6 (see pic below) but now under the new Menteri Besar and the promise that the state will get to fondle the annual RM5 billion or so oil royalty direct from the Federal Government, the state excos from oil-rich Terengganu will be driven in a Mercedes each, instead.

The Terengganu state government is coughing up RM3.43 million for 14 units of the Kompressor. The same amount can get you 34 units of Perdana, with change (since Proton gives special rate for government purchases).

Last I saw him, this blogging MP who did the posting was still driving a Wira, his faithful junk.

Kak Ton has the full article taken from Utusan on-line. Excerpts:
“After having made a study, the state government finds that in the long run, it is better to use a new car to replace the Perdana V6 Executive which has been in use since more than four years ago.” - State Secretary Datuk Mokhtar Nong.

Updated midnight 20/7
Gearbox rosak! Perdana too costly to maintain, says MB.
General July 20, 2008 18:45 PM
No Oil Royalty Used To Purchase 14 Mercedes E200 Official Cars, Says MB

KUALA TERENGGANU, July 20 (Bernama) -- No oil royalty was used to purchase 14 Mercedes E200 Kompressors at RM3.43 million as official cars for Terengganu executive councillors and senior state government officials, according to Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said.

In defending the state government's decision to purchase the expensive cars to replace the Proton Perdana V6 Executive cars for the same official use, he said it was meant to save cost in the long run as the maintenance of the Proton Perdana cars was too high.

"We are not saying that the national car is not good, but the reality is that in less than two years of use, the cars had to be repaired due to faulty components like the gear box.

"For example, the car used by the Trade, Industry and Environment Committee chairman Toh Chin Yaw had been repaired twice costing RM50,000. But the Merdeces cars, although expensive to purchase, will incur us less maintenance cost in the long term," he explained.

Ahmad was asked by reporters about the reported purchase of the Mercedes cars, after attending a 'tahlil' function held in conjunction with the birthday of the Terengganu Sultan, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, at Istana Maziah here, Sunday.

The function was also attended by Terengganu Regency Advisory Council member Tengku Sri Laksamana Raja Tengku Sulaiman Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah, state executive councillors and state assemblymen.

Ahmad said the purchase of the Mercedes E200 cars was financed by a sum allocated earlier by the state government and not by oil royalty.

"How could we use the oil royalty when we have not even received it from the federal government?" he said.



  1. Anonymous12:27 pm

    That's so much for the confidence in Proton by our BN politicians!

    I've clocked over 150,000km in my Iswara. Still running the last I check, which was yesterday. And this does not include the fine service by Proton Edar.

    While many make fun of Proton. I think it is a good car company that is mismanaged by politicians.


  2. Rocky!

    This is one of the government's insensitive behavior that saw BN lost. Even Najib is driving an elongated WAJA and Perdana. When the rakyat saw these new Kompressor, chances of BN, namely Umno, being Compressed into zilch and nothing is far great. So you Umno morons keep it up for one day Karpal Singh will be the Home Affairs Minister and Kit Siang Prime Minister!
    I ma heading back for Bangkok does anybody want to follow?

  3. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Elok sangat le tu.. Terlepas dari mulut harimau (idris) masuk ke mulut naga (md said)..tnganu kite..kluangman

  4. well done..not kind of mine PM or DPM said "UBAH GAYA HIDUP", they took that advise...guano teganu kite...!!!

  5. I am flabbergasted by the sheer waste of money by the Trengganu State Govt. The Proton Perdana V6 is only 4 years old and if properly maintained can still be useful to the State Exco. I thot wasn't it govt policy to purchase only "made in Malaysia" cars?

    To say the German cars were bought for the safety of the state officials (that's a laugh!) and to reduce the cost of maintenance (that's another joke!) is really stupid. My wife owns a MB (2001 model) and I can tell you that maintenance is not cheap if you have to replace some parts (original ones of course!)

    No wonder these BN chaps wants the return of the oil royalty to the state when it was taken away from it under the former PAS govt. MALAYSIA/BN BOLEH!

  6. تهنيئه يڠ تق ترهيڠڬ كڤد باريسن ڤميمڤين ملايو ترڠڬانو يڠ بروسها سدايا اوڤاي مڠهابيسكن دويت رعيت نڬري مريك.

    بواڠله كريتا كبڠسأن كيت يڠ هاڽ لايق اونتوق ڤليهارا توكون. اينله ڤميكيرن باريسن كڤيمڤينن ملايو ترڠڬانو.

    اوچاڤن تهنيئه يڠ تيدق ترهيڠڬ درڤد ساي

  7. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Ekonomi tenat, beli barabg buatan Malaysia. Oh, tidak... beli barabg buatan German. Kan German ada askar kat Afghanistan...sokong depa habeh habisan. UMNO tak sokong Proton, sokong Benz of Germany....tepuk dada,tanya selera...Protonkan tak ramai pekerja Melayu,kontraktor Melayu....biarkan aje....mereka mereka melarat....hidup kerajaan Umno Terengganu....yang duit diguna tu pun dari german, us dollar atau rm malaysia?

  8. MEMANG LAKNATULLAH DEPA NI...orang miskin berlambak, rakyat ikat perut, minyak merc sapa nak bayar tu...royalti hak rakyat..memang laknat betul...tak sedar2 diri.

  9. Anonymous1:05 pm

    What to do with this people?! Are they serving the rakyat or themselves?! Ptui!!! BN=Barua Negara!


  10. Anonymous1:18 pm


    As Anon 12:29 pm said, i agree with him...

    Haiya...pity for T'ganu's people....

  11. The people of Terengannu, how do you feel when your Employee is enjoying luxury life while you as their Boss has to suffer? You vote your Employee to serve you, but instead they serve themselves first. Are you regretting voting these leeches and blood suckers into your company?

    Wakeup, enough is enough! I have a feeling that the Sultan of Terengannu must has been totally disgusted by the move, and I heard that there will be no state award for his majesty birthday this year! Long live the King! Good Example for other Sultans and Governors to follow.

    EXCO NEW Toy - MERC 200K

    Shiok Guy

  12. Well, this proves the Sultan was right. I'm sure if the law had permitted him to sack the entire BN led looters in March, he would have done it.

  13. Anonymous1:19 pm

    if they are going to lelong the Perdana, let me know.

  14. Bro, same story, new actors.

    Just think of it as a start of a new round of wasteful spending by the Terengganu BN Government now that they have their hands on the Petroleum Royalty money. So the Proton Perdana is not good enough by the Terengganu Exco, so now need Mercedes, how so insensitive our politicians can be. The poor rakyat is faced with drastic fuel price increases and with inflation rising, the Terengganu Government are thinking about their own worldly comfort.

    Thank you MB Terengganu, pimpinan melalui teladan lah ini. Senyum Sukmo.

  15. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Low maintenance cost and for safety reasons... These are all petty excuses to have dirt asses free riding on soft plush cushions..

    Are THEY admitting that the national 'joy and pride' of Malaysian industry (proton cars) are worthless and unsafe for consumption?

    Anyway who do these excos think they are? Not even 1/10 of the looks of tom cruise, 1% as rich as robert Kuok, not even 0.05% as brainy as alan greenspan?

    In other words- who would wanna ambush them? No gains but for liabilities for kidnappers.


  16. Rocky,

    Perdana V6 Executif is selling by EON. They bought normal Perdana V6 from Proton and modified it to become executive. The lowest price for Perdana V6 is RM170,000 .

  17. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Pity Terengganu people?

    They are the one who ask for it. For the next election, they will keep on voting BN for the reason that the rest Malaysians won't understand

  18. ...WALK The TALK, not just talking big. Now they can slap their own face. Big mistake!

    Vote here:

  19. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Apa lu cakap ni! Spy-spy Singapura DKK Kali dan baruah dia DKK Brendan Pariah sapu duit rakyat berjuta2 beli kereta mahal gila dgn izin Badawi kau org tak kisah.
    Diorang dtg NSTP asyik tukar tukar kereta beb, DKK Kali pakai kereta model baru BMW, Mercedes, Lexus dgn Pariah tu pakai Mercedes ada drebar pulak tu!
    Editor2 Berita Harian pun berlumba2 pakai Mercedes, nak sama dgn Hisham Aun yg ikut bontot DKK Kali.
    Tipu org Umno, curi duit rakyat, spy utk Singapura, tak ada apa Umno bikin pun kau org tak kisah! Jgnlah marah Ganu Kite! MELAYU LAH

  20. Sorry i.k there are second liners in BN, you will never smell a chance. Better luck next time!

    Thanks Roc, for enlightening me. I did'nt realize these BN
    politicians have such expensive taste!

  21. Anonymous2:32 pm

    i basically no objection of purchase of merc, or ferari if they able to govern the country well , the economy solidating and improving . but the poor economy and many people are suffering with the inflasion now , pls our senior officer dun further stimulate people `s anger .

  22. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Minyak asalnya pun dari Pantai Trengganu,,bialah orang tempatan bergaya sedikit..Kalu kerajaan Persekutuan bole Bagi subsidi/bailout to all Malaysian,,

    why,,,? jealous U,,,

    Kereta Perdana tu layak dijadikan Teksi sapu je,,!!!!

    Lagipon Industri Kereta di Malaysia da' nazak,,Komisen berapa sen aja,,Lagi elok jual lanca,,,!!!


  23. and why they need perdana pun I tak faham lah...wira pun good enough what or persona...perdana mahal gile.

  24. The 4 yr old Perdanas will be sold to the exco at a token. See how you can get the best of both worlds.

  25. Anonymous2:54 pm

    u see wat i see....nak KAYA...masuk BN....soon...nak MATI masuk BN

  26. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Leadership by example malaysian style!

    nok mapuh belaka, kite nok makang pun tak dok duit - undi lagi la

    pok ko

  27. Anonymous3:30 pm

    the perdana will be sold of for a token sum to exco family members

    tok wang kemamang

  28. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Pak Rocky,
    3.43 million itu alangkah manisnya bagi rakyat trengganu kalau dibeli bas sekolah untuk setiap jalan yang menuju kampong, di perdalaman, di tempat yang tidak ada perkhidmatan bas, di Taroh Lambang BN di badannya, di kenakan Tambang minima ke atas murid sekolah,atau dipercumakan langsung atas nama Wakil rakyat BN, saya percaya Pendekatan ini lebih baik untuk menarik sokongan Rakyat yang berterusan, daripada membuat IKLAN di surat khabar dan TV!

  29. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Apa boleh buat, UMNO majoriti kat Terengganu. Ni lar cara hidup mereka. Rakyat miskin kat sana, tapi mb bawa merc bagus lar tu. Pelik tapi benar.

    marah BN

  30. Anonymous4:03 pm


    "natang mat said ni pong dok paka mende jugokk...berat na nanggg..."

  31. Oil money is good. Merc for the start, we can expect more luxury purchases & holidays for the YBs.

  32. Anonymous4:38 pm

    from my experience, terengganu is going to right direction by disposing those perdanas. the car got some serious issue with gearbox and one replacement could easily cost govt 18k and will last about 1.5 years. so kompressor in the long run will save them money. do the math people

  33. Anonymous5:11 pm

    TYPICAL ... that's all I can say. Sadly, no surprises there. Yes, it looks like the rakyat is being sodo#@*#^... we pay more while our civil servants reap the benefits. Malaysian boleh.

    - 'A taxpayer, toll-payer and civil-servant-salary-payer'

  34. The first memorable news that comes out from Terengganu after 4 months of governance. Why MSM did not have 100 days report for T'ganu? Cause nothing happened. I kesian the poor folks there, as well as Sabah's.

    However, it is still cheaper than RM100 million to buy 200 Scomi busses for Rapid Penang. Where la to Park all these busses in land scarce Penang? Ironic that the money taken from LRT is given to Scomi, with links to u-know-who. And money from Penang bridge is used to finance a RM2 billion Penang Sentral. Wah, expensive bus and lagi expensive bus park.

  35. This is the only way those supposed-to-be servants of the rakyat can afford to ride in a Merc. I remember 22 years ago a similar controversy arose, also in Terengganu, about Mercedes cars for ADUNs. I don't think it made newspaper headlines then but there were some noise made by some people. However, at that time Proton wasn't making Perdanas or Canselors yet.

  36. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Aku kabor doh doksoh ngundi bewok2 BN nih mung takmboh cayye - kok keghing blake orang tranu. Mung susoh payoh khije carik pitih malaung nih sedak jah naik mecedih. Jom pakoh PAS wehhhh

    UMNO/BN = korupsi


  37. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Come on, who wanted that MB? I thought the sultan was wise but what he did was to replace a thief with another. Maybe now he got a cut of the oil milions too? Cheguu

  38. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Hi Rocky
    Read what i think of these oil slickers with their new hot rods!!!

  39. Anonymous6:37 pm


    ni bukan progress la, nie dah ka-ching!


    YB Ahmad, you rock man...

    nations money is lagi being plundered by BN chaps. sigh...

  40. Tunggu Abang Idris Jusoh komen. Komen dari rakyat kita orang dah tahu.

  41. "UBAH kepada GAYA HIDUP umno"

  42. wah ini baru lah asli guna basikal ADUN guna benz hebat2 teruskan usaha mu menhancur duit rakyat...ada baikya duit minyak yg u all tuntut tarik balik ingat kan nak buat rumah miskin..ini aduiii nah good luck je lah

  43. Surprised to read The Star today that buying Mercedes E200 is a cost cutting measure. What a JOKE!!! Why not buy a a reliable Japanese car like Toyota Camry and Honda Accord as cost cutting measure.

  44. Sdr. Rocky!

    Berita terkini. MB Trengganu pertahankan pembelian 14 Merz dibeli berdasarkan kelulusan kerajaan terdahulu (Idris Jusoh) bukan pakai wang royalti minyak !

    Jawapan mcm Shebery Cheek dlm. debat. Agaknya wakil-wakil rakyat BN Trengganu suka cakap merapu kot. Beri alasan yang tak releven sungguh!

    Kalau ada PRU sari dua ni pasti bungkus! Silap-silap tak sempat naik mezs.baru!!

    Apa nak jadi...rosak-rosak.

  45. Anonymous9:56 pm

    my clinic in sabah (government clinic) has been waiting for 10 years for the budget to buy a small ultrasound (RM0.05 million) to serve the people in this small town... the last time i asked they say this year they are cutting cost.... now they are spending RM30 million on fast cars. fuck you gov. you lie to rakyat!! i'm waiting forthe next election... sabahan has been waiting for so long.. next term you'll get what you deserve!

  46. Anonymous10:41 pm

    This the difference between Pakatan and Baris. One save money for the rakyat and the other..sigh. Rakyat struggling with oil price increase and Baris, show us how to they will spend our money.

    Vote Them OUT.

  47. Anonymous10:45 pm

    rakyat-rakyat bolehland yang miskan tak mampu beli merc janganlah cemburu...complain aje...nak pandu merc kerjalah keras sikit...atau join AMNO...

    -gila sial

  48. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Ini lah dia bukti KERAJAAN PEROMPAK ... Wali Kota

  49. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Damn funny. I thought the new Terengganu MB is Mr. Clean. If he really wants reliable car he can definitely get a Camry or Accord, right?

    A brand new Accord cost: RM137,000
    Mercedes: RM245,000

    Thus, if the government buys Accord they can save 1.5 million. That's a lot. You can invest that money in a Kampung school.

    Anyway, should we be hopefully with this type of leaders. So, how can we compete with Singapore if our politician love themselves more than their own country!!


  50. Anonymous11:38 pm

    changing cars is not necessary.
    better build proper infrastructure system for people instead of buying benz since it require high maintenance and gas guzzler. they should buy hybrid car instead. more environmental friendly.

  51. Ubah gaya hidup-Pak Lah & Najib.

    While most of us switch to public transport,our govt servants upgraded to luxury cars.

    Is this what Pak Lah means by Islam Hadhari?

  52. Anonymous12:12 am

    these are a good reason!! Buy expensive cars, then award to the exco at cheaper price. Later on, buy another expensive cars AGAIN. If they are truly people representative, why must they purchase these CARS!! they say that they work for the people at the end, they are the ONLY people benefit from DEB!!! Malay from these elite group

    zamri sunway semenyih

  53. Weh, bising apa? Rakyat Terengganu redha dengan BN memerintah. Sendiri pangkah BN sendiri redha lah. Nak bising apa lagi? kalau dah tak sanggup berkorban di jalan Allah, well...berkorbanlah di jalan BN.

    Hanya orang-orang yang betul-betul kukuh tekad dan niat dia (tengok nuh orang-orang Kelantan), hangpa kata Kelantan miskin ka mundur ka...Islam tetap Islam. PRU12 baru2 ni sekor pun hangpa tak belajar daripada Kelantan? Depa cukup bersatu hati NEKAD tak nak bagi BN memerintah. Kalau hangpa nak belajar, perit-jerih dia, hangpa bergurulah dengan orang Kelantan berkenaan tekad dan yakin diri.

    Bila dah masuk mulut naga baru nak kutuk la itu la ini la. Negeri sendiri tak tau nak jaga, lagi mau bising. And I hope this lesson goes to all Malaysians. Not just the Terengganu people...come the next election. Allah dah kata sabar, orang-orang Kelantan dah dekat 20 tahun sabar. Hangpa baru 4 tahun dah merungut. Apa ke jadah. Peeeegiii daah!

  54. Anonymous12:56 am

    Where the clever MB learn that Mercedes-Benz will save some money as oppose to Perdana from state coffer?

    Wanna save money BUY reliable Toyota Camry RM140k or new Accord 2.0 at RM141k. Even can get less if using government tax free for vehicle.

    You can blame Proton BUT it's more reliable than the German's marque let alone Bimmer.

    Normally not so smart guys will drive expensive ride to compensate their brain's.


  55. Anonymous1:54 am

    To be fair, the Perdana V6 has a gearbox problem and replacing it with a brnd new gearbox can cost you more than RM10k, and being a government car, that bill can double (sandri mau ingat la, semua kocek kena kasi isik).

    The Merc is obviously a good choice, but the state government is not being sensitive to the current situation. Dalam erti kata lain, orang tengah sibuk cerita nak jimatkan duit, dia pergi beli Merc. No matter how logical or practical the purchase is, rakyat's sentiment must be taken into consideration.

    But ye lah, BN kan syiok sendiri. Hidup dalam dunia sendiri.

    - bangau

  56. Anonymous2:23 am

    Hudup Md Said..!!!!?? Time ni la di nak gila kuasa. Adakah beliau antara pemimpin Akhir zaman yang telah di sebutkan...???

  57. Anonymous7:47 am

    ntahla. Kalau saya lah,saya malu nak bawak mercedez masuk kampong,tengok kemiskinan sana sini.Tak ada ke rasa kesian pada orang kampong,nelayan pantai,bagai nak mati cari rezeki. Dan kita tergamak naik kereta macam tuh?.
    Di mana perasaan sayang pada rakyat kalau macam ni?
    Geleng kepala saya. Itu duit rakyat ,kalau duit sendiri,belilah helikopter for all i care.
    Tu baru kereta,perks yang lain macam mana.
    Satu lagi,apa susahnya kerja mereka ni,tell me?meeeting,meeting,meeting.main golf.betul ke?apalah nak berlagak sangat kat dunia ini.

    nelayan-g kemaman-g.

  58. This must be the 'change your lifestyle' that Najib, Badawi and the others have meant. All the while we the suffering rakyat had thought it meant tighten your belts and take the cheaper alternative. My, my, aren't we stupid or what?!

    The rakyat can't for one minute figure out what those 14 MPs have done so far for the state of Trengganu, one of the country's poorest despite being a major oil producer. Do they deserve such ostentation when the only thing they have done was to flipflop and bodek on the selection of the MB?

    Keep the photo for poster material come GE13. Show it to the kampung folks. This is what Umno is all about, doublespeak, all are equal but some are more equal than others, yak-yak-yak.

    Just fire the whole pack of these jokers and get some real executives to run the state more properly. You're the boss, they're the servants of the state. This must be the only country where the servants get to be the tuans, don't you realize by now?

  59. Anonymous8:33 am

    Syabas kpd rakyat tganu yg bijak memilih BN perintah Tganu,,Nak pilih Tuan guru Hadi kan dia ni tidak boleh percaya.Tok guru mana boleh percaya.Tok guru makan duit rakyat, rasuah dsbnya. BN kan telus ,jimat tolong rakkyat..bila pemimpin pakai Merz rakyat tganu patut tumpang seronok sbb pemimpin depa tak ler nmpak koman sepana..lepas tu cium ler tangan mereka dan kalau boleh bontot mereka sekali dan tapak kaki mereka sekali..syabas tganu ada improvement..


  60. Assalamualaikum Rocky,

    My father drive a Iswara taxi and you can't beleive it clocking a reversing 00000000 km after seven years on the road. Never change the engine! You want see a genuine car come here at Segambut or just give me call at 0136407200, Terengganu MB just bullshiting pepople by saying gear box? What the hell they are talking about? I will snap photo and post it to you.

    Hambali Mukhlas.
    Tough Proton Supporter.

  61. Anonymous9:09 am

    perhaps Mr Lim Guan Eng should get the new Mercedes S350 AMG.

  62. Anonymous9:18 am

    How to buy a Merc for RM250K?
    Secondhand or recon one?

    Checked with C & C list price is RM353K per unit.

    Is the state government exempted from tax????? Then possible lah.

  63. Anonymous9:58 am

    Im flabbergasted by this pronouncement. Does this Ahmad Said think we're dumb or something. How can he justify like this as a head of the government. This guy truly is like a kampung boy trying to behave grandiose after having the position.

    He says that Merc is cost saving than perdana. thats bullshit. cost of the car no.1 cost more. fuel, i dont think its much difference so dont bullshit here. Part for merc is definitely more expensive than proton cars. And where is your pride for our national car. I use my proton with pride and keep telling the naysayers that my proton is the best compared to foreign cars. Ok, so you say you have some cost benefit. But cant you see the overall cost. You are giving 3.43 mil mostly to foreign company. if you put that in you Malaysian car, you can help the jobs of the people working in proton and the country.

    IDIOT. i want to shoot this guy. Maybe Abdullah Badawi is right for not choosing this guy.

    Now that Anwar wants to bankrupt the country with giving away cheap oil, which i strongly oppose his trickery. But now this stupid MB who is supposed to be the leader of the government is trying to do the same.

    So much for national pride. Fuck You politicians.

  64. Anonymous10:01 am

    Guna Proton Waja sudahlah...

    Katakanlah beli Mercedes lebih bagus dan murah dari jangka panjang, tapi dari segi politik nampak sgt tak elok, tetambah masa sekarang ni harga minyak dan makanan naik. W/pun saya sendiri sangsi yang dari jangka panjang Mercedes tu lebih murah.

    Cuba kira betul2, katakanlah untuk jangka masa 3 tahun di antara Perdana dan Mercedes - harga kereta, harga petrol, insuran, cukai jalan, dan harga baik pulih, adakah mmg perdana lagi tinggi kosnya? Kalau begitu pakailah jenis kereta proton yang lain.

    Waja ada, persona ada, takpun pakai kancil hahaha...

    Saya bimbang jika yang buat kesimpulan bahawa kos keseluruhan guna mercedes lebih rendah tu ialah penjual kereta, bukannya pegawai2 kerajaan yang tidak berkepentingan.

  65. Anonymous10:24 am

    Let's wait to hear what Mahatir has to say about this, it is really a slap on his face. What a bloody disgrace, these friking BN people has brought to the BN. Now we can really see what umno people are like. I give my full respect to the Sultan for not bestowing awards on his birthday. The other Sultans should follow suit and stop giving awards as recommended by the shit BN government. The Sultan should give out award only on his own decision, and please give the title to deserving people that can be respected, not shit politicians. The people in Trengganu can now see how good the government cares for them, they must love to be sodomised.
    Sorry Ass

  66. Before we start saying negative things about him, let's have this MB list out the comparison chart for the long-term cost of ownership of the PV6 vs MB C200K. Being a car enthusiast myself, it's a widely-known fact that the Perdana's (both the orignal and V6 versions) gearbox is very problematic, probably due to Proton's cost-cutting measures using low quality materials. And also due to the omission of the VITAL ATF (automatic transmission fluid) cooler to further cut cost, for early batches of PV6s. It is as though replacing the gearbox every few years is part of the usual maintenance list of things to do, although other makes don't seem to have this need...

    But, personally, I'd ask, why not something with lower initial cost yet also reasonably-priced to maintain, like Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, etc.?

  67. The poorest State in the whole Nation can now Boast of having a fleet of Mercedes!
    Those cars are too good for kampong use... Heh heh

  68. they issue on safety and cost of maintenance could be very true and I think it is true. But the timing of the decision at current times where rakyat is facing many cost issues, just says these guys are not using their brains. Bad PR. Looks like our King is more in tune with the rakyat than our elected reps.

    Look at what Penang is doing and see what T'gganu is doing? T'gganu should have just maintained the Perdana cos they safety is no more important than Pak Lah, Najib and most rakyat who are all driving Protons.

    Proton - this is bad publicity for you guys cos they are saying it is not a safe car. as for the gear boxs,Perdana is know for it but you gusy never fixed the problem.Padan muka.

  69. Anonymous1:02 pm

    dear Mat Said & Trengganu Excos,

    if you want to cut cost, u should buy the generally reliable ones with cheaper tag like Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. Price is little bit higher that V6 but very much cheaper than Benz.

    Ini lah orang BN. Same je semua.

    Buzz Lightmoon.

  70. such a contrast to the penang government. i remember reading about CM lim guan eng cancelling the order of luxurious car (order by previous government) and i think order instead some local cars for its ministers.

  71. Anonymous2:23 pm

    (heha): aiyah dun be jealous lah ,now look all this while you bloggers helping us to get back our 5% oil royalty direct to our pockets so let us spent the money the way we want lah , why make so much noise ...@#$%^&*&^%$.. tiu..!

  72. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Although I agree with some of the MB's justifications for buying the cars, Md. Said should have considered alternatives within the Perdana V6 Executive price range. The Mercedes is way too exorbitant to purchase regardless of whatever "savings" the state might make from it's running costs.

    Sure, Perdana's are pretty useless. Trust me on this, my Wife and I had each owned a Perdana V6 in our lifetime and it is not reliable. Mine, I used from 2002-2006 and it had 3 different gearboxes in my ownership alone. The first was replaced for free due to warranty coverage but after that I had to come up with the money myself. And it ain't cheap, 14k. There are those here who comment and compare it with Iswara's but hey, Iswara runs a different gearbox and drivetrain so please use better judgement before commenting.

    Furthermore, the Perdana V6 Executive is a car that has it's chassis split in two the welded back together using a centre portion to increase it's legroom. In this day and age where car manufacturers are making chassis strong and sturdy from a single press, Proton is chopping it's cars in two. Hardly safe wouldn't you say? If the Perdana Executive was hit in the centre chances are the car will split in two. And for all that, Proton slaps the buyer with 170k price tag for the Perdana V6 Executive model.

    On fuel savings, it should be noted that a Mercedes E200 Kompressor runs an inline 4 cylinder 1.8cc engine with Supercharger. So, between a 4 cylinder 1.8 vs a 2.0 liter V6 engine I'm sure you can do the math when fuel consumption costs are compared. And to those who don't believe me please go and check for yourselves ( The Merc runs a 1.8cc engine.

    But like I said earlier, the cost of the purchase is not justified. Couldn't Md. Said purchase cars within the same budget as a Perdana V6 Executive? At around 170k the Camry 2.4V is a value for money buy. Or even better the Camry 2.0G or lower spec 2.0E that retails under 150k each.

    Why a Merc?
    To enjoy the "savings" from the purcahse of Mercs, the state govt of Trengganu will probably have to use the cars for 10 years to see the cost advantages. And as far as I've seen, most govt cars are replaced in 4 to 5 years if not less. So this whole idea of "saving" is just a stupid excuse to drive home a Merc at the taxpayers expense.

    At the end of the day, these BN people only think of themselves.

  73. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Very unwise move and decision made by the Terengganu government. Cost-cutting is just a lame excuse. Its obvious.

    They could just replace with a new perdana v6 instead of buying more executive e200 compressor mercz. What a waste of money.

  74. RM50k to repair a Proton Perdana twice?? Seriously? What kind of damage requires a RM25k repair bill each time? Is a spoilt gearbox that expensive to replace? Anyone can confirm this?

    Either Ahmad Said is bullshitting and trying to justify the Mercedes purchase, or the mechanic they've taken the car to is overcharging them and raking in a fat profit. Suckers!

  75. Anonymous5:17 pm

    sokong jangan tak sokong walaupun kera,an trangganu pakai RR sekali pun, kau org Trangganu bodoh serupa kayu, masa sokong semua elok, sekarang ni mat said nak pakai MBenz dah rioh sekampong,

  76. Anonymous5:34 pm

    kata menteri besar dulu tak tolong rakyat terengganu dan kata konon songlap duit royalti minyak...dulu zaman si jusoh buat program bawak duit masuk ke terengganu macam regatta antrabangsa..zaman dia juga buat masjid kristal cantik2 utk jadi kebanggaan org ganu
    tapi zaman menteri baru ni, dah la desak kerajaan pulangkan semua royalti minyak..rupa2nya nak guna beli mercedes utk kegunaan diorg je

  77. The Sultan is right in not giving out awards this year.How about making this an annual affair until respectable politicians are elected? I am lucky as i am not from OIL GANNU..... I pity the local folks over there.

  78. why dont they buy the CKD peugeot 407 at rm126K. maybe government price is is cheaper than all the mentioned cars. reliability, it is being used as taxi in europe.

  79. Anonymous9:59 pm

    I have been using a Perdana for 5 years and I'm sure my maintanence did not exceed 5 or 6k. My usage is 180,000km.
    Is the MB Bullshitting?


  80. Anonymous1:29 am

    Aiya apa mau bising jadi wakil kalu kasi duduk Merc. Why my handsome MB getting more and more complain?

    This is Tenganu man. Go KL 6hr, go Penang 7hr, go Johor 8hr.

    At least with a comfortable 11 airbag Merc, my Wakil more safer and will not be tiring after long journey thus increase productivity. Some more Samy say if you run fast on East West, sure car will jump.

  81. Anonymous7:39 am

    why they dont use Citroen ZX as they are more reliable in the long run. I am sure they are plenty ZX owners who are ready to trade with that Compressor.(@#$%^&*!!).:)
    One compressor can built how many lowcost house in Terengganu? I also suggest,the state govt instead, use that money to built low cost houses for the poor in each district in Terengganu.


  82. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Today it's Mercedes. What's next?


  83. Anonymous12:16 am

    Mercedes is not an issue, the issue is you must work hard for the ppl in order to be qualified for 1st class treatment!!!


  84. Anonymous10:18 am

    whoo! Bro! i still drive the old saga of course 'ayahanda punya' still with 'horsepower'
    and yet the mb says gearbox problem yep i thing he meant 'gearbox soup'

    meerebus pg.

  85. Anonymous3:16 pm

    "Tidak menggunakan wang royalti minyak". Still, those money didn't come out of your own pocket. Those are taxpayers money. You people are supposed to be servants to the rakyat.

    What is wrong with Perdana? Safety? Come on la..that's a bunch of bull.
    When I went to T'ganu recently, all I can say is..pity. You have all these mega projects - Masjid Kristal, Pulau Duyung, etc. But when you look around, there are a lot of poor people.

    Rather than spending money on all these projects, the T'ganu govt should spent on improving the quality of lives of the people.



    proton says that no warranty claims were made since q3 2004 for the car that so-called racked up over 100k in repair bills

  87. Anonymous2:27 pm

    (heha) : " ...this mb bukan yang aku mau punya, go...go ahead, hemtam dia cukup cukup ! aku pakai v6 (rm170,ooo) but dia & exco ( 14
    cars) mau merc (rm350,000), mau HINAKAN aku ah !... go ahead...
    HEMTAM dia cukup cukup , see who DARES to back him up..@#$%^&* !!"

  88. Anonymous4:22 pm

    just wanna say..

    bodo!! bangang!! dungu!! iblis!! setan!! f**king s**t!!

    all these word address to AHMAD SAID!!

    bodo!! to rakyat tganu for voting UMNO!!


  89. Anonymous4:26 pm

    If they really must must buy Mercs, why not buy older Mercs or other vehicles? They are cheap, lower maintenance and fuel efficient. Any mechanic can fix them.

    Such actions will also help boost used car dealers, local mechanics, local spare parts dealers...isn't these people who need help to sustain their business rather than buying direct from mfg?

    If not, I see tonnes of Protons melambak @ used car dealers, why not buy them up?

    Why always buy new vehicles. I don't think there's such thing as savings in the long run...long run is only 4-5 yrs max. After the next GE, they will change cars again!

    KL Chong

  90. Anonymous7:44 pm

    hello BPR! apa lagi, godak la!!!
    takkan nak godak budak ponteng sekolah!

  91. Anonymous11:53 pm

    (heha): pm :" olight lah, cukup lah
    dengan kereta mercs itu, sudah beli bukan ? ok lah, i bagi ' GREEN
    LIGHT' lah...cukup lah....jangan bising lagi.... jin..jin...mai, tidur lah...zzz..zz...zzzz.!!"

  92. Tanda Kedatangan Pemimpin Akhir Zaman (3)

    “Dunia ini akan dipenuhi oleh kezaliman dan penyelewengan. Ketika itulah seorang lelaki dari kaum kerabatku akan muncul dan memerintah dunia. Dia akan memenuhkan bumi ini dengan keadilan dan kesaksamaan, (tempo pemerintahannya) selama tujuh atau sembilan tahun.” (Imam Ahmad)

    Huru-hara yang dimaksud di sini bukan semata-mata peperangan. Huru-hara akibat kerusakan akhlak lebih parah dan berpanjangan. Sebab itulah dikatakan huru-hara, bukan peperangan. Semua ini berlaku akibat manusia sudah tidak mengenal Tuhan, tidak sayang kepada Tuhan, meninggalkan Tuhan, sangat tamak dengan dunia yang sementara ini, mengejar dunia, berebut dunia, dan sangat takut mati. Akibat dari itu semua, timbullah berbagai masalah dalam diri dan masyarakat, kemudian merebak ke seluruh negara, dan akhirnya sampai ke seluruh dunia.

    Allah SWT yang Maha Penyayang tidak akan membiarkan hal ini berterusan. Ketika manusia sedang hanyut itulah diturunkan orang-Nya untuk memulihkan kemanusiaan yang telah hilang, dan mengembalikan manusia kepada Tuhan.

  93. Anonymous2:36 am

    (heha): " saya berani lah !!"
    one exco drove the NEW benz to JB , hahaha !!

  94. Anonymous2:39 am

    (heha): " who said can only use perdanas for official function ah ? I use RRSS and the other fellow using BMW !! SO ?"

  95. Anonymous2:50 am

    (heha) : any lelong for those perdanas ? i want that TT3 because RM36726.64 has just RECENTLY spent in it : new paint, tyres, bateri, SOUND SYSTEM cum tv,aircon,...lagi & lagi, give me a chance please, ok ?

  96. Anonymous10:39 am

    I have never voted to elect the government until now and I am not in support or against the ruling parties or opposition. For me all politicians are the same, while serving the people, take some for your own security. But when Mat Said, which I refer to as a very stupid MB made an issue, I wanted so much to tell him or anybody how stupid he is. First, regardless of his excuses, at this time of uncertainty in the political scenario, even the Federal ministers are using Perdana whatelse Lim Guan Eng and other MB, who the hell are you to change to Mercedez. Second, don't you have a qualified technical advisor in automotive to create a much more professional excuses to lie to the people in order for you to get the mercedez. Third, if you want to tell bad things about the previous MB, you don't check your data first before going to the press is it. After screwing up the fact, now you blame a clerk for typing error. Fouth, Pak Lah should have screwed you up in the public rather than letting the Merz being used for VIP. I am not in favor of anuar and never will be but Mat Said, you will screw up this country. Be more professional to match your opposition capabilities.

    Endah Raden Sari

  97. cakap mau sokong brg buatan msia...? now apa lan***?
    to repair a faulty gbox
    1.overhaul repair kit - RM800
    2.workmanship - rm400
    **might costs cheaper if bulk purchase..let say rm1k per car...time 14? only rm14k to repair all the 14 cars rather than purchase 3.34mil worth of merc benz....idiots!!!