Monday, July 21, 2008

Higher petrol allowance for Star journos

New fuel prices drives up transport allowance. The Star has agreed to increase transport allowance by a whopping 14% for its journalists. The new monthly allowance for reporters who have cars is RM1,060, up from RM840. Closest rival NSTP, which pays RM650 a month in transport allowance, is expected to follow suit.

With the recent 41% petrol price increase (63% for diesel), companies are expected to increase staff transport allowances to remain competitive and retain employees. The higher wages will result in costlier products and services. Expect your dailies to cost a few sen more soon, especially with exorbitant newsprint costs and shrinking advertisement revenues.


  1. Anonymous6:10 am

    ah yeah...adding one more reason why I shouldn't buy the newspapers because it costs a lot..anyway..i'm sympathized with our journalists when their company not making bigger profits...someone has to be chopped out somewhere..

  2. Thanks to the internet technology I no longer need to spend money buying newspaper, indirectly supporting the green peace idea. :)

    Transportation cost had already been sky rocketing since the petrol increment. Some of my transport agent even cut off their console shipment service, which greatly affect my business. Those who still provide the service are charging me like 50% more than what they used to.

    Worse part is if I increase my product price by 50% I'll be filing bankruptcy real soon. With that being said, higher expenses, lower revenue, even lower profit and even lower business tax. Which lead to lesser money for the government to be spend on the country development of course their spending is usually
    [tax + other revenue] - [pocket money]

    I'm wondering when will we fall back into the 3rd world group...

  3. Anonymous8:24 am

    Come Syed Faisal,

    Take on the Star. U can do it. Kasi lebih lagi petrol allowance.

    Come on, man.

  4. Anonymous8:26 am


    Dengar kata ada isteri seorang pembesar di NSTP bergelar Datuk ditipu beribu ringgit. Apa lah ada beribu ringgit pada yang ada berjuta2 RM.

    Tingkat 4 BB

  5. Anonymous8:40 am

    luck you, i work with umno people and my boss who really benefit from DEB. In the end, the owner is really damn rich has 8 expensive cars, 3 banglow houses. Me, my salary never increase for the past 11 years, because we always lose and nothing the government can do! Every year, he just donate RM100k to umno!!!!!

    Zamri, sunway semenyih

  6. Anonymous9:10 am

    There is a BIG VERY BIG difference if Pakatan and DSAI comes to power vs the current BeeEnd power structure and you should highlight it in your blog.

    If DSAI ever comes to power, people should not worry, because DAP and PAS comes to power also as EQUAL partners. Lim Kit Siang and Tok Guru will not just let DSAI do as he wants.

    This will truly be a check and balance govt. Likewise , PAS cant do as they want without angering DAP and also DAP cant do as they want without angering PAS. Because if any of the 3 walks out of Pakatan, Pakatan Rakyat will fall as the Govt. So , all 3 parties work together!

    That is the difference vs DSAI 10 years ago when he was in BeeEnd.

    In BeeEnd, everybody knows Badawi and Najis can do as they want. UMNO rules BeeEnd as Superme King. All the rest, MCA, MIC, Gerakan etc etc etc are just running dogs! That is why you have corruption galore!

    That is the real difference between a Pakatan Rakyat Federal Govt and the current corrupt govt we have.


  7. Anonymous10:04 am

    Bru, Star really looks after the welfare of its staff. NSTP bosses are busy drinking and womanising. Not to mention their penchant for expensive cars.
    Of course leading the pack, is none other than Kalimullah Hassan, who owns a range of the latest expensive cars in town.
    Kalimullah also own a joint for drunkards. U can use the famous picture of him with his trusted lieutenant Syed Faisal Albar, who is related to Syed Hamid Albar, to show the life of an insecure spy and friend of Abdullah Badawi.
    Kalimullah, GEIC Hishamuddin Aun, NST GE Syed Nazri, BH GE Manja are enjoying life unlike their staff especially the junior mgmt staff.
    NSTP recently announced a RM100 special allowance for their junior mgmt staff to cope with the fuel hike.
    What a joke! Yea, its really peanuts compared to what the unionised NSTP staff and Star employees are getting.
    Anyway, we have to thank Umno morons (to borrow Pasquale) for what Kalimullah Hassan and Brendan Perera is doing at NST.
    Heard that more NSTP editorial staff leaving for greener pastures ... CHEERS

  8. Anonymous10:28 am

    But Rocky, I'm still getting the same old price for selling old newspaper.

  9. Anonymous10:33 am

    from 840 to 1060 , the increase is 14% meh??

  10. Heard that Bernama had also increased the transport allowance ---- from RM350 to RM500. So, anybody asking Bernama for coverage should know the reason why if the reporters can't come. Heard that BernamaTV is cutting cost by rejecting job proposal by stringers.

  11. Sunwayopal, if that's the case..semua benda pun tak jadi sebab asyik gaduh je. Look at what DSAi said about fuel price. Sebeleum election cakap lain, lepas election cakap lain, masa debat pun cakap lain. Ini semua belakang main.

  12. Another case of being reactive than proactive.

    Why can't they be given NGV conversion allowance or, hybrid fuel or just use big bikes(jimat toll & parking).

    Reporters pandai report je without coming out with solutions! Orang naik harga depa pun nak naik harga walhal at functions covered dapat free lunch/dinner, door gifts etc. Reporters should not think of it as a right, rather a privilege.

  13. Anonymous11:11 am

    If the Star increases their daily price , i mungkin akan boycott. Dahla the paper edits the news so foolishly bias towards the government, macamla we rakyat so bodoh like them.

    For example, the debate was reported such as to make Shabery look good. Come on la, many ppl watched the debate and please dont make a fool out of us, your paper already lost so much credibility. At least NST although worse, has got better english command that i can learn from.

    If u want to improve revenue, improve your content. So much advertisement crap inside, not much interesting editorial. Even articles actually promoting some product or services in exchange of putting up ads.....crap.

    We support the Star if it is an important daily paper in our life. But sorry, it's not. I think more people are faithful to Harian Metro.

    Borne, PJ

  14. "Kalimullah also own a joint for drunkards. U can use the famous picture of him with his trusted lieutenant Syed Faisal Albar, who is related to Syed Hamid Albar, to show the life of an insecure spy and friend of Abdullah Badawi."

    Keep it HUSH HUSH!!

  15. Anonymous12:04 pm

    This is what originally GUARANTEED by Shahrir, ONLY the petrol price will go up. Govt. has hired 1800 new officers to make rounds to ensure that no price hike on other things and added that we have the RAKAN something to report to his ministry on price check.

    If you are still running the dry cleaning outfit, I am pretty sure you'll do the same.

    Why allow Shabery for the debate, you should be the one to represent the Govt.

  16. Anonymous12:14 pm

    anon 10.04am..

    The NSTP sickness still lingers in Malay Mail despite not being part of the NSTP group anymore.

    Heard the poor chaps at MM were promised of a SMALL pay hike but nothing till today.

    No way they will gain anymore than the RM670 or RM500 they are receiving at the moment.

    Who cares right? As long as the old CON-sultans can carry on with their "I think I am young" life, don't you guys / gals / straight / lesbos expect any increase.

  17. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Aiyah. Just follow the Terengganu government-lah.

    Buy them all a Mercedes Kompressor 200. "In the long run, it is cheaper to maintan" - MB.

    No wonder the Sultan is frus, cancels this year's lists of undeserving Datuks, reduce Birthday celebration costs. Will anybody else follow him?

    Why increase petrol allowance when these "journos" can't report the truth or tell it like it is?

    Is the every Tuesday (or everyday) newspaper boycott still on? Or has it died of unnatural causes? Was a DNA sample taken?

  18. Saudara Jebat,

    Nama pun reporter. Of course they should report, not make solution. The solution is for the government to do. The opposition should oppose. Everybody has a role to play. Rakyat pulak support either govt or opposition. Where in the world did you get the reporters should give solution to your problems. Kalau you sakit dan takde wang nak beli ubat, reporter boleh tolong cari sponsor..bukannya ubat penyakit you. About free lunch and is up to you nak bagi makan atau tak bagi makan. Adat kita kalau kita jemput orang, kita jamu lah dengan apa yang kita ada. Itu adat ketimuran namanya. Kalau tak nak bagi tak apa. Pasal elaun minyak dia orang..apasal nak sibuk. Itu bos dia orang punya pasal.

  19. Anonymous2:21 pm

    I will definitely cancell papers soon due to irrelevancy and cost and distraction and disinformation/.

    Same will also to to alternative media including all blogs if no objective and intelligent information. Ulterior motive is easily smelled with our present blogs either they are pro or against establishment. Nothing in between. I can even feel the tipping of biasness in your blogs too, brother and I may come in to review on less frequency. Just monitor your traffic rankings and if they are not good , you know why yourself.

    A lie can be made truth by deception , deception can be made to be the truth by misinformation and perception , but truth can never be made to be lie or deception to those who are true to themselves and others.


  20. Anonymous2:44 pm

    The good thing is that the STAR is taking care of its employees welfare although public are now starting to boycott the the the media newspapers.

    Its very sympathy that their company is not making bigger profits for the time being. That's the sad part for me.

  21. Anonymous2:48 pm

    i seldom buy newspapers nowadays.usually i just watchs news over the tv.

    higher petrol allowance for Star,NSTP and Bernama's journalists/reporters.i can understand that because of the hiking price of oil.nothing really much to say about what's the fuss really?.i see it as a normal thing.they're just doing their job and some allowance helps them a lot in coping with their daily,why see it in a political view?

  22. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Bro, Rocky's Bru should emulate the Star!

  23. Anonymous5:32 pm

    the star really takes care of its employees esp in this time of hardship.

    journo's don't just report, they work hard to get stories, make contacts...if you think thats an easy thing, sadly you are wrong.

    hey, in fact, journalists needs to go out and cari berita so that they can fit in that paper and web pages!

    for someone to say that we all makan free and without solution, thats totally biadap. i guess you never serve your guests anything when they come over for a visit, huh?

    journo's of course appreciate the meals (who doesn't) esp if we have assignments back to back and barely have time to eat proper meals.

    thats why you can see a lot of journos have gastric problems.

    journalists don't come up with solution, they facilitate the solution process. they dedahkan the things that sometimes our local goverment or goverment fails to see. i think that at least adalah juga contribution, don't you think?

    - just me and my thoughts

  24. The impending increase of newspaper is coming nearer...What d heck. No fear, we can always rely on internet technology. Price increase....go ahead and see what happen to your sales. Really frustrated these days.

  25. Anonymous9:49 pm

    There are a lot of companies, big or small, that have revised their employee's salaries, allowance, mileage claims and other benefits due to the recent hike of petrol price. This is done to ensure the employees stay happily in the organisation and also to support their rising daily expenditures.

    However, due to the recent criticism, an oil company, despite their big profits, could not do anything just because they have to take care of the rakyat's hearts. Because this oil company knows that whatever they do, they will be attacked by the people. The people have been criticising this oil company despite it having tried hard to contribute toward the well-being of the nation, especially in terms of giving scholarships to students.

    People don't make noise when other companies pays 10-months bonus to their employees, or when IPPs making money from subsidised gas price, or when other international companies do not contribute to the development of our people. But when this oil company wants to do something to protect its employees and make them stay in the organisation, it will become an issue to the people. The result? This oil company losing people to Middle East oil giants.

    The salary for this oil company's employees is not that high, it is just industry average. Fresh graduates starts with only 2k plus, mileage claims until now is 60 sen per kilometer. Bonus have never been more than 5 months. Recently, a lot of events had to be cancelled - families disappointed as family days had to be cancelled so that the people do not see this oil company lavishing the people's money. Even overseas forum that is only done once a year, had to be cancelled, despite it being an important platform to discuss on issues revolving around the industry.

    It's sad to see that this oil company, despite used to be the darling to the nation, has constantly being attacked by people. Just for information, despite this oil company's hard work, salaries are not revised, mileage claims are not revised - let alone enjoying a bonus that could lift the employee's spirits to at least cover for the higher cost of living. This is done for the interest of the people.

    Maybe people are happier when this oil company is no longer around anymore. Maybe they will be happy when the employees are not paid deserving salaries. Maybe they would be happy to see oil profits go to other international brands. Last but not least, maybe people would be happy to see that this oil company don't survive, and continues to become the scapegoat whenever things go wrong or not in their favors...


  26. Tuan,

    I wish the editors of the mainstream media can increase the accuracy of their reports by the same percentage points as the increase in petrol allowance! I squirm when I read many shallow reports in the main newspapers.


  27. The newspapers naik harga not because they have to pay more transport allowance to reporters. Not all those involved in the media get the allowance. The editors don't get it. Only those who are really on the field get it. So, it doesn't cost that much. Newspapers naik harga because the newsprint (kertas) naik harga, the colours, delivery cost electricity etc. If you use company's transport you will not get the allowance.
    What reporters get is only ciput. Not worth it. Reporters spend more time on the road than any other people. Sometime they have to drive few hours just to attend a half an hour function. Most of the time they skip their meals to rush a story. They sacrifice a lot for the benefit of others. Wake up early and go home late. Anak pun payah nak jumpa bapa atau mak yang jadi reporters. Even soldiers have ample time to rest.
    Kalau nampak ada reporters yang gemuk, that doesn't mean that they kuat makan. It is because they don't have time to do sports. To make it worse they hardly have the chance to eat healthy homecook meals but mamak oily and not so healthy foods. They appreciate good foods served at functions. But sometimes, people sit at the table meant for reporters walaupun dah jelas tertulis meja wartawan. If you are holding a dinner function and invited reporters to cover it, takkan nak bagi reporters berdiri and cover it sambil you senang-senang makan.
    Janganlah blame the reporters tak report th truth or not. Reporters are not bias but the company's policy is. If the company belongs to UMNO it will write good things about it. If it is Harakah, takkan dia nak puji Umno pulak. If you are a good newspaper reader somewhere in those lines or words reporters are trying to tell you something about something. But well, most malaysians cannot read well walaupun benda tu dalam BM. baru baca perenggan pertama dah pergi cerita lain. There is always coded message in every story, every pictures or even kartun.
    Biasalah manusia...Bila susah cari press, bila senang komplen press makan banyak.
    I think all media should cease publication for a week or two. Let us see how Malaysians feel if there's no newspapers no TV news or even internet news and blogs.
    What say you on this Taiko Rocky?

  28. Anonymous1:53 am

    This is what Syed Feisal can do.

    1) Keep the cover price. (have sympathy to readers at this time of crisis).
    2) increase transport allowance across the board to the level of the Star (including of course that of MCM members, Deputy chairman who also spend on petrol going to office daily to clear stories and CEO too)
    3) Add more pages to attract more readers
    4) Increase wages by another 15 per cent in view of the economic crisis, and
    5) Increase car allowance for MCM members

    I hope the CEO will consider these measures serisously

    NST News Desk

  29. Anonymous11:57 pm

    RM1,060? And this does not include the actual mileage claims. Well, what can I say except The Star is a great place to work for!

    BTW, I'm also an ex-journalist with NST and Sun (Rocky might probably remember my byline from the mid-90's. No, not "Mat Anon", of course). Wonder how NST will respond. How is NST's financial health these days?