Thursday, July 24, 2008

After Pulau Batu Putih, Singapore asks for more ...

Singapore's 212-mile claim. Notwithstanding what Rais Yatim or what our A-G might add, Singapore will definitely claim a 12-mile territorial sea and 200-mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ) around Batu Putih, which became the republic's territory due to our a major screw-up on our part last May.

Which means we'll have to sit down with the Singaporeans and negotiate with them.
Which also means that we'll definitely be giving away a few more concessions to the Singaporeans before the end of the day.

This lecturer says it's unlawful for Singapore to want to make such a claim. That's the kind of ignorance that caused us to lose Batu Putih in the first place, if you ask me. We signed the International Convention of the Law at Sea, dear Professor, please take the trouble to read up what that means.


  1. I remembered asking this before in Ancient Mariner's blog about territorial boundary and someone responded to my post. At that time, the assumption was that both Batu Putih and middle rock will go as one package. However, with the split in ownership, Batu Putih will actually be surrounded by Malaysian territory. So it'll be interesting to find out where this boundary is going to be. As for EEZ, there isn't a 400 mile distance between Batu Putih and Johor so I supposed it will overlap.


  2. Anonymous2:17 am

    Well, it looks like we are in for another 20 years of argument.


  3. Anonymous2:24 am

    With the stupid PM and his gang there, I've no suprised even if S'pore claims Johor, Melaka, Pahang, Sarawak!!

    fed up punya orang.

  4. A fool and his money will soon be parted. Singapore is just waiting for Malaysians to (like Pak Lah) TIDUR ...

  5. Anonymous3:59 am

    Doesn't this idiot know it works both ways?

    Our Middle Rocks and South Ledge are also "rocks" and also not capable of sustaining life. So can we claim 212 miles of EEZ as well? Don't forget, there is no life at these two rock formations.

    Pulau Batu Puteh however, has people living and working there.

  6. Anonymous6:16 am

    No life but who knows what lies beneath...maybe oil. But what does it matter. Nations have fought for less. It's not about an outcrop of rocks, it's about national integrity, about not being bullied every time we enter the negotiating table. It's about time someone realise that in a nation-to-nation niceties doesn't get you what you want but persistency backed up by military might, like what Singapore is doing. They announced the purchase of 100 more advanced jet fighters before telling us over their next claim. Maybe Malaysia can announce 1000 suicide fighters before we can enter the next round of negotiation. Of course these UMNO lame ducks would be the last to the front line if there is to be a war, if ever. What with their palaces and brand new Mercedes.

  7. Singapore is feeding on our corrupted maniacs who are incapable of defending our sovereignty while their hands are strengthened by a normal bias against Muslim dominated countries by the West. Malaysia must find the will and national sense of pride to demand form GB all documents pertaining to Malaysia's historical artefacts and records. Which is easy 1. No more local student to GB. 2.We don't need GB trade as trade with GB is in their favour. 3. Close all GB missions except for the Embassy. 4.Divest all Malaysia's interest in GB banks and Financial houses. 5. Cease all military corporation. 6. Re direct all major transits through Frankfurt Paris Orley or East European destinations -in fact it is high time developing countries being saving money buy not transiting through European ports. Does the current governing crop have the will and clean bill of health to conduct such Revolutionary beneficial changes - God Damn them, NO.

  8. Anonymous7:56 am

    this is why i hate singaporean alot and why most of malaysian people support Dr M because of his disagreement.

    zamri sunway semenyih

  9. Anonymous7:57 am

    support pak lah means support singaporean. And we know singaporean people is greedy. Everything they want. So support PR. kick singaporean out from malaysia


  10. Anonymous8:02 am

    I think is even better to give the whole Johor to them because in actual fact the value of property in Johor will shot up a few times. Imagine if you have a house in JB that worth RM200K now and immediately it will shot up to RM1 million. This is also the best possibility for Johor to achieve 2020, is impossible under BN now.

    Think for the good of all Johorian.

  11. Anonymous8:05 am

    Singapore is very careful in what they do. PLus they do their homework on the case very well (unlike some people in our country) so that is why during the case we kena taruh betul-betul.

  12. Anonymous8:10 am

    Pak Rocky,
    Itulah akibatnya kalau mempunyai PM dan AG yang terlalu pandai.Jika Singapore berjaya dalam tuntutan ini, Aku cadangkan eloklah orang singapore bercucuk tanam di kawasan EEZ mereka itu dengan satu tanaman yang di panggil Batu Pelir kambing dan di beri makanlah akar batu pelir kambing itu kepada sekalian rakyat. Apakah itu akar batu pelir kambing?

    Akar batupelir kambing, or Kambing-kambing, is Sar-colobus globosus, Wall.—Asclepiadaeeae. The botany has been described by Ridley : " A long climber with a slender brown stem rather thicker than a crowquill covered with a brown thin bark. The leaves rather thin and fleshy, ovate to lanceolate, 3 inches long by 1 1/2 wide with a broad rounded base, and a petiole 1/2 inch long, opposite. The flowers are in small clusters on short stalks £ inch long. Each flower is 1/2 inch across, pale purple in colour, with few rather broad lobes and a very short tube. The fruit is large and oval in outline with a strong keel on one side. It is 3 inches long and as much through, brown and rough with very small warts. When cut through it is seen to have a thick rind 1/2 inch through, white and pithy, and con¬taining, as does the rest of the plant, a quantity of latex. This rind which when fresh is quite tasteless is the eatable part of the plant. The seeds are ovate, flat, thin discs, an inch long and 3/4 inch across, and form a large mass overlapping each other. They are brown and possess a broad thin wing all round the seed itself " (Ref. 19). It is found in the Straits Settlements and Malay Peninsula, and extends as far north as India, being found near the sea-coast, in mangrove swamps, and along the banks of tidal rivers. The fruit resembles in shape and size the testicles of a goat, whence the Malay name.
    Akar batu pelir kambing is used by Malays to poison dogs, elephants and cattle ; the poison is contained in the seeds, which are called pitis buah by Kelantan Malays. They are so named from a fanciful resem¬blance to a coin of very small value used on the east coast: each seed is about the thickness of ordinary paper; there are about 100 seeds in each fruit. As a poison for small animals the seeds from one half of a fresh green fruit are dried and powdered. This powder is mixed either with boiled rice or any other food that the animal is accustomed to eat; it is employed by burglars to kill watch-dogs, and causes paralysis (patah pinggang) in them and other quadru¬peds. For large animals, such as the elephant, bul¬lock and water-buffalo, all the seeds from a fruit will be required. Although pitis buah will kill a dog outright, Malays add white arsenic and the juice of the lime fruit to the powdered seeds when they wish to make more certain of destroying the animal.
    In September, 1920,1 gave rather more than half the number of seeds of a Sarcolobus globosus fruit to a large healthy male pariah dog that weighed 28 lbs. The fruit had been gathered fresh three months before on a small island (Pulau 'Che Tahir) in a tidal creek near Tumpat, the sea-port of Kelantan. The dried seeds were ground up, mixed with cooked rice, chopped meat, fish, and condensed milk. The dog ate the poison at 4.30 p.m.; at 9 p.m. it was lying down and could not stand. It vomited and purged and died about fourteen hours after the administration. Shortly before death it was in tetanic convulsions ; the pupils were dilated.
    The allied species of Sarcolobus, viz., S. Spanoghei, Miq., and S. virulentus, Griff., are recorded as poisons. The first of these two jungle climbing plants is called wali kambing in Java, where it is used for destroying tigers. Under the name of S. narcoticus, Greshoff gives an account of the poisoning of tigers by putting S. Spanoghei into the bait . He extracted a toxic substance from the bark, but did not ascertain its chemical nature. In his Indian Poison Eeports, 1902, he remarks that S. narcoticus causes rigidity when the fruit is roasted, pounded, mixed with food and given to animals. Analyses of specimens of S. globosus sent to London from Kelantan have not been completed at the time of writing. Fresh coco¬nut water is the antidote used by Malays to counteract this poison when accidents occur to man.
    Like the poisonous yam gadong, the fruit can be used as food. The rind is often cooked and eaten as a vegetable; but, like gadong, it is always carefully washed, generally in salt and water, before it is con¬sumed. It is used to make a conserve in Malacca ; after being cut into pieces, soaked in salt and water for three days, and washed with fresh water for three days, it is put into boiling syrup. The Kelantan recipe is to remove and slice the rind; the slices are hardened by soaking in lime water (aqua calcis; ayer kapur) for two or three hours, washed in clean water and boiled for some time, and finally dropped into boiling syrup. This jungle climber, akar batu pelir kambing, must be distinguished from a small village shrub, called pokok batu pelir kambing, Eau-wolfia perakensis.

  13. Rais, what happens to Win-Win thingy? You jerk.

  14. This is a fight between two little kids who have been neighbours for a long time. One has got his toy but still wants to grab the toy of the other.

    Hey look, kids, take only what's yours. Why do you want to fight and jeapordise your long-term friendship?

  15. Declare a marine park.

  16. Anonymous8:41 am

    Thanks to our incompetent law ministers we are easy pickings for foreign countries even neighbours.
    They should go back to law school and restudy and then
    face our opponents.

    lost ground

  17. Assalamualaikum Saudara Rocky,

    Semuga Saudara sentiasa dalam Rida dan Barakah Allah swt.

    Pasal Singapore ni, memanglah. Mana boleh kasi muka dengan yang satu ini.
    Takkanlah Saudara Rocky tak tahu kot.


  18. Anonymous9:05 am


    Kiasu at his best.........


  19. Anonymous9:05 am

    Aiyah, one word come to mind anf fits Rais and his so call "intelligents"....INCOMPETENT!

    And to the Professor you mentioned, sheer ignorance and arrogants. So arrogant that his eyes are blinded of what a competent group of Ministers we have handling his issue. It is this group of "clever" Ministers incompetence and arrogance that caused the lost of the island.

    They are so dumb and arrogant that up till now they still think they did no wrong, they are the smartest and they lost because they got cheated in the hearing.

    What is the sense of talking to these kind of leaders and everything said is fallen to deaf ears! I would rather Singapore have it, at least they know how to make good use of it.!

  20. What!!!! a WIN WIN situation...!!!!! who said that?

  21. Singapore will always go by the books. They are famous for that.

    Of course, we in Malaysia will begin to make all kind of comments over their new claims but I believe Singapore must also have done their homework very well before they take this action.

    So if we really want to deal with Singapore, then we really need to have hard core facts and not just any superficial arguments or comments. Singapore will not fall for such things.

  22. Anonymous9:38 am

    And yet our Minister said it was "win win". Maybe what he meant was "Sillypore wins and Sillypore wins". Then the toilet paper thinks the Minister was right that it was win win.

  23. the wiki entry for law of the sea convention says:

    By 1967, only 25 nations still used the old 3-mile limit, while 66 nations had set a 12-mile territorial limit and eight had set a 200-mile limit. As of July 24, 2007, only a handful of countries still use the 3-mile limit: Jordan, Palau, and Singapore.

    so singapore waiting, waiting, waiting only for batu putih before laying extended claim . so kiasu!

  24. Anonymous9:59 am

    There are always a few stinking Singaporeans on Batu Putih manning the Light House. There is life in that respect, and they can live on the fish they catch around the rock and also plants some vegies in pots, fertilising them with what comes out the other end. See the rock does support life.
    The bunch of kiasu bastards will not stop at anything till they own the world, give them an inch and now they want a yard, they need to be kick in the groin with the foot.
    Just wait, LKY is not going to live forever, he will die someday, sooner better than later. To get anywhere in the fight with Singapore we need to get rid of the sleeping PM and his totally useless deputy, hopefully the entire cabinet, they will sell their mother for a song.

  25. Anonymous10:02 am

    I would like to ask can this be a win win situation?

    Hamid kena hit kaw kaw..Rais got hit and he does not know where it came from.

    Poor AAB, with a bunch of nincompoops, we do not need others to steal from us, we just gave it away.

    Very sad...

  26. Anonymous10:03 am

    AG : dont you see i'm busy with anwar,najib,rpk case !!!

    Rais : its our second win-win situation

  27. All Badawi and his gang wanted is Anwar's sperm and Saiful's need to worry what Singapore wants because Singaporeans are smarter than these bunch of bastards. Let us all throw out these shit and nail them dead if they still do all these 'school boys' trifle act.

  28. Anonymous10:06 am

    see, thats how the real international politics is.

    i dun know why the current head of administration was banging on about being nice to our neighbours. i dun have problems with being 'nice' a.k.a inviting them to genting for the cards, or sail with them on our waters with durian.

    but the real international politics is that no one is willing to give anything for free. and the more scary prospect is that, everyone will GRAB everything that may PROFIT themselves. regardless whoever they might 'hurt'. its all about business.

    including this batu puteh and its related matters.

    the past head of government played this game the way it supposed to be - being nice is only for cosmetic functions, but he hold the cards well in the 'inside matters'

    but then they (the current bunch) say he was too sceptical to neighbours especially the southern one. but i think he was right and under his rule, except for the water selling rate to singapore (which he actually did some effort to improve that, but to no vail, i cant remember we ever 'bow' down to...anyone, let alone Red Dot.

    i remember the last sport minister 'ask' singapore not to bid for F1. and now we will have a night race, street mode F1 race there. who ever give ur 'asking' a damn, mrs sport minister?


    no need to revisit 1997-98 economic crisis when the same neighbour, refuse to HELP us at that time when we were in trouble.

    i am not asking us to hate them. or send MIGs/ sukhoi. this is also not getting paranoid. but this is about international politics.

  29. Anonymous10:14 am

    i read from S'pore blog,: we dont get this if Mahathir still in power

  30. Very interesting statement from the tiny City State of Singapore.

    But how does Singapore intends to claim an EEZ of 200 Nautical miles around Pedra Branca when the the distance between Pedra Branca and the Mainland of Johor, Malaysia and the Mainland of Batam, Indonesia is less than 11 nautical miles. On top of that Malaysia has sovereignty over Middle Rocks and South Ledge which is only a few meters away from Pedra Branca.

    This is typical Singapore Government Kiasu attitude, put up a claim from no where and then force our now very Singapore friendly Malaysian Government to enter into a negotiation. The gentlemanly diplomatic statement from Rais yesterday is not tough enough, I suspect Singapore will not reciprocate but sees it as a sign of weakness from Malaysia and they will push through this EEZ idea even though it will cause havoc as they are also taking advantage of the current leadership and political situation in Malaysia as a once in a life time advantage. Sort of menangguk didalam air keruhlah. With friends like this who needs enemies?

    The ICJ concluded that Pedra Branca Singapore has sovereignty over Pedra Branca eventhough Johor has the original title because the Horsburgh lighthouse on Pedra Branca has been continually operated by then Britain and later Singapore, as such, Pedra Branca should remain as a place for an operational lighthouse for navigational safety of the international waterways, thats all it should be good for. But no, the Singapore Government also have territorial ambitions quite far from the comforts of their city home also.

    I hope Singapore knows that it is sailing into troubled waters with not just Malaysia but Indonesia as well with this preposterous EEZ idea.

    Malaysia, I hope would not repeat the mistake of rolling over and NOT showing any physical or verbal reaction to Singapore's conduct in and around Pedra Branca or the Middle Rocks or the South Ledge as the ICJ had observed in their 23 May 2008 judgement.

    I hope the Malaysian Government will be tougher in dealing with Singapore EEZ claim this time as Singapore has really thrown out their glove with this serious provocation of Malaysia's sovereignty.

  31. Bro, by the way, just a small point, when dealing with territorial waters you normally say nautical miles instead of miles. FYI, 1 nautical mile = 1.15 miles.


  32. If again both parties are not agreeable, then, just let the International Court decides. Or, are we have no faith with these courts, simply because they do not operate the same way as ours!

  33. Anonymous10:31 am

    Is this what Rais Yatim meant by win - win ? Why can't they accept the truth , we lost ... Thanks to the incompetency of all involved including the 'stupid botak'. secondly, what was mrs rais yatim (or i think it was her) doing in there with rais yatim when the decision was announced. Another holiday at the Rakyat expense... semua pun sama cakap tidak serupa bikin UMNO ministers ini. Meanwhile , the newly minted Menteri Besar of Trengganu has started what the previous Menteri Besar was doing screwing the Rakyat and the Rakyat money.. and he and his team need Mercs. UMNO will never change. Screwing the Rakyat kiri kanan and then try to blame someone else.

  34. Anonymous10:38 am


    Win Win situation. Well done Rais. Thank you Pak Lah. Congratulations Syed Hamid.

    Gone with the wing.

    aHli UMNO 1969

  35. Anonymous10:42 am

    Never give up our teritory to Singapore.

    Look at South Korea. They are planning to build a bigship to protect their claim over dokdo island against Japan. Japan have requested to use the International court to decide the ownership but Korea has rejected. The reason is they dont trust the verdict of the international court that usually side Japan.

    In Malaysia case, I think its more leaning towards Singapore which is then considered unfair judgement.

    Now South Korea plans to build a large navy ship to protect the Island. I dont know if we can do such thing since Singapore have a mightier military arsenal but still in the case of South Korea, they do it eventhough they are inferior to Japan.

    Though the Island is inhabitable but the straits is a highly strategic pathway for ships. So not owning to it is definitely a loss to Malaysia. Besides, Singapore was part of Malaysia, so to me, any other parts other than the main island of Singapore should be part of Malaysia.

    So dont Malaysia give up to Singapore!

  36. Anonymous10:57 am


    you're a jorno and born in spore. maybe you can give a better explaination on this.

    another LKY way to divert attention from their rising inflation? the highest in 28 years

  37. Anonymous11:38 am

    isnt Hamid primarily responsible for this saga? why is he still retained as a minister and especially when he continues to embarrass the govt with his blunders?


  38. we have a weak team so Spore is rightly taking advantage .. as our "negotiators" are from a dif graduating class than Spore counterparts...

    Just outsource/lease the running of Johor to Spore for the next 20 years and if KPI is achieve, give the entire Malaysia to Spore!

  39. Win-win situationlah katakan...
    Hal ini kena PM flipflop+Syaed Amid+ Raiss+Ghani Pattail yang tahap pemikirannya lebih rendah dari Shabuih dan PaK Din Kadi!

  40. Anonymous12:35 pm

    I fear another debacle, all due to slipshod work. Court (especially international one)decides solely based on evidence presented and soundness of argument. In this respect I wud like to share this with readers on Malaysia's weakness on documentation. At the height of CIQ dispute in 1990s, malaysian press published lots of news amounting to spore bashing by our leaders (both senior and mosquito). Feeling disappointed, its High Commission wrote to NST's letter to the Editor column which was surprisingly published. In the letter, lots of points were made complete with proofs of correspondences between the 2 govts. They even quoted ref no of letters and who signed them.That's the hallmark of their preparation. In short, if the allegations were true, Malaysia was clearly in the wrong. My God, I was waiting for a swift reply frm our govt. Based on points raised during the "Spore bashing" sessions, our govt shudn't have problems to give point-by-point reply. I waited and waited. One week gone and still no reply. I was convinced they're looking for substantial points to hit back. After 10 days came the rather brief reply. "We do not intend to conduct international diplomacy matters thru the press". I was dumbfounded. They don't have to wait that long to give such reply. Clearly they cudn't rebut what were alleged by spore.I hope history won't repeat itself. But what can we do. We have an Attorney General who passed his law study from UM with 3rd class honours as did Sudirman Hj Arshed his batch mate (you can verify this thru MLJ). For Sudirman to have done poorly was understandable becoz he spent his time singing rather than studying.

    2nd class upper

  41. Anonymous12:56 pm

    beri betis nak paha,
    beri paha nak er ..kepala;

    bagai Belanda minta tanah,
    itulah nafsu ammarah..


  42. Anonymous12:59 pm

    (heha) : aiyah, 'live & let live lah" !
    when ' thy kingdom cometh' SOON , what is the use of all the pulau pulau !?
    internal issues & crisis pun leceh
    dan 'kelapa sakit' lah, sudah lah..
    ...ayoooooo samy. !

  43. Anonymous1:07 pm

    there are so many ways we can pressure spore that the stupid govt is not using e.g. water supply.

    fed up

  44. while still on the spirit of giving, why dont we gave away Kelantan, Kedah and Perlis back to Siam. And Sarawak back to Brunei.

  45. Anonymous1:51 pm


    no surprise. our administrators are lack of knowledge and experience in dealing with this issue.

    anyway, we have been so generous to the republic.

    after pulau batu putih, it will be pulau pisang later on.. and iskandar malaysia, perhaps.

    we've been so diplomatic but did they reciprocate well to our sincerity?

    i like singapore when i was a kid, visiting relatives in geylang, pachitan, toa payoh and jurong.

    today, i liken the island as another israel in the ring of arab countries.... sorry laaa...

  46. Anonymous1:51 pm


    no surprise. our administrators are lack of knowledge and experience in dealing with this issue.

    anyway, we have been so generous to the republic.

    after pulau batu putih, it will be pulau pisang later on.. and iskandar malaysia, perhaps.

    we've been so diplomatic but did they reciprocate well to our sincerity?

    i like singapore when i was a kid, visiting relatives in geylang, pachitan, toa payoh and jurong.

    today, i liken the island to that of another israel in the ring of arab countries.... sorry laaa...

  47. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Is it any wonder that grassroot members are finding it harder and harder to defend our party?

  48. Anonymous1:56 pm

    bro!during my years in pry schl in west coast road i love to sing li kuan ikan yu,li makan kayu but now he want to makan u ( un in malaysia )

    ex stu.

  49. Anonymous2:06 pm

    HP6 cabinet ministers led by an idiot PM...what can we expect?
    Singapore is toying with us and we still didn't get it? How stupid can our goverment be?


  50. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Its not that i am not patriotic.

    But Malaysia please keep your documents clean and intact.

    You fail to do your homework.

    Chinese saying picking the worm to stick in your own buttock if you are unprepared to fight.

    No more Chinese Malaysian.


  51. Ask for more?
    Singapore thinks this is Pepsi commercial ar? Itu lar Latuk Siti's old Pepsi commercial shouldn't be taken seriously.

  52. One of our minister said it was a win-win situation immediately after the ruling. Win win my foot, lose-lose is more appropriate. Why bother about those rocky places when we have already offered them part of Johor?

  53. UMNO JOHOR HAS 7 cabinet ministers

    But in this administration they have no new bridge.

    Monorail gien to Penang.

    A lousy flood

    Their land open to foreign firms.

    they have to sell dirt cheap water to Singapore

    they lost their island


  54. Anonymous2:35 pm

    (heha): " mari mari, ada OFFER di sini, MB di selangor, DPM di malaysia, exco di negeri2 ...dan lain lain, s'porean pun boleh beli,
    cepat cepat yang dapat, liwat liwat
    ( oops, sorry !) lewat lewat tak dapat, ...mari, mari...old newspapaer, old beteri, old ....!!"

  55. Anonymous2:40 pm


    tak lama lg 'batu' dalam seluar pak lah pun kena jual....tido lagi...bangang!

  56. Memang patut bagi pun, bukan hak kita.

    Ini akan menjadi satu sejarah yang sudah tidak boleh diubah, sesuatu yang Malaysia perlukan untuk menjadi bahan kajian dan ingatan selama lamanya betapa bijaksananya Dolah dan anak menantunya.

    TDM telah menempah banyak sejarah, tentulah Dolah juga tidak ketinggalan.

    Salam takziah untuk rakyat Malaysia

  57. Brader,

    Lee Kuan Yew wants to exchage Pulau batu Putih for Iskandar.

    Should not be a problem with Paklah around.

    At the same time, Shahrir is looking at connecting a huge petrol pipe, just like the water pipe, to Singapore.

  58. Anonymous3:35 pm

    It goes without saying!

    Didn't our administration know the implication of losing Batu Putih? What a bunch of losers!

    With maritime law in operation, would it not appear that the tiny red dot can also claim some form of jurisdiction over Johor? No?

    Now, does it surprise us why the IDR was located where it is?

    That's what you get when you send a bunch of 'school boys' to do the work of men. Haprak. Betul, betul haprak.

  59. Why waste our time arguing. Singapore always wins any debates with us anyway. Don't people remember? The best of our brains have been driven off to work in Singapore and they know how to twist and turn everything to their advantage and we shall lose again? Just give the Singaproeans a map and ask them to draw out what they want and just take it. We got more important things like sodomy battles to fight. And as Raja Petra says now we even got the PAS guys wanting to sodomise the rest of us after having told us they were straight! Take on Singapore if there is anything on sodomy la! That, we are the experts.

  60. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Singapore is a Chinese State, there is no use denying this fact. And in it's relations with it's neighbours it has always been selfish and uncouth. So we see this behaviour being repeated in the case of Batu Putih.

  61. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Apply the equidistant line rule perhaps?

  62. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Rocky bro,

    I wonder what was the purpose of purchasing the MIGs, Sukhois and the billion RM upgradings? Should it be left rotten or just for public display during LIMA only? Or the Defence Minister just love to collect toys only?

    Now is the time to use it. If they can claim this and that, we also can claim back the tiny weeny island nation back.

    Well, we are now being bullied and the leaders with no value faces keep on smiling when being spat "ptuiiih" at their faces.

    We cannot be fooled all they time as being fooled all this time since October 2003.








  64. Sudah kasi betis mau paha..THAT'S SINGAPORE FOR YOU FROM DAY ONE!

    If Tun is still our PM, they won't dare say it out in the open!

    Whata do you expect having a Prime Minister and a foreign minister like today? huh? juga..

  65. Reminded me of the pepsi commercial.. "Ask for More"

  66. Anonymous5:27 pm





  67. Anonymous5:51 pm

    friendly speaking, msian govt ruled by BN dont give a slightest fook about anything with regards to msia.. you know why? because they are only interested in plundering the country and being the world's worst corrupted politicians...

    and since the country who is led by noneother a no brainer who sleeps on his job, what do you expect the rest to do? follow the leader la...

  68. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Our government stupidly sign an agreement they knew nothing about and they hoped that they would win without doing any research. how stupid is that.

    now someone else shows us how much it hurts to be SLEEPING on the JOB.

    Even if we dispute about this, singapore have it in black and white that those EEZ are in their region. know why? cause they know how to practise what they learn!
    not like our ministers and AG's, know's how to SLEEP~~~~~

  69. Bercanggah undang-undang antarabangsa

    KUALA LUMPUR 23 Julai - Tuntutan Singapura ke atas kawasan perairan wilayah dan Zon Ekonomi Eksklusif (EEZ) di sekitar Batu Putih adalah bertentangan dengan Konvensyen Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB) mengenai Undang-Undang Laut (UNCLOS) 1982, menurut seorang pensyarah undang-undang antarabangsa.

    ''Ini kerana UNCLOS telah menetapkan bahawa batuan yang tidak boleh menampung kehidupan manusia dan ekonomi tidak memiliki EEZ,'' kata Prof Dr. Abdul Ghafur Hamid dari Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM).

    Beliau berkata, Batu Putih hanya merupakan batu granit yang tidak mempunyai tumbuhan dan pokok serta sumber air dan oleh itu, ia boleh dipersoalkan untuk membuat tuntutan 200 batu nautika dari kawasan EEZ itu.

    Semalam Menteri Kanan Singapura, Balaji Sadasivan berkata, Singapura mempunyai kawasan perairan wilayah sehingga maksimum 12 batu nautika dan 200 batu nautika kawasan EEZ yang konsisten dengan UNCLOS, di mana Singapura adalah salah satu pihak yang menandatangani konvensyen berkenaan.

    Abdul Ghafur berkata, di kawasan yang terdapat tuntutan bertindih, tuntutan sebelah pihak adalah tidak sah dan tidak akan berjaya. Namun dalam undang-undang antarabangsa, bantahan rasmi adalah diperlukan.

    "Malaysia perlu membuat bantahan kuat kepada langkah Singapura itu," katanya.

    Beliau berkata, cara penyelesaian terbaik ialah dengan berunding untuk mencapai situasi menang-menang.

    - Bernama

  70. Anonymous6:37 pm

    That ıs why ıt ıs so crucıal to get ıt rıght the fırst tıme. In the second round, how formıdable ıs our legal team?

  71. Anonymous6:43 pm

    i totally agree with chowkit fact i think based on these two pebbles (that can be seen at low tide) that are now legally ours and based on the same reasoning and all that maritime boundary shit I think malaysia should have every right to reclaim fucking singapore island back.

    ah pong

  72. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Well thanks to the dull leadership of badawi, Singapore can get there clever lawyers to spin any law and win..
    They never dared to do during Mahathir's reign...

    The middle rocks...
    Can it now give malaysia a radius of 200 miles of EEZ too?

  73. Anonymous7:24 pm


    S'pore's claim to exclusive zone around Pedra Branca 'an act of provocation'

    Thu, Jul 24, 2008
    The Straits Times

    JOHOR BARU - SEVERAL Johor politicians are upset with Singapore's plan to claim a territorial sea and an exclusive economic zone around Pedra Branca.

    Puteri Wangsa state assemblyman Datuk Abdul Halim Suleiman called the statement by Singapore as 'an action of provocation'.....


    See? Some sensitive politicians are already "provoked".

    Lets hope they don't run amok.

  74. well in that case will JOHOR BAHRU BELONG TO SINGAPORE, WILL THE SULTAN OF JOHOR need to vacate his palace, because this would basically be a declaration of war on a technicallity. One of the main reasons Malaysia lost pedra branca was, the Malaysian govt sent children (morons) to do a mans job. pure and simple. Incompetant FOOLS, who were not educationaly qualified but kulit-fied, LOOK AT THE SINGAPOREAN TEAM, they were led by professor of law, that is the difference between the little red dot and UMNO'S jaguh kampung mentality, what a bunch of loosers, and to top it off we had the biggest moron of all proclaiming at the top of his voice, 'IT IS A WIN-WIN SITUATION', whose, on what basis, qualifed, perception is this declaration of a win-win? what mongrel, bankrupt, propogandist rubish statement was this. well LETS ASK THE PM AND RAIS TO EXPLAIN TO THE RAKYAT, this incompetance by the govt. borders on treson, losing sovreign territory to a former part of malaysia is tantamount to a slap to the faces of citizens of our nation. BUT THAN AGAIN WHAT WOULD YOU EXPECT WHEN WE HAVE A sleeping prime minister, multi-millionaire unemployed sil, a suspicious dpm, corrupt judicary, police, and total failure of the AG'S chambers,
    who btw had the audicity to bring along the son of the ag to (argue, apple polish, holiday) do god knows what.

  75. Anonymous7:38 pm


    KUALA LUMPUR, July 24 (Bernama) — The International Islamic University of Malaysia (UIAM) is doing away with the wearing of the songkok (Malay headgear for men) and special scarves during convocation for its graduates.
    Instead, from this year’s convocation, to be held from Aug 23 to 25, graduates of UIAM will wear their graduation robes with mortar boards.
    UIAM Deputy Rector (Academic and Research), Prof Datuk Dr Tahir Azhar said the change was made to standardise the dress code for university convocation nationwide.
    He told a press conference here today that 4,112 UIAM graduates would receive their scrolls at the university’s convocation next month.
    He said there would also be a change in the colour of the graduation robes, from turquoise green to turquoise blue.
    “The songket pattern on the sleeve of the new graduation robes will be that of the ’pucuk rebung’ (bamboo shoot) design,” he added.
    He said UIAM was spending RM2.1 million for the new graduation robes.

  76. S'pore is not asking or more...
    S'pore is protecting their land with the lawful International.. territorial water rights.
    UMNO cannot accept S'pore politicians are much smarter than far comparison.
    And ha is because...PAP is not corrupted and do not play dirty their people.

  77. Anonymous8:35 pm

    yeahhh..korek..korek..korek..PM lembek n penakut.i'm not surprised if Singabore claims johor n melaka oso!


  78. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Singapore's action is akin to Israel's modus operandi. I'm not concerned if Malaysians are pitted against "real" Singaporeans coz Malaysians are as clever or as stupid as "real" Singaporeans. But against Israelis, Malaysians don't stand a chance.

  79. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Since our AG and former Foreign Minister,,made a blunder,,!!!

    Why don't we blast off using C4,,
    habis cerita,,!!!

    Kalau Tuanku Sultan Johor,,ingin mendapatkan semula pulau tersebut,,,,Ta'salah claimed baginda,,,!!!


  80. Stop the blame game. Afterall this is politics with our southern neighbour. Another 20 years to solve...What u say Mr. Haa...Meed?

  81. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Sudah sampai masanya kita membina Pengkalan tentera di Kampung Tanjong Che Lahom yang sememangnya strategik dan ianya merupakan kawasan paling penghujung tanah besar Asia sebelah timur terletak di kampung ini. Dengan itu kita boleh mengawal atau memantau perairan sebelah selatan timur tanah air.Pulau Lima yang betul2 berada dikawasan pintu masuk laluan kapal perlu dijadikan markas peninjau tentera laut supaya kedaulatan perairan Johor tidak dicerobohi sewenang-wenangnya.Kedudukan Pulau Lima milik Malaysia memansuh atau membatalkan dakwaan mereka memiliki Zon Ekonomik Eklusif dikawasan tersebut.

    Sudah sampai masanya rakyat mendesak kerajaan berbuat sesuatu untuk kepentingan kedaulatan Malaysia bukan kepentingan kononnya semangat setiakawan Asia yang memberikan keputusan yang mengecewakan lagi membodohkan kelak.
    Dan sikap pemimpin utama Malaysia yang acuh tak acuh dalam hal ini amatlah membodohkan sekali.seperti tiada apa yang berlaku.Dalam hal berkaitan Singapura,menteri UMNO @pemuda UMNO menjadi seperti pondan Malaya yang tidak berani bersuara.Sikap pemuda Pas yang perihatin terhadap tindak tanduk Singapura harus dihargai.

    Putus harapan pada kerajaan.

  82. Anonymous11:10 pm

    How is it that the Malay Malaysian Government always win against its Chinese minority. However when it comes to Chinese Singapore, it is always losing. You want the proof...?

    then how about Chinese Taiwan, Chinese Hongkong and of course Chinese China?

    Chinese Malaysian

  83. Anonymous said...

    With the stupid PM and his gang there, I've no suprised even if S'pore claims Johor, Melaka, Pahang, Sarawak!!

    S'pore and Sarawak can form a union of some sort. Our future would be better off after Taib is then gone, sooner than later. We can tap on the Singas sovereign wealth fund and develop Sarawak for mutual benefits.

    At the moment, it looks like Taib has agreement "mati" with Iblis. Iblis gets something, he gets something.!

  84. Anonymous11:12 pm

    This is what happens if you leave serious matters on national interests in the hand of politicians. They will screw it up!!!! Right now, most of them do not give two hoots in what's going on in our own backyard, what they are interested is only to have power so that they can continue screwing up the country. Shit!!!
    Nujum Pak Belalang

  85. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    The little red dot is back to its usual stance of having a flight of ideas.
    They have somewhat become more bolder these past few years and no thanks to the many golf games.

    Since the water agreement is coming up for review in the not too distant,they are getting ready to include this sensitive issue in their so called "package discussions" to get maximum mileage from us.

    Rais met Rice on matters related to Anwar......and poor Rais came away with a bloody nose.Rice stood firm and told of US concern and their stand on the issue.

    Rais has not told us what is S'pore's stand on Pedra Branca following the recent statement from Balji.

    It is an Asean affair and Rais cannot find a better platform than this to seek out S'pore's stand once and for all on this matter.

    Rais.....please tell us in simple language (minus all your diplomatic shit flavored jargon)what is our stand on the latest development. Will You ?


  86. Anonymous11:35 pm

    bloody greedy singaporean. why dont they claim Johor, then Peninsular Malaysia!!! Why they never dare to claim any land from indonesia! one thing for sure that indonesian people are willing to die for their land!!! Again bloody greedy singaporan. PM what is your action!!!

    zamri ex-umno

  87. Anonymous12:04 am

    Does it not fit well with Iskandar Development Corridor or famously known as Southern Corridor?

    At the end, we may have to surrender the most southern part of Johor to Singapore (remember 12 nautica miles rule for land area) & the whole Iskandar Development Corridor to Singapore ( the rule 200 nautical miles EEZ rule applies).

    Btw, the other outcrop never declared as belong to Malaysia!

    Thanx to the half past six government lead by PM yg tak abis2 tido... The team in Hague lead by AG & son!!

    Frustrated Malaysian!

  88. Anonymous12:50 am

    The writer is big assumption it is inhabitable.

    Singapore has the ability the reclaim the land in matter week and on top it build a kampung hut then to add insult, buy a malaysian palm tree.

    It is this type of mentality of understatement in SG, Thailand or even Indons that will lead Malaysia to be systematically deprived of development and FDI.

    Wake up la!

  89. Anonymous3:01 am

    We must also claim Singapore is part of Malaysia.

    As a historical malay island of temasik,we can claim in Malaysia court that British have no rights to gave the southern island to somebody or immigrant.The island belong to peribumi. It's the land of Kesultanan melayu Johor.

    Even for the next 100 years pemuda Malaysia will claim Singapura is the land of Semenanjung Tanah Melayu. Immigrant of Singapore is always known as immigrant.Nothing change.

    Modern Malaysia Youth.

  90. Anonymous6:54 am

    dear all,

    its all in history, any nations want to expand and the strong one will 'eat' the weak ones, so just be vigilent, do not budge, if we have to do the worst, so be it.

    how arrogant they are, in just one week, at their court , within a solidarity grouping, where a host shuould be polite their guest , they rub us with our political scenario nad this kiasu..

  91. Under UMNO....and in no time..Johore Baru have only three miles water rights legally.
    Singapore is having a balls with UMNO idiots...using Pulau make our defence system helpless.
    The problem is...Singapore is doing that lawfully and legally and mad with S'pore...not admitting like gentlemen.....they lost the case...sending idiots to fight for Pulau Puteh.

  92. Anonymous7:01 am

    sir jacob said,,,

    last month batu putih now eez what 's next , they know we are not stable now , the best time to fish in muddy waters ...kiasu , greedy and opponinistic and un-neigbourly conduct.....sir jacob

  93. Anonymous7:59 am

    yoo rocky..its either no one interested in this topic or they agrees with spore's move..

    7 Comments only?? ahaha


  94. Anonymous8:37 am

    Dear Rocky

    With global warming, in a few decades time, all that will be left of Singapore will be Bukit Timah!

    Think about that, you arrogant
    PAP clones of Lee Kuan Yew!

    Phua Kai Lit

  95. Anonymous9:29 am


    Maybe you should link theenglishcottage blog. Interesting pieces. She has
    taken on Wong Chun Wai and Marina Mahathir..

  96. Recently, the Director General of Maritime Institute of Malaysia, Datuk Cheah Kong Wai in an interview published in the NST (July 24th) said that the Singapore claims has no basis. This is because of Article 121(3) of the Law of the Sea" which states "rocks which cannot sustain human habitation or economic life of their own" cannot claim EEZ or the continental shelf.

    The Director General is overconfident and has underestimated Singapore's capabilities. Its a matter of time when they start land reclaimation activities, initially 200 or 300 meters out to sea and later up to a kilometer. Very soon Batu Putih will be a bustling island with maybe 5000 people, and lots of economic activities such as Institute of Maritime Research, island administrative centre, resorts, free trade zone, fishing related industries, army post, naval base, marinas etc. Now wouldnt Singaporae now in position to claim territorial water up to 200 kilometers.

    Remember, if we can lose Batu Putih which has been under the Sultanate of Johore for centuries, what more when Batu Putih is now under Singapore's jurisdiction. We will soon lose our territorial waters.

  97. Kambing punya RAIS.. inikah dikatakan win-win situation... ? Lepas nie dia kat satu Johor dia punya baru kau tau... x study punya menteri...

  98. Anonymous10:08 am

    Mr Baldie started it and left Mr Rais to declare win win. And we were really left with nothing. Singapore is asking what is rightfully declared by international court, so we should not vent our misguded anger on Singapore.

    We should send our Baldie and our dream team of lawyers that put up such a pathetic case to be shot by firing squad. It was treacherous of them to lose by not being well prepared for the courts.

    In this episode..Be angry with Hamid and gang..not Singapore.

  99. International Coffee Boy

    I understand the general skepticism that has greeted Mohd Saiful Bukhari bin Azlan's police report accusing Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim of allegedly buggering him. Many Malaysians have said, "Not again..." or "Can't they come up with something better?" Whatever your take on this may be, I think its best that everyone allows due process to take place and since the level of cynicism is extremely pronounced, there should be some sort of independent verification for possible key evidence e.g. a foreign forensic expert going through whatever tests that need to be done to prove or disprove that the said buggery took place.

    But the one thing that I could never figure out is this: When Saiful made his police report, he was identified as a special assistant to Dato' Seri Anwar. Special assistant means someone with exclusive contact with their employer, someone who has personal dealings with their principal. But shortly after the report was made, Keadilan apparatchiks went on the offensive saying that Saiful was a mere volunteer at the party HQ - a very small, insignificant cog in the giant wheel that is Keadilan and Friends. He was described by Anwaristas as an assistant to an assistant and more specifically as a "coffee boy." In fact, Dato' Seri Anwar himself said that Saiful was "not a permanent member of the staff" and only earned a part-time allowance.

    So they established clearly that Saiful was a nobody and implied that he would not have had much significant, personal contact with Dato' Seri Anwar. A volunteer coffee boy that dropped out of university. No more, no less.

    But here's the problem. Dato' Seri Anwar also admitted that he has taken Saiful along during his foreign trips. Now, why in the world would you take your volunteer coffee boy on an overseas visit? If he was a nobody, just as Dato' Seri Anwar and his lackeys painted him out to be, why would he be part of a coveted overseas entourage?

    The only explanation I can think of is that his coffee must be damn, bloody good.

    Sila layari

  100. Anonymous10:40 am

    whats next from them? sand and airspace to compromise on EEZ?
    in the first place, its our dungoos that lost the island and thats the consequence the country is bearing. no hell, he wasnt castrated but promoted to be the minister of security. if he cant defend our national interest against our neighbours' greed, thik he can manage our country's internal security.
    god help malaysia. worst to come, when Najib becomes the PM. Really, God forbids.

  101. Anonymous11:12 am

    By the way, what has happened to the so called new era of relationship between Malaysia & Singapura? I remember Pak Lah going down there to play golf with his counterparts and slap each others back as soon as he became PM. Again Singapura has pulled wool over our eyes.

  102. Anonymous11:25 am

    Let us change the goverment asap.


  103. Mana ada lagi Pulau Batu Putih, dah lenyap dah dari peta dunia yang ada hanya Pedra Branca.

    Apa salahnya mereka nak kawasan EEZ tu, kan mereka dah menang dan mempunyai hak atas kawasan itu, tanyalah kat RAIS yang pandai sangat tu, kan WIN-WIN. Bila mereka minta, rule pertama ikut RAIS ialah WIN-WIN, jadi 50% dah dalam tangan.

    Dan yang paling penting, bilalah agaknya yang orang kat Singapura tu nak ingat tentang perasaan Rakyat Malaysia. Kerajaan Malaysia melalui Wisma Putra yang tak professional buat kerja.

    Apa nak buat kita ni dah terantuk baru nak tengadah.

  104. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Don't forget middle rock is Malaysian, so we can initiate similar claims as Singapore. It is a game two can play, only difference is Malaysia under umno has inferior players. How can Malaysia hope to win when the entire cabinet is only concerned with their survival and where the next corrupt Ringgit is going to come from if they get kicked out of the Government. Umno is as useless as the animal known as hyenna. The most useless is the head of the pack, which is normally a female, maybe our PM is a female imposter, there has to be a reason why he is so useless.
    Perhaps it is better to give the entire country to Singapore, for one, they will stamp out all the corruption and develop the country that will benefit everyone instead of just the friking umnoputeras. I say lets give them the entire country, 'it will be a win win situation for everyone' don't you agree Mr Rais Yatim????

  105. Anonymous1:22 pm

    "yoo rocky..its either no one interested in this topic or they agrees with spore's move..

    7 Comments only?? ahaha

    toinet "

    hahaha..small island does really kept small brain people like this.
    Ask for more...none will get enough. why dont ask for dolah ..we can give dolah to singapore for free..even if we need to pay, then it shall do. It come with good package too..really nice 'beruk' to climb coconut tree named SIL.

  106. HANG

  107. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Singapore really looks down on Malaysia esp.after the Pulau batu Putih's issue.They are taking things for granted and now it seems that they are testing the fathom of water in Malaysia now.

    As we have incompetent Ministers to deal with the well-equipped and factual Singaporeans,slowly and surely piece by piece Malaysia would be taken away by Singapore.

    Our Ministers are good at championing their own race and agenda.But,when face with this type of things,they are good at bull-shitting.Their pea brain is like an empty shell and no wonder Singapore like to bully them.

  108. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Why do you believe in our professors in Malaysia?

    Didn't you experience the great wisdom of our VC who posed the best question of this century to Anwar during the televised debate recently?

    This VC asked what fuel had to do with IPPs in Malaysia. The VC is the same person who won some cash against RPK, Iguess.

    So dear friend, this is the quality we have in Malaysia and we will continue to have this until such time professors prioritize education and facts to politic and politicians (favoured). In the meantime when contesting with countries such as Singapore which gives utmost importance to education and intellectuality we have no choice but to stare at their alien ( sebab kita kurang faham) language.


  109. Anonymous3:07 pm

    rams609... otak lu baik, otai punya oii.. betul singapura-pura. tipu, tak rak botol punya sebab dia punya singa ekor ikan dan mulut pancut air. bontot tak rak... tak ada chance liwatlah.tengok dia punya wang kertas ada. pegi tengok sana itu singaikan busar ada.singa pura-pura hah.itu pasal kita rimau kena bijak.


  110. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    What's bro_jinggo doing here with his saiful aka sinful story. I thought this forum is for batu putih. Agaknya mata dia dah kelabu. You (Rocky) shud have ruled him out of order. Don't waste time and space with people who habitually like to stray...

    never like strayers

  111. /// Kevin said...
    This is a fight between two little kids who have been neighbours for a long time. One has got his toy but still wants to grab the toy of the other.

    Hey look, kids, take only what's yours. Why do you want to fight and jeapordise your long-term friendship? ///

    Kevin - in case you don't realize the supreme irony of your own puerile comments - you are the kid here for talking nonsense.

    Who is the one jeapardising the long-term friendship? Singapore is taking only what belongs to her. And the territorial water and whatever comes with it. Singapore did not and does not grab anyone's toy. This has been decided by the International Court of Justice. Are you now challenging the ICJ's decision? It was Malaysia who in 1989 suka suka claim the toy is his.

    Rocky - I think your heading is very mischievous and misleading. Singapore is not asking for more. Whatever it gets besides Pedra Branca will be consistent with international laws - as you have already shown that you are aware of - the seas around Pedra Branca.

  112. /// drMpower said...
    no need to revisit 1997-98 economic crisis when the same neighbour, refuse to HELP us at that time when we were in trouble. ///

    drMpower - I think you will be more credible if you talk facts instead of nonsense.

    Goh Chok Tong met Dr M and a rescue package was agreed upon. Dr M was smiling from ear to ear and even personally drove GCT to the airport for him to fly back. Before the ink of the agreement was dry, Dr M wanted to change the terms of the aid - basically to bail out his children. The deal was called off by Dr M.

    Dr M decided that he didn't need Singapore's help after he got Japan to help. And I suspect that the help was from selling Petronas oil at cheap rates on long-term contracts. See who's smiling all the way to the bank. See who's really screwing Malaysia. See how's really the culprit.

  113. Anonymous4:05 pm


    PEKONG Betoi,,,our Cabinet Minister,,


    Menitis Air Mata,,teringat Singapore out of Malaysia,,,NOW DIA MINTA LAGI KAWASAN,,,,,,Times up BADAWI,,,!!!!



  114. Anonymous4:39 pm

    This is SOP for Spore.

    Under UNCLOS (UN Convention on the Law of the Sea), a country's territorial waters extend for 12 nautical miles from it's coast, whereas it's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) extends for 200 nautical miles from it's coast.

    So, Pedra Branca/Batu Puteh falls within the EEZ's of both Malaysia and Indonesia.

    The question to be asked is whether Malaysia has already filed it's EEZ with the relevant international bodies?

    If it has, then Spore has no choice but to negotiate with Malaysia (and Indonesia) on mutual demarcations, as per international law.

    So, I would view the statement by the Spore Minister in the Spore Parliament as an attempt to put Spore's claim on the record. But the urge to score points is there, given the perception that the Badawi administration has it's focus diverted a hundred diffent ways.

    Nothing for Malaysia to get excited about, IF it has done it's homework properly.

    Whether it has done it's homework properly is another issue altogether! And that's for the Wisma Putra boys (and girls) to answer.

    Perhaps Rais should not be wasting time crossing swords with Rice. The current US administration is a "lame duck" one pending the Presidential elections in November. The Msian govt should be cultivating ties with both Barack Obama and John McCain. Are they perspicacious enough to be doing so?

    I also note that a certain former PM has been noticeably silent about Pedra Branca/Batu Puteh since the ICJ decision was announced. Could it be because it was during his administration that the decision was made to refer the PB matter to the ICJ?

    So, why are the nationalists and academics, who have opined in abundance, not criticising this former PM?

  115. Anonymous4:57 pm

    We are in this shit is because we think that we are great and smart and the rest of the world are stupid. This is pure arrogance and ignorance to the highest degree.
    With more of these people, the nation is screwed!!


  116. Anonymous5:18 pm

    yoo toinet...

    7 Comments only, you said??? Hahaha 105x (the last count)to you!!! Kiasu!

  117. Anonymous7:37 pm

    bro! aleh apa susah! kamceng Tengku ade! bagi je penampau sikit, diam la dia
    ( penampau pada menteri2 yang tidog tu! )


  118. Anonymous8:50 pm

    You might not agree with me but the best way to help Johorian and also to enrich the Sultan is give away Johor to our neighbour.

    Overnight every inch of land in Johor will worth more than double, could be as much as 10 times in some area. Every children in Johor will have better education and also a bank account with Sing dollar given by the government.

    Every family is also given RM71400 when they buy their 1st home.

    On the arrival of your 2nd, 3rd and 4th child each family is given approx to RM20000 and more.

    You can also tell your friends oversea that you are living in a 1st world country.

    You are free to practise your religion, not to worry that some other religion will claim your body when your times come.

    The police won't be interested to stop you and ask for your RM50.

    Your passport also entitle you to visit China and USA without having to apply a visa, I hate to q-up at the US embassy cause they think that M'sian are potential criminal.

    Your new MP won't say stupid things like " You no like you go back China" or "Ms Poh also lick every month".

  119. Anonymous10:17 pm

    It's time to advise and remind our current bodoh government how to raise up water bill that we sold gila khinzir cheap to Singapore.
    This lame duck government which cancel our scenic bridge to replace tambak Johor is totally tak boleh pakai..


  120. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Phua Kai Lit

    In 20 years time, you will have to change your surname to Mat Bodoh and your children will be known as Asses bin or binte Mat Bodoh. Your son will have to wear a songkok and your daughter veiled so no one can see any part of her except the eyes.

    Take a look at your skin asshole. It's yellow not bumi brown.

  121. Anonymous11:04 pm

    TNB should start planning to build our first nuclear reactor or wind mills farm on the middle rock. It is located far enough from populated centre and yet near enough to mainland to build the under sea power transmission.Kuantan airbase is near enough to the middle rock to defend it, Malaysia should acquired more advanced Sukhoi for air superiority to defend middle rock air space from intruders.

    Prof R

  122. Anonymous11:05 pm

    i HAVE wished senior lee as our pm ! (heha)

  123. Anonymous11:09 pm

    TNB should start planning to build our first nuclear reactor or wind mills farm on the middle rock. It is located far enough from populated centre and yet near enough to mainland to build the under sea power transmission.Kuantan airbase is near enough to the middle rock to defend it, Malaysia should acquired more advanced Sukhoi for air superiority to defend middle rock air space from intruders.

    Prof R

  124. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Wud like to respond to Suresh abt useless professor. There's another one, this time frm UKM (MSH is his initial). When Anwar was dismissed in '98, RTM played its role trying to justify and this particular professor (not sure whether he was already professor that time) was interviewed. He said treatment given to Anwar in the US when he was DPM was like a chief of govt. Even US Vice President was not given such honour. He's trying to imply that Anwar was US agent. Now, since he's a lecturer on international relations, it pains me a great deal to know that he didn't seem to know that the post of US V/President is the most "lonely" post on earth. No cabinet member cares abt his existence. All report direct to President. The V/P's job is mainly to chair the Senate meeting. He springs to life only when the President is unable to function. This is in sharp contrast to our DPM or the no 2 man in most countries, where no Cabinet Minister dares ignore his presence.


  125. LKO,
    How can you be so naive as to suggest our smart leaders to take 20 years to settle such a trivial matter ? That will tantamount to a LOST LOST situation. It should be a WIN WIN solution. Singapore can TAKE our half and we will GIVE them our half. Both parties happy !!??

  126. Anonymous9:50 am

    Typical Singaporean lah Rocky!Macam kes Belanda dapat tanah

    For years our TDM had said that Singapore view their relationship with the neighbours as a business relationship - at the end of the day, what matter to them whether any venture will brings any benefits to them.

    Unlike them, Malaysia tend to put relationship first. We offer selling water to Singapore at a very cheap rates and extended the water agreement to 2060 and we also offer to Singapore to own thousand of hectares in the water catchment areas in Johor.!How nice

    Does Singapore reciprocate? We failed to review the water rate..We failed to resolved the CPF issue ..We failed to built our 'crooked bridge'...We failed to get back Pulau Batu Putih and now they are claiming for more..

    Remember 1998 Rocky! Our TDM had requested help from Singapore to stop the banks in Singapore from offering high deposit rates in order to prevent outflow of hard currency from Malaysia. Any helps forthcoming from Singapore?..They were giving excuses instead of help.

    At that critical time , TDM did requested for some funds from Singapore to help Malaysia withstand the currency crisis. As far that I can recall, Singapore were willing to help with some strings attached - free airspace and extension of water agreement or something like that. Of course, our grand old man refused and with a masterstroke of a genius, he introduced capital control. Of course, the funds came back and CLOB ceased to exist.

    After TDM, we thought Pak Lah golf diplomacy with Singapore may works. After 6 years under Pak Lah leadership, I don't see anything can be resolved with Singapore. In fact, it is worsening.


    P/S I have just googled Pulau Merabung,

    an island very close to Singapore and belong to Malaysia. Can't we claim the teritorial 12 nautical mile limit and 200 mile EEZ limit.

  127. Anonymous10:09 am

    ai!ya! jangan susah lah!nanti dia olang hantar olang bom pai air lepas tu dia olang mintak macam macam lagi, wa jadi 'Tengku' wa manyak pening la!

  128. Time to take Johore out of Abdullah's Malaysia. They've done nothing to defend the state of Johore and Johoreans. Their flip-flop decisions made us Johoreans suffer too. Albar and Shahrir can stay back in Malaysia, no need to come back to Johore. (Tan Sri Muhyiddin is welcomed). We won't have any BN goons flaunting their big black Alphards and Cayennes travelling around our beloved state no more. Sure, if they wanna come and visit they will have to pay a different price for our petrol because Johore petrol will be much cheaper than Malaysia.I'm sure Rais Yatim will agree if indeed Johore gets out of Malaysia, it'll be a win-win situation too!


  129. ...typo...

  130. Anonymous11:15 pm

    aiya why so dificult maa...just bomb the pipe maa... then just start a war....

  131. Anonymous12:21 pm

    1) Who is the 1st party to suggest ICJ?
    2) Since want to argue according to international law, then follow lah!
    3) Is Singapore EEZ action according to International Law? If not, sue them in international court lah! Malaysia boleh!


  132. Whatever is said, when it comes to Malaysian territories everyone should say it with the balance towards the Malaysian government.. whoever is saying otherwise should not blame the listener's assumption that he has no loyalty to the government, the country, the rakyat and the land known as Malaysia... and I dont blame the chauvinists in us for assuming so...

  133. Anonymous3:03 pm

    UMNO JOHOR HAS 7 cabinet ministers(tido).sekalang wa masok jb free,next time wa enter jb wa jadi menteli,semua bole beli lo!

    kilang baja

  134. as far as i see it, our leaders just talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.
    So what is the government planning to do about it?
    Singapore is acting in accordance to the international law. In the contrary, our leaders just give out statement as if Malaysia is in control. 1st the attitude and performance of our ministers need to be boosted or replace them with leaders who are actually educated in the subject matter.

  135. Anonymous1:28 am

    Anonymous:I love singapore very much

  136. Anonymous1:42 am

    Anonymous:I love singapore very much

  137. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Give other island, u'll see other MILITARY RADAR growing like mushroom.
    Please think ahead.