Sunday, July 20, 2008

Keris sex, anyone?

Journeying. What is this keris doing in an Amsterdam Sex Museum? Our guy KJ Lim, whose blog I discovered as soon as I had started blogging two years ago, isn't saying why but he's got more pictures here.

(Please do read his disclaimer. Mine is: The keris is politically proven to be a dangerous weapon, so be kinky with it at your own risk!).


  1. Phallic Symbolism. So was this the ultimate Phallic Symbol that the Dutch knew about when they took over Malacca all those hundreds of years ago and studied the Malay race then? After all most communities of the world have phallic symbolisms of one kind or another. Some, not left to any imagination and some would require a twisted mind to see it.

    After all the Keris does come with a sheath. Wonder what that means.

    So what symbolism can we attach to a modern leader wannabe unsheathing a keris and holding it aloft? An over sized keris at that too.

    Maybe an appropriate photograph to go with the keris on that Amsterdam Sex Museum whould be one of Hishamuddin holding his keris!! Would fit wouldn't it?

  2. Aiyah...sounds so painful..more like kena sula than having sex...maybe it was sex at keris-point they had those days? maybe women were loathe to give it up and then men had to menghunus keris to get some?

  3. Keris bersifat mencucuk di badan lawan.

  4. Anonymous11:43 am

    Keris dan sarungnya memberi pelbagai tafsiran, ia bergantung kepada 'mata siapa' yang melihat, tafsiran darinya adalah menceminkan pemikiran dan peribadi orang itu.

    Me..only better mungkin hidupnya berikiran 'blues' sentiasa, teruja dengan apa jua yang boleh dikaitkan dengan sex.

    Pengiktirafan keris di Amsterdam Sex Museum adalah dari kacamata meeka, seperti juga keris yang terletak di Museum Pahlawan memberi maksud yang lain. Ular menyusur akar tidak akan hilang bisanya - kluangman

  5. Anonymous11:47 am

    Just heard on radio that Jalan Duta will be closed again tomorrow bcos of another "planned demo". Is the BOTAK going INSANE or the BN really treating us like their enemy to be punished? STUPID GOVT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Rocky Mo!

    Here is a bit of information for all of us including you!
    You know the word RO-GOL, or rape in English. Well the word rogol is an acronym of ROdok GOLok.
    A process where a vicious perpetrator in the ancient time of the Malay kingdom, violently thrust the handle of a golok, often mistaken for a keris, into a female vagina for pleasure thus causing great and untold damage to women, physically and emotionally.
    I am not surprise than an informed and educated European tribe is the one teaching us a thing or two on our violent past. There is a also a museum in Songkhla where it is dedicated solely to an entire collection of coconut hand grater, or kukor kelapa, where the place where women sit is shaped with various forms of a male genitalia, for their sexual pleasure, since in ancient time of the Malay Kingdom, women were really not be allowed to express their orgasm. What then? Well they grate coconut may be two or three times a day.
    Now then my dear Rocky if you are trying to be cheeky trying to tie this keris sex object to present Malay problem and Umno, and to politicise it I think you are smarter than that! So careful, be very careful my friend,I am watching!

  7. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Saya sendiri telah melihat keris ini secara dekat pada tahun 2003 di sex museum Amsterdam.Apa yg menarik pasal keris ini ialah tentang hulunya (pemegang)keris bukan pada bilah besinya.Keris ini telah dibawa dari Bali Indonesia.hulu atau pemegang keris ini diukir dengan patung yang sedang melakukan sex sebab itu ia bernilai untuk diletakan di musium sex Amsterdam

  8. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Why is the Keris in a sex museum?

    Because UMNO has used it for 50 years to sodomize the Malaysian public.

    Therefore it definitely qualifies.

  9. Wah Kluangman...

    You are really deep as the creek behind my kampung house?

  10. Anonymous12:12 pm

    bro, i was there in 1998 and i saw it too. i was told it was taken from indonesia by the dutch soldiers as a souvenir item. the keris was once used to cut a 'suami curang punya barang'.... hearsay.

    so, i believe it got something to do with your 'alat kelamin' laaa...


  11. kluangman..get over it lah...the kebanggaan over a centuries old symbol hel in high esteem by the Malays, has now been raped by Malay leaders and today the keris has been reduced to a laughable, blood soaked pisau cukur!!!

    And the Amsterdam Museum suits it well!! It has been used by the Malay leaders to raped and sula the nation and people to bits!

    Apa nak bangga sangat bila Melayu sudah hilang MARUAH!

  12. Orang2 macam Kluangman masih buta...yang menjadikan symbol ini dipandang hina dan BLUE di mata orang ialah kerana TANAH MELAYU ssekarang dikenali sebagai TANAH SODOMI dan TANAH PEROGOL BUMI dan RAKYAT...kerana pemimpin2 MELAYU ISLAM kita....yang sekarang ligat memalukan kita di kacamata dunia denagn mainan politik dan perangai mereka yang TERANG2 LUCAH!

    Itulah perbuatan yang paling BLUE dan LUCAH...bukan komen saya!

  13. Anonymous12:40 pm


    You just gave me a great idea..but where to find a keris?

  14. The planned roadblock tommorrow should be met with a planned concerted action by the people to skewer the leaders in the ass with our own kerises.

    We should plan a little something of our own to get back at these roadblocks of oppression.

  15. Anonymous3:58 pm

    Hmm I don't know. No comment on this but I will ask someone by the name of Kerismuddin maybe he's the expert for Keris.


  16. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Bro. Rocky,

    Dr butiq was right about the keris.

  17. Inul, gelek gerudi 360 darjah. Masuk pedang keluar keris.

  18. Anonymous10:40 pm

    ahahhahaha..gelak tak henti-henti...
    malunya bangsa melayu.....
    Little wonders that malay brandishing a sex toy in a the umno assembly to show that they're bunch of sodomites..wakakakz.


  19. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Hi Rocky... i saw that sex keris in the Amsterdam museum 2 early last year when i was in Netherlands. It also puzzles me why is there a sex keris in the museum...

  20. What is this keris doing in the sex museum in Amsterdam?

    Maybe it is used for masturbation in the old days.

    Maybe it is used for sodomy in recent times.

    Or maybe the rapist uses it to threaten his victims.

    It won't be there for no reason.Everything must have a reason.

  21. You all didn't read properly la. The reason that particular keris is in the sex museum is because the hilt (handle) of the keris is actually a little sculpture of 2 people having sex.

    @pasquale: as for your theory about the coconut grater? Either they had very differently shaped coconut graters than the modern ones, or you have very weird ideas about female anatomy.