Monday, July 28, 2008

The spirit of Hibiscus

The PM's wife says the Hibiscus deserves a revival as a symbol of Malaysian patriotism.

I agree with Jean. Most of us like the bunga raya, so much so that we have added the stigma of the hibiscus in the logo of the Alliance of Bloggers! (The stigma also represents the computer keyboard).

So, yes, as long as it does not involve a multi-million ringgit campaign and contracts to enable cronies to organize a national hibiscus awareness drive or something like that, do promote this flower!


Anonymous said...

"bunga raya (hibiscus) as a symbol of the struggle of national warriors"

cherish and long live the warriors who dare to fight for our homeland!.

Iskandar Syah Ismail aka DR Bubbles said...

Bro Rocky,

spot on!

Anonymous said...

I designed this "hibiscus bouquet" last year, boleh recycle balik kan, tukar 2007 to 2008 jer, hehe...
here's the link:

Anonymous said...

i will not be surprised if some syncophant will suggest that a dewan at umno, pwtc be named Dewan Bunga Raya Jeanne.
there are people like that.


Anonymous said...

stigma tu pun nampak macam pedang yg akan membasmi kepalsuan.

juta lagi lah jawabnya utk promosi.siapa boleh halang?.orang umno nampak macam batu saja!.dah duduk dalam kemah nanti baru menyesal kot?.


Donplaypuks® said...

as long ago as 1960, we were taught in schools that the Hibiscus is our National Flower.

so, who forgot? Jean? for crying out aloud!!

lipandes said...

I on the other hand prefer Durian as the national symbol.

crower said...

Jean, the First Lady of Malaysia. Wife to the Perdana Menteri and the man responsible behind Islam Hadhari.

Ironically, Jean doesn't cover her "aurat" as required by Islam. Don't tell me "aurat" is not required under Islam Hadhari.

Practice what you preach anyone ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Rocky,

I've forgotten about this flower, to be frank. Okay, I support that "the hibiscus should be promoted again as a symbol of true warriorship" as long as the "patriotism" part does not withers as quickly as the flower itself.


Anonymous said...


YOU are long as these conditions are in place:

1. NO Cabinet Committee on Hibiscus

2. NO directive to all local councils to start giving out contracts

3. NO multi-million ringgit projects to plant the hibiscus

4. NO directive to civil servants to wear dresses and shirts with hibiscus design once a week

5. NO order to hotel staff to wear the flower on their head... and so on and so forth..


Anonymous said...

I have a lush white hibiscus pokok in my garden...looking to add the red and pink too...

The Hibiscus is Hawaii's state flower as well as being Malaysia'a national Flower...the Hawaiian variety is bigger I think...but the local variety is much more "fragile and lovelier" to me...

The Hibiscus is part of the mallow family...surprise, surprise...which includes, cocoa, okra and the DURIAN !!

Anonymous said...

Yeah right... sometimes what politicians or they related said something... you should figure out what his/her meaning.

Like this: We promotoe Hibiscus again (or another word we will do extravaganza function for promote hibiscus agaon)

The reason is good... how about the implementation.. will see


Khairulnizam Bakeri said...

Mr Rocky,
I'm kinda new in blogosphere.
Do I need to register or anyone can simply use this All Blogs logo?

Anonymous said...

yo! bro! wheres the bee?


Anonymous said...


are you sure that this wil not involve million of taxpayers money. Sorry, the lady is PM's wife, surely one of the minstry will support and launch this promotion. I can bet on it

zamri sunway semenyih



the hibiscus was the first flower we learnt about in primary school. and then, the balsam plant.

the bunga raya used to be a common sight -- lining residential streets. but today, they are hard to come by, at least in KL/PJ.

however, i was so delighted to find that they are pretty common in kuala terengganu! hurray!

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. yeah.. yeah..

Of course you agree with Jean. Afterall you seem have been agreeing with Pak Lah and KJ and Najib and Rosmah too! It's just that sometimes, you are torn between agreeing with Paklah lebih ke, or Chedet lebih. Torn between 2 idols of yours!

And hey, you also have been in agreement with WCW in your reports of Malaysian news, havent you!?


Anonymous said...

i love the bungaraya and can;t bear for it to be "raped" by these greedy people...

jajanjohorbahru said...

THAT day to award contract for the bunga raya awareness campaign might come.

Anonymous said...

From what little botany I know, the stalk of the hibiscus which you called stigma is erroneous! Stigma is part of the female reproductive system of the flower(Rocky,you devil! ;-) ) and is the very tip of the stalk.
I believe the correct name for the whole stalk is the staminal stalk as it is part of the stamen which is the male reproductive system.
Any botanists out there?

Anonymous said...

Pak Rocky, Samunkaulammumbirrahim,

Hibiscus, remind me to
Pokok kapas hantu (Hibiscus abelmoschus, Linn., MalvaceaB), a shrub used in medicine, having musky perfumed seeds, and akar kemennyan hantu, a climbing plant (Hedyotis capitellata, Wall., Bubiacea?), also called akar lidahjin, or Satan's tongue, are examples. Also may be noted the river weed called akar kemang hantu (Neptunia oleracea, Lour., Leguminosas), the root of which is used in Kelantan as an external remedy for necrosis of the bones of the nose and hard palate (restong), one of the late manifestations of syphilis. In this case the word hantu is used on account of the soft white " floats " of very loose cortical tissue which give the plant an uncanny appearance in the water.
Ridley refers to the use of the word hantu as corre-sponding to the word " false " as applied to plant names. He gives several others in addition to those to which reference has been made in his " List of Plant Names." Among them are bunga hantu, the " ghost flower " (Strophanthus jackianus, Wall., Apocynaceas), and limau hantu, the wild pomelo (Citrus decumana, Linn., var. Butaceas) ; but the most interesting of them all is paku langsuir, the bird's-nest fern of Selangor (Thamnopteris nidus-avis, Linn., Filicies). The lang¬suir, a terrible female vampire afflicting pregnant women, is supposed to make her home in this wild jungle fern.
If you are the Bomor, I am sure you agreed, Hibiscus have nothing significant in malay world in relation to clinical medicine!
So hibiscus, means buat perabis
duit rakyat jer!

Anonymous said...

We don't need anymore symbols of unity! If there is no concerted effort to fight institutional racism, discrimination of races, subtle religious discrimination and persecution, then forget about it. NO NEED TO WASTE ANYMORE RAKYATS MONEY ON LAVISH CAMPAIGNS


Anonymous said...

Spot on Rocky. There is almost zero economic thinking in the Govt. Authentic money making projects are few and far between. So all sorts of other ideas are being thrown out so that some lucky few can make money.

Have you noticed the new road signs around KL? They are small and have a little gold dome on top. All plastic. The road sign is a plastic strip (sticker).

Some say that the whole National Service thing was just a way for some contractors to make money supplying uniforms, boots, food, barracks equipment etc to the NS camps. Hundreds of millions of Ringgit.

Trainees are 'issued' new parade ground boots every year but they are NOT allowed to keep the parade ground boots when they leave. Yet every year, new parade boots are bought. Does the word recycle sound familiar. Paying for recycling?

This Bunga Raya thing could mean millions of Ringgit in contracts to put up signboards, ads etc.

Its just an excuse for someone to make money.

Anonymous said...

I'm still wondering why Bunga Raya was chosen as our national flower..let alone as a symbol Malaysian Malaysian realized that Hibiscus is not a native species in Malaysia (or South East Asia)..~PAYAU~

Anonymous said...

Bunga Raya,,,Rakyat sekarang da'tak kenal bunga tersebut,,

Anyway along the North South Highway tiada nampak pon sebatang pokok,,,

May be the local Council lebih selesa tengok lallang,,Apalagi Dewan Bandaraya,,mana ada standard,,tanam pokok itu..pokok free katakan,,!!!!

ITu hari kata,,nak mengalakkan tanam sayur, boleh mendatangkan hasil,,now pokok hutan pula, bingung,,,bingung,,!!!

I'M confused,,,,!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's kind of sexy too.

whackthembugger said...

Oh yes who don’t remember the national flower; well symbolised since my school days 60-70’s. Now the flower has been found for some nutritious value for herbal drinks and dried savouries etc.

However, my fondness for the flower disappeared and could not be revived ever since I became aware it was a symbol of an opposition party which I despise. My house is decorated all around with full of potted greeneries and flowers and some planted decorative tress, it doesn’t warrant a place for any Bunga Raya; I have to be happy and be at peace in my home.

Perhaps its timely to change the national flower.

monsterball said...

And.....Saiful backside hole is a virgin!
Great RPK revealed this doctor's report..and the doctor went hiding...when police keep harassing him.

monsterball said...

Hibiscus is indeed are national is for Hawaai.
but in Middle East....they make hybiscus flower drinks for sale.
Here ..and in is rose water and Indon call it ayer bandung!
I love ayer badung...real nice..with satay.
But we should have beaten Thailand with an orchid as the National flower...more high class...and in great demand. Too late now.

Anonymous said...

i thought kris was the symbol of the struggle of the national warriors?what trying to soften down the arrogant kris waving to bunga raya waving? mamazen

Anonymous said...

mamazen said... umno trying to soften down their arrogant kris waving to bunga raya waving?

Norazihan said...

Walk the talk Jean.

A Voice said...

Good effort Jeanne. Just to let you know Dr Mahathir has a Hibuscus specie named after him.

I do hope you will not emulate hubby dear to rearrange whatever was done in the past.

Do the flower a favour to not rename Hibuscus Rosa-Sinensis "Dr Mahathir" as Hibuscus Rosa-Sinesis "Pak Dolah Tido".

If you do, the damn flower specie will just self distruct to wipe its specie out from earth to save from the embarassment of association.

BTW Rocky, the pix with the Hibuscus specie was for a posting commenting your neither pro- or anti-Government statement in February 2007.

Anonymous said...

Hibicus, national flower? Hardly see it anywhere, not along the road to our national "zoo" where our distinguished yang binatang animal farm meets.

Probably our national warriors are extinct.


Anonymous said...


The stigma is traditionally used by orang asli to wake up their children in the morning.

I guess she is using it to geli2 the PM's ear to prevent him from maing a fool to sleep in public.

Notice there has yet to be a photo of PM asleep in public lately ...


solidleong said...

Just dun waste any more funds on campaigns anymore as the rakyat is really suffering. Stop it now before things get out of hands.

Salak said...


I have a hybrid hibiscus in my humble compound. That's all I need. this nationlism mania is only for jerks and phony people.

Enough, I agree with you, of all these pretensions.

Anonymous said...


Are you nuts?

Is there anything more inane and sycophantic than this?

Could you try publishing something serious for a change instead of being a scribe for the govt? (I know old habits are hard to break)

Anony Mouse

Anonymous said...

What Hibiscus, the symbol of UMNO is the Keris.

Mat Keris won't agree so as all the zealots from UMNO.


Anonymous said...

Dear bro,

Hibiscus? Revival? Perhaps a rename....Bunga Hadhari...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Adakah lagi petriotisme Malaysia?
Atau sekadar kata-kata
Sebagai penyedap rasa?
Apa erti merdeka
Apa erti patriotisme
Kalau rakyat lara menderita
Kerana pemerintah yang dangkal
Tanpa minda, tanpa akal?
Bini Perdana Menteri
Dulu pengasuh anak dan isteri
Kini lega menjadi "permaisuri"
Orang Cina kata tak kena
Kahwin satu "seh" bawa pencana
Kahwin adik ipar lagilah tak gun.
Tapi jodoh tidakj ke mana
Abdullah dan Jeanne sungguh bahagia
Sampai lupa rakyat derita.
Raja dalam rumah buat kira-kira (duit negara beb)
Suri dalam dapur makan roti gula.
Menantu yang disayangi
Dia pun tumpang sekaki
Duduk di Sri Perdana
Belanja duit rakyat jelata.
Bunga raya bunga kemuning
Makan tak cukup kepala pening.
Nak sambut merdeka buat apa
Kalau sudah hidup merana?
Bunga raya bunga cempaka
Lagi lama Pak Lah duduk
Lagi lamalah kita menderita.

Kamjat Tanjong Tokong,

Anonymous said...


Agreed, so long this hibiscus is not used to swindle another millions of rakyat's money. btw, can we trust this umno-bn? their past record paints a horror tapestry.

Anonymous said...

Akum bang Rocky:

Cerita pasal Hibiscus pulak? Cukup da! Takkan masih 'on strike' lagi?

Ni berita hangat pasal laporan medical Saiful tu kau tak sebut pun. Asyik sangat dengan bunga-bunga pulak nih!

Apa dah jadi sama lu bro? Dulu kau blogger yang seumpama pendekar rakyat, kini main bunga pulak??

Aduhai, aduhai...

Anonymous said...

'Raflesia' should be the national flower not hibiscus. Wrng choice!


Anonymous said...

dear rocky bru,
you are a changed man now i see.I begin to read MSM when reading your blog. Wonder why,are you going back to MSM?
God bless.


Anonymous said...

(heha): by all means go-ahead BUT....BUT : "PLEASE use your own pocket money, stop robbing the people & tell your hubby during ' pillow talk time' to have REAL mercies for the poor lah, ok ?

Anonymous said...

don worry..there will be a bunga raya campaign. Someone will be given a fat contract to supply hibiscus cuttings at inflated prices to govts of banners..and all this banners will appear overnight. Someone will also supply hibiscus drinks..the list goes on.

Anonymous said...

Bos! Tadi malam saya ngelamun la... RPK sorang bohong atau seluruh PDRM bohong pasal Dr Pusrawi tu.
Saya mimpi PDRM dah jadi Polis Di-Rasuah Malaysia sampai sanggup bohong.
Ada suara dlm mimpi tu kata Badawi tu anak ulamak, betul ke!Katanya bapak IGP PDRM pun ulamak!
Saya risau la Bos sampai saya dan ramai kenkawan confirm tak percaya dah kat Kerajaan Badawi, PDRM, AG mabuk, Kehakiman korek-korek-korek!
Mahathir pun sama tapiiii dia dah sedar kesilapan dia sebagai pemimpin kalau kita banding dgn salah dan dosa rakyat biasa!
Wahai rakyat solat hajatlah dan berdoalah Tuhan turunkan balasan pada PEMIMPIN fasik dan hipokrit!
Bos, saya ada baca sebelum ni... Kalau Anwar Ibrahim, Raja Petra, Haji Hadi, Badawi, Najib, Mahathir ... mereka sebagai pemimpin al-malik membuat fitnah... (Ini belum masuk Saiful, Tunang dia, bapak Saiful, Uncle/Auntie Pet, Azizan Abu Bakar, Mohtar, Rahim Noor dan kapir2 lain, Bos!) ... Tuhan turunkan bala ke atas mereka sbb bukan mudah pegang amanah dan tanggungjwb sebagai pemimpin.
Ada ulamak kata kalau seseorg itu menipu dan memfitnah itu adalah kebiasaan dan kesukaan mereka serta bersumpah palsu itu sesuatu keseronokan bagi mereka, maka lagi berat dan buruklah balasan yang akan menimpa kaum dan negara mereka.
Bos, ini yang saya amat2 sangat khuatir dan risau.... Mungkin boleh tanya Ustaz Hassan Azhari hal ini... sbb saya masa kocik, ado belajar Muqaddam TV dari dio!


Unknown said...


You can of course designate the "Sodom Flower" (Also known as the Apple of Sodom Flower - check your google for more info) instead of the Hibiscus.

Its a tough flower, available all year round and easy for everyone to remember, the name being a national obsession!

Unfiltered-Madness said...

saiful medical report...

another side of story.

baca sini

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the bunga raya, lots of uses. One of them:-
If you have terrible headache, high fever, just crush the red bunga raya and cover your head with it, will bring down the temperature

Anonymous said...

stigma = pistil and stamens
pistil = female organ
stamens = male organ

pistil + stamens = new flower

new flower = new ideas, new ideology, new way etc....

bunga raya

Anonymous said...

This is in response to several earlier comments.
(1) There are many varieties of the hibiscus, but the five-petaled Hibiscus rosa sinensis was chosen above the others, as the most symbolically relevant. The five petals of the bunga raya symbolise the Rukunegara (the Five Principles of Nationhood), while the colour red represents courage.
(2) The national flower, bunga raya, is known for its medicinal properties. The roots of the plant are used as a cure for fever and other ailments, while the juice obtained from the leaves and roots is said to be effective in relieving skin eruptions and glandular troubles. Also, the petals were commonly used as cosmetics to darken and highlight women's eyebrows.


monsterball said...

kris is painted onto UMNO's flag....meant to show...the defend Malaysia with their lives.
But UMNO have twisted that to defend one race ..please that race...then steal from and money.
So anyone dare to expose them..they will pull out the shown by Hussein.
This low class it make harm than good for those crooks.
Malaysians are real smart blokes.......nowadays....including blog owner

Anonymous said...

I suka bunga raya dan pernah tanam di laman rumah saya. Tapi ramai sgt saudara mara termasuk arwah wan cakap bunga tu panas. Kononnya kita akan meninggalkan rumah itu seperti mati, bercerai atau terpaksa menjual nya. Boleh tak tanya ustaz ada ke nas dalam Quran tentang tu. If you see, memangpun tak ramai orang Melayu tanam bunga raya. Begitu juga dengan kemboja. I pernah pergi Fiji dan memang banyak ditanam di seluruh kepulauan.

The said...

Looks like Malaysia is inflicted with the Habis curse...

Anonymous said...

(heha): please light up 51 WHITE candles on the 31st next bulan !!

rams609 said...

Mama Jean please tell Khairy see how much money he can make from this bunga raya project....I'm sure papa Dollah will approve.

At a time like this we do not need to spend on more symbolslah!!!

Let the flowers bloom by itself, we need the money for the subsidies!

Mohd Radzian said...

Indeed, a "pretty" way to symbolise nasionalism.

And it seems that Japanese loves hibiscus too. Can see many hibiscus plant around here in Tsukuba !

rams609 said...

What's next? After we spend a whole lot of rakyat's money campaigning for the Hibiscus, we'll go for the BUNGA TAHI AYAM. How about that?

Please think of how you can develop this country to greater heights, not picking flowers you fools.

Don't you have better things to do?
Otherwise just keep your mouth shut and keep the garden untouched.

Bodo. Birds of a feather flocks together!

Anonymous said...

Education boss is trying to please his BIGBOSS by supporting his wife jean on 'agriculture' program in means millions & millions of people's $$$$$$$$$$$ will be wasted lah !! Jean oh jean please dun WASTE our hard-earned bloody $$$$$$$$$$$$, ok, PLEASE !
the best way to get a girl is through her mum so now the BEST way is through ' his wife ' lah !!
who is going to be dpm in june2010 !? i guess i know !

Anonymous said...

Education boss is trying to please his BIGBOSS by supporting his wife jean on 'agriculture' program in means millions & millions of people's $$$$$$$$$$$ will be wasted lah !! Jean oh jean please dun WASTE our hard-earned bloody $$$$$$$$$$$$, ok, PLEASE !
the best way to get a girl is through her mum so now the BEST way for XXX is through ' his wife ' lah !!
who is going to be dpm in june2010 !? i guess i know !

Anonymous said...

Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.