Sunday, June 15, 2008

RM1.4 billion handed over to Badawi, says Dr M

1.4 billion ringgit in cash, shares and property. How many Umno members knew how much was passed down by the incumbent party President to the successor? Nobody did because it was never tabled anywhere, not at the Supreme Council meeting nor at the General Assembly.

Well, now they all know.

How much of it is still there? Nobody knows. Ask your President.

Read CheDet's most explosive disclosure to date h e r e.
UMNO can make a statement about the money I gave to Dato Abdullah when I stepped down. Better still Dato Abdullah can explain how much of the 1.4 billion Ringgit in cash, shares and property that my staff and one of his Ministers handed over to him is still with him.


  1. Anonymous1:26 am

    No point to ask Dato Seri Abdullah..he was sleeping while the son and son-in-law were distributing the cash among themselves.

    If only the average Malaysian knows how much of money has been distributed amongst them, they will go on the warpath!

  2. Anonymous1:36 am

    wow...!!! its to much to hold by himself

  3. lol! i thought Dr M was just being sarcastic.... :D

  4. Anonymous1:38 am

    Yes, I want to know. Mr PM please detail out.

  5. No wonder the Flipping Flopper went on a shopping spree buying a brand new aircraft, yacht, bulletproof BMW plus extentive renovations to the relatively new Seri Perdana.
    Wonder how much of the RM1.4 billion was 'lost' via money-politics during the general election.
    Umno would be lucky if the President has 50% of the money left.
    What about the shares and properties? Dah tukaq nama jadi milik Abdullah & Family Sdn. Bhd. kah?
    Depa jangan jadi 'kayu' no'... hambat Pak President, suguh dia tunjuk qira-qira. Semua-nya hak Umno wei... bukan hak Abdullah & JKKK.

  6. Anonymous2:16 am

    Dolah makin tidak terjawab, Nagis yang mengaku sejati tolong jawab bagi pihak kami, ahli UMNO.. kluangman

  7. Salam Bro, Satu Persoalan yang timbul. BPR tak nak buat siasatan ker?

  8. Anonymous2:58 am

    kluangman - Mr Rockys, cepat cari pengesahan khabar ini...

    Ku Li: BN party will leave before end of month
    Posted by kasee
    Saturday, 14 June 2008
    MENTAKAB, June 14 ─ Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah today claimed that a Barisan Nasional (BN) component party will leave the coalition before the end of the month.

    Tengku Razaleigh, who was a former Finance Minister, however did not name the component party.

    "I received news that one party will leave the BN before the end of the month," he claimed when attending a gathering of Umno branches in Pahang here.

    Also present was a former Umno secretary-general, Tan Sri Sabbaruddin Chik. ─ Bernama/The Malaysian Insider

  9. Salam brader,

    1. okok....relax RM1.4B is a 'small' amount only?

    2. Dr.M...from where u get that RM1.4B considered a 'big' amount?

    3. Is it from:

    a. Adjust kenaikan Tol?
    b. Manupulasi share market?
    c. Adjust harga minyak
    d. Sumbangan from some where or some body.
    e. Or...?

  10. Anonymous4:34 am

    I guess Tun M has set a C4 charger on Pak Lah integrity with this 1.4 billion ringgit exposure.

    It can detonate and destroy Pak Lah creadibility and integrity if that sleeping PM make wrong move to defuse it.

    I like to see one hell of an explosion show here :-)

  11. Anonymous4:38 am

    What a sensation!

  12. Anonymous4:49 am

    Its about time all the ethnic-based political parties, UMNO, MIC and MCA, make known to the public where their funding comes from. Come clean and be transparent!


  13. Anonymous6:13 am

    The more important question what the hell is Dr Mahathir doing with the RM1.4 billion of cash, assets and shares before handing it over to Pak Lah.

    Whose money is that? UMNO Baru taken from original UMNO?

    Why wait until now to tell the whole world?

    Lagi tua kedua orang ini lagi merapu?

  14. Anonymous6:42 am

    How did the RM1.4b come about in the first place? RM1,400 million is a mountain of money. Is it the monthly contributions from UMNO members, BN component members or from where?


  15. Anonymous7:34 am

    Just wonder the senile old man knows what he is talking????

    Does he knows the implication of telling that UMNO has RM1.4billion???

    Where in the world does a political party amass such a huge sum???

    In BolehLand any thing can happen???

  16. Anonymous7:35 am


    It is RM1.4 billion that Dr. Mahathir himself held before passing it on to Badawi.

    So 2 kali 5, 5 kali 2 again.

    Mahathir pun sama, Badawi pun sama la.

  17. Ingin saya tinggalkan pendapat saya di sini mengenai hujah Dr. Mahathir mengenai projek-projek mega; pendapat ini telah saya sampaikan di blog Dr. Mahathir juga.

    Saya terbitkan ulasan saya di bloh ini dengan harapan rakyat dan para pembaca blog mendapat manfaat dari penerangan saya mengenai projek-projek "mega" yang sangan digemari Dr. Mahathir. Semoga pendapat saya berfungsi sebagai pengimbang atau "counterbalance" kepada argumen yang dikemukakan oleh Dr. Mahathir mengenai isu ini.



    Dr. Mahathir:

    Saya sebagai seorang ahli ekonomis ingin menyatakan bahawa hujah yang diberi oleh Dr. Mahathir mengenai projek-projek "mega" adalah tidak tepat.

    Jangan lupa bahawa projek-projek mega yang Dr. Mahathir laksanakan adalah projek persendirian atau "private".

    Kenapa tidak laksanakan projek-projek am atau "public", seperti mempertingkatkan taraf dan kualiti hospital-hospital kita, sekolah-sekolah dan universiti-universiti kita, dan prasarana-prasarana sukan untuk rakyat biasa?

    Projek-projek seperti ini pun melibatkan kontraktor, pembekal bahan asli dan sebagainya.

    Ini pun mempunyai kesan positif untuk ekonomi dari segi "economic multiplier" dan memberi peluang pekerjaan dan gaji.

    Soalnya begini:

    Kenapa Dr. Mahathir menumpukan tenaga untuk melaksanakan projek besar-besaran yang berdasarkan golongan korporat -- Twin Towers, pasaraya (shopping mall) yang terbesar dan terpanjang dan berpuluh-puluh pasaraya, dan sebagainya? Kenapa tidak juga melaksanakan satu projek besar-besaran untuk perkhidmatan kenderaan awam untuk rakyat, atau projek-projek seperti yang saya kemukakan di atas?

    Di sinilah Dr. Mahathir silap.

    Di sinilah Dr. Mahathir mengkayakan kroni dan golongan elite, dalam satu sistem yang dinamakan "crony capitalism" atau "patronage".

    Satu lagi adalah yang berikut: sistem yang korup dan tidak effisyen ini Dr. Mahathir telah wariskan kepada Abdullah Badawi. Dia menerima sistem yang penuh korupsi dan ketidakseimbangan ini. Tapi beliau tidak berusaha juga membetulkannya, malah seperti Dr. Mahathir cuba menguntungkan kroni beliau sapertimana Dr. Mahathir menkayakan kroni Dr. Mahathir sendiri.

    Inilah dia keadaan negara kita secara makro yang harus rakyat sedar dan pertimbangkan secara kritis. Jangan memuja-muja sahaja seorang ahli politik kerana beliau itu mantan perdana menteri. Rakyat harus mengunakan daya upaya untuk mempertimbangkan yang baik serta yang buruk.

  18. Where the hell did that Keralite steal the money? A big thief he is.

  19. Wow, maybe Dr. M can also explain how he managed to get the RM1.4 b. This should become a classic in building wealth.


  20. Anonymous9:10 am

    All stolen money from the people no doubt. And these are the leftovers too. One can imagine how many billions were stolen from us over the years by the Umnoputras. Don't tell us that the money was contributed by Umno members because no one would believe that. And how much are used to line their own pockets? If they have any decency, the money should be returned to the rakyat to help the poor.

    Jumping Jack

  21. Anonymous9:12 am

    Rocky, you are sounding more and more like Dr. Mahathir's voluntary spin doctor.

    Keep it up!

  22. Anonymous9:16 am

    Mamak Mahathir forgot to tell the people the billions he took with him and with his children than the small amount he left behind? What kind of audacity is this?
    The small amount he left behind is 'peanut' compared with what he took over the 22 years as Mr. 10% or 20% P.M. (no smoke without fire eh)? They rightfully belong to all the Malaysians.
    Come on Mamak, be a man, which you are not, and tell the world of the figures in Europe and Japan.
    One thing for sure you will very soon, leave this good earth with NOTHING. Worse still, roting away with the maggots eating your rotten body away with only your skeleton left. Worse of all you can't even take a cent away of the stolen billions.
    But make sure you stay around long enough to get your indictments.
    I am sure that is what Allah is doing to have you live this long.
    Will you have any more foot soldiers left then Mamak ?
    You can block all my postings to your blogs but I will continue to post in the many other blogs.Time is what I have.
    I will and I will surely continue to expose the many corruptions and atrocities you committed.
    May be with the billions you stole you can send someone to track me down and stop me or even put me away in one of your camps, Mamak.

  23. Anonymous9:28 am

    today the SIL wants Petronas to show its accounts. that's my khcurry! whenever his FIL got it, he is there to defend.

    you guys see or not the relationship?

    how much is sammy value keeping for MIC? and how much is with tarak ong ke ting for MCA?.

    may be there isn't much left by now!

    -god knows why

  24. UMNO and coalition partners
    They don’t publish accounts
    And so are the opposition parties
    The leaders should, shouldn’t they?

    Championing of transparency
    The political leaders ignore it
    When the base is rotten
    Nothing comes out right

    So you hit me I hit you back
    Dr M now discloses he handed over $1.4 billion of party funds
    To the current president to manage
    Now UMNO members should ask
    Is the money still there?

    UMNO the sins you make
    The cycle comes back to haunt you
    You can’t escape the wrath of members
    Knowing what you have then kept in secrets

    God is working mysteriously
    Hammering the nails into its doors
    In time God will trap them
    Let them shout and cry
    Nobody will hear

    The ground cracks
    The hole enlarges wide
    Aware where you stand
    A slight push sayonara
    Tumbling into oblivion

  25. When you give the sum to a politician... what can we expect?

    PakLah is no leader.. Tun M should have thought about it..

  26. Anonymous9:55 am

    dah kosong dah kena samun masa Pak Lah tidur oleh 40 penyamun.

  27. Is the RM1.4 billion UMNO's money or hte government's money? We need further info from Tun

  28. Anonymous10:05 am

    Waduh-waduh, lagi-lagi Bodohwi ni. Dia ni tak boleh pakai dah. Dia sapu selagi boleh. Skrg ni nak tipu ahli umno dgn bgtau dia dah ada bincang peralihan kuasa dgn najib. JGN PERCAYA! Dia suruh DKK Kali dan baruah dia Hishamudin Aun tipu berita dlm NSTP. Heboh pemimpin Umno kata Bodohwi nak dua-term lagi. DKK Kali suruh kwn spy dia Brendan Pariah tulis dlm blog dia laga-lagakan Najib dgn Muhyidin. Pemimpin Umno sekalian! Buang aje Editor2 NSTP (NST/BH) yg ada skrg ni. Kaki putarbelit! DKK Kali, Hisham Aun, Syd Nazri, Kamrul Deris, Manja & Geng. Ada Org bagitau ... Kalau Jumpe Ulau dgn Koling, pukul mana satu! Jadi tau2 ajelah siapa kepala DKK tu. Macai dia jgn lupe - Ketua Konspirator dlm NST - Chandra 'Botak' Segar, Lionel 'Pendek' Morais, Ah Chai 'Towkay Judi' Lee, Josep 'Paderi' Sossai. A Katirasen 'Sami Hindraf' - Ingat nama2 ni! Semua ni Gunting dlm Lipatan Kjaan Singapura untuk hancurkan BN dan Umno dan negara kita... Jadi Paklah bawaklah duit dan harta Berbilion tu ke Singapura, share sama Kali dan Li Kuan Yu. Wahai POLIS & RISIK TENTERA, letakkan file Kali n Brendan tu kat atas sekali untuk Najib dgn Muhyiddin hayun nanti! - WAK DUH

  29. Anonymous10:33 am


    pls do not understate the amount lor. i personally think UMNO is worth more than that. remember the Renong saga. That alone is more than RM3 billion!


  30. Anonymous11:34 am

    nampak sangat banyak melayu bodoh, kalau tidak kenapa bn umno menang lagi dekat semenanjung ni sedangkan parti komponen yang lain kalah teruk, tak tahu apa yang orang melayu nak, nak kata memperjuangkan agama makin banyak orang melayu dengan gejala sosial nak kata memperjuangkan ekonomi melayu yang terkaya banyaknya
    bukan orang melayu usahkan orang bangunan nama melayu pun susah nak carik dekat kl tu, nak kata memperjuangkan satu bangsa yakni bangsa malaysia, aku tengok bangsa lain masih membanggakan bangsa keturunan mereka contoh sekolah keb cina mengekalkan tulisan cina sek keb india masih mengekalkan tulisan tamil tapi sek keb mengekalkan apa tulisan jawi jauh sekali dah lama berkubur sampai surat khabar jawi pun berkubur bahasa melayu dah tak ada sebab yang tinggal bahasa malaysia itupun dah tak berapa penting sebab paling utama bahasa inggeris, jadi apakah identiti tanah melayu pada mata dunia.

  31. Anonymous11:39 am

    Sdr Rocky BRu,

    The RM1.4 billion handed over by Tun to Datuk Seri was accounted for. Cash, shares and propeties were all in Umno's name. Remember, it's not RM1.4 billion in cash!

    The accounts were, I believe, made known to Umno leaders then by the Umno Treasurer. Umno is a registered body with track record, Umno has always been meticulous when it comes to its accounts.

    What Tun is leading to is simple. He is telling us that Umno's accounts will probably not show RM1.4 billion now.

    He's just telling Umno members to scrutinise the party's accounts in the run-up to December meeting.

    I hope the non-Umno members among your readers and posters will refrain from saying anything they don't know much about.


    - An old Umno member -

  32. Anonymous11:48 am

    Let's pressure the Gov to reveal 'direct nego' things! In current scenario, it is going more active. Can asked direct to Finance Minister II!


  33. Anonymous11:58 am

    RM1.4b in cash and assets must be UMno's money. Umno's treasurer should confirm this and confirm how much of it is left.

  34. Anonymous12:05 pm

    An Old UMNO Member, 11:39 am:

    Don't think non-UMNO members are simplistic in their thinking relative to you and other UMNO members.

    The same set of questions can be asked of Dr. Mahathir:

    (1) How much was there to begin with, Dr. Mahathir had left behind RM 1.4 billion? Was there more, of which UMNO members during Dr. Mahathir's time themselves would have squandered and whittled down to RM 1.4 billion?

    (2) How does a political party like UMNO amass that much of money? Is this amount only the tip of the iceberg?

    So my dear old UMNO member, tak perlulah awak pandai-memandai.

    Kemungkinan besar ini semua pada asalnya wang rakyat.

    Maka semua rakyat Malaysia -- orang UMNO atau bukan UMNO, orang Melayu atau bukan Melayu -- berhak menyoal dan membuat spekulasi sendiri selagi cerita penuh tidak didedahkan oleh dia yang bertanggungjawab.


  35. Wow..

    UMNO so rich huh? no wonder everyone in BN is sucking to them.

    1.4B is UMNO or rakyat money BRU?

    BRU, can we do something about Syabas. I have been highlight their mischief on my blog. But I dont think I am getting anywhere...

    I belief those come to disconnect meter are hired thugs...

    read here

    Shiok Guy

  36. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Corruptor vs Corruptee. It's the new reality show UM 90210. These *itche* have no mercy. Tune in people.

  37. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Many companies owned by umno give money to party esp during election. thats for sure one. now that money go to flipflop man. part of it already use to pay for ketua cawangan, setiausaha cawangan and exco members to meet flipflop as part of his campaign for december election. flipflop said he'll pass pm seat to najib. no way lah..and najib bodoh if he percaya. with 1.4b as war chest, sapa berani lawan? and all papers say he has plenty support. if papers go to the ground, they hear someting else...but dare not print!


  38. Anonymous12:33 pm




  39. Anonymous12:41 pm

    If it is in the form of shares (assuming 50% of RM1.4 billion), the value of shares are down by 30% to 50% by now

    UMNO members, pls do not panic if the balance is less than RM700 million

  40. Tun is smart and throw a bombshell to Paklah, sooner or later, the 1.4 billion issue will be exposed to public soon.

    This Tun mamak is much twisting all around, but is nice we understand more he leaching out may rakyat understanding the transparency and accountability.

    am too encourage to write more comment and hugely against his idea. carry on.... enjoy yourself

  41. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Rocky, why don't you ask that Mamak Tun to account for the way he squandered and squirrelled away the country's wealth during his 22-year plunder? You and Matthias Chang sharing the same bed with the mamak in the middle ah? I believe that you should stop posturing as a fair blogger and own up to your biasness. I notice you are quick to echo the mamak's view and defend him at all cost and is also especially silent on Najib's link to a host of scandals. You go after the present govt at the drop of a hat. You started off well, but you are surely going down the slippery slope of pushing your own agenda. What did the mamak promise you -- GEIC of NST or Bernama head if he gets his stranglehold on Umno and the country again? Why, he may even make you Info Minister via the back door. Remember, it's the people who decide who rules over us... not that mamak. If enough people want AAB to stay (better sleepy than evil), he stays. Better tell your evil godfather that he can propose but God disposes.


  42. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Whose money was $1.4b .Why didn't you returned to the rightfull owner. You're equally responsible for the disappearance of the money. Both of you should be put on trial and return the money if found quilty.


  43. Anonymous3:24 pm

    This is the country's money and not that of Dr.M so please account for all this money. Dr.M should not talk like this money belongs to him, he should be shameful to left so little as compare to our neighbour whoes PM accumulated US300 Billion for their little red dot.

  44. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Aku nak tergelak bila Menteri lari ikut pintu belakang... - kluangman

    Laser mouths’ leave minister speechless
    Posted by kasee
    Sunday, 15 June 2008
    By SIRA HABIBU, The Star

    ALOR STAR: Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob was left speechless at a dinner meeting after several leaders started questioning him on his call for Datuk Mokhzani Mahathir to step down as Sepang International Circuit (SIC) chairman.

    The youths, most of them Umno and Belia 4B members, were at a meeting held in Sungai Petani on Friday night.

    Ismail had said that it was only proper that Mohkzani relinquished his post, as he was no longer an Umno member.

    Jalan Badlishah Umno Youth branch chief Ridzuan Omar questioned Ismail’s authority for making such a call.

    “Who are you (Ismail) to ask Datuk Mokhzani to step down? We, the 4B Youth members, had benefited tremendously from the motoring activities mooted by Datuk Mokhzani.

    “What have you (Ismail) done for the youth? We have hardly heard your name until two months ago,” he said.

    Umno Kulim Hi-Tech branch Youth chief Faizal Mansor questioned why national Umno leaders were quick to jump every time former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his son Jerlun MP Datuk Mukhriz made hard-hitting statements.

    “Why don’t you all listen to their constructive criticism?” he said.

    Ismail left the dinner without responding to the questions.

  45. Anonymous3:47 pm


    Kenapa tidak laksanakan projek-projek am atau "public", seperti mempertingkatkan taraf dan kualiti hospital-hospital kita, sekolah-sekolah dan universiti-universiti kita, dan prasarana-prasarana sukan untuk rakyat biasa? - MATA HANG BUTA KE BEBERAPA HOSPIAL BARU DAN MODEN TELAH DIBINA PADA MASA TERSEBUT

    Satu lagi adalah yang berikut: sistem yang korup dan tidak effisyen ini Dr. Mahathir telah wariskan kepada Abdullah Badawi. Dia menerima sistem yang penuh korupsi dan ketidakseimbangan ini. Tapi beliau tidak berusaha juga membetulkannya, malah seperti Dr. Mahathir cuba menguntungkan kroni beliau sapertimana Dr. Mahathir menkayakan kroni Dr. Mahathir sendiri.- MANA BUKTI, CAKAP JANGAN MAIN IKUT SEDAP MULUT, KALAU ADA BUKTI, DAH LAMA DOLAH TEMBAK MAHATHIR DENGAN ISU INI

    Isu PM mengkayakan anak adalah lumrah pada sesiapa sahaja yang memegang tampuk kuasa, tetapi rakyat mempetikaikan KETERLALUAN sehinggsa MALAYSIA menjadi hak milik bapak dan anak menantu dolah, malah kuasa dpemerintahan pun dikawal di tingkat 4. Ia tidak pernah berlaku sebelum ini. - kluangman

  46. hai yah ask tun to tell the truth lah, is it RM1.4 BILLION OR IS IT RM 14 BILLION, people in the know, actually know the approximate amount, the rm14 billion is cash only, shares & properties are not included, ask your self a simple question how much does umno hq no.1 2 and 3 in kl cost, this is all prime land, what about branches, the maths do not add up if tun says 1.4 billion.

  47. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Mahathir should not be telling the world what is supposed to be government secrets. He should understand that having worked for more than 20 years as the top government servant.

  48. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Ada lagi Melayu bodoh nak memperjuangkan Abdulah dalam blog ni! Bilalah korang nak berfikir!


  49. Anonymous4:56 pm

    How do you just handed over $1.4B just like that. What's ACA doing. Do we need to make an official report.


  50. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Ha...Ha..Ha..!! let the WORMs slowly CRAWLing out .. !!

    1stly, where the HELL does the MONEY come from !? does it belong to umno or the PEOPLE !?
    (2) why DOES IT BELONG TO UMNO !?
    HOW THE hell DOES UMNO GET IT ? from people's taxes which MUST be used for the people !?

    (3) after 22 year, WHY ONLY 1.4 billion LEFT !????? where the HELL has the rest gone to !?

    (4) Has some gone to tdm's wife, children & cronies who SEIZE & put in Isreali-S'pore Banks !?

    AAB & SIL, you 2 MUST REBUT thoroughly !

    (5) let their own SHIT hit their fans ...@#$%^&*&^%$##@ !!

  51. Anonymous5:20 pm

    very afraid when Dr M mentions RM1.4billion. But more afarid when he wants to sue the guy. By the way, is he going to use Lingam services????

    bandar sunway semenyih

  52. Anonymous5:27 pm

    just imagine how BLESSED we would be if this country was 'TAKEN CARE OF ' by the PM from that little red dot jiran which was kicked out in 1965 !!
    (the fist of fury)

  53. Makes you wonder how AAB can dole out RM600 million of taxpayers' monies to 191 UMNO divisions during the 2006 UMNO general assembly IF UMNO is as wealthy as TDM claims.

  54. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Dr Mahathir,

    Saya ingin menyampaikan kekesalan hati saya kerana :

    Kerana andalah Projek Mega seperti KLCC Twin Tower, Putrajaya dan sebagai nya menyebabkan Orang Cina bertambah Kaya dan menguatkan lagi semangat kecinaan mereka.

    Lihat Kilang –kilang yang dibina disekitar lembah kelang seperti di Kepong, Batu Caves, Puchong, Seri Kembangan, Balakong dan sebagai nya, kebanyakan nya milik keturunan kaum Cina.

    Bagaimana kilang ini boleh tumbuh kalau tidak anda yang menjana ekonomi negara ini?

    Lihat pula sekolah-sekolah dan universiti kaum cina, tidak terdapat kerajaan di dunia ini yang memberi bantuan pada sekolah ini , anda menyebabkan kaum bumiputra terpinggir.

    Bagaimana perkara ini boleh berlaku kalau tidak mendapat bantuan kerajaan ?

    Lihat pula di hospital-hospital kerajaan , mereka datang dengan kereta besar lagi mewah menghantar kaum keluarga mereka yang sakit.

    Bertambah malang lagi, bangsa ini lah yang majoriti nya akan menipu dari segi cukai pendapatan negara!

    Selama 22 tahun anda memerintah mengapa tidak ada rumah,kilang atau bangunan milik kaum Cina yang di bakar seperti yang terjadi di Indonesia? Sebaliknya mereka jugalah yang gemar membakar kilang dan gudang kepunyaan mereka sendiri untuk mendapatkan tuntutan Insuran?

    Kerana anda lah menyebab kan majoriti bangsa Cina menjadi bangsa yang paling tidak bersyukur dalam dunia ini dan bangsa ini juga lah bersedia untuk menjual negara ini apabila di serang Cina Singapura satu hari nanti.

    Dan kepada andalah juga Rakyat menjadikan tempat untuk mereka mengadu kesusahan dan kepayahan mereka menjalani kehidupan seharian dan punca nya kerana ketidakmampuan dan kelemahan Pak Lah mentadbir negara ini.

    Terimakasih pada `nikdublin' kerana menyiarkan artikel Dr. Israel Shamir penulis keturunan Yahudi yang berasal dari Rusia seperti yang tersiar dalam Blog Dr Mahathir > Snippets>Bank Account.
    Kepada kaum India dan berdarah Campuran, sendiri mau ingat!

  55. Me thinks AMNO will scoff at that amount-lar if any of you thinks those are AMNO's coffers. My estimates are 3/4 of this nation's wealth are in AMNO's hands wether we realised it or not.

    The 1.4 Bil is probably PM Office assets and working allowance for a year.

  56. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Big Briother UMNO has RM1.4 billion....

    How about other BN component parties????

    MCA......XXX millions
    MIC....XX millions
    Gerakan..XX millions
    Sabah component parties... Peanuts
    Sarawak components.... chicken feed
    Others.... a few dollars

  57. my goodness Rocky

    no wonder 2004 BN took over 92% Election Power; with so much monies even Cats can talk with Frieskies in their stomach.

    no need no brainer to know that.

    Tun Mahathir should have donated that sum to Tsunami victims that can take him good ride to heaven.

    now Pak Lah still not having enough cash to get himself the whole Precint 20 for himself, and his leather-made diapers.

    UMNO are really big organisation with lack of IQ and EQ, but more of DQ (Dunggu-Que)!

  58. I think the more important questions are:
    1. How much has Mahathir collected and spent during his times?
    2. How did he managed to collect the funds?

    This man is showing more of himself by the day. In his quest to bring down one man, he is willing to destroy the party. As the saying goes Sebab dek nyamuk seekor, kelambu dibakar

  59. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Raises more questions than answers, doesn't it?

    01. How did Mahathir, his staff amnd the minister come into possession of RM1.4b?

    02. Did the $$ belong to the government or to UNMO?

    03. If it belonged to UMNO, how did UMNO get so much $$?

    04. Who was Mahathir's staff and who was the minister referred to?

    05. Why did Mahathir pass so much $$ to Abdullah?

    06. What did Abdullah agree to do in return?

    07. What was the amount of $$ that Mahathir DID NOT pass to Abdullah?

    The "good" that has come about from these two slugging it out is to suddenly realise how the common folks of this country have been fcuked left right and centre. And now they tell us they can't subsidize fuel.

    Think about all the stealing and pillaging that has happenned over the past 50years.

    These two should be put into the same boat and banished to Mugabe's Zimbabwe.
    Mahathir, at least, should find good company at his buddy's place. I am sure they can all trade stories about the good ol' plundering days.


  60. Anonymous8:00 pm

    The RM 1.4 Billion is the amount of UMNO has in his hands, in various forms.

    UMNO (Baru) managed to take over the entire asset of UMNO and it was done through legal means.

    UMNO is a political party with presently 3.2 million members and been around since 62 years. Means that is RM 4,375.00 per registered member.

    Now, what is so surprising that the party, which is the backbone of Barisan Nasional having that much money and assets?

  61. Anonymous8:37 pm

    I guess these thousands of million ringgit are contributions from businessmen who wanted favours from the PM then ;-)
    Orang ABC.

  62. Anonymous8:51 pm

    His memory has returned.He after your arse, he'll korek more and more shit before kick the bucket.


  63. yeah..I'm not surprised at the amount of money that UMNO has. UMNO building (PWTC and many more all over the countries) probably worth a few hundred millions already. Shares in a few public listed companies in various nominees should be worth another few hundred millions. The questions is, how much is UMNO worth now?

    To those who questions why UMNO has so much assets, I'm not surprised if the combined assets of Pakatan Rakyat parties are worth more than a billion ringgit. Don't you all wonder where Keadilan got the money to have its own spanking new building in Kota Damansara?

  64. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Taxpayer said...

    Similarly, the Government or the PM has not satisfactorily answered in Parliament who was the broker in the RM8 billion deal of Maybank buying Indonesian Bank International for 4.5 times the cost. Could it be ECM Libra, and if not tell us who was the broker who made billions of taxpayers money...TAXPAYER

  65. Anonymous9:48 pm



    The disgusting man left only the leftovers for our Prime Minister.

    he should be shot or sent to Simpang Renggam.

  66. Rocky's Bru,

    Kesian tengok kaki maki.
    Berbuih-buih mulut.
    Berjela menaip.
    Tapi Dr M makin sihat
    macam Incredible Hulk,
    lagi kena tembak lagi menjadi.
    malah kaki maki yg muda-muda pun banyak yg 'dah pi'.
    agaknya kerana sesak dada sebab terlalu sakit hati.
    tulah nak marah pun biar berhati-hati.
    kalau tak ada hati
    yg hidup pun macam dah mati
    kerana maki yg makan diri.


  67. bigdotdogcom or whatever you call yourself, you mention the figure
    rm4,000 plus for 3.2 million members, but your membership fees is only RM1 RINGGIT LAH YANG LAIN DATANG DARI MANA?, DON'T tell me the buayas in umno give and donate to umno, you and I know this is not true, all umno members want is projects and ali baba contracts, this is the biggest corrupt scum hole filled with the political drouts of soceity, what ketuanan melayu is umno speaking about, if this was a true malay party that thinks about the malays, than there wouldn't be not even 1 malay who should be poor in Malaysia, but instead the malays lag in a lot of fields, even with free handouts of education and all the goodies, why is that, is it because the umno bigwigs are too busy stealing from the malays and building palaces like zakaria mad deros of port klang, which by the way was on land earmarked for the poor malays i.e. low cost housing. if your umno people can steal from TABUNG HAJI, which is the savings for the muslims to go TO MEKAH, what else won't you umno people willing to do, mana maruah, mana akal, lets call a spade a spade instead of trying to pretending to be ethical and morally upright, moral and ethics, is something that does not exist in the vocabilary of umno.

  68. Anonymous1:11 am

    Korang yg persoal kenapa UMNO kaya ni pun sama bodoh. Kalau UMNO takde duit korang kata UMNO bodoh, ada duit pun bodoh..korangla yg sebenarnya paling bodoh.

    entah bayar cukai ke tak? kata tu wang rakyat.

    Petronas tu pulak aku rasa lagi baik jadi milik UMNO. Kalau milik Malaysia, confirm org asing incl Nepal yg 10 taun kat Malaysia nak cilok..

    Pada aku dari org asing cilok..lagi baik bangsa sendiri cilok. Org asing tak bagi bangsa Melayu projek besar2.Bukan PKR/PAS?DAP yg usaha tubuh petronas.

    Cina ada Shanghai, Taiwan, Beljing, Sighpore. Hindraf ada kerajaan Adil di Tamil Nadu. Melayu yg bodoh tak tau bisnes, kalau tanah mereka terjual, jgn harap nak dapat, lagi kena halau la. Sapa kerja dgn Cina & India taula kejamnya mereka ni.

    Yg MCA tu ada tamadun ok sikit la..& DAP (mungkin bekas2 buruh kasar) pulak kata kominis pembebas Malaysia. Tapi lepas bebas Kominis nak jajah Malaysia.

    Tp kalau Katuanan Rakyat-mereka ikrar mereka tak lari dari Malaysia dan tinggal harta di Malaysia (jika nak berhijrah) aku sokong. Ini org kena sumpah keramat dulu, kalau nak jd Ketuanan Rakyat.

  69. More pertinent question is,how much was UMNO,s assets worth at the time TDM took over as PM.
    Just to give an idea,at that time, UMNO had only the Fleet Group and some small properties here and there housing their branch headquarters.
    Many books and thesis had been written and published on this.If only anyone care to read.
    And to those who keep condemning the mega projects such as KLCC, Putrajaya and the North-South Highway,saying they are wasteful projects.If only all this while you have not for once brought your children or outstation relatives to these places or been using the coastal roads to travel back to your hometown during festive seasons, then by all means please carry on.

  70. Kepada Wak Segen:

    Projek lebuhraya Utara-Selatan adalah dikira pelaburan am, di mana pelaburan menggunakan wang rakyat memanfaatkan rakyat sendiri kerana ianya membantu pertumbuhan ekonomi di samping memudahkan rakyat dari segi transportasi.

    Saya tidak pun menyoal pelaburan am seperti ini.

    Saudara tidak membaca ulasan saya dengan sebaik-baiknya. Sila baca kembali ulasan saya dengan hati-hati, dan fikir kembali isu yang saya kemukakan.

    Kepada Kluangman 3:47 pm:

    Pertama sekali, hospital-hospital moden yang saudara maksudkan tidak effisyen. Ianya umpama 'showcase'. Cuba saudara kaji kebanyakan hospital-hospital kerajaan di seluruh negara, keadaannya, isu kekurangan kakitangan dan keprofesionalan mereka. Cuba juga saudara kaji sekolah-sekolah kerajaan, anak-anak kita yang duduk atas bangku yang hampir runtuh dan sebagainya.

    Kedua, sesetengah orang amat pandai menutup jejak langkah mereka. Maka susah untuk bagi bukti. Kedua, kalau seorang itu tuding jari kepada seorang yang satu lagi, ada lagi 4 jari yang menghala kepada dia. Secara strategik, tidak bijak bagi Pak Dolah berbuat begini pada masa sekarang memandangkan dia harus focus pada kerjanya dari main tuduh menuduh.

    Fahamilah juga strategi politik.

  71. 1.4billion??

    katakanlah 1 bangunan rumah flat kos sederhana menelan belanja 5juta, maka jumlah yang boleh di bina untuk 1.4billion ialah 280 !

    Katakan satu flat boleh menempatkan 100 unit rumah(sebab kos sederhana, kalau kos rendah 150 pun boleh), maka jumlah unit rumah yang boleh dibangunkan dari jumlah 1.4billion ialah ;

    28000 unit rumah flat kos sederhana !!!

  72. That is where some of our petrol money goes to....

    Thanks Dr M. I guess these billions are not registered officially under UMNO which makes us to question if these wealth need to be investigated for money laundering provisions.

  73. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Ape hal plak si TDM nak cerita semua ni? Abis dia sendiri pun masa naik jadi PM tak cerita pun berapa dia dapat? Hantu apakah yang menghasut TDM membenci AAB ni?

    Yang hairannya, orang menyambut gembira cerita sensasi yang keluar dari mulut TDM. Tapi tidakkah mereka berfikir secara kritis, kenapa TDM mengsensasikan cerita yang dia sendiri berahsia setelah sekian lama. Bila dah keluar nak pecah lubang pula? Ap agenda TDM sebenarnya? Apa lagi yang tak cukup? Bawak-bawak lah mengucap.

  74. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Tunku Abdul Rahman - Bapa Kemerdekaan

    Tun Abdul Razak - Bapa Pembangunan

    Tun Hussien Onn - Bapa Perpaduan

    Tun Dr Mahathir - Bapa Pembangunan

    Abdullah Ahmad Badawai - Bapa Kemelesetan

    TQ Pak Lah..anda mudah dilupai.

  75. Anonymous2:00 pm

    fuh..look at those AAB's troopers spinning like gasing ignoring the real issue at hand.To AAB ball carriers..u must try harder..AAB is just hopeless..a real disgrace


  76. Anonymous2:54 pm

    ..RM1.4 billion in their pocket!
    I have only RM1.40 left in pocket before pay day..
    Tolong kami bantu kami rakyat-rakyat miskin piatu
    Kalaulah ada Abdul Wahub dari TIGA ABDUL dah tentu dia tabur, tabur, tabur $!
    ..berbeza pula siBedul ni, rakyat kejar pam minyak!, kejar rebate di Pejabat Pos..lepas ni apa lagi yang dia nak rakyat kejar..masyaALLAH

    ku kejar ringgit keSyurga

  77. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Darndee 12:07 PM -- tepat sekali persoalan saudara!

    Kudin 2:00 PM -- Apa pula kata kita semua ini penyokong Abdullah Badawi? Dua-dua kita tolak: Abdullah Badawi dan juga Dr. Mahathir yang telah menjadikan sistem pentadbiran negara kita ini seperti hari ini. Sebelum naiknya harga dia dah senang-senang bersara, maka semua kemarahan rakyat diarah kepada Abdullah Badawi. Tapi dua-dua perdana menteri kita ni pun 2 x 5, 5 x 2 lerrrr...

  78. IF the explanation IS TO COME BY, it should be a TWO WAYS TRAFFIC.

    As much as Tun wants to make a fuss out of it, WE TOO wanted to know WHERE FROM AND WHAT the fuss RM1.4 bil is all about.

    The bickering between them both has gone TOO FAR to some people's liking. BUT Tun's motive is clear enough for everyone to see. He direly intents to BRING DOWN PAK LAH.

    Whats next??

  79. Anonymous11:35 pm

    in teluk intan, tdm who is not a pure malay = mamak , telling the nonbumis should not ask for any RIGHTS since citizenship free for them !! i wonder whether his ibu ( indian) a citizen or NOT !! look at his sons & daughter , they are mamaks TOO !!

  80. Nak gaduh pun tak guna sbb mmg sah satu dunia tau Pak Lah tak best. No doubt ! Tapi heran Karpal Singh tak pernah komplen pasai Pak Lah, heran sungguh !

  81. Anonymous12:19 am

    Dear Rocky and UMNO members.

    Only 1.4 billion in cash,stock and property.

    Something is not right.What about Renong shares,UEM shares that worth almosy 20 billion when Halim,The UMNO nominee sold the shares in the market.Ask Dato Anwar Osman,he can tell you the story because he was one of the UMNO nominee .

  82. Anonymous2:35 pm

    let's see now - RM1.4 billion. That's about US$427 million at current exchange rates.

    john mccain and the us republican party have about US$62 million in cash as at end-April, as per reports.

    barack obama and the us democratic party have about US$10 million in cash.

    thus, umno has more cash and liquid assets in hand, as per dr mahathir, than the us republican and democratic parties combined!

    this is big time stuff for umno. let's see how pak lah responds.

    now, who was the umno treasurer at the time pak lah took over from dr mahathir? was it daim?