Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bujai blogs!

"My Editor was an idiot!" Jailani Harun is probably the first blogger from Moncino, located on the opposite bank of the Lubok Cina river separating Khairy Jamaluddin's Rembau parliamentary constitution.
Bujai claims the distinction as the only Malaysian journalist to have interviewed Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Muammar Gaddafi, Ibrahim Babangida, Kim Dae-jung, Lech Walesa and Mikhail Gorbachev, of which only few were published as his editor-in-chief then was an idiot.

Bujai grew up in Berita Harian in the early 80s before joining Business Times in the mid 90s. They don't make journalists like him anymore, that's for sure.

Visit his blog Just Read at


  1. Wah, Rock, not bad ah, we Melakans.

  2. Bro,

    Oghang kampung se memang hebat. Jangan jadi "cilin" kat simpang tu yang mungkin mengaku interview Saddam Hussein dan George Bush.

    Tapi Bujai memang buek tomuramah tu. Syabas Bujai Oghang Simpang. Orang lain tak faham takpe.


  3. Anonymous4:57 am

    Since when has Berita Harian not be run by idiots. The latest idiot of course is busy collecting awards from sultans all over the country while the paper rots and gets smaller. Hishamudin Ann, your time is up. Leave before you are overthrown.

  4. Anonymous8:27 am

    welcome 2 blogging world.
    boleh anda melawat blog saya?
    kalau baik,tolong saya promosikan.
    saya ahli bebas dan neutral dalam pendirian terhadap politik.
    yang baik,saya puji;
    yang buruk,saya beri cadangan!

  5. Anonymous8:41 am

    Rocky from that 1st comment betu ke you from melaka.
    Me too. Which school?
    I was from Malacca High.


  6. Anonymous9:19 am

    Talking about refusing to publish stories of credible journos.

    Malay Mail be sensible when asking people to do stories if you don't have the intention to publish them later. Misguided and egoistic BOSSES is not our problem.

  7. Anonymous2:38 pm

    kodai kayu kek lubok cino dah roboh pokan dah pindah belakang, kodai batu laie.

  8. Anonymous11:11 pm

    sorry, there was also another malaysian who was in iraq that interviewed the late Mr.Saddam Hussein & Taha Yassin Ramadhan.There was also the Tariq Aziz,interview which was on record, do ask AU about it he knows the identity of the Malaysian guy who went covert in Saddam Central Teaching Hospital way back in February 2000.All his material never went on air.


  9. Anonymous9:15 pm

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