Thursday, June 19, 2008

Personal greed, says Badawi

"I have not been able to satisfy his personal greed".
That's a very serious allegation. How much greed are we talking about here? The PM must elaborate sooner rather than later.
And Yong Teck Lee must respond to accusation. What did he ask for himself? The two SAPP MPs who said they will support a vote of no confidence against the PM next Monday must also speak out about this greed.
General June 18, 2008 20:25 PM
PM Says Teck Lee Acted Out Of Personal Greed

PUTRAJAYA, June 18 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) President Datuk Yong Teck Lee's latest action has been due to the fact that "I have not been able to satisfy his personal greed."

Abdullah did not elaborate. However, his aides told Bernama that the prime minister would elaborate at a later date.

Yong declared in Kota Kinabalu on Wednesday that his party had lost confidence in Abdullah.

Of late, the former Sabah chief minister has been critical of Abdullah's political decisions on Sabah as well as the move to increase fuel prices.




    The end seems very near, but then again these guys are all spineless.

  2. Anonymous12:29 am

    Its more of Yong not being able to satisfy Pak Lah's greed than the other way round.

  3. Anonymous12:35 am

    If there is GREED involved, it is Badawi and AMNO which has shown greed by robbing Sabah. May be he should explain that.

  4. Anonymous12:36 am

    Badawi is being desperate here. Only yesterday he saying all BN leaders and parties are happy with his leadership, today he says greed. Hogwash. Greed is what made Malaysians reject you and your party.

  5. Anonymous12:39 am

    If I may ask, does demanding better treatment for the people of Sabah equal greed?

    Sir, everything has its appointed term. And Sabahans are fed up. Call them names in desperation but that will serve them better, just like Anifah Aman said whenever we talk about our second status, they insult us by saying we are frogs rather than solving our deep seated issues. Useless PM indeed.

  6. Anonymous12:42 am

    Ke ke ke! What a stupid way of trying to stop the tide. Calling people names will not help sustain him and hia pathetic regime. The fact is he has failed. If Yong is greedy as a person, what about SAPP's MPs? Stupid Dollah.

  7. Anonymous12:53 am

    Aha! Love the PM's freudians. :D

    No "we weren't able to come to a suitable accord or reach a mutually-satisfying agreement" or something to that effect for the PM when he breaks his elegance.

    It will always be his psyche doing that surprising appearance.

    Well, it doesn't matter whose, the word "GREED" is out in the open now. Hehehe!

  8. The thief is shouting "Thief ! thief ! thief !"

  9. Anonymous1:16 am

    The truth is all BN component party want Pak Lah to step down as soon as possible.For Gerakan,MCA,MIC and PPP they are afraid to voice their heart to PM and told him to step down eventhough they know very well that they will face uphill task to recapture the seats from opps. as long as Pak lah don't want to resign. SAPP have to start the move when this creature said he want to stay as UMNO president in Disember 08.Otherwise all SAPP voters will run away to oppos. party.

    Lameduck puppet.

  10. Anonymous1:34 am

    Now it seems that whatever Pak Lah has say....people are very hard to accept. Therefore, I'm one of the government officer also urge you Pak Lah...better to step down. Please accept the fact that majority of people/Rakyat dont like you.

    Macam ni lah Pak Lah..kamu tu katanya orang belajar agama...sekarang ni bukan setakat 40 orang yang dok mengutuk kamu..malah jutaan orang yang dok hari-hari menyumpah kamu.....tak berkat hidup Pak Lah ooiii...resign ajer lahhh...supaya senang roh ibu/sedara mara kamu yang dah takda tuh...

    Nasihat ikhlas dari

    -Abu Dhabi-

  11. It is the other way around.

  12. Anonymous2:31 am

    PM is the most grediest person who make RAKYAT suffers, not forgetting all UMNO morons are greedy, corrupted, cheats, lies, robbers, etc, etc. Go and look at the mirror yourself first before you tell others greedy, Mr. PM.

  13. Anonymous2:33 am

    "I have not been able to satisfy his personal greed".
    This means that Bodohwi has offered a bribe. He should be charged for corruption!

  14. Anonymous2:38 am

    Taken from the one sided NST:

    As for the three MIC members of parliament, I’ve instructed them to support the PM, especially in parliament. This is the first time we have a BN component party not supporting the prime minister.

    "We will not let the PM down because he was elected by the people,” he said.

    I don't remember electing Badawi as PM in the last elections? Was there an invisible box that I failed to tick????

  15. Anonymous2:38 am

    PM is the most greediest person who make people SUFFERS, still do not want to step down because of his greed! Not forgetting UMNO morrons are corrupted, cheats, lies, robbers and etc, etc.

    Human Rights Justice

  16. Anonymous2:46 am

    PM still doesn't want to step down. I wonder why? Perhaps of GREED? Making RAKYAT suffers. May be RAKYAT will know the answer. So do the UMNO morrons are corrupted, lies, cheats, robbers and etc, etc.

  17. Anonymous3:54 am

    Who is greedy? I am sure every knows!

  18. personal greed? that sounds like asking for bribe...

    If so why didn't the Abdullah sack him at the very first place when he ask for shares.. gold.. $$.. AP.. women.. permit.. oil...for himself or his relatives?

    Why didn't Abdullah report the issue to the police or ACA?

    Why only expose now?

    If this is true, then how many more greedy MPs around and how many time has Abdullah 'sacrificed' his ass to satisfy their greed???

    well... Abdullah sounds very very wrong here

  19. whoa,
    A PM getting 'personal',
    Libel anyone?

  20. Anonymous5:03 am

    Who is greedy? May anybody tells me?


  21. Anonymous5:05 am

    You should know who is greedy!

  22. Anonymous6:04 am

    Correct, correct, correct.

    So in Malaysia's BN politic the PM have to satisfy personal greed of all BN components member. So Pak Lah admitted that he could satisfy greed of Young short of 100%.

    MCA, SUPP, PBB, PPP, PBS, PBRS,SPDP, MIC....please tell us how much greed those moron has especially the head of PBB the MB of Sarawak whom is the riches man in the whole of Borneo after the Sultan of Brunei.

  23. Anonymous6:51 am

    YB Yong TL is actually AAB stooge. AAB only testing the loyalty of AMENO stooges. Morons will continue to support Moron, no matter what happen.


  24. Anonymous7:24 am

    Malacca cm : " aiyah, pergi lah .. lain lain juga.. umno alone is enough to run the country lah ... pergilah...porah...gisealah !!" (fury)

  25. Anonymous7:26 am

    Abdullah is missing the point. Fine, greed or whatever might be Yong's motivation as called out by Abdullah, but clearly the issues at hand as defined by SAPP are problems one cannot run away from. These are real issues that Sabahans are dealing with everyday, and Abdullah have the galls to turn around and say it's GREED? How ignorant!

    I agree with AAB junior. If there's GREED factor involved here, then he should instead explain the deals his sons had...

    Obi Wan Kentucky

  26. Anonymous7:42 am


    The sleepy PM calls Yong greedy?

    Look at yourself and your family and see how Scomi etc ECMLIbra etc etc connected to you has grown last four years.

    Greedy? Please lah...continue with your sleeeeeepppp....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  27. Anonymous7:59 am

    Tamak ke, tak tamak ke, itu tak penting.

    Yang penting, hegemoni melampau UMNO dan BN termusnah.

    Dengan korupsi yang bagaikan barah menjangkiti seluruh organ UMNO, dari pemimpin akar-umbi hingga ke pemimpin tertinggi, semua dengan cara khas mereka untuk mengekstrak "commission" dengan pelbagai cara dan penyalahgunaan wang rakyat, mana boleh UMNO berubah cuma dengan pemecatan Abdullah Badawi saja? Tak boleh!

    Maka langkah SAPP, walau apa pun motif atau sebabnya, sangat dialu-alukan. Kerna yang penting adalah pembukaan bagi kita mengorak harapan dan visi baru untuk negara, demi seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

  28. Anonymous8:01 am

    Those in BN who want Badawi out do not have the guts now.

    So they have to get one with guts and in this kind of situation (esp Sabah politicians), the one with guts is the greediest! Most unfortunate esp his plundering days as Chief Minister during the last economic crisis.

    He is accused as looting the state investment arm, Warisan Harta when Chief Minister - see comments on Sapp's blogspot,


  29. Anonymous8:05 am

    Ini yang paling kelakar -- Abdullah Badawi kata dia "tidak berjaya memuaskan ketamakan mereka."

    Jadi, sebelum ini, Abdullah Badawi cuba nak bagi wang sogokan ya, nak puaskan mereka??

    Wah, wah, bila sogokan dia tak jadi, baru dia cakap dia tak dapat puaskan ketamakan mereka.

    Mari kita tangkap Badawi dan semua pemimpin UMNO sekali yang menggalakkan pemberian wang sogokan cam ni!

    Ini dah jadi tradisi dalam UMNO dan BN.

    Dah tiba masa dah kita singkirkan BN.

    Kepada para penyokong UMNO dan BN, tolonglah, pikir be-baik, mari lah kita pilih pemimpin yang ada nilai 'accountability'.


  30. Anonymous8:07 am

    Anwar Ibrahim's style of writing memang caya lah!

    Dia punya blog dah lebih dari sejuta 'hits' pun tak heran.

    Mahathir punya blog sejuta semua orang bising kekeke

  31. Anonymous8:11 am

    This is the beginning of the end of UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

    Tak lama lagi nanti, UMNO, BN, Badawi dan Mahathir semua boleh duduk sesama dan makan jangung kat tepi-tepi.

    Porah lah parti dan perjuangan diorang konon... makan duit rakyat sajer sejak 1980-an.

  32. Now I know. All those who back Badawi are satisfied personally to the tune of billions, huh?.....including SIL's wont.

  33. "We will not let the PM down because he was elected by the people,” Samy said.

    WRONG!!! Pak Tidur was elected by ketua Umno Bahagian whose greed has been satisfied by Pak Tidur. Why do these ketua bahagian decide the fate of the country? I have an AJK Shah Alam member in my office. He hated Pak Tidur but continue supporting Pak Tidur because of contracts being dished out to them.

    The rakyat should be given a chance to vote separately for a PM other than the normal GE.

  34. Bro,

    Both Pak Lah and Yong must make a clear statement (detail) on the WHY? Not just a general statement.

  35. I bet Bedolah Baduwi won't be able to make public what does he meantby "greed". Same like sabotage when he can't explain on the whole issue except making a very general statement without any basis. This is just an excuse for him to let the whole issue swept under the carpet with the hope that ppl will forget what he said, over time. Why does he needs more time to make public Yong's greed? Because he has none. So, he has to create one.

    Bro Rocky, it is always the party who make the allegatin to prove and not the other way around. So, in this case, it is Pak Lah to prove that Yong is greed and not for Yong to prove. The burden is on Pak Lah.

  36. Anonymous8:43 am

    biasalah adik rocky, dollah nie bercakap dulu sebelum berpikir.. lepas tue malu dengan sendiri laa..!

    dia tunggu skrip jawapan yang aziz rempit sediakan tue...

  37. i was wondering the same too. it sounds like a serious allegations... but that looks bad on badawi himself!! (that's why i agree with someone who said he is stupid).

    personal greed? it kind of tells me badawi is and had been 'satisfying the personal greed' of other ministers!!

  38. Anonymous8:54 am

    Whether or not he will elaborate depends on whether he is desperate enough to go a negative campaign against him now. The problem is Yong's action is not the only problem he faces. Its a trigger but there has to be a second and third major event to really threaten Badawi. When that happens, going negative on Yong won't help. So there is not enough reason to go further than this. He got bigger problems..


  39. Anonymous9:03 am


    Can someone please update us on the following two issues:-

    (1) VK Lingam correct correct correct case; and,

    (2) Atlantuya murder case.

    WE NEED UPDATES!!!!!!!!!

  40. Anonymous9:18 am

    Before BN @ UMNO to over Sabah, there was an agreement that the Chief Minister post be rotated among the different parties.

    After some time this is not practice?? And only UMNOputras are 'qualify' to hold the post.

    See who is GREEDY?????

  41. Anonymous9:20 am


    Most politician in BN is greedy and so is Anwar.

    So waht's left to us Malaysian actually. Just a vote.

  42. Anonymous9:20 am

    Mr Loba Loba:

    (1) VK Lingam case dah kasi tutup, sebab Mahathir dah bukak blog dan dah berjaya alihkan perhatian rakyat

    (2) Kes Altantuya itu, also masuk peti freezer sebab BN ada isu lain, iaitu pertengkaran dalaman untuk dipikirkan, maka hakim diminta tundakan kes dulu.

  43. Anonymous9:32 am

    Sabar Pak Lah... masa Tun Dr M dulu pun banyak tikam belakang dalam BN. Negara lainpun ada undi tak percaya pada PM spt Thailand. Lawan mereka ini. Menang tak semesti banyak. Dr M pernah kata 'satu' undi pun menang. Perintah pak lah walaupun ada majoriti i kerusi pun. jangan letak jawatan.


  44. Anonymous9:34 am

    PAK lAH buktikan anda PM yang berkelibar lebih daripada TDM lagi

    gua musang, kel

  45. Anonymous9:49 am

    Maybe now Najib should continue
    We can then know in DEc after UMNO decides if he remains, provided BN rules&Tkxs Badawi.

  46. Anonymous9:54 am

    Sorry the PM is talking cock!!!It is himself that is not wanted by the people. I suggest Bro Rocky that you start a thread for people to vote whether they still want the PM and we can see how he fare. I will bet my life savings that he will come out smelling like a week old shit. Pa Lah, you are the dumbest piece of shit, it would be hard to find a bigger idiot than you....I wonder what you eat daily to smell like shit!!
    Anti PM Dollah

  47. SAPP on the roll
    Rocking the sleeper awakes
    What’s happening? What’s happening?
    As he rubs his wide eyes
    As the sun rises beautifully in the sky

    The tabling of ‘No Confidence’ Vote
    In Parliament sitting one day
    The coalition partners jumping to defend
    For the country or their positions they chase?

    The opposition parties gearing up for the battle
    The agenda of toppling the BN government
    SAPP sets the ball rolling
    The ripples in the political landscape

    Now we will see
    The goons and the champions of the people
    Throwing into the gallery
    The gladiators eyeing each other
    Words, papers and pens
    Waving high telling cajoling whining
    SAPP going for peoples’ interests

    The grounds set to vibrate
    Into Parliament House it will be known
    Will there be sufficient numbers?
    Are these MPs got guts and balls?
    Are they just the barking dogs?
    We will know soon

  48. Yes what an allegation.Coming from not less than the PM himself.Well we don't expect him to remain silent but this is surely far from elegant.
    He thinks if this can work for TDM,it can work for him, talking straight and revealing all.But he is wrong, because in the PM's case talking about greed will only backfire.
    Just like the time when KJ was taking the cue from TDM to accuse Anwar of being a Jewish agent.For KJ having his Singapore links,it backfired and you never hear him uttering those allegations anymore.
    As in the case of PakLah's immediate response to SAPP's carefully worded statements yesterday, it can only explain that it was done in a situation of temporaray mind block due to sudden rush of panic. Otherwise it was just plain stupid.

  49. Anonymous10:04 am

    mahathir was pm for what - 22 years?

    how come that yong teck lee didn't have the "testicular fortitude" to move a motion of no confidence against mahathir?

    it appears that yong is just another opportunistic politician.

    and let's not forget that yong was at one time part of the sabah state govt. what did he achieve during his tenure?

  50. Anonymous10:06 am

    Hi Bro Rocky,

    What did I tell you. The STILL-MSM-MSM (especially the NooStreetTaim) has started an all out demonising campaign - "Act of 'uncouth, irresponsible man" , "DOUBLE CROSS:
    Second time Yong pulls out of governing majority" , "He does not have support of own party".


    Expect the same in the coming days when all and sundry comes out in support of good-ol-Dolloh.


    BTW. Is Dolloh waiting for snippets from good-ol-SIL on what he should do next?

  51. Anonymous10:08 am

    Hi Rocky...Keep up the good work.

    Personal greed says Pak Lah ? That statement also can backfire on the person saying it, as the reason for wanting to cling on at all costs, no..?

    2. Never mind that innuendo but we rakyat want to hear what Pak lah has to say on the issues raised by Mr Yong and SAPP about the reasons for wanting to propose that vote of no confidence against him. Explain that with your rebuttals Pak Lah and let the rakyat be the judge.


    19 June 2008

  52. Anonymous10:09 am

    From most of the comments above that show the people can see through the PM's bullcrap more and more, it really warms the heart. I hope everyone remembers this in the next general election.

    Satisfy his own greed, indeed. Has he ever told the truth since Day 1, when he recited his corruption pantun, all the way through his marriage plans to the elections, until today, 19th of June 2008?

    When will they stop issuing illogical comments that treat the rakyat like idiots?

  53. ROCKY...what Pak Lah means is: " WTF!! We offered them a billion ringgit deal just last week...this blardy Yong..."

    Oh..was that for the long-suffering people of Sabah? Or for SUAPing the SAPPs?

    Is that what you mean by "not enough to satisfy personal greed?"

    Hallo, Pak Lah... by Umno/BN's longstanding "suap" standards...1 billion ringgit is chicken shitlah..ask Sarawak's much it cost to gold-plate his office from top to bottom...MAYBE monies also went to have his ass gold-plated and have gold plated colon to prevent recurrence of cancer... must be la...sebab LARGE percentage of population there still got no access to basic infrastructure...remember?...dunno where all it goes meh!

    And Osu Sukam...ex Sabah CM...sekali gamble beratus juta ringgit...ceh..satu billion sebulan pun abih...

    MANE NAK CUKUP PAK LAH SATU BILLION..APA DAAAAA...MENANTU MU TU PUN RAKUS GILER..TANYE LAH time ask the experts first lah...I though you had good economic consultative body headed by BOBOY-OUTLAW?

  54. Or in other words, other peoples' personal greed he was able to satisfy la!! And that one is kosher....

    Hasn't anyone told Badawi, whatever sarcasm he utters, hits back at him 10 fold?

  55. Anonymous10:20 am

    this is a serious allegations and to me, as a pm, he should not have said so. a man of honour should not say so even if he was accused of something like this. now we could see how he behaves when he encounter problems but then, it wasnt any surprise at all. desperate guy to counterback others....

    if the SAPP guy was asking him for some $$, then pm himself should report this to the aca to clear up everything. or else, pm is in deep sh*t because he is hiding something.


  56. Mr Yong and party, you are about 100 days late in agreeing to what the rakyat have demanded since 8 March 2008 and that is Abdullah is incompetent and must step down. I salute you and your party for having the courage to stand up and be counted.

    Better late than never, Sir.

  57. Yes, it's all true. Every word of it.

    AAB should know all about personal greed and the 'too much is never enough' Philosophy!!

  58. Anonymous10:46 am

    Hypocrisy at its worst.Remember oil for food scandal,ECM,Terengganu oil money?
    Now suddenly Yong is the bad guy(NST is full of stories today).If so,why was he given the Datuk Seri title?Pak Lah and KJ should pull each others' ears!!Ha!Ha!

  59. Anonymous10:59 am

    Saudagar Kazakhstan Yang Tumpang Sebentar Di Pasar Besar Kepong said...

    Anwar Ibrahim's style of writing memang caya lah!

    Dia punya blog dah lebih dari sejuta 'hits' pun tak heran.

    Mahathir punya blog sejuta semua orang bising kekeke..

    2 million beb... in 50 day.


  60. Typical stupid respond by Badawi. He must have been formulating this in his sleep. What a stupid guy we have as PM. What greed? Just fulfill what is being ask for the state of sabah and it's done!

    This sleepy head has to go. He is even worst than Dr. Mahathir? Both of them need to register a room in a mental hospital. Dumb and Stupid! if you ask me. He is done. Let's get done with it!

  61. Anonymous11:01 am

    Yong Teck Lee and his crew are the only people with balls. MCA, MIC and Gerakan don't have what it takes.

  62. Anonymous11:03 am

    HE SEEMS DESPERATE...........HA..HA..HA..


  63. Lesson to be learned.


    "Tamparan Hebat buat UMNO & Barisan"

  64. "I have not been able to satisfy his personal greed".
    as narrated by Bodowi.

    In other words mean that he has bribed "Yong" before, not once but more than once till he is not able to give anymore bribe.

    According to law those who bribe or being bribe are also consider criminals.


  65. Anonymous11:32 am

    inilah akibatnya PM yg tidak ada ketokohan dan kecerdikan memerintah negara, kira *bodoh* lah tu.
    PM ini telah membuat rakyatnya gelisah, susah, akhirnya menentang tak percayakan dia, tetapi dia tak sedar yg dia bodoh
    apakah yg buat dia masih duduk di kerusi PM itu?..mesti rakyat tahu jawapannya.

  66. All have a price to pay!

    Are we kidding about those who are elected are there just to serve?

    May be a handful only but then again will they also been suck into this greed hole soon? We are just human!

    Satisfaction is not guarantee!

    Shiok Guy

  67. Anonymous11:50 am

    The question here is whether Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is a fit leader…

    Leadership requires vision, ambition, intelligence, guile, determination and above all wisdom to balance all these virtues for the betterment of those he leads.

    All of which are absent in our Prime Minister when he uttered the words: “I have not been able to satisfy his personal greed” without elaborating what he meant or even tried to point out that efforts had been made to address the problems there (small as those efforts are)…

    Forget for a second his last minute attempts to assuage the people’s fury over the recent fuel price hike by announcing cost cutting measures by the government (which he should and could have done before the hike) or the sad state which our public transport and delivery systems are in now and just focus on those words alone and ask yourself: Is this the person we want to be our leader?

    This person who lied and misled the public so brazenly, not once but twice (one was about the dissolution of the parliament and the second was when the cut in fuel subsidies would be implemented)?

    What his tells you is that the man NEVER think things through, he never sees what his actions would have on anyone and he thinks everything he says will be forgiven like he is a five-year-old child…

    Pak Lah needs to go

    -- Fuel for the fire

  68. Pak Lah,

    Anda kata anda pantang dicabar.

    Sekarang kejantanan anda dicabar oleh semua, dalam UMNO, luar UMNO, dalam BN, luar BN. Anda masih membisu. Adakah ini contoh elegant silence yang dimaksudkan oleh Tun Musa.

    Negara dah nak Jahanam, Bangunlah !! Tunjukkan Kejantanan Anda. Tahan Dr Mahathir dengan segera

  69. Anonymous12:34 pm

    This comment by PM, can I assume that this also means he has satisfied many other MP's personal greed?
    Looks like flip-flop PM just opened up a can of worms for himself.
    With these remark, I think ACA or ISA or whoever have the authority to go and weed out those MP's that our PM have satisfied.......
    This is also a classic case of opening your mouth without going thru the brain first.
    What have Malaysian MPs become!!

  70. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia members are also asking for their party to leave BN.

    They need to reinvent themselves to survive and thats what they need to do.

    But will their leadership have the guts to do it? Not with that mouse leading them.

    But Yong Teck Lee thinks he is "Maverick". But I shot the guy in the leg in a duel many years ago. Now he limps a bit and wants to challenge anybody who is an "anybody" to prove his manhood, to be a folk hero of sorts. He needs to satisfy his lust and ego, that he can still "perform".

    Boy, is he grumpy these days. But I think he may just get shot in the other "foot" if he's not careful. There are many back-stabbers and shooters with axes to grind with him. Remember how he betrayed PBS among many others?

    Yong is nothing but a SAP.

  71. Anonymous12:48 pm

    This arrogant PM don't know how to react when face a crisis.He lack of skills in term of Crisis Management .He don't have a caliber to lead this multinational country.

    PRU12 result show that the rakyat have give him vote of no confidence.
    If you interview heart to heart with other BN component leader they will admit that PM is a biggest liability in BN. They can't go further as long as Bedollah is their PM.It will stagnant and can't move. Worst to worst all their own supporter will run to opposition party.

    SAPP only give the clue to Majlis Tertinggi UMNO on what they have to do after Bedollah say he want to stay as UMNO president after Disember 2008.Everybody don't wat him stay much longer.Majlis Tertinggi UMNO or UMNO member must think properly that nobody want Bedollah as PM.You have to decide,your Tak aPa Lah attitude and saya sokong di belakang Pa'lah adalah sokongan yang membebalkan.

    Menteri2 UMNO dan komponen mestilah bercakap benar dan jangan memperbodohkan rakyat dgn mengambil enteng tindakan SAPP.They must say that 'Bedollah day are numbered'.Enough is enough.Pull Stop.

    Buat2 tak Faham.

  72. ABB's response to SAPP's move is really disappointing.Is he trying to tell us that he was trying to bribe the SAPP leader!Yong is talking about the interests of Sabahans and Sabah, whereas our dear PM is talking about bribery.Apa ini?!?

  73. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Dah takda perkataan lagi yang boleh dihamburkan kepada Pak Lah/Dollah BODOHwi/The Flip Flop


    resign laah bahalol dollah bodohwi

    Pemerhati Politk Tak Rasmi

  74. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Hello Pak Lah: It's the other way round. Your Kerajaan Tiga Beranak is the real GREEDY party. Semua nak kebas. Lepas tu you just said: Saya tak tau. I don't know .. But do you know that di hari akhirat nanti you kena pulang kan semula. I am not pious, but just a little bit religious ... Wali Kota

  75. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Agaknya kalau SAPP masuk PR tapi tak dijanjikan sebarang jawatan menteri sampai bila-bila atau kena berebut dgn nak tak dia agaknya? Mesti tak nak. Kalau nak pun mesti dgn harapan nak jadi menteri. Tak sabar dan tamak.

  76. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Pakatan Rakyat 1 - Barisan Nasional 0

    Penggali kubur sedang menanti dengan cangkul keramat untok tamatnya permainan agar dapat lekas mengkuburkan mangsa yang sengsara.

  77. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Tumpang lalu abang-abang sekelian

    I haven't been able to post comment at SDWatch for whatever reason but as a shareholder, I have this to say to blog owner and posters.

    To the many company staff who feel fit to post your grievances on the blog, it is an act of cowardice to do so anon.

    Secondly, the many postings make for painful reading but what grabs me most, race and religion is today made an issue ie call for sembahyang and only bumi's can react etc. What next !!! A public potong ayam sacrifice be made !

    Shame on you lot bringing the 'kampung' into SD. This is no way to contribute to the co. and to all you anon wankers, be man enough to own up to your own postings.

    The lot of you come across as spoilt brats, making demands for fat packages like the co. owes you a living ! Guess what, I'll try get Zubir's ear and have freeze/cut back all renumeration, his included.

    Shareholders of SD should be duly worried there is more bark than bite amongst co. staff though I would hesitate to speculate how high/low these grievances are coming from.


  78. What can we say... those who are not happy with him, AAB, are either greedy, ungrateful or "IBLIS".

    the Rakyat have already accepted his challenge, now rejected by the RAKYAT.

    A man who doesnt understand anything!!

  79. Anonymous1:23 pm

    my god, kick out SAPP from BN.

    zamri mohd nor

  80. Anonymous1:34 pm


  81. This comes from the president of UMNO, generally regarded as a party where money politics are norm. Who is the greedy one?

  82. Anonymous1:57 pm





  83. Just noticed some of your commentators have 'happening' nicks! lolx

    Obi Wan Kentucky,
    Saudagar Kazakhstan Yang Tumpang Sebentar,
    Taiko Kilang Kasut Bata,
    Mr Loba loba,
    Belalai Gajah.

    Just don't tell us how you get these nicknames.

  84. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Esok dengar la ... menteri tu sonkong Pak lah , Menteri ni sokong pak lah ... parti BN lain sokong pak lah ... dah di songgok ... sokong la !!!

    Example menteri yang akan sokong pak lah . : Rafidah Aziz , Nazri , Sammy Vellu , Taib Mahmood . (Dari name list boleh tahu semua di atas tak boleh pakai punya gang )


    Opps ! Sokongan terhebat dari KJ.

  85. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Why the Federal Government still unable to resolve Sabah's issues, that brought a point SAPP is making an unprecedented attempt to unseat PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah?

    The most important part from PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah’s spontaneous reaction here is, “to satisfy the greed of Sabah BN leaders”. Is that how PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah resolve issues and obtain their loyalty, by satisfying their greed?
    If that is so, then truly PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah weak leadership and incompetency being exploited into being blackmailed and thus resolves into practicing ‘money politics’ of the highest level, but on the cheapest node.

  86. Anonymous3:29 pm

    KOTA KINABALU: Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee does not have the support of his own Sabah Progressive Party in threatening to move or support a motion of no-confidence against the prime minister.

    SAPP deputy president Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah did not hide his anger when contacted for comments after Yong’s press conference.

    “It can be read as supporting the opposition in order to displace the prime minister or even cause greater uncertainties not just in Sabah but Malaysia as a whole.

    “I do not want to support a move which supports the opposition.

    “We should not instigate and send a wrong message to the people.

    “There is no reason to do this. It is completely wrong,” said Tan.

    “We have made our position very clear that we are not working with Parti Keadilan Rakyat or the Pakatan Rakyat.

    “We (SAPP candidates) have defeated the opposition (in the election),” he said.

    Tan, who is deputy chief minister and Tanjung Papat assemblyman, also took Yong to task for not getting the consensus of the party’s supreme council before calling for the press conference.

    He was surprised that Yong made the announcement without waiting for the matter to be discussed at the party’s supreme council meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

    Tan said he was not invited to Yong’s press conference.

    On Monday, Tan told the press that SAPP had no intention of leaving the BN but would continue to be vocal on issues affecting the state and its people.

    “We have made known our stand on various issues and we are happy the Federal Government is responding. We are not completely ignored.”

    He said as the party won two parliamentary and four state seats it contested in the March 8 general election under the BN banner, it should work within the BN.



  87. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Conduct a secret ballot and i'm confident that Paklah will get what he want.


    Heap heap horray.

    Gua sudah BEnggang

  88. Anonymous3:43 pm

    talk abt greed..I got this thru e-mail..dunno how true:

    Subject: Pak Lah and his cronies screwed us again!
    > ECM Libra FInancial Group Berhad has a stake in Pos Malaysia Berhad
    > (PMB) through it's acquisition of Avenue Capital Resources in 2006.
    > That deal left a bitter taste in the mouths of those knowledgeable in
    > the financial world as it was a clear case of insider's trading. Note
    > that Khairy Jamaluddin was a Director of Investment in ECM Libra in
    > 2004 before he tendered his resignation after this infamous debacle.
    > However, Pak Lah's closest crony, Dato' Seri Kalimullah is
    > the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ECM Libra.
    > Recently, PMB was given the job of giving out the cash rebates to
    replace of fuel subsidy. It is quite odd on why JPJ was not given this
    > role but instead it was given to a postal service company. Instead of
    > the more efficient and more relevant job function of the JPJ, these
    > cash handouts responsibility were thrusted into the already
    > mountainous variety of services PMB had to handle. The only defence
    > that Pak Lah might see the appropriateness of this move is the many
    > branches of post offices nationwide which the public can easily have
    > access.
    > But now, let's see how Pak Lah and his cronies get extra money out of
    > this purportedly 'for the rakyat' act of selflessness.
    > For every transaction, PMB will get 10 sen commission on every RM10 of
    > that RM625 and RM150 (for cars and motorcycles respectively). That
    > means, for every transaction, PMB will get RM6.25 for cars and RM1.50
    > for motorcycles in the form of
    transaction fees.
    > There is about 11 million cars and 8 million motorcycles in this
    > country at the moment. Let's do the math :
    > RM6.25 x 11 millions = RM68.8 million (for cars)
    > RM1.50 x 8 millions = RM12 million (for motorcycles)
    > A cool total of RM81 million for the whole exercise per year. Even if
    > we use pareto principle and apply the 80/20 ratio, RM65 million (80%
    > out of RM82 million) would still fall in their hands. And this does
    > not include the commission from RM200 subsidy to be given to each
    > fishermen in the country!
    > With RM117 million already paid out during the first day, I wonder how
    > much PMB will collect by March 2009. This role was given to PMB and
    > not JPJ because PMB is a public listed company (read: profit oriented)
    > while JPJ is government owned entity (read : no cost to public). It's
    > even
    funnier that those who own cars 2,000cc and above were told to
    > claim their RM200 rebate from the JPJ, not PMB. Why is this? Well,
    > there are not many people with cars above 2,000cc in Malaysia anyway.
    > And JPJ do not impose any fees.
    > This cunning way of trying to 'help' the poor while at the same
    > enriching one self is very much prevalent in Pak Lah's administration.
    > What's worse, they are emptying the nation's coffers (from the
    > Treasury) in the form of cash rebates and transfer a percentage of it
    > into their own pockets (through fees paid into PMB and ultimately into
    > ECM's bank accounts).
    > And that my friends is how the poor get screwed to help the rich get
    > even richer! (Orang kaya menjadi bertambah kaya kerana orang miskin).
    > These poor people did not realize that they had helped finance Pak
    > Lah's cronies

  89. Credit due to Pak Lah for his main strength is being consistent.....consistent in stupidity.
    Boy, Umno must be proud for having him as a leader. As for the rest in BN, have you got no shame in supporting such stupidity.

  90. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Tompu 10:59 am:

    Dr. Mahathir punya blog dapat 2 juta 'lawatan' (mungkin orang yang sama lawat beberapa puluh kali).

    Tapi yang paling menakjubkan ialah komen-komen kebanyakan pengulas di situ semuanya macam ni:

    1. "Ya Tun, apa-apa Tun cakap mesti betul punyak!"


    2. "Ayahanda Tun, Tun bagaikan Tuhan bagi kami, zaman Tun, semuanya best, zaman sekarang, kenapa semua tak best ek?"


    3. "Tunnnn!!! Saya cayyyyyyang Tun!"


    4. "Tun, gua caya sama Tunnnn... Tun bilo nak naik jadi PM lagi ni?"


    5. "Assalamualaikum Tun yang disegani dihormati dikasihi disanjungi, bila Tun cerita jer pasal isu-isu politik ni, baru saya faham... bestnyerrr... sebelum ni, saya tak faham apa apa langsung pun pasai politik."

    Ini dia lebih kurang 'template' atau corak asas kira-kira 80% komen-komen atau ulasan-ulasan yang ditinggalkan di blog Dr. Mahathir. Takdo yang pikir, yang bagi cadangan konstruktif atau yang mengkupas-kupas pendapat si Mahathir... seolah-olah apo yang Mahathir cakap tuh wahyu dari langit, takde kesalahan atau kelemahan.

    Nak gempak apo pulok?!

    - cap kasut getah taiko kat dinding komen blog chedet -

  91. Anonymous4:16 pm

    ''Trust no one'' - Agent Fox Mulder



  92. Anonymous5:03 pm

    GREED ?




  93. Anonymous5:39 pm

    ..shut up la Samy and go to sleep!

    ..Halo Bodohwi, kata dulang paku serpih, kata orang awak anak beranak tu yang lebih ..sebenarnya 'Vote of No Confidence' should be initiated
    immediately after the election!
    ..Pi(ss)dah! Menyusahkan rakyat shj!


  94. Anonymous6:48 pm



  95. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Yong Teck Lee is an uncouth, merciless soldier of fortune. he has played out his own comrades. He will continue t0 play out anyone who does not play his game. Anwar had better watch out for this mercenary. He typifies the worst of a Sabah politician = he will resort to chicanery to attain his goals. He is a 'lean and hungry man, such men are dangerous.'

  96. Anonymous8:35 pm

    AAB should call for snap elections and let the rakyat decide whether he stays or goes. The power belongs to the people. I do not want the corrupt few (Yong and Mahathir included) to decide who rules over us. If the rakyat pick PR, well and good. If they return to BN to shore up AAB, so be it. Enough of politicking at the top by power hungry leaders. Much as I deride AAB's leadership and BN's bad governance, I respect the fact that they were returned to power, albeit with a simple majority. The people are facing tough times with rising food and fuel prices, and all the leaders of our political parties can do is squabble to achieve their own ends. Call for snap polls, AAB, and let the people decide once and for all whether they want you to continue as PM. Don't let Mahathir, Ku Li, Anwar, Yong and the others push you out. If the people want you to go, then leave quietly. If they want you to stay, then you must wake up, swing the hatchet on your foes and start governing.


  97. 17hb bila dolah ditanya tentang apa yang dikatakan oleh ku li bahawa satu parti komponen akan keluar, paklah bagi tahu, dia tidak diberitahu tentang itu.

    19hb dolah berkata pula..Perdana menteri juga mendedahkan bahawa beliau telah menawarkan jawatan utusan khas kepada Yong.

    Bagaimanapun, katanya, Yong telah menolaknya dan membuat kenyataan yang mengejutkan itu semalam.


  98. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Pathetic. Today the BN met and came out with the rand declaraion that the BN does not have the guts to kick out SAPP from the BN. No action will be taken.

    This is a clue to Tg Razaleih, Mukriz, Rais, Muhyudin and other UMNO MPs who have criticised Abdullah to join the vote of no confidence.

    No action will be taken. After 50 years of fooling themselves until now UMNO still cannot realise how weak they are. These people have zero convictions, zero strength,zero principles and zero of everything.

    99 out of 100 Malaysians wants the PM out yesterday. If UMNO cannot do the job, step back. The rakyet will do the job for you. They will kick UMNO out too - for ever.

  99. Anonymous12:28 am

    mesti mau ada kepentingan sendiri tu..dah dekat sabah tak maju2 sebab sendiri lah..kerja tak buat, bila dah kantoi salahkan orang.. baik tak payah bertanding jadi MP.. takda guna..

  100. Anonymous12:38 am

    If AAB were to step down who is RIGHTEOUS (except Perak prince
    YM Nazrin) to replace him !? (fury)

  101. Anonymous12:48 am

    Has Mr. Yong asked for 0.005 % of oil royalty for HIMSELF !? (fury)

  102. Anonymous12:55 am

    The Perak MB :" I am the MB of Perak and NOT of PAS ! We work togather for the Perakians, the people !!"

    SYABAS, we heard you, SIR, please keep your words, TERIMA KASIH !!

  103. Anonymous10:14 am

    I think it is obvious what that greed is, that he did not get to contest in the GE as a candidate. Yong's own statements are full of contradiction - saying no urgency from the gov, yet said he did not meet the PM bcuz "did not see anything much coming out of it" ; saying that it was a party stance yet it now transpires that the consenses of the supreme council of SAPP was not obtained. us Sabahans are no fools, stop using our interest as a masquerade for ur personal agenda.

  104. Anonymous11:52 am

    Hah! As if BN top officials themselves aren't greedy at all!


  105. When he mentioned personal greed, Pak Lah was right. Yong Teck Lee has his personal greed. Ali Rustam has his personal greed. Lim Guan Eng has his. Hadi Awang has his. I have mine; and the biggest of all is Pak Lah's personal greed. So big is his personal greed that he refused to step down despite of pressures from all angles. If he doesn't have, why didn't he step down. He clings on to the premiership to satisfy his personal greed.

    My advice to Pak Lak is to act as a gentlemen come what may. Don't accuse people as that same accusation reflect back on you.

  106. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Arrrgggghhh tak payah lah berbincang panjang lebar sangat wei!

    SAPP, keluar jer dari BN masuk Pakatan Rakyat.

    Senang cerita. No problem. No worries. Semua orang happy. Masalah settle. Toksah cerita banyak dah.

  107. Anonymous4:02 pm

    I agree with Abu Dhabi. Pak Lah hari-hari kena sumpah...

    - Mat Melayu Islam

  108. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Kluang man,

    Bukan saja lidahnya bercabang, ekornya juga bercabang.

  109. Anonymous8:11 am

    One day after Yong Teck Lee made the startling announcement against AAB, Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) acted on alleged Yong's RM5 million state owned company's shares sales to selected agents.

    Greed you say Pak Lah? Yong and SAPP made a collective stand on behalf of people of Sabah, and instead of zoning in or analyzing their (Sabahans) demands, you retaliate to defend your own self? There's even calls that action will be taken if SAPP reps decides to go ahead with no confidence vote against AAB in Parliament next Monday. Goodness me, one will be punished for a lil bit of criticism? Heck, even computers and machines have BITE test (built in test equipment) for self checking! Ni siapa yang tamak nih??

    Another interesting question would be, assuming Yong didn't make that call against you...would you still ask ACA to conduct investigations into the allegations? Or for anyone else for that same matter?

    So anyone who supports you gets protection, anyone against you will be punished? So this is your "hadhari, bekerjalah dengan saya, saya pantang dicabar" leadership?

    With this kind of leadership at helm, the next election's results is already on the cards for all to see eg. BN down.

    Although I might be busy with the Clone Wars, I will not forget my responsibility as a voting citizen...somebody just make sure my undi pos gets thru safely!

    Obi Wan Kentucky

  110. Anonymous8:30 am

    "Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang..."

    "Bekerjalah dengan saya, bukan untuk saya..."

    "Beritahulah saya perkara yang sebenar, walaupun ianya menyakitkan hati saya..."

    Sorry Pak Lah, in light of everything that has happened so far, none of the above seems to be true or has been realised...although;

    "Saya pantang dicabar..."

    Seems to make wee bit of sense, but I think a more fitting declaration would be...

    "Saya pantang ditegur..."

    Now that's you, Pak Lah...

    Obi Wan Kentucky






  112. Dear Rocky
    I think this is window of Opportunity for Sabah and Sarawak to get back what they have lost since independent.

    Sabah and Sarawak has been milked dry since then, I remember a poster in the 80s when I was still a small boy.. it about a cow in east malaysia.. milk flow to the west..

    Frankly speaking, Sabah and Sarawak want more milk to be return...


  113. Anonymous3:30 am

    Well if pak lah new he was guilty why entertain him? And why would he try to entertain anybody's greed? Isn't that bribery?

    Pak Lah please xplain.