Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vote of no-confidence against Badawi

18/6 SAPP MPs to table vote of no confidence against PM Abdullah in Parliament on Monday/STAR

Notes from a reporter at the press conference:
Sapp not pulling out. But called for pak lah to step down. Made a stand lost confidence in pm. Come june 23 in parliament sapp will make the stand. Three statements issued. By Yong (Teck Lee), Chua, Eric M.

Who is Yong Teck Lee, anyway?
  • Name: YONG Teck Lee

  • Nationality: Malaysian

  • Born in 1958 and married with 4 children.

  • Professional Qualifications: LL.B (Hons) at LSE of London University; Barrister-at-Law (Lincoln's Inn), London.

  • Working Experiences: Lawyer, Politician, Sabah Chief Minister & various ministerial posts, Chairman of a number of State bodies, including the State Development Council, State Security Council , Sabah Business Council, the State Investment Committee, the State Centre of Investment Committee and the State Steering Committee for the Eradication of Poverty; Chairman of State Economic Action Council (SEAC), Chairman of the Sabah Economic Development Corporation (SEDCO) 1990-1994; State Assemblyman for Likas from 1985 to 2002; Member of Parliament for Gaya (1999-2002).

  • Current Position held: President of Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP)


  1. Anonymous2:31 pm

    finally the snowball started to roll....

    - one rakyat -

  2. Here we going..
    The ball start rolling
    the bell start ringing
    we the rakyat start watching
    hopefully everything is merrying

    Shiok Guy

  3. yes..just read it from Wong Chun Wai blog..let see what will happen on 237!!!

  4. a good start.. lets get rolling

  5. Politik Malaysia lebih menarik kali ini kerana penyertaan baru SAPP (selain TDM,Mukhriz,Ku Li) dalam mendesak Dolah belah.

    Yang menariknya, Najib dan Muhyiddin yang berada di dalam kerajaan dan parti masih gagal melakukan sesuatu, terkena sindrom 'koro'. Malah mereka muncul sebagai pembela - saksikanlah

  6. Anonymous3:00 pm

    why not just wait until peralihan kuasa..

  7. Anonymous3:04 pm

    hope paklah get the message. His day is over. Its time for you to go.

    Moahamd Fazil

  8. Anonymous3:06 pm

    apa akan jadi kalau undi tak percaya ini berjaya?

  9. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Its about time!

  10. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Dear Pak Lah.

    You should sack SAPP from BN,Ini banyak samseng punya statement.If you dont take action,you will be in trouble by Dec.Dah bangun tidok ke.

  11. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Hope Pakatan Rakyat will support the motion. No 'politicking' in PR, i hope.

    The Flip-flopper must go, now.


  12. Anonymous3:18 pm

    I'm thinking, what good actually these SAPP leaders expect of Pak Lah stepping down? Will actually solve the woes that they currently have. It seems to me that Sabah and Sarawak are really nailing the opportunity to demand a lot of things, considering the current position BN and the govt is in. But agian, they really have to remember that whatever decisions they make as leaders (some of them MPs at that), how is it going to effect the RAKYAT that they represent?

  13. Best news I've heard in the last 10days.

  14. why did he even let it get to this embarrassing stage?

    Every day I am puzzled by the development in Malaysian politics, the story gets stranger and stranger until I am left thinking - i can't get any crazier than this and the next day or next week it does....

  15. Anonymous3:35 pm

    as at 3.30pm bernama has still not updated their news on this piece.

  16. Anonymous3:36 pm

    the time-bomb is ticking, it seems. if it explodes, it will take a larger toll than that of 1987...

  17. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Such an anti-climax after all the hype about bn exodus supposed to happen 18/6. so i reckon this would be the beginning of the end of BN era.

  18. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Pak Lah: ZZzzZzzzzzzzzzz...

  19. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Up until now Pak Lah doesn't realise he has lost the majority of the rakyat's support.Come on Pak Lah have some dignity please...resign and have a good time with your wife.Go for your well deserved holiday.Farewell Pak Lah!

    - rocksteady -

  20. Anonymous3:51 pm

    I believe I speak for my fellow Sabahan brethren when I say I'm watching all these unfold with sadness and wariness. The Sabahan identity is akin to the exploitation of work in the words of Marx, one's own but most taken away. Do they still remember whose interests they're sworn to serve? Is this really the best way of going about doing it, if they do?

  21. SAPP tak jadi keluar BN..Nampak macam ok je bunyinya bagi BN..Tapi SAPP akan usulkan undi tak percaya dalam Dewan Rakyat terhadap kepimpinan Pak Lah..Satu lagi tekanan terhadap Pak Lah nampaknya yang impaknya hampir sama jika SAPP keluar dari BN..Dalam hal mcm ni, biarlah Pak Lah yang selesaikan..

  22. Anonymous4:01 pm

    I receive The Star SMS newsflash at 14:48:18. Things are definately moving in the right direction. Bye bye UMNO ... Wali Kota.

  23. Hello Malaysia

    Ni bukan kes nak Pak Lah kena tendangla, ni kes nak kena ditendang ka ka ka

    Jangan la gullible sangat ooi, you ingat SAPP tu tak siuman ka ka ka pi kiang sikit lol

    Simply, put - Magnifique - Congrats to SAPP many will HAIL yr brave stance.


  24. Anonymous4:07 pm

    yong heed the words of mahatir? sabah for sabahans, just a cover?


  25. Anonymous4:08 pm

    This is the ultimate embarassment for any PM.It's never happened before in 50 years.And Najib is in full support of his PM.I wonder why?This will a blot on UMNO/BN.Imagine a two man show from Sabah causing this kind of damage.

  26. Anonymous4:10 pm

    I do not want Najib to be the next Prime Minister. Full stop.

    - No to Najib

  27. Anonymous4:14 pm

    about time to show the pee em that sabahan have pride too... hope they wake up from their slumber.


  28. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Why are they letting the act out of the bag so soon?
    This way the still-MSM-MSMs will go to town with stories that the Rakyat still want good ol Dolloh as the PM.

    Some sort of political Gambit, perhaps?

    But I echo my fellow compatriots' sentiment: It's about time someone take the balls of this bullheaded dolloh and rein him in.

  29. Anonymous4:19 pm

    i hope BN mps from sarawak will have the BALLS to support SAPP on this. show 'em!!!!!!!

  30. Anonymous4:20 pm

    It will not saving malaysia , and the fuel price will remain.

    Malaysia oh Malaysia

    GMC Yukon denali

  31. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Why are we going after Pak Lah ONLY?
    We should tell Najib that he is not wanted either..
    Get rid of both of them, wipe the slate clean.


  32. Dr agendadaily...
    Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi berkata, beliau tidak tahu mengenai dakwaan adanya sebarang langkah oleh sebuah parti komponen Barisan Nasional (BN) untuk meninggalkan gabungan berkenaan bagi membentuk sebuah gabungan bebas. "Saya tiada diberitahu apa-apa mengenainya," katanya kepada pemberita di Kota Kinabalu hari Ahad. Beliau yang juga Pengerusi BN diminta mengulas laporan kononnya ada sebuah parti komponen BN sedang menimbang untuk keluar daripada gagasan itu.

    Saper nak keluar party?

  33. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Dear Bro,

    I am a Malay, I was an UMNO member, I am a Malaysian...

    I put all differences what they so called "racist" and support Y.B Yong Teck Lee initiative. It is indeed a wise move for the better malaysia.

    Congrats Mr. Yong !!!

  34. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Bow Out BodohWi..dont worry the rakyat will clear your MESS for you..

  35. Anonymous4:32 pm

    saya tak dengar apa-apa pun???? ZzzZzzzZZZZzzz (sambung tidur)

    Pak Lah

  36. Anonymous4:37 pm


    These Sabah MPs think can lompat here lompat there. Tak berhemah lah weh!

    Where the money is, that's where they're going! I wonder how much Pakatan seduced them with.

  37. Anonymous4:39 pm

    can they be a reliable leader? always lompat here and there one. once got problem, just simply lompat..

  38. Anonymous4:39 pm

    can they be a reliable leader? always lompat here and there one. once got problem, just simply lompat..

  39. Anonymous4:53 pm

    To Yong Teck Lee,

    You are the true leader if the plan is materialised.

    Pray god, Pak Lah will be kicked out.

    Amin....Ya Allah.....!

    -Abu Dhabi-

  40. Anonymous4:55 pm

    SAPP is smart. As a member of BN you are not allowed to table this motion of no confidence to PM. This is against the spirit of BN. Pakatan MPs will sure support this motion but not from any BN MPs. But please realize that the motion when tabled, first needs approval by the Speaker (another Sabahan - Pandikar tempang). Definitely he will not approve it. But, I am sure SAPP will be sacked by BN. That's the way it goes.

  41. Anonymous4:55 pm

    just let SAPP go!! don't listen to them,they don't show their respect..

  42. SAPP can haz Cheezburger! Yey!

    The other kaki boria/bodek component parties tak boleh pakai, takde bola even after watching so many EURO cup matches!

  43. Just go la. At least a Sabahan party with guts. the rest are just spineless...

  44. Anonymous5:00 pm

    If BR has to depend on person like Yong to topple BN, they better forget it!. The moment Yong is offered a minister post, he will switch camp.


  45. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Saya suka apa sukj kata "Jadi tak hairanlah jika Sabah masih mundur hingga sekarang kerana Pemimpin politiknya bersifat orang asli yang suka berpindah-pindah. Macam mana nak maju jika tak ada pendirian."

    Blogger lain duk menyanjung SAPP. Itulah yang mereka mahukan! Konon2nya, mereka amat berpengaruh, bisa blackmail Pak Lah supaya turun. Setakat TunM keluar UMNO dulupun takde orang ikut, besar benar harapan orang kepada SAPP ni yang digelar "pengorak langkah" kemenangan Pakatan Rakyat mahu menakluk 30 MP. Tapi renung2 lah juga maksud di sebaliknya.

  46. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Pak lah, mesti ambil tindakan ni!. Ini tak boleh jadi. Kurang ajar sungguh orang SUPP. Ini dah jelas melanggar prinsip ketuanan Melayu. Pak lah....kita mesti..
    Pak Pak lah..
    laaaa dah berdengkur....ZZZZZ

    CemerlangTerbilang..baik tido la.


  47. Anonymous5:28 pm


    this should have been done long time ago. anyway, better now than never. rosmah must be jumping up and down by now. might not be you. think again.

  48. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Kalau tak nak Najib, kan December ini ada pertandingan. Sarankanlah dan sokonglah prang lain untuk pegang tampuk presiden. Ku Li dah kata, ada ke tak ada peralaihan kuasa, dia tetap akan bertanding

  49. Anonymous5:44 pm

    It is indeed a blow to the PM.
    However I don't believe the motion will be successful.
    Pm will stay put and they will give the excuse that when PBS left BN, the then PM also did not step down.

    Pak Malau

  50. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Finally someone got the "BALLS" to do something .


  51. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Sleep on, sleepy head, sleep on.

    By the time you wake up, you'll be fathom deep with your ill-gotten Sultan.

    - onevote -

  52. Anonymous5:52 pm

    I just read "no to Najib"
    Me too NO to Najib ... lets get someone with NO baggage la ...
    Enough of Dumb ass(es) as PM or Minister ....


  53. Anonymous5:56 pm

    No to Pak Lah..

    No to Najib..

    No to Bang Nuar..

    Yes to Hadi Awang..

    -anak melayu penang

  54. Anonymous5:57 pm

    woi,cina babi ini...balik tong shan la...nak derhaka kepada pak la...


  55. Anonymous5:58 pm

    There are too many parties in BN, most of them are not really ethnic based as UMNO,MIC and MCA. BN should stick to its ideology of an INTER RACIAL politics. Lets PKR, DAP,Gerakan, PPP or SAPP...offer the alternative INTRA RACIAL or MULTIRACIAL approach. Lets see who can serve all the races better!!


  56. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Kalau inilah sahaja cara untuk membentuk minda UMNO dan ahli2nya ke jalan yang betul....aku relakan walaupun terpaksa mengorbankan maruah orang2 melayu dan melalui jalan jauh walaupun secara rasionalnya ada jalan yang lebih mudah, tepat dan proven. UMNO MT dan golongan elitnya seem 'naik lemak' sampai tak tahu apa objectif berpolitik UMNO.....Sayang....hanya kerana leadernya mendapat authority secara nasib sahaja, semuanya hancur dan hangus begitu sahaja.......

  57. Interesting & depressing times ahead for all Malaysians.

    Waiting fourteen days to table the motion could be a blessing in disguise - as many more might come forward to voice the same sentiment.

  58. Anonymous6:05 pm

    still not solving the problem. WHO NEXT AFTER PAK LAH???? ROSMAHH? we all gonna get more shittt with Rosmahh

  59. Anonymous6:05 pm

    "Biar cawangan calon presiden, kata Mukhriz"

    Ini barulah namanya hero.....berani kerana benar.....MT UMNO ada berani ka?????

  60. Anonymous6:16 pm

    The message is loud and clear. It doesn't matter if the motion is turn down (as mentioned by Nazri Aziz).
    I believe this is a message telling Pak Lah he has to go.
    he only got few days to decide. If he continue to stay beyond this week we should be in political uncertainty situation.
    More pressure will be applied against pak lah leadership. This will get worst if he continue to stay.
    For me i see that PakLah should resign sometime this week. Beyond that we are heading to a true political battle.

    Mohamad Fazil

  61. Anonymous6:16 pm

    Biasalah inilah masa ahli politik mengintai peluang untuk cari makan. Mereka mungkin sengaja ambil kesempatan guna isu tak percaya. Walhal mungkin ada pihak dalam SAPP ni marah kerana AAB tak bagi dia jawatan menteri. Orang tamak selalu rugi. Erm susah nak puaskan hati setiap satu rakyat Malaysia ni.

  62. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Hari demi hari...

    Momentum yang dicipta Pakatan Rakyat semakin menggunung dan terserlah.

    Ianya cuma hal masa saja.

    Tidak lama lagi, UMNO dan BN akan tumbang.

    Pakatan Rakyat akan menang.

    Ini tidak boleh dielakkan.

    Syabas kepada rakyat Malaysia. Semoga era dan harapan baru terserlah bagi kita semua.

    Hidup rakyat Malaysia, hidup Pakatan Rakyat.

  63. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Najib: U bila nak letak jawatan? Sabah dah bising ni..

    Dolah: Sabar ar jib. I've told u that when time comes, i bagi nyer jawatan PM ni kat u. Sabah tu buat gempak jer..

    Najib: Bila lagi?

    Dolah: Sabar la. U ni, nanti i bagi la.

    Najib: (Geram)........rasanya ada lagi baki baki C4 kat umah. Kalau setakat sorang lagi tak de hal kot.

    Dolah: Apa dia?

    Najib: Ha.....tak de apa apa. Terpikir banyak lagi kertas A4 kat umah.

    -Skuad Peninjau-

  64. Anonymous7:08 pm

    I do not understand why they want to kick me out. I've been a good, in fact, the best PM Malaysia ever had. The petrol increase is not my doing only, actually the whole world has increased their price, why hantam me only. Not good lah like that! If I'm kicked out you think you can get an even better PM in Najib. It will be even worse and then baru padan muka lu.
    Pak Lah Flip Flop

  65. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Whatever it is maintain his position, I got a strong feeling that he (AAB) will put a brake with MAGERAN. He was it's Secretary in 1969. He could apply then, why not now as PM.

  66. Anonymous7:36 pm

    Those UMNO die hard should move the motion to kick out Sabah and Sarawak from Bolehland.


  67. Anonymous7:52 pm

    And place Najid as the next PM. He can table the resolution but won't get the support of the ruling party & opposition at this time. Probably end up by being sack from the Barisan. Just my 2 sens.

    -Man on the Street-

  68. Anonymous8:01 pm

    Hurray ! to Yong, let's hope other MPs will support the motion and vote that Ass of a PM out of office. All the PR MPs and non UMNO MPs should have the balls to support the no confidence motion. Some UMNO MPs who wants the friking PM to resign will now have the opportunity to show they have balls. These should include Muhyiddin, Ku Li, MP for Jerlun and all those who has been calling for Badawi to resign. I bet my last dollar the friking PM will survive because many MPs are cowards and does not walk the talk. The other reason I say friking PM will survive is because a bigger asshole will takeover. Najib is not exactly a saint, he is but a devil i disguise.
    Disgusted Citizen

  69. mampus ko dollah....
    tak mai terima realiti...
    tak tau la orang umno nak dia ke tak masa PAU nanti....
    najib ape lagi ko tunggu??

  70. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Let's hope that is snows on Monday. Then we can have a snowball and roll it down.

    - laksa kuala

  71. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Sabah for Sabahan!!!

  72. Bro Rocky,

    A.M ingin mengucap sayabas kepada YTL, namun A.M memang memandang sinis kepada Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim kerana sepatutnya Pakatan Rakyat lah lah yang sepatutnya mengusulkan undi tidak percaya ini.

    Kita tengok sejauh mana ahli PR menyokong motion itu nanti.

    Potong jari laa…..takda yang menyokongnya kerana bila Pak Lah digulingkan, BN akan kembali stabil dan takda isu yang nak dibangkitkan maka kempunan lah DSAI memenuhi agenda (Temolok) peribadinya ingin menjadi PM.

  73. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Lu tak patut cakap itu macam, nanti MD ISA marah. Kamunting juga duduk kalu, makan free juga.. Ini olang punya IQ 90, you mesti mau panggil dia tuan, tuan, tuan, baru itu jubork ada kumut. Dia mesti suka sama lu dan kasi you project macam itu Patrick Singapork.


  74. Anonymous9:44 pm

    This motion will not get thru but nevermind.. PM Paklah's name will be noted in hansard as the 1st PM to receive a vote of no confidence tabled against him..ada malu ka?anak dan menantu ada malu juge ke?


  75. Anonymous10:11 pm

    Paling menarik sekali adalah yang berikut:

    Sekiranya no-confidence motion ini dilakukan, adakah Tengku Razaleigh dan Mukhriz Mahathir akan berani menyokongnya, memandangkan mereka mahu Pak Lah turun?

    Kalau mereka tidak menyokong, maka kita tahu lah mereka ini pengecut, tak akur kepada pendirian sendiri dan oleh itu tidak layak menjadi pemimpin kita.

    Mari kita ambil situasi ini seumpama ujian untuk melihat apakah posisi atau pendirian pelbagai pemimpin UMNO yang sedia ada sekarang, serta reaksi atau tindakan parti-parti komponen BN yang lain.

  76. Rocky -

    Interesting comments I see so far. I think it's refreshing to see this happen that's why we need the freedom of expression. Well, having said that I am proud of SAPP for taking the stance against BN.

    No doubt they will be out of BN before too long, but not to join PR. I think sabahans need to gravitate to a local party to avoid getting colonize again.

    SAPP has just broken from the colonial power(BN). Sarawakian MPs join SAPP and form a new block to ensure we are not marginalized again!!

  77. When everybody is talking about Abdullah Badawi, it is not fair for politicians to keep quiet. What's so elegant about silence?

  78. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Tadi dengar berita jam 8 Shahrir Samad dan Mustapa Mohamad kutuk Sapp. Antaranya kata mereka perbuatan Sapp ini tak beretika. Just want to reply to Shahrir and Mustapa. Go to Hell with Ethics. Kita rakyat susah sekarang ini dan perlukan PM yang baru. Bukan boleh buat rakyat kenyang, senang, berwang dengan etika. Tahniah Sapp. Rosli Dhoby, Pehlawan Sarawak sokong Yong Teck Lee.

    Rosli Dhoby.

  79. Rocky,
    With all the happenings in Malaysian politics, who needs a Soap Opera? Heck..make these happenings into a series and we can surely win an Academy Award!!!!

  80. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Yong Teck Lee itu tak boleh caya. semua MP kat sabah sarawak sama saja. mengapa nak berontak sekarang? masa mahathir semua senyap saja?

  81. SAPP I think most Sabahan are very pleased and proud of your impending action. Don't lose heart, get more MP from Sabah and Sarawak to join you. That sleepy head have made a lot of people suffer. Good luck

  82. Hi Rock.

    As much as we want to compliment such bravery on the SAPP side in calling the shot, we should also look at what their DEMANDS are.

    20% Oil Royalty + Labuan + (goodness me!) AUTONOMOUS STATE OF SABAH! No PM will definitely approved to that. Not Tun Mahathir. And NOT EVEN Anwar Ibrahim, IF he was to be in power.

    SAPP is not blackmailing the PM and his govt with those demands, they are threatening Malaysian too.

    SAPP is going for broke. They are not getting the lesser things that they personally wanted, which of course. Hence, they put up the list of bigger things which they knew, wont materialize.

    IF SAPP is sincere and dignify enough, they should instead, WALK AWAY from BN with their 2 parliamentary seats and start championing Sabahans just like the rest of the Opposition parties, who did extremely well in a more acceptable and honorable good ol' fashion.

    BUT then, would SAPP still be SHOUTING for Labuan and AUTONOMOUS SABAH? I very DOUBT so.

  83. BN will meet and decision will be made to expel SAPP from the coalition, you can expelled members but then problem with AAB will still persist.

  84. Anonymous11:59 pm

    The next few days... or weeks will get more and more interesting...

    Did this Sabah party move too soon? Or is it just the first in many to come?

  85. Sabahan have long time kept quite and have enough already this time.

    Finally, these guys have balls and worth to be respected by all for the betterment not only to Sabah but to all the others states.

    What can not be tolerate and be accepted must be spoken out by action and not keep on lying....




  86. Mr.Yong Teck Lee..
    You are the bravest man in BN and have lotsa courages. You are the man! Shame on the rest for not standing up.

  87. Anonymous8:20 am

    keep rolling!

    i am so shock somebody believe that story of "peralihan kuasa"? That's just a game lar.

    Yong is right, after August got so many other issue, but that time who care about sabah? You care?


  88. about time!! i hope other BN component parties will follow SPP! let UMNO sink by itself!

  89. NO to PakLah and NO to Najib esp his worst-than-Imelda Rosmah....

    The MPs are still thinking about their own Party..but not the people they represent... when are they going to change their mentality...

  90. Yong also said that they are more inclined to forming an independent group of representatives than joining PR.
    Now for all who had been saying that TDM is irrelevent,whose idea was this when it was first thought off?.

  91. Anonymous12:04 pm


    saya tak kesah sapa PM Malaysia janji PM tu cerdik bijak memerintah, rakyat tak susah mcm sekarang ni, barang2 makanan dah mahal, yg senang lenang org2 tak jujur juga.

  92. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Pak Lah is too soft and no sense of direction. He should keep the rakyat busy working, not busy blogging,talking & cocking. NOw he let us do the thinking job coz he doesnt want to think. In third world country, the rakyat should only work and work and not talk and talk. Once we start thinking and talking then the poitical master will be in big trouble.In Malaysia we need someone who can control people like Mahathir, Lee Kuan Yew, Suharto or even kuku besi like Mugabe, then all rakyat will work very hard and no time to talk cock everyday. Kerja, makan tidur, kerja, makan tidur and occasionally watch soccer. Our level of thinking has not reached the level of those Americans, Japanese and British.

  93. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Dont think pak lah stepping down will solve anything..there are no capable leaders to replace him..want the mongolian bomber or the ass fucker anuar to be pm..very own opinion is that yong teck lee was promised something for his personal self by anuar..think about it carefully... Katil Besar

  94. Salam rocky:-

    Melompat dan mengkhianati parti dan pemimpin bukan asing bagi Yong Teck Lee.

    Sejarah panjang dalam politiknya penuh dengan citarasa dan cita-cita.

    Untuk penuhi citarasa eloklah dia keluar. Dan bila dapat cita-cita rujuklah balik.

    Yang kena main dan kena tipu rakyat juga

  95. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Anwar is a political genius.

    Watch what happens in the next 48 hours.

  96. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Bangun lah PAK LAH...Jangan tidur terlalu lama...Jangan banyak TERAGAK-AGAK membuat keputusan...Jangan buat STRATEGY sampai bertahun tahun tapi PERLAKSANAAN gagal...Jangan simpan KEPERCAYAAN pada kaum itu kerana mereka mempunyai "Agenda tersembunyi"!


  97. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Anyone bother to think whether the alternative will be better than Badawi. Should we kick out someone who has the political will to take unpopular action? Change for the sake of changing? Wake up man.


  98. Anonymous10:36 pm

    I am sad that ABdullah have use the ACA to investigate Yong Teck Lee. Such dirty tactics from so called Mr Clean.
    I know of many other whom the ACA should open a file on.

  99. Sabah now, Sarawak NEXT! BN OUT!!!