Sunday, June 29, 2008

Meanwhile ...

Who's The Cabal?
Shareholders of the Northern Utility Resources (NUR), probably the only IPP under receivership, will be calling for a press conference tomorrow. The PC is primarily aimed at exposing the efforts of a cabal within the Ministry of Finance that has been misleading the PM on NUR and several other issues, including disregarding a written directive by Abdullah Badawi on how the NUR dispute should be settled was back in 2004.


  1. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Bru, ini cerita macam harapkan karan ... rupanya karan bunuh kawan! MAMPUIH

  2. He has done it again. They say; a leopard never changes its spots. Anwar is so spotted and this time he knew for sure he couldnt escape except to find another hole ie Turkish embassy. He always after the wrong holes. A very sick man with sick ambitions. If he did not do it, he doesnt have to hide. All he has to do to quote Bill Clinton's famous words "I did not have sex with" Saiful hehe. What a dick!!!!

  3. When all the IPPs has been making money and laughing all the way to this bank this one is under receivership? They must have a fallout with the Gomen to receive such an unlikely fate with Tenaga having to pay anything at all that they will produce.

  4. Anonymous10:23 am

    How does a volunteer, fresh from university and with little experience in politics gets to be anwars personal assistant elevated status from a mere "coffee boy" Wasn't he just a volunteer?
    Wan Azizah,
    either u are blind or helpless at protecting young boys from being ravaged by Anwar?

    On a diffrent note, what's happening with the cabal?

    Pooh and friends

  5. Ayoyosamy,

    what u mean " if he didnt do it , he doesnt have to hide "

    He didnt hide in 1998, and he was put in hybernation till 2004 !

    Salleh Abbas didnt do it and he didnt hide either ! Nallakaruppan didnt do it and he didnt hide ! See what happened to them ?

    You trust Malaysian Police when they say investigations will be fair ? Come see me, i'll give you a bottle of Milk and you can suck on it

  6. Anonymous2:13 pm

    I say kawan ini cerita pasal karanlah, bukan pasal Anwar.

    Konco2 Menteri Raba Bontot dulu nak rampas NUR dpd pemegang sahamnya. CEO TNB masa itu ada terlibat. CEO Khazanah juga terlibat. CEO TNB sekarang juga subahat. Menteri Kewangan 2 juga subahat.

    Caranya agak simple. Paksa NUR jadi bankrap. Paksa bank lelong NUR dgn harga murah. Siapa pun tak boleh beli kecuali konco2 yg tersebut disini. Lepas mereka dah beli murah, boleh buat listing, jual kpd orang ketiga, jual kpd YTL dsbnya dan dapat untung beratus juta Ringgit. Simple saja.

    Pemegang saham original pula - peduli apa kat depa.

    Kapten Karan

  7. Anonymous5:40 pm

    When that Saiful chappy decided or "forced" to make that police report regarding an issue of this magnitude he should have known what he is in for. His life will become public and everthing is fair game. He's lucky only this much of his private life had surfaced.

    I have no doubt more muck of his will emerge in the days to come.

    Keep on 'trucking' bro. Let all truth be told.

  8. Anonymous10:40 pm


    In future private companies will be afraid to build infrastructure
    projects with goverment as shareholders.