Sunday, June 29, 2008

Coffee Boy, engaged and in blue

Saiful Bukhary (left, in blue), who lodged a police report against Anwar, has been to the DPM's office and is pictured here with a friend who works at the DPM's office. Read some very colorful comments in RPK's Malaysia Today here.

Mr Manager alerted me to this pic and another of Saiful and his tunang. They were engaged last month. Click here for Vernon the Mr Manager's take on the "coffee boy".


  1. Anonymous2:59 pm

    so... that's saiful.

    not much of a PRETTY boy either.


  2. Anonymous3:11 pm


    i would personally not choose to put up his fiancee's picture, in the interests of minimising collateral damage to innocents perhaps?

    just a thought.

  3. People wake up
    The news greeted them
    The peoples’ leader in sodomy
    History returns to haunt again

    The politics of desperation
    The hungry of power
    The walls clustered
    The escape route evaporates

    Struggling to get a foothold
    Mounting hard to find the rope
    Dangling precariously alone
    Anything to take back power
    Who wants to know by what means?

    The pages in newspapers
    The songs of reformation will sing
    Is there a fabrication on familiar pattern?
    There is no originality
    It sings of losing power
    The 3Ps fading away

    I heard the story
    It becomes to haunt the country’s image
    The losing desperadoes try
    One last hurrah before the walls collapse

    The light of the new dawn
    It has to come no matter what happened
    The country needs new leader to go forward
    Into the battle field of the world

  4. Anonymous3:29 pm

    So now Wee Ka Siong will laugh all the way to the Bank Lah....RM100 Million ....Wow..maybe Wee Ka Siong is the one who "mastermind" this ???


  5. Brader Rocky,

    One PM-in-waiting is somehow allegedly involved in a Mongolian affair and murder.

    One PM-in-waiting is allegedly a sodomoist.

    One PM-in-office is claiming for judicial reforms and yet refused to initiate action against a judge who has been reported to the police for biased judgements.

    So all is fair and square.

    Oh, the de facto law minister will get a lot of help from judges when he goes back to practise with Zaid & Co.

    Malaysiaku like no others

  6. Anonymous3:39 pm

    pity his fiancee. why r u put up her picture?

    she not guilty. i'm sure she not involved.


  7. Baru bertunang ......ngapa beri malu kat keluarga .......serah pada Allah.

    Bangsa Melayu juga turut tercemar.Orang melayu ni tak dak kerja lain ke ?

    Ini semua kesah dari Islam Hadhari.

  8. Anonymous3:57 pm

    such a lamer... come on... dont be so 'perasan' that u're like a hot stuff.... i wont pick him if i am gay (simpang!)... Be a man saiful.....

  9. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Dear Rocky: TQ for posting these pixes. They say a pix paint a thousand words ... Wali Kota

  10. Anonymous4:02 pm

    wooo a handsome guy....believe in yourself saiful coz those people wont understand you,being a gay is okay gwtting sodomize by mr.XX is normal lah...At least you are brave enuff to mention who did those to you...Not like the fuck up ,half bake balls stat declarations.

  11. Anonymous4:07 pm

    yeah right nat, how about him tarnishing the image of DSAI and his family? After ALL THIS YEAR, this wonder boy came out in the open.. out from the blue. Another diversion from SIL and the gang!


  12. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Anwar has just sought REFUGE in the Turkish Embassy becoz of fear of Assassination ... reminds you of the UTK fellows !

    [BTW this is Zimbabwe Timur aka Malaysia .. the Tvengari too sought refuge in Dutch Embassy ]

  13. Anonymous4:16 pm

    tak cukup duit nak kahwin ke...


  14. I totally agree with Nat. Whatever your misgivings about the guy, leave the innocents out of this.

    What exactly is the purpose of putting up a picture of the guy and his fiancee anyway? Do you realise that there could be retribution to the fiancee? Or maybe you do want to, to teach the guy a lesson...whatever you might say, that is how I look at it from my perspective.

    Of all the talk of justice, equity and fairness, righting the wrongs, turns out that people on the outside looking in is just as ugly as those on the inside...


  15. Anonymous4:22 pm

    They offered the Budak Pintu Seluar (more apt to des cribe him than mere coffee boy) at least RM10 million to utter the things he said. Can we blame him if he chose not to refuse the offer. The truth is such a change of events in Malaysian politics will provide Anwar Ibrahim the moot chance to become PM next.

    To Anwar Ibrahim, don't blow it this time: convert such a conviction to cold cash.

    Circumstances now and what happened way back in 1998 are totally different. People are not that stupid like we were made to be.

  16. Anonymous4:25 pm


    i'm a personal friend to his tunang. I believe it is unfair that u put up her picture. I agree with nat.. we don't want extra collateral damage to innocents.. she had gone through a tough time since last nite.. please remove the pic.. please...

  17. Are you implying this Saiful is a heterosexual thus cannot be a homosexual, by showing his wife's picture? Then you are aone mean SOB man! His wife of future wife picture has nothing to do with his case, just a spurious relationship! I demand you take off the picture from your posting or I will lodge a police report for reporting with malice intended!

  18. Anonymous4:30 pm

    kesian budak perempuan tu. satu dunia dah kenal dia.

    siapa sebenarnya nwar ni? cuba tanya kawan-kawan kat mckk dulu. tentu ada sejarah yang boleh dikongsi bersama.

    kawan-kawan mckk jangan diam dan senyap saja. kesian budak-budak yang berminat kat nwar ni.

    anon from shah alam

  19. Salam Bro Rocky,

    What can we expect from the BN & UNMOputras in this Bolehland !

    I am saddened by what is happening. Haven’t they done enough damage to our nation, our nation’s assets, our peaceloving but downtrodden citizens & insulted their own race & Islam ?????

    We have to remind them that everytime they point their finger at anyone, three fingers are pointing at themselves.

    These Bigots still in self-denial are the desperados at the tail end of “Ketuanan Melayu” in the 21 century context being propelled by the powers-that-be, FEAR their imminent DEMISE by the Peoples’ voices, will resort to the SUBLIME !

    They are their own worst enemies set on a “Self-destruct” mode, & now portraying Islam/Muslims/Malays as zealots - HOW INSULTING !!!

    Let us all work hand-in-hand to UNITE as MALAYSIANS to save our nation, its multi ethnic cultures/religion & its assets for every downtrodden MALAYSIAN citizen forthwith !

    Let us all give them enough rope to hang themselves at every turn towards their DEMISE soon….we now sit back & watch the action.

    May God show them the truth !

  20. Anonymous4:32 pm

    FYI, his fiancee is Janna Md Zaki, the Bernama TV English newscaster.

    A uni10 dropout, he has been working with Najib's office since last year...recently he joined DSAI's campaigning team during the election...definitely planted i must say.

  21. Anonymous4:37 pm

    i have to agree with nat and pasquale.

    what is the intention of putting up his fiancee's picture when it will only cause more harm and make things even more complicated.

    in my honest opinion she should not be drag into this.


  22. Anonymous4:47 pm

    shall i upload the photos of those pics?good positioning...

  23. Anonymous4:55 pm

    I don't know what to make of my country anymore.
    And Rocky, yes, kesian the fiancee. Must her pic be up here too?

    She certainly is the innocent party. Her fiance may be too. And Anwar may be too.

    Sordid, sordid.

  24. Anonymous5:09 pm

    aiyahhh mister Anuar why you run to turkey...People need you on the 6th need to get info on the yatch by PM...just face the action expect we to march and get caught by FRU aarrr..?Not fair lah like that.
    A leader must be craete many story maa...are you the mastermind for botak prince somemore accuse the police force the boy to make started it all and now you must face the makal sakti lah help clever we indians now become like to make use of people for your advantage only...where the MP jumping from Sabah....all cakap cakap only meh...we very tired with your politic style...go repent to angkat sumpah with the Quran ..then only be believe in you.

  25. Anonymous5:11 pm

    I don't believe this.

    People already judged this kid as an implant. Do PKR has a proof to support this? What happen to protecting the victim of rape cases? Just because Anwar is a hot shot doesnt mean hes innocent without goin to trial or some sort of KEADILAN. What are we saying that Anwar is an angel? Hes not ruled by man-made laws?

    I pity the kid if hes telling the truth. If sucked big time bro.

    As for the picture, anyone can go there and snaps pictures especially if you are a student leader. Tolonglah.

    Don't get distracted from the fact that this is actually a ploy created by Level 4.

    It might be because Najib is stronger once he announced he might be contesting for the top post in UMNO and someone is not happy?

    By the way, the fiancees picture is wayyyy overboard.


  26. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Haiyah, jgn malah la, itu kamba tunang mau tengok lia manyak kaya, manyak hamsome tp sula kasi main bekalang mah.
    Apa pun kita kasi Tuan Allah decide itu case mah - Pakla ka, Najib ka, Anwa ka, Mahatir ka, IGP ka, Gani ka, Tuan Allah juga tau mah. Olang Malayu cakap Tulun Bala! mah. Misti ala punya, Locky lu tengok nanti. Wa punya kawan Malayu, Umno ka, Pas ka, Adil ka, suma mau simbayang hajat sama Tuan Allah, kasi tunjuk cash mah! KAU KAU MEH

  27. Anonymous5:54 pm

    nothing wrong in Rocky putting up the pic. Original pic was put up on another blog. Its now circulating on blogs and websites. This is the power of blog. U dont get this in MSM.

  28. Anonymous6:08 pm


    with all due respect, saiful brought this on to himself when he made the false report. bloggers do what bloggers should, which is to inform their readers of everything they can. readers are interested to know more abt this scum. too bad she was brought into the picture as well... i guess that peribahasa about one kerbau kena lumpur is all true.


    bark at your own blog la. if there's anyone who should be reported to the police is YOU... with your constant need to bark out slanderous and malicious retorts!

    concerned malaysian citizen

    p/s it's war la... so please more picture, more expose and more photos!

  29. Ho, ho, ho! If the victim went to the hospital right after he was sodomized and made a complaint at the police counter, then my friends, I think he was raped. And whoah! There would be physical evidence of Anwar's semen in you know where and DNA samples will prove that. Wow! Now how are is he going to explain that away? With or without consent, it is against the law in this country.

    So I don't think he is hiding in the Turkish Embassy due to threats, just an excuse. He may have sought refuge to avoid arrest.

  30. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Hi Bro, i read somewhere just now quoting the Police CID chief saying dont listen to rumours but the police and 'I'm the CID chief'. Rahim Noor too said that but what happened later. Now Anwar has alleged Musa Hasan and Gani Patail fabricated evidence to fix him in 1999. So who is to be believed now!
    Bro, is the govt in a mess that you don't know whom to trust. Worst still after the V K Lingam 'correct correct correct' debacle. Now the CID chief is saying this. I pray hard to Allah to show us his mercy and wrath to those slandered and conspirators who have created all these problems facing our beloved country. Bro, we are all Malaysians n i hope we don't become another Palestine, Afghanistan or even Iraq. TRUST ME

  31. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Dude,I agree with nat.She really does haf a point.She doesnt haf to be burdened by sumting like this.think on how u wud feel if it was u in her place.wud u want UR pic there?

  32. Anonymous6:50 pm

    rocky, tunangnya x bersalah, deleta le gambar cofee boy dengan tunangnya, betimbangrasa le sikit...

  33. Anonymous7:01 pm

    halo blader,lu mana tau di kaya meh?itu mister anwa sulah lali turuki mah..Lia apa bikin sana mah....sula main blakang sula cabut lali...not gentelmen meh..

    Aiyah lu kasi tuan alla,itu kes mau tutup ka?Itu anwa manyak cakap mah,suka kasi cucuk sama olang,mau kasi trabel,sini mogok sana mogok...ini macam manyak lugi loh...bulusa saham manyak nyatuh...kasi kacau meh...bila mau abis ini celita politik...aiyah petlol pun manyak olang gila ka...kami talak bole tahan maa...ini Malaysia....suma olang mau katawa...macam macam ade meh.

  34. Anonymous7:07 pm

    c'mmon rocky... open up ur eyes.. anwar has been a bisexual for ages!

  35. more pics at MT, some pics of him with Azalina, Shahris Samad, aide of Najib and lots more!

    PKR should've vetted their members before giving them important positions. See what happens when these moles earned your trust and get within striking distance?

    for those who really believe a 62 could outpower and rape a 23 yr old, you're an Idiot.

    Those with close association to Saiful will suffer thanks to his actions, including his pretty wife there.

    He is just another young and desperate AMNO pawn which will do anything to succees not unlike the 'Angkasuckwan'.

  36. i think anwar is gay still hiding in the closet. he already lucky enough to get his first conviction turn and now still doing it. posting the pics of the victim with his fiancee doesn't mean a thing because he already said it was against his will, basically he was rape. you don't brand rape victim as a whore if he is a woman do you?

  37. Anonymous7:22 pm

    To the old boys of MCKK from DSAI batch, please say something laaaaa.Jangan senyap aje.Betul ke cerita ni?

  38. Anonymous7:25 pm

    saiful saiful....kesian tunang u pretty..u dok makan umpan orang.... . keturunan u so jijik

    grow up baby saiful

  39. Gambar yang mempamerkan Saiful bersama tunangnya, yang tidak langsung mempunyai kaitan di dalam kes ini, AKAN MEMBERI KESAN YANG MEMALUKAN DAN MENGAIBKAN KEPADA PEREMPUAN TERSEBUT DAN DIKHUATIRI AKAN MENJADI BAHAN PERBUALAN DAN SINDIRAN ORANG LAIN.

    Walau apa pun keputusan dan jalan cerita mengenai kes Anwar-Saiful ini, INSAN YANG TIDAK ADA KAITAN TIDAK HARUS DIPOTRETKAN BERSAMA DALAM APA BENTUK KONTEKS PUN.

    Saya menyeru kepada semua yang terlibat, supaya BERTANGGUNGJAWAB DAN PRIHATIN DI DALAM SOAL INI.

    Please her a favor.

  40. Sekali lagi Anwar Ibrahim, mantan Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) dituduh liwat. Yang menuduhnya pembantunya yang mendakwa diliwat kali terakhir pada 26 Jun. Maknanya sebelum ini banyak kali lagilah dia diliwat. Ia sekarang menjadi kes polis.

    Apa yang menarik, Anwar terus mendakwa ia satu 'fabrication' (satu tuduhan yang dibuat-buat) oleh pihak yang ingin menjatuhkannya ketika beliau sedang hendak naik semula di dalam arena politik Malaysia khususnya idamannya hendak menjadi Perdana Menteri.

    Dalam kes liwat pertama dulu yang dakwaannya dibuat oleh pemandunya sendiri, bolehlah beliau dengan mudah menuduh Perdana Menteri masa itu iaitu Dr. Mahathir Mohamad yang merancangnya. Kali ini Anwar hendak tuding jarinya pada siapa pula?

    Hendak menuduh Dr. Mahathir sudah tidak boleh lagi kerana bekas perdana menteri itu sudah bersara dan tumpuannya sekarang hendak menurunkan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Dr. Mahathir mungkin lega kerana tindakannya memecat Anwar kerana alasan liwat dulu menunjukkan ianya ada asas dan kebenaran.

    Penyokong Anwar yang masih percaya beliau menjadi mangsa politik sudah membuat pelbagai tohmahan yang tuduhan liwat kali ini merupakan satu konspirasi politik dan dipalitkan Timbalan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak jika dilihat pada beberapa laman blog tertentu.

    Kalau betullah hendak percaya pada teori konspirasi, elok lagi teori ini kerana ia lebih meyakinkan iaitu "Anwar sengaja dituduh liwat kerana hendak menghancurkan agendanya merampas Kerajaan pada 16 September ini apabila lebih 30 ahli parlimen Barisan Nasional dijadual terjun masuk ke kem pembangkang. Dengan beliau didakwa liwat nanti, pembangkang tidak lagi mempunyai pemimpin dan mereka yang hendak terjun akan berfikir dua kali samada hendak terjun atau tidak kerana orang yang membuat janji dengan mereka sudah tiada". Maka selamatlah Kerajaan BN dan Perdana Menteri Abdullah Badawi daripada ditumbangkan!

    Tetapi apa yang nyata, yang menuduh Anwar ialah orang dalamnya atau inggerisnya 'inner circle', tidak kiralah tukang bancuh kopi, yang boleh bebas keluar masuk rumahnya dan berinteraksi dengan beliau.Sebagai orang politik, apa lagi yang Anwar ada untuk dijadikan alasan bagi menepis tuduhan liwat itu selain menuduh kesnya itu sebagai satu konspirasi politik.

    Kali ini beliau tidak boleh lari daripada tuduhan itu kerana kali ini tiada lagi kambing hitam!

    Good Luck Saudara Anwar!!

  41. Rocky you might want to check out the source of that picture and the words of the young man himself..

  42. The first time this happened, malaysians conceived this as an internal umno power struggle and the indians, chinese, malays and others stayed away, but this time it involves the pakatan which involves keadilan, pas and dap, this will also pull in the fence sitters of the bn especially the umno fencesitters and supporters. this is going to be the final nail in the umno coffin as the rakyat has seen and have taken enough of the umno led govt’s bullshite(excuses), could this be also a move by najib and his supporters, don’t forget there is the case upcoming between umno and dsai as per regarding dsai’s illegitimate removal as umno deputy president, if anwar is found to be the rightfull deputy president of umno, it will tear umno apart, another thing this can be perceived to be a retaliation against raja petra’s SD, perceived to be aligned to Anwar eventhough he states he has broken off with the inner circle of anwar. These are clear signs of a major shift in political strategies amongst the warlords to get rid of Abdullah and what better way than to create this scenario, a’ la may 13, whereby ANWAR GETS ARRESTED HIS SUPPORTERS AND PAKATAN SUPPORTERS COMEOUT TO PROTEST akin to the reformasi movement of old but with a twist as dap and pas members will also get involved, agent provocoteurs let loose to create fights against police or rioting, police sent in umno supporters come out, emergency declared, dap, pas, keadilan leaders arrested, state govts taken over under emergency laws and badawi forced to resign simmiliar to tunku on the grounds of mishandling the whole issue, this also silences the internal critics like ku li, muhiyiddin yasin, khir toyo and other warlords, but in the end who suffers, all the rakyat suffers, this has to be stopped before it gets out of hand, anwar has run out of time if he doesn’t make his move now he never will, as he will spend the rest of his days in prison. guess who gets to rule, that fat ugly 2nd hand slut, behold and woe for Malaysia when this happens. the new laws that will commence will be so draconian no more attempts will be made to hide the true politics of umno, it will be zimbahwe style seizure of assets and whatnot.

  43. and a word of advice to tired voter grow up and see what is destroying this country, umno and its bn machais.

  44. Anonymous7:57 pm
    bro, sodomy is simply referred to anal and oral. I'm still mind booging, this saiful boy claimed DSAI sodomized him, forcefully? repeatedly?
    From the picture, this reasonably big boy looks strong enough to defense himself especially from 60 years old guy, or I mean well from the beginning he can just stop working with DSAI when his employer than made the very first move or touched him etc (among gays there must be sign to let get on rite). But why in the report it seem he is "helpless" & that he "can't stand anymore".
    If he is not a natural gay, he has all the physical force to resist but he continue until he had to lodge a police report. Or there are like many people held him and forcefully sodomizing him. Well DSAI will not enjoy being oral forcefully than, as the boy might repeatedly bite him. Than he might been anally sodomized by force.

    Or.. he is a natural born gay from the beginning? and met old gay? Then the question is, will both of them planning to move to California?

    pity malay. I am malay too. well not really malay, \I have this bugis blood more than malay. make me feel better. Let move to CA

  45. Saya menyeru kepada seluruh RAKYAT MALAYSIA bangkit dan kita tentang kerajaan UMNO / BN yang zalim dan pengkhianat.

    Penyelewengan demi penyeleweng. Pendustaan demi pendustaan. Pengkhianatan demi pengkhianatan. Kecelakaan demi kecelakaan yang telah UMNO lakukan dengan penuh rakus dan hina.

  46. I really dont understand? Why does Anwar want to promote a mere person who just join into Pakatan Rakyat for 3 months to become his personal speacial assistant? Is the PKR does not have anyone else that is capable and they need to appoint a dropout from Uniten to become the special assistant to DSAI?

    Look at YB Dr Wan Azizah comments;
    This morning party president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said that Saiful was a volunteer who joined to help the party during the general election period three months ago.
    She added that little was known of him and that no background check was done on him as he was just a volunteer. He later become a special assistant to Anwar.

    I am in a great concern here...Can PKR really form a government, when they not even bother to do a thorough background check on a person to be taken as the special assistant to the "PM-in-Waiting"?

  47. Anonymous8:33 pm

    maybe that girl also have something to do in this fuck up story who know material girl can go a long way for certain thing maybe THEY planned this
    few time my mind right now hoping for KIAMAT so that we all can
    only know the true story in front ALLAH.
    bye bye bro MUJAA

  48. I am not a fan of Anwar Ibrahim but I do not believe the allegations at all. You will note from Malaysiakini that Nurul Izzah already stated that her dad was with them at the time of the supposed deed. It's just one man's word against another. I hope that they give Saiful a good rectal examination followed by a DNA analysis of whatever's up there.



  50. Anwar dikatakan bersembunyi dan berlindung di kedutaan Turki, Kenapa takut ????? laungkanlah R.E.F.O.R.M.A.S.I

    Nampaknya walaupun Dolah dikatakan lembek, tapi Anwar lebih takut..

  51. The Police must investigate because of who is involved. If Anwar is to be the next PM, we have the right to know his true character. Saiful may be found to be guilty of false reporting, or he may not. But he's not in contention for the PMship.If there is truth in Saiful's allegation, then it's like they say - once a dog has eaten shit, if it can't anymore, smelling shit might just do.

  52. Anonymous8:56 pm




  53. Anonymous9:00 pm




    --- 1UP FOR BONTUT

  54. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Running dogs? How much money did they pay you to do such a dirty thing?

  55. Anonymous9:18 pm

    Hey Anti!

    If U were d 1 hu got sodomised do u think U wud shut d fuck up?U sed be a man.Thats exactly wat he's doing

  56. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Yolarr...i think better not put the fiancee's picture in. Pity her, even if she is involved. Let this be between the pretty boy and DSAI and the rest of Malaysia.

    God will show the truth!

    rakyat biasa

  57. Anonymous9:22 pm

    kesian tunang kesian tu kesian ni.. all full of bull! that saiful should know better and the backlash of making false allegation! what goes around comes around.


  58. Hey, bertunang only already on the bed ah...very dangerous weh...poor could well have pushed her off the brink...but then again..KALAU betul dapat berjuta..what's a few moments of shame....KALAU tak dapat..then you are one bad boy...

    Rocky! You censored my comments on the previous post...ceh...we are talking about sodomy here brader and I am always truthful what!

  59. Anonymous9:39 pm this a 10yr anniversary joke from bn? if so, then it is sick ......


  60. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Hey just show how weak/useless this Bodohwi (& gang)is, can't even come out with something original and has to "duplicate" Dr. M's strategy lah....

    As for all the "anons" who commented re this fellar's fiancee...he brought it on himself lah...what do you expect others to do?????...LOL like the Britney joker asking for privacy????Gimme a break!!! A word for Saiful's fiancee...I would lari jauh jauh real quick...he's no man at all lah!


  61. Yes the conspirators planted the boy in DSAI's office.

    Someone then planted something in the boy.

    It is not the conspirators fault or joy.

  62. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Xda ke sape2 yg nak buat report polis bg memasti kan kebenaran dakwaan parti keadilan yg bdk saiful ni di paksa utk buat report polis ke atas anwar ibrahim..Dakwaan ni serius...Patut di buat siasatan.

  63. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Brader Rocky,

    Tolonglah remove gambar tunang dia tu. Menambah sakit jiwa insan yang tak ade kena mengena.


  64. Anonymous10:16 pm


    If this is that Saiful fler, then why izit that the watermark on the foto say "Nurul & Suhaimi"?

    Kalau ye pun, tak boleh blur-kan gambar dat girl, ke? Or potong, ke.

    Truth is one thing, but when you involve innocents - tunjuklah humanity sikit...

    from - Objector.

  65. Anonymous10:20 pm


    Is this Hindi movie? Trying to shift public attention away from explosive C4 murder to sodomy (2nd edition)? Looks like killing 2 birds with one stone! Whata spin...

    Just a feeling, is KJ behind this??If is found to be true... malaysia sureboleh land lah.... Hindustan will loose out to Melayustan...he he!!


  66. Anonymous10:22 pm

    1. having your picture taken with a certain politician doesn't mean you work for him. i might have my picture taken with all malaysian ministers so that i can show off to my future fiancee. added advantage.
    2. having to work for a "great" leader is something to be proud of, who cares if your job is to open doors and make tea.
    3. if one is really innocent, he should choose to go to the police to have his statement taken, instead of seeking asylum in a foreign embassy.
    4. how does this "great" leader make a living having personnel as many as the pm himself, knowing that pm and the ministers and the mps and the aduns earn allowances but still can't help all the poor.
    5. if you believe this guy is mole planted by bn and is paid to make confessions, then you must also believe rpk can be bought!

  67. Anonymous10:30 pm

    What I'm curious about is how this 23-three-year-old gets to be Anwar's assistant/tea lady whatever? Given all the stick on Anwar, what sort of judgment does he or his aides have in placing such a person (UMNO hothouse plant or not) in his midst? No use spinning now to say Saiful was being watched, etc, or put out pictures of him with UMNO leaders etc when why let him into the lion's den in the first place?

    Also, this really pisses me off! What sort of leadership is this, scuttling off to the Turkish embassy? Please lah, no need for diva dramas or "assassination" plots. Stand and be a man, if you say this is all lies! Instead, Anwar seems to have reverted instantly into what he was a decade ago. Running off to the foreigners once more. So if he's PM one day and Malaysia is faced with a threat, is he going to cabut lari again? The government now is entirely different from Mahathir's days. If anyone wanted to bum (no pun intended) Anwar off, they could have done so in the past few years lah. Why now, when the BN has everything to lose?

    Also, a friend lives in the same condo. He says CCTVs everywhere, in lifts etc. So, it's very easy to prove that Anwar wasn't there as he claims. Unless Saiful has evidence ala Soi Lek or Gwo Burne?

    Who knows lah? Whatever the outcome, I'm more concerned about fuel and food price hikes, than about the comings-and-goings of people's nether regions.

  68. Anonymous10:53 pm

    he's not enough money to get married thats why he can make all this stupid things..what type of malay he is laa??

    bertaubat la kamu sebelum mata tertutup selamanya..

    duit tak boleh bawak mati la saiful..

  69. Anonymous11:18 pm

    that guy name saiful, why in the engagement photos it was written Nurul and Suhaimi?

  70. Hah, here comes the UMNO-Mahathir brigade..dirty tactics and immorality at its very best. When given evidence contrary to their assertions, they will still bull doze through. That is what is called a good DOG.

    FYI, former UNITEN student in 2007 described Saiful as a proxy kepada sebuah parti pemerintah. And he was known to have worked at the DPM's office with several of the DPM's aides. Then 1 year later, he quietly join PKR (a few weeks before the election some more). Sounds fishy?

    To those hypocrites who say shouldn't show his fiancee picture, well I got a few words to say about that. If you want to come to the public spotlight and make such allegations, then you must be prepared for the backlash. Otherwise go and run and cry and complain to your GREAT TUN! Didn't hear any of you hypocrites complain when Namewee's father and family was forced to grovel in front of the media, facing death threats and the full might of the government and its institutions?

  71. Bro, it is not the right thing to publish that girl's picture here.

  72. Anonymous11:44 pm

    saiful is just a pawn in the whole scenario, merely a sacrificial for umno. someone who thought of this idea is the real deal, it takes one stone to kill several birds. the point is not just trying to end anwar ibrahim's political career but indirectly turning its plot to bring down mahathir. A diversion it is!! either one of them (anwar / mahathir) will go down the drain while umno standing strong.


  73. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Halo, Anwar belajar dari Paklah utk iktiraf 'mole' dlm pentadbiran PR tp spy Paklah taat pada dia dan majikan diorang kat pulau selatan tu. Budak tu kencing Anwar. Dah tu dia kata Anwar sontot dia, baik punya dia dapat ... dapat duit la! Pompuan dia bgtau kawan2, dia percaya dgn kejantanan tunang dia. Kalau betul Anwar balon dia, siaplah Tujuh keturunan! Tp kalau tak betol cakap budak tu, budak tu pun kena tahan la Tujuh keturunan dia ... cuba tanya ulamak sohih! SIAP KAU

  74. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    For a man who is over 60yrs old to overpower and sodomise a healthy 23yrs old young man is simply impossible unless it is consentual.

    The police report made by this 23yr old young man is also very bare and not within the norms of how a distraught person whould have made his report. This whole episode is a farce for some other unknown reason. Lets just wait for it to unfold.
    Cheers...Habib RAK

  75. Backsides seem to attract more than...left or right sides and normal sides.
    "kamasutra"...the 32 arts of making love..should be banned from Malaysia....and if UMNO is that serious...the so call "HOLY BIBLE" should be banned many pages describing sex acts....unimaginable ones o.
    World is recognizing gay marriages........and here we are talking.. of certain sex acts.........very very illegal and sinful...hahahahahaha
    If truth really prevails....first come to my mind...loving non other than Najib..doing that....all the time....and almost all UMNO ministers and BN leaders.....should all be sacked by Mahathir in the first..when he jailed Anwar for that. Expect Mahathir to be fair and sincere?.....dream on.
    Sex is personal. Sex is free. Sex is an art. Applying race and religion politics,..not enough.
    Must even control sex acts.
    The whole world is laughing at our lowest class politics.
    Just waiting for legal the victims.

  76. Anonymous12:07 am

    he is so cute, isn't he? He is obviously "hadek-hadek". I wonder why anwar ibrahim choose this "hadek2" to be his personal assistant. motiffffffffffff....

  77. Anonymous12:10 am

    Well, maybe he wanted DSAI to sodomise him and when he refused he was so upset and decided to report DSAI. Anyway, post more pictures of the fiancee... let the people know who she is that is engaged to such a sick fellow.

  78. Anonymous12:12 am

    He is so cute, isn't he? He is obviously "hadek-hadek". I wonder why on earth anwar ibrahim choose this "hadek-hadek" to be his personal assistant. motifffffffffff....Johan

  79. Anonymous12:18 am

    helo bro,
    I m suprised u of all person posted the foto of his wife/fiance, pls dont drag her into this i sure she going true hell right now......

    come on la remove the a pro la bro....

    Hidupmelayu/tm tanahairku

  80. Anonymous12:21 am


  81. Anonymous12:43 am

    anwar is in malaysia maa. but in tukey embassy. lari ape. if he comes to the front, kne tangkap lagi 6 tahun br lepas. then, what will happen to msia? still in lombong tahi without any change maa. i think it is not wrong to put his fiance picture. tau maruah kat org laen, abes family anwar sapa mau tutup itu malu? tahu buat tau tanggung maa. mcm mee kari berapi. this is all just fabrication, so that anwar doesnt have the power to take this country from badawi. also, we can see dr m is accused on some judiciary prob, just some tactics from anwar & najib. but we believe in Allah, He will show us who is wrong and whos right. we shall wait & see.

  82. Anonymous12:51 am

    After 98 with all the street demos, reformasi etc etc, they must be stupid to be using this again arent they... but really.. that stupid??? mmm...

  83. Anonymous12:57 am

    Hahaha... looks like another guy is using the same tactics employed by Mamak Gang before. But as a profesional surgeon, my view is that a person who has undergone a spinal code surgery has no way to engage any form of penetrative sex activities. Period.

    - Dicko

  84. The guy has made a serious allegations against a public figure in a situation of high stakes politics. He has put the person he is accusing under great public scrutiny.

    As such, he himself should be prepared to be put under the spotlight, who his parents are, where he went to school, why he is a university dropout. Just as those around Anwar are defending him, his family and friends should now come out and defend him. But where are they are?

  85. Saiful is the loser at the end of day. His woman will become lonely coz no one dare to think about her, let alone touch her even if she offers herself willingly. It takes two to tango and this couple action indeed serves them right.

    Typical NEP Bred mindset.

  86. To those who still want to cling to the notion that all those photos were really just an innocent UNITEN Deputy President of MPP hanging out with the power brokers of UMNO, then I suggest you read the following postings by a fellow UNITEN student dated March 2008:

    Notice how in the first article, Saiful came to comment in a very defensive and panicky way, even though the author did not identify who the trojan horse was?

  87. Poor Anwar..., just because he sodomized the guy, someone wants to kill him (as claimed by DSAI)...

    1) Why would anyone wants "frame" him for sodomy, and then threaten to kill him??

    2) Is the "murder threat" a diversion from the truth...???

    To find the truth, do CSI on DSAI.

  88. Dear Blogger,

    You do not have my permission to post the picture of Saiful and his fiancee downloaded from my site. Please remove it immediately!

  89. Dear Blogger,

    You do not have my permission to post the picture of saiful and his fiancee downloaded from my site. Please remove it immediately!

  90. Anonymous2:58 am

    Wah, Pasquale.

    Why you getting so excited?

    Are you and your boss very nervous that there is displayed a picture of Saiful posing pretty in your boss' office, next to his aide?

  91. salam bro rocky,

    the pic with his fiancee says 'Nurul & Suhaimi'

    any clarification?

  92. i know the girl and she's a friend of mine. she's a very very nice girl indeed... she's innocent, don't do this to her. cummone dont be sucha scumback, u do this to her, allah will pay u in the future! not to you, maybe to your family! how would u feel then? please n please remover the picture... for god sake...takde faedah u jatuhkan airmuka org lain n aibkan org lain!

  93. Anonymous3:30 am

    If you have a head over your shoulders you wuold know
    from reading the police report,
    it was all preplanned and fabricated. these people do not even know how to really lie. they gave themselves all away in their unusually structured words for a
    crime. too structured to be true.

  94. Anonymous4:45 am


    Rocky, we are extremely disappointed that you have shown the photo of him and his tunang.

    1.This is not the same as Britney Spears. Idiots. It's a person making a police report. How similar is that to a person choosing to be a pop singer?

    2. Why the Turkish Embassy? Considering their close relationship to the US of A...hmmm...

    3. SD by RPK is the truth, police report by Saiful is not. Sigh.

    4. It doesn't matter if it's a trap. What matters is whether DSAI took the bait or not?

    Siapa Tipu Siapa

  95. Anonymous7:52 am

    Dengan isu terbaru ini, aku dan ramai lagi kawan-kawan sah akan meninggalkan UMNO. UMNO kian terdesak dan sudah menjadi terlalu buruk dan busuk. Pegangannya sudah sudah tidak betul lagi. Sedih betul.


  96. Anonymous8:00 am

    "Journalist, somewhere between veteran and retired" u r an adult who has immature mind or just fucking stupid.what if his fiancee is ur own daughter
    u "oldman"! by being old and matured enough u should somehow realize that to put her picture is not the right to do.sorry for being rude but if u don't remove her picture,u r just a stupid oldman..or we who post the comments are stupid for not realizing that ahiruddin attan@rocky who thinks he can write a book is just a stupid "veteran" who don't read the comments that being posted..REMOVE THE PICTURE OF HIS FIANCEE'S!!

  97. Anonymous8:01 am

    Adakah ini sengaja diadakan untuk mengalih tumpuan umum dari statutory declaration Pak Raja Petra?

    Kit Toyo

  98. Of all Embassies, why Turkey?
    Why not Singapore or Australia?

    Does anyone know that Turkey is the lap dog of USA in the Iraq war?
    It was Turkey who allowed US air planes to land and refuel to bomb Muslims in Iraq?

  99. Bro,

    Eloklah jangan keluarkan gambar tunang dia. Tak ada kena mengena.

  100. Rocky

    Looks like this is a repeat of Clinton's intern problem :)

    Too much conspiracy theories these days that nothing is belieavable.

    Putting up Saiful's picture next to someone from TPM's office at TPM's office is NOT CONCLUSIVE ENOUGH to say there is a link.

    He doesn't look comfortable in those ties. It could be a visit to the TPM office when he was a student leader.

    So he is an eager beaver who loves to take photos. Its not conclusive to claim he is Najib's stooge in Anwar's office.

    Is it possible instead that Saiful is Anwar's stooge in Najib's office?

    Its not easy to swallow Wan Azizah's excuse to not know the background of this chap.

    I don't think Anwar is that reckless!

    Furthermore, Wan Azizah and Nurul Izah are no just fillial wife and daughter but they are also politicians. They should not know how to lie, twist and turn now!

    I do not think Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has the balls to cook up such conspiracy.

    Thats why Anwar ran off to an American stooge like Turkey hoping to scare off Abdullah.

    It won't look right for him to go to the American, British, Singapore or any Quai Lo countries.

    It doesn't look right to claim Abdullah is behind it.

    One, Abdullah set up the two MCOBA buddy judges to help Anwar get free when in actually fact there is no more legal recourse when Federal Court already dismissed the case.

    Two, Khairy was in communication with Ezam to help Anwar get his medical treatment and remember the passport delivery?

    Three, Abdullah and Anwar have a cordial relationship. It is glaring that Anwar does not attack Abdullah hard enough. His excuse was familiy ties.

    Four, If there had been a conspiracy before, it is stupid and unreal to use it again. Conspiracy cannot be repetited and predictable. Everyone knows using this can back fire and Abdullah would not risk that with his shaky political situation.

    In fact, remote as it is, it is possible that Anwar may be setting it up as the impetus and public sentiment to get MPs to jump over.

    Five, Anwar and Abdullah has mutual interest. Anwar has privately expressed interest to return to UMNO. I have yet to see any news report annoucing his membership in PKR. He is a convenient ally for Abdullah to ward off challenges on his leadership. Anwar and Abdullah's Tkt 4 has common agenda, both not liked by Malay Natioanlist.

    Six, there are those in the know of cooperation between Anwar and Abdullah on matter other than politics.

    You all don't have to believe all of it but few of it is sufficient tosay that it can't be Abdullah.

    I sure hope no idiot comentator will try to dispell by saying I am Abdullah the idiot supporter. IT'll be a joke of the century.

    Now, will it be possible Najib is trying to set up Anwar?

    Okay Najib could be a quite sleepy lion that could jump on a moment notice. But could he?

    What resources does he has at his disposal?

    Even when Anwar was making wild allegations since Ijok's by election, he did nothing. He could have made police report for contempt of court or sue him. But he didn't. And he can win! Why he didn't do it?

    Why does he need to take a riskier option using someone to "tadah bontot"?!

    I will believe only CONCLUSIVE FACT of evidences, motive, and undebatable arguments before saying anything on Altantunya's murder or Anwar's sodomy police report.

    To claim police and judiciary corrupt is just a preemptive defensive mechanism for excuse.

    As far as I am concerned, someone made a police report and it will be investigate. If there is sufficient evidence, it will be brought to the court. Let the court decide!

    Zaid Ibrahim and RC has not proven CONCLUSIVELY that the judiciary system is wrong.

    Only the people is wrong - judges and lawyers. Nevertheless, the judiciary has sufficent mechanism for appeal and so on as long as it is based on fact and not cook up conspiracy.

    My only question is why is Anwar no more the "brani kernaa benar" that I remember. He is acting as though he is "takut kernaa salah"?

  101. what a shame!! saiful means sword in arabic,but what kind of sword is he? he that desperate? i pity his fiancee,girl u better get another guy who is more "masculine".. yet another stupid accusation and the world is laughing at us..

  102. Anonymous10:10 am

    For human sake,delete la gambar fiancee mamat tu..kesian la jgn involved her..
    Respect others and they will respect u..

  103. personally, i don't think the allegations are true. I mean anwar cannot be so stupid to commit such an act especially now when he is on the way up.

  104. Anonymous10:14 am

    I do not think it is fair to put up the picture of the fiancee. Why embarrass her when she may have no role in coffee boy's antics. Heck she may never have examined his behind to see the trauma accumulated over the years.


  105. Dear Rocky,

    If the victim claims that the crime was committed on 26 June 2008, Anwar only has to show his whereabouts on that particular date. He just got back from doing umrah, met with Yahya Shaari, Syed Husin and Khalid Ibrahim to sort out a few issues within the Sngor PKR...

  106. what a day for malaysians!! another hot news regarding dsai? the court just outruled that 1998 sodomy case is a no-case at all!! why do you guys still believe this kind of "garbage"(najib's favouraite word!)
    come on guys, be matured enuff to not be among those who support this garbage for u will be punished in the afterlife..

    to saiful:be a man!

    to janna (the fiancee): plz get a real man

    i hope janna will say this to saiful: "u r not man enuff for me!!" (sing it like tony braxton)

    to dsai: be stronger dude, the finishing line is almost there

    to all malaysians: pray for a better malaysia



  107. hey, SHE's cute!


  108. Anonymous10:45 am

    memang. kesian kan tunang saiful. tapi ini bukan hal remeh temeh. Saiful sudah membuat satu laporan polis yang menuduh DSAI meliwat beliau.

    memang tunang saiful tak bersalah. jadi kenapa dia harus malu? bukan dia yang buat laporan polis. Si-Saiful.

    Kita kalau nak berani buat laporan sebegitu, kita harus berani menanggung akibat perbuatan kita, termasuk kepada ahli keluarga kita dan orang2 yang tersayang.

    kalau kita kasihankan tunang Saiful, apa yang nak di malukan?

    Pada pandangan saya, tunang saiful tak bersalah. walaubagaimana pun, saya rasa saudara Rocky tak bersalah mengeluarkan gambar saiful dan tunang beliau.

    lambat laun, orang ramai pun akan tahu.

    tak payah nak sumpah-sumpah Rocky.

    Yuyu Aziz...tak payah-lah nak menyumpah Rocky!

    Dan yang lain-lain...kalau kalian semua tidak memandang rendah terhadap tunang si-Saiful...tak ada kesan buruk akan menimpa beliau.


  109. Anonymous10:52 am

    very interesting the comments here.

    i am non-commital on your publishing the photo of saiful's fiance.

    i mean, as some of your posters said, saiful should have known what he was doing, assuming that he was not dragged out to the police station to be forced to make the report..i.e. he had voluntarily made the report, on his own volition...

    i really cannot make out whether saiful is a mole or he was a genuine victim of DSAI sexual transgression.

    i cannot believe the allegations just as i cannot believe that najib and his wife were involved in the murder of Altantuya (may she rest in peace).

    anyway, rocky...don;t mind what all these people say, attacking you for publishing saiful's fiance's photo.

    this is the real world, man! if you believe in your man, then stand by him. defend him! speak up..there is no shame in that! whatever!

  110. Rock , you playing POKER with Pasquale? If yes i suggest you kasi Up Balik.If not please remove the pix of the Girl bro, we will leave that to the Utusan Group to play up.No BACK feelings ok.

  111. Anonymous11:04 am

    a voice 9:38 AM

    i note that you seem bent on demonising dsai by claiming that pak lah has little reason to eliminate him as a political rival.

    really, ah? how about the small little matter of dsai claiming that he could topple the govt before the end of sept?

    and the fact, if that happens, it will be "open season" on the shenanigans in the umno-led and dominated bn govt?

    there have been claims that there is an ultra-right cabal in umno that is bent on maintaining malay political supremacy by controlling the levers of the judiciary and other institutions.

    witness the moves to demonise the bar council over it's move to hold a debate on the "social contract".

    will there be a free and untrammelled investigation into this latest allegation against dsai? will those conducting the investigation come with "clean hands" and "clear consciences"?

    and if someone is making the accusation against dsai, why shouldn't the background of the accuser be investigated thoroughly?

    the claims that you make are utter rubbish.

    world bank worldwide governance indicators 1996-2007. malaysia scored in the 50th-75th percentile for "rule of law". not great, eh?

  112. Anonymous11:04 am


    Let's not hold this woman responsible for whatever's coming for En. Saiful. Imagine if this young woman is your own daughter. Would you have liked it spread across the Internet in this manner? I thought you'd be above this. How disappointing.

  113. Anonymous11:05 am

    Here is her blog


  114. Anonymous11:08 am

    when he chose to report to the police, he shud aware all the consequences..but i bet he's been paying enaf to support his claim..furthermore, support his beloved family or whoever..gosh!! this is disgusting- DFBent

  115. Anonymous11:11 am

    I'm just wondering how fast PKR got hold of the photos with UMNO ministers. Why not expose and sack the mole but instead let him stay with DSAI until the gay lodged the police report??.

    This is too much of risk and effects to the gomen. It will bring to shame in the eyes of international community and will further lose support from malaysians

  116. I am not an Anwar Fan. My logic is that is he is a homo or bisexual, his time in jail would be too challenging to be solitary. And the jailers would have opportunity to record these acts. Or news would have come out via grapevines. The lack of these 'evidences' between the first and second allegations is just too loud to be ignored.

  117. Anonymous11:31 am

    Wow, he's engaged to Amy Mastura's sister. Not bad.


  118. Anonymous11:35 am

    anwar tak kena tangkap lagi laa.. dia yang buat wayang lari ke kedutaan turki... tunggu saja siasatan polis.. jangan duk buat tohmahan dan spekulasi..

    kalau anwar betul kenapa dia sendiri tak buat press conference denied the allegation dan jawab segala persoalan mengenai tuduhan tue??

    dalam banyak-banyak tuduhan kenapa tuduhan meliwat nie yang keluar?? old habits die hard my fren... aku simpati kepada peminat-peminat anwar nie.. tunggu sahaja keputusan mahkamah.. tak payah nak buat wayang bodoh..

    azizah kata dia buat laporan polis mengenai musa dengan ghani patail dalam kes tahun 1998.. kenapa tak buat laporan tue dua tiga bulan lepas?? aku kesian kat azizah nie.. dapat suami macam anwar..

    orang bodoh je yang taknak tgk bukti jelas nie.. dah tau saiful tu pernah sokong gomen.. kenapa amik mudah2 budak tu kerja dengan PKR???

    tunggu saja bukti dna dan bukti laporan kesihatan.. apa payah sangat...??? kata pemimpin berkaliber.. tapi kes sendiri kena tuduh meliwat suruh orang lain jawab persoalan kat press conference..

    angin tak ada.. ribut takda.. terus buat tuduhan konspirasi politik dan tetiba lari ke kedutaan turki atas dakwaan orang nak bunuh dia.. apa nie?? apsal tak bgtau dua minggu atau seminggu lepas orang nak bunuh dia?? saja buat wayang... Allah bagi kurniaan istimewa kat anwar nie.. dia pandai buat wayang... tapi salah guna..

    tunggu sahaja siasatan polis.. dah ramai kena dakwa liwat.. ada cikgu liwat pelajar.. ada penganggur liwat kanak-kanak.. kenapa kes ini perlu dapat perhatian berbeza?? jenayah tetap jenayah.. kalau anwar bersalah.. dia mesti dihukum..

    dakwaan azizah saiful tue kerja dengan DPM berdasarkan gambar kat dalam henpon tue.. orang bodoh je percaya dakwaan murahan tu... semua orang amik gambar masa berjalan ke mana-mana.. budak 23 tahun tu lagi laa.. dia dah laa muda.. mesti dia nak show off tunjuk kat kawan2 amik gambar kat pejabat TPM.. dah laa amik gambar kat reception.. sapa2 pun amik gambar kat reception.. mat sabu pun pernah orang amik gambar kat reception spr.. tapi takde pulak orang nak tuduh dia ejen BN..

    desperate betul orang PKR nak selamatkan pemimpin ulung yang depa sangka sebagai suci tahap nabi.. dan KJ antara yang menangis..

    tak perlu buat spekulasi.. tunggu sahaja laporan siasatan. anwar tak kena tangkap lagi... kalau kena tangkap pun mesti ada bukti implicate dia...

  119. Anonymous11:39 am

    Don't understand, don't know, don't bother, don't care, doesn't help.

    All these are just plain work of liars or honest people, really don't care. It just what world have to offer, "dunia fatamorgana".

    May god bless all whoever they are.


  120. Anonymous11:55 am

    bro, don't you have a heart to spare? please remove his fiancee's pic la..kesian dia..tak pasal2 she has to face this embarrassment.

    to dsai..if this is true..adoihh..sian si zizah asyik kena tipu je..

    to PKR...????


  121. a man is innocent until proven guilty - be it Saiful or Anwar.

    Be fair - leave the innocent fiance out of the picture. You wouldn't want the same treatment for your sister, would you?!

  122. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Brader Rocky,
    Saiful Bukhari ditawarkan 300 Ribu USD didepositkan dlm account tunang dia , tak caya suruh BPR check..


  123. anon from Shah Alam,
    I was one of the bloggers who met up with Anwar (for the record, I am no supporter of his) Another blogger was his classmate (if I am not wrong) and according to him, Anwar displayed no such behaviour in his school days. (do go to Ancient Mariner and look thru his archive). Also, I am inclined to believe that since he is UMNO's no 1 enemy now, it would be easier to also identify others who have been buggered and get them to come out if indeed it is true. To have a preference for the rear and only have 2 cases? Come on...surely he would have done more!
    My point can't possibly be true, if he was truly a 'rear Admiral' then what are the rest waiting for?

  124. Anonymous12:20 pm

    hey,mr rocky..where's my previous comment?

  125. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Just watch this report on Anwar's trial
    and you decide!

    Insulting-The- Intelligence- Of- The- Rakyat!

  126. Anonymous2:04 pm

    hilang rasa hormat aku pd rockybru bila dia letak gambar tunang saiful..tahniah...KEBEBASAN MEDIA..

  127. Anonymous2:21 pm

    if that boy took a picture with the background of Parliament house, mean the entire MPs implicated?

    why have we reached to become so gullible?

  128. Anonymous2:33 pm

    what a waste, pretty lass end-up with a amno bontot guy...

    ~bontot for all, all for bontot

  129. mr rocky,
    i linked to your post in my entry,
    i hope it is okay with you..
    by the way..
    it make me sad to see my country like this..
    semoga perjuangan tetap terus..

  130. Anonymous3:02 pm

    His fiancee is Janna Md Zaki, the Bernama TV English newscaster. Her blog is

    Saiful's pics were obtained from his friendster account...he posted all the pics in its not copyrighted in any way.


  131. wah ramai plak anonymous dalam ni.. nk komen pun takut ka?

  132. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Everyone becomes fair game when they get out there in the public arena, either willingly or reluctantly. That picture of him and his fiancee can be found in facebook (seen via a link provided in malaysia-today's comments section). My first thought on seeing that pic was "why of all places in the bedroom?" there are other rooms to take a picture in. Anyway, the saying goes "you made your bed now go lie in it".

    Amazing how a man accused of sodomy resides in an embassy for safety compared to the behaviour of a man and his wife accused of being involved in the gory murder of a Mongolian translator.

    Go figure, the powerful are untouchable and the weak are persecuted.


  133. Alvin Lee of 10:11am.

    As the saying goes, blood is thicker than water.
    Sex especially the arse to those initiated is sweeter than the c...

  134. Anonymous11:49 pm

    This will be the last thrash for UMNO itself. The people cannot be taken for a ride again. They are showing their backsides to the rakyats thinking they can be fooled again.UMNO now have to lift their buttocks and gulung tikdar as far as the country is concerned.
    Such slimmy and dirty politics cannnot last and i think the party too.

  135. Anonymous1:32 am

    Bayangkan atau katakanlah Tuhan mahu menguji bro dengan bro difitnah segala macam perkara yang mengaibkan, adakah bro sanggup anak bini diheret sama menerima tohmahan dan cacian dari insan-insan yang tidak tahu menahu dan membuat pelbagai spekulasi untuk menidak atau menjatuhkan bro?

    Sanggupkah gambar anak atau bini bro dipampang merata-rata dan menjadi bahan bualan yang rata-rata negatif? Tidak bukan?

    Harap bro ada sedikit sifat hormat terhadap wanita didalam gambar bersama Saiful itu. Dia sudah tentu tidak tahu dan tiadak mahu semua ini terjadi. Janganlah kerana dek marahkan BN dan bencikan Saiful kita menghukum dan mengaibkan wanita yang tidak bersalah.

    Sesungguhnya sesiapa yang menghina wanita tersebut ingat2lah Tuhan. Soal siapa benar antara Anwar dan Saiful hanya Tuhan yang tahu. Janganlah kita begitu mudah mengikut perasaan jatuh hukum dan mencaci tanpa memberi peluang kedua-dua belah pihak membela diri.

    At least blurkanlah muka wanita tersebut. Jangan babitkan dia dan keluarga dia. Kita harus ingat,jangan sampai kita menghukum orang yang tidak bersalah. Kelak kita mendapat balasannya.

  136. Anonymous9:08 am


    I couldn't agree with you more. This country is becoming so unbearable to live in. I believe UMNO really need to be wiped out totally. As long they are here to stay we are going to be continually raped and shoved around by UMNOputras.


  137. skilgannon1066

    Why stop there?

    Your list is too indirect to be of relevance!

    Jump party, perhaps? But it of no real threat to warrant a conspiracy agst Anwar by AAB. The idiot is more worried of threat from within UMNO than outside.

    What make you think they will jump for Anwar?

    Comb and analyse closely. AAB has a common interest with Anwar!!!

    Ever wonder why Abdullah used the term PM-in-waiting and 3 times in his briefing to UMNO Ketua Bahagian?

    I make no bones of not liking Anwar. But on the other hand, Saiful is a PKR worker. I did not accuse Anwar of sodomising Saiful.

    For justice sake, both shd be given a chance and be provided safety, not just Anwar alone. Let police investigate.

    But why is Anwar looking "takut kerana salah'?

    What death threat crap? Saiful's life is more at risk with the demo-crazy Reformasi mob than ANwar.

    Suddenly there is so many conspiracies agst Anwar. And all teh while he never criticise AAB and mentioned confidence with AAB's openness.

    Politically, forget Anwar la .. he is a compulsive liar, all talk and full of sandiwara. Not a PM material.

    Mark my words.

    Anwar will be a very dictatorial PM, more than the perception that others had of Dr Mahathir.

    With his deft political touch, psywar, oratorial skill, support of Western media and political power, dissenting voices will be more suppressed than ever believed to be suppressed! Anwar is an inconsistent man. Don't look just within these 4/5 years.

    He will be worst when he has the full power in his hand.

    You can go ahead give him a chance, I am not risking it. Criminals, liars and hypocrits shd be given a chance in life but not at the pinnacel of leadership. We are not short of potential leaders to be hardup for his leadership!!!

  138. Anonymous4:54 pm

    kes liwat lagi... dunia2...

  139. Anonymous6:37 pm

    aku ada tanya senior anwar masa dia kat MCCK..menurut dia Anwar bukan seorang homosexual. Hishamudian Tun Hussien entahlaaa...mcm seswuatuh jer dia tuh..ops..


  140. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Stupid malays killing each other. Funny.


  141. Anonymous1:09 pm

    I smell something fishy about this coffee boy saiful. The reason:-
    a) have some involvement with TPM with so call scholarship
    b) a drop out from Uni10
    c) photos with minister
    d) live in a luxury condo (where he gets the money)
    e) just got engage with a TV newscaster (she's pretty)
    f) volunteer in PRU12 for PKR
    g) a well built man sodomised by 61 old man? (u got 2 be kidding me)
    h) why make the report now?
    i) where is he now? and etc..

    That's why i think this guy is a fake. Doesnt have the guts to defend himself. If he is really telling the truth he should not hide and be brave come out and face the public.

    Sorry but i'm not DSAI supporter. For other bloggers, feel free to prove me wrong.

  142. Anonymous6:52 pm

    apasal lah korang ni?

    dah tak respect rocky lagi-lah sebab keluarkan gambar si-tunang si-saiful.

    maki-hamun rocky. ada yang suruh dia pikir kalau jadi pada anak bini, adik perempuan, kakak-lah..

    hei, semua ni....gua tak kenal Rocky Bru. Tapi daripada tulisan dan posting Rocky, dia cukup berani punya orang.

    kalau dia buat polis repot yg dia di liwati oleh anwar, ke, sesiapa ke, gua rasa tak de hal lah dia nak sembunyi2 -- anak bini, ke...kakak ke.

    tapi, yang pelik. brother rocky tak de pun mengecam si Janna.

    Yang nyata, Saiful dia punya tunang. habis, apa nak buat?

    Lagipun THE STAR dah keluarkan cerita pasal blog Janna.

    sudah-lah....Janna, you must be the one posting comments in rocky's, yourself and your poor friends.

    kesian kesian kesian.

    memang ini lah di katakan FREEDOM of the PRESS and Freedom of expression.

  143. Anonymous3:34 am

    The water mark at the engagement photo said:Nurul & Suhaimi,
    thus if you happn to open Janna's blog(fiance of Saiful) there are so many comments answered by Nurul,backing Janna,perhaps Nurul=Janna is the same person.


  144. Anonymous6:30 am

    Hi Rocky bru,

    I got a lot of info related to Khairil Anas Jusoh. He was caught by the ustaz at SAS doing dot dot dot and dot with his male partner in SAS.
    The ustaz can still verify this story. According to the ustaz , khairil anas male partner went overseas ,declare himself as murtad and might perform gender reassignment surgery.
    Well there you have it. When I saw the picture of K.A.J with the boy .. it just bring shivers down the spine if you know Khairil Anas Jusoh is!!!

    khairy azhar ASAS

  145. Anonymous1:43 am

    " yawning lah )..tired
    ..sleepy..after reading all the comments since 8 pm ...1.45am now..2moro got work ..must sleep lah....
    penat ..malam..liwat..liwat..oh !
    maaf,maaf.. lewat, lewat !!"(heha)

  146. What a circus!

    DSAI is not stupid. He has been caught once, he won't get caught again. I also don't for a minute believe that Saiful's background history was unknown to the Ibrahims. Madam Ibrahim is a highly intelligent woman and hard as nails.

    As for the picture of Madam Tunang, I have no objections to it being posted. Afterall, RM 10 million of taxpayers money is going to pay off Saiful (he needs the money for his expensive tastes that he cannot support after copping out academically)and if Madam Tunang does marry him, she will have some financial security.

    My personal opinion is that for RM 10 million, we should be seeing naked pictures.....of him AND her!

    Then again, who would be interested? He is no pretty face: if he really was sodomized, then it would have had to have been in a dark room.

    As for Madam Tunang, in the unlikely event you have no clue about the goings on of your betrothed, dump him but if you do know the truth, and the money is worth it, stick around (and bite the bullet)Do bear in mind though that if you walk in a sewer, you must expect ot be covered in shit!

    Saiful obviously has neither any integrity nor loyalty (even to himself) and if you are not of the same ilk, you will fare better without him. Goodluck honey!

    Malay abroad

  147. Anonymous11:25 am

    May Allah have an mercy on you, Saiful.

  148. saiful.......i trust are in right side....struggle for the truth okey...'mr loba_-LOBA'

  149. SAIFUL U CAN DO IT...

  150. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Contoh:Aku nak bertinju dengan seorang ahli petinju yang profesional..,dan aku langsung tak ada kemahiran bertinju,tentu aku akan kata "baik tak usah cari nahas",dan aku pasti tarik diri, sebab aku sure tak akan menang punya,sebab aku tahu siapa aku,dan lawan aku tu siapa..Tapi aku lawan juga walau pun aku pasti akan dibelasah setengah mati..kenapa??

  151. Anonymous10:55 am

    there is nothing wrong with Rocky putting up Saiful's fiancee's piture..When u are in the public eye,then not only u bt also ur loved one have no choice but to bear the consequences..Yes,she is innocent..I pity her,but there is nothing we can do about it nw..He can take down the piture bt the damage has been done..Minimising means nothing..

    the accusation on anwar is absurd.. If anwar is indeed guilty,then the case should have not been drag for so long..

    i think they have plan the whole thing by putting saiful under the pkr party and ask him to kiss butt just to be closer to anwar..obviously saiful is a two-faced man..TALAM DUA MUKA..

    and guna la otak..ofcourse la anwar minta tolong turkey..sepa lagi yg dia nak harap..the malaysian government?? malaysian police??then who??they are all controlled by BN..they wont let him win tat easily..ofcourse la anwar is worry bout death threat,look wat happen to altantuya,he needs to find someone who can protect him and his family..and why should he ask help from US,australia or any other 'white' country..he knows better tat 'advanced' country like them wouldnt want to get involve to petty things like this..

    especially when he is living in a country where BN rules..

    saiful is trying to win a losing battle..he has nothing against anwar..

    anwar has suffer enough..leave him alone already..