Monday, June 09, 2008

Lunch at PWTC, anyone?

Bloggers included. Usually, you send an advisory to the media if you wish to have lunch with their members. But Umno Youth wants to transform and is willing to meet anyone from the media who'd help its transformation process.

Luncheon "Sembang Media"
Bilik Johor/Kedah
Putra World Trade Centre
Kuala Lumpur

Date: Tuesday 10 June 2008

Time: at 11 am



  1. this is interesting, can't wait to see whats the "ubat" they trying to sell.

  2. Beli jiwa semua tu...

  3. Ai ya what else !!

    Unlimited Money N (&) Opportunity
    in short UMNO

  4. Anonymous6:56 pm

    i wish i could attend.. will you be there bro?

  5. interesting indeed.

    a chance for non-bumi to be UMNO member yah...

    make up the numbers to 10 million members?

  6. Anonymous8:21 pm

    I hope all those who have lunch with the friking UMNO youth gets diarrhoea and shit till the arsehole bleeds. The friking umno youth chief is a first degree cuntz, kerismuddin, I hope someone stick a keris in your arse. I just want to puke each time i see the word umno and umno youth.
    Umno hater

  7. No more money to line their pockets and this is one way to get more money, lah!!..and that's where our money,... yours and mine gone to in the form of subsidising in petrol.

  8. Rocky,

    I will be at Lake Club around 10am and if I could make it I will definitely be there. Hope to see you.

  9. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Thanks for the invite, Bro, unfortunately I am unable to attend. But I have some questions to ask pak Lah and his team, may be Umno youth can do the asking on my behalf:

    WHY is it that the govt always wait for some kind of CRISIS to take action and to pretend to be prudent.

    I am refering to the so called latest "steps to reduce burden on the rakyat.." seen on RTM 8 p.m news June 9 2008.

    Amongst others to allow only 3 officers to accompany ministers on overseas trips (instead of 300, including wives for shopping spree); travel only to IMPORTANT meetings (!!!);

    Don't hire anymore staff (when only last year a few thousand unemployed graduates were hired for no reason apart from to make them happy and vote for BN)- see the FLIP-FLOP and fire fighting mentality?

    Why can't we be thrifty and prudent ALL THE TIME? Bila senang BELANJA and WASTE, bila susah KELAM KABUT. Not surprising the majority of the rakyat is also living this way - JOM HEBOH lah

    Do we want to let this kind of govt to continue to manage this country? Answer YES if you want it to go to the dogs

  10. Anonymous9:26 pm

    UMno has farked you fellas for the last fifty years..and you want to lunch with them.

    Free you sell your soul.?

    I am reminded on so many functions where VIP umno are attending..and to entice the food and drinks were offered. How cheap can people be?

  11. Hi Bro, remember,.there no such thing as a free lunch.!

  12. Hey! Rocky! Before I decide can you please tell me, what's on the menu?

  13. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Why can't UMNO just bow down in defeat? Masih nak main wayang/sandiwara lagi ke? Ceh...muka tak tahu malu! Padan muka!

  14. too short a notice. need to meet KJ, got some ideas to share with the youth fellas. as they say, its gonna be a win-win, provided they pay me a thousand bucks. i'm serious.

  15. Did someone say
    "Gas, Grass or A** - nobody rides for free"??

    Do you really mean ALL Bloggers?

    As ling ling chatt has put it - surely NOT the non-malays??

    How to join UMNO for us "other race"? Want to join also cannot!

    Give my best to shabbycheeked - NOT as if he cares for the non-malay bloggers (wink wink!)

    And plse you all who's going, - don't forget to bungkus - because 1way or another, sure as hell, every taxpayer has already ended up paying for this (& other) meals (like this)!

  16. Anonymous11:06 pm


    Bloggers shouldn't go. Unless bloggers want to have free lunch and get near the Umno Youth chaps. Bloggers can go if the invite apecially addresses them. This looks like a feeble attempt to get some people to get near to Umno Youth. Am not sure if the invite is genuine. Sounds more like an afterthought to me.


  17. hi rocky
    just to tell you i'm a newbie in blogging - so please feel free to view my blogs and promote it if you feel it is any good - anyway its just my thoughts and opinion. cheers !

  18. Anonymous12:19 am

    anon 8.21 and artchan

    if you don't want to go.. so be it.. don't pray for others suffering i.e diarrhoea.. not nice laa.

    my experience here overseas.. sometimes students or even professionals before they attend certain event, they will ask first.. got food eh?..

    plus, with increase in prices of food, isn't a good news when someone offering you a free lunch.. hehe

  19. It’s too costly to go for such lunches nowadays; petrol cost, parking fees and can’t see the tangible benefits – any rebates for those who attend?

    Anyway, the best way for PEMUDA UMNO to transform is to kick out SIL and Ezam, the rest will fall in place.

  20. I'm not sure if I'll attend any lunch
    When there may be present a hidden 'punch'
    Trying to get all those present to crunch
    Knowing too well that there's no such thing as a 'free lunch'

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 100608
    Tue. 10th June 2008.

  21. Anonymous1:20 am

    Very Interesting to note.Sembang Dengan Media, Bersemuka Dengan Media, Jawatankuasa Media dan macam macam lagi semuanya dah ada. My hats off to blog poster Adam...what does the government always wait for a crisis before reciprocating.

    Post political tsunami the boys are still in slumber.

    The last time a tsunami hit the boys didnt even have a crisis mitigation and a crisis communication plan...especially the boys in Tourism Malaysia ( their former DG ( my master he is now marauding elsewhere) was so thick up in his bottom in 'projects and the lucrativeness' of the spending ministry, they failed to mitigate.the communications...

    I am posting this comments after the cost saving measures have been articulated or rather gesticulated to the public.

    What about advocating the mitigation and scrutiny of the 'syiok sendiri'( self masturbation) programs that are carried out by my department Tourism Malaysia and the Youth & Sports Ministry and its associate companies (agencies)

    I think every expenditure must be audited even that gooing back the last few years.

    They have this jom makan campaigns etcetra,who are the custodians of these restaurants, what is the investment.Saya pun dah banyak balon Pempena...semuanya baiks.

    You guys talk about Integrity Institute ...Corporate you know how much is charged by level fourers for an see their boss. why dont you look at the state of affairs in our own back yard like arming the front liners in the hospitality industry, its in a state of despair in comparison to our better neighbours who have armed their industry with things you and I can be proud off.

    We could all save a lot of money.

    Guys and gals, our whole nation is in crisis...instead of all these we have AF's and Idols why dont you fellas have a Idea Idol to steer this country out of disaster...its so sad to see the way we are heading.Look at ideas what we can do to stop the thieves from catching the robbers...anyway choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil...

    To tell you the truth I made a lot of money from corrupt practices, from tee shirts to rental of sound systems...perlancaran buku ...pengilklanan dan sebagainya.I also took a lot of kickbacks from non performing gun slinging advertising companies..I made a lot of dough from Citrwarna etcetera...I manipulated a dumb ass minister...who is still very close to me... and now, the time is near that I may and probably be promoted from a little napolean to a real napolean..

    Saya juga adalah( Pemilik Stesen Minyak)..under I punya missus..not under my nama.. merangkap bakal KP Tourism are welcome to investigate my assets under AMLA but you cant find a thing...anyway for your good info ..there are lots like kalau you nak sembang...kita sembang rasuahlah...

    Ada metal dalam kaki saya di akibatkan Ilahi marah..tetapi saya dalam peringkat memantapkan strategi saya...

    Pengarah Bahagian

  22. Anonymous1:29 am

    I tak faham la kenapa bini2 menteri n so called officers pun dapat pergi luar negeri untuk shopping spree . Dah tu mengada ngada pulak , berlagak nak mampus .
    The wives get to travel 1st class pulak tu . Nak berlagak tapi tak faham yang duit income tax I yang bayar gaji diaorg .
    I hope this flip flop stopped sending all these money watseters overseas untuk pi shopping .

    -X mak datin-

  23. i wonder whose money they are gonna use to feed everyone at that lunch, eh?

    after all, it is common knowledge that, umno = gomen = blank cheques = rakyat's money = free lunch = some rakyat can't even have one square meal a day = may umno rot in hell already, please

    I don't know why everyone masih nak layan these HAS-BEENS and still giving them the time of day...


    don't choke on the food, is cursed by the people.

  24. Yeah Rocky I would love to come but then again I have this thing called

    "A REAL JOB"

    which acquires me to well be in the office and do some "REAL WORK"

    Do me a favour eh rocky, ask them why didn't they do a DINNER instead.. LoL

    Have fun sperlunking with your UMNO buddies.

  25. Anonymous9:40 am


    Since you'llbe meeting your media colleague, why don't you suggest to them to list down recommended "shop or companes selling goods or services at reasonable price" or in shorter word - recommended shop. List can be contributed by readers and prices can be checked by reporters and shahrir samad.

    ps don't give this idea to umno people.

  26. Anonymous9:45 am

    I find it interesting that a lunch meeting with UMNO to discuss revamping the media of the country is described here as selling our souls to the Devil for a free lunch.

    I mean, we don't even know what food they're serving, you'd think if it was a buffet from Shangri-La it might be worth it.

    Here's the thing, if the media insists that it wants revamps and changes for more freedom and autonomy, then it will have to dine with the scent of sulfur lingering through the air.

    Because like it or not, until September, speculatively, "the Devil" runs this country still.

  27. Salam brader,

    1. Nampaknya sejak BN kalah teruk, barang naik, minyak naik...'Blogger' punya value pun naik?

    2. Broder u punya value jika untuk 'transfer' berapa million?

    3. Aku punya value sekarang ini dalam 2juta Thai Bath jer. Jika ada tawaran aku setuju 'pindah' kelab?

  28. Anonymous9:57 am


    rasuah tu.....hati hati dengan KJ, dia banyak duit tu. Nanti golap mato ekau.

  29. Anonymous10:54 am

    Dear Rocky Bru,

    If UMNO sincerely wants to change, you should tell them to start having lunch at makeshift roadside stalls on plastic tables and chairs under large umbrella with plastic plate and cheap spoonwares like the rest of us Malaysian are having our lunch every working days.

    - Syarif Hidayatullah-

  30. Anonymous11:05 am

    Saudara brew…

    A senior Government official recently said efforts should be initiated to engage bloggers.
    A few days ago another official talked about how bloggers should inculcate caring values amongst the generation.
    So this is how your politicians agree to disagree; absorb constructive criticism
    The nation is facing a crisis… and this morning’s daily had a Minister quoted saying something like how Ministers and Deputy Ministers would have to forego their London trips.
    Having been monitoring the local media over the past few months, I can see why your local politicians gloat over who or what they are. There is no one to question them especially not your local pen-pushing speech processing journalists who can’t fathom the role the can play and should play.
    What was more shocking was when I attended a recent briefing for both local and international media… your locals were more interested with the media release, and especially door gift rather than the event at hand or what was being said.
    They also could not articulate the questions they should have posed to the “mat salleh” at the head of the table…
    You know what was really disgusting when one paper simply lifted what was in the press release and published it…so much for being a journalist.
    So when you talk about going for this luncheon…maybe the first thing all you Malaysians should do is absolve yourselves from door gifts…
    Don’t you realize its an international norm among journalists, or maybe its so with those who are worth their pinch of salt not to accept such door gifts. There are certain ethics and professional standards to be maintained…
    I was wondering why personal attacks over the web against individuals, companies and even obscene name-calling…
    Now I can see why… the local journalists are made up of a bunch of nincompoops who are utterly irresponsible and immature.
    That’s why politicians keep them at arms length and pat them on their heads like puppy dogs, and give away awards to them.
    I am going to enjoy the remaining sabbatical doing my paper on media development in the Far East, enjoy the pint at your press club and enjoy how your locals gripe about everything else expect themselves.
    Take this for food of though when you have food soon!
    Sekadar diPinggiran

  31. Anonymous11:31 am

    The Constitutional Head
    of IIUM, HRH Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al Musta’in Billah
    ibni Al Marhum Sultan Abu Bakar Ri’ayatuddin Al Mu’adzam Shah, has
    gracefully appointed Y. Bhg. Tan Sri Mohd. Sidek bin Hj. Hassan, The Chief
    Secretary to the Malaysian Government as the fifth President of IIUM
    effective June 2, 2008. The IIUM community would like to welcome Y. Bhg.
    Tan Sri Mohd. Sidek bin Hj. Hassan as IIUM's new President.

    (sent by Pak Atan)

  32. Anonymous11:45 am

    another stunt from ignorance KJ-UMNO to show that bloggers are behind them... don't fall into their trap.. i believe some money would be offered to bloggers if they did what KJ tell them at this function.

  33. what i can not understand is why anyone including you people want to fuck around with umno anymore...

    its time to ignore this stupid party and move on...umno has screwed up the malays the muslims and the country enough already...

  34. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Why lunch banyak-banyak? Turunkan lah entertainment cost seperti mana yang dijanjikan oleh Badawi!

    Lim Kit Siang asks:

    "Why not slash entertainment allowances of Cabinet Ministers by 50%?"

    "The first of many questions that come to the mind of Malaysians on the RM2 billion cost-cutting package announced by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is:

    If the government can increase oil prices from 41 to 63 per cent, why can’t it slash the entertainment allowances of cabinet ministers and deputy ministers by 50% and not just a paltry 10%?

    The question becomes all the more poignant when it is disclosed that the current entertainment allowances are RM18,865 for the prime minister, RM15,015 for the deputy prime minister, RM12,320 for ministers and RM6,000 for deputy ministers.

    What about all the other allowances, including tips allowances which run into hundreds of ringgit a day, which ministers and deputy ministers are entitled to?"

  35. Dear Rocky,

    For those who wish to attend the lunch, please proceed.

    Let us hope some POSITIVES will precipate from the lunch Dialogue.

    With this "artifically created" fuel hike & the financial tsunami fast approaching..."Freebies" are a thing of the past !

    A commenter in Sloone's blog had indicated that this is the 2008 wu zi year....

    Let us ALL stop pretending & do something...stop all the CORRUPTION, Petronas WASTAGES, BN EXCESSES, KETETUANAN issues & MORE LIES !!!!

    The way the BN government is handling the situation at this point in time, they seem to want to punish the rayaat even more !

    So now we see why DPM is in UK at this CRITICAL point in time, again at the rayaat's expense......doing what.....???

    Revolt is Brewing…..& 18th September might be too late !

    Yes we all have to start fastening our sealbelts !

  36. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Lunch with UMNO simply means for identification so they we will knw who we are. Its a damn trap!!

    Joe ex Umno

  37. Anonymous4:11 pm

    If UMNO Youth want to sembang sembang with the (media) bloggers just go ahead and meet them, if you have the time. Just give them your "Hard Talk" stuff and see if there is any positive actions from these UMNO Youth reps later .. Wali Kota.

  38. Anonymous12:31 am

    Umno Youth blogs for political survival
    Beh Lih Yi | Jun 10, 08 6:27pm

    Umno Youth officially entered blogosphere today as part of its survival strategy, following the mauling that Barisan Nasional (BN) sustained in the March 8 general election.

    The blog, called the Saka Bangsa (or heritage), was launched by the wing’s media liaison secretariat chief Sazmi Miah at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur today.

    Sazmi said this is a bid to rejuvenate and revamp Umno Youth “to ensure the relevance of the wing’s struggle”.

    “We’re willing to change because it seems the younger generation today can’t relate to Umno Youth,” he told some 50 journalists and bloggers at the launch.

    “We try to do what is right at the moment. We had the highest popularity votes (in the 2004 general election) but the people who supported us (BN) previously - civil servants, youths - have all gone against us within four years. There must be something wrong... so for us this is the right thing to do.”

    Sazmi, who is also the Umno Youth exco member, was formerly parliamentary secretary of the natural resources and environment ministry. He was among casualties in the general election.

    He urged the public to give their views on Umno Youth through the blog, saying he would collect and present the feedback for further action.

    Umno Youth will post articles from the traditional or new media, react to current issues or rebut any allegation through the blog.

    “We want friendly engagement, but please do not touch on religious and racial issues. (If it is) anything about Umno Youth, you are welcome (to write),” he said.

    He said the last general election results prompted the wing to acknowledge the importance of the new media and blogs, as these are widely accessed by the younger generation.

    Need to be media-savvy

    Sazmi then held at a two-hour dialogue with journalists and bloggers present, inviting them to air their views on Umno Youth.

    He asked about the Chinese Malaysian perception of the wing, especially the infamous keris-wielding controversy.

    A few media representatives pointed out that Umno Youth leaders need to be more approachable and adopt a friendlier attitude to the media.

    They were also urged to respond to issues highlighted in the new media and blogs and change the public perception of Umno Youth as a body that ‘rubber-stamps’ the stand of the parent body.

    Citing an example, a journalist said Umno Youth leaders have not been seen as vocal on the recent hefty increase in fuel prices, apart from an immediate reaction by exco member Mukhriz Mahathir.

    hishammuddin hussein 00An editor noted that the public still feel that the apology by Umno Youth chief Hishammuddin Hussein over the keris incident as lacking in sincerity.

    He also singled out the wing’s deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin for criticism, saying the latter is widely seen as “arrogant” in the public eye because of his statements.

    Sazmi said he would channel these views to the top leadership of the wing.

    Since the general election, a number of leading BN politicians have turned bloggers, including Malacca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam, Umno information chief Muhammad Muhammad Taib and former Selangor Menteri Besar Mohd Khir Toyo.

    I hope those with prejudice views learn to open up just as much as many bloggers are willing to listen to opposition and socialise among themselves despite the different socio-political persuasions.

    As far as administrative experiance, UMNO has more depth than any other political parties combined. Open up and give them the feedback for them to chaneg for the better.

    Lets see everyone make a positive change for a more positive political environment. But we must change our attitude to be more democratic.